May 30, 2018

Hello old friend

It's been 3 months since my last post.. Really have lost it, eh? This time around, there were not even a single draft saved in between this post and the last time. Usually there would be multiple attempts to publish a post which normally ended up in a draft but this time, I have really abandoned my used-to-be best friend.

What has happened since?

A major event would be change in government on the historical 9th/10th May 2018. I have never been politically woke like how I am today. Everyday I look forward to seeing news on the new govt. It's kind of...refreshing. Glad I stayed up until almost 5am to witness the election results that night, thanks to the free holiday given by the new govt.

Other than that, still the same-old same-old me. Went to Krabi end of March. One of my personal achievement, one of the best holiday I've been :)

We are entering the 14th day of Ramadhan. However, Aidilfitri this year wouldn't be the same as Mak will be away at Mekah/Madinah for umrah. She wanted to experience the last 10 night of Ramadhan at Mekah and who I am to stand in between her dream to be there? I am kind of sad but come to think of it, I should just let her be. May Allah blesses her and protect her from any harm during her journey.

I will try to come back with more posts when the mood kicks in. Till then,
Lots of love.

February 14, 2018

First post in 2018?

Probably my 1st post in 2018. I have written one but that did not get published. Let's see if this one made it to the publish button.

Where do I start..

Right. 2018. Anything new with me? Not quite. My 2018 went off with rocky start (I yapped a lot about that in the post that did not get published, but I have moved on from it already LOL). I knocked somebody's car, fell off my butt from the stairs at home and was having some cold war as well. But  things are pretty calm so far. Car is back to normal. It happened when I was doing my part time and the damage done was more than what I earned. Pretty sure I wouldn't be back at that place for a while.

Work wise..well, still working at the same place. At times there are things that makes me motivated to leave this place to further my studies but it is not easy to get scholarships these days. I have been given a new responsibility as a facilitator to the new group which kinda make me feel pressured and stressed. I'm new and inexperienced. But they must have ran out of candidates to fill in that position that I have to be given the task.  The problem is we don't even have project to work on. May Allah given us some Hidayah and ideas soon. Right now I'm just going with the flow and praying things don't go too bad.

Besides that I have been voted once again to maintain the chair to run the club at my workplace. Again, maybe everyone does not want to hold this post. So, onto another year of organizing celebrations and farewells. At least I've been doing this for 2 years already so kinda used to it already. Just sometimes the tight budget really is a nuisance when we are trying to give the best options. Takpelah, we'll make do. May Allah ease.

Everything pretty normal. In the midst of letting go of my house in KL. Can't bring myself to maintain anymore. I thought renting out house is easy, turns out is not. The first potential buyer failed to get a loan. Now waiting for the second one. Hopefully her loan will be approved. At least can ease up my monthly commitment.

Anything else? Well I am at hmmm don't wanna jinx anything but at an okay-okay state. Battling with losing weight still tapi the fats seem so stubborn to go. Things have been okay. Entah tak tau macammana nak cakap dah. Okay la okay la kot kan?
 Let's stop here before I have another post goes unpublished alright. 

December 18, 2017

Life, As It Goes

I just had a very hectic weekend. I was working last Saturday and it was one heck of a busy day. Arrived at 1030am and only managed to relax at 330pm, which is when my shift ended. Penat tak terkata. Balik tu I promised Mak to show her my studio and have dinner at Cibiuk. Later that night I have to whipped up some pumpkin soup for the potluck next day. All in all, busy day. So tired.

Yesterday I had my girlfriends came over sort of officiating my studio la. The fact that the space was limited was quite ideal so everyone had to gather at just one place. Makes catching up things a lot easier kalau buat rumah besar nanti sikit kat sana sikit kat sini cerita-cerita. Yang paling banyak kena catch up things is aku lah because they seem to share everything at the other group - group mak mak. So aku yang tak layak masuk ni kena la dengar berita terkini from this small gathering - yang berapa bulan pregnant, yang warded, yang itu yang ini. Sometimes I just want to ask them to just share whatever updates in our group since like  major of us are mak-mak already but come to think of it, biarkan je la. Maybe they are comfortable that way. Slowly slowly I'm instilling a fuck it off attitude inside me. Dah tua-tua ni apa yang tau, tau la. Aku pun malas nak share apape sangat easier this way if I want to slowly disconnect from the others if I decided to later.

