October 30, 2007

Dublin trip - an update =D

I'm back in CORK!!

Well the Dublin trip was a blast. Dublin is fun. FULLSTOP. But somehow I felt super thankful for not being one of the Dublin-ers. Why? Mari ikuti blog saye sepenuhnya..hee..

We arrived in Dublin approx at 2.30pm. Mun and some guys fetched us. Oh saye culture shock seketika. kampung masuk bandar. The sea of ppl is...memeningkan kepala. Too many ppl. Very2 busy. That's Dublin.

In Dublin, there are loads of halal fast food/restaurant. So that explains thankful #1. Had I been the Dublin-ers pasti badanku mengembang and duitku melayang drastically due to the irresistable temptation of dining out. We went to Kebab Club and after that went back to Mun's house. And here we go to thankful #2. The house is not so big. The rooms are not so spacious. The toilet are not so comfortable. And they pay E290!! Jika anda di Cork, dgn duit E290 u can afford to live in nice, spacious, comfortable big room/house.

Later in the evening I stopped by at Nora's house. Few blocks away from Mun's so the condition were slightly I care not to elaborate..
I didn't join the gig event. I dunno why but I just don't feel like doing so. Not because I boycotted the event or what..but later that nite Mun and I went to fetch the rest at the gig. Thankful #3 - the fast food operates till late nite so we went to eat kebab yg portion dier sangat besar okayh..adoih...gemukk gler..

The next day the fun began. Futsal. Nerve-wrecking, muscle streching, body aching but super fun and exciting futsal. Thankful #4 - most of the Dublin-ers spent a lot on transport. Busses. Trams. And it costed a lot y'know? But thank God they got this Rambler card so u can hop on the bus unlimitedly in a day. Kalau tourist mmg worth it la tapi kalau frequent user? erm...i dunno..
Muke goaly bajet hebat

The futsal game went smoothly. We had fun! Played 6 games and I played all of them FULL TIME okayh. tiada keluar2 ganti2. Of course we lost ler..The first 2-3 games I was still in good condition. We even managed to give hard times to the champion - BUMBLEBEE. Orang laen smua diorg belasah 6-1, 5-0 la tapi ktorang kasi diorg buat 2-0 saje...hee..I took the goaly position coz almost everybody didn't want to take the risk. Sabar je la..But when the finishers were having problem to attack I swap with Apan and took over the striker position. Kire I played goaly-striker-goaly-defender la..

After the 3rd games my deadly coughing started to reappear. I had difficulties to breathe and I was gasping for air. It lasted for 30 minutes..a few ppl were there by my side. Thanks to Nora, Aimi, Ummi and the goaly from KUD for ur care. And thanks also Peja? (yup he came to Dublin to meet her laopo-Vien) Vivi, Yani and few others for ur concern..Haha..I dun want to elaborate much on the question marks. U ppl who know me and my history duduk diam and rase pelik je la ye..

The last 2 games were the worst. Start lawan the Corkians saye dah rase tak besh dah nak lawan. Walaupun saye still maen ganas...tapi still rase tak best..It got worst towards the end of the game against Galyway-ians. My chest, leg were hurting so I played for the sake of finishing the game (tapi still maen full time gak tu..heee..)

Muke penat pas Futsal with Nora

Right after the last game we rushed back to Mun's house. Prepared for the lemang vs ketupat event. Mandi2 and rushed back to UCD. We were late la of course. The event Since we didn't get to meet during futsal coz he was too shy to enter the girls futsal area so we met after the lemang vs ketupat event. Met at the UCD's most beautiful area kot..the lake..haha..romantik ke? =P tak kot..
On the way back bumped into Kak Lyn and Atiq. Huhu...akhirnye jumpe pun Kak Lyn. Kat KMB tak smpat jumpe last2 jumpe kat Ireland..hee..tapi haritu Lutfi kawin smpatla jumpe jap kan..
The 2nd & 3rd night I slept at Trinity hall. Huu...what I can say is..Trinity hall sangat heaven. Yup, they are the luckiest peeps in Ireland. Tmpat selesa sangat..better than our Castlewhite la of course. But if JPA were to terminate the 60-40 payment, mungkin mereka paling seksa skali la..mahal woo...E500++ per month tuuu...

