December 26, 2010

Loving home, loving life

Home is so much fun and I can't wait to be back here for good!

...............except for the slow internet speed and crazy traffic jam

I just don't feel like blogging. I'm pretty sure the mood will kick in later when I'm back at Cork. Meanwhile, sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday and the last bit of 2010 with your loved ones. You have like another 5 days to make 2010 a memorable year!

December 19, 2010

Malaysia...oh tanah airku~

Salam and Hi from a place called HOME in a country called MALAYSIA :)

I have arrived 2 days ago. Touched down Malaysia at 6.45am and Alhamdulillah my checked in luggage was with me, not stranded ke apa and all the things inside were safe and sound.

I tried to be as careful as possible as I got handful things with me but still tercicir my Immigration card in the toilet along with my passport holder. I didn't even realized it went missing until a MAS officer sent a message to me through facebook later that afternoon saying he found my passport holder with Garda card. Amazingg innit? Atas Garda Card tu there're only my full name and date of birth. Tu je...Lain semua irrelevant info but the officer still managed to get to me. Alhamdulillah sangat2. Kalau tak hilang terbang den punyo 150eu! Tapi I'm yet to get the card from KLIA sebab tak sempat dan tiada kenderaan. Oh that's the only downside of this holiday I've got no car for real. :(

The first meal I had was nasi lemak with sambal paru+kentang, sambal terung and sayur goreng. Sampai rumah, went through the baby stuff with Kak Diah, Abang and Mak. Showered and went off to Low Yat to buy stuff. Hehehehe...tak mengsia-siakan masa ok! I also had prosperity burger later that evening only to find out Mak Pah was doing makan-makan that nite! Lepastu bergerak lah ke Kajang eventho perut masih penuh to my aunty's house.

Sampai rumah Mak Pah we were served with Soto, Mi Bandung, Mihun and cake made by Mirah and co. Uuuuuu diorang dah pandai buat kek sekarang~ That nite, I found myself joining conversations with the aunties in the kitchen taking about making kuih and stuff rather than joining the kids in front of the tv. Time flies, eh? Tua dah saya ni....huhuhu...

Yesterday I tried to tune my sleeping time by dozing off both Malaysia and Ireland time. Hopefully it's working lah kan I think so far so good today is the 3rd day at home and I've been up by 6.45am. The bestfriends came to my house to pick me up later that afternoon and we went to The Curve. Wanted to watch movies at first, tapi tak jadi sebab the time is not convenient. Semua pun nak kacau waktu Maghrib.

Lepastu tried Redbox, it was ridiculously expensive...and we found a new karaoke place almost as good as Redbox called...Song box ke snowbox tah. I think it was newly opened and they had this introductory price. For 4 pax and 4 drinks plus a small bowl of snacks, we paid RM27.50. Murahhh innit? Redbox tu per head is RM52 ok. Crazy! We had dinner at Sakae Sushi before Wani sent me back home. Wuwuwu...jauh-jauh dia travel Gombak-Ampang-Shah Alam - The Curve - Shah Alam - Ampang - Gombak.

Today I'm going to visit Cik Man's newly born daughter, Fatimah at Sri Petaling. Tapi before that mahu ke Mydin dulu membeli barang-barang mahu dibawa pulang.

The point is...I can't wait to go back to this country for good. Mak masak sedap. Bila lapar boleh mengadu kat mak. Bila nak makan boleh keluar beli kat kedai. Bila sunyi boleh ajak rakan keluar sesuka hati. Gitu...tak sabar!

December 16, 2010

The day I become an unlucky and lucky woman

Salam and Hi everyone..

NO...I'm not home..YET. Saya kat Amsterdam. Haishk panjang ceritanya..Let me explain bit by bit.

Welcome to Amsterdam

tapi sampai2 semua kedai2 kat airport dah tutup T__T

My flights were supposed to be from Cork - Amsterdam with Aer Lingus, 65 minutes transit in Amsterdam, another flight from Amsterdam to Singapore with KLM, 2hrs transit, and another flight from Singapore to KL with Malaysia Airlines. I am supposed to arrive in KLIA 7.15pm, Thursday.

Unfortunately, the flight from Cork to Ams was delayed for 40 minutes, leaving me about 25 minutes transfer time, which is kinda ridiculous. But I still keep this tiny hope for miracle to happen. Once I touched down Schipol Airport I sped off to the boarding gate with a boarding pass that has no seat number. Turned out, I was on the waiting list as the flight was overbooked. There were 6 people in the waiting list including me and 5 of them managed to secure a place, leaving me alone.

