April 30, 2007


Wehehehe....took the Psycology Test already..Thanks to Pn Munirah of the deskhelp team..

Well..just normal questions like "adakah kamu suka membaiki barang eletrik?" & "adakah kamu suke mengumpat"


I jogged around the college much la for the preparation for BTN..Morning breeze was freezing cold...aiyoh...berusaha utk jog di bukit pula selepas ini!

Counting daysss......18 more days for the ultimate getaway~~~

Saye mahu:
  1. swimming
  2. jog di tasik shah alam
  3. blaja masak
  4. blaja wat cake
  5. blaja jahit
  6. gi danga bay
  7. gi pd
  8. bbq
  9. trip to pangkor
  10. trip to klantan
  11. trip around msia with my classmates
  12. shopping
  13. shopping lagi
  14. dan lagi
  15. dan lagi
  16. play futsal
  17. go out with my friends
  18. ...
  19. .......
  20. .............
  21. ...................
  22. ..........................

April 29, 2007


I went back with reason of "menjalani ujian psikologi" but heckkkkkk the system kept on failing me. I just logged in and they said MASA MENJAWAB TELAH TAMAT


Ujian psikologi membuat saye terganggu emosi...


To my beloved brother, I hope u stay strong. Be strong. Bertahan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To my beloved friends, shera,wawa,wakleng,mira,wawa,najib,lomu,nadia,ain,hakim, plus paklong..thanx for the reply and the support!!! Me love u all so much mmuaaaahhhh~~

Arghhh cuaknye nak exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smangat ultragirls bersatu. Ganbatte ne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 28, 2007

takde mood?

Too many events came up the past few days. I don't even know where to start.

I guess I should start from the major event, since THE THING has been dominating most of my jabbering posts since I dunno when.
Alhamdulillah,like what I've posted in the previous single line post (don't u think it's quite weird? so..not me kan?), IUMC result has finally came out and Alhamdulillah, I got through. After 3++ months of painful and suffocating waiting, I could finally breath normally again. 5 of us (me, kamil, makwan, gaya and jolin) managed to secure a place with the IUMC but of course, we are bounded by a provisional offer. I still have to fight for my place and it will all much depended on our IB Exam results. The minimum requirement is 6 for Higher Level subjects (Maths, Chem & Bio) and 5 for Standard Level subjects (Malay, English, Business&Management). My greatest fear would be those higher'killer' subjects,especially Bio and Maths. But come to think of it, all 6 of them are equally tough tho. Even if the subject is not so brain-torturing, but the percentage for a 7 (highhest band) is quite high.

I could not help but to feel extremely worry about ALL 6 subjects because I don't even know how to prioritize them accordingly. My confidence level for all subjects is not up to a safe level yet, so I ended up feeling worry all the time.

I just hope I managed to meet the requirements.

tetibe takde mood
i'll be back
bile-bile ade internet

April 25, 2007




April 20, 2007

Momentum = mv

where :

m is equal to mass and v is the velocity.

If that formula is true, and workable to any situations, considering my extravaganza weight and my velocity (just an assumption. i never measured my velocity though) I should have high momentum!!! And I've got to keep this momentum high until the last seconds in my business and management 2nd paper !!!!!

Does that mean I cannot lose my weight? Or should I run faster?

But I wanna lose weight! And I don't want to lose my momentum either...



The Exam is just a few days away. Can u believe it?? I mean, I'm approaching to the end of my 2 years bittersweet IB experience!! Gler tak percaya!

All this while, I never thought I could still survive IB and not losing my sanity.

Oh wait, I think at times I did lost my sanity. Serperti semalam, I went half-insane again! I slept at 3 am reading Dragon Ball Z manga (in my laptop). I just couldn't help it....The temptation, the seduction is just so...irresistable. Now that 8 books are down, 34 more to go!! much la for the kerisauan nak exam sume...tipu btull...

Anyway, does anyone know how to use the word IA appropriately? IA bukan untuk benda selain orang ke? I never know when to use the IA word but whenever I used it, my teacher(s_ --> teacher dari sains slangor sampailah ke KMB) would angrily circle it with red marks! Oh please help me, I'll be taking the last MALAY paper in my life (hopefully) next 2 weeks and I'd really want to use the right word at the right place. Malay is my mother tongue and it would be so shameful if I'm not able to excel in that paper!!!!!!

Aihhh....cpat lah May 18th berlalu. I think my saneness is deteriorating..

Last but not least, buat diri saya sendiri :->

BERUSAHA!!!!! BERTAHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 15, 2007

To be able to smile (whole-heartedly) again..

I have finally :
  • went to Mid Valley
  • watched a movie
  • met up with dear friends (and had a wonderful rubbish talking with em)
  • drove my car
Huhu....hence the mission and the reason why I decided to go back this week is accomplished. I am so happy =)

Yesterday we (me, fuzah, wani and SESEORANG-maaf identiti terpaksa dirahsiakan =P) went to Mid Val and watched a very appetite-suppressing movie called Hannibal Rising. Zack u called it a boring movie!?!?!?!?!?! Honestly, I am not disgusted with the cannibalism and cruelness of that Hannibal guy because I believe he has a strong reason to do that. But don't u think the story went a bit far serta mampu mengganggu tidur-tidur malam yg lena. Had lil kids were allowed to watch this movie, I bet they would be haunted with nitemares sampai ke tua. Hohohoho..Just like those horror stories we used to hear back in 10 - 15 years ago ....

