August 31, 2007

Shopping Version 1.0 (err...1.99 actually)

Above my 30' bag are : Long John (suggested by a senior) and a plastic of erm...things that Zack told me to buy coz it's quite expensive there
L-R : A polka-dot sleeveless dress (Tramp), a *long* tshirt (Voir), a dress? (MNG), a...erm...shirt meant for the sleeveless dress (Sunflower) - okay my vocab is totally crap..huu..
This one from the previous outings - A super comfy shirt (Union Bay) and a cropped jacket (Radioactive)
Things I managed to grab using my discounted staff purchase (notice the red MPH tags??)
The ones that I THINK i'll use (notice the capital)
My working place - to fill up forms and crossing out to-do lists (notice my Macbabe&her new guard)
Last but not least...the ones that I'll be dedicating my life to...

40% down....60% more to go! Yeah~

Thanx mak!!!!

P/S : being paranoid is so tiring. rase cam smua benda nak angkut..
eh itu paranoid ke tamak eh?

Selamat merdeka!!

Selamat Merdeka MALAYSIA!!!! I love you!!!!

Bought my books . Alang2 dah ade kat KL so might as well asked my mom to drive me there. I thought the famous KAMAL BOOKSTORE would look more like a single building bookstore or at least as fine as Pustaka Mukmin of Jln TAR
turned out the bookstore was a small kedai-runcit-look alike but of course, with thousands of medical books!

And looking at the amount...*jawdropped* Thanx to the ppl who attended my kenduri and menghulur2...At least I got some $$ to pay the books (am going to ketuk my mom for bigger amount..yg 500-600 ni let me use my money la)

Since my next pay has been put aside for the digicam I ordered from Lan (all the way from Japan) so Mak...prepare your duit gaji!!!!
But as Mak always said "takperla...lepas ni adik dah gi mak dah tak spend2 utk adik lagi"
So...there goes my guilt - the devil part of moi dah muncul~

Oh ye..just as a reminder..Things I must do before 16th September :

  • Visit Pa's kubur. And one visit during Ramadhan, at least!
  • Mak Pah's house. oih ni bape lame dah put on hold ni
  • Balik Muar meet my atoks.
  • If got time, meet my Tok Bik & Tok Aman (at Muar too)
  • Pay Tok Tam & Tok Busu (female) a visit
  • Futsal!!!!!!!
  • Swimming!!
  • Sunway Lagoon
  • Cycling!!!!!
  • Naik eye on Malaysia
Oih byknye!!!
Berusaha Naddzirahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

A : tak sehatla..batuk2 ni..demam..tak sedap badan. kalu Nad doctor bleh la checkkan #@
Me : Nad bkan nak pesan ni..kurangkan smoke..byk2 minum air kosong.nnt x dpt blakon impian Ilyana
A : Baek doctor mengsyorkan Sensodyne~

August 30, 2007


AlFatihah to my Tok Busu (male) who passed away today due to heart failure.

Mom and I went to Keramat for the last rites.
Since I need to get a doctor's consent for my medical report, mom decided to meet Dr Khairat, our neighbour back in Keramat. So it was like strolling down the memory lane as we passed through the area. I realised that my paternal family used to reside near to each other..Keramat - AU - Bukit Keramat.. and I just realised how close I am to the heart of Kuala Lumpur had I stayed and grew up in Bukit Keramat.
How would I be?
Am I going to be culturally/socially conditioned just the same like I am now?

But one thing for sure I'll be more immuned to disastrous traffic congestion and public transport.
But health-wise might be the same. Here in Shah Alam I've been inhaling factory's smoke while in Bkt Keramat I might have to breath in the road construction dust etc etc..

People might go "eleh Shah Alam ngan KL...ape sgt la beza dier...."
But for me..there are differences.

