April 30, 2011

Stressun stressudin

One down, loads more to go.

To me the OSCE was quite tough. The station I disliked the most was the second scenario patient. She was one tough patient and the situation is quite difficult to explain mainly because I myself can't quite come out with the layman terms. You know when you have to explain with simpler words for your patient. Nak cerita "canal perforated palatally" pun susah padahal cakap je lah berlubang ke ape. Plus the patient was the lecturer. I think it's not fair because she knows how to corner us and everything. The first scenario patient was not that easy but at least the patient was a lot better.

Another thing to be worried about was the radiology stations. Loads of anatomy! The last time we did anatomy was 2 years ago. The first station was still okay, like identifying landmarks on the skull. Out of 10 at least I can answer  4-5 with confidence. Then came the second station, identifying features from radiograph. 10 landmarks of which I can't answer any with confidence.

Surprisingly the LA station was quite hard too. Like, you would think it's a small portion of the subject and you thought you knew everything but NO, you just don't! There were 3 situations of which you have to come out with 3 answers. So kira ada 9 jawapan la kena kasi. I think I left 3-4 blanks coz I just don't know.

The only stations that I think I did okay was extraction and law (surprise surprise!). Lain semua I don't know.

I don't know, I just don't. What I know this has seriously pull down my confidence. It's bad because this is only the first of many. Kalau sekarang pun dah down how to deal with the others.

I'm taking a break for one day and hoping tomorrow to be a better day.

April 29, 2011


1.Prescription!!! How could I forget that was my first station. Prescribe antibiotic and analgesia. How to write them correctly etc.

2.Missing upper lateral incisor - to be replaced with RBB
Type of bridge, abutment tooth, type of pontic,

3.Draw prescription for upper partial denture

4.Role play 1 - break bad news need to extract all teeth because of xerostomia

5.Role play 2 - prep for post and core, perforated canal palatally, need to extract, explain (break news)

6.Xerostomia - cause by drugs (name types of drugs), investigation of xerostomia

7. 10 surgical instruments, identify (elevators Coupland, Warwick James, crier, Bone Rangeur, Howarth's elevator, Mitchell's trimmer, Kilner, Austin, Minnesota)

8. XLA of 27. Types of LA, forceps. Manned station Dr McKenna was there with the dummy

9. Simple interrupted suture, no2 tank. How to measure. Manned station Dr Brady was there to ask you question

10.Anatomy - mandible and maxilla identify landmarks on the skull. Coronoid process, mental foramen, etc

11.Rgraph - identify landmarks. Maxilla and lower anterior. Seriously effin confusing. Nak tulis apa jawapan pun tak tau.

12. Material - types of metal for RBB, why choose (ni-cr), identify which is the most important in deciding tensile strength, young's modulus, fracture toughness. Types of cement. Manned station Dr Ray was there.

13. Law - constitutional law, no one can be judge in their own case, unbiased. Hearing procedure, write letter, 5 days. Right to appeal - Employee Appeal Tribunal. Burden of proof, investigation, suspension with pay because not proven guilty. Manned station Dr Kieran Doran

14.Rgraph how to tell whether perio or periapical lesion

15.L/A - type of complications, how to avoid, how to manage

16.L/A lower molar for filling pt had MI and bypass 6 y ago, healthy. name nerve, type of syringe. Fail to anaesthetize - reason and how to overcome.

17.Perio- picture of william's probe pocket depth ~3mm. Name probe, clinical features, possible problem in accurate pocket depth.

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April 25, 2011

Semalam, Hari Ini dan Esok

Semalam saya bosan. Needed somebody to talk with. Tegur sana sini YM Whatsapp none of them replied. sad.

Harini saya bangun I realized nobody can help me other than myself. Fine I'll do this on my own. Excuse me this last 2 months is gonna be WILD! My emotion is gonna be up and tumbling down like a roller coaster ride and I might vent in the blog.

Esok school starts with a full day in clinic. Paeds summore. Ohh yeahhh. This few days I've been training myself to wake up early so it won't be hard for me to wake up for school. I hope it works.

My exam dates are..

29/4    RD & DS, OSCE
6/5     Case Presentation
11/5   Oral Health Development, Written
25/5   Medicine, Written
1/6     Medicine, OSCE
6/6     Paeds, Viva
8/6     Medicine Oral (non-compulsory)
? / ?   DS, Written - date yet to be decided. 

Most of them are of Wednesday mornings. So I still need to go to full day clinics on Tuesday and Thursday, half day on Monday and Friday and tutorial of Wednesday afternoons. This is the big different between clinical year and the previous years. We don't have study leave, except for this Easter break.

Take a deeeeeeep breath. Let the game begins...


April 24, 2011


Banyak benda dalam otak, banyak benda nak cakap. But I just can't let it out, at least not now.

