September 24, 2006

msg itu dari ijoy.haha

tlh tba anugerah Allah y tdk nilai utk umat kkasihNya.Semoga RAMADHAN kali ini dpt mbawa kita menuju ke syurga Allah.Hiasilah dgn janji Allah.Yakinlh dgn jnji Allah-ijoy

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
Ekekeke..I've been sending out Ramadhan greeting texts and I've been receiving replies and not to forget wishes.But not even an atomic size of imagination had I think I'll be receiving a Ramadhan wish from him. Oh my, I am sOoOoOoOo in a great shock.

Ramadhan-kedatanganmu dinanti, pemergianmu ditangisi

It's finally here!! The much-awaited Ramadhan. Hopefully this Ramadhan we'll get enlightenments from Allah and we'll be a better person, insyaAllah. Let's grab this chance to maximise our ibadah~

Actually I have plenty plenty things to be channelled to my blog. But since I'm quite indecisive person (another virus that I should get rid) I'll just type out what's closest to my mind. Ok, excuse me but I really need to make this unfair statement :
"Men are just typical insensitive bloke"
I dun remember where did I get this quote but seriously it is undeniably true
It takes one man to know all men in this world but even if you know all women in this world, u wont be able to understand a woman

Experiences have taught and strengthen my view and opinion about the insensitivity of a man.Or actually all men.Their nerves, are somehow far more insensitive from a strong woman's nerves (note: normal woman usually have a very sensitive nerves and therefore it is not fair to be compared with bloke's) They can stab a woman's heart and the next day they can walk in front of the injured woman's without any feeling of guilt.Yup they do have that power.

Enough said I wont elaborate more on that.Coz I'm afraid I'll be accused of being gender-biased or someone will charge me in the court. The news in Thursday's NST have sent shivers down my spine. It's about a girl being charged because of not using any other emoticons except this :) Woi takut seyh. I believe blog is still personal although almost all ppl in this world can have access to ur personal blog. But still the writing style is very personal and it's up to the blogger to choose their preferable emoticons.Ok I think I shud just shut up or else I'll be having trauma just like what the girl had gone through.

So here's a few snap snap from my last week's life. Had great but slightly depressed moment preparing our board for the bio exhibition.Biaselah sape yg suke membazir masa buat kerja2 bosan kan. Anyway I still enjoy the mixed feeling. I got to know my classmates better and I knew that somehow my classmates arent that lousy and uncreative.Huhuhu..Tp still ade la bbrapa makhluk yg muncul in split seconds je. Malas dah nak kate pe. Let them be. Anyway I had to put aside my ego altho initially I strongly believe I'm done with my work and so I dont have to do anything else. People, i tell u that is very selfish attitute and kids, dont try this at home.Anyway i'm the so-called class vice-pres kan (cam best je bunyiknye) so I have to turun padang and join them. I'm very proud with the outcome. Next picturey event is our pee~wee bio lab.I dun know suddenly we were infected with the camwhore virus and everybody started to feel the glamorous world of models.Haha..tahapehapetah. Anyway
u ppl get the chance to see the KMB's miserable toilet so consider urself very lucky =P

my masterpiece..uhuhuh

our masterpiece..uhuhuh

motif gambar? ouh i'm such a brilliant photographer!do u agree miss hot?

shooes power

the pee-wee us

now show us some jolie lips..ahaha i spoiled them

it's been an honour for me, to have captured pics with the hottest chick in kmb.wowweeee =P no offence

a nice and busuk kfc moment (note:we were freshly out from gym. mane tak busukkk)

September 23, 2006

Heart and Heartache

disini kau dan aku
terbiasa bersama
menjalani kehidupan
kau dan aku..

pernahkah kau menguntai
hari paling indah
kuukir nama kita berdua
disini surga kita

bila kita mencintai yg lain
mungkinkah diri ini akan tegar
sebisa mungkin tak akan pernah
sayangku akan hilang

My heart? Everyone does have this one special organ who functionally, works to pump your bloody blood throughout ur body. If ur heart stops beating than, that's it you are dead. If your heart failed to work properly, you can have new heart, from other kind people or kind but dead people.If you are the mother of a pity baby who doesnt develop a good heart, you can always give half of your heart. If you are Dani Duquette, you can always have Izzie Stevens to fight for your right and cheat and jeopardize her precious surgeon career so you can have a new heart.

