June 30, 2007

Big girls don't cry. They go for retail therapy.

I thought after the spark of World War III I had last night, a retail therapy would do me good. And so I dragged mom to the disastrous SOGO, the so-called shopaholic heaven in Msia (especially the 30s 40s 50s n above makciks lar)

SOGO. Saturday. Sale.
Triple S. Triple the catastrophe.
After 15 minutes of suffocation, swimming and diving through the sea of shopaholics, I managed to grab TWO black jeans. Had hard moment to choose, I just bought both of them. And luckily, thanks to the burn fats and calories, I could buy 'em confidently without having to go through another disastrous lines to the fitting room.
But SOGO was just getting more boring. Or maybe I'm quite disappointed because most of the BestBuy clothes are of size S and XS. Wtf!?!?! Ni yg buat gue lagi nak slim down gile2 nih. But going to size 2 is definitely just a dream lah. Nak turun few kgs pun skitnye struggle.
And because SOGO was not so entertaining, my retail therapy mission was....incomplete. Unaccomplished. But I'm still satisfied with both of my jeans. They fit in me nicely =)

Next retail therapy would definitely coming up in few weeks.After my first pay, of course. And I'll start eyeing on Zara, MNG, bla bla bla and any whatnots boutique that I restricted myself to get involved with before. I just don't feel good to buy 'em because Mom keeps on telling me to spend my $$ wisely, and not to act like I've earn my own $$ that I'm eligible to buy those clothes. But, of course at times I had slipped too. And Mom wasn't a good role model either (in terms of spending wisely) But she kept on defending herself - Mak takpeee...I'm buying with my own money. Okay mom. U win.
Hence, next month I need to work my ass off, go OT segala2 for extra $$! Yeahhhhhhh....(penuh smangat)

I'm still searching for a nice black crop. Menyesalnyeeee tak beli crop Zara tu dulu Zaccccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

And take a look at my blingybob countdown. My results. The result. Coming out in 5 days. Siot. I read the reminder they sent in Baccalaureate 05/07 YahooGroups and I could feel the jitter.
Takut T_T

I've never been this scared + nervous before this. I kept on holding myself from spending things for my studies. Not even window-shopping. Or even renewing my passport.
Please, O me through this. Please....make it a dream comes true. Please....Please...Please...

F*ckin day

engkau bukan lah segalaku
bukan tempat tuk menghentikan langkahku
usai sudah semua berlalu
biar hujan menghapus jejakmu

"Awak, saye dah nak balik ni"

"Saya pergi dulu eh"

I'm just too pissed off + sad today. No, the former lines were not the sole reason. Too many reasons.

F*ck off. Just because he was there, i can't be there too?
F*ck off. I don't hate him. But I am beginning to hate him.
F*ck off. Something/one must stop this from worsening.

Serabut. Marah. Bengang. Sangat. Speechless.

June 28, 2007


Mr T&S last day working is tomorrow...............

No more..

"Awak, saya gi break eh"
"Awak cari buku ape?", * lalu mencari buku bersama-sama*
"Awak, saye gi toilet jap eh"

The sweet smile.
That tall figure.
That helpful acts.

Terpesona okay. Doesn't mean I heart him. That super nice and kind guy, impossible if he is not taken.

Awak, i'll definitely be missing you. Take care, awak!!!!!!!


  • I'm officially a trainee CSA (Customer Service Asst) of MPH. Got the blouse+pants and the nametag today (no fair....I want the red shirrttttt...malas pakai blouse!!!)
  • AbgA : "Nad esok pakai tau baju uniform tu.Tau nad, tau" (repeated this sentence few times) MOTIF?????
  • En Nordin (my Outlet Exec) said I'm a fast-learner. Weeeeee...kembang skitttt
  • Mr T&S is drop dead hot and sweet (that explains the S)
  • Mr T&S : "awak, saya gi makan jap eh." "awak buat camni...pastu awak tekan alt and tab" "ha'a awak gi la break. dah pukul brape ni"
  • terpesona tp tak bermakna ku cinta. I'll definitely find someone whose sweetness matches Mr T&S
  • UNFORTUNATELY MR T&S is going to resign. Friday is his last day...
  • Sedeyhhh...sedeyh....sedeyh.... )=
  • This coming Sunday will definitely be the most boring day. No Mr T&S. No drunken AbgA. Uwaaaahhhh.....tak ceria la hidup gue.
  • Langkawi? Next 2 weeks? Ahhh...keep the finger crossed. Hopefully my consecutive off days application is going to be approved by Abg Denggg (= En. Nordin)


June 27, 2007

It's in the gene

Pics & Post Courtesy to Abang's blog

Same tak same tak same tak?????
Same laaaaa same laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

R-L :
Mak Teh and Kin. same eye same teeth.
Busu and Kak Zura the eye the chin.
Anddddddddd to the left to the left.....
none other than my beloved papa. the cheek. the smile.

