April 24, 2015

Back to work

Back to work and slightly in denial still

I miss those fluffy hotel pillow. Those cozy room. The days where I see no oral cavity except mine. Sigh.

Earlier to work this morning my already groggy mood was worsen by 1) Queue cutters or how I would like to label down as pensailang jilake 2) Road litterers or pembuang sampah jalanraya tak bertamadun. Major, major road pet peeves. The first one was a big ass bas kilang. Mak told me to always give in to those big ass drivers because they are indeed the notorious road bullies. They bang your car and wouldn't give a flying eff. In the end kau yang susah so better kasi je jalan. Another one was a gold waja driven by warganegara 03, wasn't quite sure with the gender tho. Dahlah sailang lepastu sukahati makan jalan. Lepastu dia buang tisu dari tingkap camtu-camtu je eeeeee aku rasa kalau kete ada built-in guns I would have shot the car there and then!

Ke sebenarnya tengah PMS ni.Highly irritable and ada voices in my head yang menyapa-nyapa untuk menjadi emo. Hmmm

Other than that TGIF. Altho I will be working tomorrow :(((((((( but at least for a slightly shorter working hour and instant cash reward after that. And Sunday I'm running my first trail run sumpah cuak gila plsssss.

Can't wait to get over and done with today.

April 20, 2015

When Monday does not feel like one...

It feels like Wednesday today. I'm already tired and felt I have worked for too long. Read it somewhere that women are the tired-est at 3.30PM Wednesday. That's how I'm feeling right now. I prolly need to go easy on working. Funds are looking okay as of now so I need not go busting my ass on the weekends too.

On a hopefully better note, I'm going out for a course starting tomorrow. That means no seeing patients for 3 days. Looking forward for that now. Courses never excite me but I think right now I needed that the most. A break. Dapat tidoq hotel. Pi jalan jauh sikit tenangkan fikiran. Hopefully that will fix my tired body.

Other than that....things are better than before. Better but not quite the same. I can feel that detachment is in progress. Like slowly going faraway. Redha dan pasrah is all I've got now. I'm gonna act all tough and act like I couldn't care less when in fact I'm crumbling inside now. Hey hey this too shall pass, remember?

April 15, 2015

Suppressing shites.

I wrote three paragraphs about what made me sad this past few days but I decided to scratch that. Well, it could be the hormones talking so I will try suppress as much sadness as I could tolerate. I calmed myself down just by saying - this is just a phase. Kalau dulu kau happy ada kawan-kawan di sekeliling, now kau sedih kawan-kawan tak banyak ada dah, this is just a phase, lepas ni kau akan happy hidup sorang-sorang. Chill. Things will change soon so gotta survive the phase aite?

Life has been pretty normal these days. Working my assess off to make sure I reach my target because my budget has badly been damaged due to the major repair done on my car. Spent freaking RM2750 for the major overhaul and it surely happened at a super wrong time. Tried my best to make sure I have enough money for my next trip. I made sure most of the bookings are done so I know how to allocate my resources. Phewh, Praying hard I hit a jackpot or something so I could spare some for shopping. At the moment, I have enough only for traveling and eating, I think :(

Other than that. Nothing much. Still same 'ol same 'ol. Hari-hari berperang dengan diri sendiri jangan dilayan sangat sedih yang mendatang. Kah.

Tengok makin ramai upload pergi umrah ni. Bergetar nya jiwa raga nak nya pergi sangat-sangat :(

April 12, 2015

Crying out of boredom

What the heck, here I am at 5pm Sunday in my room, staring at the ceiling, lying on my bed, being all bored. And I blogged. Like what the hell. Aren't weekends supposed to be fun and all exciting?

I need to find something to fill up my weekend. Working is an option but I really don't want to commit to working on weekends because, well once in a blue moon things do come up.

I filled up my Sunday mornings usually with hiking. It has been 3 weeks in a row now since it's conveniently located 15 minutes away from my house. I began to shy away from running/jogging and enjoy hiking so much more because 1. you burn more calories 2. whether you like it or not you need to spend a good one hour to come up and down. No options. Unlike running where you can actually cheat if you are already tired, hiking forces you to finish the loop!

However today I nearly pass going hiking because I slept so late last night. But it is never a good idea to go sleeping at 3 in the morning and to wake up at 7 expecting you are all energetic to hike. Thank God I managed to finish a loop in 1hour 8 mins, went back straight away to home, have my breakfast and passed out from 1030 to 2pm.

April is going fast, and May is coming. No more late night outs after this. How am I going to spend my time I have no idea..

Not even here, but already felt lonely :(

April 10, 2015

Cherished moments

Cherishing every moments, as each of them could be our last...

Who knows who's going first

Who knows what comes next

I wish you are my fatcat that I could keep.

Take care fatcat :3