March 31, 2010

Of ..... weather

The weather has decided to go wacky again. We were blessed with warm temperature and sunny weather for the past few days and *pling* today it becomes all cold and freezing again.

I hope the weather gets better by this Saturday ke ape. Today we've sorted out the plans and all and hopefully everything goes okay. I am seriously in my holiday mode already. Monday I made my own day off. Today I didn't have any class/lab. Esok and Khamis je la I have OTL. Nasib OTL. Not lecture or pros lab.

Oh and I really hope the weather permits us to do a BBQ this weekend. Gila datang mengidam nak makan BBQ pula ini. Ayam BBQ dengan nasi goreng. Kalau ada mashed potato pun sodap. Ohhhh mengidam. Teringat plak reunion :')

Oh oh excuse me nak raaaage sikit..Why oh why must the words in the Law notes being arranged complicatedly? The subject itself is very hard to digest now you are making it even harder to swallow the sentences? I salute you, you you lawyers/law students. like seriously, it took me forever to complete a single note. haishkkkk.

Okeh takde ape nak cerita tapi gatal jugak nak tulis-tulis. Till then, tata!

March 29, 2010


Hello, I am not laDybug..I'm a laZybug!

I resent this daylight hour thing. I lost my one hour! It's supposed to be 10 now...but the clock said 11. Noooooooooooooooo.....why oh why? Ottoke? Pourqoi?

Oklah actually I'm not feeling okay now. Ada tengah ding dong sikit. I'm supposed to be doing something beneficial like STUDYING but here I am, on the net, browsing things aimlessly. I've been up since Subuh and didn't sleep back because I need to tune my sleeping time. And now I seriously can't do anything. Mind is blank. Helpppppppppppp meehhhhhh!!

Now I'm contemplating...whether to go for pros labs or not. The thing is.....we are done with the exams and the stuff we need to do (I think?) OK lah there's another exam for tooth arrangement. And we still have to prepare. We still need to build the occlusal rims. And he might do a demo for lower anterior tooth arrangement but I am so the very lazy ni how lah?

I have 53 minutes to think about it. And I still haven't showered. Tik tok tik tok...

March 27, 2010

How serious is serious?

Listed below are the dates of my exams :

19/04 - RD Second Assessment
----> somewhere in between : Prosthetic practical exam?
05/05 - Pharmacology
11/05 - Pathology
04/06 - OSCE
----> some where in between : Endodontic practical exam?
21/06 - RD Oral

Not to forget, in between those exams I still need to go to my practicals and clinical sessions, except between 2 to 18 April coz that's our Easter holiday.

I NEED to be seriously serious now so Imma switch off my laptop for this serious bzness. Wish me luck everyone!

Life is never easy, eh?

March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Mak

R-L, Mommy, Mak Semah

Happy birthday to the greatest person in my life. I fail at delivering my love through words so I shall just utter this three words that could summarized everything - I LOVE YOU mak!

Yours Sincerely,

March 25, 2010

Saya sayang kamu-kamu

Dulu, duduk bertujuh memang meriah. Kalau turun masak sama-sama, memang riuh. Ada-ada saja benda yang nak di nom-nom kan kalau dah masuk dapur.

Saya rindu :') Sangat-sangat!

Ingat tau baby blue! Bukan calit baby blue kat lengan atau kerawang baby blue kat tengah-tengah baju ataupun 3 garis baby blue kat tengah-tengah. Mesti baby blue yang boleh nampak dari sebatu!

March 22, 2010

Of sunny Sunday

For the first time in the year 2010, I finally went to the gym today! It all started when Kak Iza texted me about eating in Banna Thai so I thought, why not kill 2 birds with a stone. So I decided to go to gym first before going for lunch. Lagipun bleh jimat tambang bas 1.60eu :P

The weather was all nice and bright. Really really pretty! I'm glad I went out today. Surprisingly the journey to gym took only about 15 minutes from my house. Waaahhh boleh la pergi selalu ni..yeah righttt..semangat awal lelebih la kan!