Pa..tho I couldn't think of any memorable memories with u...but I do remember singing to Suci Dalam Debu and also talking to u about tadika (wey btul ke tak ehh?) when u called.

Am I just too small or am I just too bimbo (byk makan smut kot sbb tu tak ingat) for not remembering anything?

Miss u too pa.

AlFatihah - Mohammed Suffian bin Mohamad Yusof
18 May 1951-18 March 1992

June 26, 2007

Muncung tirus

Karaoke #1A photo proof that I'm terribly sunburn. Tgkp gmbr pun tak nmpk
Penghayatan 100%
Muncung tirus comeback.Minus Ayu. Mane Ayu?!?!!?


Okay baru nampak sket muke
We went in because Wani was so excited the room was so cute n beautiful!!!

The Story

9.23 am = Woke up. Opened my eyes. Freaked out. Texted Wani.

Waniiiiiiii...aku baru bgn!!!!!!!!!
Called her. Bedek bedek....confirmed! Cycling -> CANCEL. My badddd...

Wani came to my house (sorry babe. 2 kali udah cancel itu basikal). Crapped around. Went to Intec to fetch Fuzah. Went to Post Office in Sect 3 to pay some bills (Wani's). Oh ye..Another history is created today. Wani made her own bill payment for the first time today! *clap clap clap*

Bill payments settled. Where to go? Karaoke!!!!!
Ohh...suddenly remembered. My friend yg keje kat 'o briens tu is going to resign this Saturday. Since I've promised her to drop by anytime, today is the only chance left to watch her membanting tulang empat kerat di o briens. So yeah, promised them that we'll come by The Curve for only few hours. Arrived at 'O Briens The Curve. Kedai gila exclusive segan nak masuk. Finally gathered some strength to step in. Ordered...errr...apekah sandwich itu terlupa.
Hohoho thanx for the discount Nab! Then left TC for Summit

Reached Summit. Zohor prayer. Destination karaoke #1. erkss forgot the name but the place is slightly bigger that the previous place. Sang 10 songs. Name it. Dangdut? Pop? Asli? Jiwang? Sentimental? We've managed to sumbangkan the songs whole-heartedly. On the way out, seduced by destination karaoke #2. Since it was quite early, so yeah, y don't we go for another 3 songs.

Left Summit. Had diluncht (lunch+dinner+tea) at Mapley in front of my house.

All in all,


And I really need the happiness since tomorrow I'm stuck 9.30am-10pm in the building!

June 25, 2007

I Write Sins Not Tragedy

Today I've officially wrote down my name in one of the "cashier declaration" book.
No more duit saidina. For real, i'm playing with HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS RM okay?? At first few minutes Abg S monitored me. Then he left me for some invoice completion nye task.....and (Abg) A took over to "babysit" me.
But (Abg) A got his own work too, so at times he had to leave me ALONE. And I pulled that ngade2-oh-help-me-don't-leave-me look on my face every time the customer made any abnormal request/purchase, so he had to stay with me.

Haha gile nervous tau(jadi cashier)!!

By the way Mr Tall&Sweet is off today. Shuib resigned. Kak Su took an emergency leave. Kak Ain was on morning shift. And I was left with only the Abgs S n A until closing.

To my disappointment, I've just realised that I'll be working on FULL shift this Wednesday. FULL shift means from 9.30 am until 10pm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh matilahhhhhhh kaki cramp2 sume...My next full shift is on SUNDAY! Weekend. Early July. Gaji baru masuk. Orang ramai. Matilahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Yeay!!!! Saya cuti esok!!!!!!
Been planning on karaoke-ing n cycling with Wani and Fuzah tomorrow.
Ooo La La...
But the next day kena go on full shift pula

Moving on.....

I've made the biggest sin today. I feel soooooooo guilty. Extremely guilty that I feel like slamming myself towards the wall or strangling my own neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did I do? I took 5-6 suap-ful of rice at 10.15pm today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was seduced by my own childhood memory. Back when I was 5/6 my maid used to feed me my favourite nasi putih+telur hancur+kicap. At that time that was like food from heaven. And of course, my maid is very happy coz preparing the food took less than 10 minutes!
So today a sudden urge has forced myself to take that all time favourite nasi putih+telur hancur+kicap eventhough I had rotiboy and a slice of chicken sandwich during my evening break.
I ate nasik! For God sake, I haven't touched that sinful nasik for about 2 months!!!!!
10 pm. Nasik. Double triple sins.

Katakan TAK NAK pada nasik!

June 24, 2007

Questions of questionnaire being answered by the answers

Ditag oleh Ida! cissss...

Describe perfect woman/man in your own words.

And may I fall in the clean woman category, Amiin...

Most treasured moment.

