December 29, 2007

Saya melarikan diri dari Cork sehinggaj 3 Januari 2008!

Ola..saye di Nottingham, UK.

Sales disini sangat menggiurkan~~ lalala~~

I think I might have to put my Spain updates on hold. Coz I've told u I wanna share it properly with u all so I had to do some research (which I'll do after I came back from UK) first.

And I'd like to do a wrap-up post for the year 2007, which I think, again, needed to be postponed to a later date since I don't think I could make it (unless I managed to curik2 my friend's laptop)..

Ah well, Happy New Year to everyone. May the coming year brings more happiness for all of us...

December 28, 2007

St Stephen's day

Is a boxing-day-like of Cork. But it's on 27th of December instead of 26th...
I didn't shop much since I had spared my money for UK trip..

For One More Day by Mitch Albom, the same author of Tuesday With Morrie. dah lama nak beli buku ni tapi terlupa2. When I read Ida's blog baru teringat balek..
Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinesella - the book I gave Ida for her bday. hehe
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini - When I was in MPH, this book is one of the most wanted book. Huerm...sebab tu saye tertarik nak beli kot?
And Abang, this is yours. Sila kekalkan keSliman anda kerana ini adalah t-shirt budak2 berumur 14tahun yg sama sizenya dgn size S adult (dah out of stock)
p/s : This is the jersey RWC 2007 version. The shop assistant told me it's a bit different from the usual one since France's nye rules ke hape tah prohibited the team from advertising their sponsor on the jersey. Kalau jersey biase ade O2 (Vodafone) nye lambang..

December 27, 2007


...ialah perkataan yang diucapkan oleh ahli syurga..

muahaha...buat gimik sket...saya masih saya. para hadirin jgn terkejut~

I'm back in Cork. We reached Cork aproximately at 11++ ke 12 tah..

I'll try to update and put up pictures slowly..maybe I wud go by place. Coz there was too many things to say, and i'm going to be such a loser to not to share it with u. Roughly, my journey was :
  • 21st Dec - reached Granada. Went to Alhambra
  • 23th Dec - went to Cordoba
  • 25th Dec - reached Sevilla (pronounced as Seviya)
  • 25th Dec - stopped by at Ronda. Drove to Malaga
  • 26th Dec - pulang ke 2nd home - Cork. ngeh ngeh ngeh

P/S : I'm thinking of going private with this blog. (eh tapi saye letak nuffnang ads..rugi ah nnt?!?!?) Kerana ade sesetengah individu mula menimbulkan sentimen dgn blog, and I am seriously not happy with it. Or I should stay with my new motto - whatever forever~

entah kenapa hati ini cukup merindui nama-nama tersebut..

December 22, 2007


Buenos noches!!!!!

saye di Spain.
tak sangke youth hostel yg korok ade free wireless tenet
tapi skarang pukul 3 pagi dan esok saye perlu drive ke Cordoba dari Granada selama 2 jam 40 minit!
saye drive :
  • citroen c4
  • left-hand side nye driver
  • kete pelik takde gear di tmpat biase
  • kete aneh tiada handbrake di tempat biase
  • cuak!!!!!!!!!
doakan saye selamat.

silalah merasa beberapa gambar ye. bye!

December 16, 2007

I don't wanna be..

From next year onwards, I should always make sure I do something I really want to. Coz life is precious, and frustration occupies too much space in my life that it causes my mind to function improperly.

I can always force myself to smile. But it hurts so much inside y'know to be hypocrite when u hate those who upholds hypocrisy.

Guess I'll be away for few days..If connection permits and I'm not too busy with usrahs (*sigh*) I'll try to update stories on my holidays. Else I would just need to wait until 27th..And ohhh!!!! 28th December!!!!! I can't wait to go to UK!!!!!!!!! Wa mahu shop2. Wa mahu iceskate!!!!!!!!!

By the way here's some pic on ice-skating trip last Friday. I menumpang kasih dgn medic students nye class trip. *haihh...*

The good things is....I DIDN'T FALL. hahahha...and I could skate like a few metres without holding onto the borders..even for a few seconds...that's a record okay for someone who doesn't even know how to roller blade..(plan nak iceskating ngan my girls asyik tergendala je...)

Presenting.....Cork on Ice...~
sila jgn betulkan tv anda. ini bukan khemah sementara mangsa banjir ye..

muke menyelit. hahaha..cuak nye pasal..

tunaikan tanggungjawabmu, walau dimana jua kamu berada.
p/s : tu bukan surau/tmpat smayang

gedik skitt....