I was mad. I was tired. I was disappointed. I cried.

The KLM staff brought me to the office to arrange my new flight. I didn't expect this would happen to me. Miracle does happen eh? Alhamdulillah rezeki..I am rebooked to another flight tomorrow at 12pm with Malaysia Airlines. I am staying in Mercure Hotel about 10 minutes and they provided dinner as well as tomorrow's breakfast. They also gave me some compensation money, a discount voucher for their flight and 5 minutes call credit to call home.

I told Mak and she said this is a blessing in disguise. Yes it is indeed! My checked in luggage is still in airport so I'm very much lack of "resources" here. Luckily I have my laptop, charger and travel adapter with me in the hand luggage! Moreover Oh em geeeee orang-orang hotel dia semua jambu2 noks. Dahlah friendly! hihihihi...

apsal la dia tak kasi duduk kat Sheraton kee :P

while waiting for the Shuttle to the hotel

the bed. so big but I'm all alone :(

the dinner provided. vegetarian pizza

my hand luggage. my saviour. hehe

I lost 15 hours time in Malaysia.
But I get to sleep in a hotel and get some other good stuff as well.

Doakan perjalanan saya esok hari ye. I'm leaving with 12pm flight tomorrow :)

December 15, 2010

Kepulangan yang dinanti (ke?)

It feels unreal. The day that I've been waiting for since the past 2 months has finally arrived *bunyi trumpet*

Ok seperti biasa mari kite bercerita dulu.

This week I have started to be really lazy. I was supposed to have oral surgery yesterday but I decided to stay in bed. As simple as that. LOL teruk gile perangai ampunkan sayaaa penunggu guaaaa...

Today the lazy bug was still around. Was so mad at myself because I booked in a paeds patient for the afternoon session. Well..we don't have requirements for paeds so there's not much pressure as the other clinical session. Luckily this morning I got a text from my patient's mom saying that the kid had cold. so she couldn't come. I was sooooooooo happy yaw!

Lepastu paksa diri ke clinic. I managed to do 2 fillings which carry out 8 marks of requirement for Composite Resin. I was sooo happy because I am still lacking at that department. I'm almost done with amalgam..but now I'm pretty much ok with the composite. Still a lot more to go but at least I managed to get 25 surfaces that's a good start, yes? Ada lagi 10 to fulfill requirement but I want to do as much as I can so my final year would be easier. Amalgam tak risau sangat Alhamdulillah I only have 3 surfaces to go..and I even have a patient for that in the waiting list pun. Starting next sem I must starting to work on endodontics pula. Yatta let's do this!!!

TAPI, ada bad things happen today. As I was happily browsing stuff with my laptop I spilled yoghurt on it. Freakin yoghurt tuan puan. Yang melekit2 tu. I freaked out because for your information my laptop is pretty much my life here. I can't go a single day without her. MacBabe, she's my greatest companion. Nasibla kena a day before I go back home jadinya takla stress sgt walaupun I freaked out for a while. Cepat2 wiped the yoghurt and keringkan guna hairdryer but it didn't want to start mula2. I let it dry for an hour, took off the battery....baca Bismillah sket and it was alive again, Alhamdulillah.

Sekarang ni I'm in the middle of transferring stuff into my external harddisk just in case she decided to leave me :( Nasibla the space is big enough to store everything important. I can't afford to lose anything from here. They are too precious.I might try to clean up the keys tomorrow because some of the keys are very sticky. Balik-balik Malaysia sah-sah kena hurung semut ni. Kalau semut can remove the stickiness bagus jugak ni kalau buat semak je...I hope MacBabe can bertahan for me...I can't afford a new laptop now. Wuwuwu....

Attemp #1 to dry the laptop while transferring stuff

Attempt #2 looks more effective. Tapi my hand is freezing sebab taip sambil kipas pusing T___T

Oh well this might be my last post from Cork, for the year 2010. Hehehe...So glad I'm going back home at least I can keep my mood and spirit stabilized hopefully til the end of the sem. Ya Allah permudahkanlah perjalanan saya pulang, Aminn.....

I'm leaving tomorrow at 5pm. Hopefully no delay-delay I only have 1 hr transit in Amsterdam!!!

the restorative clinic that will be missed..

the unit that will be missed


December 13, 2010


Hmmmmphh..a lot of things running in my mind now. This weekend has been a pretty relaxing and stress-relieving weekend for me. I touched no academic things at all...except printing off a few articles for my second literature review. Just print, no read. That's no good, me don't like.

