January 30, 2010

Entry penuh complaint konon dia sorang paling penat dalam dunia

Oh oh..penat aje saya cuak harini. I was pretty nervous the moment I woke up today. Turned up, pasangan saya could not make it to the clinic today due to other reason. Phewwwww...boleh tarik nafas lega sekarang panjang-panjang. Cuak saya ni macam cuak nak pergi larian jalan raya time form 1 tuh. Tatau apa kaitan tapi the feel was the same. Siap baca selawat sepanjang jalan dari rumah sampai hospital just to calm me down. Hohhhh..

However I must admit working alone without partner is very very tiring. If you forgot to take something, you've to walk alll the way from one end to another and it's even more frustrating when you found out you forgot another thing pulak. Doing all the charting by yourself is also kinda difficult. Nak tengok the teeth one by one satu hal. Nak record it onto the chart satu hal. Running the routine checkup alone is pretty tiring because I haven't had much training on that. Eh eh eh kesimpulannye semua benda kalau buat sorang-sorang memang penat lah kire-kirenye.

cuba duduk camni 2 jam setengah campur marathon pergi ulang-alik amik barangan 5 kali. haha banyak komplen doh dia neh diam ah.

InsyaAllah I'll get used to it one day. Ini baru satu patient satu session. Belum lagi dua tiga empat lima enam tujuh sepuluh empatbelas lagi.

Tapi nak diikutkan bahagia je kalau assistant awak sedikit pain in the arse tu takde. HAHAHAHAHA ok keji. I know. Case close.

Ok sambung balik. By the time I went for my pros lab session in the afternoon my energy level is only 10% like that. Kalau saya ultrawoman kira lampu merah dah nyala tetttt tettt tettt dah. Pros lab plak kena buat surveying, something that demands a sharp vision and patience. Contact lens macam biasa kalau penat mesti dia pun nak kering-kering I think it nearly popped out just now (pengguna contact lens mesti faham perasaan neh). Using all the energy left, I tried to get done with the task ASAP and Alhamdulillah, dgn bantuan lagu-lagu pemberi semangat dari iPod kesayangan (iPod boleh selit dalam tudung cikgu tak perasan) I managed to finish the class within 1.5hours. Pulanglah saya gembira sebab dapat makan sambal ikan bilis yang mak hantar :)
Tapikan...balik-balik dapat plak bil letrik yang mampu buat pitam 2 malam sebab gila 5 kali ganda mahal dari biasa. Rasa nak pergi mintak sedekah kat English Market sekarang =S Tulah pandai-pandai kau beli keyboard masa tak betul kan membunuh diri namenye. Ada orang nak sewa keyboard I tak weekdays sejam 5eu je?

ni hah rupe the surveyor. how to use it it's very complicated to explain (padahal malas sebab nak tido cepat)

I am supposed to join the get together session organized by KUC today but I'm too tired to go. Memang nak pergi sebab lately memang dah jadi kera sumbang habis mana pergi dah mana-mana event. Tapi sumpah memang penat harini in fact I'm going to sleep once I'm done with this post. Tak cool langsung malam minggu tido pukul 8 memang betul, saya makin dimamah usia nampaknya. haha wtf.


January 29, 2010

The first (and hopefully NOT the last) get together

Mich and I

Today we had kinda a farewell dinner with Mich. By WE means those people in the class that is kinda in the same ''wavelength'', but sadly not all could make it. Anyway we still had fun tho. Reminiscing all those things we've gone through during the past years and the current things that going around. Since there are only a few of us doing dentistry we couldn't really talk much with other people about "our things" Coz not many would understand. Furthermore all of us are now separated into 4 different groups and we seldom had the chance to sit together and have this kind of conversation before. I'm glad we did it today :)

Mich, Jo Lin, Frank and Kamil

all of us together :)

This morning during the OTL class I was trying to get permission from Prof MC to skip next week's class since Wawa is coming down and I wanna bring her around. Punyelah cuak-cuak.. Much to my surprised he easily let me off without much hassle. I just need to tell the office that I'll be off for the day. This is one thing that I like about studying here. Most of them are very easy-going and not hard to deal with. You just need to tell them nicely and insyaAllah everything would be fine. Maybe not in all cases, or maybe I'm just lucky but so far, saya senang sama supervisors saya. Alhamdulillah =)

