November 30, 2007

Blown carotid artery

I'm curently having my Piko-Merdeka (Piko= 10 to the power of -12. sekejap jela kan?) pause..

Anatomy's Continuous ASSessment? Been there done that. Physiology not-a-test-that-will-be-counted-in-summer-exam-but-if-u-fail-u-wud-have-to-face-the-physio's-head-of-department? Had them these evening. So I'm basically free from burden of test for a few weeks ahead..

But I really need to do a HUGE housekeeping & catching-up-things job.

Actually I planned to post up some pictures from my apartments & some places I frequently visit (namely charity shop, penneys, zamzam?) but I was seriously distracted by Grey's Anatomy episode 9...and the cliffhanger...


A patient. With an exposed (external, i supposed) carotid artery. Carotid artery=artery(blood vessel) that supplies head & neck with oxygenated blood.

This is him, flirting, laughing happily with the doctor

When the carotid artery starts to explode (and when I screamed & caught up my roomies attention..hehe..sorry Jeng Yin)

Muke sakit

Tula sape suruh ngorat doctor!

In a nutshell:
  • if u have any arteries/blood vessels that are supposed to be invisible exposed, try to minimize the movement of the particular part kot (aceyh...pepandai je mengarut..)
  • and don't go flirting on doctors. menggunakan kelemahan/kesakitan utk menarik perhatian. oh...tak aci btul!! (u know most doctors, except Christina Yang and *cough*NABILA*cough*Yang are soft-hearted ppl)

p/s: Cork pictures later days ppl. Now u'd have to share my trauma together2..

November 27, 2007

SK H.I.C.O.M berdisiplin berusaha~

2 weeks ago, a long lost friend of mine contacted me thru my Maxis phone (luckily I retained that number). So, as what LONG lost friend always do, we updated each other on our life and stuff and beginning to search the other lost friends.

And so I decided to create this friendster group of SK Hicom '99 (the year we graduated) in Friendster.

SK Hicom, as the name implies located at the industrial area of Shah Alam (where the peeps sudah diimunkan dgn environment yg sungguh poluted. Kiri kanan kilang..but I still love my place tho..) It used to be a place for people from Tmn Bukit Saga, Tmn Bunga Negara, Flat Proton and Taman Alam Megah but since 1995 the Taman Alam Megah peeps were transferred to SK Alam Megah 1 & 2 due to the increasing number of students. I was there throughout my primary skool years and I used to be the Head Prefect of that school...haha..sungguh aneh bukan?
Up until now, the skool is standing still, with some parts being altered here and there..huu...

Anyway through the group we managed to reach the objective-reuniting the lost ones. And I am so grateful that He opened my heart to create such group coz I finally found my best best guardian angel - Soh Ten-Ni. She used to pick me up when I was isolated by my so-called best friend. (okay dulu hidup byk gile konflik) She's turned into such a beautiful doc-to-be, currently in Int'l Medical U- same place with Fuzah.

huu...what a pleasant surprise..Hope our big reunion plan would become true August next year (= (So I got approximately 9 months to shape up myself =P)

Oh Physiology test coming up in few days..hope everything goes well..

Speaking about shaping up myself..I've just invested Eu10.49 for a weighing scale. word : ALERT (dgn bunyi alarm yg kuat tu nenong~nenong~nenong~..)

November 24, 2007

Round round baby round round

My winter trip?

17-26th December

East Midland (Airport) - Loughborough (sumpah tatau camne nak eja. not quite sure) - East Midland (Airport) - Granada -Cordoba - Seville - Ronda - Malaga

back in Cork on the night of 26th (ohhh...terlepas peluang kali pertama menyaksikan kegilaan Boxing Day???)

will stay in Cork (mengemas2 barangan..rehat2 seketika)

off to UK again the next morning
28th December - 3rd December

-still in planning...but roughly :