Eh terpanjang pulak membebel. Fuck it off memang fuck it off tapi kena let it out of my system la jugak not that anyone reads my blog anyway. Soo...they went back around 5.30pm and I started cleaning straight away. Vacuumed and mopped twice, kemas pinggan mangkuk segala and I was done by 7. I was up since 7 in the morning so by the time I finished cleaning, memang dah barai gila penat. Balik rumah tu rasa macam kesian bilik sendiri terabai so I gathered some strength to vacuum my room. Settled doing the laundry and all by 11pm I passed out already,

Harini bangun badan rasa kena pukul sakit dia. Still need some rest. It was one heck of tiring weekend but still happy I get to do some catching-ups

December 06, 2017

Hai, Saya Lapar

I'm on my 3rd day of intermittent fasting, and it's 12.10pm now so I have another like 1 hour 20 mins to go before I can start eating so here I am, writing, to distract me from thinking about foooood. My SIL have been promoting this intermittent fasting since forever but I haven't had the time to do enough research and reason to do it until just recently.

From the little research I did intermittent fasting is eating in a certain period of time and then put your body in a fasting mode to kinda force it to burn whatever you have. There are few ways to do it but the simplest I could do is the 16:8 one which is 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. It goes  against the traditional "eat 5 times a day to keep your metabolism at par/breakfast is the most important meal of the day". So basically what I did is start eating at around 1230pm and stop eating after 830pm. Since I am going out for dinner tonight, I extended my starting time to 130pm so I can stop eating by 930pm. Gitew kau gigih.

So far it has been okay. I mean, I'm only on my day 3 there's really not much can be said kan. Weight wise...hurm, I can't really tell. Last week I had weigh-in session so I was at X kg. Over the weekend I had like food fest like no other, eating shell out TWICE, cakes and dessert and pasta and aish semua2 la so when I weigh myself last monday I was at X+3kg. This morning I weigh myself and I've gone down to X+1 kg. Tak tau la how accurate it is since I just finished my period sometimes time period memang berat naik pun. So gotta wait until next week I supposed?

My critical time would be around 1030-11pm so I would be drinking water with chia seed. But I found out chia seed has around 70kcal tapi tak pela bagi discount sikit kan. In the morning is one of the toughest la. The first hunger wave comes around 8am when I usually feed myself. And then around 10-11am so I will keep on drinking water and green tea until the wave calms.

Let's hope I can keep this up for 2 weeks minimum! And I hope this will yield results. 45 minutes until my first meal of the dayyyy ayyyy

November 11, 2017

The New Zealand trip

Before my memories fade away and I got even lazier, I'd better put down some pictures and jot down bits and pieces of my recent NZ trip.

The trip took around 12 days including travelling time. We had a quick 2 days transit at Sydney because Wany never been there and wanted to have a quick stroll. Wah quick stroll kate kau. Since the air fare worked rather well with that route instead of direct KUL-AKL KUL, we agreed. We took Malaysian Airlines from KUL - SYD and returned from AKL-KUL. Total around 1800 which is quite  reasonable since the ticket price for AA is 1300 return excluding of baggage, food and other charges.

Nothing much been done in Sydney, we went to the fish market, took a ferry and went to Bondi beach before we caught a flight to Christchurch.

Reached Christchurch very late at night, decided to just check in at the airport hotel - JUCY Snooze since we are going for a roadtrip the next morning. Couldn't really sleep that night I even popped in a loratadine. Only managed to sleep at around 4++am and by 8am we had to get up and get prepared for the journey.

That morning we had our breakfast at Subway with the slowest server in the world. We were getting restless dahlah kitorang a bit rushing boleh pulak dia buat relax budak ni. Kahh..Did our groceries shopping at Countdown and started the journey with our rented car.

Our first stop was Rakaia River for jetboating. It was sunny throughout our stay in South Island which was a blessing because once it get gloomy, nothing much can be done. The jetboat took around 45 minutes and the view was mesmerizing. I wish I could take a video but that would mean risking my phone being thrown into the water 😅 There were points where the driver took a sharp turn and tossed us all in the boat banging to the sides. Sampai lebam pun ada la terkena tepi boat tu. Kahkah..but it was fun nonetheless..the cost is 49Nzd from Bookme website.

The view around Rakaia River. The driver stopped at a few places for us to take pictures. 

After Rakaia Gorge, we headed over to Lake Tekapo to spend a night over there. Nothing much was done there. Took a stroll around the lake. Cooked our first meal - udang masak sambal, kari ayam, and telur dadar.   We were kind of recovering from the late night sleep but it was sure refreshing to wake up with this view..

The ever beautiful and untouched Lake Tekapo. Patutnya boleh pergi  stargazing tapi sebab semua malas so tak pergi at the point. Kahh..

The next morning we continued our journey down south. Had a pit stop at Mount Cook (itu pun after much convincing Wami to drive there. Hahah susah sikit nak nego dengan si Wami ni)

It was already spring close to summer when we go so the snow has melted at Munt Cook. Dapat tengok sipi-sipi pun jadila.

Had another pitstop at Lake Wanaka, another mesmerizing lake in South Island. A little bit busier than Lake Tekapo though. Had our lunch at Turki Kebab over there..

