May 28, 2007

Erasing the memories?

There were once, in my life I classified as my very own Dark Ages. And I've been trying my best to keep it low, hide it at an unknown place.

But try as I might, I could not help to block the memories from resurfacing. Especially when suddenly I saw Chester Bennington of Linkin Park resembles erm..My Technical Romance?

MTR was my colleague. Back then I was the so-called an angelish devil. Erm how angelish/devilish I was? Sorry but I just can't go in detailed. It's kinda painful to dig up the old memories.

But I don't have any intention to go that far. Plus at that time somebody who was quite close to me just went into a relationship. So it's kinda an opportunity for a revenge? saje nak menunjuk? kecewa? erm...taktau? But I told him that I was just playing with MTR. And he advised me : JGN MAEN DGN API. But I just took his advice for granted.

Unfortunately he was right. MTR suddenly became aneh? He started to be overprotective. MTR started to intrude my phone, checking on my msgs. And he was quite suspicious with that somebody since his msgs were filling up my inbox. Of course I started to feel uncomfortable because we were not even an item. And I'm not planning to make it real pun. I was just going with the flow~

So I decided to call it a day and stop the flow before it became worst. I brought my "army" to settle things down, including him.

But MTR didn't let me go easily. He kept on haunting me and I even had to buy a maxis number and let my beloved Celcom number in dormant. Even until I went into matrix he tried to contact me, thru several ppl/number. Dan saye menjadi sgt phobia utk pegi ke PKNS/SACC/Alam Sentral coz they were MTR's favourite hangout place.

After several months, I finally let go my beloved Celcom number. But it was not solely because of MTR. I changed to Maxis because :
  • me and him were no longer the best of friends
  • someone =P has got a Maxis number too
  • MTR ler.
  • my classmates are mostly Maxis user (17/21 org)
  • mak has got me a postpaid Maxis number (which is fully paid by her la of course)
So, in a nutshell :
  1. jgn bermaen dgn api. kelak terbakar diri sendiri
  2. fine-looking bloke are not (necessarily) nice
  3. tukarlah number anda biarpun anda sgt sayang number itu. it's worth the sacrifices-anda akan menjadi lebih tenang bila kenangan2 lame hilang

I present u, the desktop wallpaper that has been my all-time favourite (been using it since November 06) - Erased by burguerqueen of Thanks a lot. It just suits me well. I am, indeed really trying my best to erase some unnecessary, painful memories in my brain!

Click the image for a clearer view. The white-coloured paint reads : ERASING THE MEMORIES

May 26, 2007

Ma famille - hors de prix

The king and his men stole the queen from her bed
And bound her in her bones
The seas be ours and by the powers

Where we will, we'll roam...

Yo ho, all together...
Hoist the colors high...
Heave ho, thieves and beggars...
Never shall we die...

Uhuhuhuhhu....pirate fever~

Yesterday I went to Mak Pah's house in Kajang to visit herhusband, Uncle Mazlan. He just underwent a minor leg surgery and Alhamdulillah, he's all fine by now.Dapat cuti 3 weeks lagi! I haven't seen my aunts and uncles for months y'know?? And it was such a nice visit as I got to let go all the burden in my chest, rambling to my CikPi about in-house problems & worrisome future. I've even made a deal with MakPah to be her protege(in cookings)! And in return, I'll be tutoring her UPSR-PMR-SPM children. Triple trouble, triple kerisauan, and I hope I'll be able to provide useful helps to ease her burden, insyaAllah.

Last Sunday I went to Abdul Razak clan's Mothers' Day celebration - an annual celebration organised by my late father's family. Abdul Razak is my great great grandfather (I'm not sure how many greats should I put in though. I think he's my father's grandfather KOT) and he was honoured by the Dato' Setia Selangor title. I guessed he's really someone ait? So it was quite a merry family gathering, peeps were dancing, singing & laughing out louds but the atmosphere was just too different when I was around my maternal family. Perhaps the fact that my father has passed away and I don't get to see them more often made me feel very...alienated? Hohoho maybe it was just me. Saye..mmg agak susah utk memesrakan diri with new atmosphere or once-in-a-blue-moon-baru-jumpe-peeps.

