January 26, 2012

Unknown error!

Sepatutnya perasaan dah stabil. Scholar baru masuk tadi, so that's one damn big relief considering how poor I've been this few weeks. Tiket rugby dah beli. Semua dah ada but I feel so lost these 2 days...

I was so motivated and all geared up last weekend. One of my productive weekends I must say. But when the new week started everything seemed to crumble apart. Sigh..dahla weekend ni teroccupied lagi!

Ya Allah, berikan aku ketenangan dan leraikan keserabutanku ini...

January 25, 2012


Heeeeellllllooooo. Managed to find somebody to tag along to the match. So...yeah..I'm going to the game next month!!!

Soooooooo sooooo! Tried on the jersey I bought 2 yrs ago. A bit tight but still wearable. But it's an old jersey tho.

Plus something happened that made me happy before it was cut off by something else. Pfffffffft.

Kthxbai. Imma move on with my life now!
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January 24, 2012

Nak tengok rugby :(

Teringin nak tengok rugby tapi macam xde sapa nak teman. Sekali je seumur hidup nak tengok ireland lawan..

Masa2 camni rindu kat oreng2 yg boleh bawak/teman saya pi tengok rugby...

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January 18, 2012

Bounjourno Milan - part dos

So...after the 10 hours beauty sleep, we woke up all fresh and ready for the second part of the trip. Checked out of hotel and went to the metro station to go to Milano Centrale station.

Morning surprise 

We were very surprised to find out the next train available was in...28 minutes. LOL. We initially planned to get the 10.40am train. We panicked, went out to find a taxy with hope we could still catch the train. Tapi, it was really hard because the people there don't speak English (almost at all) so it was really disappointing trying to get a taxy there. Turns out there was a strike going on that day so we decided to go back to the metro station.

Alhamdulillah everything went well after that. Bought our ticket at the machine. Costed us 4.45eu per pax for an hour train ride to Lake Como.

Arrived Como and was welcomed by a very beautiful view. Lake Como is claimed to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. Shape dia macam Y if you look in the map.

We took a ferry to Bellagio, a very beautiful small town. The journey ride took about 50 minutes and costed us 11.80eu per ride, per pax.

Spent the whole day sightseeing, walked around Bellagio. I'll let the pictures do the talking..

Watched the sunset by the lake. Breathtaking and spectacular view. Took all the stresses away and I was much more relaxed after that.

The train ride from Como to Malpensa Airport costed us around 10eu.

We took a flight back later that night and it was delayed for about 30 mins or so because they had to de-ice the runway and the plane. YUP, de-ice, menyah-aiskan kapalterbang. Cam defrost ikan dalam peti sejuk. Gitu...The temperature was around -7 degrees that nite and it was freeeeeeeeeezing cold. Arrived London around 11.30pm. STUCK in the immigration around 30-40 minutes. The queue wasn't that long but there was only 1 officer at first attending to us the non-EU passport holders. Only after about 20mins or so they open up 1 more caunter. Cis betul.

I only managed to get a 3 hours sleep that night because we reached Fiqah's place at 2.15am and I had to catch train at 6.25am to go to London Stansted. My flight back to Cork was at 8.45 that Monday morning.

I reached Cork at 10.10am and was welcomed by a very very gloomy and depressing weather. Sighhhh..

The budget for the trip was around 100eu, inclusive food and transportation and accomodation. The flight costed me around 70eu but that was booked months ago. So...eventhough I'm almost deadbroke now, it was still an enjoyable trip. Takdelah kena ikat perut ke apa..

It was a really really good trip. Came at the right time as well. I only had a 3 hours sleep that night but still managed to attend the lecture and treat a patient that Monday. A demotivated and lazy me would skip the lecture and cancel my patient but I think I handled them well although I need to get a small help from Redbull to keep me energized.

My stress level was brought down from this trip. Thanks Afiqah for being my partner in crime. Now I'm all ready for second part of final year! Bring it on!

January 17, 2012

Bonjourno Milano - Parto One-o

Alrighttt let's get this done while I'm still free. Soooo...last weekend I had a quick escape to Milan, Italy. It was planned months ago because I predicted I will need to destress after the exam.

I left Cork to London Stansted on Friday evening. "Miscalculated" the departure time so I had to leave early that Friday. Sooo glad the clinic went well and I managed to finish before 3.30. Went home, get ready and flew to London Stansted.

I had some time to kill before going to Luton because our flight was on Saturday. So, being the Malaysian I am, I decided to go to Bayswater to get dinner. Took a bus to Luton later that night.

Sleeping in Luton Airport

Well, let's say, it is not quite comfortable compared to sleeping in Stansted, especially before the check in area. We had to squeeze in ourselves on a bench very near to the window so it was quite cold. There were wheelchairs close to the bench so we use it to put our legs. Tried various position, managed to doze off for few minutes before we were woken up by bunch of noisy travellers.

So glad we were allowed to check in early. The benches in the departure hall were much more comfortable! We left for Milan Malpensa at 6.40am that morning...

Arriving Milan...

We arrived in Milan Malpensa airport around 11. Took a bus that was waiting us outside Terminal 2. I bought it online and it costed 7.50eu per pax. You can also get a train from Terminal 1, there was free shuttle connecting T1 and T2 but I figured out this was the cheapest, easiest and fastest option..

The temperature there in Milan ranges from -7 to 5 degrees. When we first arrived, it was so foggy so I was kinda disappointed at first. Luckily, the sun came out as we came closer to Milan city.

Took a metro to our hotel at Gambara area. Initially I booked a different hostel but I had a bad feeling about the hostel after reading the review....went to check at and found one affordable hotel with a very good review - Hotel Edy.

