July 30, 2012

Quarter century

I turn 25 today.


Had my early bday celebration 2 nights ago. Got a birthday cake, a card and a baju raya that I adored very much. Thanks a mil dear friends!

Here's to a better year. Bismillah.

July 29, 2012


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Advanced bday celebration

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Advanced bday celebration

Had my advanced bday celebration this year.

Simple bazar ramadhan potluck at my house. 1 surprise cake. 1 card. And the presence of those familiar faces.

Anddd a baju kurung that I really really adore "takpe kitorang bayarkan dulu since kau takde cash" turns out to be my surprise gift.

Oh em gee. I loike it so much I can't take my eyes off the baju. Teeeheeeee..

1 day before turning quarter century. Pengsannnnn..

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July 19, 2012


Been spending the day with this lil munckin. I think I've been away most of her life (padahal umur baru setahun lebih. Lol). Kire balas dendam la ni...

Maknah luff you so much nay nay!
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July 17, 2012

Tak biasa leww

Still can't quite digest this new title. When people in SPA addressed me with the new title I choked a bit.

Dokter kewwww.

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July 09, 2012

Cheers to a new life

It has been a week since I touched down home. Since then I've been struggling to adapt. I'm overwhelmed by my surroundings. I became really restless. I broke down at a few silly moments, like in a bank full of many foreign people and while driving back home alone at night. I didn't want to fix my jetlag-ed sleeping time because I think I've been living in a denial.

Why? Has it not been what I always wanted? Home. Being close to family. Being in a very familiar place.

Because I'm kind of afraid. This thing going on is like my real real life. But it is very very unclear, very foggy, very uncertain. Where am I going to work? What will I be doing? What is going to happen after this? Will I settle down? Will I further into doing max-fac surgery like what I wanted?

Tonight I had a very long debate myself. So I came out with a few short term resolutions. I'm going to take things slowly, one at a time and to go with the flow. List down my wishes and my targets. They might or might not be achieved but at least I have something that I can work on.

Here's to a new life. Bismillah.

July 02, 2012

Strange enough...

..I miss Cork's serenity. This place I call home seemed so alien to me.

Give it a time. Give it a break.

Kembali berpijak dibumi nyata.