July 31, 2011

Of turning a year older

I turned a year older yesterday..I get a lil bit depressed everytime my birthday comes. What have I achieved in my life so far? Where am I right now? How's my attitude? Have they changed? Have they improved? And of the utmost worrisome..I am still single T____T

I had a simple but lovely celebration with my closed friends, enough to made my day :) Part of my wish was, I get to see this similar faces for the many years coming, plus few here and there who weren't able to make it. Am I being too selfish? I hope not. But I know it's kind of impossible. Come next year I don't know who's left. Nanti dah kahwin, dah ada anak, things must be changing :(

Me, blowing my candles, making my wishes..

The rich choc strawberry cupcakes made by Dila, the other half of one of my bros, Pueng..

This people + few others.I.wish.they.stay.forever.

Bermuka scary menangkap gambar T__T
Sooo yeah, I'm 24, insyaAllah will have another year to go to complete my studies. May Allah ease my journey and grant my wishes :')

Selamat berpuasa everyone. Have a blessed Ramadhan..

July 30, 2011

Our koooookeeeess project!

3 not-so-little girls had a dream to sell cookies.

So they bought the ingredients and start making them cookies.

3 not-so-little girls got tired and gave up.

And the cookies were eaten among themselves. Hihu :P

Mixing the ingredients

Making the dough (?)

Our air tangan

End product! Yummss!

July 29, 2011

Malaysia vs Singapore - the day I sat with my fellow 85,000 Malaysian

Soooo...yeah, yesterday was the historical game between my beloved Malaysia and another football team who claimed to represent a country when actually they are just bunch of people who can play football and ACT!

I went with my fellow bros and Unnie, we left my home after Asar..

Unnie made this cute jersey in 30 minutes!

We had to park up up and away nun disana atas kondo and had to walk. Well, before the game it was okay lah since the momentum was still good tapi bile balik tu...aiyoo...

Silap pilih tudung and attire nak pi stadium. Sigghhh
We had to wait for some other friends so we stayed in front of a car randomly parked there, for about, hmmm an hour? Cuci mata sikit..lalala~

Noww...onto the game. What can I say ye? Okay, I have to say the defends didn't really do a great job but there was our super Khairul Fahmi to save the balls. And Safee was really guarded by the actors oops, I mean the opponents. There were several attempts but they were to no avail. Bicycle kick, tanduk segala dah cuba, tapi still tak berkesan.

But what angers me the most is the lack of sportsmanship by the opponents. I know they are just trying to delay and kill the time and kill our momentum.Some of their dirty tactics include :

#1 Countless of fake injuries. Some of them weren't even touched by our players and yet they rolled on the grass like they were about to die. Say, if they were even touched pun lah, I don't think it's that bad. Plus, they are freakin football players setakat tersepak guna boots ke apa tu shouldn't be that hard lah. Kau pemain bola sepak ke kau pemain bola lain ni? They really should consider changing career as a makeup artist ka, traditional dancers ka apa. Takdak la nak kena sepak terajang.

#2 There were once,  got two balls on the field. The picker didn't realize ke apa I don't know lah. One of the posers..oops I mean players complained. What the hell is wrong with you man, just kick the ball outside already can't you see we got hold the ball already and was preparing to make a throw in?

#3 The goalies who kept on holding his head. Complained of headache lah kunun-kunun. That one particular guy deserve a headshot...ya know maybe it can ease the pain ke?

#4 The exchanging of the players - how they catwalk-ed out of  the field....sampai Safee Sali had to drag the guy out. Lepastu dia bengang. He deserved it pun jalan longlai-longlai!

Our Harimau Malaya, and bunch of actors

While singing the national anthem. Seriau semacam terasa time tu :')
The stadium got quiet at a few moments, especially bila takdak goal and after the opponent scored. But I was kinda glad the supporters didn't booooo the players. Lepas habis tu the players went around and apologized. Although I'm a bit sad, but I still have faith in them players. #HarimauMalaya all the way yaaaw..

Sooo...after the game ended, now another challenge going through the crowd. It was one hell of experience but we were led by our abang busat so senang je la ikut buntuit dia ja..Siap kena panjat one of the high divider I just grabbed whatever can be grabbed. We were all sweaty, smelly and hungry I swear I felt like passing out but thank God I didn't!

All in all, it was an experience really really worth it and I will treasure in my life forever :) 

July 26, 2011

Bits and pieces of Nayli's akikah..

Team Marhaban Taman Bukit Saga..heheheh. Omma giving her speech

Princess Nayli in her crib

Antara kawan-kawan saya yang hadir

The behind the scene. Tudung hitam - my super makpah

Moment I love the most, bila makcik2 duduk berkongsi cerita :')

Busu's family

Princess yang sedang minum air zamzam

tuesday blues

4 days to turning 24th. what have I achieved in my life?

