September 30, 2008

September 28, 2008

An update from internet-deprived girl

I. MISS. INTERNETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (sambil jerit bergema)....

The house has yet to be completed with an internet connection. There were too many problems with the internet coverage at our house that we were left with no choice but to just wait and hope. Ala ala of hopes and desires la gittew..

It has been a very hectic and tiring week for us. As u all know, I arrived Eire ONE DAY before class commenced. Dengan bilik tak kemas. Dengan jet lag nye lagi. But Alhamdulillah I managed to get everything in place. As for the timing change, since I was too tired and too packed with classes during the day, I have no problem with jetlag. Cuma ada je la hari-hari terbangun kul 4.30 pagi (sharp!) sebab kat umah dah biasa tido lepas subuh sampai kul 11. heeee :P

My classes has started. Until now I must admit I am still lost. Especially our guest lecturer was a heavily accented English man. Penat jugaklah nak pasang telinga dengar dia cakap. Plus, intensive course was just too heavy for me after 3 months ++ honemoon, my brain is kinda berkarat ady. And the classes was too packed. Starts at 9 everyday and ends at 4-5. Back to back with only one hour break in the middle. And the worse thing is...the distance of the classes were kind of far. Imagine : There's this one day..I have to walk from LRT Bank Negara (Cork Univ. Hospital) to Semua House (Brookfield Health Science Complex). Lepastu dari Semua House balik Sogo (Windle Building). Sort of like that la the journey. Penats Okayh. Tercabut lutut meksss..

Moving room has reaching it's final touch up already. Hahaha..hari2 kemas bilik kot.. so here's a glimpse of my room...

the walkway. since my wardrobe kinda small, I had to put all my hang clothes here. ahh..pedulik..ini jalan anaaa yang punyaa

the room : general view. Ada tv takde license.

my bed. ada small compartment kat situ. huhuhu

dressing table cum wardrobe. cinonet je..

study table. my room's theme : royaltish luxury. muahahaha luxury lah sangat

the book shelves. self made by our landlord. memang cheapo landlord ni. kalau boleh smua nak buat sendiri. the book shelves was done without finishing ok. kayu tu mmg tak smoothkan tak kilatkan ke ape. measure, potong, ketuk, hantar. ciss...

Today we had our bazar Ramadhan. Last year we had some hard times preparing things for the bazar and didnt had the chance to even attend the bazar (sampai2 masjid dah tutup T_T) This year at first I didn't want to do anything since last year's experience was..urm..not so good. Penat dengan class lagi satu hal. TAPI. Eventually buat jugakkk..Siap masak LIMA/FIVE/CINQ/HOMSAH jenis benda ok. My main dishes was mee bandung, roti john and the isi popia while the other two, samosa and roti jala was under Adilah's eyes while me helping to kacau2 the thing and alter the curry. Dalam penat2 tu buaaaatttt jugak. Eventho kelas semalam was so packed and I was veryyyyyyyyyyyyy tired tapi stay upppppp jugak siapkan all the bahans. (baca dalam nada mengungkit yang hebat)
But anyhoo the bazar Ramadhan experience this year was wayyyy better than last year la. Everything sempat siap just in time. And I got time to go jalan2 here and there too..hee :) Kire worth the kepenatan la *kot*

Popia. hehe

Now I'm at Cauliklaffter. Remember the house that I stayed after my patella dislocated? Yeah..that's it. Dari mana kita datang dari situ kita kembali. Haha tetiba je...Sebab dah sangap sangat nak internet...terpaksa la berkorban sikit menapak...

Anyhow I think that's all for now. Urm..o yeah...I miss my mother so much. Dalam kesibukan haritu hari Khamis dah terhomesick sket. Cobaan cobaan...Hopefully we'll get the internet soon. Arghhh stress gua takde internet ni. Rasa macam duduk zaman batu. Nasib la so far kelas full tak terasa lagi T_T

SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to everyone who reads my blog. Raya-raya tu ingatlah saya disini yang di perantauan. Tiada berketupat tiada berkampung halaman..hwaaa....

