December 30, 2006

happy doesnt seem so lucky

What is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)?

There is evidence that a brain chemical called serotonin plays a role in a severe form of PMS, called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). The main symptoms, which can be disabling, include:

* feelings of sadness or despair, or possibly suicidal thoughts -> The day before yesterday, I was so sad that I felt like giving up with the workload and some conflicts even worsened my day
* feelings of tension or anxiety -> We got some difficulties to find the correct Sports Planet because there were 2 sports planet which are within that area. At first we headed to the wrong Sports Planet, toured around the place thrice, until Fien called and led us to the right direction. I've been torturing Wani and was quite upset with her
* panic attacks-> I kept on worrying that we could not make it on time. Started from picking up the movie tickets (Night at The Musuem rocksss!!!!) until postponing the booking made at Sports Planet. I could not help from panicking
* mood swings, crying->Mood swings-a big yes, crying-not REALLY
* lasting irritability or anger that affects other people-> Ask my friends. I know they felt like killing me but could not do so because nobody would send them home later. But I heard Wani said "takpe dah biase" Is it???? Have I been the pain in the ass all this while?? Gee..I guess I didnt realise it...
* disinterest in daily activities and relationships-> At one point, I just felt like going back home and be alone in my room....
* trouble thinking or focusing -> I drove wrecklessly jeopardizing our lives and nearly been hit by a bus. Anyway, I dont know why but I feel my friends do not really trust my driving skills. I know I scratched my car more than twice, met accident twice (which was so not challenging) but they just need to put some confidence on me. I may have trouble with my parking skills but I've done it several times, lantak pi la kalau senget ka apa. When they started to scream,giving out directions I lost my focus and stressed up
* tiredness or low energy->I've been exercising this week just to ensure my stamina is okay throughout the 60 minutes game. Even so, at the middle of the game I was exhausted and played a slower game (less running.less chasing ball).Plus, my stomach was aching like helllllllll....
* food cravings or binge eating->I was craving for seafoooooooooooooodddd last nite and kept on muching the chocs eventho I'm not a choc-freak.Anyway,had my lunch cum dinner cum supper at Gazebo last night. The food was okay but still missing the touch of the TRUE seafood taste.ngeee..
* having trouble sleeping->Before the day, I could not sleep eventho' I am sure that my body is tired and need a sleep. I was so worried that I could not get up early as I had to fetch Shera and Chemi early in the morning but to my amazement, I woke up at 5 am!
* feeling out of control->Still got myself under control although I've been tormenting other people.I knew I've been totally shitty and I've even apologized but still, I knew they were quite unhappy with my attitude..Sorry friends
* physical symptoms, such as bloating, headaches, and joint or muscle pain->My stomach cramped during the game.My back was so aching that forced me to swallow 6 pills of panadol muscles&joint to relieve the pain.

To Fien, Fiqah, Wani, Aina and Alip ---- thanks for joining the game
To Wani, Ida, Chemi and Shera ----thanks for everything

December 28, 2006

will happy go lucky??

Ngeee...I'm effin' happy today. I knew I could do it. I knew I'm not that lazy. Ngeee...

Actually there are plenty more to be done. At least i'm done with the most tedious and deadening tasks. I've just completed 2 tasks but it takes one whole day minus the 5 mins prayer time and 15 mins dinner (i dont even take my bath!!!!!!). back is aching right now. Hopefully it wud be okay by tomorrow or I might be swallowing the pain killer because tomorrow we'll be playing futsal!!!!!!!!! yeaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!! At last..we are back like we used to be..

I'll be sleeping over shera's hostel cum house with wani and chemi. Ngeee...we are planning on a real berpoya2 so it wud be better if I sleep sumwhere else or mom wud nag incessantly (ok..a lil bit exaggerative) Anyhoo..i hope everything's going fine tomorrow..I really hope Ida can make it. Fuzah is not here. Zack is not here. If Ida is not here, it would be worse. =( I miss my white alpha team...
I am very excited u know. The thought of tomorrow had driven me high-spiritedly to complete my tasks. Ngeee..frens...u shud know how deep my love for all of u...

I think I shud have my sleep right now or else we will only be playing futsal in my lalaland~ Hopefully everything's okay tomorrow.Badan,kaki,tangan,jangan ngade2 nak sakit ye esok..

Sorry, I dont mean to be cruel but u need to be slapped hard so u wont go any further. Let's just hope that we know how to confront each other after what had happened.