December 14, 2007

The walaupuns..


i told ya i dun feel excited neither do i feel delighted about my trip,

since last week, my centre of mind has been focused to the preparation


i feel slight regret of not going back to Malaysia this winter

i'm still willing to spend lots of Euros for my trip

i look/sound so depressed

that is just a manifestation of how much i miss home, dan isi perutnya ie. my family & friends


some ppl may have misinterpreted me

whatever. just..whatever. baek saye teruskan packing.

p/s : walaupun hidup beribu tahun, kalau tak sembahyang apa gunanyaaaa

Cork city @ nite

As a part of the "Celebration" of the end of exams for med studs, we take a stroll at Cork city. Cork city at nite was beautiful. It was kinda busy (maybe due to Christmas and Thursday kot. Thursday is their payday- the day where they got their pay)

I went earlier since I'm done with my class since 12pm. Jalan a bit. Dined at Istanbul, had chicken kebab (adela rase satay sket-10%). Camwhoring along the road..So here goes :

I've withdrawn my money. Convert some of them to pound (in case I didn't get to do them before I go to the UK on 28th) Ouh it's quite worrying when u see how ur money could be reduced from 4 digits to 3 digits within a blink of eye. Ohhhhh...JPA cpat2 save meeeeeeee...

And when I recounted the sum of money spent of the winter trip - Spain and UK sume2 tu.. ceh..same je harga tiket balek Malaysia. That's not even including the possibility of overspending. Seriously!

A slight regret disitu...especially when my current mental and mind state are not at their best to jolly well. I need to go back to Malaysia and recharge...I miss home. Badly. When my classmate, Mich said she's going back to Singapore tomorrow, I feel like begging her to take me too....

Nak balek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : sbb saye tak jadik beli sleeping bag, so i diverted the money spared for a pretty "decent" sling bag & a jacket from DP. heh. thanx to Kak Dayah for the idea tho.
And that's why I don't have confidence on myself - not to overspend during this holiday trip. But I know what would motivate me the most -> TIKET BALEK SUMMER + RONGGENG DI MALAYSIA. Yeah, gotta keep that in mind~

December 13, 2007


Now now..I will usually feel very happy when it comes to holiday. Plus I am going to travel to a place (or places?!?) that I haven't been to.

Tell me why I don't feel excited nor I feel delighted about this.

Yup. Anti-Stress it is. Mari2 mandi sampai anda dah de-stress.

December 11, 2007

Berita tak cool to the power of 100 + Gambar terganggu

Tiap-tiap hari saye check email saye tunggu email En. Jamal.
Harini dah dapat...tapi tibe-tibe keluar berita tak cool lagi...
tak coooolllll...tak cooolll langsungggggg...

haha cam la broke sgt. No, I am not dead broke (yet). My balance is still enough for me to survive a few months (provided I dun spend too much - which I think is not possible during this winter sale) I just wanna plan my money allocation. How much to spend, how much to save, flight tickets balek summer lagi...(ye saye tau it's like 6 months away lagi tapi kita perlu sentiasa bersedia bukan?? haha cover homesick skettt..)

Below are pictures I got from blog Encik Beruang Madu (?)

Subhanallah..saya terkesima serta terganggu seketika. Betapa indahnya ciptaan Dia..

P/S : sape suke kembang2kan hidung? hah kalau nak tau itu kredit kepada levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle la. walaupun nama dia menyeksakan, tapi dier memberi sumbangan terhadap perbuatan jelek itu. jadi marilah ramai2 ingat name muscle itu bersama saya.

P/Ss : apa rugby msia kalah ngan philipines (tell me why nape ejaan dier nampak aneh) niiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...ape niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...haritu kan dah menanggggg.....over confident la tu!!!

December 10, 2007

Hari Yang Cerah Untuk Jiwa Yang Sepi

Sun during winter?
Betul ke tu??
Ah...How I miss the feel..the heat...

When u're just too lazy to hit the kitchen here's some quick recipe :

  1. Fish Finger
  2. Sayur :
  • Carrot
  • Broccoli
  • Baby Potatoes
  • Kiub Ikan Bilis Knorr
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of perencah sup sayur (jimat stok punye pasal)
Cara Membuat :

  1. Potong Carrot, Broccoli & Baby Potatoes ikut suke.
  2. Larutkan kiub ikan bilis + salt + perencah sup sayur with hot water
  3. Tuangkan larutan (?) tadi on the cut veggies
  4. Balut in foil
  5. Bakar (?) bahan-bahan diatas bersama fish finger tadi slama 10-15 mins didalam oven

Sedap dimakan dgn : Sos Lingham! Yeah..sos lingham rules!!