Pastu harini jugak during lunch I was trying to get used to not going to lunch in between the 1 hour lunch break because I won't have anyone to have lunch with after this. Eceyh bunyi sedih je kan :P My timetable is usually like this - lab from 9 till 12. Break 1 hr and continue with lecture at 1 until 2 so I can always go back for lunch after 2. But then Jo Lin was there so yeah I was happy I could go to lunch with her but apparently both of us have no cash! LOL. So we ended up in the computer room during the break. During the lecture my oh stomach was growwwling like crazy. Sumpah malu!! It is so used to getting food at 12 o clock that it starts to make sounds like that. I was so embarassed that everytime it started to growl I would move and played with my pen to distract anyone from hearing it. lolololol maybe pas ni kena bawak something to munch during the break!


Life have been pretty wacky these days. Ada hari stress ada hari happy-happy. Mungkin saya tak bersyukur bila saya hari happy-happy and so He shakes my life a bit just to send a reminder to me. For now what I wanna try to do is to stay happy and healthy and just to avoid things that could make me angry. I'll just do my own things and be with those who can accept me for who I am rather than be somebody else to fit into the society. I'll try not to judge and generalize. I'll try just to be good to everyone. Those who can't reciprocate, omong sama tangan~ (talk to the hand~) I just couldn't be bothered anymore!

Oh and just in case adik-adik dent gua baca ini...if you are having hard time with the studies ke apa and u need help, don't hesitate to ask from me. The first two years are pretty crazy and messy I know...tapi I hope all of you are holding on there~ Come to me if you trust me to help you to unwind a bit. Wakaka..apakah jenis ajakan ini. Jgn risau saya tak buat ajaran sesat XD. tapi sila lahhh bertabah ye adik-adik =D

p.s : ESOK CLINICAL. Mari set in mind to be positive! Positive! Positive! Positive! I can take control! I can handle it! Don't get angry! Don't be upset! Come onnnnnnn.

p.s lagi : Alhamdulillah! I managed to convince her =D Now I just need to brush up my skill supaya ia menjadi perkara yang berjaya sahaja. yippieee!!

January 27, 2010

Life these days..

TOP lah sangat :P

Haritu semangat-semangat hari-hari ada entry sekali pappp takde entry dua tiga hari. Huhu..I'm in the middle of some "project" so macam tak larat nak tulis blog. Eceyh banyak la tak larat. Dah 2 malam by 10 dah tido. Nanti dah abis tempoh project I'll reveal a bit what I'm currently doing now. Syhhhh girlfriend-girlfriend jangan pecah rahsia :P

So how's things these days? Hurm...pretty good I guess. Last Tuesday, for the first time of the year 2010 (padahal baru 3 minggu start class :P) , I went to the 8.30 pharm class. Amazing innit? Itu pun setelah paksa diri tido awal so I could get up early. I came because when I was printing the notes, the topic looked important. And it happened that....they took attendance for the class! lololol.

amalgam fillings.

Tomorrow I'm gonna start doing amalgam filling. Yes, that nasty black/silver material used to fill your teeth. Tadi I managed to complete the complex restoration. It looked simple, but it is not, really! Hopefully things will go fine with amalgam. Aih...nervous lah saya ini!

This Friday I'm gonna have Atiq as my patient. I really should start looking around for patient that could fulfill my requirement. I have one already...tapi tapi tapi I need to convince her that I can do it. Provided that my assistant do not suck up, I think I can do it just fine. Like everyone else. Camna nak convinvekan orang neh T__T Maybe I should start sabotaging my housemates by cooking sticky, sugary things and hide their toothbrush so that they could be one of my patient later. kekeke~ Saya dah ada 1 gingivitis case. Now I need another 2 gingivitis, and 3 fillings. Wuwuwuwuwu....Semoga dipertemukan saya dengan orang-orang yang memerlukannya. Amiinn..

Oh...and Mich, one of my closest classmate is taking a year off and going back to Singapore next week. So sad liao. I've got nobody to eat lunch with after this. :-(

January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday

...errr...maybe a belated one, that is?