Whatever it is, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia!
50 years passed by but we have another long long way to go....
For the time being I may not be able to express my love towards Malaysia physically. But come back another 50 years (insyaAllah kalau nenet umur 70 thun idup lagi T_T) I hope my presence would be more significant towards Malaysia's development.
Ape ni smangat merdeka?? Sukehatilaaaaaaaaa ~

Malaysian U-23 rocks! Yeah! Such a wonderful present for our Independent Day!

I hear your name in certain circles
And it always makes me smile
I spend my time thinking about you
and it's almost driving me wild
And there's a heart that's breaking
down this long distance line tonight
- Missing You, Tina Turner-

August 29, 2007

I want my financial affidavit!!!!!!!!!

Today is supposed to be a happy day when I am RM9000 richer than yesterday but the lost of
my financial affidavit just zap off the mood

Please please please...anyone, everyone, should u find a brown envelope written N, UCC please please please return in to me..
O God, please help me. =(

Anyway the pre departure briefing went smoothly today. With the ikrar and amanat, I feel I am 50% ready to fly Malaysian flag high in my uni (err..not literally la) Hopefully I dont screw up throughout the 60months T_T
With the strict warning from MAS ppl, so yeah, better stick within the weight limit I guess.
And the flight....most probably, God's willing and if all went well with the British Airways (since they are handling our transit flight from Heathrow to Cork), we are tentatively being lined up for the 16th September flight (not sure whether it's MH2 or MH4 tho). Oh Dear God pls make it real. It's a Sunday and hopefully my super duper busy friends are able to watch my horror-stricken-crying-baby face.

Like what I told earlier, I am 9000 richer than yesterday but that is definitely not rich enough to start a new life there. And...errrmmm...Euro notes are..not so beautiful.
And they got no duit-raye smell. U know..the smell when we receive angpau during raya..the smell of richness..In fact the Euro notes looked more like Monopoly money. offence tho.
Tomorrow I'd better find myself a new purse to fill up the $$ (ape code utk euro nye symbol eh?)

Ceh berangan je. Financial affidavit ilang bleh fly ke?!?!?
Help me!!!!

On a different note, today I realised (sbnanye dah lame realise harini je baru nak luahkan) I have one hell of mood swing that only ppl with special degree of patience could tolerate.
I admit, I have super duper busuk attitude.
One tips on how to get along with this smelly attitude of yours truly -jgn emo balik je (cam bagus je kan ...diri sendiri sorang2 je bleh emo) but hell yeah it works wonderfully tau. Like my mom..before this she would go fiercer when I had fits. But nowadays she would go very calm and sepoi2 bahasa - and I finally went on with the flow.
Like Fadzrul - should he went on with his usual I-wanna-win situation I dont think I'd be able to talk to him (apetah lagi mengangkutnya kesana sini =P) like I did 2 days ago
I guess my future husband (if any =P) must be one hell of patience and tenang2 makhluk. But I think when I found the right ppl to settle down with, my mood swings would be cured (or at least improved)

Ceh brangan affidavit ilang bleh kawen kee?????
Waaaa...paranoia-stricken...tolong gueeee!!!

August 28, 2007

I love you encik poslaju

Today, to my horror, I saw a piece of note by PosLaju, stating they came by and I didn't reply.

Oh....berdegup jantungkuuuu offer letter ku dah sampaiiii tapi smpat tak ku nak hamik hariniiiiiii..

SO I called the PostLaju office and they suggested me to try my luck later in the evening
And I went on with my plan..Met up with Fiqah & Mun at Times
Bought a black crystal case for my baby. Uuuuu my baby da ade guard dah skang~ hopefully no scratchy scratchy..
I am willing to pay every cent for the sake of my MacBabe y'know?

By 4.30 I managed to reach Asia Jaya, drove back to Shah Alam. Got lost in Seksyen U1/U2/U8 finding the PosLaju office. Reached there just in time....they were about to lock the door T_T
I pulled my innocent-gedik-ngade face (it worked on most of ppl especially men =D). Lucky me the postmen just got back..Thanx encik Zulfahmi..I love u!!!!!