It was also a gloomy weekend. Sun didn't even come out a minute. In normal circumstances I would be all dull and depressed but since I'm going back home soon I've been pretty okay with that. Tapi lepas dah berhoo-haa this 2 days suddenly I don't feel good. Tiba-tiba all this kind of scary feeling come crawling to me.

One of the thing in my mind being how pretty scary Malaysia is turning into. I admit I'm no goody girl. But I think I always kept my limit although I admit there are times I tend to go over the limit. Tapi it's just once off and I promised myself not to repeat it. Bila tengok how ridiculous people do things in Malaysia..I became really scared. Berparti berpeleseran sana-sini..lagi buat saya risau. Ishk I dunno how to channel my thoughts properly tapi that basically what I think about it. Risau. Menakutkan. Macammana nak besarkan anak dalam environment camtu?

Second thing came into my mind is how close I am to the real tough life. I know I might have been complaining lama sangat belajar sini homesick segala, tapi sebenarnya saya takut nak pulang balik. Bila start kerja, meaning it's a whole new world to me. A whole lot of responsibilities. Persoalan disini mampukah kau? I've got a few plans in my mind will I be able to achieve it? Boleh ke handle? Kalau tak dapat, sedih tak saya? Lepastu masuk plak soal jodoh. Ade ke? Sampai ke? Haha serabut lah pikir semua ni!

I think the solution is...just go with the flow, tapi still find a way how to make things better. It's one of my new year wish, remember? Tackle the probs one by one. Don't overthink but don't ignore. Bleh gitu?

Excuse my incoherent flow of thoughts. I'm feeling uneasy and I feel the need to rant. Sekarang baru rasa ok sikit. Fuh

December 11, 2010

Shop shop shop shopppingg!

Another 4 days to go home...oh yeahhhhhh!

Yesterday after clinic ended Wany and I went to Mahon of the few shopping centres we have in Cork. It takes about...hmmm around 20 mins by bus from the city centre to get there. Which explains why we don't go there that often.

Anyway let's go to hasil tangkapan shall we? Tak banyak pun coz oh well, I'm on tight budget and I have this spesific things I want in my mind.

Sophie K's latest Shopaholic series. I have not read for quite a lonnnngggggggg time. Reasons being my favourite writers haven't published new books lately and I'm too hooked up on the internet. I used to read all 4 Twilight series in one go. Dulu time 2nd year siap sanggup ponteng class, tido lambat sebab nak habiskan cerita tu mainly because saya ni tak sabar, once I start I must finish it up. Plus, I like to read light books. Otak saya dah berat enough with school stuff so for a getaway I need something easy. Bimbo pun bimbo lah janji gua baca buku, ye dok? Am going to read this on my flight home! Hehe..

A big, sling bag. Almost bought a garbage-bag-alike me laugh everytime I think of that bag. Nak bag besar punya pasal. I can kidnap 2 babies if I bought that bag. Yes, it's THAT big. Anyhow I needed a big sling bag for school..coz I need to stuff my scrub, towel (nak lap muka lepas amik wudhu'), books, planner..and sometimes food to school. Yes people, I bring bekal to school to save monayy..Hahaha..sedih dok dengar? Anyhoo bought this bag from Clarks at 50% discount. Good deal, yes?

And...the 4th (might be the last) installment of baby stuff. Hehehe..

I put this into the hand luggage because I want my cabin luggage to be light. I have only 1 h 5 mins transit in Amsterdam!

And the other stuff I put into checked-in luggage. Hehehe..

Kak Diah if you are wondering, inilah kawan yang didrag untuk ke Mothercare buat kesekian kalinya. heheh..

While I was choosing the bodysuit. huhu...

Anyway we got our class picture from Dentball yesterday. The one that we paid freakin 15eu! Nasib la not too bad dia tak kasi sekeping gambar je ada lah effort nak buat cantik sket..

close-up. 25 out of 37 of my classmates were there that night. huhu

the picture.

Alright now nak mulakan kehidupan pula. Forced myself to sleep as long as I could last night. Hahaha..tah apa perangai pun tatau.

December 08, 2010

Saya sudah habis exam!!

I'm done with the exam! It was kinda tricky..but at least it's over. One of my class mate went out only after 15 mins exam started! Crazy guy!!

There were 6 Qs. 1st one was periapical radiograph. Indications, requirements, techniques. Tooth notation.

