June 23, 2017

Raya Awal Lagi

Kandas di penghujung Ramadhan, for the 3rd year. Sedih tak dapat habiskan malam 27-29 Ramadhan, but still relieved I managed to khatam Quran.

This Ramadhan has been a good one for me. True, there are somethings missing from the pasts Ramadhan. But that just shows how life is gonna be from now on. Certain people aren't meant to stay forever. However, I'm happy I get to spend with the people that matters, those who spare a part of their time to with me. Truly grateful for them, may Allah swt blesses their lives, di murahkan rezeki, dipermudahkan urusan, and may they stay in my life for as long as possible.

Going back to Muar later tonight. This year, most of my relatives are coming back. It's gonna be interesting one insyaAllah. Hopefully my car behaves well as how he usually is. Lampu dah tukar, pintu dah rapatkan takde bunyi angin, oxygen sensor dah tukar. So relieved I got a helping hand to manage my car.

Semoga dapat bertemu di Ramadhan lagi satu. I like to jot down my Ramadhan journey so I can reflect upon next time. Semoga Allah swt menerima amalan kita semua.

June 20, 2017

Mission accomplished

Alhamdulillah, I managed to khatam last night. Started to think that I am PMSing from my mood swings so I sped up my reading. Spent the weekend to do most of the reading thank God I was working day and night (sebab kalau dekat rumah tendency untuk tido je adalah tinggi 😏 )

Thought of doing something because I managed to achieve my target, I went for mission impossible after work yesterday. See, I have to be somewhere else by 8. So I have roughly 2-3 hours to accomplish my mission after work. Went to SSW to buy groceries, went home, change, pray, and started doing preparation. Around 6.10pm I started menumis and only poured the chicken in at around 6.35pm ( yes I was looking at the time, all the time!)

Just in time for maghrib, I started seasoning the rendang and it is ready to be eaten, just needed to thicken the kuah. By the time I left home around 8, the kuah is almost ready, so I instructed Kak Diah's helper to turn off the stove in 20 minutes times. When I arrived home at 10.15pm, I was happy because it is as what I imagined. Managed to whip up rendang ayam for my colleagues and my family. Mak and abang even went out of their norm from eating oats to eating rice for sahur today because they wanted to eat with the chicken rendang. And they said it was good so Alhamdulillah :D

I think I completed most of my raya checklist already. Soooo happy I managed to get the baju I wanted from Jalan TAR last week, and even at cheaper price from the first time I went.The first time I went, I waited 20 minutes for the salesguy to get my size but ended up with nothing. Hangin betul haku dahlah panas terik time tu. Teringat-ingat baju tu, I tried my luck again and finally got what I want. I was grinning ear to ear when the salesgirl handed me the correct size and baju. Murah RM30 pulak from the weekend price. 

Fixed my car also last week. No more annoying "check engine" sign turned on. It is smooth as how it was before. I can only enjoy RM40 from the bonus given by bangjib :(( because I had to pay the repairing cost but I am relieved. At least my baby is back to itself. Next time ada rezeki lebih nak fix the aircond belt pulak gila annoying kalau bunyi cit cit cit cit tu macam tengah menyeksa sekawan tikus dalam engine. Begitulah..

Akan tetapi, losing weight is still far from fetch. Ada hantu raya ke duduk dalam badan ni, I've tried to eat less this Ramadhan and the weight remained the same. Nak nangis rasanya tengok.......haish sedih mak nak.....

I need a good sleep to recover from the tiring past few days- worked day and night, pulled an all-nighter making honey cornflakes,  drove to KL to get cookies from Zack,jogging, merendang, working. Alhamdulillah, this Ramadhan has been good so far. Thank you Allah for this opportunity and health and time. 

June 17, 2017

Difficult Ones

I think I may have stepped on the wrong foot in my workplace today.

Today was a good day generally until tonight. Greeted by a guy who from the start shown symptoms of a problematic one. I've worked long enough to notice the difficult people.

Firstly, he doesn't like his head to be touched and requested for a cap to cover his head which we don't have. Dah tau kau tak boleh, kenapa tak bawa cap siap2? So he kept on moving his head when I'm assessing him which made it quite difficult. Time ni dah start panas dah.

So he had something which needed to be done something which he refused and requested for something else. I advised him the consequences- with hope he understands but chances are with this kind of people if problem arises they would blame us straight away. So I made it noted in my case note.