But it's kinda sad actually. Here in my paternal side I've got lots of cousins with the similar age as moi. Kire byk teenagers la as compared to my maternal family, I'm the 4th grandchild out of 21++ so it made me the orang dewasa nye clan, which is not so many. It'll be lots of fun if I get to hang out with 'em berhooha like what they always do among them. But I think I shouldn't be blaming anyone/anything but me. Maybe I just don't smile that often and didn't put so much effort to be in the team. I prefer to lay back and join them upon invitation, no effort to contact them or whatever them cousins always do. Hohoho.. Erm..tapi aneh skali, with my bin/binti Haron's (my mom's side) family saye rase enjoy je mingling around wit my lil cousins coz I got to play the garang-mak-tiri-tapi-kadang2-kena-buli-gak part. Huu..

To make things worse, I don't really know their (dad's side) names and how are we related (means=dier ni pakngah anak sape, anak maklong mane, nak panggil ape.sepupu ke,2 pupu ke kupukupu ke) except my father's siblings and their families je la..Oh..jahatnye saye T_T But Alhamdulillah, my existence is still-known? Takdela rase cam UFO sangat. They know me as anak arwah yan (my dad) and thanks to the gene, my face resembles my dad very much that I don't even have to introduce myself further.

Exclusive old skool pics- credit to Uncle Idham (satu lagi masalah-org panggil dier camtu ke?? ke pak long idham ape ke??) my dad's family. Standing L-R = busu (dr aziah), my oh-so-cute dad, mak teh (datin zaiton). Sitting L-R = my granddad (never met him-he passed away in 1970s), my paklong and my grandmom (passed away in 2004)

Errmmm..this topic is quite sensitive actually. If someone/anyone from the family happened to read this post, thousand apologizes. It's just a luahan hati and dun get me wrong, I love all my relatives and am glad to be one of the clan.

May 24, 2007

2nd trip Cerakah

2nd trip to Cerakah- with a special guest --> Fuzah.huhu.Left out jogging coz we need to save up energy to cycle up the hill and it was such a WISE decision! We were a bit lost, and ended up climbing up the hill and speeding down the hill most of the time.

I'm still traumatized with the bad experience I had when I was speeding (cycling) down the hill 7 yrs ago. Sangat scarry ok, saye jatuh dgn kelajuan yg tinggi and can u imagine the impact?!!? So I was too careful when cycling down the hill, and ended up being the left-one. Sebab 2 makcik itu speeding dgn riangnye meninggalkan saye. Anyway if they are the star of cycling down the hill, saye pula queen of naik bukit! haha....sebab saye sangat bersemangat naik bukit mengayuh penat oh hebat hebat~~

After cycling we rushed to OU for Pirates of The Carribean : The World's End. Credit to Fiqah and Wani for the tickets. And POC is seriously amazing! Sangat best! Jack Sparrow sgt cute! Capt Will Turner pun drop dead gorgeous. Ngeahahaha..

More pics at My FOTOPAGES Seriously, nature offers us a wide range of indescribable tranquility. We just need to find 'em.

In a nutshell, for the time being, I just want to find the tranquility..And try as I might, I don't want to meet anyone that I know in this few weeks. Yup, I could not disengage myself from the seductive movies and shopping complexes but tolonglah...gue ngak ada mood utk bersosial. Those are the ppl that I'm willing to meet for the time being:

  • Wani - hari2 jumpe hahah
  • Ida - coz I wanna ride on the newly bought Myvi--cpat amik aku kat umah!!!
  • Fuzah - perlu reason ke? hahah
  • Bella - coz I haven't met her for about ONE damn year. gler lamer
  • Nadiah - dah lame tak dgr dier merengek dan mencarut. hahah
  • Epul - nak kasi badge~
  • Others? to be decided later~


May 22, 2007

Cycling? 7 yrs ago? maybe?


