September 27, 2007


My new, big family
Today I decided not to wear my sweater. Just my long john and shirt.

Skali kuar....makkkkkk sejuknyeeeeeeeee...7 degrees u know???

Bad choice. Wrong decision. ngehehehehe

A different angle of the quadrangle

Charlesfort - pandangan atas

One of the entrance to UCC

Menggedik di cafe tepi jalan

Today we got iftar invitation to Kak Nang's house..another senior's big house...ahhh..beshnye..
And dgn tak malunye we asked them whether we could sleepover at their house...takkan dorg nak kate TAK BLEH. SYUH SYUH plak kan..
it'll be easier for me as I'm having a class at Cork University Hosp. tomorrow. CUH would be nearer from their house.. It takes about 30-40 mins walk from castlewhite...Can't imagine how am I going through this during winter..
Okayh...till then~

September 25, 2007

Looking thru my lenses

The weather is getting colder...and colder..and colder...

Living here, away from home makes me realize how perfect the life I had back in Malaysia..

acehhh...feeling2 terlebih ni sbnanye sebab tension dah 2 hari makan nasik goreng ngan telur jeeee...
I think we are developing the letak-campak-masak-sesuka hati skill and I bet it'll get better day by day. Yesterday we had nasi goreng belacan + rase ayam (rase je...ayam takde...senior pun da abeh stock =(( ) + tomyam paste and the great omelette. The taste was...what should I say..close to tasty..but still not there. But thank God the bread pudding saved the day. It was delicious (gorgeous bak kate hsemate Nida, an Irish I forgot the name oledi)

Yesterday one of my hsemate, Katrina had a party..
It was quite..shocking. Pernah dgr lagu Alhamdulillah? ya..mari kita nyanyikan verse lagu itu dgn penuh bersemangat..

berpesta ke pagi botol bergelimpangan
kekasih muda bukan takat berpegang tangan
harta dan jamuan nafsu tidak berkekalan
bila menjelang tua bukan itu jadi bekalan do they care about bekalan menjelang tua. It's something that they've been holding onto since they were born. It's is their blood..running thru their vein..
Here in Eire, they party a lot. Yesterday when we were on our way back to our rooms we bumped into a group of girls on the start their nightlife. One of the girl, Shannon asked :

S : are you coming out tonite?
Us : No.
S : how about tomorrow's nite
Us : No. We don't think so..
S : How about Thursday, Friday...weekends
Us : No..we don't really go out at nite. U mean, to pub is it?
S : Yeah..y don't u join us..yada yada..bla bla..

Huhu..they are friendly..really..They meant to make friends, maybe make us feel home..not alienated..but the cultural difference were just too big.

Now...this is just a new start. Many fun and INTERESTING things waiting ahead. Yup, it might be a bit scary but these what made life more interesting aite?

September 24, 2007

1st batch photos up oledi! feels good to go online again. Tho the messengerS still suck big time.
Benci lahhh...marah btul ngan mac nye setup ni...tak gheti nak configure..Anyone care to share how to configure the network settings so I could log on to my ym n msn msgr??? I'm currently using meebo for ym..

Now put the angers aside, I've got pictures to share with ya..The pic was uploaded randomly tho..

A brief update..
  • On Saturday went shopping and bought a coat & backpack..terbang €40 begitu sahaja..oh €€ ku...
  • We had beriyani, chicken curry and sambal telur later for berbuka. Me, Mihah & Wani cooked chicken curry for real y;all!!! And it's edible tau!!! Cume kurang kari je sket..tehehehe..
  • Kak Timah (a doctor from Limerick) sponsored 2 large vegetarian pizza for moreh..yaa..kami smua telah menjadi vegetarians scara automatiknya!
  • On Sunday went to Kinsale trip. Went to Charlesfort (btul ke sy eja ni?), one of the places of interest here in Cork. Went crazy and took lots n lots of picture until my cam's memory was full..*sigh*
  • Cooked fried rice and omelette for berbuka. We ran out of chicken oledi *pilu*

Me..trying to pose as melancholic as I could but was disturbed by the others so that xplains the muka-tahan gelak

Aula Maxima. the main attraction to our University..

Backstreetboys ke Westlife? Raihan kot....
Charlesfort. pjg sejarahnye malas nak citer

Cubaan membunuh diri..tehehehe..

Spice girls ke? Taklah...
p/s : cube tgk beg saye warne apeeeeeeee....uuuuuuu...