Must retain and keep this momentum up until 8th of June. Ya Allah please give me strength..

Berusaha. Bertahan. Bertabah!

April 22, 2011


Made some changes to my blog...this is the result of being bored + too lazy to study.

I know it's quite hideous. I'm no pro but I'll try to find more interesting background later when I have this kind of boredom again.

Till then, tatap lah blog buruk ni..muahaha (ketawa sorang2)

April 20, 2011

The good old days

The scary road one shall take to get to Brookfield faster

Today I went to the Brookfield library. Yup, THE library. It's been a while since I last got there. Back in the first year, I used to stick my butt in the library studying the whole day, 8am til 5pm! Dulu bila siang2 dah study banyak senang I can go back to my then uncomfy room surfing the net the whole night. Sighhh...I so miss those days.

Tapi, of course la I went all the way to Brookfield because of something else. Was planning to go to town with Wany when she's done with her presentation. So it kinda killing two birds in a stone. Had the library be closer to my house, like walking distance 10 minutes rather than 20 minutes, I promise I'll be a frequent visitor!

Eventhough my visit to the library was rather short, it was quite eventful. Like, I was there from 9 til 12.45 but I managed to touch up my case presentation, print the copies for my groupmates and read 3 topics. Kalau kat rumah ni by pukul 1245 tu belum tentu dah habis 1 topic..

After Wany was done with her presentation we walked to the town. Wanted to stock up my food. Had lunch at Banna thai, bought chicken, mihun and some other stuff, merewang sana merewang sini, tergoda terbeli something and then went back home. Balik-balik je dah pukul 5 lebih. Haishkk....

Macaroons at O'Connells. So yummy!

Fried rice with green curry.

The weather has been pretty good this few days. I hope it stays like this til my summer holiday :)

April 19, 2011

Mari mengkaripapkan karipap

Mood memasak, mood berblog sudah mari. Jeng jeng jeng...Probably because I'm on my break kot. Kalau tak cuti, by the time balik sekolah je dah penat. Oh I'm so enjoying this holiday. Kenapa minggu depan dah masuk balik :(

So today I did karipap plak. It was unplanned. Went down to make breakfast, and Wany was doing the filling for karipap. So I went to google how to make the dough and wallla...bermulalah projek dua budak gemok..

450g Flour with 100g butter. Mix together and add in cold water slowly until the dough becomes less sticky. Mak Semah taught me to use cold water so the karipap becomes crispy

The dough flattened with the "roller" Excuse my terms, gua pakai hentam saja. heh..the thinner the better

The fillings are ready. Kalau sejukkan sikit pun better so that the dough doesn't soften / jadi lembik. Fillings belasah je la kentang, daging, kari.

Use your creativity to shape the karipap. Better still, use the karipap moulder. Easier, faster, tidier. You can see the obvious different between the left and right karipap. When I was trying to shape the karipap without the mould it became cacat hence I just fold the sides that it became wantan-shape.

Stored a few in the fridge. Make sure to use flour and plastic in between the karipap so it won't stick together

The end product! Yummy and crunchy! Cey tah pape puji makanan sendiri. Tapi ye laa..chef wan pun kalau masak-masak lepastu puji makanan sendiri. Time rasa selalu dia kata "hummmm so naisssss"

Pagi tadi konon-konon tried one of the video exercise. Sekarang ni berdiri lama sikit buat karipap pun dah lenguh gila. Sighh....lemah!

April 18, 2011

Baking butter cake

Bila duduk sini, macam ramai pulak rerakan yang saya tengok berkebolehan untuk baking. But not in my case. I prefer cooking rather than baking simply because when cooking, I can simply add in or take out anything to my likings. On the other hand, baking needs precision in the amount of ingredients, as well as the steps. A single mistake could make you toss your end product into the trash. Plus, baking needs patience, which I am very lack of. HAHA..

But today, I kinda feel like baking. I dunno why. Tiba-tiba teringin butter cake. Normally when I googled for recipe I would combine a few recipes and made it into my own. But I realized I can't do the same while baking. I need to stick to one recipe..which is so boring. Booooo~

Mixing the butter and the sugar.

It took me a while before the butter and sugar went "kembang"

I wanted to put chocolate chunks in between with hope that it could melt. But it didn't turn out as I wish, it became something like chocolate chips gitu. Hmmmmm...

Before putting into the oven

The end product. The chocolate wasn't sprinkled beautifully, I know. Heh

Alhamdulillah the cake turned out okay. This is sorta like my first cake. All this while I've been assisting, but this particular cake, I made it from the scratch, on my own! Heh..Haruslah bangga that it deserves a blog post.

My first butter cake :)

Next time I will try to improvise the butter cake with more flavour and colour perhaps?