I came across this website when I was bloghopping. Erm.. pity her,eh? Yes, I know, there are many other kids/ppl are suffering from segala-segali diseases but this one lil kid is fortunate enough to have ppl who fights for her. Let's pray for her health and insyaAllah, I'll figure out some way to help her too.

Today we went for more challenging activity. Luckily I woke up quite early and managed to get out from my house before the traffic worsen. We went jogging as usual (usual? baru sehari~) and since today's schedule is quite packed, we had to cut down time spent for jogging.

Approx at 9, we rushed to Bukit Cerakah/ Taman Cahaya Seri Alam. Frankly speaking, eventhough I've been residing Shah Alam since 1991/2, as far as I could remember, today was my 1st visit to Bkt Cerakah! Sadly the place was abandoned. Dull. Inattractive. Boring. Nonetheless, nature-wise it was such a wonderful place to find solace.

I have also made an achievement, by riding the bike semi-successfully (semi: at first few minutes I was quite reluctant to ride on the bike. Wani had to stop several time so I could catch up. I handled the pedal clumsily but somehow managed to control the bike from attacking the longkangs/hutan). We cycled around the "vast" area, stopped by at Taman Haiwan (see my picture- phyton tuh...cuak gler!) and Rumah 4 Musim but didn't take a tour inside the house because it'd cost us another RM3! (RM 3 may looked cheap but heck we paid RM 3 for entrance RM 3 for the bicycle and now another RM3?!?!?)

Sharp at 10, we made our way out from the so-called preserved forest. We had our breakfast at the carpark, headed to tasik, changed clothes and changed direction to JJ Bkt Raja to catch up Sumolah! How's Sumolah!? It was quite good story. I expected more from Afdlin but I think this movie is cute enough. Simple yet meaningful- dgn ada unsur2 sarcastic disitu...A good attempt to bridge Japan culture and Malaysia and let ppl judge which customs are good to be developed or which are'nt to be ditched from ourselves. There'll never be one particular perfect adat that could make us a better person so yeah, let's adopt and adapt!

Ended up the day with a quick window shopping. But I've intended to buy a track bottom since mine are mostly torn due to some stunt actions I did when playing volley back at McB. I missed volleyball.. )=

May 21, 2007

Under My Umberreelllaa..ella..ella..

When the sun shines.We’ll shine together.Told you I'll be here forever.That I'll always be your friend.Took an oath Imma stick it out 'till the end.Now that it's raining more than ever.Know that we still have each other.You can stand under my Umbrella~

Today I woke up at 6.18am, thought it was quite early, so I put my alarm clock on snooze. Then I went back to my lalaland..and out of a sudden, I heard a loud "baaaanggggtebabooooomm!""

Damn it. It was 7.48am and I was late for my "1st date". Ngeee..

Anyway, my "1st date" went smoothly despite the lateness. We went ahead with the planned activity. Le tour de tasik shah alam. Sadly bukit cerakah was closed, so cycling activity was put on hold and we changed plan to a bit unhealthy activity.

A mission of reducing calories were 360 degrees turned into increasing our daily calories intake, I must say 50% from usual?
We ended up with garlic breads for breakfast (+ oreo mcflurry that I bought on the way home), SELF-MADE (notice the capital letter. saje nak blagak gue udah up lagi ilmu memasak) mashed potato with flour-ish (no, not that gesture. literally translated : tepung-ish) gravy. When Wani (oh ye dierlah date saye. haha tak surprise pula) went back home, I could not resist the temptation from the recipe that I got from and went ahead with a super mini kek batik (saje nak sedap hati buat kecik2)

So, there goes my earlier-burned calories~ Di top up dgn makanan yg sarat dgn erghhh...fats sugar n whatsnot.But at least I ran on threadmill for 20 mins later in the evening (rase bersalah) so I hope the swallowed unhealthy food has been flushed away T_T

Aiyaiyai...Genting plan is gonna be canceled. Anyway I've got 4 months=120days to be wasted and a day spent at Genting could be fit into one of the many many days kan?

