July 31, 2006

happy bday to me

This is my 1st post at my official age of 19 *nyaha*

Erm.Actually I had one of my toughest time yesterday. Especially when I had to celebrate my failure on the same day of my bday

Neway frester testimonials had somehow make me smile...Ramaiiii org wish bday gue =) =) I got 16 testimonials from my frens so kire cam gembira la..I'm smiling now..My 1st sincere smile from past 24 hours or shud I say 48 hours?

Well at least my smile now can put my depression aside..maybe for few hours? ENough to make me survive until my maths test kot?

I have to vomit this thing out. Benci sangat. I am stucked at a course whing I thing the input is very...helpful. Tapi kem ni jadi tensen sebab ada......Having to witness their very frendly ka lovely bond cam buat gue lagi sedih? Again I am haunted by this pathetic feeling. Siot tul la!!

Ok Ok...My sympathetic nerves aint functioning correctly. I'll be back


July 23, 2006


I met an accident

With a motorcycle

Lost my sense of direction


Again, a very unthrilling accident

Just near the junction at bukit saga

I have to pay rm15

Pity that guy

Cannot work

I feel guilty

Scolded by mom

Life sucks

July 22, 2006

apologi buat mahfuzah

Ouch,once again I screwed up.This entry is called apologi buat mahfuzah..

Need I explain to y'all wut had happened? Aint think that one wud be necessary. But it's just another emo silly thing. I am haunted by my guilt. Especially the fact that she's my bestest fwen ever and I shud be there to chill her down actually. But what did I do??? I just poured more acid on her profusely bleeding heart. Hwa hwa....There she goes. I dunno what she's doin now. Am feeling extremely guilty. Paiseyh..

Quoting my own saying :
"Ye aku tensen ngan ko.Tp stkt mane je la aku mampu bngang. U r my bestest fwen.."

tataulah ape yg saye dah buat

Malaysian drama is seriously shuucckksss..Sheeshh..(courtesy to McB english dept yg mengsilibuskan cerita pasal niggers.huhu) Last nite after watching one in a million I wandered around the channels is astro (eh skati je kuar terms camni)Then I tried channel 1 n 2, just wanted to see if there's any improvement. Since my ability of multitasking is undeniable, I watched the drama in ch 1 n 2 at the same time. Huh...serious dier nye stupidity tahap...tahap...huh speechless. People who sell chicken kat pasar yg bersih gila (which is so..tipu) is having a better life than people who are pampered in air cond'd room. Hoh....tipu tipu tipuuuuuuuu. Hwaa...I felt so stupid due to my stupid decision of watching those shows.Ciss...tahapahapetah

Oh group, INSYIRAH, won the best group MPI!! was worthy experience tho. It didnt affect me much on my penghayatan in islam except the fact that I am certain that my religion is the one n only religion yg sangat beauttifulll n relevant. I'm proud to be a muslim, seriously. But I met great bunch of fwens yg sebnanye byk kali terserempak dah pon. Cuma skang je get to know them better. Best best. My groupmate rocks!! Gabungan perempuan bising n suke glak. Oh..our cooking n slaughtering competition, we won!! Hahaha..Jenazah?...we won!!! hahaha. Best best best

I'm going out wif z today. See toldcha that I'll be missing her. Sebab lately (NOTE:my lately is this recent 3 months)I've been going out with her. Hwa hwa z....jgn tinggal daku..sape lagi nak usha crop zara bersama?? But seriously I am not in my best mood, especially after what had happend. Tu pasal gue ajak dier tgk wayang....Erm..whatever.Let's just pray that in the coming hours, I'll get better and regain my stability,

July 19, 2006

happy happy

10.28pm,July 18 2006.

This is a happier version of me =)(= and I just feel like blogginggggg

Burp...kenyangnyer makan eksrem cappucino Shazif blanje. Mekasih Encek Shazif Othman.Moga eskrem yang bakal menambah lemak di badan saya ini diberkati dan halal sempena expo halal yang bakal berlangsung esok. *talking craps*

Suddenly I feel happier today. Nothing happened today. Class went like usual. I didnt go to the tayangan (a slot, part of our MPI) instead went to library to read the newspaper. To my dissapointment the main topic at ALL papers are on that Shhtuupiid Siti and Pil KK. Yah wutever. Do whatever u want to do but pls stop making such gimmick no-comment-biarlah-rahsia statement. That is

I just went for the taska meeting. Sheesshh menyesal capub bday gue. Tak pasal2 I was appointed to be the project manager next week. The agenda is birthday party so Shazif cruelly assigned me and....IJOY???? to be the project manager. Uwaaa..saye takut dengan Ijoy. Dier cam...garang. Walaupun dier jadi badut Nanti dier...uwaa..takut. Ijoy is like..pejuang-islam-muslimin-sejati and I am perempuan-biasa-takut-dengan-ijoy

Tomorrow is my maths QUIZ. Cis..takut seyh

Dahlah. Nak sambung buat maths

N.B: I have new strategy on blogging. I'll just write up on the notepad and paste it whenever I get the chance to surf the net. So jimat mase. While waiting for the so-called hotspotz yg nak sampai ke hostel....terpakse lah wat camtuuuuuu

July 09, 2006

an attempt to write

This post is called an attempt to write.