East Midland Airport (this is the cheapest route via Cork 0.01 Euro + tax = 9.99Euro..altogether-check in fees plus credit card charge and stuff- 32Euro for return ticket) - Nottingham Uni (Fiqah said she's gonna bring me ice skating. cammmm...WTF??? saye men rollerblade pun tak pnah!!!)- Bristol - (sampai Bristol ni tak plan lagi..maybe to Bath and Cardiff i'll leave it to Puan Nabun to decide. kamu si tuan rumah sila fikir ya) - London? (Still in planning) - East Midland Airport - Cork

kesimpulannye cuti winter saye di Cork is less than a week..


kesimpulan kedua..we'll see how my financial condition before planning for the next holiday (Easter holiday). jikalau bengkok abes I might just buy ticket to Brussels and stay at Mak Semah's house (jika ibuku jadi datang lahh...)

if financial condition permits...I wanna go to France!!!!!!!

hahaha...jalan2 je keje...
haritu test Anat cam &*%£@$ pon tak insaf lagi..

p/s : bang!! slamat jalan!!! have a nice journey!! jgn lupe beli glove!! hahaha..

November 23, 2007

Kau Ratnaku

Madly in love with this song..

how come i never come across this one eh????

came across this one when I was You-Tube-ing. Not bad ah the program..Singapore's Anugerah 2007

Kau Ratnaku (M.Nasir)
Keringkanlah pipimu ratnaku
Cubalah senyum
Kerna tangisanmu kan hanya
Menambah dukaku

Duka di dalam hati
Dan luka diperlakukan
Lakonan mereka berpura-pura
Tak mengertikan
Tak pernah merasakan
Sengsara di dalam
Cinta dan rindu

Oh! Aku patrikan sumpah
Cinta setia
Di atas kaca jiwaku
Yang benar
Bila mencerminkan
Pada malam bintang hilang
Di pandangan
Pada malam pabila bintang
Menerangkan kenyataan

p/s : xde org nak nyanyikan utk saye ke eh lagu ni. hahaha

*i am still recovering*

November 22, 2007

Effin test


The test was seriously unexpected ones.

I was right with my 1st intuition but the second, evil whisper made me rethink and give the wrong answers instead.

Cam kesiyall..

camni saye balek & teruskan jela career kat MPH tu. haih...

gotta gather myself up for the next physiology test.

I DUN WANNA BE DISTURBED. gimme break this weekend. plssssssssssssssssssss.

p/s : NO..I AM DEFINITELY, CERTAINLY NOT GIVING UP. I'm just pissed off with myself. And I need no sweet, comforting words. I just need my GIRLS to talk rubbish and zap off the bad thoughts saje.

ini. perempuan2 ini. saye perlukan. bukan org laen. bukan bukan bukan.

November 19, 2007


Wandering aimlessly

Feeling down...and kinda lost

All I need is a phone call with my mom to ramble about my exams and my muda-muda dah mabuk2 Irish mates..

Tho I know her answer wud be typical "takpe..adek study jee.." or "takpe...adek sabar je.." I feel lots lots better now =D

Update from Melesia -
  • Cik Nurul dah ade baby girl!! Wee....
  • My atok pisah's blood pressure went up to 200 oh apakah?!?!?! Mak, MakPah, MakLimah,MakTip went back to kampung to check up on her yesterday (aihh..hikmah ramai anak..beshnyeee..)
  • tapi dier dah okay and she's in Kajang with my Mak Tip right now. coming down to visit Cik Nurul
  • Aqi scored 5As and Mira scored 4As 1B in their recent UPSR. Way to go lil cousins!! I know the both are u are great kiddos!!

I feel so bibik Indon in that scarf. Why oh why I'm not as fair as slim as me mom~

November 18, 2007

Home and Away


having no internet connection in my apartment is kinda 'blessing in disguise' for me. I have kinda strong chemistry with the internet that I can't let it go when I've them in my palm..
But with winter starting and the leaves are all falling, the myth of intermittent internet connection is proven. Yup. We do get the sesat connection from our room and it is kinda steady and went uninterrupted since this morning.