Jakun dalam tram.heee...kat Cork takdeee...
The next day Aimi, Ummi and Min (the Trinity peeps) brought me to town. Jenjalan..busy town. Lots of nice shopping place. At first we were supposed to go to Msian Hall for some event but cancelled the plan coz we were too busy shopping =P Di Cork, I dunno why but we Corkians have this some kind of severe kedekut nye attitude in spending. Seriously. Datang Dublin smua Corkians cam bajet2 je. Beli ape pun share! huu...But in Dublin I don't mind wasting spending my euros..berbelanja tanpa waswas! Hahahaha..but I didn't buy much. I invested for 2 nice discounted puma and nike shoes and it costed me only E66. Sangat murah okayhhh??? And this is thankful #5. Mak oih..duduk Dublin mmg lupekan je la harapan nak saving....

Us at Mun's house

The last day at Dublin I cooked a salt-less Bihun goreng for them. Heee...One of the many good things in Dublin - the Asian food are cheaper than ours. Kicap Kipas Udang dier murah 50cent than ours okayh that's not fair!!!!!!! Rushed to the Busaras (station bus)..luckily we took tram instead of waiting for the bus. The street were closed coz of the Dublin Marathon!!
Departed from Dublin at 10++ reached Cork at 2++ Had to call for the rescuers - Alya and Adilah to help me with my stuff. Kaki saye sakit terlampau. Alamakk...muscle ape tuu...smalam dah tanye Alya name muscle dier..sakitt...- perhatian saye tak blaja lower limb lagi tau sbb tu tak brape tau. (alasan!)
My E66 shoess...heee...

In a nutshell my trip to Dublin was meaningful and full of fun. Regardless of what ppl wud want to say or wud want to think, I came to Dublin to meet up me frens...erm..nuff said. And kesimpulan dari the thankful-ness ialah in Dublin, it's all about money..haihh..
Dublin, i'll definitely come back before summer holiday...Byk kedai souvenir woo...sape nak souvenir cpat2 angkat tangan!!!

P/S : parcel saye da dapat. me mom gave me this 2 photos. uwaaaa...super sedih...I put them on the wall together with me bro's card - huu..penuh dgn nasihat!

October 25, 2007

mimpi sedih

pagi tadi saye mimpi mak saye, abang saye, atok2 saye, mak pah saye, mak tip saye, cikpi saye, cik wa saye, mak limah saye, cik aris saye serta ahli2 keluarga mereka datang ke Ireland menaiki kapal.

saya tunggu tepi port dgn gembira

skali alarm "shakira shakira" saye berbunyi.


p/s : saye batuk teruk. saye sudah go all out utk beli sebarang ubat2 untuk futsal esok. saye juga sedang consider membeli kasut sukan baru okayh? waaa...

batuk~ batuk~ go away~~

October 23, 2007

Anak mak dah pandai masak!!!

So the so-called Castlewhite Openhouse went on last Saturday..How was it? It was FUN!

It all started the night before. The boys really got our nerves on- mereka pergi beraya dikala-kala semua bahan mentah masih bersama mereka. Apakah jenis perangai busuuk ituuu?? The preparation started quite late, I must say. And we were cutting the onions + garlic + etc etc, did some blending jobs until 3.51am. YUP it's 3.51 in the morning, in case u are wondering.

The next day I got up - melompat from my bed coz it was 8 am already. Muke busuk (tapi dah terbasuh and gigi dah tergosok okayyhhh) rushed to Wany's apartment. Managed to call me mom to ask for last minute advice and started the Battle - battle of the meeee bandung..

This time around I timed almost every single step I made just to make sure the chillis + the bumbu+ the meat are well-cooked. Saya tidak mahu dengar lagi insan2 mengadu sakit perut sebab makan cili pedas..And FIVE (5) hours later, wallaaaa...seperiuk besar mi bandung (dan 2 periuk kecil lagi - tak cukup periuk nak masak) was ready to be served. I was so worried. Kept on asking them how's the taste and segala...aihh..nervous tau!

Approx at 1.30 (jemputan datang pukul 2.30 okay) we moved to Nida's apartment to set up the place. Dropped by at the boy's place (bawah apt Nida je) to witness the gelabahness of the cik abang2 yg pergi beraya tak ingat dunia....haaa...baru tau!! I helped them to alter the tasteless fried rice. At that moment I feel super busuk okayh. Dengan bau udang nye..dengan tak mandinye.. Managed to settle everything by 2 and rushed back to my apartment to shower and prepare.