December 27, 2006

streamyx gay

Exclusively for my blog readers, i present u, The Famous Curlymon~~~
Curlymon and Cutenad

Streamyx is completely gay. I've been trying to send an entry since past 7 hours but failed. Ida said one of the broadband cable broke down due to the earthquake at Japan so, yeah, cant really put the blame on the tm berhad much.

I am quite sad this few days. Oh...penat sungguh. Anyway it's good to be sad. Because when I'm sad about somePARTICULARthing, I wud start to work out. So yesterday I ran on the treadmill and dance the inches off. Huhu, it was fun tho. At least I know I have target.

Well I got my 2nd Hep B jab yesterday. Guess what, I saw Jalaluddin Hassan at the medical centre. He and his arrogant look, drove his hyundai sonata and brought some clothes into the medical centre (me and my paparaziness! haha) Finally managed to exchange movies with ida. Haha..not really exchange actually. I was the one who took almost everything from her. Cinta, heroes, gol&gincu the series and some other movies I cant remember. Ida could only took step up and high skool musical from me.Sori ida..By the way I've got prison break complete episode season 1 already. The next time we meet up, i'll give u, okay? Heee...

I managed to finish off gol&gincu 13 episodes in one day! first the show was quite slow.Anyway i just cant take my eyes off the screen and started to hook up with the show. I slept at 3.30am last *morning* because I just cant wait to know the ending. Blame it on ida, tanak gitau...jahattttt... =P

My friends are planning on an outing this friday. CheMi is in Malaysia so we are meeting up, doing what we used to do..*suatu ketika dulu* I'm dying to play futsal and manage to ask few McB frens to join me. I hope Wani is okay coz she didnt sound
so happy about my plan.Anyway let's just hope our plan will go well.. =)

I've been bad. I didnt reply his msgs. I didnt pick up his call. I just cant go on with this anymore. I'm afraid i'll be drowning, deep in the ocean and no one's there to save me.I'd better walk safely by the beach, rather than dying lonely in the middle of the sea. =(

i'll be back


December 25, 2006

another sad day.....

I don't feel good today..

At some point, I felt he was just one step further from me..

But now I think I won't let him move anywhere closer to me

Enough of this uncertained feelings

Enough of this, i'm letting go...

U'll be going for ur unreachable dreams.I'll be diverting to another path

And i'll be sleeping off the sadness, and hope for another dream to step in

Moving on, i'll be searching on another dream. U are now just another nitemare. I wanted to warn u, opt to blind urself. Wishing u all the best in ur life.


updating the outdated

People, if any of u has a job to offer me, pls do so. I need more money monay monay.

Hee...Last week was a week of non stop jln2. On Thursday, I met Fuzah at MidVal. After failing to find any suitable suit, I decided to go to Subang Parade. Before we departed, met Kapes, Fuzah's friend. He's not bad..Tall. Interesting. So I think,Fuzah it's a green light to u to move on with Kapes..ngeee..As for that particular guy, u shud start moving on with ur pathetic life. Go study and get ur ass out from Msia ASAP.Remember,if u are the groom on fuzah's wedding day, u'll never see me in ur guest list. I'll just send a refrigerator as a gift.Fullstop.

On Friday we went to settle Fuzah's untouched Celcom number. I tell u, Celcom is just sooOoOoooo annoying. They cheated the customer, threaten them with laws and all. After started our day with loads of anger, we picked up Wani and Ayu at UIA PJ. Made our "panic decision" and went to Pyramid. They were so anxious to watch CicakMan so yeah, i had to agree. Review? huu...just wait..After the INTERESTING-OH-SO-LAME-movie, we rushed to send wani and ayu back to Uia as they had match to catch up that night

Saturday was my big day!! I felt like 4-yr-old child on her first day to kindergarten. I could not help but felt nervous, anxious and excited. It was my first swimming class. I can FLOAT!!!! I dun need anyone's help to lift my butt in the water.I DID IT MYSELF.Yeeeeaayayyy!!!!!!!! I was floating and I was swimming fo'real y'all.......ngeeeee....I was so excited!! Altho I was the slowest student to catch up, but I;m still proud of myself. Considering the fact that I am traumatize by an incident back at '98, I am really proud of myself for pushing the boundaries. In 1998, I went to Tg Bidara for a school trip. I dunno wut happened but I drowned in the pool, panickly pull my friend with me. So, both of us were drowning and all I saw was the blue,monstrous water. Luckily, abg Nizam saved us. Thank u...U r my hero..