P/S : but u still need to hit the kitchen, unless u have an oven in ur room.

Slamat Mencuba!

Secara tiba-tiba

After wasting my day with useless activities, I finally settled down wit sumthing more useful. Eventho it's not much, at least I did..Erm..

Some strange feelings distracted me tonite. Out of nowhere, tiba-tiba saya rindu kepada kehidupan KMB dulu. Life in KMB and life in Cork isn't much difference. Stressful. Lonely. But the distinguished thing being lonely in KMB and lonely in Cork is as least in KMB, u have the whole classmate to mingle around where else in Cork i'm being the minority among the minorities.
Bosan. I need at least a friend in the same shoes as me.
And I suddenly miss the company of Nabila (sorry if this sounds a lil bit yucky). She had influenced me with her attitudes and at the same time I also put her as my 'indicator' / competitor. Altho at the end I lost to her by 1 mark, I felt satisfied coz I somehow managed to push myself to go as far as an ambitious ppl like her. Hohoho..

I need someone I respect to be my competitor. Not someone.I..erm... (complete this sentence with ur own imagination)

But as much as I think I need a friend by my side, I'm also crying out for my own private room. I REALLY REALLY need my own space. No, nothing's wrong between me and Jeng Yin. Just that I miss...the feel of having some privacy. The feel of living in ur comfortable zone to the most.

On a wholly different note, the XI Sea Games held in Thailand is approaching to the end in 5 days. Malaysia's chef de mission put 66 gold medals on target whereby at the time being Malaysia is stuck at 5th place with 15 gold medals.
5 days to go with 51 gold medals to be hit? Ermm..bleh ke?

I find the athletic fields are kind of dissappointing. Nasib ade Yuan Yu Fang, Teoh Boon Lim & the 4X4 quartet to save our ass..
And football team? Erm...Their confidence (or was it the coach?) was rather misleading. Nampak berkobar was it translated to the players' performance?
Rugby team was doing fine currently. Impressive I must say. Been winning all 3 matches played, I hope they could prove something.

December 09, 2007

Muchos Gracias

Well...some eye candies on Cork town (at least the town that I always go. tatau la kot ade town laen ke)

Erm..ape name eh. Washington Road? Ke?

The B&B along the way to town. (cam..motel ke budget hotel camtu lah)
One of UCC entrance.

Of Mahon Point

Big thanks to Atiq & Kak Rose, yesterday I managed to take another steps further from the town of Cork to Mahon Point (MP). Located 15-20 mins away from the town, we took bus #10 from Glasheen, stopped at the Grand Parade at town, waited for Kak Rose, and hop on the bus to MP. Finally....a REAL shopping complex with its own Cinema and several boutiques under one roof! Okay rase loser giler plak..

We watched The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Fort. Was hoping Enchanted is available on the screen but to my surprise, IT IS NOT OUT YET, tuan2 dan puan2. Ya...begitulah fenomena negara2 maju disini. But...whatever. I miss watching movie in a real cinema (eventho there were like only 10 of us inside there??) and the movie is packed of psychotic ppl who would pull the trigger off when they felt like doing so. Sakit otak saya mahu menerima!

The whole shopping trip was fun and enjoyable. I didn't take much pixies coz 1st- saye agak teruja dgn MP and 2ndly becoz my bag was such a mess, malas nak kuar2kan kamera! And my newly acquired skill solat-in-fitting-room was nearly perfect! Muehehe...Thanks to Debenhams and Zara comfortable and big fitting room!

I went back with one Debenham skirt shirt (whatever thing u call it, dun give a damn) and broccoli,rice and carrot from Tesco (?? apakah??), Kak Rose with some stuff from Gasolene and Atiq with her new bubu from Kak Rose. (Atique, mission cari hadiah birthday for urself gagal lagi!!)

Of Stupid Bus and My Treat

We reached town at about 5.55pm and since my urinary bladder was about to burst (tahan wudhu' dari pagi nye pasal), I decided to take bus from town, instead of going back from Glasheen. Furthermore, I need to get home ASAP coz I promised the girls to cook dinner for them dan saya juga penakut dan saya takut mahu berjalan pulang keseorangan from Glasheen.