Last Friday I had the patient examination practical. It was really fun. I feel more like a dentist. Previously we only got to play with the chairs and stuff but last Friday we got to play with each others' mouth. Err..literally lah.. But me being me, the nervous me who got nervous in everything new to me..holding the mirror and forcep and the fork-like thingy (okay this is sooo not dentist term. i'll get back to this later) poking onto somebody's mouth. Huuu...I don't really agree with the idea of letting ur students to do so without demonstrating it.
Oh okay at least to me la..who hasn't got anybody in my background doing dentistry (as far as I can remember..).
But the practical went okay. Dr E.K went to check up on each of us thoroughly. I even asked for her opinion on my small, jarang-jarang teeth. So she suggested I might want to close the gap (wear braces) and make a crown. If I were to do it here...mahu miskin papa kedana bertahun2..


But being a dentist...ppl might be judging. So I might have to reconsider this...Sooner or later..


I was down with some stupid fever latter in the evening. Apehal tah....My body were aching. It felt hot and cold at the same time. So basically I was wrapping myself in the duvet until next day..
And left my anatomy books untouched.


And today I'm back to myself. All geared up to study but stuck with some chores. Laundry. And this weird craving of wanting to eat curry. So I cooked curry. Chicken curry to be exact. Saya berjaya masak kari okay. Walaupun tak sesedap and sepekat kari mak saye buat.....ia rasa seperti kari!

But this weekend isn't the great one. With 2 of my hsemates here...I feel kinda restricted. Actually I'm quite happy that the Irish students would go back to their home every weekend (despite the distance) coz they would leave the whole Castlewhite area to ourselves...

Erm...up until this moment I haven't do any anatomy stuff (except the 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy I had last nite before sleep...errr...that doesn't count I guess)
Blame this internet! Blame everything but not myself! Hahahaha....sangatlah tak waras...


And some sweet,love notes from my beloved anatomy lecturer.. ohhhh WTF!!! No hentam2 in MCQ Qs?!?!?!?!!? There goes the gist of MCQ Qs...

Fri, Nov 16, 2007 -- AN1006: Your CA
Your 1st Continuous Assessment (CA) will be on Thursday, the 22.11.07 in the BHSC_G05 starting at 10.00.

The CA is a combination of short answer questions and multiple choice questions. Please note that incorrect answers of multiple choice questions are negatively marked (minus 50 % of the mark for that question). There will be no negative marking if you choose the option “Do not know”. Therefore, in questions, in which you are likely to give a wrong answer, you should consider choosing the option “Do not know”.

The duration of your CA will be 100 minutes. Please bring a pen with you.
Posted by: Deniz Yilmazer-Hanke

Wish me luck ppl. It might help a lot. I dun wanna get stuck here too long..

And okay..i'll study too. But pls pls pls...pray for my success okayh?!?!

November 16, 2007

Tak Paham

Damn it..

tetibe blushing..

eee....gile tak pahammmmmmmmmm

p/s: off to CUH for patient examination practical..aihhh....

tak bleh blah

Argh cuak gile anatomy assessment next weekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

And bang..sangat tak bleh terima ok??? baju chargers putih?!?!?!?!?!?!?


November 13, 2007

MAKING DECISION my weakest point.

I hate to do one.

But I have to make one.

But I don't know.

When at one point I'm quite sure with what I've decided, my paranoia strikes and drags me to the whole starting thinking point again.

November 12, 2007

Taken from Zack's which she took from Syahir's

You Are The High Priestess

You represent mystery - secrets that are yet to be revealed.
You find yourself sitting between two worlds: one dark, one light.
You tend to hold these two worlds in balance, reconciling the two.
Open and welcoming, you invite others to learn your secrets.

Your fortune:

Something hidden, or latent, in your life is about to come forward.
You need to pay more attention to your dreams, thoughts, intuition, and imagination.
And if that involves tapping into your dark side, it will all balance out in the end.
You have a lot of potential dying to be unleashed, so let those gates open!

Huerm..this Tarot thing sounds very true. hahah..gile btul.
Dark & Light world? That is soooo true.. I have potentials eh?