After the swimming class, went to Klang to pick Ida, went to Asia Jaya to pick Wawa, went to UIA (againn?!?!?) to pick Wani and off we went to The Curve. Picked up our 2pm tickets, and decided to have our lunch at 1.40pm. We were starving so had no choice but missed the first 30 mins of the story.Haih...They said the movie is hardly comrehensible so I put my 100% focus (altho the moment we went in, the conflict has started.ngee). I managed to catch up with the story and got really excited. It was approximately 5 minutes left on the clock but *POOOF!* the screen was black. Siot gilak..We thought it would last for 5-10 mins so we stayed and made our own conclusion. Fuzah said it was a gimmick from the producer. Wani started to produce her own story. She said we might be attacked by terrorist. I added the spice onto Wani's story by planning on how we should save our life if the terrorists caught us. We were reluctant to lift our butt and walked off from the movie hall but after there were only about 10 of us left,so yeah, we made our way out. We planned to claim for refund but's only 5 mins left do u thang they will agree??
So we left The Curve with extremely bengang mode but I still feel happy because at last we are having our girls day out, again

On Sunday I sent Fuzah to commuter and attended my swimming class. That day, we learned 3 things, breaststroke, trading and water confident. We had to jump in the 2metres-pool all the way to the base of the pool, kick the floor and float to the wall. Of course I was so nervous that my body started to shiver. It was like a nitemare, especially when u had nothing to cling on and knowing that u wud be drowning if u screwed up. So yeah, I did it altho I didnt do it well. Menggelabah gile dalam air but managed to reach the floor and kicked all the way up.Heee...But I failed to push myself to do the trading. Ngeee...takut seyh..But I'll never give up. I'll prove to myself that I'll be able to swim perfectly one day. Yes, Nad!!! U can do it!!!!1

December 24, 2006


Got this from Zarf's blog.Tho he didnt put down my name specifically, but he did, tagged anyone who reads his blog.

Since I am still recovering from the-deleted-picture trauma, so here goes :

• Nad (almost ALL of my friends)
• adik (close family only)
• Kak Jiah (among the cousins)


• sAd_aNgeL (been using this nick since f3.byk kenangan seyh T_T)
• nZra (ym,msn,skype)
• nz --- ends with sth2 (emails)

• my body, obviously
• my teeth (i'm planning on wearing braces, what say u?)
• my feet (oversized-susah carik kasut.haih)

• Malay
• Malay (bugis)
• Malay (java)


• Not going to oversea
• Losing the loved ones
• Being alone T_T


• My cellphone (haha)
• My laptop (hahaha)
• Water (xde idea sbnanyer)

• Familia
• Friends
• My accesories

• A 6 ringgit baby tee
• Polka dot short pants


• the fray
• JT
• xtina aguilera
(susah la sbnanye soalan nih.i dun have any spesific interest)

• Mimpi yg Sempurna (Peter PAn)
• My Love (JT)
• Hurt (Xtina Aguilera)
(currently lah eh.maaf saye tgh boyan skang)

• Jazzing around with friends
• Shopping
• Blog-hopping

• Shopping (with extra budget pls?)
• Homework (but still left unattended)
• Watch Nite@Museum


• Great Barrier Reefs (diorg kate syiok)
• Paris (girlsss..)
• Bangkok (nabila ah ni)


(i'm sorry. i have to find the father's name first :P but i'll prolly gonna put ahmad and nur in front of their names kot)

• perform haj
• travel around the world
• learn to play musical instruments,master the swimming techniques


(am i supposed to be answering this Q?)
• i can catch up the boys talk quite fast
• i drive wrecklessly
• ape lagi eh?

• the girls talks
• shopaholic
• emotionally unstabled (ngeee...)

• hot bods. (6 pack muscles.fabulous abs..uuu.simply irresistable.)
• the smile
• hair

• Fahrin Ahmad (i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...)
• Patrick Dempsey
• Chad Michael Murray (that smile.that lips.uuuu)

• Syahir
• Ida
• Zack
and those who came across this entry.wajib! hahahaha

I'll be back in the near future.
at first i wanted to update on our activities today

unfortunately i accidentally deleted the pictures that we've captured today

i feel like committing suicide


gambar kat the curve

gambar swimming

smua ilang


akan kembali setelah gua tenang

December 22, 2006

Mission ? errrm....quite accomplished!