1st day. Just arrived Cork. In front of our apartment. Muke jetlag + homesick sket
Cork from the air view..Makes me wonder..wujudkah bandar di celahan kehijauan alam ini..

p/s : prasan tak saye ade satu je baju berhood maroon tu..maaaaakkkkkkkkk saye mahu bajuuuuuuuuuuu...
p/s : ade sape2 tak nak support saye nak pi uk winter trip ni...hehehehe..
p/s : irish ni suke memekak memalam. i'll tell ya bout the irish life (from my obsevation la) in next post...sejukkkk tangan dah cramp nak taip..

Here goes my programme :

Registered Programme: BDS - BDS

Registered Modules for Examination Year: 2008
PL1030 - Introduction to Physiology 15 Written

DS1002 - Fundamentals of Dental Practice 20 Written

BC1024 - Intro. to Biomolecules & Metabolic Pathways 10 Written

AN1006 - Anatomy 10 Written

AN1005 - Principles of Human Structure 5 Written

Total Credits: 60

p/s : 8 bulan lagiiii...8 jeeee lagiii untuk bertahan sblum kite mencari umah baruuu..


September 22, 2007

Update lagi!

Skarang saye di rumah senior pula
Intrude tenet mereka
so here's a brief update
dentistry course - 33 ppl only
saya ulang, dari 602 pelajar health science hanya 33 ketul plajar dentistry

harini senior jamu makan nasik ayam
umah diorg besar
ahhh...rase sangat umahhh
kami tido umah senior

cpat la 8 bulan...abesla 1st yr niiii..nak pindah umah besarrrr

by the way, ALLOWANCE INCREMENT - approved oledi???

mari lah kite uk ke spain. tralalalala

p/s : saye windu sangat makanan malaysia
p/s : saye windu mak saye
p/s : saye windu bilik sepah saye
p/s:maafkan kepelikan cara update saya...saye nak cpat...nak tido nanti esok terngantuk2 pula..

contact saye :
apartment 29, castlewhite apartment ucc, western road, cork, ireland


hantar la kad raye
hantar la sms raye
sian saye sedih2

September 20, 2007

Update saye!

Laptop registration - done


Yahoo Msgr and all those kind of Messenger still couldn't be accessed
oh kesedihan T_T
Well I'm doing QUITE okay here.
thanks to the seniors for making things ran smoothly
and for the lauk pauks too

There are 6 ppl per apartment..Mine? 2 malaysian (me and Jeng Yin) and 3 Irish (Sarah, Ann & another one from Cork I havent met yet) Another 1 is still anonymous...
TAPI saye dgr sayup2 suara laki..oh ade laki ke.....takutnyerrrrrrr..
And I still have to brush up my English & familiarise with the Irish accent..Most of the time Sarah needed to repeat her words coz I couldnt understand. tralalalala bertabah la oh diri sendiri

I miss home, of course. Miss the meals too. First few days we depended on seniors a lot. Up until yesterday makan pun lauk pauk yg diorang kasi 2-3 days ago..panas2kan..alter2 skit. But today we're going TO COOK. Me, Mihah & Wany will be preparing sambal tumis ikan bilis, Nida&Alia doing ayam goreng kentucky and Aliyah&Adilah is going to cook tomyam.

The weather is cold. Yup, it rains a lot in Ireland. Secara tibe2 hujan. Jalan kesana sini hujan lagi. Bangun pagi hujan. Hujan seperti...sebahagian dari idup..ngehngehngeh..

Yesterday I did my shopping. and we still couldn't help from converting..
seperti...membeli hanger 2 euro...skali convert...oiiiiii hanger rm10?

oklah..wanna configure my ym settings.

September 19, 2007


I'm here already

freezing cold...


tapi i'm running late for some immigration process d

hit ya back later

p/s: can't access to wireless connection until we registered our laptops

this is my life
its not what it was before
all these feelings i've shared
and these are my dreams
that i'd never lived before
somebody shake me'cause i
i must be sleeping
now that we're here,it's so far away
all the struggle we thought was in vain
all the mistakes,one life contained
they all finally start to go away
now that we're here its so far away
and i feel like i can face the day i can forgive
and i'm not ashamed to be the person that i am today
these are my words
that i've never said before
i think i'm doing okay
and this is the smilethat i've never shown before
somebody shake me 'cause ii must be sleeping
i'm so afraid of waking
please don't shake me
afraid of waking
please don't shake me

September 17, 2007

Can't believe this is happening

The date marked 17th September 2007 yo...
I am currently savouring the last moment with my dear room, dear bed, dear toilet, dear dapur, dear tv, dear sofa, dear everything.
Kipas pusing pun bunyik sedih...
dinding kaler ceria pun rase sedih..
Dear house, do take care. Pls take care of my mommy and my bro. Make them happy.