September 20, 2008

Summer hols - The Summary

I arrived Malaysia on the 3rd of June.

Dragged my friends to PD from 11th til 13th of June

Went to Australia from 23rd of June til 8th of July

9th of July I departed to east coast of Malaysia for 3 days

On July 13th I went back to my alma mater, Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor for SMSS 10's

From 29th of July until 2nd of August I was having splendid time with my birthday surprises prepared by my girls

On 9th of August I had my primary school reunion at Hotel Singgahsana PJ

Saturday of 16th August the brother is engaged to one very beautiful lady

On 29th of August despite the strong attack against the concert, I became one of the fans who sang loudly to the songs in Stadium Merdeka (and needless to say, I am still proud of being a Malaysian)

On September I have started to prepare mentally and physically to go back

Somewhere in between of those dates I had days out with my girls. OU, Sg Wang and Mid Valley had been our favourite hangout places (I am never a fan of KLCC. hehehehe)

  • During this holiday, I didn't really use the public transport despite the raise of oil price. I even drove to KL by myself several times. Even to the traffic congested places like Jln Imbi, Jln Bkt Bintang, Jln Tun Razak, Jln Bkt Nanas..etc,etc...must say I am very confident with the roads la nowadays. hehehe..Thanks to my hero, WIRA WLQ..hehehe..
  • I didn't hangout at Mid V as much as I thought I would. More time are spent at Sg Wang like seriously?? Hehehe..pastu I didn't go to KLCC at all.
  • Meeting my ex schoolmates are one thing that I looked forward but never tot I would meet my long lost primary school frens! hehehe..
  • Managed to play futsal and swimming despite having a recovering patella. Hehehe..
  • Very satisfied as I managed to drag my girls for a short holiday at PD. Hahaha..I am very pushy tauu...they MUST miss this one hell of pushy friend :P
  • Managed to meet up all my family members and merasai kemeriahan bersama mereka. I love them chooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Spent A LOT of money. Deadbroke already *menangis kuat-kuat* Di Ireland for the first few months had to be a cheapo. No spending spending *cewwwahhhh*
  • Crossed out almost everything in my must-eat food list (mental one only arr) Thanks to my beloved Mak for matearilizing it. heee...

My left eyelid has bergerak2 since yesterday. A sign I'm gonna cry like the old ones said. Cisss...belum apape dah ade sign2 kan. Dah lah balek sorang2. Sure lebih tragis. Must sleep all the way long so I wouldn't cry the whole journey. Hehehhehe..

Rombongan Cik Kiah is leaving tonite. Hiks. See uols on Sunday.

Harapan untuk balik2 ada internet jua hancus disitu. Huu...might take sometime before I could go online again :'(

In the meantime, I would like to wish all of u the best of luck in the last round of Ramadhan and an advanced Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Thanks to my Mom, Bro, the rest of the family, girlfriends and friends for having me throughout this holiday.

Till we meet again, next year, Malaysia oh tanah airku :')

September 18, 2008

The last moment

It has been a ritual for our family to have potluck every Ramadhan. But since both of my grandparents' health condition are kinda worrying, we had to postpone it to the very last minute (for meself la). Alhamdulillah it still went on as planned.

At first I lost hope oredi.Tot they will never be a potluck for me this year. Hikhik.. Eventho the number of participants is lesser this year (Mak Limah, Uncle Halimi and Kak Jee couldn't make it) I still thank everyone from the bottom of my heart to make it happen..

Awal2 dah standby depan food. hihihi..

Heartiest thanks to Mak Pah for the awesome cookings. Kerabu kerang, sambal sotong, ayam masak kicap and special appearance of my bekal - RENDANG. And to CikPi for suggesting it out.

Menu of the nite : Scrumptuous daging masak lemak by Mak Tip, Yummy Ikan Goreng Masam Manis by Cik Kam, Tasty Bening Pucuk Paku with Mouthwatering Sambal by Cik Imah and the other 3 dishes aforementioned.

I said : Cepat2 pose ni untuk Mak Semah~

hikhikhikhik. Thanks everyone. I love uols. Mmmmmmwwaaahhhh!


