December 21, 2014

Selamanya Harimau Malaya....OI!


Went to SNBJ to witness our very own football team playing against our neighbour up north. The last time I went to Stadium was TWO years ago. I really enjoyed going to stadium because the atmosphere is very lively and you get to scream your lungs out without being judged. Kinda stress relief escape for me. In 2012 I went for the semis against our neighbour down south. Right after the game finished I took a bus to go back to JB at 12am, reached JB around 4am, slept for about 2 hours and went to work the next morning. That's how crazy I am...

Lovely lively atmosophere! Especially hearing the never-stopping chants from our very own Ultras Malaya! Uttermost respect to them who kept the 90 something minutes game alive and even before and after the game.

It felt very different going to Stadium this time around. Went with different company. I used to go to stadium with someone else...not anymore now. But all was good. I was safe. My company ensured me safe. And that's all that matters ain't it?

We arrived SNBJ area around 530. Parked at the roadside somewhere before the BJ's traffic light. It rained a bit when we first came, bought an RM2.50 poncho which ended up being my alas solat. Lol. We found a spot with quite a good view. In front of our row was another row of our SMSS Junior. Sebesar-besar stadium boleh pulak jumpa dekat situ. Selamat kitorang half time takyah keluar beli air leh suruh junior je. LOL. I brought telekung with me and it got me through the safety police pretty easy ;) I had my Wudhu' before pushing off for SNBJ but lost it along the way despite me trying hard not to touch any men. Luckily there was plenty of toilets in the stadium..had my prayers done at some areas behind the stairs. Pretty happy with myself for that :)

The game. The chants. The goals. The fact that I got to scream and jump until I nearly lost my voice. It was all worth the fatigue  and hassle. Even though we did not get to win the trophy at our own stadium, the players fought well. Of course there are mistakes done here and there but they started the AFF Suzuki Game campaign with a very rough start and to reach the final - that was an achievement praiseworthy. But Safee...boy it's time for you to find your ways back into that position. It's either his era has ended or he just losing his grip..
Salam persahabatan dari kami. "Penonton makan kuaci" as labeled by the Ultras Malaya clan. 

December 17, 2014

Gambar paling deep dalam abad ni

December 11, 2014

Malam ini

Malam ini aku baring atas katil dan cuba bayangkan what will happen next year -

I imagined you in suits and her in whatever dresses on your wedding day. Time nikah maybe kau pakai baju melayu tp for some reason tatau kenapa bayangkan in one of your receptions maybe kau pakai like a tuxedo or ya know..not-so-traditional suits. Lepastu gambar merata-rata diupload kat facebook, macam biasa bila ada wedding.

Masa tu mungkin aku kat Venice. Atau tengah dekat Cork on the way nak ke London. Atau dalam keretapi nak ke France. Anywhere but in front of you.

Time tengah imagine ni dada makin berat dan sesak. Ok. Training dah untuk what may come next year. Invitations. Engagement. Wedding. Tau dah macamni rasa dia. Lantas aku masuk bilik air, gosok gigi, wudhu' dan Isya'.

Tau dah skill dia. For everytime I hope for one thing, I will kill it immediately with my imaginary wedding pictures. In my mind, time tu kau masih gemok dan tak sempat kurus seperti yang kau impikan, maaf.


December 07, 2014


Kumpul duit.

Kumpul cuti.

Kumpul kuat dalam diri.

Kita lari. Jauh.


Bila dah keluar dari mulut orang tu sendiri...


Hang in there dear self. You got this ok. You got this ok??