August 27, 2006

wrap up

Hey it's the end of my precious holiday. I havent packed up my things yet!!! I am extremely lazy and having a high degree of reluctance *sigh*

So for a wrap up, kinda muhasabah diri, what did I do for my holiday? From an IB students point of view. No nothing. Apart from incomplete translation agama task, I didnt do any work. From a hoohaa-having-fun-girl point of view, again no nothing. Didnt really have a hoohaa time this holiday. Watched only 1 movie, went only 1 shopping complex (note : I dont consider Summit as shopping complex. It is just a chinese version of kompleks pkns, I guess). But, from a lazybump point of view, perfect score! Aiya carumba I'm just getting better in lazying around!

Anyway, I did find few solutions of my unanswered Qs. I've found the period of my hopes. Yeap, that is it. No further Qs, he will only remain as one of my nitemares and no one would ever hankered for a nitemare, I guess. So it's time for moving on (eh..macam ku pernah dengar ayat ini tapi dimana yaa??) and concentrate on the miserable life that I'm having right now. No more grief, pathetic feelings. If I have to blind myself, than go on. If I have to deafen myself, again move on!

Oh okay, so what's to keep myself occupied at that boring banting? Haha, lots n lots of 'em. Just bought 2 books yesterday. And when I went digging my abang's book in the shelves I found a kisah nabi book, which I think a necessity for a 19-year-old-ignorant girl like me. I guess I am ready for a return to the misery and wretchedness of..oops okay. Forgot oledi. Mom told me to keep positive insights in order to lead a happy life. So, okay, no boring banting but tranquil banting! No miserable life but condusive atmosphere to read books and do maths! No dull social life but having many exciting geeks and nerds around me who know how to enjoy life!

Okay ppl, peace,I'm out

August 26, 2006

my zahid

The family is having meeting right now. Since we are going to have the weddingSS of the year so a proper preparation is a must! Our Datin S is going to marry Datuk J while we are going to organise reception wedding for Cik Imah (a.k.a. cik wan) and my Cik Pi. My task? Huh sengal gler. I have to follow the Datin S for solemnisation at masjid. I dun want!!! I am so not gonna be there.huhuhu..Next task is head (aka tekong) of the bunga-telur-fairies. Oh...sungguh tak mencabar. I know what am I going to do. I'll grab my mushhy fariq imran and pretend I have to be his babysitter for a while.Akaka

Today for the very first time I witnessed and experienced my abg's wreckless driving and I was oh so takut. 160 to 180 and I just can hold onto my breath. Pergh..wut a day! Plus I was having only one hour sleep before that and I have to send him to airport. Not really send him actually. I have to take his car back home. I didnt sleep the nite before doing my agama translation *uhuks*.I take all the blame la since I was the one yg tak siapkan keje2 smua kan..uHuhuh..
Since I just had this experience, so my current fav song is tokyo drift theme song. Oh...I loike!!!

This is the picture of 3 lil tak-cukup-bulan-kittens found at the back of my home. Tho they look oh so yucky but I pity them. Sian..kecik2 dah kena tinggal. They are so smallll...Cam tikus pun ade. I made them milk but only one of them had a sip of the milk. Hwahwa...I feel like taking care of them but I dun think I can handle them with care...huhuhu

This is my type of guy. Uhuhuhu..tetibe kuar balik cter zahid. U know I've been admiring him since his first appearance at AF2 and still and will always like him.See this is the real type of guy that I like. His eyes his smile his beefy body. Recently I am bitching at myspace, u know the place where no one is real. Fakeness is everywhere. I saw sumone who resembles Zahid so much..huhuhu..Anyway Zahid, too is in myspace. But in myspace, that was totally not me. So unreal~

Okay...notice my jiwa kacau. Blog pun serabut. Citer bukan2. This is mainly because by tomorrow I have to go back to that creepy place and back to my miserable life....Ohhh plus I have tonnes of work (which I didnt even dare to touch) and mock interview awaiting me. Shit la....