A part of my must-do thing during Ramadhan also is to visit Pa's kubur at Ampang. Urmm..tanah perkuburan Ampang also placed some other prominent figures like the late Saloma, P Ramlee and other big names. The place is as old as KL I guess. Tahun 1938 punya pun ado (T_T)"

My late father's late father. Urm..never had a chance to know him. Info about him pun I got from the biography book made by my cousin. Nobody really told me how he was, personality-wise (or I didn't really make an effort to ask? urmm). He was an ex Police and one of the top man in BPR back then if I'm not mistaken..

Pa's. He passed away during Ramadhan 1992 at JB. I was 4++ years old at that time. Quite young eh? urm..


After we are done at kubur, we went to BB Plaza. I need to get another pair of jeans and my "bekalan cinta."

Bekalan cinta. XOXO

Some of ppl who didn't really understand my passion (acheehhh...) would go against me going through all the trouble to get copies of Shin Chan.But, u know love is blind. Hikhikhik..I need this to enlighten my bad day. I need this to "settle my business". I need this to go through the rainy days. huu...

To date, I have only these edition..
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 32, 33, 34, 35, 43, 44, 47

Urm..must keep that in mind. I've bought two copies of #17 and #41 already!!

In the future, I would tell my future offspring "dulu _____ (insert appropriate title here) dpt SPM 10A sebab bace Shin Chan aa..."

And if anyone asked me how to survive IB and score a 42 (statement berlagak nauzubillah. kill kill kill die die die), I would say "bacalah Shin Chan". hikhik..

p/s : Anyone know where can I get a complete set of Shin Chan?? Please...pretty pretty please???


And tonite I had this sudden craving of A&W's float and waffle. Took all the trouble to drive my nearly emptied-fuel Wira to A&W USJ. The journey was nervewrecking. The traffic was not good, the fuel kept on hitting the "zero" mark and I have only RM20 in my purse (deadbroke di akhir cuti. tsk. *menangis kuat*) but at the end of the day, I am one satisfied and happy lady.

At first I planned to hangout with Fuzah at A&W or Old Town White Coffee tonite.I texted her asking what she's doing tonite. But the message was still pending until now. urm...her phone might go crazy again or maybe urm whatever..

sugar high baby. grrrr....

Ahh..begitulah kisah hari-hari terakhirku di Malaysia. hurm.....

Next up - Summary of my summer holiday. hiks.

p/s : kak diah tag tu postpone dulu eh. heee...

September 16, 2008

Viva forever

Now I have TWO reasons not to update blog here. One of them being the lack of idea I told you in the previous post, and the second one being the slowness of the streNAILamyx.


My wish before I fly back is to meet the VVIPs in my life, regardless of how many times have I met them within this 4 months.

I hope the potluck on Wednesday is still ON. Pls pls pls pls pls...God, pls make everyone available on that day. Watashi wanna meet my family for the last time this year..

I have met Wani today. Hurm hurm..and she gave me THIS as a farewell gift..

a handmade notebook

with lots of our photos together. Yeay! Me likey!

See, I am very easy to be satisfied. Gimme this little simple memorable thing is enough to make me happy and appreciate it. Something that I can use everyday. Something that I look at everyday. Hurm hurm..I don't mind having more of this type of books *hint hint* Hahahahahahaha...*gelak syaiton yang terlepas ikatan di bln Ramadhan*

Thanks Wani. And thanks for every moment we spent together (agak lesbo-ish disitu~).

And I am still figuring out how am I gonna stuff in the moomoo bedroom slipper Chemi gave me me in my overloaded bag(S!)

Now tell me how do I put this in...

awh little moomoo so comels and so comfy

When my bag has become this!

kain baju tudung terkeluar2 (bag expandable) buku pharmacology termuntah. tapi struggle jugak nak masukkan kaya yeos. kat sane takde kaya T_T

*scratches my head*

Behold oh my dearself. You can do it. Like what my Nike said...Just do it.

my new baby. aum. rase nak makan. altho it's not a wise move to wear a white shoes in a very very rainy country.

motif berlagak? hahaha..nan ado. saje je tgk kadang2 orang laen pun suke gak letak posession masing2. pastu boast sini sana..urm...