To my blog. Happy 5th birthday. Tak sangka dah 5 tahun umur blog saya. Dalam diam tak diam. Dalam tak ramai yang baca. Gagah jugak dia berdiri sampai 5 tahun. Maksudnya saya memang cukup psycho untuk membebel sorang-sorang selama 5 tahun. LOL.

p.s : and to you you you you you as well. happy birthday :)

January 22, 2010

January 21, 2010

A happy entry for month of January

#1 The weather is so nice. The sun even came up and shone so brightly today. ^^

#2 I've finished my requirements for the first part of my OTL. Did class IV today with not really much difficulties. Alhamdulillah

#3 Highlight of the day - I PASSED MY PRACTICAL EXAM. Alhamdulillahh wa syukurillah. Saya takut sangat sama ini exam. Because I didn't really had much practice and I accidentally chose the harder way for the exam. Tatau macammana mahu explain so you must just trust me that I chose the path that only me and the other 2 of my groupmates did. Luckily it went ok. Woohooo saya sudah boleh mula buat filling pada gigi manusia. WARGA CORK YANG GIGI BERLUBANG / BERCARIES MARILAH MARI JADI PATIENT SAYA XD

#4 I might be going out from Cork this end of February. It's really something to look forward to since I'm pretty much dreading to be out from Cork for a while. Hari-hari dok check tiket nak pergi German la Bristelz la Notts la Brussels la. And then came Afiqah like an angel sent from above LOL telling me she's coming down to London this Feb. So to London (insyaAllah) we go bebeh! Dan esssited juga Wawawawa mahu datang ini Februari. Yipppieeeeeeeee XD

As cliche as it sounds, allowance kali ini nak tanak memang kena jimat. Nak beli tiket summer lagi. Nak pergi London lagi. Hwahwahwa..

p.s : Tapi the bestfriend is leaving for NZ tomorrow :-(

January 20, 2010

It's complicated

Saya rasa saya macam faham. Tapi saya nak buat-buat tak faham. Saya cuba-cuba untuk putar alam.

Saya tahu saya memang kejam.

Saya tak mahu ia hilang tapi pada masa yang sama saya rasa saya belum mampu genggam.


January 19, 2010

Januari sembilan belas datang lagi

Mahu jadikan post ini istimewa
Mahu jadikan ia lain dari yang biasa
Tapi otak, tangan dan perasaan saya gagal untuk berkomunikasi

Maka entry ini saya naikkan tanda ingatan saya buat sebuah sekolah, segenggam persahabatan yang erat, takkan saya lepaskan.
Tempat saya belajar erti kehidupan dan tempat saya berkenalan dengan kehidupan yang memberi saya kekuatan sampai sekarang

Salam sayang buat semua sahabat yang sudah sepuluh tahun (atau tujuh, mana-mana yang sesuai :P) saya kenali. I love you all so strong :D

Moga diakhir hari ini saya mampu naikkan sesuatu yang lebih bagus dari ini.

It's not that bad, isn't it?

This few days, I've been training myself to always stay positive. I've been so stressful lately that I think I could do silly things anytime. Seriously. So I need to maintain the positivity...Macam selalu kena ingatkan's not that bad. It's not that bad. It's not that bad.

Kalau ada pasangan klinikal yang berperangai jengkel dan unfortunately kau sama kumpulan pula dengan dia maka akan memandang dia 4 hari dalam seminggu, mesti terus tabah dan gembira, pura-pura dia tiada, berborak dengan rakan kumpulan lain jika ada, pandang siling atau dengar iPod kalau perlu.

Kalau kau malas benar nak pergi lab, tarik nafas dalam-dalam, pergi mandi sambil bernyanyi gembira sekuat hati, fikirkan yang kalau datang sesi lab ini, kau boleh siapkan kerja cepat-cepat dan boleh ponteng di masa hadapan.

Tapi bila pergi ke kelas, kau jalan dengan aura positif menemani, kau cuba untuk senyum selebar hati, bertembung di tengah jalan dengan orang-orang yang dikenali tapi tak mahu lontarkan senyuman malahan berkerut pula, perghhh...jengkel..memang jengkel. Benci..memang benci.