Me. When I was 1-4 years old.
My Sains Selangor era.
My KMB (surprise surprise!) era.

Childhood Hero or heroin.

Tomato Man, Flash Man, Power Rangers, Jet Man, Doraemon, Ultraman (till now actually), Captain Planet...and the list goes on and on

Childhood dreams.

Typical "bila besar saya nak jadi doktor"
Prove : In class 2 Elok back in SK Hicom '95. A woman (read : woman=girl in pinnafore) was on the ambulance (read ambulance = desk). A doctor (read : doctor = me) was calming her down. Waiting for the nurses to pass me the scalpels and all....And suddenly.. "cikgu masuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkk!!!!!" The scene ended just like that. Urrghhh..

And I also remember writing this down in the autograph book
Cita-cita : Doktor/Peguam/Ahli Perniagaan

Boooo.. Doctor--> Dentist. Anywayyy....Dentists are still called doctor too aite? Maneade Dentist Subramaniam or Dentist Azila or Dentist Karim ke...kan kan kan?

Ideal friend or partner.

Those who own their own place in my heart. Yup. They are the ones.

P/S : Belah lah dada, X-ray lah hatiii...

Ideal evening.

Me and ^%$#$ (anyone will do).
In our (exclusive,5 star) chalet, in front of the white sandy beach.

Nobody knows i ....

Hey, if I answer this Q, everybody would know. SO, next Q pls!

Biggest regret.

Not controlling my eating habit when I was smaller.
Making those big sins.

My advice to mum.

Go for the highest profit making biz mak

My advice to dad.

May you rest in peace, dad

My advice to friends.

Get a good grip of whatever you're doing now.
Life is full of ups and downs.
Just go with the flow.

My biggest fear.

Not being able to be a perfect servant to Him.

What i dont like about people/friends.

Posers. Liars. Snobbish peeps. Bitches. Rempits. Big-talkers.


Jangan nyanyi dalam dapur/time masak nanti dpt suami tua.
Siti musti slalu nyanyi dlm dapur kan? Lalala~

People like me because.....

I have no idea. Does people like me by the way?

Me wanna tag........
coz I know he has 3 long weeks to be spent aimlessly.


I've lost 2 kgs. Yay!!

Cerita #1

1st of all I'd like to make a confession....
I miss The Internet damn much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Thursday was such a terrible disastrous stormy/rainy day. The lightnings killed my beloved router and modem, causing me to be stranded at home (Friday was my off day) doing almost nothing. And nothing is seriously nothing. I think I'm seriously addicted to The Net ler...erghhhh

Cerita #2

My working days were okay. Apparently Shuib is going to resign tomorrow, leaving me the youngest person there! Ahahahaha...ngade plak. And today I realised there is someone with the name A** (baru hari ni nampak dier) and ppl I tell u, he's tall, he's sweet and...he's....hahahah..tak sanggup nak taip (bace dlm nada gedik pls). He's sweetness is different from Abg S(okay yg ni approve panggil Abg coz he's 36 y old) because Abg S is obviously mengG**** and the so-called (Abg) A who kept on yelling --> ni sape susun cam ni....Nadddddddddd..Naadddd...tu dah kemas blummm..Nadddddddd. He helped me how to find the book in the system one by one (although I knew it already. lalalalalla) and he also helped me to find the book. He smiled to me everytime we bumped into each other but no heart feelings involved la ye...ku terpesona tapi tak bermakna ku cintaaaaa...


Cerita #3

The Results will be out around July 6-10. Kot? And I am soOoOooooooooooo scared!

Cerita #4

My legs are aching. I need new shoes. For the time being I'm wearing my boots to work and I looked 2 inches taller. Wehehehehe..I need a pair of nice, stylo, and comfortable shoes. Anyone care to recommend? (make sure it fits my gigantic feet ok?)

Cerita #5

I'm working on Afternoon shift tomorrow. I HATE WORKING IN AFTERNOON SHIFT. Cause I need to drive alone, half sleepy half tired all the to my home at 10 pm! Hwaaaaaa....

Cerita #6

I miss cycling. I miss swimming. I miss jogging. I miss futsal

Girlsssss let's have some funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Cerita #7

Next Saturday, i'll be playing a game which I never played in my life. NEVER means NEVER. Including touching the tools, stepping on the playing field (if it's played on a field la). And to make things worse, I'll be playing this for a competition. What game? Syhhh...let's keep it a big secret first. Hoh...Siap main kan Bukit Jalil tuuuu...

P/S : Cerita #8 refer to the title. Blahh...tahpapetah

June 20, 2007

Second day working...

