May 15, 2017

Battling Hormonal Acne's an attempt to write again. Alhamdulillah, I think I'm almost at the end of my battle with acne. Around 3-4 months ago I had a bad breakout around my jawline area. It was the time that I don't want to relive again, especially when I already battled one when I was 11-13 years old. 

My breakout was more of a hormonal-related rather than skincare related, I supposed. Or it could be a combination but the affected area and the timing of the breakout kind of suit the hormonal cause more. It could be a mix of withdrawal effect of my skincare tho but I strongly feel that the messed up hormone contributed more. I was sent to panic mode for a while, Alhamdulillah I have been blessed with normal spots and quite okay skin for quite some time so this breakout really frustrated me. To make things worse, I had a few stressful events during the breakout..

 Since 2012, I started using TbT, it did wonder to my face, but at some point it just doesn't have effect on my anymore,so I stoppped. I tried Tt. With heightened awareness level on dangerous skincare nowadays, I stopped using Tt because it contains harmful material, but I already weaned off the skincare here and there, even before the breakout. 

I tried a few other products, back to my ol normal facewash, Ntrgn, tried Mjr, went for facial treatment but none of them do wonder to my face. 

So I did a little research here and there. And I tried... Alhamdulillah it worked!

I used Tt facial wash for a few days, and only the night cream, because although it contain hydroquinone, a certain amount of it actually been used by doctors to treat facial problem. But I only used on the affected area..for a few nights. Active acnes started to resolve. 

At the same time I looked out for facial wash containing AHA/BHA, found Hada Labo facial wash and started using them. No bad reactions to the new facial wash so I continued until now..

So here's my skin during the breakout on pic 1 and pic 2..pic 3 is after I  used Tt for few days..

And this is me, recently. Scars here and there but definitely better than before!

I've been reading more and more about skincare regimes and it sure require a lot of effort and $$$$$. I used to drink Tj collagen and it worked well with me but it's a bit costly so I stopped. To spend 200 every months is a little bit too much, in my opinion.

So to wrap it up,

  • My current skincare routine : Hada Labo facial wash. Hada Labo hydrating lotion which I just started. Biore sunblock - I really like the texture unlike other sunblock which leaves your skin greasy. 
  • Mjr - because it claimed to be organic so I don't think it can do much for a problematic skin. Will try it again when my skin is better. I like the facial oil though
  • Weekly facial mask. Started that routine too. So far so good. Currently using Innisfree's
  • Need to buy Tj collagen when I have extra $$$. Money is tight now I have a few things going on, which I will share one day.

My next target is to go for glowy, face with nice complexion...ahh gitu. Will need more meticulous regime and of course more $$$ so let's hope time and money permits!

Til next time...

April 27, 2017

I can't write anymore

I feel if I that I can't write anymore.

A lot of things to say. A lot of fears to share with. But I ended up writing nothing..

Perhaps one of these days imma come out with something more.

Till then, tada

March 15, 2017

Counting My Blessings

My life is quite like in a mess right now. I need to let it out.

Still battling the acnes on my face, I know the reason why but I can't quite control it. The fact that my stress level is so high right now worsen things. At times I feel so sad looking at those bumps and listening to people's remarks but I just gotta be strong for this.

Weight still not dropping. My workout hasn't been optimal. After 4 rounds of tabata, my heart rate was only around 120. I need to push more for higher heart rate but my body just seem too weak. I need to stop pampering and start to be harder on myself I guess. Gotta stand on my own feet because at the moment, nobody will take care of me until I grow older 😔

Received an appreciation email from a patient today. Quite a long one which was sent to the director and cc'ed to my head of unit and I. That was my first time and it sure does feel good..not quite sure if I deserve one though because during the treatmenr I become a bit disappointed because he was slighhhhttttly stubborn 😂 Even told him what I'm doing will cause a lot of bleeding but kept my tone professional la. Turns out I did relieve him of the pain he's having that he was grateful hence the email?