Went to MPH to return my uniform. Lepak-ed there few hours. Chit chatted with my darlingS (note the S - it's in plural form).I miss them. Sampai2 je tadi memasing suruh buat part time la..susunkan buku la..jadi cashier la..hehe =D Robbed a few boxes from them. Gotta ship my things by this week so I won't wait too long before they arrive. (thanx sis atiq for the brilliant idea). Then went home after mom called.

So everything went accordingly to the plan. Except the PADE part..takpe..there's always tomorrow kan..
And I forgot to buy cooling pad for my MacBabe. Sori time I'll buy u one!

Ohhhh....too many things to be settled. Letter of Good COnduct ler..IB certs summore..Photostat here and there. White background-passport pic summore
Gotta read the infos given in the leaflet.
I have to be there by 18th September for pre-registration
Briefing for Undergraduates for School of Medicine & Health (ye...saye bawah department itu tau) would be on 21st September

Tomorrow - JPA predeparture briefing..Hopefully I'll be richer by tomorrow.
Hah....UOL da sampai baru la smangat skit nak wat preparation B-)

August 27, 2007

I miss him

Ape ni?

Tepi ckit..Mayam nak tngok aar...

hello...maa..tgk kak jiah tak kasi Mayam maen..

Second day after I resigned....bored me to death oledi..
I miss meeting the customers, pricing the books, arranging them..
And most of all I miss my colleagues ='(
Planned to send my uniform today but suddenly it rained heavily..
So far Abang Din been calling me few times already..
Twice yesterday..once today..haha...rindu saye ke bangggg :P

By the way I'm going to send off the uniform tomorrow
Hopefully tomorrow wud be a better day :D
And am gonna meet up Fiqah and Mun di Times
Hopefully I cud make it back to Shah Alam by 4/5
SO I wud register myself at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan
For what?
Biarlah rahsia~

Finally I made the effort to contact the seniors there
They've been great help(s)
Kak Yan, Kak Di, Sis Atiq
And they'll try to get me through my dentistry seniors for the list of books
Sis Atiq even gave me her address so I could ship my things earlier
In short, after few stupid and FAQs, 20 kg is definitely not enough
And I may only need to bring a pair of shoes since I'd be facing no problem finding one there
And of all things, CILI KERING topped the list
I don't have to worry coz my favourite kicap kipas udang is available there
And I am definitely running out of time smua offer letter nye pasal....

August 26, 2007


My journey today..

Started at 10.45am

Shah Alam - LRT Putra Asia Jaya (Kudin) - Kg Betik (Nabila's) - LRT Putra Asia Jaya (Kudin) - Bukit Jalil (Fuzah + Fadzrul) - Selayang (Fiqah) - UIA (Wani) - The Curve (Wani + Fadzrul + Fuzah) - UIA (Ayu +rempit!!!)- Tepi jln Selayang (Fadzrul) - Bukit Jalil (Fuzah) - Shah Alam

Ended at 12.30am

It was tiring, but twas surely worth the effort =D

And today, for the first time ever in 7 years time, I'm riding on the motorcycle again!!
Thanx to Wani...bawak saye merempit di UIA!
Tapi takmo ajar saye bawak moto plakkkkkkk!!!
Pasni bleh la saye naek moto...
Eh ngan sape eh?

Cube teka ni gmbr ape?? Hahahaha~

August 25, 2007

Selamat tinggal kekasih gelapku..