Gagaga, seriously I'm not a morning person. But now it's only 7.07am but I've already hitting the keyboard. So my first success :

Wake up earlier

Thanks to waqi, my warak classmate who took the trouble to wake me up. Your effort is much appreciated.

As told before, I went to Mid Valley yesterday. Yesterday, I would declare it as "hari mari jumpe kawan2 lame dari kecik dulu" (pls read it using doraemon's intonation when he came out with a device) Surprise2 I met Nur Fatin Amira, my friend back in primary sch at Hicom. I didnt realise until she called me and I was "hah???? Fatinn??" Hahaha..I havent seen her since 2000,maybe? Tho we live in the same area and we cud reach each other's house within 3 minutes drive or 7 minutes walk (precise gler)

Next I met epul, (at the same place I met Fatin) with his frens. Didnt talk much tho. I think he's catching up movies but me and Fuzah had to continue with MY mission.

Wont elaborate more on my MISSION until it is fully accomplished.

I stumbled upon my senior's photopage and guess what, some of them have already married. I guess time really flies.Back then, she was my Presiden Pengawas Pusat Sumber (a glamorous name of Librarian) She was not one of those hotthecouple nor hotkebebeh ( bkan smss tak paham kot) but she's already married! My ex-2nd head prefect, kak mum is expecting her 1st baby! 1st baby weyh, not even married, but is also expecting baby! Huiyooo...I cud still remember how I used to immitate her soft voice.

"Kalau kesalahan A,korang terus buat,jadi kesalahan B.Kalau kesalahan B,korg terus buat..jadi kesalahan C,kalau terus buat,jadi kesalahan D.."

My seniors, cudnt remember ALL of their name but I cud recognise my x roomates, kak day-o&kak kt. Ade kak alin,kak ainul,jemir,rashid,daud barieng,kakzubeq,kak eli,edren,kak zack pastu ade cam mat che' kot.Hoho, tak ingat sgt sudah..

I 5 years time, among my batch, who would be the first to tie the knot eh? I'm so excited to know what would happen next. My theory is, I dont think those who are in love and couple bagai nak rak would be the 1st to step further. He/She/They might be the ones yg low-profile...Hahaha..They??? I mean, like marrying each other (in our batch)?? owhhhhh...touch-wooddddd.....hope it would not be me!! I know how my batchmates are. I also know to what extent they cud stay to be pain in one's ass. Hee...So let's hope that all of us will reach the ultimate happiness, tho our path will never crossed again.

P/S : Today's plan? Erm.Ayu and Wani is dying to watch CICAKMAN.Huh..sabo je lah

December 21, 2006

Nidji-Hapus Aku

Kutuliskan kesedihan
Semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan
Dan kita kan bicara dengan hatiku

Buang semua puisi
Antara kita berdua
Kau bunuh dia sesuatu
Yang kusebut itu cinta

Yakinkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…

Sadarkan aku Tuhan
Dia bukan milikku
Biarkan waktu waktu
Hapus aku…

I need to do some changes.Aiyoh...Abandoned workload.Eating loads of fast food.Waking up late..

now, come and repeat the mantra with me
Must do my work.Must exercise.Must wake up earlier.
Must do my work.Must exercise.Must wake up earlier.
Must do my work.Must exercise.Must wake up earlier.
Must do my work.Must exercise.Must wake up earlier.
Must do my work.Must exercise.Must wake up earlier.

P/S: I'm going to MidVal today.Hopefully my mission will be accomplished.Pray for me owh jealous and pyscho-ed friends.haha

December 19, 2006

tatau ape nak kate

Swimming Lesson Mission

Swimming suit (READ:swimming suit=the shirt and the pants.bkan yg hot2 itu ye), Goggles,Swimming cap. Tick!

Bag : TQ Syahir!! Haha

Interview Suit Mission

Boot/Shoes.Tick (credit to JJ Bkt Raja-hahaha..jauh2 ku carik sini ku jumpa)

Love this one.But cudnt fit into the pants.. T_T

Dying for this one.But the pants is too big T_T

Went to Subang Parade with mommy but failed

Today, went to OU and The Curve with Wani and Nadiah but ended up with a Fila bag and this expensive...ek eleh nasik goreng blacan je nama cam gmpak!!!

