June 27, 2010

Having the time of my life

I've arrived in Malaysia, safe and sound, like 4 days ago?

Since then I didn't wait any longer to maximize my activities in Malaysia. I've been to :

  1. MidValley to watch Lagenda Budak Setan with Ida
  2. The Curve for Redbox session with Wany, Jims, Erra, Izzul, Amir
  3. i-City with the same people on #2
  4. Muara Ikan Bakar Port Klang with the same people no #3 :P
  5. SM Sains Selangor sekolah terchentaaaaaa for SMSS 10s. Meeting some same 'ol people that I've been seeing since 5 yrs ago :P
  6. Taman Tasik Permaisuri with the people at #5
  7. Kompleks PKNS, SACC, Summit - my frequently visited shopping complexes with mom.

As for tomorrow, I'm off to Jakarta and Bandung for 5 days with my girls. This is gonna be full 2 weeks and it seriously tiring me out but I'm not complaining. I've been taking whatever I could take to keep me going. Afterall, I predict this is the only 2 weeks that I got to do lotsa things before people starting to get busy and I'm left all alone here :-(

My result will be out on Tuesday. Phewhhhh....I'll be in Bandung by then. Let's hope everything goes okay.....

Till then, see you when I see you again. Be safe everyone :)

June 23, 2010

Live update from Heathrow

I'm currently at Heathrow, 50 minutes to boarding time. MAS is now located at Terminal 4 and it sucks! I guess this is quite a new terminal and there's nothing much in it. I'm hungry but there's nothing much to eat. Didn't know how long will it be before they serve the food on board. Let's just hope everything goes okay. Just now from Cork to London a lil girl who sat behind me threw up and I can literally hear every single liquid that comes out from her mouth. The smell isn't pleasant as well and thank God it happened like 20 mins before landing.

Okay now. There are quite a few of KMBians here. I saw El, Annur and maybe there are more of em because I'm starting to hear Malay language all over the place already..hihihi...

Till then, approx 13 hrs to home, where my heart is :)

June 22, 2010

The day I've been waiting for

The oral went...hurmm...pretty okay yesterday. I got the external examiner and Prof A. The external examiner (Dr J) was the first to ask me about caries removal, how to restore teeth, and some other things about amalgam retention, sclerosed canals etc. Dr J was a straightforward guy. Maybe because this is not his area of expertise because he is more of a prosthetic guy (hell yeah I've got 2 prosthetic guys in my oral!)

Then came the killer subject - prosthetics. I had A LOT of "ummmmmmmm..." moments. But I was so glad it was Prof A who asked me the questions because he is such a nice guy. His face is very pleasant and eventhough you are as nervous as hell and you don't know the answer, you won't feel that bad. His tone is very soothing and he never made me doubt about my answers. In general, I suck in the prosthetic part but I don't feel quite awful because of him.

So the day that I've been longing for has finally come. I am 70% done packing and tidying up the stuffs. Huhu...nervous sungguh. I hate packing up. I hate the long hour journey in that tiny space. But I know what's waiting for me at the end of the flight is damn worth sacrificing for.

June 21, 2010

I kept on chanting don't be nervous when I'm doing the exact opposite

Just a brief update to inform my existence. I'm very much alive but I'm just...stressing out a lot. Like seriously a lot. Tomorrow's oral is like the determinant whether I can move on to next level or not. But this is the 3rd time I'm revising the same thing within a month. Bukanlah nak kata everything is in my head already, banyak je terlupa, just gets really boring going through the same thing over again. This time around I didn't really put my heart in revising despite the importance of the exam :-S

Tomorrow @ 10am it is.

I've got tonnes of things to be done after that. Returning the library books. Filling the holiday application form - one from school one for JPA. Get some stuff from the post office. Go to city to buy some stuffs. Kemas rumah kemas bilik kemas beg segala. Phewwwhhh...

You, you, you who are reading this..yes you..please pray for me will ya?

June 17, 2010

Rockin to the beat!

Hollaa kamollaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I just wanna say....I feel a lot better today. My restored teeth, mannikin's head are all polished up, my radiographs are complete my wax rims have been set up for tomorrow's exam annnnnddd by 2 o'clock I'm back at home already.

Now that all this stuffs are done, I felt like a huge mountain been lifted off my shoulder. I know I've still got prosthetic exam tomorrow and Oral exam next Monday but I have to say..the summer excitement has finally kicked in. I'm all pumped out for summer now! Yeeeeehaaaaaa!! Whenever my classmates or supervisors asked when am I going back home, I would answer with a biiiiigggg smile on my face. Tadi nampak the plane up in the sky pun dah excited gila!