Sis Ain, thanx for the Secret Recipe Treat..I wish u well in ur complicated and tangled up r/ships :P
Psst..nmpk skit la background MPH kan..
Hey MPH..esok pagi ku takkan datang
Mencoba tuk berpaling sayang
Dari kerjamu
Kak Su dear, hope I'll be seeing a baby in ur arm next year~ GOod luck!!
Gambar tgh sibuk pricing stationeries
Hey MPH..
Petang esokku takkan pulang
Tak usahkau mencari aku
Demi kerjamu
Hadapilah ini
Kasih kita takkan abadi

Dear Shah, gambatte bro!! I wish u well..Moga awek mu tidak lagi cepat merajuk and grow up (sape swuh carik awek bawah umur =P)

Psst..awek dier kuat merajuk..gmbr xleh dkat2..
Selamat tidur kekasih gelapku
Semoga cepat kau lupakan aku
Pekerja sejatimu takkan pernah sanggup untuk melupakanmu

Dear Am, I'll definitely come back. Thanx for the memories tho =D Take care dear~

Sumpah I won't pull that face ever again. xpe dkat2 xde org marah =P
Selamat tinggal kasih tak terungkap
Semoga kau (aku jua ler..) lupakan aku cepat (asal cam prasan je lirik ni?)
Kekasih sejati mu
Takkan pernah sanggup untuk meninggalkanmu~

Hey MPH.....
Jangan pernah panggil namaku
Bila kita bertemu lagi di lain hari
Hadapilah ini
Kisah kita takkan abadi

P/S : thanx to Joe, yg slalu risau saye tak gi break lagi
thanx to Kamal, blanje saye dinner tadi
thanx to ALL, for leaving the sweetest memories in me

yeah! saye resign dengan harmoni!

p/p/s : sedih woo..~

August 24, 2007


I don't wanna anybody but u, Miss Nazira

Teeeehehehehe..really? U really want me?

Are u going back every year?

Yes I do

Are u going for good?

No I won't

Don't forget to come, tomorrow, my dear =)

Of course I will, my dear =P

Oh I had a wonderful day..
Had a long chat with my dear kak su
Had good session with dear u-know-who
And a good, sinful dining with encik fadzrul si baju melayu lalala~
Thanx a lot for the treat ye. Next time around the lunch is on me pula ya?

Scandalous by Mis Teeq

So, so, so scandalous
You know you wanna sing with us
That's why you know you should be scared of us

Non stop looks to kill
Straight talk sex appeal
One touch gives me chills and we ain't even close yet
Rough neck all around
Inking all over town
Show me how you get down
Cos we ain't even close yet

You got me feening and you got me feeling weak
Listen as I speak cos I'm careful as I creep
You got me going crazy and you know I can't sleep
No fortune your moves and you hypnotise me
You got me trembling like a little baby girl
You're so special, you're like diamonds and pearls
You got me spinning and you got me in a twirl
You're my number one baby and you come to rock my world

You're dangerous
Just get it up
The way you move so scandalous
It's all about the two of us
A one night stand just ain't enough
I need some stimulation baby
A little conversation maybe
You got me spinning out like crazy
There goes my baby


Almost everytime, everynite, when I "excused" myself from a YM conversation for shower, my friend(s) would go
"jgn mandi malam2!!!!"
"oih..nak kena pneumonia ke??!?!"

but Alhamdulillah, x-ray ku masih menunjukkan kenormalan paru-paruku =)

2 days to be enjoyed before I resigned. sigh~

hope the bond I created would last
hope my presence is a significant one
hope I'd leave peacefully, happily

Dear Kak Su, u're the one that I love and respect most in MPH. I wish I'd be seeing u manager-ing our outlet in one year time~
Dear Am => u're nice, u're kind, u're sweet, u're cute, be good will u?
Dear Abg Dyn, u're kind, u're nice. U're the most soft-spoken manager I ever seen alive. haha
Dear Shah, u're nice, u're such a good friend and a good listener. thanx a lot bro!
Dear Joe, u're kind, u're nice. U're superb. Hope u'll be supervising the outlet in the near future
Dear Yaser, I regret things didn't go too well between us. But I wish u luck in ur future undertakings
Dear Akma, good luck dear =)
Kak Ain, u're such a beautiful girl. But pls use ur beauty wisely will ya? U're nice too~
Abg Saifu, u're such a pain in the ass. However, u're still kind n such a sweet talker

August 22, 2007

Stop driving me crazy.