Cork, Ireland.
Aku perlu lari sebentar dari tempat ni.
..............................................tapi kemana boleh pergi?

p.s : Post #19 di hari ke 18 Januari. Sah memang sah. Saya memang sah adalah stress >.<

January 18, 2010

Eyelid twitching

Orang kata bila mata tak berhenti berkedip-kedip ; kalau mata kiri macam nak nangis and kalau mata kanan akan dapat berita gembira. My left eyelid started twitching since last Friday and until today it hasn't gone although I've cried a few times already :P

I looked up from Dr Google and finally got a proper answer :

The most common things that make the muscle in your eyelid twitch are fatigue, stress, and caffeine. Once spasms begin, they may continue off and on for a few days. Then, they disappear. Most people experience this type of eyelid twitch on occasion and find it very annoying. In most cases, you won't even notice when the twitch has stopped.

Eyelid twitching usually disappears without treatment. In the meantime, the following steps may help:

* Get more sleep.
* Drink less caffeine.
* Lubricate your eyes with eye drops.

Oh ya..emang tepat sekali. Gwe lagi stress banget neh! Tapi kalau the eyelid don't stop twitching macam lagi stresss je?

January 17, 2010

Needy but lonely

I am at a period when I am being so needy now. Like I need somebody to stand by me. Always.

Apparently everybody seemed to be busy busy bee.....that I started to feel so lonely. is seriously not easy :)

takpelah at least I've got my keyboard to distract me

Terkangkang-kangkang tanganku

Alohlah penat sungguh bermain keyboard inni..Today I've tried a few songs.. - Right here waiting for you, The Show, Winter Sonata and lastly Bad Romance atas permintaan :P Semua pun belajar tak abis lagi. hahahhaaha memang saya beginni...

First song ever learned. Intro of Unfaithful by Rihanna. Played it to him and he recognized. takde ah buruk sangat kan.

January 16, 2010

New addiction

Tapi 7 kesayanagan, awak tetap yg pertama :)

Living up the legacy

Dulu saya ingat dalam stor rumah saya ada sebuah keyboard dipercayai milik arwah ayah saya. Ia dibiar usang disitu semenjak saya kecil, sepi tak berpenghuni.

Kini saya membesar dengan sedikit kepercayaan that I can play musical instrument like him. Like what I did when I started taking up sports. Dalam folio sejarah tingkatan 1 abang saya kata something like this ;

"walaupun adik saya tidak pandai bersukan, dia sering berjaya dalam pelajaran"

that got me smacked on the face because when I read up what he wrote about my father, he used to be kinda athletic. Jadi to live up his legacy, I started to take up sports and I must say at least now I've proven my bro's statement in his folio sejarah is untrue :P Now I want to start to play musical instrument and because I think I failed in my several attempts to play guitar, I decided to go with the keyboard.

Here goes the challenges I need to overcome :

  1. I know nothing about reading music sheets
  2. I am very impatient
  3. The only musical instrument that I managed to do well WAS recorder. tu pun sebab wajib belajar time sekolah dulu
  4. I get bored pretty easily
  5. I seriously think I am suck with musical instrument. LOL
  6. If I don't take formal lessons, I think I might take a lonnnnnnnnngggg time to learn
  7. I find using the right and left hand simultaneously verrrrrry confusing. Speshly the left hand yang required me to struck a few notes at the same time. lenguhhhh

Jadi marilah bersama-sama berharap ini bukan sekadar impian hangat-hangat tahi ayam :P

Again and Again - chorus

After a few hours of "testing" At least it slightly sounded like the real song kan :P

January 15, 2010

God, grant me patience

Hello blog. Today is Friday. Friday is a day before weekend. Friday is supposed to be a good day. But guess what? I fucking hate Friday now becauseof the clinical session.

A week ago for an unknown reason, I had a new clinical partner. I thought it was temporary but I guess now it is becoming permanent. Last week I had a patient. She was assisting me. And she literally made me look like a stupid person in front of my patient. She kept on arguing me in front of my patient. And the arguement wasn't even necessary. I'm doing things at my own style so she could just fucking stay off from what I'm supposed to do. She was supposed to be assisting only. I was marked down because my own fault because I didn't bring a probe. So that's fine. Sucky assistant. Being marked down. Case close.

