March 18, 2013

My weight loss journey...woah still ade journey ke?

I haven't been updating much on my weight loss journey recently. Simply because I'm pretty much on plateau phase kilogram wise. But I *think* judging from my clothes and pants, I lost a little inches here and there...not much..but still some changes (sedapkan hati :P) Very minimal tho,

So how am I doing lately?

- I still go to gym. At least 3 times a week, normally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and if I'm still in JB, Thursday.

What I do? Cardio mostly. On good day, I try to burn a total of 500calories. But sometimes I had bad day or my body is just too tired so I will go easy.

  • I run on treadmill, normally 40 minutes. First 10 mins walking incline with gradient 6-8, 6.0 speed. The next 20 mins run with speed 7.0-8.0. Last 10 mins walking incline gradient 6-8, 6.0 speed. Since I want to try running marathon, I try to push my running time to 20-25mins now making the total time to 45 minutes. Fuuuuuu..
  • Rowing. 2000-4000metres depending on my mood.
  • Occasionally cross training. 

- I continued with my Personal Trainer. Finished my supposedly last session a few weeks ago. And then he came to help around a few times. So I decided I'll just continue with him. At least I'm pushing myself doing something out of my comfort zone. PT ni push gua  tapi I really enjoy doing this new stuff that I wouldn't try by my own. Plus I get to see him flexing 'em muscles woah bonus point disitu!

- I still cannot quite control what I eat. I mean...quantity wise ok la. But I cannot go on strict diet anymore. Breakfast I would eat mihun/megi goreng/nasik goreng that I bought at the stall because my colleagues asked me to buy breakfast for them so I'm trapped to buy for my own. Lunch I had to eat something heavy because I'll be damn hungry by then. Dinner...if I'm in the mood I would go for oat porridge and sambal ikan bilis, sometimes with vege. If I'm not in the mood I would just buy lauks from  the restaurant below my gym and just eat em lauks.

- Weekend is of course, when all the diet schmiet is put aside and I eat without much thinking. Which I think the main culprit of my plateau phase.

- I HAVE A VERY WEAK LOWER BODY! Which is very disappointing and frustrating. I'm working on it now. Trying to slowly strengthen my lower body. My muscles.

That's about it I guess. Just a self reminder for me. In case I flop in the future, please remember this. I can do it!

And here's some picture..comparison of me around 6 months ago and the latest me. Not much changes but a change is still a change kan? #sedapkanhatilalala

Genting. September 2012.

Raya. August 2012.

Dinner. Last Saturday nite.

Gedik di gym. A few weeks ago. Cheating sikit la amik angle bagus and tahan nafas sikit :P

Bismillah. Semoga saya istiqomah dalam perjuangan ini. Hihihi

March 04, 2013


PMS...PMS...asal PMS je my feeling towards this certain someone resurface.

What is your problem...hormones. why would you want me tp suffercate again?

Hoi cepat lah abis mood swing ni. Tak larat nak layan dah. Ade gak esok gua larikan diri ni...

March 03, 2013

Anger building up

When you want to hate but you can't

So you have to swallow all the feelings inside

And one day I'm pretty sure I'll be killed by all this anger thay I've been building up