I tell u, I'd rather do charity work than working my ass off for a penny!
Stupid supervisors......

Closer by Burn Season

You say i'm stuck somewhere back in between
My blured memories
Some say I kicked myself right in the face
I'm not as I seem.

I'd erase what you say
Scramble words in the way
But you can't take away
Turn away
Run away
Fuck with me

Don't say that its over
I'd kill to be closer
A moment i'm passing to you
But to me
I will wait
And i'll take
Anything with your name
Don't say that its over
You can't live without me

You say theres something wrong in my head
So I like to bleed
You say i'm scaring you now but i'm tired
From watching you sleep

Oh sorry Mr time i'll post up ur lyrics =P

U're smart, u're cute..wud u be my wife?

U must be crazy~

He misses u so much, he keeps on saying ur name

Haha..nak ke jd isteri *&^%$


Oh no..I ain't promiscuous..I ain't easy, I ain't sleazy, I got reasons why I tease 'em =P

August 21, 2007


Read the title..

Yes I am!


No more silent treatment..I'm back to my normal mode
but I guess there'll be a slight silent moment with some ppl..

I know u miss me

Manjela &*&^^%%$#$ ni..

Jgn bawak kete laju2

Pls! Stop driving me crazy~~

I know, I know too well that this is just a fling. So better enjoy the excitement before the heat fades away~ *sigh*

P/S : Kejayaan besar tercatat : saya memandu kereta di tengah bandaraya Kuala Lumpur pada jam 8 pagi. Suatu perkara yg tidak pernah dilakukan, dan saya tahu saya hebat! yeah! Terimakasih papantanda KL yg berguna!

::Silent mode::

My heart and my soul, my life and my all
The reason why I couldn't keep my eyes dry
When Atok said "ambillah ni..takut nanti tak sempat nak hantar ke nak jumpe lagi ke"

And the time keeps running as the clock keeps on ticking

Something crossed my mind....
biarlah rahsia..

p/s : to those who're receiving the silent treatment from me, i'm so sorry. there's a part in my heart that has been shattered to pieces. but i'll be back once I'm revived

August 20, 2007

Coz I can't write anything

So I let the pictures describe what's in my mind right now

I'm not okay, yet

August 19, 2007

Kenduri saya

A big thanks to them people who made it to my house ;
Ila - jauh dari Klate, it's time to return the favour
Fuzah, Wawa, Chemi for the sleepover
Nadiah - dari UTP sanggup turun. terharu~
Ida and Wani - plajar Universiti yg tekun. thanx a lot
Syahir - from Malacca all d way to Shah Alam and back to Malacca in one day. thanx a lot
Hakim - from UIA; after a phone call, he finally came to my house. Aku tau ko sayang aku~ thanx dtg walaupun naek skuter jauh2 pastu parents takde kat umah
Aizat & Syazwan..eventho memasing ade hall
Shera and Hazmi
Shazif, Akram, Alwi, Idris - haha..tak sangka anda kenal saya..haha lg skali
Fadzrul - finally made it to my house after 7 yrs of frenship. ngeh least ade la skali kan?
Fattah, Empa, Nadia
Nab & Laily - wlaupun lmbt..smpat makan tapai
Fiqah, Mun, Madihah, Aishah
Afif, Kacip & Tom
Yatie & Megat -* hot the couple*

the family...east side to the west side...thanks a atoks- I love the both of you dam much!!!!
thousands trillion zillion thanks..especially to Mak Tip & Mak Pah - the two VVIP , the big women behind the scene..

the neighbours - for the angpau and the Doa..

err...did I left anybody out?

Thanks for the Doa...for the presence
Knowing that this gonna be the last get together before I leave, it's a lil bit different when I said goodbye. The atmosphere was saddening..I could feel the tears but managed to hold them on from raining
I wish more of them could make it..but..

Tiada gune merajuk hati. But damn I'm a bit dissappointed..especially those who needed to be texted/asked/called, baru nak inform takleh datang coz of this & that. Kalau tak tanye..damn they'll make me waiting all day long..Can't u just spent a few cents texting me ur absence so I would stop hoping?

