November 29, 2014

That Awkward Moment When....


Kakak : Yeke adik ni kerja doktor gigi, bagusnya..

*Looks to the right

Kakak : Untung awak dapat doktor..jaga baik-baik...

*krik krik


*Looks to the right

Kakak : Jaga anak orang baik-baik, jalan baik-baik ye...


Kau tahu perasaan berbunga yg blossom tapi kau kena henyak-henyak blossomed flower tu cepat-cepat lumat-lumat sebab kau tak layak rasa perasaan tu.

Dalam hati rasa nak jawab "Kakkkk ni KAWANNN je kak. Skandal pun dia kata bukan. Kekasih gelap pun bukan. Apatah lagi kekasih terang. Tapi tu lah kami ni memang rapat kawannnn ajeeeeeeeee. Dia ni ada gelpren tu haaaa tengah tunggu dia nak kawen tuuuu saya ni kawan ajeeeeeeeee"

November 25, 2014

Ticked :D

So I met my friend. As expected he went hard on me. Dia cakap I need to know what I want.

Aku diam. Aku pun tak tau ape aku nak. Tapi aku tau ape aku rasa...aku rasa sedih.. Tapi talking to him is a temporary relief sebab dia pun ada kisah lebih kurang. Tapi jalan cerita lain. And it looks like it's heading to a better ending for him, as for now lah aku pun taktau dia pun as complicated as I am.

Akan tetapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I tried something I never tried before and I am dyinggggggg to try thanks to him! hehehehehehehehehheheehe choooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Another thing I wanna do - ticked!

Perang dunia yang entah kali keberapa

I always look forward to spending time with you since i have to wait before you spend your time with the 2 3 4 other people.

But today is just...a very, very sad day. Time is so precious. But it just got wasted away, big time.

Nothing in my mind rather than sadness. Like super sadness. Radio plak tengah keluar lagu fatamorgana aku pun taktau apa kaitan dengan situasi aku skang, tapi the mellow melody just make me sad. Ok now tengah rangkap "pulanglah kepada tuhan..cahaya kehidupan" T___T

After I left, I cried like a baby. And called somebody. Now nak pergi lepak hope dia tak ngutuk aku yang tengah sedu sedan ni. I know what he's gonna say. But heck it i need some distraction sbb kalau balik umah sure aku meroyan. Ok dia dah sampai. Gotta go.

The joy of not being the one :(


November 23, 2014

Done with the runs for 2014

Can safely say I am done with my runs for the year 2014. Time to prepare my leg under the knife in January. Wanted to speed up the surgery but hmm guess it's no nice to take too long of an MC in new place, no?
Best run : Million Women Marathon. My fitness and leg was tiptop. I recorded my best 10km. My first ever 10k. All was good

Worst run : PBIM. Very demotivated, I almost gave up.

Most painful run : SCKLM. I literally ran beating the pain on my right knee and my left knee gave out at the end of the race, maybe because I overuse it. But I still managed to finish the run. Second one would be Run for Peace because I ran on my 2nd day of menses and I had quite a stomach cramp.

Most uneventful run : Pink Charity Run. Boorrring. Not quite organized and afterall it was only a charity run. But the medal was nice so that was okay to me I supposed

Most enjoyable run : Rock to Rock by HRC. Beautiful view. Very nice run. Short but sweet escape to Penang :)

Here's to 2015. Hope I can try doing my first HM next year and try a trail run?

November 17, 2014

Another one done

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014. I think the worst run of the year in terms of my personal performance and the run itself.

Took shuttle since 620am only to reach the running area at 720am due to the bad traffic around the running area. And we had to freaking walk around 200m to the starting line in rush. Flag off was at 7am but I pushed off from the starting line at 725am....

At one point of the bridge it was so crowded and I could barely breathe. With the heat, the smell from various sweating runners and the fact that we started really late, I was so demotivated I nearly gave up. Talked myself into finishing the run...and I did it for around 1 hr 35 mins I think. My leg wasn't hurting me as bad as SCKLM but my spirit was torn hence the bad timing...

I think I am done with PBIM. Once is enough. Onto my next run, the last one for 2014 and the last one before I go for surgery to fix my patellafemoral ligament....

Hope everything goes well >.<

November 14, 2014

Hello :)

That feeling...

November 10, 2014


I have worked for 2 years (6/11/12 I went to induction and 13/11/12 officially started working as a dental officer). Within this period I have met thousands of patients with different kind of attitude and came with different kind of questions.