Work it harder make it better,
do it faster makes us stronger,
more than ever, hour after
hour work is never over

Th-th-that that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need ya right now
I need ya right now

November 07, 2007


Dengan ini penyimpan mohor besar mengisytiharkan :

Selamat Hari Raye Nadzirah!!!!

P/S 1 : THE alarm went crazy again. It was 3 in the morning for God sake!!!!! I dunno what's wrong but nothing seemed to be burning or asap-ing. We were stranded outside the apartment, freezing cold with me and my pink pyjamas (nasib tak pakai kaftan). 2 fire engine with 3 firemen each came and later on 2 Garda (police) arrived.
Muke firemen tu pon bosannnn je.

P/S 2 : I'm going to play soccer for the DentCup tomorrow representing my class. Bermain dgn minah2 org putih ni..must be interesting aite?


November 06, 2007

I miss..

Peeps I miss most..

Suasana I miss most..

Potpet + cook I miss most..

Lines I miss most..

Hall I miss most..

Gangsters I miss most.. (err..except Saifuddin? gangster kah bdak yg bakal amik SPM ni?? huu...tak sangkenye dier dah nak amik SPM...)
Yesterday I wasted my 16 (minus 5 for my sleep, 2 for my Anatomy lectures, 30 mins for cooking and 30 mins for solat) hours watching Korean movie - Coffee Prince. That's what I do when I've no mood in anything. I just don't feel like meeting ppl so I recluse myself in my room. I just don't feel like doing anything hence I chose to lazy around..Oklah I did my lab reports few here and there just to hide my guilt.
That's what I do when I'm down. Loosen up BUT of course not giving up. The brother has told me to expedite my course and the mother has told me to keep holding on. I will mak..I will bang..I'm not gonna let u down..insyaAllah. I just need to gather myself again.
Saye x gemar jadi hipokrit. Saye x brape suke kena paksa.
Forcing myself to pull a smile when my frowns are naturally appearing.

November 04, 2007



I just don't feel belonged.

tetibe kena syndrome gile-homesick takleh blah yg chronic

I miss quality jokes

ohhh assesment anatomy 22nd november camno den nak blajar niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

sangat whatever forever wherever whenever ~

someone save me. help me.

November 02, 2007

My first dissection class

Perbezaan waktu Malaysia - Ireland skarang ialah 8 jam..

oh....smakin jauh jarak dan waktu memisahkan..

I didn't get up for sahur today =( (lagi 2 hari nak abes posa 6. go go go!!)

Yesterday I had to breakfast with chocs coz I had class in CUH (Cork Univ Hosp) up until 4pm and I went to Tesco to do my weekly groceries shop and I reached Castlewhite at 4.50pm and Maghrib was at 5.09pm.

And today I had my 1st dissection class. All this while we only flip over the cadaver. Prosections. But today we dissected the cadaver for real y'all!!

But no fancy thing. Just some basic stuff. Cutting the skin. They just wanted us to get used with the scalpel and the forceps.

One thing I don't really understand with our Anatomy class is when we ask the Instructor about some stuff they wud go ''ahh..u don't have to know that far. that's for medic studs bla bla bla..''
okayh kecik hati okayh?? even if we don't have to go that far the stuff was written down in our lab manual so it's more likely goin to be asked and I know Dr Denis wouldn't be happy if we can't answer the test.
Jawab je la..keee...awak terlupe? lalalala~

Oh ye..yesterday was one of the Halloween big party day. When I was in Wany's apartment preparing for buka I saw her hsemate wearing these fancy2 costume. Ade catwoman, ade butterfly, ade witch. So we took pixies with them. Later I'll post them up kayh?
And we skodeng-ed them preparing to go for the party. Crazy stuff but interesting la..of course.
Today my lab-mate told us how was the party went about. And there were this one 2nd yr dental studs wearing a fairy tooth the very dentist okayh??

Okayh. nuff said. mahu balek prepare buke.

p/s : awhh..malu la hritik roshan saye duduk dpan ni pula...LOL