March 29, 2006

i miss u

Mood : Melancholicos Muchos Gochos Algojozzzz

Wahlao..I dunno why I've been dragged into this bluey duey mood. Everything seemed not right to me. Everything seemed saddening. Life is OK. Nothing frustating nor interesting happened. I got to see the apple of my eye everyday and I'm enjoying it. Wahahahaha..

I miss my fwens. My girlfwens to be exact. Sangat2..I dunno why. I just miss those sweet time of menggila tak tentu arah n menjoli-joli with them. I kept on reminiscing the memories we had before this. Recently we hardly meet each other that much. Our last meeting is on fuzah's bday, I guess. Itupun cam rush2 smuorg pun tak dpt nak get together lama-lama. I miss our Malacca tour..I miss our Mid V outing..I miss everything lahh..Sometimes the fact that we are getting apart scares me. God knows how much I love them. However latterly I felt they are so far from me. Maybe I'm too sensitive or maybe they are just too busy. We hardly met, hardly talked n even hardly send msgs. Unreplied msgs or unexpected way of replying msgs has taken me aback n I feel I just need to rest from taking part in their life kot...
Ya Allah please keep our heart together tho we are separated miles away..Please strengthen our bond n Bless our fwenship forever..

And I just need to go on with my life. Keep on satisfying the college's n my studies' demand. Strive hard for a better better life when the one sweet day will come...I dunno when


March 26, 2006

tiring day


Haih..Woke up damn early today.Had so many things to be settled. *tensed*

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!
nyeahaha..sadly, i didnt get anything for her la this year.I'm dead broke.Bought her card but left it at college.So gonna give to her this evening.Maybe i'll give her a frame with our picture..I dunno..I'm soOo sorry mOmmy...

I made caramel today.Haih..Failed to do the "gula hangus" part properly. *haih*..Dunno wut wud those caramels (i made 2) taste like.Everything went wrong today.I spilt out sumthing in the fridge, had to wash it summore.Then the caramel didnt place nicely in the pinggan.It looks like a retarded caramel with torns here and there.I dunno wut's with the other one.But i'll just bring both to my college.I'll be expecting sum de-motivated comments from the boys, especially syahir! Caishhh..lantak la..I am too tired for a re-do.

Went to sec18 to settle many2 things. Print out the photos (cikdin kawen,cikpi tunang,malacca tour,malau) Luckily the price is reasonable.I freaked out when the 1st photoshop I went charges Rm1.20 for each instant photo.Gler kah apakah!??Then proceeded to Giant.As always, being the every-week-also-go-back-home member, they usually take advantage on us. Had to buy this thing that thing..*haih* Had to went there twice coz I've lost the list n just got to know that i'm supposed to buy 2 cartons of drink. *tensed*

Ergh...i've cut my hair! sad!!! But for the sake of my comfortness, i've to cut the hair.This is so...short.Uwaaa...felt like crying. I am going for lots n lots of outdoor activities so gotta make my hair shorter so it wont be bugging me (like I have kutu...naaaa....maner ader!) Hopefully my hair wud turn back to normal by May! tskk...pls pls pls

Right now i'm so tired. There r still many things to be done but I think I must have a sleep first! So aye captain! ChiowZ~

March 25, 2006


Erms..So much for the 2nd attempt to write this out.Better make this one real.

Recently I browsed through favourite blogs of mine.And some of the bloggers are thinking of letting their blogs go.Haih...puhlease..For ur own sake, please don't do that..

why blog?
It's the best medium to voice out ur feeling, your opinion in a voiceless way. Not wasting your salliva and your tears. It's kind of ur oh-not-so-personal diary and guess what, if the blog sticks with u until forever, u'll have something to laugh,to cry with when you are brooding your past. Being a not-so-expressive person, i chose blog to be my next best fwen to channel my joy,my tears, my anger my ah..whatever!