Okay now. Nak tido sat so I can start doing something. Otak dah pening gila ni. Toodles!

The reward(s)

As told in previous post, this is such a looooooong week. Prior to the Oral exam next week, we've to prepare everything that we've been doing throughout the academic year to be presented for the Oral. So I've been busy completing and gathering the teeth, radiographs, labwork and whatnots and it is such a booooooring routine I tell ya. I've been around at school at minimum of 6 hours each day since last Monday and this is soooooooo tiring!

On top of that I have practical exam coming up this Friday. Whenever possible, I will be in the prosthetic lab practicing for the exam. Jussst now during lunchtime (yeah, I was in the lab during lunchtime!) our supervisor told us which arrangement is to be done for the exam but I still haven't practiced that well enough. After spending about 2 hrs in the lab I decided to leave before I started to get fed up with all this tedious work.

After I left the hospital, I was so determined to get this handbook which might be useful for my oral at the bookshop in UCC. Took the bus and went to main campus and since the book is cheaper than I expected, I decided to treat myself for lunch at Istanbul Kebab. hahaha tahpapetah kan. I think I need to reward myself a bit for surviving this 3 painful weeks and still remain sane :P

I walked to the city. Went to USIT to get my flight ticket. Went to Istanbul for lunch. Stopped by at Vero Moda for a while and took bus home. Went online for a while. Had my afternoon nap. Had dinner and now am trying to revise for the oral.

The biggest reward is waiting for next 5 days! Ho yeahhh let's do this baby...let's finish thisssss!

June 15, 2010

Of trying to go on with life

Well hello yeorobun..How's things going on?

Things for me, are not looking quite good. I'm starting to feel something not good is coming in the way. Academically, to be spesific. Need to prepare myself for the worst. Mesti tabah. Mesti redha. Of the utmost important, must never give up. Just need to take a deeeep breath and finish this one last week. This week is gonna be longer than I expected. And not gonna be that "happy-i'm-gonna-be-home-in-a-week" as predicted. Oh well, that's life mate.

The World Cup has started and I've been keeping tabs with the progress so far. Iono this is so sudden. I'm not a big fan of football anyway. But there's this one time I tuned into online RTE live game, when South Korea was playing against Greece. You know la how I'm crazy over the Korean groups/variety shows tapi lepastu I became addicted to watch more and more of the games.

Lepastu tadi my groupmates were talking about the games. Suddenly one of them came and said she never expected S.Korea to win because's S.Korea anyway. My semangat Asia untuk Asia almost brought me to stand up for the team but I managed to remain calm. hahaha poyo kan tetibe nak semangat lebih. Anyway I'm rooting for S.Korea and Japan because my semangat Asia untuk Asia (LOL) and England, Spain anddd Germany (because they played so so good yesterday) Banyak benar team yang disokong. heheh..

Alright now, I hope I can survive this week well. Wish me luck!

June 12, 2010


First of all, I would like to shout out that I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!

Hmmm tatau if this is appropriate or not. Because tuan empunya badan hasn't announced in her blog yet. Kak diah sorry if saya mengalahkan bos but I'm so excited cause insyaAllah I'm gonna be an aunty! Yeahhh babyyyy~

Ok technically I am an aunty because my cousins dah ada children pun. But u geddit la this is exclusive, special aunty I'm talking here. I've been wanting to shop for baby/child outfit since forevaaaaaa. Everytime I go to Boxing Day, my eyes got hooked up on those pweety little kids outfits. Nak harap baby sendiri memang tak la kan dalam masa terdekat. Nak beli utk the cousins kena beli banyak sangat pula nanti. Except one special exception la - Damia because she's Cikpi's son DAUGHTER hahaha excited sampai tak proofread, and Cikpi stayed in our house for more than 10 years.

I pray that Kak Diah, Abang, mommy and everyone back home be grant with healthiness and wealthiness. Safe journey in your pregnancy Kak Diah!

Dahlah plak Shaytard just uploaded the video of his new baby. Lagi la gua got all teary eyed. Hahaha..


ok dah nak kembali risau2 pasal iPhone. HAIHHHHHH

June 10, 2010

Endo exams and series of unfortunate events

I did my endodontics practical exam today. wuwuwuwuu...I think I did not obturate the endoview well enough. The voids can be clearly seen. Andddd I only found 2 canals for my lower molar. But it's the 3rd molar, so it's not impossible pun if the tooth had only 2 canals instead of 3. TAPI TAHU TAK TAK TENANG TAU PERASAAN INI!