2nd and 3rd Q instruments. Identify and use.Howarth's elevator and cryer.
Post-operative instructions.
Identify cysts, I think dentigerous and radicular.

4th Q mucosal tear - management of bleeding.

5th Q patient with Hep C precaution and management.

6th Q patient faints. Diagnosis and management.

Ok dah. Zzemangatzzz je terus nak hantar vlog. Yeay yeay dah abis exam tapi still kena datang lecture sampai pukul 1215. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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December 07, 2010

Of making a point in a pointless entry

the white-ish area in front of my house. sungguh slippery tiap-tiap pagi terpaksa berlatih imbangan badan dan terpaksa berjalan seperti tengah marching sebab takut terjatuh. T__T

Sedang berperasaan slightly marah ni sebenarnya. I didn't know why but I fell asleep after Isya' today. But now I've to get up because I have exam this Wednesday and I have to study. Ikutkan hati nak je sambung tidur tapi itulah orang kata, ikut hati, mati. Dahlah pagi tadi terbabas bangun lambat. Nasib dah niat nak puasa jadi tak perlu breakfast cepat-cepat bersiap pergi sekolah. Tapi sebab mahu balik minggu depan jadi kena chin up, cheer up and teruskan kehidupan seperti biasa.

Ok just stop it already. This is a pointless post I must say. It is not going anywhere. Just a rant because I am angry I had to wake up when I'm soooo sleepy.

Today in the oral surgery the fire alarm went on and we had to empty the hospital. I was just wearing that thin scrub yaw, so it was freeeeeeezing cold. The nurses, doctors and some of the boys managed to grab their coats because their room/locker room was close to the exit door. Jadinya bersejuk lah kami for 5-10 mins outside there. I pity those patients who still have the rubber dam on. Penat kot mulut nak nganga pastu kena duduk luar pula ini.

Masuk-masuk there was already a guy on the chair waiting for his tooth to be extracted. Sejuk tak habis lagi, badan konon dah lemah sebab puasa, Dr McK just pointed me and Kathleen to attend to this guy. Cis menyesal masuk awal! This guy needed 5 catridges of local anaesthesia ok! We normally give 1.5 cartridge for lower tooth. 1 full cartridge for the block and half a cartridge for long buccal nerve, tapi mamat ni.....he needed like 4 cartridge to achieve total block and 1 cartridge for buccal infiltration! Fffuuuu...But he was quite big and the tooth was grossly carious pun so it's kind of normal. Infection is toxic and sometimes even L/A won't work.

steps of tooth extraction

After we attended to the guy, we had to go next door to this 78 y/o lady pulak because everyone is freaking gone!!! Here in Ireland, there's a high population of older people. Tapi, as oppose to Malaysia, older people here are very do I put ke? Even tua dah susah nak jalan pun, they can be seen in the town, holding onto their shopping trolley walking slowly to buy stuff. Most of my patients are older people. The lady we had just now, she doesn't have any children and she is going for hip surgery next week ok. Boleh gitu? Siapalah yang jaga makan minum dia ni. It kinda breaks my heart actually to see them old people who had to live by themselves.

Ok sudah kena sambung study. Tapi dah lapar. Berdosa tak kalau makan pukul 10 malam? =S

**Edited : Dah 2 jam post baru teringat. I actually wanted to make a maal hijrah entry T___T. Salam Maal Hijrah everyone. Semoga tahun baru ini kita berjaya perbaiki diri dan berusaha menjadi yang lebih baik dari kita yang sebelumnya. Harapan saya mahu be good to The One and everyone.. I'll try my best!

December 04, 2010

Luahan hati dan perasaan

The weather hasn't stabilized yet. There's no more heavy snow after the last day I wrote a post but it the temperature is still freakin freezing. The only time I wrap myself properly with muffler, boots and thick jacket was last winter, for my trip to Austria. Tapi sekarang, hari2 gi sekolah I had to spend extra 5 minutes to wrap my neck and wear them boots. Haishk..I want my 5 minutes back extra tu boleh tido lagi lima menet tau!!!!

this picture was from last winter's trip to Vienna

This morning the roads were all icy and slippery. There were a lot of crashes. You see, Ireland is not really well prepared with precautions for crazy temperature like this. So a lot of time people's daily lives were affected kalau ada emergency stuff. Schools have been closed. People are stranded in their house and can't go out. And tadi...the dental hospital decided to shut down at 12 since the situation has gone bad. Ada my lecturer tadi siap terpaksa parking kete tepi jalan and jalan kaki gi hospital sebab jalan licin.

gloomy and dull weather all day long. ada la the sun jengah sikit-sikit barang sejam dua..