Yesterday I checked my bank account. Oh now it was not on pupose tho. Just to kill time while waiting for my mom to withdraw her money. Then guess wut??

Your balance is RM***.25

And I was like....yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duitku udah masukkk...Thanx mr jpa thanx mr govt for giving me chance to spend n spend n shop n shop. But the big Q is,

When will I get the chance to shop till I drop????

Okayh, there are few problems here:
1. I dun have time. Next week is our MPI which I think I am not siot enuff to create a reason n fly back home. I think it's a NO NO, for now at least. Next 2 weeks is my KEM SASTERA SIOT GILAK. End of July? Hurmm..maybe..
2. I am not in my best figure. Meaning I have to cut down my weight more. Tsk..I think this is the hardest part especially when my class is now faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr away from everywhere. Makes me feel hungry easily, pluss the aircond pon make me hungry easily (yaa..shivering otot, more energy, yada yada bla bla)
3. Erm...

Sem 3 exam is cancelled or wut the college called as "postponed". Wut am I supposed to feel eh? Happy ke? Not really. No exam meaning I have to stay focus. Sebab wut makes me focus is............exam of course. Kalo tak mesti gue nak enjoy je rasenya.Hwaaaaa...takuttttttttttttttttt. What will happen next? Just wait n see.

So far my sem 3 life is not bad. My social not that bad. Except for the fact that I played roughly during the sports carnival, maybe ade induce kebengangan org terhadap gue. Sorry ler sesangat. Nyaha. But my procrastinationata disease still ade.Worsen maybe. Paiseyh, I really need to get back on track kan..kan..kan...

Oh I have this new disease. Even I myself am terrified with this disease. He kept on popping out in my mind.The thoughts on him is undeletable. To make it worst, arghh..he is he. He is not other he or that he or this he. Nyaha...who is HE? No one shud know. No one wud ever know. Trust me. Any clue?? He is not from sains selangor obviously. So enough said. No one knows. I've never told anyone. Even my McB fren. Even my SMSS fren.