This week I came in with a slight positivity in me having thought that last week was the first time we work together so maybe this week we could work things up. Guess what? It was even worse. I was ONLY assisting and I was marked down because I didn't write a few necessary things. FYI, I only write down whatever things that came from her mouth and I don't think it's fair to minus my mark for something that was merely not my mistake. What made me even mad was she was saying she did said something but I didn't hear it. That was total bullshit. And she even said she even helped me do my job by filling in the patient's medical history form for me. I was so angry that I was shaking and couldn't even tell things off her face.

It even more painful when I'm writing this because the scene when she was putting the blames on me kept popping. Excuse my harsh words today..I am so mad that it kills my mood for the day.

Until now I think, I am an expert in sucking suck things up and let it explode in myself. But I don't know how long can I keep holding on.

There's always gonna be another mountain, I'm always gonna wanna make it move

It's been a while since I last talked about my study progress. Blog yang memang tahapehape ni menjadi semakin tahapehape with all the gibberish and rambling talks. Heh..

Today I had my second practical exam. Altogether I have 3 practical exams to be completed. The importance of this exam is to test my competency lah of course so like it or not I need to PASS this tests to move on to do clinical stuffs. For this second exam, I had to prepare 1 cavity and restore 1 prepared cavity. What the hell are this cavities for, you may asked.When a tooth got a carious lesion, removal of the caries and restoration is COMPULSORY to avoid the dying of the tooth. Simply put, when one area in the body is infected with bacteria we must try our best to eradicate the bacteria. The exact thing applies to the tooth as well. Sebab :


things that could happen to your tooth!

Dalam mulut kita ni, banyak je bacteria yang bergelumang and with improper oral health regime like not brusing thoroughly, not flossing and not having a regular dental checkup, carious lesion could happen anytime. If the lesion is not attended, dia akan mula attack the pulp and once pulp dah infected, tamatlah riwayat the tooth X___X

bact lesion starts at enamel-dentine junction and spread laterally. so it could extend to pulp, the "vital part" of the tooth

So back to my practical exam, since a few weeks ago we've started practical with cavity (CAVITY =HOLE) preparation and restoration. Bile dah tebuk gigi tu, kita tampal balik untuk dapatkan shape asal. It was pretty okay initially because our lecturer has arranged things by starting with the easy peasy one and the level of hardness increased as we go along. There are 5 classes of caries cavity, the hardest one being class 2 and I must say doing class 2 is really, really really really tiring. Usually at the end of my practical session I have ran out of energy and concentration already and it really got me frustrated when I can't do my things right.

this is class 2 cavity. Occurs interdentally (between tooth) at posterior tooth

We had 3 hours to prepare one cavity and fill one cavity. 180 minutes of sitting on the chair, straining your back staring inside the mannikin's head and we didn't even take a 20 mins break like we usually do during normal classes. At the end of the exam, I ended up with backpain, dried eyes and headache and had to endure another 1 hour lecture before I could go back home. Even during normal classes, especially during times when I had difficulties with the cavities the combination of frustration and tiredness usually left me so cranky and angry and sleepy and lazy.

duduk lama-lama mengadap mannikin

using indirect vision summore. thinking about it alone can make me feel like throwing up already

Bile penat dan frust macam ni, often I asked myself, betulke aku tabah nak jadi dentist caneh? huhuhu...

January 14, 2010

Another friend tying the knot

This goes to a lovely friend of mine...Shera and partner, Hazmi. Semoga segalanya dilancarkan, dipermudahkan. Congratulations Shera!

gambar curik dari FB. Sorry :P

I wish I could be there..but the possibility of attending is almost impossible. Hanya kusampaikan doa dan kiriman tulus ikhlas je lah eh :D

Apapepun I'm happy for you Shera. Aku doakan semoga anda dan Hazmi kekal bahagia selama-lamanya dan diberkati olehNya :)

January 13, 2010

I'm tired

Parah, pedih, bernanah.