I love to read other people's blog. Sharing their moments together and got to know their journey in life. Previusly i am a silent-blog-reader, just felt afraid of being cursed as busybody, but now I'm kind of being more open, more exposed *sigh*. Thousan apologize to my fav bloggers who had been busybodied by me. Leeya - with her lovey dovey life, Ilham - with her secondary skool life, Azzahraa - with her overseas life, Afdin Shauki - with his glamourus life and some other blogs, too. So to all bloggers, keep on blogging aite!~


Still waiting for my mom. Am waiting for her to go for shopping.My girls are all busy with their life (tests,studies,yada yada bla bla)

I'm running out of words.So, The End~


March 22, 2006



mountain of workloads are burdening me..i hardly breath~~~~ *suffocates*

dun really know wut to blog.but just feel like blogging.that's all.

the malau fasi's so-called reunion is on next week.we are going to have a big makan2..went to the meeting last nite..awWw.. *wink* so comeyyyL.. nyeahaha..oh my if ppl read my blog they wud be scared away..naa..this is not the normal me..i'm just in the worst angau condition at the moment..*gag gag puke puke*
i am supposed to bring caramel..aihh..hope that history wont repeat itself. hope this time around my caramel will be lots more better n delicious yummy2 than before..tsk tsk..malu seyh kalau kena gelak berjemaah lagi2 ader *dier*

ouh...stop..i must stop now.or else i'll be crapping more n more........

cant wait for the next monday...*counting days living life* >.<

March 19, 2006


ahh...wut a tiring 3-days..

brief notes! (fatigue,tired,exhausted la~)

Friday,March 17-->Departed from home sweet home at around 7.arrived at MMU at 8.30.Met Ida.Went to hi-tech-mapley-with-wireless-zone.Chit-chatted.Sent Ida to Malacca Central.Went to Johor Matrix.Met my long-time-no-see-i-miss-them x-rOomates.Finally departed to my lovely kampung.Superduper longjourney.Tired.Very tired.Helped the kampung folks with the preparation.Met my mushi mushi adek fariq imran.

Saturday,March 18--> Cik Din's big day.Helped a lot (at least more than yesterday) Met many long-time-no-see ppl. Helped with the settling down session.Washed the dishes n stuff.Unwrapping present session was very..very..erks..bising?

Sunday,March 19-->I'm home!

F*ck.Ass-ignments mountained.I hardly breathe.Help me help me.Gimme just one more week n i'll make sure I'll get it all done.Argh stop fantasizing.

March 16, 2006

Deep in the walls of my mind.My reason is blind.For keeping you a secret.I like to think about you.You know that I do.And for a moment I believe, I'm.In a place, far away.I'm in a world of my own, yeah.Its way beyond, anything.A pleasure I've never known.I see

Yeah baby.I've been fooling my self,again.Wondering around.Putting my accumulated workloads on hold n flying around with the loves in the air, without the feeling of guilt of being left alone by dearest mom n bro n having the fear of driving 100km long,alone tomorrow.

Someday I'm gonna find someone who wants my soul, heart and mind.Who's not afraid to how that he loves me.Somebody who will understand I'm happy just the way I am Don't.need nobody taking care of me

In spite of being nearly-seriously caught in that poisonous virus called love,i managed to have a touch with my dearie homeworks n my high momentum of getting my things done is abruptly vanished by the f*cking printer which had lost its ink.Hell ya effing machine n yes, i put the charge on U for stopping my hi energetic impulse. Well I guess I've to start running slowly again until i finally came to an end. And I'm obliged to complete my homework after my mom has been sportingly letting her lil daughter postpone her arrival to the manpower-needy kampung.

There's a million stars.Dancing like fire.But its lonely in space.It can feel so good.When you're lost in desire.But its lonely in space.So lonely in space

Guess what.The Malau kids have made this efforts to call their beloved fasiS to keep the relationship alive, or I guess they have nothing to do to fill in their holiday .What a thoughtful bunch of kids.My bad, I was driving when they called n had to ignore their calls.But I did, had the chance to answer one call when the short conversation started with the most welcoming greetings "akak ingat para-para sakura tak?" *sigh*.