I dun wanna go back

August 23, 2006

dentist vs md

Too much to nag on plak malam neyh.I think I am being extra sensitive lately (despite my prior sensitiveness, I am 30% more sensitive than I am supposed to be)

dentist vs med doctor

Ask me why do you want to be a dentist? Ask me when I'm hitting the enter key when I'm filling the online form in JPA online, I wont have any answer.Clueless.But for the sake of rationalizing my choice, I did several research about dentist,but it turns out that..the result is quite shocking.

Dentist recorded highest rate of suicide, particularly because they are tired doing the same routing and looking at the same part, I guess? Oh, this fact did, demotivate me somehow but I still believe there must be a brighter side in dentists' life. Anyway, life's always greener at the other side, isnt it?

i'm ur worst nitemare!!

Life isnt about filling ur pots with cash. My initial intention, my motivation is not driven by $$ factor. It is just something that I pointed out if I dont have anything to defend myself. People seldom look down on me. They prefer medical doctors rather than dentist. Based on status and prestige, I think MD won over dentist la of course.My closest example,my family. My bro, had once questioned me why dentist? Added by my paklong, who asked the same Q, but with additional painful statement="buat pe main dengan gigi orang". Ohh..that is just too..awful.

I dont feel discriminated. I just dont feel belong to bunch of ppl surrounding me.Terkadang inferior pun ada (biasalah saye kan paranoid). Anyway am trying my best to keep my rationality and curb my kecik-hati feelings.Sometimes, I want to know the same things that the med students know. I want to experience the things they will go through but I have my own things to be worried of.

By the way, I feel a lil bit worry. I dont have any problem to witness those yucky bloody stomach nor vagina or whatever organs in human's body. But I feel like throwing up when I see through people mouth.Oh gross..and this is surely a big prob to me.Tuhlaa...cepat suruh sumbody make a film or series on dentist, specifically.

ahaha..dream on lah


I got a new haircut yesterday~~

I watched CLICK yesterday.The movie is OKAY.Since Cik Din has spoiled the mood by telling me that the story was a dream..So the enthusiasm has been cut down.The was supposed to be humour plus a lil bit sentimental.Anyhow I enjoyed the movie tho. I am looking forward to watch nacho libre.Anyone care to join me?

huhu..busuk gler hero!!!

Mid V is quite peaceful yesterday.Less people.Strategic parking.The traffic was Ok.So I supposed yesterday's outing was quite okaylah.Anyway...I love Mid V so nothing much to say lah kan.But actually I am quite bored with the bajuss and thingss. Got myself an applemint kemeja.Since OUR fashion advisor,Miss Syazwani said I look better in kemeja =P.Despite the serene atmsphere in Mid V yesterday, my sight was disturbed by the rempittss.Oh for God sake they were totally yucky.I guess they were proud because "their" life is filmed.When I was Qing up to buy the tix, I bumped into bunch of rempitss who were also Qing up to watch their movie.EEeeeEEeeee...busuk gler!!
Kecik-kecik dah jadi rempit besar2 nak jadi haper?????????? Ouh tolong lah sumbody out there,the wakil rakyatss the NGOs anybody sumbody pls pls pls work out something to get rid or at least cure them.They are like virus.Infect here and bluek

I chatted with my oversea-frens. I'm glad they were Okay. Zack dah sampai. Zairin is laptop rosak.Chemi n Syikin are both okay.Tho' CheMi sound a lil bit homesick.Biaserlah tuh kakk..They have a nice bibik tho.Uhuhuhu...anyway I hope they will be ok2 slalu

tah sejak bile aku jadi camwhore tah

August 21, 2006

bye bye cikpi

The past few days are one of the hardest moment I've been thru in my life.