Entah dari mana datangnya idea dia saya mampu terima apa sahaja kata-kata dia
Entah dari mana datangnya pendapat dia kata-kata dia cuma gurauan semata
Entah dari mana datangnya dari kepala dan otak dia bait-bait sedemikian boleh diulang-ulang untuk dipertayangkan pada dunia

Mungkin perlu saya ingatkan
Saya masih seorang perempuan
Masih punya hati dan perasaan

Saya berdoa pada Tuhan
Semoga terus diberi kekuatan
Kekuatan untuk terus melawan
Kekuatan untuk terus melupakan
Kali ini, cukup kuat untuk terus mengabaikan

January 12, 2010

Words to describe my life at the moment


....................and any words yang sama waktu dengannya.


Rumours, Bad news are everywhere.

The day is creeping closer.

If you're not coming back, I'm gonna quit being a fan.

January 11, 2010

Pada suatu hari, 4 sekawan takde keje nak buat :P

Kalau first time senow, WAJIB jakun

January 10, 2010. The first time Cork snowed for more than 1 hour that the grasses, the rooftop and the roads got covered all white. Excited memang excited but I just hope this won't affect our classes and all. Saya nerd yang semangat nak gi sekolah hari-hari ok :-) (NOTTTT. padahal takut cuti kena kurangkan je :P)

Because the snow continued...err...snowing, we decided to play outside with the senowww and try making a senowwwman.

mini snowman



snowhubby, snowifey, 5 snowman builder and 2 irish kids

makeup snowman

dikir barat

Up until 6.58pm, the snow is still....urm snowing. I wonder what would it look like tomorrow ^^

January 09, 2010


Hello hello hello.

Taec is gonna be in Family Outing 2 with Yoona - shits
With Taec's confirmation in FO, it strengthens rumours that Jay is not going back - shits
Family Outing 2 casts are total shits - obvious shits
My clinical partner (a new one) a disaster - Uber shits
The main pipe frozen, and water supply might be blocked for 2 win - super shits

Fiqah uploaded pictures from the past that cracked me up - WIN WIN
Pelangi petang contacted me back - SUPER WIN
There's a probability that summer break is starting sooner than planned- UBER SUPER DUPER WIN

WIN > shits

Today, is FOR THE WINNNN. Clinical session to be updated in separate post. Because I'm gonna be off celebrating the WINNNNNNNNN

Later people

January 07, 2010

Sejuk tapi tak senow, let's keep it that way shall we?

Semakin meningkat usia saya duduk di Cork ni, semakin banyak benda yang saya makin saya bersyukur saya belajar kat Cork ni. So far Alhamdulillah Cork tak snow lagi. Kawan-kawan tempat lain especially kat UK class cancel sebab snow. Setelah pergi tempat bersnow, saya syukur Cork jarang snow. Kalau class cancel sebab snow habislah timetable smuorang kacau nanti lagi kurang cuti saye...

Today I had my first morning class of the week. The weather was freezing cold. Like you just enter a freezer or something. I'm not sure with the temperature though. Maybe around -2 to 2 like that. The road was kinda slippery but I managed to walk at reasonable pace to reach class just in time. I was kinda nervous to have my first OTL session after holiday knowing how suck I am in remembering things. Abislah patient saya nanti kalau cuti lama saya dah lupe macammana nak buat fillings kat gigi T___T Dah lah lepas grad insyaAllah 2012 kalau lepas semua insyaAllah nak pergi tengok Olympics dulu before balik Malaysia nanti semua tenaga dah abis buat cheer the sports balik2 semua ilmu pergigian dah keluar. T____T

Oh and kalau siapa pandai I have a new little secret somewhere here. Haaaa...siapa tere dapat cari ade hadiah misteri menanti :P

Oklah hoh bile baca balik perenggan2 takde kaitan langsung semua. KTHXBAI

January 05, 2010

More than hope, more than faith

Saya sungguh bangge hari ini saye bangun awal! *tepuk tepuk kuat kuat* Berjaya jugak memotivasikan diri untuk bangunnnnn jugak tak kira apa terjadi. Hehe...Pukul 1 baru ade kelas tapi nak biasakan diri sebab esok saya dah kena bangun pagi ada practical session. I'm back to my student that I'm done with Pathology lectures, my timetable is more relaxed lah.