Anyway, urm anyone who I didn't have the chance to meet for the last time..urm urm...till we meet again next year. It has been a good holiday. Thanks for everything. And sorry if I couldn't attend any berbuka puasa anymore for I don't want to miss the chance to berbuka with my mak for this last few days. Urm..


September 15, 2008


When I look into my archives, I realized I haven't been a frequent blogger throughout this summer holiday.

I don't know. Everytime I tap into the create post button my mind went blank. Even this post.

Urm...but fret not, as soon as I go back to that little place called Cork, my writing juices (euwh cam jijik je bunyi?) will be overflowing. There must be something to say about everyday..

Nonetheless, I still can't imagine how am I gonna survive the first 3 weeks. Yes, I am still talking about the torturous 9-5 non stop class. Huhuhuhuhu...

Anyhoo...I am still not done with packing yet. So far everything is bought. Tinggal nak sumbat je. My room has been in major mess since few weeks ago. And I'm stil waiting for the rendang Mak Pah insisted to cook for me. I lurve yu Mak Pah! Wohooo~

September 11, 2008

Breaks my heart to pieces

Yesterday in the midst of lala land I was woken up by my mom's thunderstorm lightning order to get up and be prepared to go back kampung. Apparently my tok pisah who was just discharged from ICU last Tuesday was attacked by high fever.

So we went to Kajang to pick up my aunty, Mak Limah and off we went to Kampung. It rained cats and dogs when we reached Muar and being the one behind the wheel, it did make me a lil bit distracted. But Alhamdulillah we arrived safely at half one..

The moment I stepped into the room where Atok Pisah was placed, my heart breaks to thousand pieces (baca : hatiku retak seribu). There she was lying helplessly on the bed. Mak and Mak Limah quickly went to her, hugged her and comforted her. Once again hatiku pecah seribu seeing that one heartwrenching scene. I was this --> <-- close to tearing but managed to suck up the feeling and acted all cool in front of them. Huhu...over la kan tetibe nak nanges..

Yesterday I have witnessed the proof of ultimate love. The love of children to their mother. How my grandparents nurtured and shaped their children to become a very selfless person. Willingly to put other things apart just to attend to the very one person who brought them to world and brought them to who they are now. Although it's only Mak, Mak Limah, Cik Aris, Cik Man and Cik Udin at Muar with her yesterday, I know how worried are the rest of my uncles and aunties of atok's condition. Calls kept on coming in from my aunties and uncles to check up on atok. I know tho without their physical presence in front of them, the rest of the children might not stop sending do'a for their health and betterment...

By the time we left Muar at 9pm yesterday, atok's condition had improved. The temperature has cooled down to normal and she has started to consume more food compared to the 3 spoons of porridge she had earlier. Mak was kinda reluctant to leave atok especially when atok said "laa...tak sampai semalam lagi nak balik?" but since Mak Tip and Cik Pi was on their way back, we eventually left Muar..

This one song that Cik Udin kept on singing to tease Mak Limah. He was trying to make Mak Limah cry but everytime Cik Udin started singing, Mak Limah will make her way off Cik Din. Hahahahha...kejam..kejam..

Mawar Putih Untuk Mama - Sharifah Aini

Kau sinaran bulan

Menyerikan bitang-bintang
Kaulah fajar yang menerbitkan pagi

Kau sirami embun
Menyegarkan pepohonan
Kau bukakan tabir siang untukku

Kau berikan mama
Kasih sayang maha suci
Betapa agungnya
Tiada ternilaikan
Oh mama, oh mamaku
Tiada cinta yang suci
Setulus cintamu

Ku suntingkan mama
Sekuntum mawar putih
Sebagai lambang kesucian cintaku

September 08, 2008

Kemana menghilang?

For the past few days I've been preparing and packing things to go back urm..second home?

When people around are messing about balik kampung - tickets are not sold yet, no extra busses etc etc, I'm diverting to another route which is not the typical balik kampung way.