So what are the frequently asked questions by my patients.. (soalan yang selaluuuuu ditanya kepada dentist) :
*Please note that some of the management does not apply to all, you may need to see the dentist if the condition persists*

1) DOKTER, GUSI SAYA BERDARAH, (I have bleeding gum)
Gosok gigi berdarah, Why? Apa punca berdarah? OK Let's look at the following picture :

source :

Yang putih tu gigi. Yang kuning tu plaque (sisa makanan yg tak terbersih). Yang merah tu gusi. Plaque selalunya terkumpul dibahagian gusi because most of the surfaces of the teeth dapat dibersihkan oleh lidah dan air liur. Tapi cecelah gusi ni tricky sikit, susah nak dibersihkan dengan lidah dan air liur so plaque terkumpul kat situ dan seterusnya buat gusi kita bengkak. Bila gusi bengkak apa jadi adik-adik? Yaaaaaa ia senangggg berdarah

So what's the remedy? Benda paling basic sekali dalam penjagaan gigi - BRUSH YOUR TEETH RIGHT! Teknik betul. Berus gigi yang betul. InsyaAllah, masalah gusi berdarah dapat dikurangkan dan dihentikan terus. 

I also got patients coming with calculus setebal bentuk gigi 

2) DOKTER, MAKANAN SELALU TERSELIT CELAH GUSI NI. ADA LUBANG LA. NI HA LUBANG ANTARA GIGI NI DENGAN GIGI NI SAYA NAK TAMPAL BOLEH TAK? (I got food stucked a lot in between my teeth, I think there is a hole there can you please do a filling on that area)

TAK BOLEH! A lot of time I kept on receiving this questions. Selalu patients insist nak jugak tampal siap korek-korek dengan kuku ni haa cakap yeeee ada lubang saya nak tampal jugak ade jugak lubang ade jugakkkkk..

Dear all, your teeth comes with some curves and they are not actually box-shaped. Memang gigi kita sebenarnya bukan petak segi-segi dia ada macam shape sikit macam gambar bawah ni..
source :

Tengok tak sebenarnya ada satu part kecil je gigi sebelah menyebelah ni bersentuh (contact point) bahagian lain tak. Jadi, makanan memang selalu masuk bahagian yg cecelah gigi tu tapi ia TAK BOLEH DITAMPAL. Kalau tampal apa jadi? Well, kalau tampal jugak nanti gusi tu akan lagi bengkak sebab ditekan bahan tampalan. Bayangkan la kalau plaque terkumpul kat gusi pun bole berdarah, ni pulak bahan tampalan solid yg tekan gusi.

source :
Yang tengah tu pulak kita panggil median diastema, itu satu lagi ciptaan Tuhan yang datang pada sesetengah orang, biasanya kita boleh tengok orang dari keturunan Afrika camtu selalu ada median diastema yang besar. Ini kes terpencil, yang dimana awak ada option untuk 1) rapatkan gigi tu 2) buat tampalan untuk tutup sikit ruang antara gigi kalau tak besar sangat 3) embrace it, terima dan senyum seindah suria because you are what you are waaahh gittoohh..

3) DOKTER, GIGI SAYA ADA LUBANG LA..CABUT JE LA NANTI SAKIT JUGAK. (There is a hole in my tooth can you please just take it out eventually it will give me problem anyway)

Selalu kalau dapat soalan ni memang ini la muka dalam hati saya atau disebalik mask. Tsk, Makcik/pakcik/adik/nenek/atok/kakak/abang, kalau tangan terluka awak potong ke terus tangan sebab nanti dia sakit jugak. Tak kan? Hmm, the same goes with your teeth. Let us have a look at your teeth and see what we can do, alright? Kalau la betul memang dah rosak teruk, ok takpe, mari cabut. Tapi kalau setakat lubang kecik je, cuba la dulu tampal. 

I understand...tampal gigi is not the greatest filling at all. So does having sembelit, or kuku termasuk sembilu, or kulit tepi kuku tertarik, or tercepit tangan kat pintu.. But when the phase is over, it's gonna be alright. Here's a tip - do not focus on the drilling sound and the fact that it's cutting through your tooth. Chillax je focus on your breathing. Tutup la mata bayangkan tengah bersantai tepi construction site ke ape..

4) DOKTER, GIGI SAYA MACAM GOYANG LA BOLEH TAK TAMPAL (I think my tooth is loose, can you get it filled?) 