I went on my favourite cross-trainer. Initial target was 30 minutes but I managed to do it only up to 17minutes sajork. Could do better but I forgot to bring my towel so I don't wanna be all sweaty since I'm still going to the town for lunch later. eceyceyceyh alasaaann...hahaha..but seriously, I could do better. Correction. I SHOULD do better. Takde lah penat mana pun tadi. I did some weight-lifting exercises and wanted to go on bicycle for cooling down like I always did but sadly there were no more cycles in the female gym. So no cycling for me today :( Malas mahu ke public gym because I'm not in the mood for it

I went to get change. I did not shower sebab macam agak geli coz it's an open shower in the changing room, so agak scary. Brought with me body splash instead as a 'precaution' :P Waited a bit for Zohor and left gym for town after I prayed.

On the way to town, I stopped by at Fitzgerald Park. There were many families with lil kids in the playground area. Such an overwhelming view :') Took my own sweet time since we've promised to meet in Banna Thai at 1.30pm. Sadly the beautiful tulips aren't there yet. Maybe it's too early eh? It's okayyyy this year iA I'm gonna see a lot of beautiful tulips in Keukenhof in about 3 weeks time. Can't wait! =D

the playground

rows of wilted flowers

pokok clubbing :P

All in all it was a day well spent. Had the chance to share stories with Kak Iza and I'm so glad I did that. At least there's someone to talk to about school things and made me felt slightly better. Thanks Kak Iza for the treat as well as the advices :)

March 21, 2010

Gleek (bukan Geli Mat) - Hate On Me

My God this song is plain GENIUS! The last time when I was watching Glee I kinda had to fast forward everything because the storyline is kinda whatever....tahulah gua kan kurang sabar sikit kalau cerita tu tahpape. A few months after I'm done with that series only I realized the songs in that series are mad love and so superb.

Come along and sing with me if you feel like to :)

March 20, 2010

First filling treatment on a REAL patient

Today I did my first ever filling on a real patient! make it even more special it was done onto my firstttt patient (back in January) It is something to be remembered okay. My first time giving local anaesthesia injection, first time drilling cavity on REAL tooth, first time doing composite restoration on a patient. Gaaaahhh..

So what did I do today in the clinics? My patient had carious lesion on her first upper left molar tooth. Two surfaces were involved, mesial (yang bersebelahan dgn gigi premolar) and occlusal (on the surface yang menghadap gigi atas)

something like this, tapi ganti kan the caries at the molar tooth (gigi sebelah yang besar sikit tu)

First off what I did was giving her local anaesthesia, to make the area I wanna work at numb. Because it is gonna be painful if I didn't do so. My oh my it was so smooth that it felt unreal. Smooth = the soft tissue in the mouth. I hardly feel any pressure on it that I wasn't sure whether I've loaded the L/A fully or not. With the help of Dr MC, it was done quite nicely without any mistake.

buccal infiltration opposite upper left molar

Next up is putting the rubber dam. It's like a mask that covers up other area that we don't need to work on, to make sure the targeted area is free of saliva, to make sure the patient didn't swallow unnecessary things, minimize infection etc etc (malas nak terang dah lols) It was quite hard to get the damn dam in because the space is tight.

this is what it looks like when a patient had rubber dam on it. Oh haritu kan, there was a fire drill training at dental school, so all of us had to evacuate the building. Unfortunately there was a patient who had to walk out the building with a rubber dam on. lols lols..he looked pretty annoyed though..because it's just a fire drill training!

After we are done with the damn dam, it's time for the funnn part know that sound that makes people hates dentist a lot, yes, exactly. It was totally different from the training I had on plastic (mannikin's head) tooth. However I think it is in a way slightly easier because we know the extent of the carious lesion. Kalau during training we had to imagine it and we don't know when to stop. But on real tooth, the caries will make your tooth brown-ish and soft. Carious removal is done on the enamel-dentine junction - that's the crucial part because that is where the carious lesion starts. Because the carious lesion is at mesial-occlusal, we had to break off the mesial wall of the tooth and it started to bleed profusely. *peluh peluh cuak*

I was glad Dr MC came to rescue me whenever I'm at loss. Actually at first, she didn't quite like the idea of me doing this as my first filling treatment because she wanted me to start off with something simpler, say occlusal caries only (mesial-occlusal caries is considered two surfaces). However, because Dr EA (our course coordinator) had somehow pushed us around and kinda warned us about the requirements, Dr MC finally gave in and allowed me to proceed. We had to stop the bleeding and finally moved on to composite restoration. I was quite nervous because a micro leakage of the restoration will lead to caries recurring at the area so I was being extra careful with that.