The hotel was okay, comfortable, the floor are not carpeted so it was a bit cold but they had plenty of duvet/blanket in the room so I used some of them to cover the floor. BUT, the lady at the receptionist DID NOT SPEAK ENGLISH at all. Hahaha it was hilarious when we first arrived. She was talking something like "kamera kamera" and all I imagined was the Turns out she wanted to say we can only check in at 1pm. LOL.

We were only allowed to check in after 1 so we had lunch at Megik Land - a restaurant across the road.

I have to say, the pizza and spaghetti there was so so so so cheap. The price for spaghetti ranges from 6-8eu and the price for a LARGE box of pizza was only 8eu. And the food was delicioussss as well! Tak puas rasanya sempat makan spaghetti sekali je...

After checking in, we showered, freshen up and got ready for our Milan city tour. Took Metro to Duomo Piazza.

Paid 10eu to go to the rooftop by lift. The staircase to the rooftop would cost you 6eu. We figured out we were too tired from the sleepless night so went on with the lift anyway.

Around the Duomo cathedral, there were shopping areas, yang, of course kitorang hanya mampu tengok je :P Didn't even dare to check the price ke apa.

Went and eat Panzerotti - a cakoi-like bread which was filled with mozarella cheese and tomato. Soooooo yummy. Mungkin bleh try buat nanti. We had to queue up to buy this so obviously it was one of the food to be eaten in Milan I supposed? Found this place thanks to Foursquare and Google Map! We also had the famous gelato icecream despite the freezing weather.

Spent that day touring the city until our legs gave up. There were few more places that we go but didn't quite had any idea what it was. LOL. Strolled around the duomo piazza area and had an encounter with a creepy man who gave me a creepy smile so we decided to just go back home after that.

Bought a box of pizza for our dinner at Megik Land (again!) and went back to the hostel quite early that day and had a good 10 hours sleep...

- to be continued-

January 14, 2012

Mencari ketenangan

Jiwa adalah sedikit kacau these few days. I know exam is over..that was a relief. But that only 1 exam. 1 down tonnes more to go.

Lepastu hari selasa haritu kena bambu dgn cikgu. Benci. Robek mood seminggu.

So this weekend imma fly away somewhere to find peace. Hopefully everything goes smoothly..

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January 08, 2012

My touristy London trip :P


Soooooo...I spent my winter in London this year. We've been planning this since forever..bila dah dekat2 tu, duit macam nak habis plus risau nak exam and I almost didn't go tapi .... I went anyway.

Stayed at Royal Court Apartment in Gloucester Terrace. Recommended! Tempat dia just nice and senang nak ke mana-mana juga..

Day 1 - Saya sampai dalam pukul 10 lebih. Jumpa Fiqah, pergi breakfast dan berborak-borak catch up isu semasa :P Hantar barang pergi hotel dan jalan-jalan area Bayswater sementara tunggu Wany sampai. Lepastu kami late lunch dekat Melur Restaurant at Edgware Road. Combination of Indo and Malay food. I would rate this restaurant 4 out of 5. Kalau portion dia besar sikit kan puas hati sikit :P Tapi daging dendeng dia terbaik!

Lepastu singgah Harrods sementara tunggu teater nak tengok malam tu. Since Harrods punya sale will be starting on the 27th and kitorang takkan sempat pergi, so pergi la awal. Turns out dia punya perfume sale dah start and it is really cheap. Sesak nafas rebut2 dengan orang dalam tu menyesal tak beli banyak..

Lepas Harrods kitorang pergi tengok Wicked dekat Apollo Victoria Theatre. Ini pun tiket dah beli lama. Harga tiket dalam 30pounds tapi ada je lagi murah kalau jauh dari pentas. Kitorang penat gile dah by the time tengok teater ni but still tak tertido so that's a good sign eh?

Day 2 was our tourist-y day. Started the day jalan-jalan area Westminster. Lepastu naik London Eye. Ini pun tiket beli online awal-awal, combine dengan Madame Tussaud's punya admission costed us around 35pounds.

dalam Westminster Abbey
London Eye pura-pura sejuk
In the London Eye capsule dah penat berdiri
Geng The Beatles
Ahli terbaru the royal family, second wife Prince Charles. EH?

Day 3 was the christmas day. No buses tubes so we had a light and easy day. Pagi breakfast Malaysian hall lepastu jalan-jalan Hyde Park romentik sangattttsssss.
Self capture

HRC bukak that day

Royal Albert Hall
Sebab dah penat cross Hyde Park (ade dalam 1 hour sebab pace sangat slow) we rode bicycle to go back to our place. Bicycle ni kalau nak dapat access code bayar 1pound. Under 30mins free, 30-60minutes 1 pound. Makin lama makin mahal la. Gitu..

Ready to merempit!!

Lepastu balik hotel tido. The next day boxing day. Tak sempat tangkap gambar. Biasa jeee tak shopping banyak pun sebab takde la menarik sangat and takde duit sangat. HAHA.


Nasik, sambal paru dan tahu bersama milo ais - Malaysian Hall. Terbaikkk 4.5 out 5

Nando's. 4.5 out of 5!

Nasik goreng USA - Malaysian Hall - 4.8 out of 5!!

Mi goreng mamak MARA nye cafe mende tah nama. 0.5 out of 5. Harga mahal (charge extra 40% on christmas day Msian Hall charge lebih 1pound je!!) Dalam menu ada yg tulis **chef recommendation tapi rasa..haishk. menyedihkan

Daging dendeng, Ayam percik and kangkung masak belacan. 4.5 out of 5 - Melur Restaurant

Begitulah. Ok nak tidoooo. kthxbaiiiii