August 17, 2007

Hari saya ponteng kerja


Hari ini pagi-pagi saya ambil Mahfuzah
Lepas itu saya pergi buat facial
Lalalala..bestnye kena urut
But there were times when I felt terribly suspicious when the lady strangled me
Later in the evening....we went to hair saloon
Layered my hair....washed it
Rambut saya menawan
Sekian hari ponteng saya
Esok nak ponteng lagi lah!

Sorry Abang Dyn..Never meant to lie )=

August 13, 2007

The much awaited results

attention to IUMC students.. ( cork)

I got dis list of students yg dpt cork from one of the committee members yang in charge program at pwtc sok... n these students sangat2 digalakkan utk datang.. u r invited by this senior la.. dtg taw!! n d list yg posted b4 this adalah list galway.. u r also invited..n smua org jgak dijemput!!!
1) Adilah W.Ab Rahim
2) Aliya Natasya
3) Bazli
4) Faimee Irwan
5) Mohd Riduan
6)Mohd Yusus Shaharudin
7)Nor Alia Mohd Noor
9) Shazif
ao) Siti Samihah
11) Shazwany
12) Anis Zarina
13) Idris
14) Siti Nor Bazilah
15) kamil hassan
16) N
17) Wong Joo Lin

That was posted by Wany in Yahoo Groups.
So people, that's it. My intuition was right. I was interviewed by the UCC guy, hence explaining my placement. ANyway I am terribly happy, knowing the uncertainties are becoming certained now!

So dear friends...

start practicing!! and start remembering!!!!!

August 12, 2007


Day 1
Bayu PANTAI disirami CAHAYA BULAN...

Landed at Bumi Kelantan at approx 2.45 pm. Ila, Nab and Aimi picked me up. Went to Ila's house and decided to sneak out to Pantai Cahaya Bulan that evening. *pssttt..mak Ila tatau ni*
Searching the right makan place..Mokcik....mejo payung kuning hok mano se niii???

Passed through a narrow, one-car-per-perjalanan titi.
Though I'm not a fan of the coconut juice (juice kah?), but for the sake of the feeling yeah..I had a few slurps..
Scrumptious cucuk-cucuk seafood!!
Couldn't wait any longer, so me and Aimi made our way first. Ohhhh...pasir coklat tepi pantaiiii~

My gagah friends~
Refused to seek assistance, so here goes the self-captured pics. T_T

Day 2
Jauh langkah meRANTAU PANJANG....

So we moved on with the planned activities - Rantau Panjang. I went to Kelantan a few times I knew what to expect in RP. I've even prepared to spend as much as I could..


oh..angin kus kus tiba-tiba melanda. I didn't make any remarkable purchase pun, unlike Nabila (the one who claimed - Saye tak suke shopping lame2) who spent here and there, buying any things that caught her eyes. Gembira mokcik-mokcik yg menjual itu. Me? I just spent 12.50 buying cute keychains for souvenir (ini je mampu saye beli utk rakan2.. T_T)

A few hours later the boys came and we had lunch at Noor Restaurant (if i'm not mistaken). Thai's Seafood dishes of course! Wajibla kan kalau datang sini..The tomyam was not bad. The ikan goreng 3 rasa (yang confuse. 3 rasa apa pun ktorg tatau) was delicious...and the wrapped-egg (telur bungkus) - haha..all-time favorite. Do I need to elaborate more??