Dr MC helped me to finish off the restoration by restoring the contact point of the tooth and I gave the finishing touch by polishing the newly restored (filled) tooth. She praised us for a job well done and I was so happy everything went smoothly. I was so relieved that I was skipping back home with a big smile on my face.

I think, I am somehow beginning to get my motivation back. I'm enjoying my clinical session and my lab work has so far didn't disappoint me. I just need to push a lil bit harder on my papers so I could move on and finish my studies on the dot. Ya Allah, give me strength to go through all of this, please make easy and do not make difficult

March 18, 2010


I know I've promised not to sound so depressed and jiwa kacau in my entry anymore but this one gotta be an exception...

Truth be told, I think I'm beginning to get fed up with my life as a student far away from home. It's been 2.5 years now and I thought I should have well-adapted to it but no, I was wrong. I'm starting to lose my motivation. I began to do things just for the sake of doing it, without having the effort of doing it at my best like I used to before.

I began to be very unthankful with what I'm having in my life. I know this is very bad...I know I shouldn't be getting this feeling. I know not all people could have this experience like I do. But this sorta just came out of nowhere. Slowly creeping into my life and starts to ruin everything. I'm starting to get sick of everything around me. I'm sick of eating the food that I made. I'm sick of having to manage my own life. I'm sick of managing my account and the household account. I'm sick of living in a country with unstable weather. I'm sick of not being able to use my mothertongue language to everyone. I'm sick of being separated with people that I love and comfortable with :\

Academic wise, things aren't doing good as well. My studies are are trembling down the drain and if I don't do anything to fix this, I'll seriously gonna be stuck down there forever. That day at Aunty Ainol's house, she gave out advices on how we aren't supposed to forget the purpose we came here. Upon hearing to her words, I nearly teared up because I felt so guilty of what I've been doing all this while.

As I'm writing this, I'm still gathering myself to get back on track. I hope I could find the drive to go on and finish what I've started. I hope I could find my old self who was very much motivated and happier.

-semangat yang hilang, kita cari pulang :/ -

March 17, 2010

All England 2010 - The Finals

We left Aunty Ainol's house (a friend of friend's aunty - gila jauh connection >.<) at about 12++ and took cab straightaway to the NIA. Managed to buy 3 tickets for Aunty and her family from the "ulat tiket" outside the stadium for £30 - £3 cheaper compared to the price sold in the stadium. Took our seat, about the same spot as yesterday. Quite unstrategic because we were right behind the officials and were at most furthest part of the stadium so there's no way any of the player could come near us. So sad liao!

The men single match was scheduled at the 3rd match but we stayed from the beginning. The match was started by the mixed doubles which was won by China. The Indonesian team gave a good fight but they made quite a lot of mistakes, I must say. The second game was women single which was won by Tina Rasmussen from Denmark. She could have won the game easily without having to drag it until the 3rd game but she made a lot of mistakes especially in not getting the ball because she thinks it's out already. She did it not once, not twice but A LOT of time. Never learned from the lesson!

before the game started. had to capture the pictures curik2 coz no photography were allowed!

Soon after the prize giving ceremony for women single, the atmosphere of the stadium was heated even more than before. Almost every blocks at the stadium will be occupied by Malaysian supporters. The moment the judges and linesmen came in we've all stood up already. When Lee Chong Wei stepped in, crowds were cheering his name, loudly.'s a very sweet, patriotic moment I must say :') I was so proud and happy I was there, seriously!

So the match started and eventhough LCW started quite slow, the cheers from the crowd never stopped. There would be one guy screaming loud enough across the stadium to the word "MALAYSIAAAA" and the rest of the stadium will reply "BOLEHHHHH" I almost teared out because it was such a beautiful moment. Wahhh overdramatic much? Kekeke..There were at times, a group of orang putihs will be cheering for Kenichi Tago with their orang putihs accent - "TAY-GO!" kekeke...But of course there were no competition at all for Malaysian supporters. We won the stadium big time. I bet it'll be a different story if we were playing against China :)

Kenichi Tago is a player with a lot of potentials! He's quick. He's fast. He's always on his guard and of course, his determination is very high. The whole stadium is cheering for LCW and yet he could give LCW and us a lot of nervewrecking moments when he led by 4-5 points during the game. I think, given a lot of experience and training, he would be World's no 1 in no time! However LCW is of course someone who is not easily beaten by anybody. He got superb skills and he got up on his feet quickly whenever he fell.