I hope everything is okay and they'll let me pass. Please....pwetty pwetty please?

Today I've got a series of unfortunate event. Ok takdela banyak sangat. About 2 like that. TAPI KALAU INCLUDE EXAM TU JADI 3 LAH. Pagi-pagi I heated up the vegetable soup that I made 2 days ago. I went upstairs to have my ritual breakfast-in-front-of-laptop. About 30 minutes passed then only I realized I forgot to turn off the stove. Habis hangus terbakar everything...and the awful smell still lingered until now!

Unfortunate event numero uno, I planned to go to the city to get my flight ticket and do some shopping for summer. I planned to walk from hospital but I don't know soon after I stepped out from the hospital, I had second thought and went to Wilton instead. I was in Penneys, happily choosing things and when I was about to pay, I realized I left my purse at home! OKlah sebenarnya this is fortunate and unfortunate event. Unfortunate because I left my purse. Fortunate because I didn't walk all the way to town just to walk back home in frustration because I left my purse! Huhu..

I had the staff to hold my things as I ran back home to get my purse - the wonderful thing about living so close to the shops. heheh..

Teringin banna kena jimat duit. So i made my own..not too bad...

Balik-balik tu since I had craving for Banna Thai's pad thai, I made my own instead. Mahu beli but Im on a very tight budget now...buat lah sendiri. Bolehlah makan kalau sekadar nak melepas craving..


June 07, 2010

Jangan biarkan gigi anda diselubungi misteri nusantara - FLOSS

The blog has been somewhat an emozone and I....don't like it. Tapi since I've been quite a loser these days..memerap je atas katil. Kaki guna untuk gi tandas gi dapur je. Mahu ke gym harini pun tibe-tibe harini hujan pula, so yeah, suddenly I remember dulu Atiq pernah suruh cerita pasal flossing in my JBGADMN post back then.

Floss - apa, bila, kenapa dan bagaimana?

Apa floss misti semuorang sudah tahu. Dia macam a thin ribbon made out of nylon ke plastic ke yang digunakan untuk bersihkan cecelah gigi.

Ada banyak jenis floss kan kat pharmacy ke kedai ke so nak guna yang mana? Yang mana-mana pun boleh bergantung kepada keselesaan awak pakai. Haritu saya tanya supervisor saya dia prefer the satin floss sebab senang nak masuk celah2 gigi gitu tapi serius ni terpulang kat awak. Tiap2 floss ada dia punya own pros and cons. Ada jugak floss yang diattach siap2 pada wand tu kan, pun bolehh pakai bagi orang yg ada limited dexterity. Tapi semua floss punya satu matlamat - membuang bakteria!

Bila mahu floss?

Mesti setiap hari. Haha..saya pun malu nak jawab soalan ni sebab saya pun tak floss tiap2 hari. HAHA Takpe mari kita sama2 berubah perlahan-lahan.

Lepas berus or before berus gigi? Hmmm...saya look up tapi tengok there are multiple opinions on this and end up tengok orang yang kata brush before lebih kurang sama ramai dengan orang yang kata brush after. Jadi kesimpulannya - JUST DO IT. Before ke after, hmmm tak kisah asalkan awak buat. Boleh gitu?

Kenapa kena floss, berus gigi je tak cukup keeeeee..eeeeeeeisshhh!

Ok skarang pergi tengok gigi awak kat cermin. Tenung lama-lama. Antara gigi awak tu ruang dia agak-agak cukup besar ke berus gigi nak masuk. Iklan toothbrush kat tv selalu claim kata berus dia boleh masuk celah-celah gigi tapi sebenanya takdela sangat. Masuk boleh lah tapi how effective dia nak remove the plaque tu tak dijamin.

Bacteria suka bermastautin dlm mulut sebab gigi kita ni bagi perlindungan kat dia. Macam kita la, kalau kita duduk satu tempat and kita rasa selesa mesti kita nak stay lama-lama kan. Semua keperluan hidup bakteria, mulut kita ada bagi. Nak makanan? Takdehaaalll mmg mulut guna untuk kunyah makanan pun. Nak tempat tinggal? Takdehaaallll celah-celah gigi ada tempat redup yg kalau orang tak floss, bakteria bleh terus hidup.

Berus gigi memang essential nak buang sisa makanan and bakteria yang reachable oleh berus tu. Tapiii bakteria yg suka main sorok2? Yaa..floss lah penyelamat kita!