"Hantu tu nak darah anak dara 40 org. Dier pakai susuk, pastu takleh tgk cermin. Skali dier tertengok cermin, muke dier jadi buruk balik"
"Hantu tu cakap Assalamualaikum-kum-kum....jgn bukak pintu kalo org kasi salam camtuh!!!!!"
"Hantu tu...hantu ni.....jangan...."
We (the abovementioned name + shera) talked about those horror-horror stories that haunted our childhood. We found it very amusing how those stories managed to be passed around to almost all lil kiddos that grew up at our era. Come to think of it, dulu mane ade internet? Hohoho..and almost all of us heard the same story with a minor minor change in the plot. Pelik kan?!? Are the stories true? Does the hantu kum kum really exist? DOes the hantu-nak-darah-anak-dara-40-org managed to complete her mission?

Ohoh..biarlah ia menjadi suatu misteri....nusantara~
In a darker side, the internet connection here at home sucked yesterday. Luckily I called the streamyx hotline or else I'd be pissing off my way back to McB. But heck where's Grey's Anatomy episode 20!?!?!?!? Nab said it would be on air again on 12th April but I couldn't find GA S03E20 in MegaTorrent nor TorrentSpy!?!?!?!? Dimanakah? Kemanakah? Arghhhh....Don't tell me they went on hiatus again!?!?!?!

Aiyoh Time's up. There are many things I'd like to spill out but I guess in the mean time I have to swallow and keep them in my depressed-cerebrum first. I have to pack things up. I guess this is the last time I'll be posting from my home sweet home since The Exam is going to start in +/- 2 weeks time!

Last but not least, terimalah sebuah sajak yang lahir dari medulla oblongata yg depressed (meaning-i did them unconsciously, it just slipped out from my hand. It's like I'm breathing them out. hahahaha)

Malasnya nak balik McB...saye akan jadi depressed lagi
Malasnya nak balik McB...saye jadi tertunggu-tunggu lagi
Malasnya nak balik McB...result IUMC tak kluar-kluar lagi
Malasnya nak balik McB...saye tak tahan dgn certain2 ppl yg attitude cam ***i
Malasnye nak balik McB...saye ade exam, kena kuat2 study
Malasnya...malasnya...oh tak tahan lagi!!!!

Once upon a time i promised...

When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you'd scream I'd fight away all of your fears
And I held your hand through all of these years
But you still have
All of me

I still, and I always will.

not in the mood for blog yet.i'll be back (real) soon

April 06, 2007

An attempt to blog again?

I havent been posting something blog-ish quite long eh?

The reason behind my unproductive blog is obviously, limited internet access and time, and not due to the infectious I-just-can-blog-syndrome. Yeap, time is really a big issue here. It keeps on moving, leaving all those snail-movers wayyyyy behind, including me. I mean my revision progress. I always move fast tau. My classmates and I are bunch of fast movers who are notoriously known for our kencang-ness.

Gaaa...I guess I'm losing my grip la. Is it me or is it the library is just not suitable for blogging!?!?

A bit update about moi. Last 2 weeks were quite stormy to me. I had some difficult times, and I was seriously on the verge of breaking down. Luckily I had a good grip to myself and managed to come back on the right track. I was supposed to be on cloud nine, actually. I was surprisingly listed in the honour roll list for the Sem 3 aka Pre-IRP exam but I kinda had this mixed feelings. As always, the malicious inferiority complex virus has attacked my defense system and I let it take a full control over my brain my mind my soul.
Last Saturday, I went on the stage to receive my certificate for getting 37 pts (I was at the bottom of the 28 ppl-list, though. Tidaklah hebat sangat. Hohohoh) in the previous exam. What made things worse were some of those who frequently listed on the top list were not there. Mind u, I'm just an averaged scorer in McB (kat SMSS gak), I'm not even a top scorer among my classmates. There's been lots of voices behind the results especially when most of the questions were taken from the past yr question.

I guess it's just my luck. But come to think of it the papers that I scored 7 are those that could be easily memorized from mark scheme. Haih...lantak la..Saye mmg tak layak kot T_T
From now on I have to live up to the expectations. Maybe those who saw me (which was not so many. sape yg nak tgk org lain dpt hadiah kan? buang mase. had I not listed in the list, I wont be there too) never even know who I am. So people, I'm N and I will try my best to prove that I can be among the high achievers too, thank you.

Moving on, the IRP (Intensive Revision Program) has started this week. It was kinda tiring and exhausting especially when u have to answer lots and lots of questions of different subject within 1 or 2 hours non-stop. My energy drains out dramatically during the day and at night I just could not move on anymore and I ended up reading Shin Chan, re-revising Hana Yori Dango or just dozing off. Ohhhh..berkesankah intensive revision gue??!?! I could no longer sleep at 2am++ and wake up at 6am and go to class without feeling drowsy and dizzy. Lucky me I had some "spiritual" aid from the prayers and the soothing effect from reading AlQuran. It works magically and Alhamdulillah I feel rejuvenated and managed to stay alive, at least until 4pm. Plus, playing volleyball in the evening is just so refreshing. I got to scream, laugh loudly, jump crazily without having ppl staring at me. least not to my acknowledgment lah kan. Kalo the boys who play basketball or hockey or rugby or soccer memandang penuh tensen dari jauh lantak pi lah kan. When I'm playing, the world is mine so mintak maaflah, just bear with me,kay??

Erm to Ida, I'll be slowly completing those tags, eh? Macam menarik but time just won't allow me to do so skarang. In the near future, gue post ya?

Erm...I miss my friends. I miss Mid Valley. I miss my car. I miss driving. I miss watching movies. I miss playing futsal. I miss window-shopping. I miss having rubbish talk with dear friends.

Arggghhh rase nak nangisssss...