September 29, 2014

To inspire vs to not inspire

I bumped onto a blog that was well-written, and freshly inspiring and I took a look at mine....




Well. It used to be one. But not anymore. Sigh.

Will find some inspiration to put up something beneficial later just in case people ended up being lost at this blog.

September 25, 2014

Beeeeech plssssssss

Ya think I am gonna entertain ya pointless text?

I have got thousand things to say but I am not gonna let it out on a slightest bit. Wanted to reply it with the short and sweet "K" but figured out you don't even deserve that.


September 21, 2014

Stockholm Syndrome

Feeling down and defeated.

Will try my best to let go for good now.

September 13, 2014

Joy of being not the one

Joy of being not the one

He brings you around
He spends a lot of his time
He occupies a lot of your life
But at times where you want him to be there when he can't
And he just can't
Cause you are not the one

Joy of being not the one

He brings you to meet new people
He involves you in part of his new company
And when it comes to the introduction
You are not the one
And still not the one

Joy of being not the one

- not the one, tbs, septemberthirteenthonefour -

Gemok oiiii

Seven kilos heavier from my last shedding-kilos-phase weight. So stressed. Can't seem to find time for exercise. Can't seem to control what I eat. Right knee has been too manja these days a bit of extra force would put me into tempang mode for a few days.

6 years ago where it all started

Gambar pembakar semangat. Lulz
Tazabar nak kembali. Cant wait to hit the gym back.

Need. To. Get. Back. On. Track.


September 09, 2014

Rindu awak 200%

Caught up with some people from a part of my left that I have been missing a lot. So happy to be around them again, even for a while.

Bringing around they guys to buy baju melayu for Kamil's reception in Manjung. Had so much fun picking up colours and samping for them. Had the salesguy show them how to wear the samping it is amusing to see how excited they were
My gossip guys and girls 
Brought them to have a glimpse of Malaysian food. They have been tolerating the spicy alright Shane even munched on a dried chilli that I myself can't take it well >.<
Beautiful reception at Hilton 
James and his selfie stick, his new friend
At Pacific Regency where they stayed before we went to the reception
It was one hell of a good weekend. Missing everyone already.

September 01, 2014


How is it possible to spend so much time with someone but still end up missing them anyway. Is this the withdrawal effect?