SO this is last post from Malaysia..
hopefully I'd settle down well and things would run smoothly.

cry no more
it's time to be a big girl now
and big girls don't cry =>

New life.
New environment.
New friends.
New place.
but still the same old me hopefully..
Ya Allah periharalah hambaMu ini

Ireland, here I come =>

September 16, 2007

Hapuslah airmataku~

This year we had our potluck earlier, since Mom insisted to have one before I go. Mak Pah came earlier for preparation. This time around we (as if my house + mak pah) prepared sambal sotong, ikan kicap, pengat pisang, kerabu kerang and ayam goreng. A lil bit extra, I must say since every year, we played as the organizer and hence we took a lil mengelat decision to prepare the nasik and the air only =)

Then Cik Kam (eyhhh membace blog?!?!) brought in sumptous Kari daging, followed by Mak Tip's delicious Telur bungkus and kerabu mangge. The rest of the dishes We've got ayam goreng, ayam goreng berempah, ayam kurma, ayam percik, kari jantung, murtabak, tepung pelita, kuih koci, karipap on the floor..Enough to cater for a bazar Ramadhan, I wud say =)

I was a lil bit emotional this year. My mind went terganggu throughout the session as I took it as the last moment I'd have them by my side. That hoohaahh hoohaahhh that blabbers that laser-ed words..Glad most of them made it to my house (except Cik Co & Cik Din, forgiveable la they are like 200km away from my house). At least I could experience some mock Hari Raya session with them..

Sumpah sedih..

When I said to Qilah that I'm gonna meet them again only 1 year from now she came to hug me. So do Sarah and Kak Ngah (when the girls are having their CONCERT outside my house)

Even when the adorable Fariq Imran said "bye" my emotion was terribly shaken. Oh..cannot tahan...

When Mak Limah came into my room to say goodbye, I burst into tears coz I just couldn't bare the sadness. This was too heavy man...

When pakcik Man said "oh pegi Isnin? eh..Isnin ni bace surah pendek2 je la.." (He was imam-ing the masjid Wangsa Maju for teraweh.
And suddenly when I was isolating myself in my room just to gather myself again to go through this very last get together, I received a call that made myself bursting into tears. Empangan pecah sudeyh...There she was at the other end of the line, my very own best friend, my friend who used to be my tmpat menangis when I was having my tough days back in McB, my friend who used to stay at night mengumpat-ing on our bed back in SMSS. With the thought that she couldn't make it to KLIA this Monday, I just couldn't hold back my tears.

Now let's put this teary emotion aside. I have 20 kg box and 25++kg luggage to be handled. But seriously, thanks to those who are making the effort to send me off to KLIA.

To Makpah for preparing the sambal ikan bilis
To Cik Aris for the perencah mi bandung
To MakSemah for the perencah mi rebus and soto
And to all my family who made it today. I love u all so much!!

September 15, 2007

Pissed off

Rase nak ngamuk


Friends could u pls pls pls....text me your number to my Maxis

I won't elaborate what happened

But yeah..shit happened all the time

September 14, 2007


Date : 17th September 2007
Flight : MH 2, KL - Heathrow
Departure : 2340
Arrival : 0550


Date : 18th September 2007
Flight : Aer Lingus EI713, Heathrow - Cork
Departure : 1205
Arrival : 1325

Worst nitemare materialised. CONFIRM ramai tak bleh hantar...

huuuu....kejam la -tatau sape nak blame-

September 13, 2007

The lyric to my music =>


I'm not here to entertain you
I'm here to meet my friend the Russian
The Irish, the German, the Columbian

I don't care how bad I fuck up
I care about how fucked up I get
I'm not your clown
I'm your dealer

And I'm holding three bindles of bullshit
And you're buyin' them 'cause you are addicted
To the pure and totally uncut

I'm not here to amuse you
I'm here to abuse my body
I'm here because old habits die hard

And seriously, what else am I supposed to do?
This isn't my job, my hobby, my habit
It's sad, but this is my life

Welcome to our mission statement
Total self-debasement
And not giving our all

Watch us Fall!