I will be there for him just as strong as he, will be.there I give myself then it has got to be, an equal thingI can slay, my own dragon.I can dream, my own dreams.My knight in shining armour is me.So I'm gonna set me free

Just got this info that sumbody has found his new love.Kudos to him. And I finally got over him.Yeah,his a natural player since he was borned, i guess.Dear fwen told me he even has broke up with his new life.No wonder all the silence recently.He's just another history in my life.And,I guess loyalty is not really me after what I've been through in my life.My heart swings with my mood.Not that I'm no a loyal person.Just I havnt found the real person to be stuck with.

*sigh* What's with the Tata Young's Cinderella and Lonely in Space ? Haha.Dun really know.I'm just in the mood of melodying those songs in my blog. Going to have a long ride to my beloved kampung tomorrow.Hopefully everythings will go just fine.

more n more pixies!

erms..just wanted to add more n more pixies.. =) =) =)

baru ceq sedaq we were lack of syahir's here goes azrul,syahir n arief

let's drum imaginatively n move to the beat!

kabi's mind challenging session *rolling eyes*

a piece of art from the bored facis n of course,sima who's mind is far far away back in kelate.homesick gler

the excited faces watching their kids' performance

story telling session.note the bored face made by idris,my adik fasi

K class united,without syahir,of course.he went back earlier to attend a kenduri

me,alongside wit the cheerleaders who's clapping hand is very annoying

March 15, 2006

malau! malau! malau!

nyeahahaha..i'm so blog-addicted! i've 4 lab reports,3 essay writing n 1 math exercise waiting n yet i'm still taking the trouble to blog my xperience out!! hehe.i'm afraid that i've lost my happy momentum if i postpone this must-blog post!nyeahahah..wut i can say is exciting! fun! i'm lovin it tarapapapa~

since i've captured lots n lots pixies,so let the pictures do all the talking

Day 1
Arrived at penang airport at around 8.30..still have to wait for nabila until 10.15 so me n fiqah went jazzing around the airport.ceh...takdela tmpat nak jazzing around sgt pon.we had our breakfast,since we didnt have the chance to do so at my home.ngehngehngeh..we were late la! nabila arrived n we called abg man's sis, kak izzah to fetch us.pity her, she's been waiting for us since 8++! had nasi kandaq at makbul penang, went to giant to buy things n off we shot to malau.
*iklan sat..awat la lmbap sgt nak load photo kat fster neyh..maghahnyer ceq~~*

at penang bridge

arrived at abg man's house.the boys (syahir,shahnom n farid) went to sk malau to observe the place while me,fiqah n nabila had our rest.yes,we really had a rest coz we overslept until 3.30! nyeahaha.after had our late lunch, we shot to sk malau.met the kids.helped wit the registration n yada yada bla bla bla.i was assigned to facilitate group 7, along with mr arief, thanx to my dear fwen ila for arranging it~ nyeahaha...unlucky me, i got the naughtiest boy..*sigh*

first session: ice breaking..the looked so angelish

during the nite session i handled the story telling session.i had to fool myself in front of the kids, teaching them the nursery rhymes n stuff..ah yess..i am totally embarassed but wut to do..?? we continued wit story telling session n ended up at 12 o clock..

ok sing wit me..baaa baablack sheep~

Day 2 was my big day! i handled the para para sakura dance today- the very much awaited event n most anticipated session! ngeahahaha..again n again i fooled myself in front of the crowd, teaching the kids to was a success though, n from the feedback they like it! nyeahahaha..we started off with warming up wit n suddenly a pakcik-smangat joined us n he conducted the short-jogging session.

warming up!


the over-xcited facis

now point to the star!

we proceeded with next sessions.the very challenging grammar session wit abg kabirurahman,where even i got confused! nyeahaha..i was a bit dissapointed wit arief coz he was sleepy all day long! ceiitttt!!that afternoon, during the spelling session, wit full of slamberdekness, i went out to our bed-classroom n had a nap.i woke up wit lalok face n guess wut, my fasi-partner, arief also just got up from his sleep.ceitt..dua2 fasi tak buleh pakai~ *sigh*. so both of us conducted the spelling session wit full of lalokness

we prepared for the talentime n arief were rushing coz we wanted to got to the nite we quickly trained our group n off we went to the mini-pasar-malam.nyehh..of course we went separately.i drove abg man's car n the boys went wit syazwan's car.