Wami decided to go with his beloved GPS and we took a mountain road (Cadrona) to get through our next destination - Queenstown.  Had a few nervewrecking moments as he took sharp turns. Dah pening nak muntah dah. We had a pitstop and one of the lookout point because the milk we brought spilled to the carpet. Habis kereta bau and si penama penyewa dah menggelabah takut cc dia kena charge lebih sebab kereta berbau. Kahhh

Our view along the journey from Wanaka to Queenstown. 

Finally reached Queenstown around 2++. Checked in at St James Apartment. After Asar, we went for gondola and luge ride. Costed us 59Nzd for return gondola ride (up and down) and 7 luge rides. Gotta admit, I hate heights but turned out it was not too bad. The luge ride was fun too tapi sebab aku ada fear of terpelanting bila turun bukit, I was being extra careful and pull a break a lot of time sebab cuak..

Gondola ride - gayat oiii

Merempit with the luge

All the rides (gondola and luge) while overlooking Lake Wakatipu. Wataktipu memang cantik gila!

The next day was the highlight of the trip as I was about to attempt the most adrenaline pumping activity, as far as I can go. We went for a zipride at Kawarau River. Well, it was not as extreme as bungy jumping but it was still enough to make me go pale face before the ride. Costed us 37Nzd for the zipride and additional of 40Nzd for the pictures and video. It was fun and distressing at the same moment but I'm glad I did it anyway. I'd probably come again for bungy jumping or skydiving. Probably..haha we'll never know bila masa aku akan buang tebiat kan.

Place where they do bungy jumping. You can opt to have yourself dipped in the water or not. Celup sikit je la bukan rendam terus.

Me going superman! You can choose any kind of style for the zipride  and I chose this one because most of my bodyparts are secured. Haha..

We continued our journey to Te Anau to spend a night before going to Milford Sound the next day. Milford Sound is a 2 hour journey from Te Anau. A fiord is formed in between high cliffs, macam atas gunung ada glacier, glacier cair dia gabung dengan air laut, jadila macam perairan kecik gitu la tak tau macammana nak explain. Went for a 1.5 hour cruise to witness such a beautiful God's creation. We were lucky enough because our cruise was accompanied by a cute dolphin!

Te Anau

After the cruise, we started our ambitious 6 hour journey to Dunedin. I took charge of the planning and was kinda reluctant to insert Dunedin in our roadtrip but kind of glad to do it anyway. Dunedin reminded us so much of Dublin/Cork. Finally get to see a bit of city life in New Zealand. Checked in at Leith Valley Holiday Home. We settled in a Malaysian restaurant for our dinner after failed to find a more suitable restaurant. Ordered a black pepper beef and I wasn't disappointed as it tasted soooo good.

Went to Tunnel beach and another St Kilda beach after dinner before we went back home to rest.

Tunnel Beach. There's a tunnel at the end of the walkaway tapi sebab baru dinner we did not finish the walk. It took one hour return walk trip masing-masing tak larat. Pergi halfway pun dah mengah nak panjat balik sebab yes, kena panjat jalan berbukit ye

The next morning we left Dunedin for Queenstown and checked in at Queenstown Lakeview Motel and Holiday Park. Just a quick pitstop before we catch a flight from Queenstown to Auckland. Finally get my me time to find souvenirs without having anyone to rush me. Kahkahkah.

Took a flight to Auckland and reached there around 6pm. We went to Matamata and spent 2 nights at Tower Road Motel. The weather was gloomy throughout our stay in Auckland. Reached our motel that night, cooked and had a rest. Had only 1 full day to spend in Auckland. I wanted to go for hiking initially but the rain deterred us from doing so. So we ended up going to Te Puia to watch traditional Maori village and geyser. The maori dance performance was interesting nasibla hujan kan kalau tak maybe tak pergi tengok the culture-y part of New Zealand! I especially enjoyed the traditonal Maori love song - Pokarekare Ana.

The performers showed us some Maori warrior moves

The geyser that erupts every 1 hour. We did not stay and wait for it to erupt because the rain got heavier.

Had our last minute shopping at Rotorua and went back to the motel to pack. The next day we took our flight back home.

All in all it was a very much needed trip as I have not had a long holiday for a while. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand sebab aku kan acah-acah gila rugby. Even dulu before dapat scholarship pun siap doa dapat pergi UK or New Zealand. Sampai sana rasa everything All-Blacks rasa nak beli. Kahkah. Scenery wise, memang NZ sangat cantik. Ireland pun cantik but parts of it hasn't been explored more for tourism kot. NZ banyak gunung sungai so they turn the place to be more touristy with activities like jetboating, bungy jumping, zipride, zorbing, gondola ride etc.

Will there be another NZ trip for me? Maybe. Maybe for bungy jumping and skydiving ke ape ke kan. Who knows one day.