It's not that we don't pull it
It's just that we only give about 60 or so percent

Would you rather be fed bullshit
From some 20-something, makeup wearing, popstar

"This one goes out to all our fans all over the world
Without you, we'd just be us.
So, I just wanna say thank you!
We fuckin' love you, Modesto!"

Fuck you!

And you're takin' it easy before the show
So you won't lose your voice
And disappoint your fans routine

And you don't care about the children
You don't even know them
All you know is their money

P/S : Obscene sungguh lirik ini. No, the lyrics aren't related to me..OF COURSE. I ain't doin any dealer job.
This song is the favourite song of the name below..the one who stole my imagination =>


P/S : Click my Imeem playlist to listen the song.

P/S : JPA UK Studs (particularly QM of London & maybe a few of them yg laen) are goin on 17th, at 12noon. Apakah...When's mine JPA?!?!?!!? Kalau padi katakan padi, tidak hamba tertampitampi, kalau sudi katakan sudi, silalah kasi flight details kami..


Yesterday I bumped into my ex-primary-schoolmate in fster and we extended our "reunion" in YM. Gosh she knew almost everyone whereabouts, from Divakar to Kartick to Ong Shze Yeong to Ikhwan Fadhli..and that makes me a lil bit dissappointed with myself for not keeping in touch with them
but come to think of it again...
patut la lost contact..almost all of them went to the same school (SMK Alam Megah) and they were classmates for almost 5 years..

It was a nice talk tho. Reminiscing how we used to wear big specs. The cat fights. Zaman banyak spot check nak amik DigiMon (IN giler this thingy back then. siap org sorok dlm undies lagi??)

5 Cekap 1998 (xde plak gmbr 6 Cekap..Yela..zaman dedulu mane ade org bawak DigiCam gi skolah...) Let's test my memory..
From L-R 1st row :
Syazwan - still in touch. he used to be soooo...kurang tinggi but look at him now..tsk..kalah gue! In Mesir doing Meds
Ong Shze Yeong - we used to call him Tomato Man (tomatoman was so in back then). but hey..he became a young, thin and good looking handsome man la skang. In Drake, USA
Er...what was his name? Azwan? Wan sumthg? tsk..
Kartick! - found his fster and I guess he's a bit..fairer la now?
Khairul Izzat - used to call him B* tony*k. aih...zaman kekecik
Khairul Anwar - he used to be so famous. athlete, good looking....aih but look at him now..In UITM Sarawak (kot)
Saiful Haziq - erm..I think he's still exists in Bkt Saga..*kot*
Divakar - I remembered Kartick n Divakar so much coz one of them brought Coke+Milk to our class party and none of us ever dared to touch them *peace bro*
Ng Kok Chuan - hahaha..I remembered how big his mouth was..
Nicholas Raj - In Drake, USA. IF i'm not mistaken he used to be a polite n decent boy back thhen
Hafiz jepun - yes. he is because his mother ke sape tah is a Japanese. same like Siti Faridah Masaki. His adik's name is Naoya..menarik bukan?
2nd row L-R
Soh Ten-Ni - my soul saviour. used to pick me up when I was being kicked out by the bitches (back then in 99). wonder where u are now Ten-Ni...miss u so much!!
Sasikala - last thing I heard bout her she went so blagak and denied that she was a HICOM-ers (cam transformers plak)
Wani Idayu - bet she'll go menyumpah when she look at this picture. But she's became a stunning lady now. Doing LLB, Uni of London
ERm...Aisyah ke name dier? err..tak ingat
Anis Salwa - this one I talked about in my previous2 post on her national winning. gmpak seyh!. In Maktab Perguruan Teknik Cheras
Ernie Syahira - In UITM Penang. Sexy u..skang~ Last saw her when I was at Chi Dim Sum
Intan Liyana -hurmm...xpnah dgr citer?
Nadiah Fouzi - jiran blakang umah jauh sket..In Jordan, doing Meds too..
Serene Gan Pek Har - her house is like....5-6 blocks from mine tp tak pernah nampak dier
Fakhirah - erm..?
Putri Farah Wahida - used to be my musuh ketat..coz of a guy named Jasli Syah Jabidin..hahaha
Nur Najwa - all I remembered was her big mouth
3rd row L-R
Hakim! - still in touch..till now..UIA doing longest crush coz he was my classmate from 2 Elok, 3 Budi, 4 Budi, 5 Cekap, 6 Cekap. *kantoi rahsia*
Erm..what his name ergh..SasiKumar sumthg?
Ikhwan Fadhli - my assistant (NOTE : I was the Head Prefect back then). suke UITM doing Acc
Najwa - met her at McB. hehehe..goin to Liverpool doing Meds
Suraya - Fuzah's housemate. in IMU doin Meds
Farah Liyana - gunting dlm lipatan. duri dlm daging. smua benda lahh UITM Malacca doing Acc
Yours Truly - muke pressure sebab kena lipat tudung. lupe pakai baju skirt prefect jadi rase inferior skit. nak tuleh gak..goin to CORK, doin Dentistry..ngeeeeee..
ALyaa - In Poli Shah Alam
Fatin Amira - kept in touch but mostly in Fster la. in TPM doing Business (rasenye la..)
And this one, was my classmates back in 3A2, SRA Seksyen 3. This was during our Farewell Party with Ustazah Ismi Nur Ain (gile kecik..can u spot her??). I lost contact with most of them since I moved to SRA Tmn Bkt Saga in 98. Can't really remember their names but met some of them - Afif (the one who's face was covered by Ustazah) in McB, doin Meds in QM of London (rasenye) Zahirah, 3rd row, the one in the mosssttt right, doin Meds in India, Faatihah (2nd row, 4th from left) (married alreadyyyyy!!!!!) in Aussie, doin Acc..
Yg laen dah lost contact..but I could still remember their names...Khamishfa - 1st row, paling kanan. Ira Hazwani - 2nd row, besides me..(haaa..cepumas..mane gue???), then this twin Ilani n Ilana..Dalila..and ermmmm....tu je kot..