Esok kite cycle pule ye?

Bukit Cerakah here I come~~~~

May 20, 2007

Those were the days...

Wow Mila (20 yrs old girl from Penang=same age as moi) became the very 1st girl to win AF. Apparently I had no 'passionate' interest towards AF 5. No doubt, as a true Malaysian (cliche gell) I am one of the beribu2 lemon AF fanatics and for each season, my favourite student will always be in the final 5 (cey..yoyo jer) But I guess ageing process has disengaged me from being the same-old-Nad who used to go gugu gaga over the AF studs, pasting their posters (or even tiny newspaper articles) and paste 'em in my locker/desk/study carrel.I used to defend my favourites whole-heartedly. Fought against those who didn't have the same view as moi, siap gaduh2 lagik. I used to sneak in the boys block back in SMSS, menebalkan muke knocking on the wardens' door just to watch AF (2), since the girls' warden were just too..erm..terabai? atau diabai? atau mmg taknak? But those were the days my friend, minat gue towards AF kian pudar~

But..erm..Shawal and Ebi are quite HOT too..ngeee..

I managed to repay my sleeping debts today. After several "instant wakeups" to reply text msgs that needed my urgent attn, I finally woke up at 2.42pm. This time around, I could wake up late without guilt, like what I felt a few weeks ago! 4 weeks ago, sleeping was such a waste of time, and I even had to take a nap on my study carrel just to ensure I didn't overslept. So I could study study n study.. Ahh...those days have passed (though many of 'em will be coming up later) and I shall enjoy this golden opportunity to sleep as long as I want (=

The latest, hottest news about my SMSS friends = BOD is getting married?!?!!?! BOD is an ex-schoolmate and sadly ex dormate (time form 3 jer!) of mine. She's getting married to a 22 y o policeman and now she's been working her ass off, digging money just to make sure her marriage is going to be happen by this year. Her life is very..............UNIQUE, I shall say. I think it was such a waste and irrational decision. After one whole year of merajuk hati membawa diri she finally got to read her much wanted course-HotCat, then out of a sudden berhenti pula! Aih..ganjil sungguh. Quitting studies, working in JJ to pay up wedding expenses, then what about coming 2,3,14..20 years?
Aih...kasihan dia. Gers gler. Cmon sc slangor folks, let's help her out! Kite wat tabung Bersamamu for Bod~

Gotta pen off now. Esok gue ada karaoke!

May 18, 2007


I'm free


let's get the party started

leaving saddening

knowing the fact that it's hard for us to get together and the fact that we might be separated into different parts of the world


I'll be missing them ~

The last paper, business again was disastrous. Out of approximately 8-10 questions we predicted from the case study, only ONE question came out. They even gave us their own choice of saving Gladrags Ltd (the company).

Come to think about it again, bkan business je disastrous, smua pun equally likely ngokngek jua..


It's okay, let's just enjoy this approximately 2 months holiday before the result comes out.

No more McB=No more volley=No more mr eye candy=Oh i'll be missing my dandy=No more greenish palm oil trees scenery=but the bright side would more !@#$%^&*&^%$#@!

oh lupe saye dah melalui proses purification. tiada lagi dendam=tiada lagi derita

mari berusaha carik jalan untuk keluarkan endorphine cuti ini..

waniiiiiiii......i need u~~~~~~~~

May 08, 2007

Tsk tsk..

1.75 down....4.25 to gooooooooooooooooooooooooo....

AUMMMMM is hot to go

Maths PAPER 1 was like...................disastrous

Thus I declare war with INTEGRATION

$%^&*()(*&^ integration and the exact form..blah blah blah...

I was so use to my RM600 GDC calculator..I can't even integrate properly...

Oh cpatlahhhhhhhhh cpat lah abissssssssssssssssssssssssssss