April 17, 2011


Momentum, where art thou?

Been trying to study the whole day. But the progress is almost nothing. This is not good! I think I need a change of atmosphere. A library would be a good idea but I'm just too lazy to walk. Plus I will need to bring lots of files and books with me.

Sighhh..I really hate this time of the year. When motivation starts to drain out, losing focus and crankiness rate starts to rise up.

69 days
3 written papers
2 Orals
1 Case presentation
....and a few tutorials and clinical sessions in between those exams to complete our requirements.

Yup, clinics and tutorials are still ongoing. Most of the exams are scheduled on Wednesday, the day where we used to have lectures. That means for my group, we will always have full day of clinic the day before and after the exam. "Lucky" innit?

Patience. Endurance. Perseverance.

Let's do this!

April 16, 2011

Saya dah pulang emak buat cucur

I'm back in Cork, finally! Alhamdulillah everything went well. The last part before I finally boarded the flight to Cork has a tiny bit of drama but thank God everything went smoothly after that.

Actually I typed the journey in detail but accidentally deleted it. Since it's 1.21am now and I'm so sleepy might as well just add some random pictures.

So basically, yeah, I'm home. Reached home around 10pm yesterday. This morning I woke up quite early, considering how tired I was and how late I slept last night. We had guests so kenalah bangun awal. Prepared breakfast for them and went out to university and town to show around.

My favourite dish in Wok in a box, London. Egg fried rice, Viatnamese chicken and beancurd. Chilli oil dia pun terbaekk

Comfy bed

The nice Germanwing flight taken from London to Hannover

Sunset view from the train on the way to Bremen. QUality sedikit cacat because captured it with my BB only. Camera dah simpan dalam beg malas mahu keluarkan by that time

Now, back to seriezzz bznezzzzzzzzz. STUDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

April 15, 2011

The last bit of Germany

The second day in Osna was kinda relaxing. While Wawa was in school I cooked nasi briani. First.time.ever! Nasib la edible. Hihihi...

Semangat tangkap gambar, tapi end product lupa plak nak amik. Haishk

That afternoon I went to Wawa's school coz we were going to buy KFC. It was near to her school so alang2 tu ikut je la. I stayed in library while Wawa went to the lecture. Cuak jugak la duduk dalam library tu yela tetibe orang tanye soalan ke apa tak ke cuak.

Glad that I went to the library, berjaya la baca a few pages of my notes. Tak sia2 la bawak berat2.

Bus stop in front of the school

After Wawa's done, we took a bus to the KFC. I was so excited, first time makan KFC in Europe. In fact this is my first KFC meal after a few months. Balik winter haritu rasanya macam takde je makan KFC.

The menu was quite the same, except the mashed potato was not included in the meal. They had fries instead. So we bought separately, without the meal. Apa barang bai makan KFC dengan fries. Hahaha..Excuse my rempitness..

KFC Terbaik!!!

I spent the night trying to do some case report. Terlupa bawak my notes, so I had to depend on my memory for the report. Tapi seronok la malam tadi malam mengimbau lagu2 zaman 90an bersama Wawa...Lagu Siti, Nora semua keluar...hehehh..

The next day, my last day. We went out for one last round to the town purposely to buy this one yummy Icecream with the yummiest Waffle I ever had. Serious sedap. Berbaloi2 beli. Dahla Wawa belanja plak tu..hihihi..

In front of Wawa's place. Not quite..pintu rumah jiran sebenarnya..haha..

Dari first day nak tangkap gambar ngan muntut ni. Tercapai jugak impian...heheheh

THE icecream

Jalan-jalan the town. Nice old buildings

Last kopek tangkap gambar..

All in all it was one hella good getaway. Took a break from Cork once in a while. I really needed that. Pening otak kalau duduk lama-lama. Heh. Plus, I needed to meet someone familiar from the place that I "grew up" - my school.

Apresiasi tanpa noktah for Wawa. Thank youuuuuu for everything. Allah saja mampu membalas jasamu.
Sofa kesayangan, tempat hamba menumpang teduh. Ececeyh

Wawa di tempat kerja. Heh!

Next part - the last bit of my holiday. Actually this is a scheduled post. I wrote this while I'm still in Wawa's place. Lagi 3 jam baru naik train. Heheh...saja nak siap2 tulis semua biar balik boleh fokus belajar.

Later I'm taking train to Bremen, and from Bremen to Stansted. I have like one hour. Hopefully sempat lah....Amiiinnn...

April 14, 2011


Ceyyy bajet nak rahsia-rahsia la kan padahal dah upload gambar kat facebook. So..yes, we went to a funfair!! Dah berapa tahun dahh tak pergi funfair kan.

The pintu gerbang.

Pura-pura takut hantu. Heh

Spider jump, seronok tengok budak2 buat backflip!