The sad part is...mak saye takde baju kurung dah. So I borrowed Wany's grad attire. Tried my best to get rid off the SCENT of the udangsss..siap2 sket...then went to Nida's apartment. Some of the guests arrived oledi..haiyo..maaf la akak2 yeh..I rushed to and fro from Nida's to Shazif's. We divided the guests into two halves - lelaki di umah Shazif and girls di umah Nida. SO I was checking whether the food was okay or not..

Apart of my mi bandung, Aliyah made trifle. Wany made dadih jagung. Nida with her fruit cocktail pudding. Adilah + Aliyah were the main chef for the nasik impit + kuah kacang. And credit to Shazif's mom who posted the rendang and the 8 different types of kuih raye..haha...kantoi besar je rupe2nye rendang mak Shazif yg masak..

The event lasted til evening. Later in the evening Frank and C to the A to the B - Cabelo my Botswana classmates came to. Mereka ni gosipkan saye dengan 2 insan Botswana tu busuk gler okayh??? By Maghrib, everything settled down already. We were exhausted. Energy drained out tahuuuuu....Flat! Went back to my apartment, did some chores, basuh baju bau udang and sleep..

The next day I was down with slight fever tapi gagahkan diri jua mahu makan free di rumah Kak Rose.. ngee...

And the most awaited days are coming - Dublin trip. Did I mention that I'll be captain-ing the Cork + Dublin futsal team? Owhhh...nervous gler okayhhh..We started our practice yesterday - in the rain okayh.. Semangat gler...

Bermain futsal mengingatkan saya kepada rakan-rakan kesayangan saye. Fuzah, Wani, Ida, CheMi, Zack, Wawa, Shera, Nadiah and the rest, I MISS U ALL LIKE CRAZY OKAYH?!? faster pleashhh?? Bring me to my mommy, my family and my friends faster pleashhh....??

p/s : encik DHL mane parcel saye?!?!?!?

October 16, 2007

The Raye pictures

All of us. Malaysian Corkians.. (except those 2 girls yg terselit di hujung2. mereka anak2 Dublin tersesat skit..heee..)
The girls..

Ade ke tone warna camnihhh??? huhuhuh..

Inilah yg dituduh sebagai Ayam punca..Ayam Killer..yeke?? ktorang masak dari kul 11 sampai kul 4 pagi tau semata2 masak ayam niiii je...

Corkian 1st year wishes u happy eid mubarak.
siape2 nak buat open house jemput2 la kami. =P Castlewhite Open House? InsyaAllah will be held this Saturday, most probably around 12-4.. (still under consideration).

October 15, 2007

Post-Raye post

Err...Raya pics will be up sooner. Left it in my room

The raye was fine. And syahdu syahdan too.. I missed my family so much...
Was down with headache + stomachace + severe (killing, i must say) sore throat the next day so I spent the whole day watching Pride (Japanese Drama)

I love Takuya Kimura, skian harap maklum

P/S : Dublin trip, another 2 weeks. Wooohoo~

I'm just the pieces of the girl I used to be
Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
I'm far away from home
And I've been facing this aloneFor much too long
I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be
In my tangled state of mind
I've been looking back to find
Where I went wrong
Too much love will kill you
If you can't make up your mind
Torn between the loverA
nd the love you leave behind
You're headed for disaster'cos you never read the signs
Too much love will kill you
Every time
I'm just the shadow of the girl I used to be
And it seems like there's no way out of this for me
I used to bring you sunshine
Now all I ever do is bring you down
How would it be if you were standing in my shoesC
an't you see that it's impossible to choose
No there's no making sense of it
Every way I go I'm bound to lose
Too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It'll drain the power that's in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You're the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you
Every time
Too much love will kill you
It'll make your life a lie
Yes, too much love will kill you
And you won't understand why
You'd give your life, you'd sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much love will kill you
In the end...In the end.

October 13, 2007


Last Thursday we had a study group with Kak Yan & Kak Muna. I tell u...the seniors are super-kind & cool. They came here all the way just to teach make sure we aren't lost...

On the way back to my room, I bumped into a girl, who doesn't look okay. She was drunken, to be precise..
I dunno why but I invited the girl for a cup of tea. It was dangerous y'know. She might kill me she might rob me but I dunno why but I just let the girl in without any worries..

No, actually the worriness started soon after the girl stepped into my kitchen - she might grab a knife and point it out to me or I was kinda worry + inferior..tarik cawan pun cover2 takut2 nampak pisau..
But nothing happened. When I was preparing the tea for her she asked me this one single question that dragged us to a 30 mins conversation :

"Have u ever been in LOVE?"