talentime nite,the kids were entertaining but they have to be more n more confident!

firdaus..the cute boy! rase nak lempang je!

my group! we are the excellent!

mr tortoise n mrs hare.the excellent group that got 2nd place *wink*

the handsome chairperson *bluek* arief(he made our narrator lying by telling his handsome-ness to the crowd..nyeh..he's the chairperson that nite), with my anak fasi,azwan

wut made me touched is the cooperation between the makciks n pakciks of the malau area.they cooked n prepared the meal together (bfast,lunch,dinner,n breaksss)! giler terharu nye la..though they live in a serba kekurangan area,they never kurangss in smangat kejiranan *pFft*

Day 3
we started off the day wit the so-called treasure hunt activity.i was so kecik hati wit arief coz he assigned me wit un-interesting i distance myself from him that day.lantak pi la kalo dier tak sedaq pon (nyeh..i'm getting better in kedah's dialect,so no problem kalo ceq kawen ngan oghang kedah *wink*) the kids were running all over the skool completing each excellent group, again got 2nd place! *clap*clap*

since the treasure hunt has took a long time, pity syazwan had to shorten his essay session.we proceeded wit closing ceremony rehearsal.

with saiful n izzat, who had to give their speech, n the speech is fully-helped by the helpful me *wink*

the closing ceremony went smoothly,n we ended up our event at about 1.30.had a delicious yummy yummy lunch,n continued wit farewell session. *tsk*

me,arief n our grupmate,with erks..i-forgot-who's parents

the fasiS~
up l-r: farid(our beloved photographer..~nyehehe..thanx a lot),izzat(jahat.took my pointing-star-pose for the slideshow),shahnom (big boss konon~),syazwan (sian..essay session tak smpat abes),arief(ceitt..menghibloodpressurekan diri ini~),azrul(haih..ceq konpius lagi la kulim tang mana baling tang mana malau tang mana)
down l-r:nabila (muke tahan toott..),me(muke tahpapetah~),ila (thanz a lot fwen~ nyehahaha),syifa' (insan diberi hak istimewa oleh shahnom utk tdo),tini (full of silence~),sima (akak blackboard~),fiqah (haha..ko pon tahan tooottt gak kan?), malin(dun confused her wit the kids)

credits to kak izzah who drove us bagai nak gler to the airport as we arrived just in time before the flight departed.thanx a lot for taking the risk sampai kena hon ngan keta tak guno mane tah~

all in all..this is a lifetime xperience that never will i forget until forever..~

March 12, 2006

Tak Mungkin Melepasmu

tak mungkin melepasmu
dygta ft.andina

Mengartikan dirimu di dalam hatiku
Betapa kusesali adanya dirimu
Haruskah ku bertahan demi cinta ini
Yang tak mungkin

Andaikan saja ada keteguhan hati
Tuk membuka kembali jalan cinta ini
Biarkan ku menanti semua janji kita
Sampai batas waktu mengakhiri

Dan tak mungkin
Untuk kita bersama
Diatas perbedaan
Yang selamanya mengingkari

Dan tak mungkin
Bila ku melepasmu
Sungguh hati tak mampu
Mengertilah cintaku
Dan tak mungkin

Semestinya tak ada
Yang memisahkan
Cinta ini
Karena hanya dirimu
Satu cintaku

Dan tak mungkin
Untuk kita bersama
Diatas perbedaan
Yang selamanya mengingkari

Dan tak mungkin
Bila ku melepasmu
Sungguh hati tak mampu
Mengertilah cintaku
Percayalah cintaku

one of my fav songs. click here to listen to the wonderful song! ->
dygta ft andina!

well well well

erms.i've just read this blog of an ib-fwen o mine.her reflection of ib has somehow reflected me too.yer la..she's such a pessimist n yet she cud swallow all the suffercation well enuff.. me say.