The winning point is quite confusing yet the moment we saw LCW knelt down on the court we knew that was it. I know I heard there were problem with the linesmen decision but the game was done already. Too bad for him, he could have won this in better way but what's done is done eyh? He deserved the winning, that's all we know :) The atmosphere of stadium were even hotter than the beginning. We jumped we shouted and we were very proud to witness this moment. His first All England winning at the 100th All England tournament. If only I could be there when Hafiz Hashim won this title back at 2003 - that would be sweeter, aite?

he went around the stadium and some lucky fans get to shake hand with him and get his autograph

Dato Misbun - the proud coach :')

the cameraman responsibled for capturing the fans'

on his way out from the court

After the prize giving ceremony we waited outside the stadium with hope we could meet LCW. There were a lot of Malaysians too. We met the RTM crew again and were recorded again and again :P Hahaha..We even went down to the back entrance where we thought LCW might come out from it but after about half an hour waiting, we gave up because there were no sight of him at all. Tapi ada la jumpa a few other players like this China player - eh eh cutenye dia tuuu~

the cute China player :P

the RTM crew and the over excited fans behind him -__-"

All in all, this was a journey well spent and worth alllll the hassle. I hope I could make it to next year's All England but the chance is pretty slim because of the exams etc andddd I really hope I could make it to the Olympics in 2012. Wah wah wah...perancangan tak beringat :P Apapapun congratulations to Dato LCW and Dato Misbun Sidek and the team, as well as to whole Malaysian supporters (wah wah nak kredit jugak tuuu :P) for making this winning possible. Malaysia Boleh!


March 15, 2010

All England 2010 - The Semi Final

Holla! I just got back from Birmingham, UK. Yes! I witnessed LCW's first All England victory and because I'm so excited that I was there, I'm gonna make 2 posts about this. :P

First off I departed from Cork that Saturday morning. I was told LCW's semi final match is the first to go so I was kinda worried I couldn't make it to the match. Alhamdulillah the journey was smooth. The flight wasn't delayed AT ALL! I arrived Birmingham at about 11.40 and managed to catch up the 11.53am train to Birm New Street. Met Fiqah at Bullring Shopping Centre and took cab to Birmingham National Indoor Arena just on time to watch LCW's match at 12.30.

Witnesssing the game with your own two eyes in the stadium itself is very much different from watching tv.The atmosphere is different. I was quite disappointed that we didn't get a good seat though. But we could still watch the match clearly, cuma kepala je la teleng sikit nak tengok.. In the first match there were one time Chong Wei was left behind by 5 marks like that so it was quite nervewrecking. However once he gripped the opponent's rhythm he didn't stop and won the semi final in straight set.

I bought the pin badge for the sake of the memory and because that's the only thing I could afford. 1pound only ma!

Right after his match, we went out and lingered around the stadium. They were of course booth selling Yonex Badminton equipment and also merchandises. That was then we met the RTM guys and being the publicity crazy we were, one of us asked the guy to take our picture -__-" HAHAHA I know, right..memang gile. So the guy interviewed us, mainly Asma', Fiqah, and Anoura (? - I didn't know how to spell her name, my bad -__-") but I was at the background all the time so I think I might have appeared on the news? After that we had a chit chat with the guy. Haha...orang RTM tu dengan bitternye knows nobody really watch their channel. Sorry lah bang, saya memang tak tengok TV sangat dah, kalau tengok pun berita memang tak la kan. Kitorang dengan konfiden ingin menjaga hati cakap "eh tengokkkk...mana ada tak tengokkk" to which the guy replied with a question "haaa..sapa pengacara berita TV1" HAHAHA memang terdiam lah kan. But I did answer Farid Ismeth, because I don't know why his image is so synonym with RTM. Teringat kat Arwah Tok Haron who would always be watching Dunia Jam 10 back then. :'(

lupe nak rotate - Guinness World Record held by Tan Boon Heong for the fastest badminton hit

Wany and I and the Nottingham girls

Inilah wajah-wajah gila glamer kami :P

Tugu Negara tak jadi

My ticket was "sponsored" by Fiqah. Thank you sooooo much :')

We then had lunch at Shogun, a Japanese Restaurant at The Mailbox and went around to Bullring. But I was deadbroke so I didn't buy anything -___-" Oh ada la I bought jam bodo-bodo because I desperately need a watch since I've lost mine. It costed only 8.50pd okay!