Next location : KLCC.Haih..if this mission failed.Gonna drag Fuzah to MidVal and my last resort : Subang Parade, and any tailors shop T_T

Gengster Kg Dusun circumcised

At MakPah's home
(an ads in "Argh...bosannye...bosannye hari Ahad ni"
Newly-circumsised-pissed-and-bored Syukri : Woi....aku ni lagi bosan tau kena duduk je!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry, forgot to take his picture. I was busy bugging Mak Pah gorenging Mihun Singapore)

At Mak Tip's home

Me : Ayin!!! Hahahahahaha (evil laugh)
Ayin : Boring...boringg....
Me : Ayin jom maen bola sepak
Ayin : .......
Me : Ayin, jom ar maen!!
Ayin : Hah...okeh! Jomm!!! (trying to untie the string and his kain batik)
Me : Haha..lilex la Ayin..Slasa ni bkak ah
Me : Ayin, sakit tak sunat?
Ayin : (Note: during the circumcision, he was so cool. He even talked with the doc and sang songs) Takk!~
Me : Kalau kak jiah, tepuk sikit bleh tak..
Ayin : (look worried) Aa..taknak!
Me : Alaaa...sikit je...hahahahahahaha

December 17, 2006


Gwe ngak bisa tgk batman lagi

Gwe ngak bisa makan McD kat Mid tngkat atas lagi

Gwe rase pelik tgk wayang

Berambus dlm idup gwe skarang

Gwe benci loe!!


December 15, 2006

Mood-less moooooo....~

Asian Games has ended.How would I survive the lonely days?? What should I do once I got up from bed? Who should I turn to when I'm bored to death???

Japanese quartet 4X100

Naosu Tsukahara.100m silver medallist

Volleyball men's final.Korea vs China

Jiang Fudong of China

Roslinda Samsu.The one n only Malaysian stood on the athletics podium.Muke tak ikhlas giler~~ She reminds me of Petra Nabilah.Wheretheheck is she??

TaeKyong(Korea) Liu Xiang(China) and Malaysia's Robani Hasan on men's hurdle 110m.Do u realise sthg about Robani? Heeeee...I leave the answer to u..LOL

Tried to find Qatar and KSA volleyball's player but failed! One of the KSA player, Ibrahim looks exactly like Snoop Dogg! Hwahwa..go shizelmynizel (ok I dun know how to spell it out)


- I had not eaten any NUTRITIOUS food since Monday. Pathetic isn't it?
- I ordered McD from the delivery service at 8.50pm, but could only ate my dinner at 10.30pm!

When something is not right, everything doesnt seem okay

December 14, 2006

I sat down and wept. tsk

Quoting Paulo Coelho..


I think that perhaps we always fall in love the very first time we see the man of our dreams, even though, at the time, reason may be telling otherwise, and we may fight against that instinct, hoping against hope that we won't win, until there comes a point when we allow ourselves to be vanquished by our feelings..

Most favourite

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering

Most motivating
Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dream.
Most nagging

Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time

Currently reading : By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept by Paulo Coelho.
Hurm..Next..I should think of Alchemist, maybe?

You => Sori.TERberemosi pula.Huhu.Plus i'm sleepy,tired,starving.

December 13, 2006

the games of your life

So far, the national anthem (Negaraku) has only been heard 6 times at Qatar, and most of the time, it is being played at Qatar Bowling Centre. Up until this moment, our target of at least 7 gold medals is not achieved yet. We've lost several potential gold medals in karate, pole vault,and diving but not to worry, there's still nicol david and azlan to save the contigent's ass...

Here's some highlights on Asian Games, as far as I've watched lah.

1.4X100 men final won by Thai and I strongly agree with the commentator's opinion on how courage and high spirit has sent the team to the top. Compared to Japan and KSA, all 4 sprinters of Thai are just on average (except for Wachara Sondree-he got bronze medal in 100m) but they managed to clocked 39.21s to secure the gold medal in this event. U can tell their exuberance just from the way they sang to their national anthem during the victory ceremony.

2. Msia women hockey team finished at 5th position and I should say that is very mengagumkan (siot, word searching error) I managed to watch them playing against Taipei and I've already started to admire them. Hebat seyh! They are so petite, compared to the opponents tau.

3. I'd like to announce that rugby isn't really the roughest game. Sepak takraw is more violent,eventhough it does not involve any boisterous physical contact. I mean,just look at them jeopardizing their arm, feet and body spiking the ball and doing "bicycle kick".Seriously, I admire their skills!!