Today, thanks to (abg?) saiful, I managed to save the parking cost. Weeee...
Not much pricing work to be done today

But I realised I've been the one to be blamed if books were arranged mistakenly

Seperti: sape yang letak sini mesti Nadddddddddddddd
Laaaa...ape buku ni kat sini.....Naddd la niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Okay I admit one of the accusations was true but that was all. Laen-laen mane adeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Now..everyone there been asking...Why should we call you NAD
LOL. Simply because the name is NADzirah. 37.5% of my name is NAD.
And I won't reply if u call me Zira or Ira. Errksss....I'll reserve that name for someone special ekh? Haha

Went lunch with Kak Su today. And Kak Zura taught me how to handle the cash machine.....Weeeeee.....*happy* but I was soOoOooo nervous! My hand was cold and shivering when I returned the change to my customers.
So the kakaks are all okay and baek! But Kak Su is taking a month leave in July for her wedding preparation...sedeyh )=

Next dilemma....most of the workers there are older than me (All but ONE je younger than me)
And the one with the name Am referred himself as Abang. Hello...I didn't hear that yesterday apakah tibe2 merapu mahu panggil abang pula? Maybe he's high today. Okay...fine...he's 25 and he's the same age as my big bro (which I call abang). But stilll...ade sedikit keraguan untuk panggil abang disitu. Rase cam errr...geli je? Hahahahah...

So I'd better be slightly rude and talk to them without addressing their name/title. Senang citer...


June 19, 2007

Customer Service Assistant? first day went quite well today.

Despite the expensive RM6 parking (I parked in the mall - first time seyh...cuak nak park jauh2). Luckily Mak came during lunch hour so I switched parking ticket with her.

My new colleagues are....well...quite okay. Some of them are scary, some are helpful, some are over-friendly and slightly gatal. Hohoho...To name a few, kak su(nice!), kak zura(okay), am(0.O), saiful (^&%$), jo (okay), shuib (?)

My job includes putting up the book price tags, and of course arranging the books. So I'm like refreshing my librarian skill (5 tahun yg lepas!) la...

And next week or maybe by the end of this week they'll teach me how to handle the cash machine. Yeayyyy!!!!! I've been wanting to play around with the cash machine and money (dulu slalu berangan gune keyboard komputer and gune duit saidina.wahahaha)

But today I kept on referring to the others since I'm still quite clueless with the bookstore nye books and things. Blur skit. huhuuhuhuh

Oh ya, I did overtime today since too many book stocks came in. Gile semangat! Hahaha...I thought of going full time (till 10am) but naaaa....I need a rest too! Mau shock badan gue. And my off day this week is Friday and I'll be working on morning shift except on Saturday. huhuhuhuhu...baguslahhhhhhh takyah balik malam2.

Okayh. need some rest.


June 18, 2007

Job hunt (not manhunt tau.hahah)

Today we went to Summit USJ to buy pressies for the-turning-20 friends.

And I made an impulsive decision to find a job when I saw the ads put up in front of most of the shops in Summit.

Started with MPH - no vacancies.
Moved on to Popular Bookstore - they need workers for the new outlet that'll be open at Pyramid in September...blahhh...
Went to a which I don't know what's the name (quite exclusive) - filled up forms and they'll call me
Watson - the job has just been filled in by 2 applicants. cisss late by 1-2 days
Secret Recipe - had an interesting interview with En Zaidi. he was so nice. it was like a leisure chit chat. but SADLY he need to refer to the Area Manager since he'd been told to take trainees for again,a new outlet that'll be opened at PJ. ceh....sume pun nak training2

Then sped off to SACC. Wani met up with her mom n sis since they planned to shop for Wani's preparation to UIA.

And thanks to Sis Fina (Wani's sis) who managed to persuade me to just walk in and "takpeeee buat je muke tak maluuuuu dier bkan kenal kite punnnn"
I went in to the laaaaaaasssssttttt shop at the very lasssssttttt moment of working hours (actually dah abes pun working hours) and managed to get a job at MPH bookstore.

And I'm starting tomorrow! Weeeee........

I've finally bought this book!

Written by 'Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

La Tahzan - don't be sad

to my dear friend yg sedang emo...


la tahzan!



June 17, 2007

SehariMenjadiGadisBersosial? Gangtarz?

9.00 pm - Wani texted me => "wey ko smp kul bp? aku da smgt2 da ni.hahaha"

12.30 pm - texted Megat (Yatie's friend) and Sou about the tix

12.50 pm - arrived at Wani's house. had some decision making and planning things session.

1.30 pm - departed from Wani's to stadium. surveyed the parking area and yada yada bla bla

2.00 pm - arrived at my house. crapped around from 2 pm onwards until....

5.30 pm - *panicked* "Wani baju ni ok ke???????" "Wani cepat mandi!!!!!!!!!!!" "Weyhhhhh cpatttt....mane eyeliner..!!!!" "Wey mane plak eyeliner ZA aku niiiiiiiiiiiiii"

6.30 pm - panic situation continued. *nervous*

7.25 pm - Maghrib prayer! go! go! go!