English Oral

Hey, i shudnt be this open.But I really learned something from this.
1. In the morning, never ever let the blurness control urself.Jump up at down, run, do whatever u need to. Especially when u have an english oral and you are, sadly a total sucky in English and you are being surrounded by the Mega Dewa English
2. Open up and speak up!
3. Read more in english if you always stuck in voicing out your ideas or even to finish your sentences.
4. Read more. Work on your general knowledge so you can quote anywhere anyhow anything any useful infos to make ppl ooohsss and aaahssss
5. Depressed? just smile and live your life to the fullest or else ppl will perceive you as total fool who doesnt and cant speak fluent english.
6. You are not good enough.Work harder

By the way, I managed to control my emotion tho the few hours after the english oral I am totally disturbed and a lil bit down. What else can I do? Just smile, and breath as usual lah

CikPi's wedding

The big loss. My friend, my eat-partner, my tempat ngadu, my geng.Uhukss..I really cant elaborate much on this or else I'll start to cry again.He's gone now. My greatest cikpi. He was with us for 13 years. Can u imagine...13 years??? And now I have to say goodbye to him.

Mak kept on saying "i lost my bestfriend". And i feel like giving up going oversea. Who's going to take care of mak? Who's going to accompany mak? Who's going to bukak puasa with mak? If mak fall sick who's going to send her to clinic? Who? Who? Who? I am totally depressed right now.Seriously cikpi left a big hole in our house and our heart.

I just cant stop crying.Each time I heard the song he used to memekak. The charkueytiow he used to buy for me. The sofa. The tv. The everything.

God,give me strength.Give mak strength.


Oh okay.During our stay in kelantan, we were fully-entertained by Mak Iti's future hubby.Okay lah it was not FULL but, he made few untold plans for us. Oi whaddaheck?? This is our family trip lah. The 1st night he spent us dinner at Chinese restaurant. We were still okay at that time. Yerlah org nak blanje wat pe tolakkan. The next day he made a sudden plan for us. A dinner at pengkalan kubor. Pity uncle Deeb, my uncle who's family is in klantan because he has prepared a mini feast for us. So we were separated into two. Just to entertain both party. I went to pengkalan kubor and we had a dinner besides the sea. Anyway, eventually we gathered at uncle deeb's house.

I didnt go back earlier. Huhu..wasted my air tickets just like that. I went back with Cik Din and Cik Co since mom didnt want to buy me new ticket as a lesson--think deeply and make a proper plan before you decide anything.Huhu..anyway the journey was ok.Despite the oh-cramp-butt,I could repay my sleep-debt.

my adeekkk...dah besharrr...ade rambut kerinting2..dah bule cakap2 bising~~

Zack's departure shopping partner.Tho I didnt have the chance to send her, I still managed to attend her kenduri doa selamat. I thank ruzaidi a lot for taking the trouble to come all the way from uniten to pick me up that evening. I am so determined to attend her kenduri that I lied to principle? I wont fly but I will lie..lalala hips dont lie~~

Met pekah and yatie. Fuzah,wawa,toye,pa,nadia came later. And I came with ruzaidi, zee and yaya. I was satisfied that I got to say goodbye in-person with z.Huhu..I troubled ruzaidi, he sent me all the way to McB at around 11.30pm? huhuh..Then I stayed up until 3 to make Z's cd.Ohoh..i wasnt satisfied with the product tho..tsktsk..sorry z!! It was a big rush!!


Oklah.Nite people.

August 16, 2006

i dun want but i have to

To whom it may concern..
I dont have the guts to tell anyone about this but it really kills me softly..I dun want to die a painful death so I shud just step back
I've gone through a similar painful experience. And I am still suffering.
The storyboard is just the same. Sharing secrets. Become closer. Regularly SMS and walla..I fell into the trap
Before things get worse, I shud just step back
I like to befriend with you. I am longing for a companion. But I just dont want to be haunted again.
I am sorry. FOr this silence treatment. For this annoying face. But blame it on someone who made my life miserable and still making it..

August 07, 2006

i am supposed but i didnt

I am supposed to settle my EE but I am writing my blog
I am supposed to fast today but I had my lunch
I am supposed to do my work last nite but I watched HOUSE MD until 12.30

I am seriously being zalim to myself..Hwahwahwa...

Am a bit down today. Feeling blue..I'll update later

Met CheMi yesterday.Tata che mi~~

Woit..HOUSE MD is so.....addictive. I promised myself to watch until episode 3 but I watched until episode 7 yesterday..hwahwa...