I had to wait for the #8 bus for 12 minutes! And it didn't stop in front of Castlewhite eventho I'm pretty sure the guy behind me rang the bell 5 freakin times!!!!! Dahlah kena berdiri and I had to grip the tiang on the bus firmly that I nearly fell several times. (ok statement takde kaitan) Then he stopped us at the next stop, in front of the Uni Hall and we (me and the guy) had to walk back to Castlewhite. Stupiiiiiddd!!!!!!

I reach home approx at 6.30pm. Changed clothes and rushed off to the kitchen to prepare things. Jeng Yin helped me to put the marinated chicken in the oven before that. I did the chilli sauce the nite before (right after Atique ajak gi MP.haha excited nye pasal). So I was left with the soup, kicap and the rice itself. I cooked Nasi Ayam for them. Luckily the whole thing turned out to be quite okay despite some kurang2 here and there. I'm glad they like it...

Atiq and her 2nd ke 3rd more than €90 choice of things-to-buy. Haha...saba ye Atiq tunggu discount!.
Tudung terkelepet sbb hujan and angin

Kak Rose and Atiq

P/S : thans kak rose & atiq! muahxXxXxx..Atiq next year tak balek summer kumpul duet bleh blanja gi MP eh...yeaayy!!

December 07, 2007


to whom it may concern,

Revenge is a confession of pain. I am so so sorry I hurt u.

And Peja, if only I could make u read this. I'm so sorry for every single thing. Every grand to little teeny weeny things I talked about u, I am honestly so, so SORRY! I regretted any misunderstanding that goes between us, and I wish for your ever after happiness and success.

Erghhh my heart hurts again~

P/S : Click the underlined words for details

Note to self : Stay away from danger and anger.

December 06, 2007

Gua stress baca practical manual anatomy

bile kite gelak, zycomaticus major muscle yg buat. pastu risorius muscle plak utk grinning. hah dalam gambar atas ni sape gelak sape grinning?

bile kite angkat angle mulut levator anguli oris yg buat

bile kite mencebik, depressor anguli oris plak yg buat

bile kite buat pouting lips, orbicularis oris muscle yg buat.

Levator labii superior alaque nasi muscle.

Levator labii superior alaque nasi muscle.

Levator labii superior alaque nasi muscle.

p/s : Happy Birthday Syahir & Shera!!!

December 04, 2007

Shattered heart

Angin harini bertiup kencang sampai rase nak teterbang. Rase kurus sekejap. heheh

"heart broken"

The news on the results spread fast. No, they may not know my result but the fact that our Malaysian friend got highest marks in our class really got me into hard times. They (med studs friends) are expecting my result is as good as his when the fact that it's totally the opposite.

No, I didn't fail. I just don't get good results.

I find it hard to look up the pages of topic covered in the previous test. Hati (atau jantung?) saya berdegup kencang. There's this one stinging pain that really hurts.
Usually I would opt to leave the hurting memories behind. Dulu ketika form 4 saya fail Biology kerana melabel struktur jantung. Since that I never dare to even learn them and I started to hate them. But this time around I won't repeat the same old mistakes.

My mom believes in me.
Fuzah said I just need time and space to alter my studying skills. She has been with me in my 5 (SMSS) + 2 (KMB) years and she knows eventually I would do better.

I wanna rise and shine. >.<
even if it gets me creeping before I could stand up and run, I really wanna shine..

.haha emo betul. baru 1st test.

~Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it~

December 03, 2007

The day I cried again

Anatomy assessment result is out.
Honestly it's very frustrating yet it's expected.
When I mean VERY it's really a very very frustrating.
I know I'm never good in Science, Biology dan kini Anatomy?
And I'm never good in early days exams.

Maybe He wanted me to put more effort.
Maybe He wanted me to stop fooling around.
Maybe He wanted me to change.
Yes, He has His reason for every single thing happened.

Thanks Wani & Fuzah - you both are always my guardian angel.
and Thanks Sarah for the hug (my housemate happened to pass by when I was crying on the phone)

I miss home >.<

UCC & Castlewhite - the pictures

This is one of the entrance to UCC main buildings. If I were to go for Anatomy class / library / Boole basement, I need to walk through this passage (selepas mendaki bukit yg curam.kalau pepagi yg sejuk pastu lambat gi kelas serious nak mati rase panjat bukit)

The Quad. They said the walkways running through the greens of the Quad are reserved for graduates. Any undergrads that dare to walk thru are tempting fate to ruin their hopes of qualifying. Superstitious...superstitious, not qualifying adalah satu perkara yg sgt ku takuti so ye, baek. Saya ikut saje.