But, hey I am trying my best not to complaint. Saya sedar tanggungjawab saya, bagaimana dgn kamu? Sudahkah kamu mengundi? --> Lawak lame di bulan Ramadhan. (oh speaking about lame jokes recently I realised I have been making stupid lame jokes which put me on par with other lame jokes that I detest! Not good not good. better stop making one!!!)

On Saturday I went to Kak Diah's house for berbuka. The next day I went to Carrefour to buy things that I'm bringing back second home..

plastic Carrefour with box to be sent by MasKargo

line of bags. wey korang aku dah tak bawak beg gedabak dah balik sana. nida ko dah tak bleh tumpang beg aku dahhhh *insider jokes

And as much as I loathe packing and leaving, I still need to do this earlier. I need at least 3 weeks to make sure everything is in and also be assured of that too. I don't want the moment I step into the plane, I started to slap my own head coz I left this and that at home. Gwe kan suffers from mild OCD. Hihihihihi...

Oh by the way I've cut my hair shorter. Habis sudah rambut yang ku simpan selama ini..Went to my favourite saloon - 'D Aida of Section 18, Shah Alam. Not too short, not so long. But enough to be tied back la. I don't like the situation of hair where it is not so short but not long enough to be tied. Rimass!

more or less like this la. panjang sket je lagi..

On a different, serious note, both of my atoks at Muar, Johor are not so healthy now. tok pisah was warded in ICU for the past few days and atok aron stayed at home almost helplessly. Mom's siblings take turns to go back to take care of them. I hope my atoks will get well soon. Pray for them, will you? (if you happened to read this lines)

ahh...i'm losing my grip in blogging...

September 06, 2008

The day I felt like a true anak yatim.

Don't be startled by the title. I have always been anak yatim since '92, remember?

By the way saya minta sesapa yang terbaca post ini sedekahkan AlFatihah to my dad. May you rest in peace, daddy.

Back to the main mom went back to kampung after she got news that my atok Pisah pulak fell ill. Mak went back to kampung with MakPah (WITHOUT ME SINCE I WAS ABOUT TO SETTLE SOMETHING TODAY BUT HEY IF SHE TOLD ME EARLIER I WOULD HAVE CANCELLED THE THING AND TAG HER ALONG OKAYYYY). Bro went out breaking fast with the loved one. And I was left alone to experience the ultimate feeling of being a loner. Hahaha...emo drama queen exaggeration disitu, tapi wtf, memang betul ia sungguh mengharukan.

And it's even sadder when I only got to know that I'm gonna be left alone for today about 2 hours before Maghrib with high possibility that I'm gonna be stuck in the traffic jam (meaning => I have NO food for berbuka). But luckily thank God the traffic wasn't that bad afterall. It took me about 30 minutes to get home from Subang Parade (from the usual 15 minutes) and the slow traffic kinda give me chance to think what should I eat for berbuka.

Stopped by at the shops in my housing area. Bought macaroni from the convenient store and bought soup from the tiny mini so-called bazar Ramadhan. After everything had happened today I kinda lost my appetite already so I settled for this :

Macaroni with soup.


p/s : non-mak semah are not allowed to question further on the abovementioned statement. Thank you.

oh by the way here's a picture from our small get together at Hakim last nite. It's unplanned actually. Earlier yesterday I met up with Chemi, Shera and Fuzah for berbuka puasa since Chemi is gonna leave to Indonesia tomorrow and this might be the last time I see her for the next erm..11 months? Later that nite my ex roomate texted and ajak-ed us to meet up so I ajak-ed Syafiq and the other to join us to heat up (menghangatkan?) the mini gathering. So walla, this is the end product!

picture credit to mamak hakim yang tak abis2 dingorat Mala. haha

P/S : excuse the language. Gwe dah ala ala pening ni memikirkan kebangkrapan yang melanda diri setelah melakukan kemaskini akaun hari ini. Huuu.....

September 04, 2008

pagi-pagi dah ang*au

woke up *forcefully* half bengang half nervous
but a single text change it all.
haihhh...*sambil berkelip2 mate*

September 03, 2008

Tofu claypot and.......