Had this yummy (and expensive) icecream at Morellis. Shared among 4 of us

March 12, 2010

Of day off and All England

Naaakkkk sangat update blog neh. But I dunno what to write. Nothing seemed interesting these days except the fact that I got my day off today. Such a RARE opportunity, I must say. All thanks to the conference and research that my Prof is going through now. He had to travel like almost every week so that explains why we had a day off today. Such a bliss! But it doesn't come without a price, of course! We had a replacement lab session on Wednesday making it as one of the longest day ever. Anyhoo I really enjoyed my day off today. Finally get to changed my bedsheet and duvet cover after days of procrastination. I also had a good hearty laugh today watching FO's episode 81. I couldn't even remember the last time I laughed that hard, maybe when I was watching Wild Bunny and Idol Army? hmmm :\

new duvet cover. goodbye beloved pink bedset. I'll come back to you when I'm bored with this purple bedset,okay? :')

This Saturday I'm flying off to Birmingham to watch All England (badminton)! So much for takde duit eh? Eh salah salah...sebab tu la saya takde duit -__-" Unclever financial planning. I've to struggle a bit before my next allowance which is due at the end of April. Tapi takpe I can brag to my family back home. Cikpiiiii adik tengok All England LIVE tahun neh!!! Hahahahaha...jangan jealousss..!!!!

Oh where was I just now? All England eh. This week I was pretty much nervous to know what's the results of the qualification round since I'll only be watching the semi and finals match. Much to my disappointment most of the players sangkut at Round 1, especially the women la. Fortunately Lee Chong Wei made it to quarters tomorrow. Following his footsteps are the men double team, Gan Tek Chai and Tan Bin Shai. -unfamiliar names, at least to me Hafiz Hashim and another pair of men's double Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah's results are yet to be announced since they are still playing by the time I write this. Tapi Hafiz Hashim confirm wouldn't make it because he's up against Lin Dan tonight. Kalau lepas tu kira miracle lah tu while CTF and LWW are up against Korean team.

I realllly hope LCW and the rest will make it through the semis tomorrow. Kalau tak I'd have to support the Korean teams la (because LCW is competing with Shon Wan Ho from Korea tomorrow :P) HAHAHA. The mens double are going to have tough time, I THINK because the first pair are going against the Denmark pairs who beat team harapan kite Koo Kean Keat and Tan Boon Heong in their first round. Haishkkk...And if CTF and LWW make it through tonight they are gonna be meeting the Indonesian team for quarters. Haissshhkk..tough competition there!

Oklah I think I wanna watch Adnan Sempit plak. Need to start now or else I might end up sleeping late. Full day tomorrow - must have a good rest tonight.

March 09, 2010

Journey to school

today I made a new record - a solid 10mins walk from my house to Dental School. Usually it'll take about 6-8 mins from my house to the entrance of the hospital, and another about 5-6 minutes from the entrance to Dental School.

oh oh....and.....


ye Gossip Girl

March 08, 2010

Hidup si bosan

I went through several blog friends/kenalan who are studying abroad like moi and found out tch! gile bosan blog gua neh. Seminggu kalau takde entry jiwa kacau tak sah. lol. Okay okay. Dua hari ni dah buat muhasabah diri. I'm not gonna waste my time being sad for that long anymore. I mean, if the soul is disturbed (jiwa kacau?) raaaaaage for a day or two and then let's try to move on shall we? Eventually things are gonna slowly come to its places. Eh tapi ni cuba je cube tau..kalau tak jadi nak buat camno..

graf jiwa kacau ikut bulan. 1st wave dlu time winter. 2nd wave sedang berlangsung, selasa ni abis! haha..3rd wave nnt dkat2 summer exam. damnnnn..

I think one of the reason why I became depressed like this is because Cork itself is kinda boring place. Unlike Malaysia, seriously Malaysia adalah super cool. Agak-agak bosan sikit dah boleh drive gi sana sini tp kat Cork ni..blehhh. Entertainment ada, semangat yg takde. Nak gi karoke pun pikir seribu kali and ended up karaoke dlm bilik sendiri sambil mengannoy jiran-jiran. HAHAHA. Damn lah. Sebab tu saya suke mandi satu hari dua kali kat sini (mandi satu hari lebih dari sekali tak ramai org buat, I think :P) sebab bleh bantai nyanyi dlm shower. Shower rumah ktorang tengah gile bunyi dia bising nak mampus so kalau nak tarik lagu kuat-kuat nyanyi lagu Ziana Zain ke apa ke mungkin orang tak dengar sangat.

nah cabaran nyanyi lagu ni!