7.30 pm - Megat called

7.35 pm - Tudung akuuuuuuuuu........

7.45 pm - Departed from my house. Stopped by at Compact Living Store to buy batteries and mineral water

8.05 pm - Megat called again

8.08 pm - arrived at the carpark entrance.
Din : eh...laaaa...kaaa-uuuuuuu
Me : eh....kaa-uuuuuuu
Din : Laaa...u pun datang. dahlah dahlah..takyah bayar. masuk je. wey..kete ni da bayar (shouted to his friends)
Me : Weee...thanks eh din~

Note : Din was my colleague in Chi Dim Sum Cafe. But he came 2-3 weeks before I resigned. Since I had disengaged myself from the place and also the people, so I haven't seen him since last year? Din is one funny, pleasant looking guy. And yes, I used to &^%$#%^&* (fill in any suitable words here) with him. But things didn't went far due to some circumstances. Apekah ia? Biarlah rahsia...lalala~ I was so happy to see him again. But didn't get the chance to talk with him more. Anyway Din was collecting the parking tix at the Stadium's entrance and yeah, lucky me I got through FOC! Thanks Din~~

8.14 pm - Called Megat.
Me : I dah sampai. u kat entrance mane?
Megat : I kat tepi2 surau ni
Me : oh. i pun kat area2 surau ni. tak nampak pun
Megat : oh eh? u kat mane
Me : kat tepi motosikal (gile nervous. merapu gler jawab)

Wani realised a group of guys in front of the surau. One of them was waving his hand. *nervous lagik* giler ramai makhluk lelaki?!?!?!?!

8.20 pm - Got the tix. Seriously, I am not really good in first time meeting (kalau blind dates mmg sure fail!) I was so nervous. pemalu gler~~

8.30 pm - Gangstarz started.
Since we were wearing hijab, rase ade sedikit keseganan untuk berdansa. But of course lah tak times I surrendered to the chicky songs jua...~

11.15 pm - Gangstarz ended. Made our way out

11.30 pm - Made crazy decision - "Wani, jom jalan2 kat kl malam2 tgk pemandangan"

11.35 pm - texted Megat. thanked him. he asked us to join the infin gang at hakim sect 7

11.45 pm - made a U-turn at pj. went back to shah alam - hakim

12.00 am - arrived at hakim. erkssss....where are them? tsk. i guess we got the wrong place. alang2 dah sampai. lepak je lah sini

1.00 am - departed from hakim. suddenly i saw the gang at the other corner of the restaurant. citttttt....ingat kat maner lah tadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. by the way didn't stop by since we were too tired. blah saje

1.30 am - arrived at home

many thanks to them who contributed towards the SehariMenjadiGadisBersosial program.

Sou - thanks tho I didn't get to meet u.
Megat - for the tix
Yatie - for introducing Megat
Din - for the FOC parking entrance
Wani - for everything
Mak - for the permission

P/S : INFINATEZ rawked! Tho they didn't get the USD100,000 , they proved that they deserved to be at the finals! I bet they finish up their perjuangan with pride and dignity. Walaweyyyy

June 16, 2007

I guess my dear sis leen has safely landed in somebody's arm. I'm so the very happy for u kak leen~
Wishing u all the happiness in the world...Uuuuu...beshnyer dier dah ade org take care kat dier ~~
Image Hosted by
I spent the whole day cleaning up my room. And's shiny, clean and liveable!

I'm just wondering.....


ta ppl.

P/S : Tomorrow, the theme is be black. And I think my sunburn face is sooooooooooo in with the theme.
Rase cam nak clorox je muke ni......erghhhhhhhhh.........
I feel like a wok's butt. ahah busuknye translation

June 15, 2007

The 11th post in the 15th day

...don't cha think I'm being over-productive?


Today, as always, went back to my normal jogging routine.
I wonder what's my life gonna be after Wani's gone to UIA?
That is why I must get a new job by july!

Went swimming today. Unfortunately, the swimming pool in UiTM let us down for the second time today. Fien, Fiqah, Mun and Wani (my KMB friends) shot all the way from their home upon my invitation for swimming so I had to find backup. Cycling could have been the next best option (Wani). I suggested Wetworld. Wawa was cursing herself for bringing the badluck (asal aku datanggggg je pool ni tutup) and Fuzah was just being herself - membengongkan orang.
Eventually we ended up in the yucky-lumut2-kotor-panas terik Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan (PADE)'s pool at 1 pm.

And most of us are now suffering from the burning sun. Sheeeezzzzzz habis berbelang2 badan gue. Cam kuda belang. Benci...benci belang2~~~
Saye rase seperti hilang kemelayuan dgn muke yg sangat berkilat ini.