September 12, 2007


ngeh ngeh..saje menggatal

Leaving Blues..

Up until yesterday...I still can't believe that I'm seriously leaving in less than a week?

And today when I saw the countdown (tulah sape suruh letak countdown dlm blog) I was completely...dumbfounded?

it's 4 days from now that I'll be completely away from my home. thousand miles away, for real..

WHen I'm gone
Will mak be able to get parking whenever she goes shopping (coz she said I'm her lucky charm..always get parking *easily* when she's with me)
Who's going to accompany mak to go back to Muar on a one day trip
During raya..who's going to sleep with Mak in our room
but the good thing is...I guess Mak's blood pressure would reduce since I won't be here to irritate her anymore. I know I'm such a terrible daughter T_T

When I'm gone
Will the girls get together for a hangout (coz as far as I'm concerned, I'm the one who always gone crazy and very pushy. pegi futsal la pegi itu la pegi inila just to make sure we got to meet each other once in a while?)

Hopefully this advanced tears would spare me some smile during my departure. I don't wanna cry terribly..huhuhuuhuhu


Doa malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan
"Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa ummat
Muhammad, apabila sebelum memasuki
Ramadhan dia tidak melakukan hal-hal
yang berikut":

* Tidak memohon maaf terlebih dahulu
kepada kedua orang tuanya (jika masih

* Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu
suami isteri;

* Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu
orang-orang sekitarnya.

Maka Rasulullah pun mengatakan Amiin
sebanyak 3 kali. Dapatkah kita
bayangkan, yang berdoa adalah Malaikat
dan yang meng-amiinkan adalah
Rasullullah dan para sahabat, dan
dilakukan pada hari Jumaat.

Ampun dan maaf atas segalanya...

September 11, 2007

The 4th person

Everybody must have their own circles of friends/family in their life..And those circles might differ in terms of their radius and the distance from our heart. Today I'm gonna tell u the 4th person in my life, after my dad, my mom and my bro..she's none other than Mahfuzah.

Up until now, our friendship has been going through 7 years. We share lots of interest together. She follows me almost everywhere I go. She's my partner in crime and we also have this sort of instinct together. What kind of instinct? I don't how to say this but simply put as...we see things through the same eyes. Sometimes inside my car, during our journey, when I was humming into certain tunes, she would sing the same song too. If we were singing along to the song in the radio, we would take different role, if she's the singer then I'm the backup, If she's the soprano, i'll do the alto..and vice versa. It's indescribable but I'm glad to have her by my side.
This is why I'm so worried that I have to intrude her complicated love stories.
This is why whether she likes it or not, she has to listen to my justification about her choices.
Simply because of this special bond that we created, I feel obliged to take care of her, until death do us apart.

Leaving Malaysia means also leaving her..all *quite* alone. All this while I've been her driver and she's been my loyal company. I hope somebody here would be kind enough to take care of Fuzah while I'm gone.

Moving on..