securing jpa scholarship is a lifetime enjoyment that i'll cherish forever.yeap i am soOo thankful for being chosen as one of the scholarholder.n accepting the offer is one of the turning points in my life where i have to be fully-study-student oriented.i'm holding the high xpectations put by my family,fwen and my very own self.n that is the main reason y i'm strengthening myself to face the hard times

the main reason y i was taken aback by my new-ib life is i hardly found a really true fwen ere. i'm a person who's always in need of fwens.coz i dun really have the guts to face the life myself all alone.but ppl there doesnt seem to fit in my expectation of true fwen.wut i can say is, i do have close fwens but i dun really have true fwens.n i'm f*ckinly lost n hardly happy there.that is also y i make my weekend overnite a MUST so i'll have the refreshment at home after a 5days of tryin my hard to be happy n njoying my life there.

even so, i thank Allah for choosing me to undertake this ib programme.the experience in surviving IB programme is priceless n super duper xclusive.i've learned to be more sensitive (ahh yess..wit my prior sensitive-ness,i've upgraded to be a super duper sensitive person..nyeeahahahah). i'm now immune to depression. n patience is my priority in goin thru the downss in my life.i think i've developed a great patience there but sadly i easily lost my temper back at home.i'm like a volcano who'll be explode at any time,unexpectedly. (yearrrittteeeeee!)

rite now, what i need is more n more semangats to keep on living my life.haha..actually my life is not that bad lor.i did have happy time of my life there.once-a-fortnite visit to pdk kajang which placed the unlucky-yet-special student has taught me to be thankful of wut i am.lots n lots of activities organised by ppl who tried very hard to unleash our potential are sumtimes xciting but most of the time,torturing.ngeahahaha..lots n lots of ass-ignments burdened myself have taught me to prioritise things n manage my time wisely but yet, i'm still a bad procrastinator =(

i just have to adjust my paranoia that keeps on haunting me.i still have bunch of fwens that make me smile n provide the endless happiness to me.i lurve jazzing around with em, talking crap with em,sharing stories with thanks a gazillion to each of the person whose presence had cheer me up! kudos to em for being a great fwen o mine! nyeahahaha..

March 11, 2006

happy beseday fuzah!!

ehehee..had a pause in blogging for a while..went thru hard days la recently.. =( but i'm still least half-sane..ngehehehehe..

so finally i'm on my 1-week break now..but this is gonna be really short n fully used-break

hapPy beLateD beSday fuZah!!!
9th of march is my bestfwens' happy tua day,greatest fwen o mine.
erms..we had a belated besday party celebration today.had fun at tasik shah alam for a short while..i really wanted to make a big surprise n make fuzah happy after the terrifying days she had recently. even so..not many of us cud make it so there we were 9 of us celebrating fuzah's bday.hopefully she enjoyed the simple party..sorry fuzah..i'll make a bigger one next year.i blame the totally-bullshit diyana safiah for ruining fuzah's bday this year..the surprise was a surpise no more after i had to confess to fuzah about the party to drag her to our party n later brainwash her but she got her way out.yes..damn u bitchy girl n i hope u'll get an equal punishment later..a big one wud be nicer! >=(

the nite b4 i picked up chemi at her place coz my mom went back to i was all alone =( n still alone rite now..bought fuzah's cake at giant home chemi n me decided to make sandwich n caramel..UNFORTUNATELY,after having thru one hectic tiring day, the caramel ended up i made the decision not to bring the caramel to the picnic party. chit chatted wit chemi until 3 n slept.....zZZzZzz

luckily we cud get up by 6.30am..after a sleepin-relay (ngeahaha..only me n chemi knows it) we finally got up n made the sandwich.departed from home at 7.30 to tasik shah alam.found a spot near to the playground.there were some silat-folks who cudnt take their eyes off's an exercise time but we had a party kire cam dah terbalik alam la plak..i picked fuzah n overslept-nadia up at intec right after i've unpacked the foods.



happy bday fuzah! may Allah bless u! be strong! be tough! i know u can do it! -much luv.ur loyal companion..nAd-

i'm alone at home rite lonely.. =( wanted to invite my fwens ere but i need my own space now.have too many accumulated things to be done..