In the evening I was in the mood of spring cleaning. Started off with my dearie kotor-gile Waja. And as always, my neighbour would come out and gossiping with me.
Ah okay. Not really *gossiping* More like updating each others' life.

But til now, she never really talked about her son *drools*
What I know is....he's studying in UIA, and he doesn't really like to drive.
And he's hot.. ahahaha.
It's ok, i'll dig deeper =P

Okay enough crap.

I'm thinking of changing my blog skin. What say you?

June 14, 2007

Breathing Again

I'm finally breathing normally, and happily again.

Life is wonderful, and it is wonderful-er when u have bunch of amazing people around u. Thanks to all of them (including you, readers -(bajet glamer lah tu)) I'm so happy with my life right now.

I think I'm falling in love miserably with the nature. Gue kini udah jadi ala2 pencinta alam gitu...Yesterday, thanks to Wani, I found solacement *again* after spending 60 minutes cycling in Bukit Cerakah. Syahir (not u,curlymon =P) called me a basikal-maniac but hecccckkkkkk biarlah, I am so into basikal right now.

But today the devil inside my body arose and forced me to give up jogging this morning. Apparently Wani who had the same devil within her agreed to my suggestion. Cissss....terkumpul lagi kalori gue hari ini!

After a capati and a mouthful of secret recipe egg, we finally departed from my home to Mid Val. Earlier in the morning Daud Comel (ketul) texted me. Coincidentally Affan and him wanted to meet up - lepak2 at Mid Val, so yeah, we made a deal. Aprox at 12++ the guys came and we went to Mc D (yeahhh...McD....calories...fats....carbs...erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and chit chatted for about 2-3 hours??

The oh-so-dedicated teachers. ilebiu!!!

Old memories were reopened. Silly moments, stupid acts were reviewed and I could not deny that I'm missing them like...hell-o kitty. We laughed our heart out, had some quiet *terkedu* moment when we realised how we missed each other so much. But I know, we have to move on. And I don't think all of them are feeling the same too. Pity Affan who repeatedly announces his kerinduan towards the moments.

Us girls in uniforms...ngeeee

And the same, old, *yawn* question being asked. Taknak reunion ke? Truth be told, after the 1st attempt of reunion somewhere back in 2006 (ke?) I have lost my interest towards gathering and any sorts of reunion, especially when some of them are still holding onto that macho-konon-kami-macam-best attitude. So stupid, sangat menyedehkan *cries*. I think the next best time to do a reunion is like..5-10 years later. When all of us are matured enough and know how to behave ourselves. Bak kate affan "style dohhh..nanti dah besar aku bawak anak aku ke....aku nak je anak aku gi kat amy pastu ejek - 'MARJANG!" And Daud backfired Affan "hah yelah...nanti anak amy plak gi kat ko cakap - 'FOI!"

Us girls meronggeng

Apart from that, I've also lost interest towards meeting those faces who used to be my best of friends. Although my anger towards Peja is deteriorating, and my communication problem with Ai is improving, I don't think I could handle the pain that kills me from within - pergh ultra jiwang~

Them rugby boys

Anyway anyhoooss, I am looking forward for some casual get-together with my batchmates. IF I'm lucky and Allah has decided to give me chance to further my study to Ireland this year, I really, really really really really wanna meet them. And not to forget my overseas friends. Wherever u are, whatever u do..Saye rindu kamoo~

Them naughty boys

P/S : Thanx a gazillion to Cek Sou for the tix. What tix? Tunggggguuuuu.....

June 12, 2007

Planning the unplanned plans

Sometimes, Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul.
Sometimes, He breaks our heart to make us whole.
Sometimes, He allows pain so we can be stronger.
Sometimes, Allah sends us failure so we can be humble.
Sometimes, He allows illness so we can take better care of ourselves.
And sometimes, Allah takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything He gave us.
Make plans, but understand that we live by Allah’s grace.

“And (then Unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.” (Ali Imran:54)

Haha apakah emo berlarutan?

I love to make decision, had my deep thoughts, during shower! Yeap! For real, during showering I feel some kind of tranquility. The water running through my body (don't imagine. =P hahah) brushes off all the worriness, gives me ideas, solutions etc etc.

Hence when I had my shower just now, I made a decision

I wanna quit my job

After consulting my dear penasihat image, serta masalah kehidupan, I finally made up my mind. Went downstairs to see my mom (mind u, I don't talk to her so much since I'm working. ada semacam rajuk/bengang dihati.ampunkan aku ibu~)

"Mak, adik tanak keje lagila"

"OKlah. esok mak bgtau En K"

Laaaa...sonang ajo haih. Maybe she doesn't want me to go sulking menarik muke 14 setiap kali pulang dari kerja. Ya I know I'm bad..