4. One of the many factors I love this event, is seeing the diversity of cultures and countries. I'd just love pronouncing the thailand's name like Narongchai Vacheebaran,Pansira Purich etc etc. Hohoh, it just slip out of the tongue smoothly. Oh, to strengthen the fact that I'm an ignorant I was surprised to see that Kazakhstan facial features are more like the white people. All this while I thought, as long as the name ends with -tan, they will possess facial features like pakistani, or indians or bangladeshi.huhu...

5. China, Japan and SOME Thai athletes (in athletics esp) are good looking!! huhuhuhu (xde kaitan)

Reminiscing the abandoned memories of my school's sports events, I must say I'm quite proud of myself, especially my hands (haha masuk bakul angkat sendri) Yelah, though I could not contribute much for running nor sprinting events in the sukantara, I redeemed myself in my own field.

2001 - Silver for shot put, Gold for javelin -> credit to MIMA for teaching me the techniques to throw the javelin properly. I owe u bro!
2002 - Gold for shot put, silver for javelin (siot, Trex robbed the gold from me) plus, a bronze for MSSKL javelin
2003- Silver for shot put-> again, beaten by Corinne Elsa
2004- Gold for both shot put and javelin. Such a sweet victory. Managed to outdo Trex and broke the shot put's record. What was the secret? I imagined Pa and Toye (some of the QM boys) in front of me and I'm throwing the ball towards them.Failed to win the MSSKL shot put. Damn, the others were just too good. Really dissapointed they didnt choose me for javelin. Trex went, instead. Siot gler!!!!!!!!!!! Nasib dier x menang(dengki)

I aint that bad in sports, aite?


P/S : To=> you! Erm, sorry for the late reply. And sorry, I'm not into the bawangs. Go ahead and watch those bawangs quarelling while I'll be drooling over some hot guys in the Asian Games. Fair n square, isnt it? =P

December 12, 2006

Cinta? Sebuah kisah ttg kasih...

My enthusiasm had nearly blown up after my question on "How's CINTA the movie?" is replied with "sgt best!!" "best gler!!!" "it's a must-see movie!!" Ouh, fine! Since everyone has been talking bout CINTA and had watched it already, i'll go wit my lil cousins! >=P Oh by the way, someone has got some problem on the title. He said he couldnt really tolerate the theme, so fine!! I'll go watch it by myself!
Director : Kabir Bhatia
Casts :(ranked from the most touching story)
1st :Rashidi Ishak(Harris), Rita Rudaini (Airin) err..Lis? (superb!)
2nd :Dato' Rahim Razali(C.Elyas), Fatimah A.Bakar(Rubiah), Ngasrizal Ngasri (Amin)
3rd :Nanu Baharudin (Dyan) Q Haidar (Dhani) Sofi Jikan (mat rock apekah namamu gua terlupa)
4th :Sh Amani(Arianna) Pierre Andre(Taufiq) Khalif?
5th :Eizlan Yusof(Azlan) Fasha Sandha(Azura)

The stor(ies) take place at the busy city of Kuala Lumpur. 5 LOVE stories revolve around the city where each and every stories differ from one and another by its own uniqueness but somehow,the characters are coincidently connected thru locations & under certain circumstances.

Azlan and Airin is a pair of married couple, and they have a daughter, Alisa.All this while Azlan devotes his life for his family but Airin breaks Azlan's heart and life to pieces when she turns him down for other man. This couple teaches us the power of love that would eventually make us let our beloved ones go for the sake of his/her happiness. On the other hand, Vanidah Imran's split-2nd-appearance also tells us grass is greaner on the other side.

"He must be somekind of man."
"No, he's kind"
"Papa,Lis nak ikut papa. Lis xnak papa sedih lagi"

Cikgu Elyas is suffering from Alzheimer and what's left on his memories are the fact that he is a teacher and is taken care by his son, Ahmad. Rubiah, a newly-moved restaurant owner happens to be attracted to know C.Elyas better. Amin, C.Elyas's grandson who is responsible for him is forced to take the biggest decision ever- to send C.Elyas to nursing house. Eventually, Rubiah willingly volunteers to take care of C.Elyas. This story teaches us : despite illness and age, love will land into anybody's heart. Just anybody.

"Isteri bukannya hak milik, tapi anugerah"
"Kadang2 org yg kita paling syg lah org yg paling susah nak syg"

The tragic story on siblings' eternal love where Dyan and Dhani eventually "united" yet separated. Dhani, a street artist who's fighting for his right of choosing his own path with her older sister, Dyan, a successful and rich architect. Dyan accuses Dhani for wasting his degree while Dhani blots his hatred towards Dyan's for intervening other people's marriage. Dyan sacrifices her erm..i'm not sure what for the sake of Dhani's life. This story proves the peribahasa : air yang dicincang takkan putus.