March 06, 2006

oh my God

oh My math test is like..f*ck f*ck f*ck

nuff said.dun wanna talk bout it nemore.f*ck

weeee....atlast cik din has married!! so the journey of the day was as below :

early in the morning i woke up at 6.wani asked me to send her to uia so i struggled to wake up early.i drove like..macam nak gler to ensure i'll get back to home before 8.15. ngehehe....journey back from uia to my house was about 20mins.ngehehe..another best personal record!

departed from home at about 8.45.we've agreed to meet at petronas seremban.all of us were in purple n it was so cun cantik menarik tertarik we all mmg da bomb *sigh*

eh.i was too tired brain is like ding dong walla walla ding ding

let the pixies do all the talking la.

the ungus

the pengantins

the rombonganss

the MoU

the pelaminss

the rombongans n pengantinss

ok la..nuff said.will update later.argghhhh

March 04, 2006


"dik, be ready by this nite wit ur stuff coz we r goin to depart at 8.30 tau tomorrow"

ouh..yes mother!! tomorrow my uncle cikdin will b marrying his luvly fiancee at seremban. both of them were from my former skool, science slangor n that strengthen the theory that normally the boarding skool students have hi tendency to marry their skoolmates.ouh.i hope no.or at least at that time my skoolmates r way better than now.good jobs.good attitude.haha coz i know they r totally bullshit in terms of attitude n behaviour. (=

cik din n ermphs..wut to call ek? aunty roslin??

so i did nothing today.woke up late n worked out wit the treadmill.gler berpeluh nye la.then this evening i worked out for the 2nd time while watchin shin chan.nyeahaha..i luv shin chan! am going to find shin chan latest comic but never had the chance to do so.i need my utopia,cleo n shin chan rite now!!!! but i am too lazy to drive to anywhere at the moment. haha just now i was like mengidam gler.drove to a&w usj to buy my precious float n waffle.i dunno.juz feel like eating it n i just go!but sadly i was too focus to get my float that i didnt stopby at the shop to buy the mags.ermph..besides,i only brought rm20! btul

i went bloghopping thruout this's another all time favourite thing when u have nothing to do.went to several overseas students blog.they seems happy n they r njoying the moment i wish time wud sail faster n faster.but after re-think,better i savour each moment to the fullest coz i'll b only xperience this things at this time of my just face the suffercation n joy wit big smile.besides,if time goes faster,meaning the dateline for my lots n lots thesis wud be closer.n i'll b burdened by tremendous workloads which cud result in serious breakdown!

ok.i heard this rumour.they said if we excel in our semester exams, the sponsor,jpa to be exact will offer a change in course to the future dentistry or pharmacy students.hurmphs..cey.budget result gmpak je.but IF la..IF i am lucky n i am more rajin n got good score..will i change course to medicine?? this moment i dunt think so.coz my mind is so focus on dentistry rite i dun think i'm interested to risk myself taking medicine.but i dunno.coz the weakest part of me is MAKING DECISION.i am totally INDECISIVE.this is the result of d balanced in right n left hemisphere of my brain where i have no particular n certain interest.(did i examined my brain..nyeehhh..i took this brain test on the net.i'm not that totally freak who goes insane experimenting my own brain!!)tho' the result of the test said that i'm good in bla bla yada yada things,i'd prefer to be a decisive person. haihsss.. goin off now.