5 Reasons Why I Wanna Quit My Job
  1. I don't think I could handle the job -> benci gak statement penakut nih..well inilah kebenaran
  2. I don't have my own working space -> one girl is quitting her job by next week but blaaahhh...gile ke 2 weeks kena menumpang di meja org?? T_T
  3. My concerns towards my health level -> quite worrying for the time being. Let me get on the right track first
  4. My promises towards MakPah -> Yup, my social responsible in tutoring her children plus, I really want to learn cooking
  5. My passion towards physical activities~ -> I miss cycling, I miss jogging, I miss futsal

2 Problems I'm Having Right Now
  1. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ -> Balance in my account is approaching 0 drastically
  2. Joli needs money -> same reason with (1)
In a nutshell, i'm not meant to be an office girl. Thank God, saye pilih dentistry. Harap2 dapatlah kire2nye T_T But still, I'm not giving up on working. I'll find a job that suits me best.

Wish me luck, people (asyik mintak org wish luck jee T_T)

Online from office *konon*

2nd day still nothing

Even worse, I have no place, had to be saprofit (spelling error) at someone's place

And now I'm intruding Kak Ina's computer - she's gone for lunch


June 11, 2007

First Day

My first day sucked big time

I sat down. Stared on the table (which is not mine)

5.30 on the dot, I walked away from the door.

so much la for the smangat nak keje.

camni lepak umah lagi bagus

Emo. Ye saye sangat emo )=

June 10, 2007

Gloomy )=

I went for my biweekly checkup today.
Apparently my worst nitemare has come to real.

A conclusion from Dr Reena (O&G) -> get married early! Tehehehehe....

Aihhhhh....How should I?

And of utmost important, bertemu jodohkah saya pada usia yang muda?

Hehehehehehe....Qada' dan Qadar - let's leave it to The Almighty and the least that I could do is to pray , wishing and hoping things will get better.

Emo pula malam ini )=

Semangat utk kerja deteriorates. Erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Nightmare.... very disturbing

I'd rather be dreaming of scary ghosts or creepy zombie than dreaming of $#@!#%.

Tomorrow is the day. gonna experiment whether I could juggle my job and my "physical activities." Anyway cycling during weekdays is surely impossible. My working hours is just the same as Bukit Cerakah's operating hours. Tsk tsk tsk...

Okay here's the plan
  • wake up at 6am - shower!
  • subuh prayer - pack up my things!
  • 6.45am - breakfast
  • 7am depart from home!
  • 7.30am EXPECTED to arrive at tasik
  • Waiting for Wani's arrival
  • 8.25am *berusaha* to finish the activity - cooling down
  • 8.30am - *berusaha* siap2
  • 8.50am-off to my office
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....boleh ke? ke? ke?

June 07, 2007

Okay, u'll start working on Monday


2 days ago mak texted me a short, and very SHOCKING msg :

i got u a job. start tomorrow

And of course, I freaked out, called her 2 seconds after I read her text.
After 2-3 mins of arguing, so yeah, i'll be seeing the Mr I-dunno-who on Thursday

So here comes Thursday, and after 3 rounds of tawaf within the same area, a quick amik angin at section 9, a plate of spaghetti@ pizza hut, I finally got to "discuss" about my work

Honestly, SAYA SANGAT BLUR and I'M NOT VERY GOOD IN DEALING WITH PPL. So I ended up nodding to all his words.

Sh*t #1
"So basically u'll be dealing with the ppl from my batch. RMC `77. Yada yada bla bla.....U'll be making phone calls..yada yada "
Reason : D'uh, didn't I tell u I'm not good in dealing with ppl. Oh of course I didn't tell u...

Sh*t #2
"Erm..mane I nak letak u eh? Oh okay, u'll be working in this office.."
Reason : Work in office? Shoooootttt...sticking my butt all day long, sungguh tak produktif dan sangat tak membantu dalam menghilangkan kalori okay?!?!?

Sh*t #3
"Oh, u'll be working 5 days a week. From 9 to 5.30 pm And Saturday tu...depends la if u are needed"
Reason : Waniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....Mana pergi joli...mana pergi lari2...basikal...saya nak naik basikallll...

Sh*t #4
"Okay, u'll start working on Monday"
Reason : Erghhhhh Genting? Langkawi? Cuti-cuti Malaysia?????????????
Tsk tsk...

Apart from the numbered sh*t, I think, I'm okay with the job. harm in trying pun kan? I'll try to fix the time with my joli life n my new working life...

I can't really tell what is my job scope, coz me myself is quite clueless on what should I do. I hope everything would go okay. Can't believe I'm starting that fast!