Oh ye dalam kesesakan duit ni tibe-tibe ZINNGGGG semalam beli tiket easter nak gi Amsterdam. Camne tu kawan-kawan? Nadzirah memang camni. Kalau dia stress tu mmg seboleh-bolehnye nak kuar dari Cork. Konon-konon prinsip biar pokai asalkan happy tp bile pokai kau jugak yg stress-stress kannn. Hahaha..adoih. Tapi travel ni sebenarnya cam a way of comforting myself yang berkali-kali rasa nak give up je duduk oversea neh. Best memang best tapi byk sangat pressure nak kena handle. Tp takpe, logo Perwira kata don't crack under pressure. Tak sabar nak gi Amsterdam dah bertahun-tahun mengidam nak gi situ eh nak buat apa dia tu mengidam nak gi situ. hehehe..mana ada buat apa-apa kite budak baik-baik kannn :] Dah pegi Amsterdam tu dah puas hati dah, tinggal Itali tak pegi lagi takpe tu nnt kite cari masa okeyy?

gileee pegi jauh2 nak tengok bunga je ke? kat fitzgerald park pun ada! cait...hahaha sukati lah weh!

Oklah. Konon tadi nak take 5 from study tp skarang cam dah take 5 times 10 je! Oh by the way mahu credit my cheerleaders. I can't thank u enough for staying there with me. Kau orang saje, selain my mom yg tahu nak tolerate orang gila macam saya ni :') And terima kasih jugak buat video2 yg diupload tu bisa buat saya gelak cam org gila balik tgk kerenah kawan-kawan sekolah yg dengar cite dah banyak matang-matang. Awhhhh I'm proud of u guys :') (walaupun dlm video...errr...tak ditonjolkan kematangannye)

Dari kiri, ketua2 cheerleaders saya, Ida, Wani dan Fuzah. :P Ida, kaki tu tak angkat cukup tinggi tu daa..

March 05, 2010

Of chicken and duck

Ayam dan itik ialah pasangan klinikal di suatu universiti. Mereka ialah pelajar pergigian. Sebenarnya ayam dan itik ni asalnya bukan berpasangan pun tapi sebab sh*t happens, mereka digandingkan bersama. Things didn't go pretty well between both of them jadi ayam bersabar je lah dengan harapan suatu hari nanti things will be better.

Pada minggu lepas, selepas dipressure oleh penyelaras subjek klinikal mereka, akhirnya penyelaras kumpulan itik dan ayam membuat keputusan agar mereka bekerjasama merawat pesakit yang sama. Itik yang membawa patient itu dahulu maka ayam tidak berapa tahu menahu apa yang patient itu perlukan memandangkan pada masa yang sama ayam ada patient sendiri. Ayam hanya datang di akhir session only to be her helper, mengemas unit kerusi dan menulis history diagnosis dan treatment sheet. Tapi memandangkan ayam akan bekerja dgn patient tu ayam pun baca lah chart dan tanya-tanye penyelaras kumpulan apa yang patut mereka lakukan di masa hadapan. Ayam was pretty sure of what she heard and been told.

Jadi pada minggu hadapannya, sehari sebelum hari clinical mereka ayam tanya itik, bukankah mereka sepatutnya bersedia utk sterilize dengan alatan untuk menampal gigi pesakit mereka. Itik menidakkan dengan sehebat-hebatnya dgn begitu yakin sekali. Kali ni ayam beranikan diri cakap apa yang doktor itu cakap tapi dicantas hebat dengan itik dengan begitu confident. Ayam malas nak argue further sebab ayam tau things would only get worst if ayam were to utter other words. So ayam swallow her words and tried to keep her anger aside. Ayam balik rumah dengan perasaan marah yang membuak-buak nasib petang dan melepaskan geram pada pinggan mangkuk di rumah. Nasib petang tu makan ikan keli.