Today we went to our beloved SMSS coz I felt like meeting them teachers for some sort of mintak ampun and restu. And as always, it brought us down to memory lane where memories were created and friendship was built. Though cinta mati towards SMSS is gone, cinta nyawa2 ikan still existed. The teachers, they were superb! Met Pn Roslina, talked to her for about 30 mins or so..went to the staff room. I'm surprised Ustazah Mazinaton still remember my name..and also Ustazah Salma. They said I've slimmed down tho I've not. Okla compared to my school years where I used to weigh 10kg heavier than I am now but heyyyy I'm putting on weight man!!!! This is so super duper giler scarry okayhhh???
Then we had lunch in the canteen with C.Su and C.Rozi and C.Jef did, menyibuk too. C.Zuraiyah came later to join and finally C.Roslina completed the mengumpat team..tehehehehehehe...

All in time in Malaysia is getting shorter (at least for this year la kan) and I'd like to spend it with people that I love. Alas, things don't always go as we want unless miracles happen ..I can't wait for the shooting star just to wish for Ida/Wani/Zack/Bella to be with me at this moment tetibe kan..I just hope that our strong friendship would last a lil longer so come back in 5/6 years time we would be a lil bit un-busy and we could hang out like what we used to do =D

Because Kak Leen tagged me..

5 benda dalam beg saya:

1) black Roxy purse
2) my exilim ex-z75
3) my Ultraman keychain =D (my lucky charm ^^)
4) noks 3230 (occasionally la..biase letak dlm pocket je)
5) compact powder

5 benda dalam beg duit saya:

1) i/c
2) family picture (1989 nye gmbar)
3) driving license
4) atm cards
5) McB student card (in case..)

5 benda faveret dalam bilik bujang saya:

1) MacBabe
2) Shin Chan's collection
3) Mashimaro bolster given by Fuzah (kalo bleh bawak ke Ireland, saye bawak)
4) Ruangan cenderamata (a small portion of my study table where I put all those cenderamata/cenderahati/hadiah KFC McD/hadiah bday/name tag)
5) my bed

5 perkara yang saya nak lakukan:

1) Get married ( nape first plak niiiii)
2) Perform Haj with mommy
3) maen futsal
4) Be consistent in studies
5) Menghilangkan sifat paranoid serta meningkatkan self esteem

5 perkara yang sedang dilakukan:

1) menaip
2) memegang mouse
3) mengelipkan mata
4) bernafas
5)bergerak dlm kadar yg minima

5 orang yang saya nak tag:

1) Abu
2) Samat
3) Karim
4) Dol
5) Temah
Sapekah mereka? Oh saye pun tatau~

September 10, 2007

Sebab saya suke menyusahkan orang...

Honto ni dear seniors.....

Been firing u guys with lots and lots of questions..

Just to satisfy my paranoid-self and my insecurity...


Semoga Allah merahmati kalian smua~


Nadzirah --


Smells like teen spirit

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

P/S : Cilok dari blog Atiq. ngehngehngeh..rock on baby \:)/

September 09, 2007


Last Friday when Fiqah and I were strolling in Sunway Pyramid, we bumped into lots of kiosk selling ridiculous things. Like a rock that is actually a bean that can grow up, like any other plant. And also lots of cute purse and bear where you can grab any 2 for RM 10 (which of course, Fiqah and I bought for her phone and for my super slim camera)
And it got us thinking, are we ever gonna find this kind of "pleasure" thousand miles away from here?

Plus today I went to the great BB area and went gugu gaga over the gadgets there. Ouh..baru saya sedar yg saya sangat gilakan accessories perkomputeran..(look figure 2.ngehngeh..) And of course, I am continuing the effort of adding up my Shin Chan collections so that explains the first picture. To add up some spice in my worrying spending trend, I even grabbed a Japanese drama DVD, Pride (ye ye..saya tau..saye dah ketinggalan zaman like...10 tahun yg lalu??)

Oh oh...gotta be extra careful now T_T
So..what's left in the shopping list?
A bag for my hand luggage (still havent decided whether I should bring a trolley bag or a bagpack) A sweater, at least to survive the weather. Another jeans (accidentally bought 2 jeans of the same colour/pattern - but diff!?!?!?!?!?) , and some craps..ngehngehngeh..

P/S : Someday when I have my own kids, I'll encourage them to bank in their duit raya and prohibit them from using it until the time they really need it (provided the duit raya tradition still exist la). When the time has come, like....when they were to further their studies overseas, walla....they have their own money to be spent guilty-less. This is what we called DELAYED GRATIFICATION!
Yeah babyyyy~

p P/S : Thanks Tok Che Ann (and Mak Teh).