I hope the weather behave well for the next 2 weeks. Jangan la jalan tutup ke airport tutup ke apa. Oh have I told you I iz going back home this coming 15th Dec? That explains this whole saya-takde-duit dilemma coz I have been saving up since 2 allowances ago, approx last April. Ingat senang2 ke saya nak balik suka2 hati. I feel I didn't have enough holiday last summer. I think I need to be well prepared for the next coming few months, especially the last part in June where I have to live alone when all my medic housemates are back in home enjoying the summer holiday.

Lepastu, satu lagi dilemma came up. You see, I plan to join my classmates to do volunteer work in Nepal called Dental Outreach. The dates would be from 10th of July until 23rd of July. Tiba-tiba, I found out AirAsia is flying to New Zealand!!! (click click click plis :P)

OMG. Even tak dapat promo price pun, a return ticket costed around RM1000 for a return flight. All this while I've been searching and waiting for cheap ticket to NZ to visit my bestfriend there ok! I used to dream of studying in New Zealand back then. Dulu time interview JPA, saya kata antara UK atau New Zealand. Ireland tak termasuk dalam senarai pun ok. Tapi Alhamdulillah, I'm still thankful for where I am now. Since the bestfriend is still studying there, this is a good time to take a trip to the land down under, yes?

Tapi tu lah. Dilemma dilemma dilemma. To go volunteer work or to go to NZ. I don't have that much of holiday and money to go both. So I have to choose. I have registered for the volunteer work but haven't bought the ticket or pay the deposit yet. So I might still have time to think...

Akhir kata, please pray for my exam this Dec 8th. Untuk kelancaran dan semoga dipermudahkan dan supaya tidak dipostpone ke tarikh lain ke apa. Dann please do pray for the ease of my trip to go back home nanti.

December 01, 2010

Snow? Noooooooooo..

Some random picture taken with my BB. Taken during our Bake Sale for Dental Outreach fundraising. heheh

Cork is finally snowing. READ : this is a disappointed feeling. This is exciting no more. Snow = damn cold = slippery roads. OK fine, last year when it first snowed heavily in Cork I was kinda excited. Almaklumlah we never really get snow here. This week the weather has been crazy. Our friends in Dublin and Galway awal-awal lagi dah bermandi snow.

I noticed the coldness was a bit different this morning. On my way to the hospital, my head began to ache and I teared a bit having to face this freezing weather. In the clinic, a lot of patients cancelled the appointment as they were having problem getting to the hospital. Luckily my patient made it. At about 10, white flakes came falling down from the sky while I was treating my patient. Since our units face the window, the view was so mesmerizing. We paused to enjoy the snow rain for a while. My patient said "it's like getting a good seat in cinema". Jangan kata org Malaysia je jakun ye, the Irish nurses, students and the doctors also were so excited.

Our view from the clinic

the rooftop is starting to be covered by the snow

the heavy snow lasted for about 20mins only. Thank God!

Both me and my partner's patient cancelled that afternoon so we were done in the hospital quite early. Hasil idea gila, my partner in crime, Wany and I decided to go to town. As we were walking down the road from the main entrance, the bus came. Maka berlari-larilah dua kanak-kanak gemok mengejar bas dikala kesejukan yang amat. Heh.

The mission to town is to find a pair of boots. Each and everyday my toes were suffering due to the weather. I think they deserve to be warm too. I just wanna be fair to all parts of my body. Eceh alasan.. But seriously I never have a pair of boots that is warm and comfy enough to withstand cold weather coz..well...Cork has never been this cold. At least not as early as November! Still long way to go to Spring, yes? So I finally opted for this brown-ish boot from Neulook. Bankrupt lah ini bulan dah lah nak kena beli Magnifier ngan Coupling lagi T__T

This boots are meant for walking!

Usai beli boots pergi pula ke Mothercare for second hunt of baby stuff. Chihihi..kalini cari Cosy Sit Me Up pula! I got so excited whenever I'm in the shop. Everything looks cute and nice and pretty. My dear niece, you are sure lucky your aunty is still studying when you are born. Semua barang awak import dari obersea okeh! Hehehe..

Nasib muat masuk luggage! Hehe

Cute baby suits!

OK dah mari start belajar. Tak sedar diri ada exam bleh plak nak pergi-pergi town berjola-joli.

Mengopi di gloria jeans

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