October 31, 2008


Days after days I kept on thinking on how to get this book. If I buy a new one, it's not gonna worth it since I THINK I'm gonna use this only for neuroanatomy (which will end by this winter)

I tried to find the cheap ones in Amazon - failed

I tried to find second hand book - failed

I kept on searching the book in Boole library and Brookfield library - failed

Hari-hari risau memikirkan buku ini memandangkan rakan-rakan yang memilikinya akan menggunakan buku ini bila peperiksaan menjelang...

Until today :D

Found it at the library, finally!

Lega lega...

Then I found out, the Neuroanatomy & Embryology exam will be before winter hols, LEGA lagi!

But I have one lecture on cross infection on 15th of December which highly likely will be skipped lah of course!

Lega lega...


By the way..winter has started. Somehow I am thankful my room is the smallest AND also the warmest. I can sleep without wearing all those thick clothes. Only duvet and my fleece throw is enough for a good night sleep :)

Tapi kesejukan diluar yang sebenar tak tergambar aar..Once I opened my bedroom's door...brrrr...the cold breeze is freezing off my brain and my body...Nasib lah dari last year dah training duduk dengan icemangirl

Hurm hurm...lousy updates. Better stop here.

Ta people!

October 30, 2008

Of new baby, gaining momentum, and winter plan

I received this email today from Cik Pi...If u don't know who is Cik Pi, make some extra effort to dig my previous updates okayyy ;)

This cute, adorable, yummy yummy little daughter of him and Cik Imah (whom name I forgot. Mak ade bitau..tapi lupe. hehe). Born on October 15th...hehehehehe..tak sabar nak balik nak maen dengan dia (over excited 9 bulan awal. danggg...9 bulan?!?!?!)


I just realized I have so many things to look up this summer. First and foremost would be the brother's wedding, insyaAllah..the others would be meeting up and introducing myself to the little cousins whom I never met so they know the existence of the Kak Jiah..(acewwaaahh..)
9 months to go. Aiyoo...mulelah tu buat perangai countdown...

Update on my home's internet connection? After much hassle, cacian serta makian by us, the Eircom ppl has finally made a progress. We've a phone line already. Not quite there (getting internet) but at least yeah, one step closer onto getting internet. I am so proud of myself that I managed to survive a few weeks without internet. Walaupun sangap-sangap, at least I am still holding on.

One of the few PLUS thing about not having internet at home that I finally managed to start reading books, like for real! hehehehe...not quite a normal sight especially when summer exam is not anywhere nearby. Yes, saya adalah orang yang membakar pelita di tengah malam, bekerja dimasa kesebelas (translate to get a better meaning) yang hanya pulun di saat akhir..oh tak bagus tak bagus..mana azam dulu tu..mana? manaa?? manaaa???

I am yet to plan my winter trip. Allowance dah masuk. House rent til January is settled. Eletric and gas bill for the first 2 months has arrived. It was such a nervewrecking moment when we first got the bills considering the amount of things we've been doing for the past 2 months (masak bazar Ramadhan, masak raya, masak open house, masak sana sini) but according to seniors the amount was....standard laa...we even planned to start making business (nasi lemak, sandwich) to support our household bills :)

Oh anyway back to the topic, I am yet to plan my winter trip coz I'm still waiting news from Dental School on our Neuroanatomy and Embryology exam. They said it might be on the review week which means I cannot take a risk and just buy the ticket immediately after school closes (school closes before review week) PLUS, me and Fiqah are still considering between Spain and Italy..hurmmm..dilemma..dilemma..

Anyhoo that's all updates that I can give at the moment. Let's hope and pray that the Eircom peeps wont let us down anymore. Oh penantian itu suatu penyiksaan :(

October 27, 2008

Dublin Games 08

We wonnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We wonnnnnnn~~~


Jagalah gigi anda

the anak dols - Futsal Ladies Gold Medalist..wweeewwiiittt...

anak dols gumbira

tudung ditolak angin

Kapesun and I. Ada sesiapa nak jeles? hehehehehehe...