*cant wait for next's our 1 week midsem break!! i am so gonna force my girls to chill out sumwhere!!!*

lifetime experience..

happy bday z!!
oh's a lifetime xperience i tell u! nyeahahaha

today we've changed plan to celebrate z's bday to this nite. it was sudden decision made by wani n me after taking several things into consideration (pergh ayat cam serius jer) yerla..tomorrow my atuks will b coming down to my house so it wud b unappropriate if i'm not at home.bsides i've lots work to be done, (if i ever can take a look at it la (= ) but i still wanted to celebrate z's bday coz this is goin to be her last celebration b4 she took off to US )= i'll be missing this boyan n the boyanness of this girl a lot!

wani; all the way from klang came to the asrama intec (ouh i dun really know how to call it coz i usually call it as intec) i asked wani to buy z's present for me coz i dun really have any time n idea to buy it. i picked up wawa n nadia at esso.had to face the crawling traffic like hell.there were accidents involving 3-4 cars n as always, malaysia ppl love to busy-bodying themselves by slowing down the car n took their own sweet time to hace a glance at the situation.ceyh! if they were to take a lesson from the accident n be a good driver then it's ok but then there were still reckless drivers all over malaysia (yup,including me..erm..sumtimes (= nyehehehe)

wanted to make a surprise but we were surprised to know z has gone to jj klang to watch movie. so we bought cakes,rootbeers,ice cream n junks. wani came but cudnt join us bcoz she had family gath la konon..nyeehehe...eventually i made the decision to pick z up from jj klang.i knew she'll face problem to find cab at late nite.

celebrated at fuzah's room. it was simple but yet it was nice enuff to have thoughtful ppl like us *wink*. as we ate cakes n burgers n drink floats we exchanged stories about our present life. life is a bit harder than n z shared the same opinion but not wawa, coz she thinks her present life is more relaxing.i envy u wa..seriously! with us, came along amal,with her super duper silence, listening to our stories.we talked about future,marriage n stuff..haha..

as we've xceeded asrama intec's curfew time, i've to sneak out thru the holes! ngeahahaha..seriously a lifetime xperience.i havnt xperienced it in smss nor mcb but i did it in intec! ngeahahaha..luckily the guards didnt realise it! so i quickly drove my car back at home. approx 7 minutes, i think it's a record! ngeahahahaha.i'm no a reckless driver but i took the opportunity from the clear traffic to test my driving skills ok!!!

ok enuff said. happy bday z. may God bless u!

March 03, 2006

=) (=

Don't Quit
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,
When the funds are low, and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When you might have won had you stuck it out;
Don't give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,
It's when things seem worse,
that you must not quit.

hurmph..a nice nice n motivational poem that suits me best in this moment. too many things demanded my attention n i've to prioritize it perfectly but here i am typing my blog out =P

EE ~ my proposal has been approved.i've even sent it to our EE coordinator, ms loh! haha..*sighs of relief* n i managed to call the author of my novel, azmah nordin!!! one more good thing happened to me this few days. she sounded so fun n nice. the best part was she gave me the freedom of commenting his artwork so i'm free to give my opinions.she guaranteed me that she'll never drag me to court if i mistakenly interpret her novel =P nyehehehe...she's such a loyar buruk person. i think many ppl called her "terrifying" (menakutkan) but she is not. i tell u she's so fwenly n she's willing to help me wit any inquiries. she even told me to sms her coz it wud cost me a lot if i had to call her! hahaha...thanX o my feminisme-fighter azmah nordin!

math portfolio has been sent to my dear math teacher pn bad. just pray for the best *pray hard*

ermph, regarding my Business n Management Internal Assessment, mak has promised to help me out. she gave me the idea to do the research on gen-2 selling.but still i have to consult my teacher to come out wit a good research question. hopefully teacher will approve my topic so i'll have a clear pathway to success!! ngehehehehehe

oh yeah.the much-awaited kedai mamak abd has finally did the opening last nite. mak told me that they give free foods last nite. we had a try on the food just now. not bad.but not that nice la.but the shop is nice.the design is perfect.'s raining cats n dogs now.shah alam is so gonna be flooded again. luckily my house is on the hill so insyaAllah i wont be drowning in the ppl of shah alam...get ready wit ur boats!!!!

March 02, 2006


yea yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

at last

my proposal has been approved


i'm so happy

gler happy donkey

happy family

snap! back into reality
math portfolio is still pending..but at least half of my burden has eased away