October 05, 2015


It was a gloomy past few days for me. It still is but I'm hoping for a reset soon.

To make things worse, Ireland displayed a pretty poor performance yesterday. I was biting my nail the whole 80+ minutes with occasional yelling and slamming the cushion like a cuckoo lady watching them playing Italy. It wasn't supposed to be that hard. The last time Italy beat us was around 2013. Since then we had a clean sheet against Italy so it shouldn't be that hard. But gotta admit the Italians were quite good yesterday. Having Sergio Parisse although not to the full time certainly injected some motivation boost to them.

Them boys need to buckle up and get their shit together before meeting the French next week. Quarter final already qualified and it's a matter of who we are playing against now. Finish 2nd in the group and we'll be facing the All Blacks so that's about it. Keeping my hopes high the luck will be at the Irish side and we'll take the group lead. Really hope Rob Kearney is fit to play again.

Owh anyway I just unblocked a certain someone just because I don't feel good doing it. Maybe the other side don't give a fuck pun not like I'm that important. A while after I unblocked a message came through. Cis. Mesti dia tak sedar pun aku block. Dah agak dah.

Other than that, hoping to find something that will fix my shitty mood. Dah lama sangat teringin nak karok ni. Yet to find someone to go with. Ingat nak huha dengan the girls this weekend pun turned out to be something I don't quite expect it to be....Takpelah apa boleh buat.

A reset. I need a reset. Hope things get better soon too.

P/S : Checked my so-called viral status and it had 46 shares. Lol. Greatest online achievement so far!

October 03, 2015

Dalam banyak-banyak

Rasanya dalam banyak-banyak gaduh this one does feel like the last stride. We are through. Normally I have a feeling that either one would text back, this time around I just feel the other side had enough.

Sedih jugak because I will be remembered as perempuan yg asyik tak puas hati, suka marah and lastly pusing-pusing membabikan dia. That last part I honestly don't quite grab the concept, but that's just how he thinks. Selalu resah jugak nak fikir ayat so it won't be classified as membabikan dia but somehow I always did...and I didn't know how did I do that and let alone how should I undo that.

Anyway...i already did the thing to spare me from the suffer of expecting. Been accused a few times of doing so but I never had the heart to do it but I finally I did it. But I guess it won't be realized that soon. He won't know.

Oh well, I have no other option but to keep on living as normal la. Que sera sera.

October 01, 2015

Tips-tips mengunjungi klinik gigi?

Close to 4pm yesterday, I attended to a patient who complained of pain over the left lower side of her mouth. During working, the time I am tired the most is around 11.30am and above and 3.30pm and above. Energy drained out. Pinggang dah start sakit. 

So upon examination I found out she has one tooth that needs to be filled. I proceeded to do so. Her mouth opening weren't too good. I know she could open wider when I asked her to do so but she kept on closing. So I had to say open your mouth wiiiiiide every 10 seconds. At one point during the procedure, it must have hurt a lit bit too more that she grabbed my hand while I was holding the handpiece (or famously known as the driller....) INSIDE her mouth. A slip of my hand could easily hurt her cheek. 

Fuh. Pet peeves people, my pet peeves when it comes to treating a patient. So please, please please don't grab our hand when we are operating, it puts YOU in danger not me. Hurting you accidentally is the last thing I would like to happen on that time of the day. 

That wasn't the first time. It happened a couple of times. So it inspired me to come out with the fb post to membebel sebab I dah penat petang tu and I don't have teman bebelan anymore, also with hope to educate my friends in FB. 

A while after I uploaded, my more famous fb friend shared my post so I think this is a good opportunity to educate more people so I made my post open to public. The post had almost 100likes so it's good to know people are reading. I logged on my facebook with a desktop this morning and was suprised to see the post was shared by 17 people, of which only 5 or so were in my friend list. Lain-lain semua friends of friends or even random people. 

Tak sangka bebelan kepenatanku turns out to be some sort of beneficial tips for others. Lol. I even had few messages in my inbox from my friends asking a few things about their oral health and all. Wah. Rugi I takde duit nak bukak klinik sendiri. Kalau tak dah boleh grab the opportunity dah. Keh.

So I thought I'd share with you people (if any) who came to my blog. Selalu post meroyan, sekali sekala belanja la benda berfaedah sikit innit?


The end is the end

I guess that's it.

The end is the end.


Thanks a lot

September 30, 2015