Ini pulak opposite to the above patients. Gigi dah goyang terhuyung-hayang but wanted to get it filled. Konsep tampal gigi ialah bila ada ruang, ada lubang. Tapi kalau takde lubang, gigi goyang-goyang tak boleh sayang, tak boleh tampal. 

How can a tooth reach to a loose phase? Well well well. Nak tau macammana gigi goyang? OK jom tengok gambar


 OK ini gambarajah sebelah menyebelah nak compare gusi sihat dan gusi tak sihat. Gigi kita sebenarnya masuk dalam socket yang dikelilingi tulang dan diliputi gusi (amagaaad awkwardnya penerangan)

source :

Ini pulak tunjukkan macammana gusi tu boleh berubah dari sihat kepada tidak sihat.

Gusi sihat -> Gusi bengkak -> tulang yang "memegang" gigi mula mengecut kerana asyik diinjured oleh plaque/calculus tadi -> gigi mula goyang sebab dah kurang support -> gigi tak boleh diselamatkan lagi :(

So what is the reason? Yes. Simple aje. Improper care of oral hygiene. Neglect. Tak berus gigi. Malas berus gigi. Berus gigi tak betul. Berus gigi tak sempurna. Sisa terus terkumpul. Calculus formation. 
What is calculus? Calculus to be simple is hardened plaque. Sisa makanan tadi yang dah lama sangat, dia membentuk deposit yang melekat kat gigi dan gusi dan hanya boleh dibuang dengan rawatan scaling (or cuci gigi like most of my patients said)

source :

source :

Those are calculus. They are super unhealthy and gross. They cause bad breath and also eventually loose tooth. They don't normally start to be this thick so you have to monitor yourself. Saya banyak jumpa orang yang datang dengan keadaan gigi macam ni tapi tanya macammana nak putihkan gigi (-__-") Those would need a good hour to be totally removed. Lepastu bile dah scaling ada ruang antara gigi terus rasa pelik and mintak tampal ruang antara gigi. Adeh..

All in all, I can say that ignorance is not always a bliss. For your health, ignorance is harmful. And oral care, are as important as other parts of the body jugak. Jangan la rasa kesihatan mulut ni benda remeh. Ya, memang senang sangat nak jaga kesihatan mulut. Berus gigi dengan sempurna. Gunakan teknik yang betul bukan force yang kuat. Berus gigi yang lembut. Berus disudutkan lebihkurang 45 darjah kearah gusi dan semua permukaan mesti diberus. Pastikan gosok sampai belakang jugak. Begitulah.
source :

Ada banyak je lagi soalan pelik-pelik yang saya dapat. Tapi nantilah dah letih. Lol. Semoga ada kekuatan lagi nak menulis di masa akan datang. Kbyeeeeeeeeeeee

November 01, 2014

Dari dapur kakjiah

Since my return to Malaysia, I never cook as much as I did back in Cork. But I actually enjoyed cooking a lot. Sometimes when I get to watch television (yes, I don't watch tv that much these days) my favourite channel is 727, the Food Network Channel. So sometimes when I miss cooking, I will roll up my sleeves and start whipping up something in the kitchen...

So these are some food that I whipped up in my kitchen recently..

This is actually a technically problem caramel pudding. I mistook yellow colourant for vanilla essence so it came out yellower than normal. LOL. But the taste was alright!

This is my version of healthy breakfast. Poached egg with grilled tomato and fried tuna.

My rendition of megi goreng and this was from only a packet of Mamee's Maggi and that's a lot. The best megi goreng for me was from mamak restoran ABC that was closed down few years ago. Never had any megi goreng better than theirs..

Deconstructed Shepherd's Pie! Saw somebody uploaded a picture of the pie so I tried to recreate one that can be done without an oven so come this deconstructed version. 

My version of Chicken Rice which I named it Chicken Rice JDTolongmenang because this was done yesterday and Team JDT is playing this weekend I really hope they win with hope that we get to get a free holiday this Sunday. Luls. Back in Cork I tried adding in sesame oil to chicken rice and it tasted goooooood. It was hard to get a good Chicken Rice here, so far my favourite is Nasi Ayam Cun at Taman Shamelin Perkasa and their soup is really good. So I tried to do a chicken rice which is rich with sesame oil fragrant and taste with good soup and I think I managed to whip up something quite nice, and it was approved by someone else :P

Dah pass kan nak kawen? OK now time to find a husband.KBAI