In front of the shop that sells candies and popcorn and the decorated gingerbread iono what they call. Apparently that gingerbread is unique point of the people here..

Injured my knee while we were playing bumper car. This is the first time I'm playing bumper car and my oh my it sure hurts so bad when we had head-on collision. Tercampak sket2 si buntut berat ni..

Tudung dah herot-herot dah.

Snapped right when we bumped into another car, hence the face. lol

I wanted to play this ride initially. Tapi dah lutut sakit terpaksa la batalkan niat. I still have 1 train ride and 2 flights to go before home (Cork) jadinya kena lah berjaga-jaga..

Wawa and May took up the challenge.

Slushed ice kira macam slurpies la with all kind of flavours. I chose passion fruit flavour!

Dah lama tak pergi funfair seronok jugak reliving our childhood era. Heh..

April 13, 2011

3rd day in Deutschland

That morning Wawa went to class so I stayed home, rehat2. Kesian Wawa mesti dia penat T___T

After she's back we went out to the town. I thought we were just going to the supermarket nearby her house. Turned out we were going to the town and I was dressed quite sloppily. Not that it would make any difference to my hideous appearance la tapi at least sedap la sikit mata memandang kalau pakai elok sket..haha..

We strolled around the town. Besar jugak town dia. Stopped by at my Nordsee, a shop that sells seafood. So yummy I wish we had one in Cork!

Went to Asia Market and as always I went gugu gaga. Semenjak tinggalkan rumah, oriental shop is my favourite place. It makes you feel closer to home seeing all those stuff :')

And then we went back home. Rehat kejap and get ready to go to somewhere else...

Balik dari somewhere else, we had dinner at this Italian restaurant - Vapiano. One of the most satisfied dining experience ever. The ambience of the place is nice, the food is tasty and of the utmost important, the price is very very reasonable!

I had spagheti olio/aglio pun dah tak sure nama dia with scampi.

Wawa had margarita pizza

And we paid only 17.50eu for those food with a bottle of honey green tea altogether! So reasonable innittttt?

So where is "somewhere else"? Jeng jeng jeng...

April 12, 2011

2nd day in Germany

The night before tu kita tido rumah Kak Wan, one of the postgrads there. It was spontaneous, so we were not prepared with extra clothes. Jadinya malam tu ramai2 la anak dara tido pakai kain batik..hehehe..

The next morning Kak Wan fried popia otak-otak goreng! Oh my oh my this is one of my favourite popia kottttttttt. Dengan tak malunya I gobbled down those popia. Rare ni nak dapat kat sini!

We went back to Aina's house to shower and be prepared to go back. Before we left for Osnabruck with train, we went for a picnic at the uni area.

Mode camera tak betul jadi nampak biru padahal nak bukak mata pun payah under the sun!

Again, the sun was shining so bright so a lot of people came out at the park. Ada a few yang barbecue, main bola, or just lying down under the sun doing nothing. Tapi dah kata orang melayu/malaysia kan mestilah nak tempat redup2 je so we found this one spot under a big tree.

Aina the dedicated host and camerawoman. Thanks Aina!

We had bihun goreng and keropok that Wawa and Aina prepared from home. Chatted a bit lepastu we left to the train station..

Perkenalkan kawan perempuan baru kami, gegirl.

Lepak dekat one of the coffee shop while waiting for the train. At 5.09 we departed to Osnabruck...

Goodbye Hannover!

April 11, 2011

Germany - revisited!

Holla, I'm still in Germany but dah semangat nak update. Heheheh...kasi can la kan tengah ada mood nak update ni.

So I departed from Cork the night of April 8 with Ryanair. Arrived around 11 camtu at London Stansted. Searched for a spot to sleep and found one. Tapi takde lah boleh tido sangat pun. It's not that comfortable. I think the max I slept adalah campur2 1-2 hours. In between them I took a chance to prepare my case kejap2...

I took German Wings from Stansted to Hannover. It's 10X better than Ryanair. Lenient handluggage allowance, they are not strict with the one bag shit. Comfortable seat. I slept almost all the way throughout the flight. Katenye pun satu malam tak tido kan..

As I reach Hannover Airport, Wawa was already waiting for me.

snapped right after I step out the arrival door. Muka busuk tak mandi berkilat ewwwww

Took the train to Aina's house. Mandi, rehat, layan Maharaja Lawak kejap and we went out again to the city. Besar ya Hannover ni. Ramai sungguh orang-orangnya!

The first day was spent sightseeing. The weather was very very nice. Nice and bright. Sunshine all the way me like!
at Rathaus. Tak perasan diorang dah move on dah tak buat gaya konon comel dah T__T

In front of the train station.

had icecream and street hotdog (HALAL!!!) Yummeh!