Ancient buildings of UCC.

Anatomy LECTURE THEATER @ Windle building. hahah. Old skooolll sangat. Saket pinggang kalau blaja kat sini.
p/s : ktorang blaja gune projector la..takdenye dier tulis/lukis everything on the blackboard.

The Crest. Another legendary tale. The "sacred" UCC crest is located under the arches in the Quad. Be careful not to trample on them as those who did would be cursed for their remaining days in UCC.

Cerita karut :
The crest marks the resting place of UCC's 1st atendee of their dental course. Having failed final yr with 49% (passing mark 50% ppl), he dropped out, n harboured a bitter resentment towards the UCC lectures for years afterward. 15 yrs later he dissapeared from public life& was presumed dead. He was later found dead of hypothermia, locked into a closet in the anatomy department, a knife gripped between his teeth. (ironic gle kan. amik dental course pastu mati pun nak tunjuk gak smangat gigi2)

Mari kite tengok perbezaan pokok sewaktu Autumn & Winter
View from my room. Bushy. Leafy.
Nak amik gambar sungai pun terhalang dgn pokok2 itu.

Ops sorry terselit gmbr my bed. Malas nak alter the position. By the way that's my bed. And the notice board during my early days. Skarang dah penuh dah notice boards tu. On the wall I put the calendar and marked the passing days before I went to sleep. Haha...sangap gler kan counting days nak balek eventho uncertained lagi the date!

Back to the compare & contrast, this is the same area on the previous 2 pictures. Pokok2 kering. Siap bleh nampak the buildings across the River Lee. Yup, it's one of UCC buildings but i'm not quite sure what building is that. Saye cume tahu : Windle building (tmpat anatomy lecture and anatomy&physiology lab), student centre (the most un-ancient building kat situ), Kane building (sebab ade meeting MCS before tuh) and Engineering building (sebab ade program PPMC kat situ). huhuhu..tu je..len2 tak sure.
The 'haunted' River Lee.. btulke haunted???

My study kerrel. Sepah. Yup I know. Menghiasi dinding saye ialah, L-R : gambar bersama rakan2 yg saya sayangi bersama penanda bear cute pemberian Ida, gambar raya kluarga saye (sob sob), kad raye abg saye kasi, table for Type O diet (haha), kad good luck exam pemberian kak Aimi saye (sweet kan dier kasi saye for my 1st anatomy exam) and mini ball I bought from Dublin.

start random pictures plak

Sewaktu sesi menghabiskan barang2 bazar Ramadhan&open house. The extra kulit popia were creatively shaped into words dan err..shapes? Bukti kami sememangnye kurang hiburan di Cork. Pastu kat blakang tu kantoi buku Langkah Memasak - haha...masak mi bandung gune perencah pun nak gune buku gak. In the round tupperware - sambal kicap! My house's must have penambah rase. Abg saye kalo boleh gi kedai pon dier nak angkut sambal kicap.

Peek into my cupboard! My space is the upper part ye.. (sedih kena jengket2 slalu nak amek barang.

L-R : honey (tiap2 pagi saye melantak ni ngan waffle-saye tatau nape saye tak suke makan cereal?) hot choc & coffee - my must have drinks (tea is not really my cup of tea), salt, kiub pati ayam/ikan bilis knorr and brahims - ayam masak merah, kari ayam n rendang ayam. Sayang nak gune nnt abes.... =( I'll keep them for emergency use only..

L-R : Cereal (yg saye tak makan2 sejak beli..errr...5 weeks ago?), tupperware containing serbuk kari, serbuk cili, kunyit, perencah nasik goreng+bihun goreng, pita bread, my FAVOURITE McVities Waffle, Sugar and John West Tuna - in case mengidam nak makan ikan. Sini susah nak dapat ikan ohhhh saye rindu ikan yg abg saye slalu pancing pastu mak saye kukus...~
L-R : Keropok (got from Ummi when I visited them in Dublin. haha ala2 cenderahati laahh), Basmati rice (uiyo makan basmati kaye ke?? taklah.....saje je konon2 jage kesihatan), Fussili pasta n tupperware tadi..hoho..

This is what I cooked for dinner today. Ayam kicap blackpepper and sayur goreng. I cooked for Wany & Mihah too coz they are busy preparing for their upcoming winter exams. Gi study group kat umah senior sian nanti balek penat nak masak2. Erm..kena la bantu membantu kan what are friends for?

Hehehe...byk plak bebel~