Rugby World Cuppa

My bro is a very passionate person (matila membuka rahsia abg sendiri)
Just now he was yelling and screaming like he always does when it comes to football, especially if it involves his favourite team.
But today the pitch and the enthusiasm was a bit different..
So I figured out..
Ahhh...the heat has started (when the weather is about to get chill-er)
Kerana saya tak berapa mengikuti arena rugby (all I know is NZ and the All Blacks) so I'm gonna be biased. Plus I remembered reading bout Ireland's glory in rugby..ermm...few months ago?
So I'm rooting for Ireland!!
Yeah baby!!!!

P/S : Mak, thanks...thanks a lot for everything. I'm totally speechless

September 08, 2007

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Someone asked:
Assalamualaikum dan saya ingin merujuk kepada mesej yang saya terima tentang yang disampaikan samaada benar atau khabar palsu kerana saya adalah pelanggan tetap salah sebuah cafe tersebut.
Mesej tersrbut adalah seperti dibawah:-

Jangan minum di Coffee Bean dan Starbuck HALIMAH BINTI HAMZAH PASUKAN PETUGAS PROGRAM MS ISO 9002 JABATAN IMIGRESEN MALAYSIA Please note that all chocolate, vanilla and coffee drinks at Coffee Bean and Starbuck contains E471 (Emulsifier 471), mono di-glycefides which is from animal origin (pork). Raspberry Frap uses cherries that has been dip n alcohol & the tiramisu contains RUM. Please pass this message to our muslim friends.

Jakim replied:
Coffee Bean telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM dan telah dipastikan semua bahan yang digunakan adalah halal tetapi Starbuck memang tidak pernah memohon pengesahan halal JAKIM, maka tidak dapat dipastikan kehalalan bahan/produk di tempat tersebut.

Euwhhhh..hak hak ptuihhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Kalo tatau takpe kann???

September 07, 2007

time to S.T.O.P

So I've decided..

Segala aktiviti, skandal or flings end today.


Thanks for the memories. No doubt they are indeed, the very good+sweet ones.

I'm disengaging mate!!

P/S : Lately, I've been having this sugar crave..for Starbucks Caramel Ice Blended Coffee. It's turning into addiction yo..been having that for 2 straight days.
OMG have to stop this RM14.18-per-cup addiction. It's thinning my newly bought Roxy purse!!

They are gone?

Another batch of KMBian s flying without wings. Do us proud guys!

Kudin, my classmate. He was such a sweet brother yo!
P/S : I looked pale and fatigued. Coz I was!

Min cam bdak darjah satu. >.< takut dier tergolek bawak beg tu..

Picture edited to cover up unnecessary exposure. Sori syahir kepala potong sket
P/S : FIqah said our my face resembles him (or vice versa la. yeke?)

Min in the mid of the busy-ness. ngehngeh

Us..doing what we do best. Gossiping?

Briefings..Travellers cheque €3050 yo!! Tak aciii =<

The P/Ss:
  • went to SACC. erm and there rest was not going to tell =P
  • after SACC stopped by Subang Parade
  • rushed to Asia Jaya when Fiqah called
  • moved on to Pyramid to buy stuffs..
  • sped off to KLIA to send them
  • Syahir...u broke our promise and I'll break your legs >.<
  • Guess what? I saw Peja. SO what? saje jeee nak cakapppp..did we talk? Coz not. We are strangers kan?

September 05, 2007

Rant rant rant...

Introducing my new baby, soon-to-be my joy and pride (of course after u, MacBabe)

Thanks, Lan!

P/S : =D ##$#@($@#@!$&!@#(!@)#!(@$)#*$(#*%#&(!#

September 04, 2007

My dark lover

ku mencintaimu lebih dari apapun
meskipun tiada satu orang pun yg tahu
ku mencintaimu sedalam-dalam hatiku
meskipun engkau hanya kekasih gelapku

yakinlah bahwa engkau adalah cintaku
yg kucari slama ini dalam hidupku
dan hanya padamu kuberikan sisa cintaku
yg panjang dalam hidupku

kekasih gelapku

Soalan cepumas....Siapakah kekasih gelap saya?