-no significant quote-

Arianna&Taufik , Azura&Azlan are 2 couples that eventually united by the name of love. They need to go through some difficulties and survive in the hardship before they finally "announce" their love. These stories teach us : t be honest in love. Don't be afraid to express your love and love drives us into doing anything (even if we have to beg on bended knee to win our love.

+ I love just everything in this film. The takes are superb. Each and every scene is meaningful and touches my feeling. Just name it, from the scene of throwing out rubbish from the window, to where Vanidah Imran suddenly pops out of nowhere
(cam hantu plak), they are just wonderful
+ The main casts are also superb! They have really united into their character and presented it brilliantly.
+ The songs blended well with the story. The impacts are big though some of them are just normal songs that have been frequently aired before
+ The movie might not win any international awards as the theme of love might be too common but it surely wins the heart of Malaysian.No need to bring out spectacular issues. Simple yet strong and effective is preferable.

- It's quite hard for me to digest the scene where Azlan and Azura had their dinner with the mini orchestra. Ergh..tipu sikit =(
- Malulah kuar2 movie hall muke mata smua merah nangis teruk..hehe.

=I cried incessantly during Harris and Airin's scene.
=This story doesnt tell us new definitions of love. It just remind us on the true meaning of love


With respect to the movie, I would like to share my "observation" (plainly dari kacamata/contact lens nzra.not usman awang nor shahnon ahmad) on how CINTA turns a frog into prince and kills the god of death (haha..sori. currently reading the deathnote manga so got carried away by the unfinished story)

In my life, I've seen how my friends have slowly changed when love strucks them. Before this, we might have been talking behind those who are madly in love and act weirdly but eventually, I realised that the one that I've been talking about is right in front of me.

Love drives us crazy,as crazy as smiling to ourselves when the one that we love just passed through us. Love makes us wear something that we dont usually wear.

Sometimes, love "moves" us to somewhere far far away. It also takes us away from friends and family and the normal life.

Love holds us back from letting someone/something go. Some things are better left undeleted/undiminished/untouched forever just to make sure the memory is alive.

What's more important, love makes our life brighter, put the smile on our face and make us appreciate what we have, more.

Dahlah.geli plak tetibe je.

OK tata~

December 11, 2006

As promised. Highlights on my life for past few hours + days + weeks

Of University Application
Dec 4- And so the green application form has finally been submitted to Pn Sharifah. Been devoting my weekend (right after the Chem Exam) to the application essay though all 6 of us will get to be interviewed (insyaAllah) For the time being, all I need to do is to brush up my communication skills, my language and my utmost fear, my nervous system. I think I am suffering from a severe neurological problem that my nervous system would fail me each time I feel..nervous? Even so, I would like to thanks those who have been helping me with the "There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the middle" essay. Thanks Nabila and Syed for "the wisdom". Thanks Miss Nina? for erm..apapejelah.

Of Tests and Mini Exams
Dec 2,5,6 - The broken-promised-sem-3-xde-exam tests were held on those dates. They were chemistry, agama and biology, respectively (to the dates). Chemistry? Limited time (though the time is neither shortened nor lengtened LOL) Agama? Incomprehensible questions but, hey, huhu, let's keep this secret among my team rugby. Shh..Biology? Oh, what's with the Caretta caretta turtle species questions? They were so...torturing?

Of Taska Sayangku (hah..changed name to Taska Annur??? euuuwwwwhhhh...) Graduation
Dec 6 - After the torturing biology test, I had to drag myself to the LT 1 for the graduation. Although my body screamed for a nice rest on my bed, I strengthened myself to be comitted and helped them with the preparation. After we prepared the LT, we went back for maghrib. I came late because I stole the time to do my Malay essay (yeap, managed to settle it within 1 hour). Soon after I came into the preparation room and grabbed Ansor to help him changing I've forgotten all the pain and tiredness.

