May 22, 2016

Memories of May

Run, hike, wall climb. An advanced birthday celebration surprise. An unfortunate accident. All around a time well-spent.

Memories remain.

May 08, 2016

The Sunday that I have been waiting for

Finally, I've got the rest that I've been longing for since last weekend.

Today all went according to plan. Managed to push myself to get out of the bed this morning to go to Bukit Puchong. There was a heavy rain yesterday so the trail is extra slippery, but I succeeded in doing 2 loops in 2 hours. Kinda miss having a tongkat besar merangkap tukang bawak air tho, but what to do. Bukit Puchong is the place where I do all my thinking when I hike alone. If, let say I went silent or changed my attitude towards anyone suddenly, that's because I might have been thinking about it during my hike. LOL..

Went back home and had my brunch, freshened up and I slept. Yup. Qadha' tidur for the lack of sleeps I had since last Friday.

It's raining cats and dogs outside so I am spending my time on the bed while doing my usual online activities. Nowadays at work when I'm on computer I would work on nothing but the slides. Those bloody slides. Consuming my time and my mind only lah.

Now looking forward for next weekend pula. Heee..can't wait!

May 02, 2016

Hectic weekend is hectic

It is raining outside, and the atmosphere is very sleep-inviting. Being kinda sleep-depressed it is only logical for to me to pull off my blanket and snooze but NO, I have to stay awake so I can sleep early and longer tonight, hopefully. Basuh baju sudah, sidai pun sudah, unpack pun sudah. So here I am, with this post, with half of my mind went to the pendrive that contained my work which has gone missing. Ishk. Susahnya hati.....

It is almost the end of the long weekend, and I have to say, this is one heck of a hectic weekend. I wouldn't want to complaint really because the activities were mostly, happy ones. Just kinda hoped I could do more certain activities compared to the other activities more. However I am still grateful with anugerah masa yang diberikan this weekend. Dapat urut, makan sedap-sedap di weddingss, jalan-jalan,, tengok movie, tido hotel, spending time with my people.

Looking forward to next Sunday before I can rest properly. Nak exercise, lama tak exercise. Esok dah start kerja and we are targeting to present to the boss this week. Hope things go well. 

April 27, 2016


If you don't know already, I'm a big fan girl of the X-Men. I can watch the movies repeatedly and still enjoy it.

X-men Apocalypse is coming out this May and I am so, so, so, excited. Tazzzabarrrr nak tengok. I know I will make a big fuss out of it nak tengok wayang paling selesa paling best paling awal paling semua lah. Hmm but wondering who would be my movie date this time.

Oh well, I can just go alone kalau takde org teman.

Soooo essaaiteddd

April 24, 2016

Of doa dan pasrah

All I need to do now is pray and keep on praying. May He sheds some light on my way. May He grant me the strength that I needed.

Whatever comes may, saya pasrah.