Today I'm in full mood of cooooking. The previous 2 days we've been eating foods bekal-ed from kampung and beli-ed from bazar Ramadhan so I think, yeah, who don't I try to cook myself.

I went to the shop nearby to buy some ingredients as early as 3.30pm lagik. Hahhh bersemangat bonar ehhh...

Soon after asar prayer, I went downstairs and start chopping off things and preparing the ingredients, with MacBabe by my side so I could browse the recipe. Hihihihihi...I am very particular if I were to try new recipe coz am afraid that it'll turn out bad. Plus I am fasting so takleh la nak merasa2 kan..

p/s : browse the upcoming pictures on your own risk. kalau terliur jangan mara (matilaaa perasan makanan sendiri menggiurkan)

Ingredients for tofu claypot. Carrots, fish cake, capsicum, baby corn, cauliflower

Taraa...dah siap..with flash...

without flash. tangan dah gegar2 sebab lapar..huu~

And the second menu isssssssssss.............................

Buttered prawn y'all!!!!

Remember my craving to buttered prawn? Huhuhuhu...Anyway I've had the buttered prawn in Cozy Corner (ke House tah) kat Ampang but the taste didn't really suit my expectation. Buttered crab at Sri Ayuthaya is sooooooo much better (yela crab and prawn is different but the principle is the same)

Sekarang tak rasa lagi sebab I'm killing time by updating the blog. Just to distract me from the hunger. hhuhuuhuhu..hope it'll turn out okay okay and edible. Kalau tak kesianlah ibu and kekanda gwe makan tak sodapppp~~~

for the recipes.
Oklah nak berbuka! Bye! Selamat berbuka!! Will update later on the taste~


The claypot-taklah-claypot-sangat tofu turned out quite okay. Except the fact the it tasted quite kicap-ish. But overall it's good. Me loike.

BUUUUTTTTT The buttered prawn almost fail. Kalau pass pun cukup makan je lah. Insufficient salt and sugar. Huhuuhuhuhu...biasa lah orang puasa mane bleh rase. And it takes you to actually suck in the prawn to taste the buttered-prawn-ness. Ada, ada. The taste was there, but it's not enough. Mak as usual been supportive eventho I know it doesn't really taste good >.< Anyway don't know when will I re-do this. Most prolly taknak masak dah sampai bile2. tsk

Moral of the story : Don't go trying out sth you haven't cooked during fasting month.

September 01, 2008

Ramadhan - 1st day

The first day of Ramadhan went well today, Alhamdulillah :)

Me and Mak went out shopping today. We went to Sunway Pyramid in the morning coz I Wanted to find shoes.. Surprisingly the mall has started to tune in Raya songs despite being only the 1st day of Ramadhan (and we've not even completed the 1st day!). However I must admit that the songs somehow instil the shopping mood in me :) Snatched 2 sweaters and one kebaya-like shirt.

After Zohor prayers, we went to Kompleks PKNS, Shah Alam. I tell you what...if ever you feel like you have lost the spirit of Aidilfitri, I encourage you to take a trip to Kompleks PKNS S.A. Soon as you enter the mall(?) the atmosphere was totally different. It's indescribable I must say. It's alive. It's harmonious. (ke haku sorang yg emo pasal dah nak balek sane ni??)

As for berbuka today, we had Murtabak, Ketupat palas and ayam rendang (bought in PKNS), Ikan and sotong goreng, broccoli and kangkung rebus with sambal belacan and the must have home made sirap bandung (:

aihhh...heavennya...tak mau nye balik Cork koro(k)~~~~~

Oh by the way, if any of you would like to spend some money sending a raya greeting card and cheer up this one pity girl who has class from 9am to 5pm on the 1st Syawal, please do so to :

Laburnum House B&B,
Model Farm Road,
Cork, Ireland
(yes, it's THAT simple and yes, we DON'T have postcode)

Can I expect a greeting card from the region down under? *hint hint* and yes, Epul, please leave your address anywhere conteng-able in this blog if u wish to get one too :P