After lunch we went to Ila granny's house (somewhere at RP too). When the boys went to the masjid for Zohor, we, on the other hand napped at the house (after the prayer la, of course) It was hot, the sun was shining brightly and yet we could comfortably doze-off until the boys teased us. Ngehngeh..*malu jap*
I guess we picked up a new bad habit there. Asal ade mase senggang je...tido! skit-skit...TIDO! Hehehe..(or was it an all-time favourite hobby??)
Woke up. Ate some rambutans and durians..Made our way to Waqi's house and went back to Kota Bharu since Aimi needed to buy her bus tix to Sg Petani.
While Ila and Aimi went to the bus station, me and Nabila went to the kedai tudung nearby and bought selendangs! And soon after that we made our way to Kelantan Silk Store, and again, Miss-saye-tak-suke-shopping with her impulse-purchase-reaction finally found her baju raye's fabric and bought them without hesitation!

And we went back home. Had our usual tido petang...Woke up at 7-8...mandi2. Had dinner - with the irresistible budu+tempoyak. Err...I think I got addicted with Ila's mom budu+tempoyak+ulam. Delicious-ness to the max!!!!

Makan time!!!!!
Katil enak. Maaf saya harus mengcensoredkan id mangsa. Takut dia saman T_T

Ermmmm...yummy fruits~
Muke bangun tido yg gembira bersama nenet Ila yg cum cum cumilss
Gadis tingkap yg bersempit-sempit

Day 3
Bila kata di KOTA janji diperBHARUi

Here's the much awaited day. THE BIG SPENDER DAY. After breakfast, off we went to KB for our mission it's possible! We've been preparing the right words to be uttered to the makciks => "mokcik- hok ni bape se" "tokleh kure ko??" "seriyaaa je lagi...buleh ahhhh"

Went to MPKB. The heaven of tudungs and kains...Firstly we had the crave-d nasi dagang (mengidam giler!!) for the sake of merasa segala makanan klantan yg enak! Then we started our mission! And people, next time u go there, please go and find stall no.150!! (promote skett) The makcik there was super nice and pleasant- unlike certain makciks who were quite snobbish. This makcik even sold the tudungs at lower price too! (This explains the 5 tudungs I bought at her kedai. Aimi, Ila, and Nab also bought a few tudungs there too!!)

Then called Sima. Met up at Pasar Siti Khadijah. Nab was given some kind of to-buy list by her mom so she was obliged to fulfill the 'wishlist'. Thank God Pasar Siti Khadijah offered almost everything that she needed, so we spent some time over there- buying budu and keropoks. And I was finally re-united with my keropok sira pedas!!! *happy~*

Later that day we had our lunch at Yati Ayam Percik somewhere nearby Ila's school (SK Islah ko?) Nuff said, ayam percik itu mmg heavenly delicious! Despite the hampeh-waiters-yg-malas-nak-layan-kitorang, I still enjoyed the mouthwatering ayam percik!!

And..oh tiada. We were busy belek-ing tudungs and bargaining~ =D

Day 4
Jasad terdampar di TOK BALI, hati meronta di BISIKAN BAYU..

After a slight discussion and pungutan suara, they finally made the decision to tag my friend along with us. Siapa itu my friend? Itulah saudara Ahmad Firdaus Mohd Azmi aka Daud yang sedang menimba ilmu kepilotan di APFT skarang. So after Subuh prayer, we disciplined ourselves - not to fall asleep again. Packed up our things. Made the sandwich (separuh je. Ila's mom had prepared them for us). Helped Ila's mom with the mihun ingredients. Loaded our things...bakul, pinggan, sudu, garfu,tikar, botol air, bekas ais segala segala and off we went to Sabak to pick up Daud. Humang aihh jauh benar rupenye tmpat itu!

Half way thru, I handed over the driver's wheel to Daud. Ngehngeh..Itulah aim kita yg sebenar - seorang pak supir untuk memandu kami yang suka tidur ini (kidding Daud...) Oh ye..ya tuan-tuan...reckless driver di Shah Alam ini telah pun berjaya menguasai bumi Kelantan dgn skill memandunya yg berbahaya itu! teehehehe.. There were some nervewracking moments tho when we were a bit lost but Praise Be to Allah, it all went well when finally we saw the same, exact things that the boys in the other car told us.