I was dumbfounded. Mengapakah gadis mabuk ini mengeluarkan soalan aneh sedemikian rupa. And right there at the moment I knew the girl was brokenhearted.

And so the girl went on with her pitiful story. How she fell for a guy, Tyco Donahue, but she didnt have enough guts to confess, she wrote an anonymous poem to the Tyco Donno-who guy and he read it out in the class, how handsome he is, how deep her love for that guy...yada yada bla bla...

Obviously the girl's self confidence were vanished away just because of that Tyco guy. She kept on telling that she's ugly..she's horrible and stuff..she's been liking that guy since 13, and now she's 19.
6 tahun membazir keremajaan utk sesuatu yang menyakitkan..oh..apakah itu cinta (yucksss busuk gler statement)
And that nite was the first time she had too much drink that she couldn't even stand up straight..
Pity girl, aite?

In the middle of the conversation my housemate, An with her friend, Yvonne went into the kitchen and heated up the conversation.

So we adviced the girl to look for other fishes. GO fishing. She might find a lobster...or maybe some sharks. But she need to get over that Tyco Donno-who fish.

The chat went on and on and on, even after the girl left our kitchen to her room coz she was too dizzy.

And out of nowhere we jumped into a very..I must say...menarik topic. Bridging the gap. I explained to An & Yvonne what is Ramadhan and how we have to fast from morning till the evening..yada yada bla bla...

In a nutshell, perbuatan aneh leads to an interesting experience

tapi jangan buat selalu...bahaya woooo~

tapi kan...awwwhh...malu lah saye...ketika gadis itu meracau-rapu...she told me "oh you're pretty..u have pretty eyes..pretty..bla bla"
err..orang mabuk mengarut ke cakap jujur ek?
hehehehehe.. hurts.. kan?

October 10, 2007

Rindu hati ini, inginku kembali..

The Don'ts when you are going to celebrate Eid far away from your family :
mensyahdukan diri dengan mendengar lagu raye
guess everybody is busy preparing for the celebration.
busy traffic.
noisy houses.
lil kids jumpin up n down.
makciks2 rocking in the kitchen
pakciks2 kacau-ing the dodols
spring cleaning the house.
gelak kuat2.
gi parit sulong malam raye
kacau rendang sampai naik taik minyak
mak pah ordering ppl to do this and that
307, air hitam, 84600, muar, johor....
gwe rindu bangat sama lu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dalam dingin subuh hatiku terusik
Kenang nasib diri di rantauan
Bergema takbir raya menitis air mata
Terbayang suasana permai desa

Rindu hati ini inginku kembali
Pada ayah bonda dan saudara
Tetapi aku harus mencari rezeki
Membela nasib kita bersama

Hanya ku sampaikan doa dan kiriman tulus ikhlas
Dari jauh kupohonkan ampun maaf
Jangan sedih pagi ini tak dapat kita bersama
Meraikan aidil fitri yang mulia

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Hingga aku pulang kepadamu

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Demi anakmu yang kini jauh

Satu pagi di hari raya
Aku sujud memuji Mu
Satu pagi di hari raya
Aku sujud membesarkan Mu

Ku melafazkan takbir
Penuh rasa kehambaan
Ku melafazkan tahmid
Penuh rasa kesyukuran

Gema takbir di pagi raya
Ku teringat kampung halaman
Aku di perantauan
Tak berdaya menahan sebak

Gema takbir di pagi raya
Ku rindukan ibu di sana
Keluarga sanak saudara
Hanya doa kukirim

Marilah di hari raya
Kita semua bermaafan
Lupakan persengketaan
Eratkan persaudaraan
Harmoni di hari raya
p/s : bang..jangan lupe tangkap gambar banyak2 =(

October 08, 2007

Untuk mereka yang bergelar sahabat..

Waktu terasa semakin berlalu
Tinggalkan cerita tentang kita
Akan tiada lagi kini tawamu
Tuk hapuskan semua sepi di hati

Teringat di saat kita tertawa bersama
Ceritakan semua tentang kita

Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia
Dan kita bersama saat dulu kala
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah
Saat kita berduka saat kita tertawa

Hujan lebat pagi2 habis basah tudung saye!!