Whoever he is, thank you Mr, you've really made my day. My patients in Malaysia..there are very few of them really expresses their gratefulness. I just kinda get it when they request for my service.

Back in Ireland, most of my patients are really...courteous? They would hug me and thank me endlessly for a job done. Sometimes I even received flowers and chocolates from them. My final year presentation patient, Dan, he even gave me a 100euro voucher to a restaurant that I told him I like to go for my graduation gift. Not that I need want any gifts or hugs in return, because I know that's my job but a simple thank you or a show if gratefulness once in a while would really make us feel good.

Dah ape aku membebel ni pun tatau. Bottomline is, yes I'm in a mess, but please lah nad pick up yourself and be strong. Please please please be strong. You are in this alone, so you should really never disappoint yourself okay? Look at the positive things, chin up and keep going.

March 02, 2017

Disorganized Train of Thoughts

Jaga-jaga, this is a post heading to everywhere and nowhere as there are loads of things in my mind right now.

First of all, aku sakit kepala, hence this post. Day 3 of intermittent throbbing headache and dull headache. Don't think a tension headache as my forehead doesn't feel tight. Not quite a migraine either because migraine won't normally last this long. Noise triggered the throbs. Certain kind of music triggered the throbs. Right now my assistant is watching some skit in her phone and even the voices of the actors' triggers the throb. But I can't be telling her to stop watching can't I? At times the sunlight triggers the throb. At the same time my neck is strained too. Could it be the cause? I don't know. I hope this headache goes away soon. Hope it's nothing. Dah paranoid dah ni cancer lagi-lagi sekarang aku cepat annoyed. Kah..choi sangat harap-harap takde papela ni. forever dilemma resurface again-should I continue my studies? With the budget cuts and all, they decided this year the dental unit doesn't deserve to go to the CPD. So basically, lagi lama kat sini, lagi mereput la especially dengan perangai diri sendiri yang takde effort nak pergi tambah ilmu ni kan. Nak buek camno, a half day course pun costs you at least 200+ kot. But I really need to start going to my own courses now. Kena jugak make an effort. Had a chat with my friend and he said scholarships are quite limited and even doing specialization is not easy right now. Pening la pening. Honestly I like working here but I know, career wise I won't go anywhere. Unit dianaktirikan macamni they know we only either clean teeth or take 'em out. If I am married with family, that's a different story la kot tapi looking at things now, I really need to think deep.

Eleyh think deep. Jap lagi lupe, pastu dah stress ingat balik, lepas tu think deep balik lepastu tak kemana. Pfft.

Thirdly, bila aku nak kurus ni. Still istiqomah counting calories, so far I only had few days where I exceeded the recommended calories. On days I splurge on eating, I made sure I exercise. Haritu had a day pigging out with the girlfriends thank God I was running 10km (at 1am!!!!!!?!?) so I earn around 700kcal. Had light breakfast that day and off I went to eating without thinking about calories with them. But the think is I only drop 1kg since. Itu pun at times it fluctuates macam semalam macam takde turun pun sedihnyaaaa. Well, I know well I need patience. Tapi tu lah, manusia mudah terlupa kan apa bole buat.

Fourth, I'm in the battle with comedones and acnes on my face, specifically on my chin. I will share it later when I'm over the battle.  It has improved since I had the breakouts la Alhamdulillah let's hope this clears out sooon.

Dah makin pendek sebab nak terkenc ni. Plus I need to continue reading Terima Kasih Si Babi Hutan stat. Kbai!

February 23, 2017


At times there are voices in my head that bring out the worst in me. Almost always it happens during :

A) encounters with bad drivers
B) when I think of that particular someone
C) when somebody forces me to do something I hate

I really hope this voices stay inside because I really wouldn't want to imagine what will happen if it comes out.

On another note, I dreamt of Tok Haron last night. We were in some kind of assembly and he was giving out advices like don't miss your prayer and encouraging the guys to perform prayer in jemaah..and a few others that I can't quite remember.

Al fatihah tok haron, you are dearly missed.