April 21, 2013

Size drop success

From a size 18 to 16 to 14 now slowly moving into 12.

Jus when I thought I'm losing it....these shirts that I accidentally bought motivates me. Just have to keep pushing through...

Never ever give up. Never ever think you are at a comfortable place.

April 02, 2013

My very first long distance run

Remember when I talked about trying run marathon. Well..I finally did..sorta.
Last Sunday I finally overcame my fear and joined a charity run organized by Majlis Kanser Nasional at Padang Merbok.

Well me and long distance run...we had bad history way back when I was in Sains Selangor. Back when I was in Form 1 we had this annual larian jalanraya (equal to merentas desa..just more I was one of the last person to arrive and my house captain actually ran together with me to the finishing line so I can earn that 1 point. That was one of the most embarassing moments in my life T___T
After that year I was kinda determined to escape the event and joined PBSM so I could earn 2 free points without busting my sweat running like I'm dying.. I actualy survived the next 4 years by being a PBSM.

Spot budak gemok hitam muka penat after the larian jalan raya

And then back in the present..since the last few months my SIL got started running. I actually wanted to try but not quite sure with my ability. The picture of one fat girl running almost crying towards the finishing line supported by her house captain was still clear in my I started to train...
I started to put extra time on treadmill. I did not run full time as I know I won't be able to do so during the actual run so I kinda like run-fast walk-run-fast walk to get used to gaining momentum again and again..3 days before the run only I managed to do 7km on treadmill..

On the day itself I was quite nervous. Left home right after subuh. Had half boiled egg with bread and banana for my breakfast and had redbull along the way...

Me and motivation to run!

So the run started at around 7.30am. From the starting line I started to run and make use of the momentum and enthusiasm to good use. Managed to run for a good 20mins before I started fast walking. And then I continued running and fast walk according to the song on my playlist. 1 song run next song walk..on and on until the finishing line..

I took 56minutes and 45seconds to finish the 7km run. Abang did 51mins and my SIL did 55mins so I was quite suprised and happy with my achievement!

Happy face after the run!

I had to go through 6.5 hours heavy traffic drive to JB and had to skip gym next Monday but it was still a good experience and one of my proudest moments..will I join more run in the future? Of course! Especially considering jow many FIT guys I met along the run. Do you know how much I adore fit guys? Soo much!

Step by step. Next aim is to join more run. And then try longer distance. And then my next goal is to hike Kinabalu.