July 24, 2011

Of feelings

Sekejap suka sekejap marah sekejap benci sekejap tak benci

Sekejap rindu sekejap menyampah sekejap teruja sekejap bosan

Dalam hidup tak semua yang kita mahu kita dapat

Tak semua yang kita dapat apa yang kita mahukan

Jadi disini apa yang kita perlukan??


Otak dan hati perlu bekerja bersama.

Those unwanted feelings has got to go.


July 19, 2011

Our short trip to Universal Studios, Singapore

Lazy bug bit me. So Imma just let the pictures tell the story :)

Airasia flight (Single trip) - RM 50 perpax
Journey back home -  ~RM100 for fuel and toll
Universal Studios - SD55.20 (20% off mastercard promotion) for 3 person and SD66 for 1 person (promo must be bought 5 days before trip)

Some trivia - I think the peak time is around 11-3. Queue for the boat ride was 1 hour 20 minutes! But after 3 I think the queue becomes better. If you are unlucky (like ME) you'll get really2 wet so be prepare with raincoat or spare clothes!

745am flight LCCT-Changi Airport

Zack picked us up at Changi Airport

We arrived at Universal Studios

Took our first ride
The many pictures of us in the long long waiting lines

We got hungrehh so we ate at Goldilocks, one of the fast food restaurant there

Went for another ride...the boat ride that killed my BB. My precious BB :(

The trip got better towards the end..

Watched an awesome Waterworld stunts

Went back to JB later that night at ate at Restaurant Singgah Selalu
Took a stroll at the overrated Danga Bay

The END!

July 18, 2011

Withdrawal Syndrome

On Saturday, July 16th my beloved BB went in coma mode after being in a tragedy.

Til now she's being taken away from me.

I miss her so much.

July 13, 2011

Journey to Gabai

My first time being to Sungai Gabai, all thanks to my retarded brothers and unnie for the trip :)

the waterfall

muka teruja

getting ready...

us, minus dila
I'm so happy my leave permission is approved by Prof A :) Now all I need is to contact school's secretary to officially "declare" my one week extra holiday. Raya di rumah tahun ni yaaaawwww

July 11, 2011

July 10, 2011

Senyum, tak perlu kata apa-apa

Wazzup wazzup yaaaaaalllll. Alhamdulillah selesai sudah akikah my niece which was held today. Luckily we did it today instead of yesterday kalau tak, tak tahulah macammana nak handle.

I am so happy and relieved everything went well today. I know there are still loads of cleanings to be done...but at least one major thing settled.

The thing I love about gatherings is having my family around me. Being away for 4 years has made me always yearning, longing for family gatherings. Riuh rendah..walaupun katil saya patah ke ape ke saya tak kisah. As long as I don't feel too lonely..

Saya juga rasa happy kalau jumpa kawan2. Eventhough sedih sikitla some of my retarded bros aren't here. petang sikit kawan2 sekolah rendah saya datang. Hehehe..sempat la bercerita kejap pasal kenangan dolu2..

All in all I think this week is such a gleeful week, Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah for the blessings :)
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July 05, 2011

Some updates

Sooooo..almost a week has gone. I just put a countdown it says about 58 days before I leave home again.

In the past 7 days I was totally car-less. Patah kaki. Being in Shah is like the most important component because the nearest train st is 15 minutes away from my house.

So it gets annoying at times when I need to do some stuff that I usually do by trimming my hair, go to the bank, buy stuff to be shipped back to cork.. Semua tak dpt buat lagi. Yes, I've been going out here and there tp tu semua courtesy of somebody yg baik hati. Segan la pulak nak mintak dia bawak saya sana sini dah cukup baik ler dia nak bawak jalan tu..

I'm still waiting how long can I stand the days gone without the car. To be honest I kinda feel awkward driving around because I'm starting to feel comfortable being a passenger already :D Tapi tulah, kalau rasa2 tak tahan, imma go and rent a car kot. That's the only solution that I can see so far.

Anywayyy my days so far has been good. Semalam berjaya jugak tengok transformers. Lepastu semalam I had DOUBLE buffet! Siang dekat seoul garden malam dekat renaissance for abang's delayed bday dinner. Fuuuuhhhhh ini mmg resipi mengundang kematian express ni!

Alrighty that's my updates so far (eceyh not like anyone cares pun :P) I shall go and shower now. Ta~
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July 04, 2011


The 2nd and 3rd person in my batch to wed. Both of them looked really happy!

Congrats Samihah and Shedot. Samihah looked really really pretty and mad duan pon nampak segak jugak.

Time flies. Dari 1st year dok buat perangai kanak2...tak sangka dah besaq dah smuorang kawen2.

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July 01, 2011

What I've done so far

-watched football match Malaysia vs Chinese Taipei

-ate rojak and cendol salim

Will there be more to come?

I don't know.

I honestly don't.
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