September 27, 2011


In the previous post I sounded rather emo-ish and very the ungrateful one for what have been given to me. Haishk...teruk betul. It could be because of the mood brought by the song we did.

Tapi saya terlupa nak bersyukur kepada Tuhan walaupun rupa tak sepwetty mana, badan tak kurus, kulit tak putih tapi saya diberi sedikit kelebihan dalam bahagian otak. Sikit je la tak banyak mana pun...and at the rate I am going right now kalau saya tak rajinkan diri dan terus bermalas-malas gini, nikmat otak begini akan start hilang.

Ya Allah, berikanlah saya pass final year in one go. Things are going rather rocky lately I really hope I'll be back on track soon.

September 26, 2011


Growing up, I struggle a lot in finding and establishing my self-esteem. I'm no pretty face. I struggle with body weight issue since almost forever. I grew up in a society where slim body and fair face are the definition of beautiful so being out from my comfort zone, I will usually stay low and won't appear my usual self because I just don't feel...worthy.

 However I still thank God for granting me circle of friends whom I can declare my comfort zone. I can laugh I can talk I can cry I can scream I can do whatever I want without being afraid of being judged. And for that they have a special place in my heart, always.

However, I still realize that as the time goes by, as my friends start to tie the knot I will be left all by myself. I am twenty four, still single and with this non-existing self esteem I doubt that I will find a partner soon. I do have that one magical wish that someday somehow somebody will fall me for who I am and I can call him my own comfort zone.

With that, I end this post with a cover made by my friend as the guitarist cum vocalist and me as the co-vocalist. A song that is very close to my heart.

 "cause I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me"

September 12, 2011

Hello, stranger

I'm already back in the land of Leprechauns...for about a week and a half already but I can't seem to bring myself to update the blog. Sorry blog sayang I still love you no matter what :P

Soo....I'm a fifth year dental student now. Fifth and FINAL year dental student. Can you actually believe that?? Tapi if I were to look back through the years nothing had really change but one thing for sure I had gain a lotta weight since I first came here. Yang lain-lain sama je.

I have to say I started this year pretty slow, compared to last year. Last year I remembered I was down with fever and had few episodes of headache attacks due to the overwhelming stress. But this year..I don't know. Missed a clinical session last week because I couldn't get a patient. Missed a clinical session this week (so far) because my patient fell sick. I kinda feel left out at the moment because the requirement is A LOT so every session matters.

On the other hand, I'm missing this lil munchkin so much. Hope she's doing well and she doesn't forget her makngah already :(

September 03, 2011


Kembali bersiaran di blog ini. Oh I'm so sorry mi blog. I left you hanging like that.

Salam aidilfitri buat semua hadirin hadirat. Raya terindah setakat ini setelah 4 tahun beraya di perantauan. Terima kasih, Syukur Alhamdulillah pada nikmatmu ini yaAllah...

I'll be going back to Cork on the 10:05am flight. Promise I'll update more often because I'm going back to the painful reality. This wonderful wonderland had too many too offer that I forgot how to write already.

Bakal merindui tanah air yang tercinta. Tunggu aku pulang, sayangku Malaysia