February 26, 2015

Reput hati

Reput hati. Susah hati. Pedih hati.

To let her go.

Jaga diri sayang. Jangan lupa makngah. Jangan lupa macammana nak baca alfatihah. Dah sendawa baca alhamdulillah.

Makngah sayang Nayli. Sangat-sangat.


February 24, 2015

That phase..

 I am in the phase where I enjoy going outdoor so much. With the scorching hot weather...quite a bad timing huh? So I went hiking again last Sunday with the team.. It was quite a challenging trail, definitely more challenging than KDCF I would say but something a lil behind Broga because Broga's peak was quite tough I remembered almost getting someone lift up my butt up the rocks wtf.

The trail is somewhat different where you don't get to see views at the peak. The starting of the trail we go up the "entrance"/mukadimah (mukadimah only we sweat buckets already lulz), we were welcomed by the view overlooking the housing area...

Mukadimah of the trail!

Then we started the walk with a wider path..before going to a more knee-pain inducing trail.

The highest peak was actually a flat area..surrounded by trees so you can't really see the view.

All in all it was a good workout. Burned enough calorie to earn me a good plate of nasik lemak after that. Lulz. So much fail.

Looking forward to more hike after this. Bole la join trail run next year kahkah kbai

February 20, 2015

Cuddling With Mr Nature

Went for a walk to Kota Damansara Community Forest this morning. Wouldn't call it a hike because it was not quite as challenging as Broga or hiking up Sg Chiling but it was a good light workout.

I was there two weeks ago with the JK1M team. But I had quite a pretty tight schedule so I had to pass going to second trail. So this time around I went for a different, further trail.

The place was maintained by a group of community and they kinda paved the trail and made few signs to show directions that's why I was quite confident to go there despite being only 2nd time here..

 I read up a bit and found there's another new trail, Sahabat which is more interesteing but my companies aren't too keen on spending too much time on the trail this morning, perhaps busy with other stuff I guess later on..

We chose the Temuan trail and took us about 1.5 hours to complete it

Tried my Salomon shoes after months of buying it..finally putting it into good use :)

It was a nice, refreshing morning 

And..finally found out how to check the calorie counter after months of buying it..lulz

Burned 372kcal this morning that's not too bad I guess.

Went home straight away after the walk. Pretty sad we didn't get to have a breakfast after the walk. I was craving for some good nasi lemak but my companies, again wanted to go home straight away.

It's different these days. Can't really spend too much time with my circles anymore. Everyone too busy with their own stuff. Well, guess I am the one left with no direction or destination yet in life so I have to be left behind I supposed..

February 11, 2015

Ramble jumble

Payah nau nak come out with a post nowadays. Back then I can blog in 10 minutes in between classes or studying. La ni I've got so much to say in my head but when I open the publish page I'll just stare at the blank space not knowing how to even start.

Lately I have been so tired. Been frequenting the masseuse quite a lot. I am kinda addicted to it already. If it doesn't cost me bloody eighty-eight ringgit I would have gone to that place every week! One day when I am rich enough I am gonna hire my personal masseuse so I can get my fix whenever I need one. Pffft tah bile tah tu.

I think working with people has somewhat drain my energy faster. You see, my work requires me to deal with human being mostly. And they come with millions attitude that sometimes challenge your patience. Unlike working in office with papers or computers who don't talk back, my "work" sometimes come in with rude attitude, comes with bad temper, does not know what's the problem and expect me to magically cure the unknown problem or even does not say thank you. I may not have impending workload that I had to take back home but those workload going on during working time is enough to give me headache.

Tapi jalan ini I chose and I actually still can handle the stress and headache, But all I need right now is a quick getaway. Some time and some place to let go all this stresses on my shoulder. Need to rejuvenate. Thinking of Perhentian, really miss that place where it all started :') Gathering courage and strength to go there by myself. It's pretty safe right to go alone? Lagipun gemok cemni sapa nak kidnap. Kahhh..

February 06, 2015

A wishlist I don't know when will it be ticked off

Like I previously said, I have no new year resolution. I don't believe in it anymore. Hmpff. So I set myself a few wishlist, that includes getting a new "i-declare-it-as-expensive" handbag if I shed 8kg minimum! Killing two birds with a stone huh?

Another thing up on the list is to return to that part of the world that I have been missing so much - Eurotrip2015yawww. Working on it now. Working my arse off, do locums, cut off spendings as much as I could. Mak bawak bekal pegi keje nokss untuk lunch. Dih ngattt aih. Haha.. Well that was actually partly saving budget but hugely because I really hate going through the traffic to get my lunch..

Tapi tapi tapi...I have this one hope; that is to perform umrah. You see, I went there. Once. When I was 9. Went with my grandparents (AlFatihah Tok Haron and Tok Pisah, I miss you both so much) I still can remember it vividly, the part where we I got lost the first day I went there. The part where I lost my passport for a few hours. The part where abang never fails to buy ayam golek on the way back to the hotel room after we perform tawaf and saie. But I really wanna go there again.

What holds me off? Mahram, of course. Daddy has passed away long long time ago and my brother is now working in Italy which make it slightly impossible for him to go with me. ANd here I am still not married yet at 28, mahram-less.

One of the few places that I wanna go, insyaAllah if I ever get married and insyaAllah if time and rezki permits is the holy place Mecca.

InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. He knows better. He plans better.

February 01, 2015

Superb Salted Egg Squid @ Istana Bambu

I had this crazy craving of salted egg squid since two weeks ago and finally had the chance to satisfy my craving. We went to Istana Bambu in Jalan Ulu Kelang. I have been hearing about this place for a while but never got the chance or actually never really thought about going to the place until my company suggested this place for the salted egg squid.

The ambience of this place was cozy and nice enough. True to the name, the built up of the restaurant were based on..bamboos. There were some oldies songs playing on the background but my company and I both agreed the songs would be more enjoyable without somebody singing because it distracted the mood slightly. Later during our dinner they played some oldies music instead and that was much better.

The food? My salted egg squid was good. Like crazy good. 5 stars for that. The dried butter prawn was quite good too. However the chinese style steamed fish was so-so and the asparagus belacan was quite unnecessary as there were too many food on the table already. The price was okay-okay. Quite pricey but quite acceptable since we are, well dining in Keyell fancy-ish restaurant.

All in all I left with happy tummy yummy yummy. Grateful for the time and chance He created for us.