Us at Hard Rock Cafe

Malas nak cerita....tataaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~

October 21, 2008

Our Open House

Now..despite the hiatus..I cannot resist the temptation of uploading the piccas from our open house last Sunday...

What? Where? When?

2nd Year of UCC's Open House, Laburnum House, October 19th 2008, 12-5pm


Soto Muar (harus membanggakan nama Muar okayyyy) + Begedil + Sambal Kicap ggetap (org jawa faham kot?) - by the BnBians, Macaroni Goreng (by the 63s), Kuah Kacang (BnBians), Ayam BBQ tak BBQ sangat (hujan ooo...and arang takde sebab out of season), Cupcakes and Butter cake (specially made by Alia), Caramel (by Shazep)

The event went well despite the raining and all. Thanks to those who came :)

And to those who didnt...sampai hati tak datanggggg (hahaha tetibe)

Wany mengapa muke begitu, Me, and Fatihah (Dr Shidi and Kak Ida's youngest daughter)

Us, before the event. Muke masih ceria. Mampu tersenyum. Badan wangi. Tudung cantek.

Periuk nasi yang mengandungi kuah soto, cupcakes, caramel

Macaroni goreng, Begedil

tukang BBQ yg hanya berjaya memBBQkan beberapa ayams

the guests #1

guests #2

the guests #3

the gentlemen

the ladies. (before I tergolek dog)

2nd & 3rd year bergabung

muke kucing semuaa...tapi ade orang tak dengar kata ni...hurm hurm..

ktorang buat muke penat, diorang buat muke mon mon. mengape..mengape tak sefahaman??? hahaha

muke moks moks..tgk Kamil....hahahha

keluarga tak la bahagia mana. hahaha...adilah asyik menyamar anak je

muke sebelum. OMG pipi meletupp

muke selepas, kurus ke gitu??

last with the mem besar


p/s : Am going to Dublin this weekend for Dublin Games. Hope everything goes well and involves NO injury. Amiin...
p/p/s : It has been one month since I arrive Ireland. Rasa macam lambat masa bergerak. But other than my mom, my bro, my family and my bilik, I haven't miss Malaysia that much.

yang masih mengatur kehidupan entah bile nak jadi teratur ni saya pun tak tahu oh bertabahlah wahai diri,


October 16, 2008


When nowadays peeps are in the mood of going blogging, I am totally heading on the opposite way. There are just too many things that robbed my mood away. Mainly on the inexistence of internet in my house that forced me to be a parasite to others'. And other contributory factors that I can not include here. Once I get my life reorganize, we shall meet again (which I hope will be anytime soon). For the time being, if you wanna get some entertainment and a rough idea what's happening in Cork, tune to

yang bengang pagi2 kena kayuh beskal balik umah dari clashduv sebab baru tau pagi ni ada lab physio damn it la internet takde ni gua rasa duduk zaman batu sangatttt,


October 14, 2008

where did I go last weekend

Sorry peeps. I am still in the no-mood-for-blogging blues. This post doesn't do justice to what I had/felt during the trip. It was fun! The place was nice! And I had such a good time with them. Thanks to those who planned+joined this trip :)

Corkians @ Connemara

erm..nape takde the next top grouped model eh. kalau atk bleh cuba nasib. huhu
at NUIG.

picnic kat carpark

beauty is pain. capturing beauty is even painful


cube teka kami tgh kata apa?

Cliff of Moher.

cicak geng. bleh la KRU kalau nak wat citer baru

mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan kanak2

budak comel. mari penyekkan dia beramai-ramai

lagi sorang budak comel. obviously bukan yang menyelit2 ditepi year later...dah besar dah dia

October 10, 2008

Away to Galway

I'm away for the weekend. Going to Limerick, and Connemara of County Galway. First ever travel trip for this second term. So there wont be a weekend update (Dayah..slamat la bilik ko tak kena ambush minggu neh..hehe) for this week.

Wish me a happy trip okay. Be good everyone!


Gossip Girl.

(cewwwahhh ciwwwwittt cikiiii)