A. *&
B. !)$&#
C. !)$(
D. &!(%

Sape jawab btul dapat hadiah misteri!!!!
Hantarkan jawapan anda ke ruangan oren di tepi blog atau smskan jawapan anda ke 012-3*****5

P.S: yup. saye kurang tenang


Never thought I could survive, walking alone in one of KL's busiest road...
The taxy driver was being a real snob, so I decided...yeah fine...I can walk!
From the AmpWalk (now..the name really inspired me) I walked to Ampang Park. Made a few rounds there and took LRT back to KLCC.

Planned to drop by at Bukit Jalil to get my oh-so-pinky camera from Fuzah dearest but the text I got from Jo Lin distracted me so much that I decided to get connected to the net ASAP!

"Hey, accom form is out d.Open 4bookin..U got a chinese roomate..but it's not me. Sob sob..Gotta tt 300 euro 4bookin.stayin at castlewhite."
And I reached home. Checked the email. And tsk..

Ms Ooi Jeng Yin, I hope we could get along well~
She's not a JPA student, she's a private student.


Well...whatever. Just hoping for the best. We got our student ID already..hehe...i loike the ##!

And I really hope my apartment faces the River Lee so I'd get the intermittent Internet connection. Jadikla...kalo dah desperate sangat...
Tapi kena tunggu pokok botak2 baru leh dpt connection? Nanti snow ke ape tak dpt langsung la eh? Hehehehe..

By the jiran atas would be Wany least I got some ppl I know staying nearby..


September 03, 2007

OOps I did it again!

Yesterday I spent 6 hours hunting down some stuff and ended up with those 2 beautifooollll things I posted below.
Love it..and love the discounts too (MegaSale dah abes T_T)

Now I'm a bit stressed out since there are many more things to be bought while I think time is getting less and less.
Mid done. The Curve (half) done. OU done. So am going for my last resort - KLCC
Plus the fact that most of my friends are 90% done with their preparation - cam gile lagi cuak horror T_T Tomorrow is supposed to be my pay day but heck 100% of the amount has been spared for the new digicam.
Guess my spending lust is taking control over me. Someone save me!!

Went to Hospital Serdang to meet my uncle doctor. A cardiologist at the age of 36. Duncha think he's quite young? Mom took the opportunity to seek advice upon her Hypertension problem and the answer is a big YES. She needs treatment.
Another thing to be added to my TO BE WORRIED OF list. Haih...
Abg's down with kidney problem.
Mak with HPT.
And the latest - Pak Long with colon cancer.
Life is not always easy breezy beautiful (covergirl~) kan?

To end the super-mind-torturing day, I went to Kak Aidah saloon of Section 18. Went out of my mind and Oops..I did it again T_T

By the way...thanks Dr Zamri! And thanks kak Norasikin of JPA for the help!

September 02, 2007

September 01, 2007

Teary Eyes

I promised my atoks I'm going back to Muar before I go. Time is running out so the last Merdeka holiday was the most appropriate time to do so...
After lots of thinking, 2 hours after I reached home from the shopping outing, I told mak "Jom balik kampung"

And after 3 pit stops (Projet Bkt Saga/Seremban R&R/Tangkak Tol Plaza) and 130-140-150km/h later..we reached Muar safe and sound.
I saw Cik Aris (mom's bro) at his favourite spot and to my surprise, my atok haron wasn't in his bed yet. My atok pisah wasn't even back at home coz she was busy MEREWANG (sape tatau maksud gi usaha gigih tanye org) at a neighour's home. Unload our bags (eleh stakal 2 ketul je) and checked out our rooms (we have 6 extended rooms for the anak cucu).
30 minutes later, I heard a very cute voice shouting out in surprise
" sapa yang balik niiiiii!!!!"

I knew that cute voice.
I recognised that petite figure.
It was my atok pisah!
And the rest was history. Spent a nite there. Had breakfast. Learned how to cook sambal udang and helped mom to cook.
We told my atoks that my flight might be on 16th september. Tok Haron looked quite dissapointed. Problem's Ramadhan. And with the terawih and the fact that he can't travel much during Ramadhan due to his gastric's quite impossible for him to send me off at KLIA. Mom had told me earlier. Expect nothing. They are not going to be there.
Tok said "kalau ade org bawak btul2 ye boleh aje" (means if the arrangements of sending him to KLIA and back to Muar is smooth and possible, he would have no problem sending me off)
But being a nice and understanding daughter, mak told tok that It's okay if they couldn't make it.
The last moment there, I hugged tok pisah and cried. And her eyes were quite reddish too. Made me cried more terrible la of course. Salam my atok haron and again, cried.

It's damn saddening =(