My classmate from KMB is getting married this January. The second one from my class, that is. As always kalau ada berita perkahwinan rakan-rakan ni mula lah nak risau-risau..hahaha..macam tak biasa :P Takpe-takpe...Sekarang target saya lain dulu. Nanti dah capai target kita start risau-risau balik. Haha..

I'm so sorry I love you..
buat that's all a lie.

January 03, 2010

Tutorial untuk Ida je

Entry ni cuma untuk Ida aje. Orang lain don't bother. Susah kalau nak letak kat ym so sebab tu saye letak kat blog.

2PM ada 7 orang, tapi sekarang cuma ada 6 orang sebab ada sorang tengah ada crisis. But he will be back. Sooner or later he'll be back. I will list out the members according to my personal preference so here goes. Diorang nye producer is JYP, orang yg produce Rain jugak. He himself is an artist. Diaorg sama company ngan Wondergirls ngan satu lagi group, 2am. Originally diorg ni train 13 orang so dia pecah 2 group. 2pm and 2am. Together they are called Oneday.2pm 7 org, 2am 4 org lagi 2 org byk problem so debut lambat and dicampak pergi sister company of JYP.

Ok Taecyeon (Taec) - dia rapper group ni. Just turned 21 y o 27 Disember yg lepas. Aku suke dia sebab despite being called the beast, dia suka buat muka cute2. Lahir kat Korea tapi migrate gi US duduk sana 7 tahun. Kelakar. Comel. Dorky. wakakaka..ok cukup2.

Hwang Chansung - dia separa rapper and also vocal. Dia paling muda dalam group ni. Biase dlm group Korea ni the youngest diorg panggil Maknae so diorang kena act cute and all. Tapi mamat ni dia besar so kalau act cute jadi kelakar.

Park Jaebum (Jay) - dia leader. Nyanyi bleh. Rap bleh. Strongest point dia menari gempak gila. Dia ni duduk US sejak lahir. Dia audition kat US and dibawak balik Korea untuk ditrain.Last year bulan September kecoh pasal dia tulis kat MySpace cakap Korean gay tapi tu ditulis cam 4 tahun lepas time dia baru datang awal2. Rumors said it he'll be back soon aku depressed gak ah dia takde sebab dia ni memang bagus gile.

Lee Junho - dia vocal power, menari pun power. Tapi selalu tak dapat the spotlight sebab selalu buat lawak tak kelakar..huhu. Orang panggil dia Rain junior sebab muka dia sket2 macam Rain.

Kim Junsu - strongest vocal. Aku rasa 2pm banyak diselamatkan oleh dia sebab suara sedap. wakaka..

Jang Wooyoung - second strongest vocal. Aku suka suara dia compared to Junsu. Menari pun not too bad. Kelakar.

Nichkhun - semuorang suka dia sbb dia paling comel. Ayah dia Thai mak dia Chinese. Takde Korea langsung tapi JYP punye orang jumpa dia kat US bawak balik Korea train dia. Awal2 dulu dia tak reti langsung cakap Korea.

Lagu2 diorg yg best :

Again and Again


I hate you

latest diorg tgh promote Tired of waiting. Lagu ni jadi pelik patutnye ada Jay dlm vocal tp sebab krisis tu diorg tpaksa cover suara Jay

Ok dah sebnanye nak listkan semua lagu tapi ni lah lagu hit diorg.

Ok idaaaa sila buat kad sayeeee...tenkiu. wakakka

January 02, 2010

Idiopathic heartache

It's 1.55am in the morning. I cannot sleep tonight as I need to fix my sleeping time as class is starting next week. Sedihnye cuti dah nak habis..

A new year has come. 2009 has been a rollercoaster year for me. I must say, academic-wise I'm really disappointed at what I've done to myself...I really hope I can do better this year...and I really hope I managed to meet all the necessary requirements to move on to 4th year >.<

I don't know why today my heart seemed extra empty than usual. All this while, there's a dark corner in my heart has been left empty, unoccupied. But today it starts to transmit pain..and it's really annoying to not know what to do with that pain. I guess I miss the old times too much. And I miss that space occupier as well, I guess?

Ahhhh 2010, I want more excitement and less depression. Can or not?