After few mins of *discussion* on the best place to unload our things, we finally settled down.
Had our brekkie.....changed our attire.....
Then off we gooooo...oh walaupun matahari terik di angkasa, kami tetap bermandi manda umpama tiada apa yang perlu dirisaukan~~
The kacang us
The driver, photographer and towel keeper (Baywatch pun bleh gak ah..) and me. courtesy of Nabila - gambar bermakne katenye..
Us. Carving our names

Tada~ dah siap~

Mak kami yang kerinduan bapanya. Courtesy of the boys for the carved-sand-words. Note the tergolek payung - ya..makcik itu adalah photographer kami spjg permandian kami di laut itu..
And suddenly, out of nowhere....I was surprised!!!!!

Surprised by my belated birthday celebration prepared by them. So this was really a surprise. Heck I couldn't even sense it! Yela...what do u expect..After 11 days passed by..
But I was still happy, and deeply touched actually. Thanks guys. You really made my day. Nasib muke baru mandi mmg basah so I could hide the mata bergenang seketika. The carved sand reads = HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADZ (terlupe nak amik gmbr close up ni!!!!!!) and they even bought a cake! *tsk* terharu tau saye..first time di surprise begini..
Thanx thanx thanx..sayangggg koreng korengg~
After the session, we rented a room since we couldn't find any better place to change. RM15 for 1 hour? A bit pricey I guess (in Klantan la, especially) but heck...I care less about this..As long as we got place to change and pray!
On the way back (or was it actually on the way to find the kepok-lekor-bukan-kepok-losong for Nabila? =P) Adli brought us to another breathtaking beach. And Waqi texted me "Inilah tok bali sebenar!!!!" I was sooooooo....*tsk* dissapointed. The beach was...damn nice..But..what pass is pass..Walaupun least we learn our lesson. Next reunion, kite ke Pantai Bisikan Bayu eh...bukan Pantai APakah Saya Pun Tak Tahu itu...~
Finally stopped by at the stall to buy aku-nak-kepok-lekor-bkan-kepok-losong.
Us. With makcik n kakak yg pemalu2 kepok lekor~

Sent off Daud to his place. Went to KB Mall to meet up Kudin. Oh..KB Mall is just like any other shopping mall in Malaysia but I guess there were excess of weird-dressed youngsters? (trying to be polite here) PEACE \(^_^)/
Met Kudin and Zarf. And also Anas and Cik Tin's bestfriend (ampunnnn saye lupe name dier!!!)
And finally made our way back home (after dissapointed at Yati ayam percik - sume frozen ayam percik pun dah basi~)

Day 5
Perpisahan itu pasti terjadi..

We woke up at around 6-7 am. Had our Subuh prayer, shower. Said goodbye to Ila's mommy.
A lil bit drama when Nabun itu meninggalkan handphone nye di meja makan. Aihh...nasibla Yo (Ila's brother yg buat gue lemah lutut seketika) called Ila when we stopped by at a stall to buy our brekkie..

All in all...I'd like to express my gratification, especially to these family for the nice and warm hospitality. Thanks a lot Miss Fadhila and family..
Aunty - for your nice and warm layanan and wonderful dishes
Yo/Lee - for your room
And also to them friends who made the journey an unforgettable ones...
Nur Nab
Aimi Mus
Mohd Waqi
Wan Azfar
Ahmad Kudin
Mohd Khairul Adli
Ahmad Daud
Noor Sima
Ahmad Farid

Am gonna miss this room - ngeh ngeh ngeh...

From Kelantan with love. Ngehngehngeh...abis duit gajiku T_T

Kesimpulannya, di Kelantan :

  • program diet saya musnah. Big time punye musnah. Nasik - 2-3 kali sehari..ape tuuuuu ape tuuuuuu........?!?!?!?!?!?
  • duit gaji saye menurun dgn mendadak dgn cpatnya!
  • tapi saya happy
  • dan saya enjoy sangat!

huh..pjg btul post saye yg ke-300 nih. tahniah n terimakasih kerana membaca!