This morning we had a SPECIAL WAKE UP CALL by the fire alarm. Yup..a longggggggg siren indeed. After few minutes of discussing and a phone call from Wany I finally went downstairs and to my surprise the firemen were there already. *oh kalo bebetul ade kebakaran sure dah rentung* With sleepy and bored faces, mr firemen went on to do their compulsury checkups - tiada kebakaran, and we returned to our apartment.
Ceh buat saspen je..

How was my ayam bakar? Perfecto yummy2!! Bet i'll score my 2nd degree (Bachelor Degree of Cooking, specialities in Meat & Poultry) with flying colours! The next day we had to prepare for the bazaar Ramadhan. What did we sell? DONUT NAZAM LEBARAN, POPIA DENDANG PERANTAU and the special ROTI CASTLEWHITE- under the supervision of Chef Nad! Our kuihs were not so extravagant- just the ordinary ones but the feelings we put into during the making of the kuihs made it special. Ktorang bukak lagu raye tau sambil memasak!! Anyway the bazaar was organised to raise fund for our old factory-turned-into-a-MASJID. Our selling was okay, tapi terletak harga rendah skit..Adeyhla...

On the way back from the masjid (a longggg way back - 40 mins walking distance) we were annoyed by bunch of kids. Mereka membaling batu2 kecil kearah kami and the size of the rocks got bigger towards the end..these are the kids of black area - a housing area which is resided by the unemployed ppl. So basically the govt provides houses for them, but not education for the kiddos. Jadi mereka...spt...kurang bertamadun sedikit..

P/S 1: Aidilfitr is just a few days ahead. I'm gonna breakdown that's for sure...
P/S 2: UK & Spain trip - I'm in! Hopefully this is goin to be a fun one...*haish*
P/S 3: Aih..comel plak mamat di depan ini..hahaha
P/S 4: Batuk saye tidak pulih lagiiiiiiii....
P/S 5: Mahu bace physiology! Saye tidak mahu mendapat markah 8.5 per 20 lagiiiiiiiiii...tidddaaaaakkkkkkkkk
P/S 6: Saye rindu kawan2 saye. Kawan2 SMSS saye. tapi mereka seperti tidak rindu saye punnnn. takpelah saye diam sahajelah~

teruntukmu hatiku
inginku bersuara
merangkai semua tanya
imaji yang terlintas
berjalan pada satu
tanya slalu menggangguku
seseorang itukah dirimu kasih

kepada yang tercinta
inginnya ku mengeluh
semua resah di diri
mencari jawab pasti

akankah seseorang yang kuimpikan kan hadir
raut halus menyelimuti jantungku

cinta hanyalah cinta
hidup dan mati untukmu
mungkinkah semua tanya
kau yang jawab

dan tentang seseorang
itu pula dirimu
ku bersumpah akan mencinta

October 05, 2007

Chef de mission

Kerana saye tiada kelas di hari Jumaat....maka saya melantik diri sendiri telah teraccidentally dipakse sebagai kuli Chef de mission untuk berbuka batch hari ini...

Made my first recipe that I cilok-ed and modified from MyResipi.Com. Ayam bakar...Marinated the chicks this morning...and am going to fry it this evening. Hope everything will go fine sahaja...

Today i'm gonna make the Garda card...and maybe some quick shopping too...oh my €€ sedang mengurang...but i'm really in need of a kasut raye...
And gonna exchange the overcoat I bought at tak best plak size dier..

And to these girls..I dunno why but suddenly I'm missing all of u...serta kegilaan serta assabiqun wassabiqun kita...marilah kita plan a reunion...

October 04, 2007

Of updates and life..

Of first International letter Here in Eire, I usually receive letters from banks or the castlewhite management and receiving letters excites me no more. Anyhow yesterday was different. I received my first international letter from my dear homesick fren puan nabun. It was posted from Malaysia but I guess by now she's settling down in Bristol oledi. Hope u r doing well dude..Cepat contact aku if u are reading this. Anyway thanks a lot. InsyaAllah...ku jawab pantun jawimu nanti..cpat kasik aku alamat!!!

Of crazy classmates

In my 43-people class there are almost 10 international student..well more..maybe but the recognisable (read : recognisable = slightly/totally different colours) ones are around 10 or so. I dunno why but maybe because we usually sit close to each other during lectures so we sort of blend in well. Including this 2 botswana guys. oh..mereka sangat melucukan. Mereka dikenali ramai juga..huhu...they make jokes. about their so-called intelligent pill which happened to be some kind of mentos ke apetah. serta pelbagai lagi lawak aneh yg dilakukan. But the Kuwaitians boys are more quiet. More focused i must say. Muke seriousss sahaja..