**Ehem ehem my used-to-be-comel is sitting right besides me.Anyway..he's taken. )= Najwa (my ex-primaryskoolmate and his ex-secondaryschoolmate) told indirectly.So bye2~~**

Useless je post kali ni

August 06, 2006


A tribute to those who are called frens and will always be frens. Keep on sailing our fren-ship and rocking each others' life

Reminiscing the fond memories
As time goes by, it wont fade,it wont freeze

I'm glad our path has crossed
I'm happy to have all of u when I'm lost

Keep on spreading love,dear frens

Hwahwa..chemi,syikin n z will be leaving us sooner.Hope everything wud be fine n they can pursue their dreams.

Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I'll be missing you
Thinkin of the day, when you went away
What a life to take, what a bond to break
I'll be missing you
It's kinda hard with you not around
Know you in heaven smilin down
Watchin us while we pray for you
Every day we pray for you
Til the day we meet again
In my heart is where I'll keep you friend
Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
Strength I need to believe

p/s:this song might be unsuitable but hell who cares wut?huhu

Today :-
++Went out wif Fuzah
++Finally, get to meet her after..1 month ke?
++Tak kemana Carrefour je (ngidam burger king)
++Oh pastu gi Summit.Ceit..suke sangat
++Going to meet up the rest of us tomorrow..Sudden meeting.Might be the last one for che mi.Sob sob..bye bye dear~
++Cudnt find my sinchan comic.Hwahwa..I want one!!!! *stomping legs*

My bday present from cute.Thanx muh fwen.Appreciate it a lot~

Ok...gotta sleep.Nite people...~~

(p/s:am still waiting for my long-awaited house season 2. 17.9% more to go!!)

August 04, 2006


I've just dine at an Italian Restaurant besides Burger King in Taipan. And I feel soOoOoo sick. Why on Earth I cant tolerate cheese?? I can eat pizza. I can "eat" fresh milk..(if n only if it comes with breakfast cereal) but I cant tolerate excessive cheese kot? I dun think I'm a lactose-intolerance kind of person. Abis la gue osteoporosis kalo tak minum susu.


Words of wisdom to my dearest fwens

Fuzah, cmon girl do better. U are getting farther from me and I am trying my very best to understand u but I kept on failing

Lan, be a good man. Lead a good life. Dont keep on breaking other ppl's heart.

Fadzrul, get a life.

I bought new spectacles. astigmatism nye power increase!! Hampeh tul la. I had difficulties to choose which one. I like the esprit's shape but I like the levis' frame.


And I end up with the Levis! Nyaha..tho the frame makes my face looks wider.But it's ok. I love the frame!

Oh. I wud like to express my gratitude to my McB frens who gave me these presents (Figure 1.1)
alt="" />
figure 1.1

Luckily I texted them earlier about the cake that my Mom bought or else they wud have wasted their money. Anyway thanx a lot and I really like them all.
To Nabila=lembu terjojol anda mmg comel.Serious.secomel ketam comel.nyett
To Ila=I like that butterfly brooch.syg nak pakai nnt tercabut
To Che Nad=gler motivating ah hadiah ko.thanx for the cute leprechaun-ireland-pencil
To Madihah n Aimi=thanx for the err..handphoneaccesory thingy.Suits my "appetite".Nice and simple n ade my name too
To Mak=for the cake n the card and the pen, and the love, I LOVE U SO MUCH

All in all I can draw an uncertained conclusion where do I stand in other ppl's life throughout this bday experiment. Not 100% true but I think the result is reliable.

Okay I feel so sick after this terrible cheese experience. The smell of the cheese is so sickening! Gotta pee,refill n sleep

Nite people

Adek..Kak Jiah misses u.My life is so terrible. U r the only one that can heal my wound.Hwahwaha..i miss u~~

Pa...keep on shining me...I REALLY miss u

August 01, 2006

happier version

Hey I am 70% recovered!

=) (=

I'm surfin internet with my own laptop now, n I'm happy =)

Ketam comel talked with me just now..and I feel like punching him..sampai terpenyet...nyettt =)

My pen pal talked with me...a more ngada2 version of him la (cam terlompat sket) =)

Back in the track..msged with my ex-skoolmate last nite =)

All in all...=)