Dramatically, heart plays crucial roles in your life. And once it is hurt, the whole body and mind doesnt seem to function appropriately and they seem to have lost their connection. But as time flies and your separated body and mind begun to cooperate again, your crashed heart will start to heal itself.Or vice versa once the self-healing heart started, your body and mind will start to connect. When they are together again, you seemed to have gain your stability, and you will, somehow feel you are given second chance to breath again. So inhale.. hurmphhsssss... exhale.... huuuuuhhh..And move on!!

But does the stability really exist? Yes and no. For someone who always fail to convince herself that life isnt that bad, she'll started to act like a paranoiac. She calls herself as being traumatised. She always hold herself back when her paranoid mind started to imagine something.She is haunted by her past and she will always feel insecure. And at the end of the day, she'll find herself sitting in her cubicle and grieving for herself. Oh, very pathetic.

So ppl, here's an almost true story of a girl who once lost her heart to an "accident" and is fatally traumatized from that incident. And now she decided not "to ride on any transport" to avoid from second accident. Now tell me, will she be able to survive?

Ok. Exaggerating? No, not really. Huhu..

I'll be back with a proper post..just wait..

Waiting is painful, but if it's worth the pain, then just do it

September 15, 2006

my heart

*phone rings*
My interior monolog : Who's calling my house phone?? Lately nobody ever called my house except Mak Pah and the other Aunties..Hurm..just let it be. Mom will pick up the phone
*phone continues ringing* didnt pick up. Ok fine, i'll go

it's ZACKkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, zack, my dearly fwen *sigh*. She called me from US just now!!!! huhu..
sekian saje intro pada hariini


Owh this is my 6th attempt to write a post. I've been infected by the lazy virus. Successful invasion of the virus has interfered my kerajinan and I'm really in serious need of vaccination.

Our topic this week, I MISS MY FRIENDS! I miss zack. I miss wani. I miss Ida. I miss nadiah. I miss chemi. I miss ayu. I cant miss fuzah, tho. Hwahwahwa...ramadhan is a week away from now and that's mean it's time to go for shopping (okey2 lari niat. Ramadhan bulan utk beribadah. That's more important than shopping). current figure is very unsatifying and I really need to put off lots n lots of kilos. Oh puhlease..

Last week my beloved MO5K classmates have put our efforts together and gave our best during the Usman Awang Poem Recitation Comp. We won the competition and clean swept both solo (waqi) and grouping competition. I'm one of the poem reciter and as always, I slipped my tongue. Siul la..Exactly the same like what happened during f5 farewell dinner. I made my own bertepuk2 tgn lyric. But this time around, the juries have the poem with them!!!I was so afraid that I might rob the winning chance from my classmate but luckily the victory was on our side. Huhu..Alhamdulillah.Dapat merasa kfc di hari blajar di kmb (ouh, assonance!) Nyaha, anyway the winning has boosted our spirit to give our best for the next bio exhibition. Ahaha it's like a stepping stone to more n more victories ar...ekekekeke

the classmates.after performance

shivers and shudders

And dear blog, the greatest victory is yet to be revealed. My worst nitemare has finally come to an end and I am proud to announce that I've got over it. No more hope no more hatred, insyaAllah. It takes one dream and one fine evening walk to make me realise that and yes, it is fated that the crossed pathway has begun to separate themselves. It's like the DNA replication lah. It's time for the parent strands to unwind and start their new lives. Just like mine. It's been great 3 years to have him as my friend and I cant deny that. But it has also been the worst 1 year of suffercation to get rid of him from my thoughts. And now, I'm moving on with my life and hopefully the coming days will be filled with lots of happiness and smiles. Thanks to someone who had, somehow helped me through the rain. Thanks for being a helpful umbrella.

Owh, I'm having my maths test tomorrow. I havent studied yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hwahwahwa....I'd better be ready to go back, after my grandpa and grandma off to kampung, of course.


September 10, 2006


++House : Season 3++
++Grey's Anatomy : Season 3++
++Americas Next Top Model : Run 7++

I want it I want it

Make it fast and furioussssss

Drift Drift Drift
Cepatla bitcomet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I sound like a wacko?
Because I aint from China maannn...I am from Japan...mannnn

to whom it may concern:
Caramu dan caranya berbeza
Ini semua permainannya
Baik lupakan saja kerana kau
Jika bersama dia hidupmu kan sengsara
Berkali-kali telah ku ingatkan

There's sumthing that I need to say it out aloud but it got stuck sumwhere in my buccal cavity or pharynx. I'll get back to this, later

September 04, 2006