Pada hari klinikal, doktor datang dan mendapati itik tidak sterilize barang-barang yang diperlukan utk menampal gigi sebab dia yakin je dia takyah buat tu minggu ni. Doktor siap kata "didn't I told you last week we are going to do scaling AND fillings at the same time" Doktor mengeluh dan ayam hanya berdiam diri memandangkan itik yang yakin sangat dengan pendirian dia. Ayam rasa macam nakkkkk je cakap yang "I TOLD YOU SO!" dekat muka itik dan put the blame on itik like what itik did to her 2 months ago but ayam kept it to herself. Yes, sebelum ni itik ada buat salah dan dia blame ayam memang kurang asam sungguh.

Setiap kali ada konflik begini, ayam simpan harapan nak panggang je itik tu tapi ayam tetap bersabar. Mari sama-sama doakan ayam di kurniakan kesabaran yang berpanjangan sehingga akhir hayat. Amiin.

Of endless ramblings

seriously. nak balik sekolah. go back to my wonderful friends and teachers. go back to less stressful life :(

Currently there are too many things that are going around in my head that sometimes makes me wanna jump off the cliff. To whom I wanna tell I also dunno because most of them are school matters, and not many could understand. Mich, if you read this (I somehow suspected you read my blog. LOL) I miss you! I miss bitching and talking about school things over the lunch with you :( I hope you are doing fine over there.

So what is burdening me so much? First off let me start with prosthetic labs. Over the time I started to develop hatred towards this supposed-to-be-easy-and-leisure subject. I can't seem to understand whatever things that we are working on now. The thing is there is no clear syllabus and objective of this subject. Everytime we come, we do one thing and then that's there. The next day we come he demonstrate, and we do again. I really hate doing something without knowing the direction. I felt clueless and hopeless! Moreover, I'm currently having problem with mounting the cast coz I can't seem to get the occlusion right! I did that 3 times only to find the results are still the same. Still not right! Dang hopeless man!

Secondly, of OTL, I just had the exams today so I kinda been stressing about the exam for the past few days. I was having problems with the amalgam so it really annoys me a lot. Preparing cavity tak jadi-jadi. Buat amalgam tak siap-siap. I just hope that I passed today's practical exam. .Plus, my right hand is currently in pain that really makes me worried. I've been trying to lessen the usage of my right hand these days to reduce the pain. At one time I even wanted to take painkillers because the pain is really starting to kill me x___x

Next up in the list is pharmaco exam next week. I don't know there are just too many things to be remembered that I've started to give up alread. Every night I had to force myself at least to read a bit because I just don't have the motivation anymore. I really wanna get over this exam ASAP! And last but not least it of course the endless story of my clinical session. The requirements, the partner, all this bullsh*t that really pisses me off.

Other minor things that been bugging me of course including financial prob and 2PM. The purchase of ticket to Malaysia for summer holiday has put me into some kind of financial crisis. Bukanlah nak kata I don't have money at all tu tipulah. I have a bit left in case I'm going to travel this easter holiday than that's it (tapi tu tak kire hutang credit card lol). It's only less that 2 months to go before next allowance so I hope I can make it. On the other hand, of 2PM? Let's not elaborate this further because this is something that's only can be understood between me and the Hottest. Enough to say that my heart has shattered to pieces of what's happening lately around the fandom.

There you go. The things that has been making me so stressful lately. The classes itself are very tiring and this things just make me ran out of energy. I've been sleeping during the evening lately because I'm just too tired and sometimes I just wanna sleep off the problems. I hope all the things that I'm going through right now will make me a stronger in the future. Afterall He won't burden us with something that we can't handle, yes?

p.s : And if anybody who went across my ramblings in twitter of anything, and thinks I've went too far, I sincerely apologize. You see, twitter is a place where I blurt out feeling that I'm having at that instance. So it's usually full of emotion. It's something I wrote out of anger without thinking. I love you all my girlfriends back in are my cheerleaders, my 54 are the only family I have here in Eire.And to my family, my source of strength, I miss you all so much :(

March 02, 2010

Of lovely clouds and weather

The weather is super nice and the clouds are so beautiful today.

Cuma hati saya saja yang serabut. School things are stepping in to show them that they actually rule my life. Not anything else. I seriously need to reorganize my life now X___X

March 01, 2010

Formspring me I did this just for fun. If you have anything, just anything to ask me, channel your questions too :

Just as me any questions that I think I have the answer or I'd like to answer. The best thing about formspring can ask anonymously. So yeah,feel free to do so :)