NotTecherLatifah(sori I forgot her name) : Okey. Cepat2 siap. Ansor tukar baju cantik!!! Cepat!!!!
Excited Ansor : Akak!! tadi mak kite tepuk kuat2 time kite nyanyi!!!
Tired Me : La...yeke?? Akak tak smpat tgk Ansor td. Akak dtg lambat..
Excited Ansor : Laaa...yeke?!! Nape akak dtg lmbt?? Kite dah abeh dah nyanyi ngan menari
Tired Me : Ala...akak lambat mandi la...takpe lepas ni ansor nak berlakon kan? Akak tgk nnt tepuk kuat2
NotTeacherLatifah : Alamak!!! Salah2!! Cepat2 tukar balik baju tadi!!!!
Terkejut Me : Aiseyh ansor arini kite maen superman la. Cepat tukar2 baju!! Camne nak pakai samping ni?? Farid!!! Samping ni dier nye belah kat tepi ke kat tgh eh?!?

LOL.Moral of the story. Believe in yourself. If sumthing went wrong, it's not u. It's the torned-samping's fault. =)

Of Lowyat and Eating Metal Sponge
Dec 9 - Managed to drag Ida along with me to satisfy my craving because I'm in serious need of an external hard disk to occupy my nearly overload laptop. Heuheuheu..Before I went to fetch Ida, Syahir texted me and luckily, he was thinking of the same place too. I parked my car at KL Sentral and took monorel to Imbi Plaza. Surveyed almost every place that sells external harddisk (yg perasan je la. didnt manage to stopby at places within our "blind spot" =P) and finally we decided to buy the cheapest external hard disk among the ones we surveyed. Though the casing was a lil bit....unattractive but, hell who cares. By the way, it differed from the other by RM8! That is just the same amount as the parking fee at KL Sentral u know? (no wonder other ppl didnt even dare to park at that place) Syahir and his curly hair (no, they are not separated =P) tagged along with us after we finally settled down at the shop. Went to Shokudo and after some serious thinking, we ordered our food. Syahir managed to make friends with mr-pat-on-the-back (LOL) and I got my mr-refill-icelemontea? Oh by the way, my tasteless-kuetiow had some additional ingredient in it. It was a piece of detached metal sponge (the one that u use to sental periuk.Yeap, that shiny metal sponge)! Oh yummy!

Of Half-day Balik kampung
Dec 10 -Went back to Muar on Sunday morning with my mom. She wanted to send the newly-bought radio to my grandma so she could spend her days listening to some ceramah and Quran recital. I know, for some reason my mom really wanted to go back and see her parents so I agreed to accompany her. I'm such a nice daughter =)) Since mom was sleepy and tired, I drove from Muar to S.Alam and had a terrifying experience when it suddenly rained cats and dogs. takut gilerrrrr....

Of Mid Valley
Dec 11 - I've finally watched CINTA!!!!!!!!! Had to strain my tears gland so it would not burst out. Brought along my lil cousins, mira and ain since ALL of my friends had watched the movie. Nuff said, wait for my next post for CINTA - movie review, and CINTA, the universal feeling. Nabila, be prepared, this is the part where I'm gonna put u in!

(a happier, smiling me)

Ade lagi ke yg tertinggal eh?

December 10, 2006


Recently I've been meeting my SMSS friends. Actually, I've always looking forward to meeting them. It's been a long time since we got to sit nicely and talk about our life. However, suddenly I've started to feel reluctant to meet them.

No, not that I'm putting them away from my life. I just could not help from the gloomy feeling whenever they question on my ex-sahabat, Ahmad F Roslan or better known as Pj@Amd. People, i'm telling u, i've been working my ass off to concentrate on my life and rub his name out of life. Being in the same college with him is enough to torture me but now you are bombarding me with those questions??

Pueng told me I'm the one who should start mending the broken friendship. Ai told me it's not good to end a friendship but do I have the power to make things better??!?!?!?! Despite me telling u he's no longer my friend, I did, texted him on few occasions. I wished him on his birthday. I asked him to my house during raya and at the end of the day I was the one who'll be dissapointed! Thus, it is clearly written on the sky that we are not meant to be friend, anymore.

He used to occupy some space in my heart and now it is left unattended. I'm just too paranoid to let myself start to trust people again. After what had happened, I always tell myself : I don't even deserve to have a bestfriend. How would I deserve a place in anyone's heart?

I've once prayed, may Allah wont tear us apart, and put us in the same college. Because I need him, and he's one of the bestfriends that I always turned to. Allah granted my wish, but I forgot to pray for our friendship so it'll last forever. Right now, all I wish is just send us far away from each other and erase the memories forever.


P/S : Too "disturbed" to write anything happier though there are lots of things to be shared out. I'll be back with a big smile once I got myself back.