Of Dental Hospital Visit.

Yesterday was our first visit to the Dental Hospital of Cork University Hospital. It takes 20 mins walking from Brookfield (health science complex where I had most of my lectures) and about 30 mins walking from Castlewhite. It was tiring- yes. But i'll take it as a form of exercise. ngeee...The visit was really an eye-opening. Finally some dental stuff to be played with (well..not literally lah). The seniors took us around the hospital. Visited the clinics, labs..oh sangat menarik. Looking forward for my clinical years oledi..ngehehehe...After the tour and briefing we had our 3 hours lecture. *yawn* Started of with Fundamental of Dental Practice. Moved on with the Dental Material lecture. Half way thru my throat hurts badly that I coughed incessantly. Excused myself from the lecture since I might be distracting the class from listening to the oh-so-soft lecturer's voice. Went out...and the dying cough lasted for few minutes..Re-entered the lecture with reddish eyes and face and toughened up myself to go thru the last lecture - History of Dentistry *triple yawn*

Soon after the lecture ended, I headed to Wilton Tesco (seberang jalan sahaja) and dropped by at the Boots Pharmacy. Surrendered my €5.99 for the cough syrup...huuu...

October 02, 2007

Limerick + PPMC Iftar + Life update + New Resolution

Erghhhh...saye demam...batuk2...
tak suke batuk2.........

Okay so how do we go about this..too many stories..

Last Friday went to Kak Yan/Kak Nang's house. Had scrumptious mouth watering nasi lemak. Thanks kakaks2!! But sorry the pixies are censored. Girls' stuff only =P

On Saturday we went to Limerick. The seniors rented cars and drove us there. It took about a hour n half from Cork. And to my surprise my "cured" motion sickness were reactivated. I felt dizzy throughout the journey (Cork-Limerick).

Reached Limerick at about 2. Went to King's Castle..

The Kings & Us..ngehehehe

My new circle of frens..
Saye tak ajar Adilah jd begituuuuu...saye tak ajar dier buat pouting lips tuuuuuu..
Sila sengetkan kepala anda. Malas nak rotate

Kings at War. and the Queens were camwhoring. =P

Us and the kakak2

Big thanks to the seniors - Kak Aimi, Kak Saadah, Kak Azraa, Kak Jamilah, Kak Asma for the trip. And also to the Limerick ppl for having us. To name a few Kak Azy, Kak Aini, Kak Riza and the others. We had delicious grilled sheep + nasi ermm..nasi apetah and gulai ayam. deliciousssss!!!!

Me & Aishah - one of the doctor's daughter. Windu nak jage baby...huhuhu

I didn't sleep..or actually I forced myself not to fall asleep during the journey back to Cork coz I was quite worry. It was a dark and foggy nite. A bit worried if Kak Aimi was sleepy ke..tak nampak jalan ke..huhuhu..

On Sunday we went to the masjid for the PPMC iftar. Went to Lidl (a super ke? market) before that and unfortunately one of us (us = juniors : seniors) was annoyed by anak2 dol disini. Her hijab was pulled off by one of them. But Alhamdulillah...her hijab was tightly her aurah wasn't exposed..

Anyway during the iftar we managed to see other Muslim in Cork. Two words to describe : Diversity. Wonderful!
Mihah, Arafah & yours truly...

Kak Yan, Aishah (ke?) & half of my eyes...
Kak Yan...saye dah letak gambar akak~~ hehehe..
Aiseyh tak nampak plak orang2 laen..

Yesterday, I managed to *successfully* make a chicken soup. It was nice. Sedap tauuuu...huhuhu...

And I also had the first house meeting. It's hard to gather all 6 of us especially at nite. I was always with my girls - cooking, terawih, tadarus but last nite managed to get back at my apartment earlier. We discussed about the chores. The food compartments. The rotation. I'm glad to have understanding housemates. And they are not so spoilt like Mihah's and Wany's. They can do household chores. ANd they like to bake! Ohhh...slamat..

A big thanks to the seniors for being there for us. Had it not because all of you, we wouldn't be able to smile up until this moment....

And I think it's time for me to detach from the uncertainties. I'm moving on to a new journey..
Wish me luck. >.<