Next thing is he refused to pay the amount quoted saying he's a student he has no money bla bla bla. Here's a thing. He's a non- Malaysian, he's 54 and he told me he has worked at this area for 3 years so which part of no-money-student is that? Plus his appearance doesn't indicate he is penniless and he's even using one of Samsung's latest phone. My gut instinct told me he's not speaking the truth but we were intimidated by his built so we let him off with whatever he has in the wallet. I know orang susah when I see one and he definitely is not one.

Begitulah kisah bekerjaku di malam hari. Second "customer" pun a fussy one I tried to remain calm throughout this session. One hour before I can go back I hope the night remains uneventful.

Another thing that is bothering my mind is about my house. Somebody enquired about it but I don't effing have the pictures of the house. Requested it a while ago but still did not receive any and I have a potential tenant over here. Nak view tak boleh, gambar pun takde... Sabar je lah nak. Ya Allah, andai itu rezeki ku, kau permudahkanlah ya Allah.

We are already entering last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Some PMS symptoms have started to show so I need to speed up my Quran reading. Just started juzu' 25 hopefully I managed to khatam it before Aunt Flo comes.

Haih nasib malam tak puasa tergugat jugakla kesabaran dengan orang pelik-pelik ni. Can't wait to go back and start doing the honey cornflakes that my colleagues ordered. Harap dapat settle cepat so I can bangun for qiamullail later.

June 13, 2017

Halfway thru

We are well halfway thru Ramadhan 1438.

The past week mak was on surau duty so I breakfast alone, and I cooked almost everyday, which I enjoyed very much so because cooking is like an escapade for me. It takes away my mind from the serabutness for a while. Also, I enjoy cooking alone because no one tells me what's wrong or what's not to do, and I can cook anything to my likings. Some of my menus include salted egg dory fillet, bendi masak belacan (fav!), chicken grilled, salmon grilled, and spagheti masak lemak that I try to recreate and succeeded. Had this at a restaurant and enjoyed the taste tapi mine was a bit dry..and I had no daging salai so I settled with prawn and dory cutlets instead. Yums!

My spagheti masak lomak and roti john! Yumss.. Hard to find a hotdog bread this days so I settled with whatever bun that I can get. Kihkih..

Also, I went a lil bit extra this year and made the easiest kuih raya on the planet - cornflakes madu. Took me around 3 hours to finish 200 of 'em plus extra few which I baked on a normal try because I rant out of casings. It turns out goood and what made me even happier is Nayli my niece enjoyed it! Nothing felt better when people enjoy the thing you made. 

Made a few flavour, plain ones, with choc and coffee anddd mixed! 

Went to kubur last Sunday, and as per usual, went straight away to the ever famous Jalan Tar. It was friggin' hot and we spent almost 5 hours under the sun. Felt so dehydrated and ended up with headache that day. Only settled with RM50 last season's baju kurung modern. Kesayanganku si vios macam buat hal so I really need to be careful with my spendings. Sedia payung sebelum hujan katanya walaupun sekarang ni macam dah basah lencun kena hujan dah. Kahkah. But I'm glad I spared some money for Mak, boleh la belanja dia jubah 2 pasang. 

Spent my day yesterday mostly on the bed, on the couch. Finally had the rest I needed. Worked like a dog the week before so I need to recharge. 

18 Ramadhan today, I'm at juzu' 19 already so Alhamdulillah, I'm on track. Tapi takut this week terketinggalan sikit so I need to make sure I'll catch up.

June 05, 2017

All comes at once

Sebelum memulakan sesi luahan hati let's recap how's Ramadhan so far. Had a second round potluck at my place last Saturday and it was all good. Almost all made it, and it was like how it was from the years before :)

Currently on track with my Quran reading..already at juzu' 11. Need to keep this up so I can khatam by the end of Ramadhan.

I also worked extra hard this Ramadhan due to the fact that I'm traveling and buying another asset in few months. It is very tiring, i almost have no day off, my back is starting to kill me. Tonight while I was on my way back from my extra job, a news came in that made me dumbfounded for a while.

Nauzubillah dugaan romadhon apakah ini.

So...cut the story short I need to find a new tenant soon. The fact that I rented out my house without taking deposit took a major drawback when the house is gonna be vacant soon. So...all comes at once. I already worked my asses off to cover expenses for traveling and the new asset, then comes this....

Tau tak perasaan kau kerja teruk sampai sakit belakang only to receive this news?


Everything happens for a reason.

May things fall into places soon.

Or I might need to work day and night to cover the expenses and the debts. Sekarang pun dah penat macam apa dah ni.

May Allah ease me through this, help me Ya Rabb. :(