P/S: Yesterday, WE had fun. Pixies up later ppl. My camera is kidnapped by Wani =D

Wish Me Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 04, 2007

Wishes And Hopes

Lupe plak =)

nZra_007: happy birthday~
Mohd Faris: yeay
Mohd Faris: nay kamu lambat
Mohd Faris: x mooo
nZra_007: haha....36 minit je lmbt
nZra_007: tadi tgh layan citer
nZra_007: dah tua seyh
Mohd Faris: ehhee
Mohd Faris: thanx

Happy birthday, future doc farish. I wish u well n happiness. Doc Farish?? bleh cayeke???

And not to forget,
Miss 'O Briens Sandwich 15 ringgit,
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
pic courtesy of farhana-cilok-ed from ur frenster.

Ganbatte!! Slamat bekerja, sambil menguruskan badan dan mengurats plajar UIA!


I wanna work too. I need $$
But next week? Langkawi??
Oh God pls make it happen T_T


Last Saturday I went back to Muar, Johor.
I drove half way to Ayer Keroh R&R and mom took over the rest of the journey
Later that nite we went for ikan bakar at Bakap Aur (somewhere around Muar. Not quite sure with the name tho)
I handled the wheel since mom said she was tired
So me, half-dizzy half-sleepy drove my mom, my aunt and her injured husband
And almost hit a pak aji naik motor (ampun pak aji T_T)
The next day (yesterday) I drove all the way to my home
Stucked in the crawling traffic for a few KMs and few hours
Today I fetched my bro @ KLIA
Unfortunately the expected -kul 7 sampai- turned out to be 60 minutes late!!!!
Legs cramped

In a nutshell, i'm tired with driving

I need a driver )=

P/S 1: I love my makciks n pakciks. they rock my world!
P/S 2: My dear fariq imran dah sumbung tanak salam ngan orang !! Anyway he can run now. His favourite (n the only understandable) word : TATAWUUUUUUUUUU

Time really flies.

June 01, 2007

Keren banget!!

My gossip folks @ My roomies - They Rock!!!!

I'm back from BTN!!!

First and foremost I'd like to wish belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite babes, Ida and Nadiah! I wish the both of u luck and ultimate happiness!

Us with Pak DOl(nari poco2 gmpak seyh!!), Kak Aisyah and Pak Meon

Anyway the BTN camp was interesting! Yeah, I've been asking my friends around and most of them came out with negative responses on BTN but truth be told, I enjoyed my 5 days stay at the camp. Minus the fact that we were stranded with bunch of riangriaribena-Russia fast track MARA kids. Had they weren't there, my BTN experience would be much better!

<--The boys...from behind

We were so fortunate that most of the BTN camps are fully occupied and that we were sent to Mega Crystal Camp @ Kuala Selangor (a private camp-next to the historical Bukit Malawati). The jurulatihs are bunch of golden citizen yg sangat bersemangat and surprisingly sangat fit! They made us dancing the poco-poco dance and Waheeda's song for about 1 hr?!? Our room was quite comfortable (except the sehelai kain selimut nipis yg menggatalkan my sensitive skin T_T), completed with air-cond and shower (no mandi kolah beb!)

Pommm!!!!!!!!!! -->

Along with 49 JPA scholar holders were 47 MARA kiddos and 10 petronas scholars. We were very annoyed with the hyper kids - sangat bising and childish! The petronas kids were much more low profile and we the so-called 20 y old seniors maintained our maturity and kept ourselves shut. I bet the kids might have labeled us as boring-garang-poyo seniors but heckkk we've been through 2 years of painful growing process in McB. I'm so thankful that I was sent to McB and got to experience many many things that made me a better me. But it's kinda worrying - I wonder how the kids would survive in Russia had they stayed with their immaturity act. Tu ke future docs?

Most of the programs were very-beneficial and eye-opening? Gile hipokrit ke apakah? Oh tidak,ia memang benar. Coz I could understand some topics that I've been ignoring all this while. And I passed the 2km fitness test! Hahaha sangat bangga ok? Friends been telling me that I can even walk and hit the clock under the 24 minutes requirement but heckkkk luckily I chose to run coz it was not that easy! Managed to clock in 20:03 mins and I should be proud of myself ler considering my history back in SMSS- I can never run long distance!

Us @ Bukit Melawati. Salam perpaduan

And the best part is....hitting the objek (s) ushaan - credit to Nabila for the term. I should say that - ahh..pengalaman yg sangat menarik (sorry if u couldn't understand- biar ia menjadi rahsia di hati~)

Hatiku bimbang dengan tetap pikirkanmu
Selalu-s'lalu dalam hatiku
Kumelangkah sejauh apapun itu
Selalu kau didalam hatiku

Ku berjalan-berjalan memutar waktu
Berharap temukan sisa hatimu
Mengertilah ku ingin engkau begitu
Mengerti kau didalam hatiku

Tak Bisakah kau menungguku
Hingga nanti tetap menunggu
Tak Bisakah kau menuntunku
Menemani dalam hidupku

eh kenape nyanyi lagu ni eh? nape eh? hahahahah... =P