tatau ape motif gambar neyh >.<

~~~nyaha nyehe. I think I am crazy. Tell me wut's goin on...~~~~~


July 08, 2006

what's wrong with me?

I want to write sumthing

But I just cant

Coz I'm not in my bestest mood

So i'LL be back

(post gler membazir)

*heart heart*

July 07, 2006

kaki saye lebamlebam
Swollen Knee. Backache. Terseliuh-ed leg. STOMACHACHE????????????????????

Ouh my..those were the results of being a super sporty woman.But I seriously cant accept the stomachache especially during an important match. Nyaha...sedey sangat tahu ngakkkk??

How was the match? Totally horrible la. We were a bunch of we-dont-know-how-to-play-but-we-are-so-semangat. Netball was superb undeniably terrible. Lost to orange 9-1 (I shot the single 1 okayh??) and against purple, totally crap 10-1 (again, I shot that semangat 1 point) I was so determined to break the egg and I did it!!! Nyaha..But sadly, against yellow 2-0 (no more breaking egg cause my stomache and leg were aching.Sial tul)

Volley was the best la kot so far. We got 2nd place. We were asking for a final match tho. Between us and orange cause we believe there is shine of hope. Nyahahaha..tatau la hopefully dapat la.I am so desperately in need of 1st place.

I played BASKETBALL!!! Nyaha..seriously. Yesterday n today. It was terrible tho. Lacking stamina. Ouh I havent played a proper basketball since ever tetibe je main. So I was jumping.Running here n there. But as expected of course la kalah. The team arrangement was totally unfair. Blame the Sports Bureau. Stupid! It happened that all of the classes gathered in red team was a bunch of holly crap.But I managed to score 2 pts for basket so it was not that bad la =) =)

What did I learn? How to be a better bitch and how to play a rough match. Nyahaha..I think I am in the making of being a bitch la. Paiseyh...I was so rough. Bengang. Senggol sane sini. Just played as I was so hebat tapi takdelah sangat sebnanyer. Wahaha sedeyhnyer saya dah makin jahat. Sumbody out there please safe me.

Ouh the juniors are really annoying. There are everywhere. Rimas. Cam lalat. Rase cam nak pukul je kuat2. Nyahaha..1st day oledi read handbook la..IB textbook la. Tahapehapetah. Hopefully this is not hangat-hangat chicken poop dah ah. Nyahaha..Being jahat again n again.

U know, I had 2 terrible dream today. One of them is seriously terrible that I dont even dare to change. The other one is.....oh please. Sumpah I wasnt thinking about him or our frenship nemore. But I can still feel I was crying.In my dream, I sent a fster msg to him. I didnt remember wat was the content. But suddenly sometime after that he came to my class. He apologized. I cried terribly until I woke up from sleep. Siot glak..The dream occured in between 5.43am and 6.30am coz I remembered I had this dream when I re-sleep after I heard the noise from those who had just watched the football.

Shit. I wish I didnt re-sleep.So that I managed to smile today. Tsk....

P/s: this blog was written on wednesday,5/7/06 ekh.

July 02, 2006


Dry skin. Itchy. Scratch scratch scratch. Bleeding hand out of nowhere.

When my hands or fingers, actually showed these symptoms, I rushed to Guardian pharmacy to find suitable pharmacy to cure, or at least make it feels better. The snobbish pharmacist gave me this elomet cream and I went back to home, feels like telling my mother. Guess what she says?

"La..datang balik. Ingat kecik2 dah abis dah"

So another history being repeated. Argh...tensen tensen. Okay so I looked horrible during my childhood. I have this skin disease all over my legs n hands. I'm allergic to eggs (pastu besar2 balas dendam. I like any-food-thing about egg), seafood etc etc. Normal allergies that allergic ppl have kot. I have this inferiority complex that I refused to wear skirts and I opt for trousers. Gi tadika pun sbb dah uniform dier pakai skirt. Terpaksaaaaa....

My mom said I have this virus inside my body. It's incurable. Yer la..virus kan. The symptoms will re-attack me if I'm having depression, hormonal imbalance etc etc. Nyaha..takkan nak gembira je sepanjang masa utk kulit yg sihat.ceyht.Then I went on the net to check for this disease. So here goes :

I. Definition:

Atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema or just eczema) is a name given to a stubborn itchy rash that occurs in certain people with sensitive or irritable skin. Eczema is common in infants and young children, and may disappear before adulthood. Eczema may clear for years, only to reappear later--often on the hands. --> setuju2

II. Cause:

* The cause is unknown. It's the result of a built-in defect of the skin that tends to run in families. This defect causes the skin to lose water and to become dry compared to normal skin. Eczema is not contagious and is not related to your general health. --->Yup, my mom has eczema I know y..
* People with eczema have skin that is dry and easily irritated by soap, detergents, and rough wool clothing. Clothes washed or dried with liquid or sheet fabric softeners such as Cling, may also irritate the skin. Hot and cold weather often aggravates eczema. Certain allergies may worsen eczema, but they don't cause it. --->I'm allergic to apekenamenyebinatangunggaskeapetah. But I've stopped washing clothes on my own =(
* People with atopic eczema have a greater incidence of asthma and hayfever in themselves and in their families.tipulah..tak pnah kena athma pun.Btw wut is hayfever??

III. Treatment:

* Since eczema patients have a constitutional skin defect, no permanent cure is possible. However, there are very effective ways of controlling it such as Epitrex and similar treatments.-->hwa permanent cure.So it'll attack over n over again
* Vaseline and cortisone compounds applied to the skin are the best medicines for controlling eczema. Most cortisone salves can be used safely for years. When large areas of the body are treated with strong cortisone preparations, periodic medical check ups are necessary. Strong cortisones shouldn't be applied to the face, armpits, groin, or rectal area. nyaha..nasib kat armpit takde. Neway wheretheheck can I get this cortisone??
* When using cortisone ointments always remember to use a little and massage it in well.

July 01, 2006


When things go wrong, u perceive EVERYTHING as wrong. Despite the rightness of something, u will still say it wrong wrong wrong wrong..Ngeng ngonggggg

Abg's engagement went smoothly. Alhamdulillah. My once-in-a-year-baru-jumpa-PakLong was the spokesman. It was ok tho he doesnt know anything much. No no no I'm not being sarcastic but just being honest =P

my PakLong.He resembles my father sgt2 >.<

Pastu everything went like it should be. Yada yada bla bla..OMG Kak Emi was so beautiful ok.Some say she looks like sarimah la waheeda la..Huhu.Anyway congrats Abg!

kak emi

my mom says : "gambar ni cam smuorg tak kawan smuorg ke sana kesini ke sunun" nyahaha..

Went back and they went lepaking at my house.Cikpi brought projector so we showed the pixies through need plasma tv lah.Ktorg pun leh wat wayang sendiri

Just now went to McB for volleyball.Sadly we lost...just by 1 mark okayh?? I helped the team to win the first round game.My hebat service =) But then I ruined our chance too..Bola dpan mata tak shttuuuuuuupiiiiiiiiddddddddddddd

Takpe la..kalah bergaya la gak



Why go streamyx when there's only 1 ppl craving to go surfing only during the weekends?

Stupiddddd I got very mad when I came back with high hopes to go surfing tetibe my bro says

"blom bayar la.taksempat"

What the toooott toooottt toooottt????

I've been nagging about the connection since last week okayh??

Alamak..suddenly I feel like lost my grips in blogging

Will be back later kayh?