1. Floss tu, kita tarik sepanjang satu pertiga depa tangan. Wahhh sukahati je kau buat ukuran sendiri..lebih kurang 18 inci lah.

2. Lilitkan floss kat jari hantu belah kanan banyak2 and jari hantu belah kiri sikit je asalkan floss tak terlepas.

3. Gunakan jari telunjuk or jari hantu nak guide floss masuk cecelah gigi. Jangan sentap dia gitu je. Buat ala-ala macam tengah menggergaji.

4. Work your way down to the gum. Tapi jangan sampai lukakan gusi tu. Floss tu sekarang patut berada dlm bentuk C dan teruskan mengfloss ala-ala macam tengah menggergaji.

5. Bila nak buat gigi lain, bukak lilitan jari kanan, and lilitkan bahagian dah guna tadi kat jari kiri. Gituuu..

6. Lepas dah floss, kumur-kumur dengan air. Kalau nak berus sikit dengan berus gigi tanpa ubat gigi pun bollehhh..

A few more points :

  • kalau awak jarang floss dan tibe2 harini awak floss, gusi awak berdarah, jangan panik itu normal! Sebab ada kemungkinan gusi awak dah bengkak sbb bakteria dah bermastautin kat situ dan menyebabkan gingivitis. Continue flossing and after 3-4 days gusi awak akan heal dan akan berhenti berdarah.
  • jadikan habit untuk berus gigi dan floss systematically. macam awak start dengan gigi geraham atas sebelah kiri, ke gigi geraham atas sebelah kanan. lepastu teruskan dengan gigi geraham bawah sebelah kanan ke gigi geraham bawah sebelah kiri. Macam tu lebih teratur and awak tak kan terlepas mana-mana gigi
  • tadikan saya kata bakteria suka gigi kita and suka main sorok2? Jadi bahagian mana paling dia suka? Yaaaa bahagian gigi belakang-belakang. Pastikan awak berus gigi belakang itu dengan bersungguh-sungguh. Memanglah tak nampak tapi kebersihan gigi blakang sama penting dengan kebersihan gigi lain-lain.

Itu sahaja yang dapat saya kongsikan dengan limited info saya sbg pelajar 3rd year yang agak-agak pemalas ini. Kalau ada soalan, tanya lah. Kalau saya tak tahu nak jawab nanti saya tanye supervisor saya.

Oh dulu ada orang tanya pasal gigi kuning sebab selalu minum kopi/teh. Apa boleh buat? Boleh buat tooth bleaching. Tapi advisable kalau awak consult dentist dulu before awak proceed nak buat home treatment ke apa. Yang jual-jual kat pharmacy tu works the best as a maintenance, sebab kalau staining tu teruk, professional treatment is the best solution. Tapi kalau tak teruk sangat, boleh lah cuba product-product tu as long as dia tak irritate awak punya gusi. You can try, but I can't guarantee. Cecewwahh.

Tapi, kalau awak tak kurangkan minum kopi/teh tu tak guna jugak kalau nak bleaching segala. Nanti dia eventually jadi jugak balik. huhu..

The shitty atmosphere

I've been home alone for about 3 weeks. In that period my mood swings really badly. At one point I'm all tough and so motivated to live my life. The next day i'll be lying low on my bed doing useless things and just refuse to get up. Come to think of it, for this past 3 weeks, I blogged the most at the unhappiest time of my life, resulting in emo-ish post, yes?

my mood swings chart. lol

At this point, I'm at my effed up mood. To make it worse, I don't have my familiar people who will usually listen to me or at least to chat with anymore. Selalu macam ni. When I'm down, no one will be here. My Skype credit will be just too low to make phone calls. I'm so demotivated I don't want to see people or to go to gym at all.

Now that I've given it a deep thought, I'm going to gather my strength now. Home is (insyaAllah) just 15 days from me. Ya Allah, give me strength to survive this. Saya pasrah and redha that whatever I'm going through now is the best for me. I just hope I can make it through without feeling down all the way.

Don't mind me. I'm gonna be okay, insyaAllah.

June 06, 2010

Ngak saber

Hello this is Syazwani, she is my best friend. I miss her so much!

Prior to my return back home to my motherland whom I miss so much, we've planned a few fun things to be done. Too bad she'll be starting her internship 2 weeks after I'm back. But it's okay babe, we'll trynna do as much things as possible within the limited time.

I also can't wait to meet my other favourite babes. We've a lot of catching ups to do!

Summer bawa aku pulang ke lekas, bawa aku pulang ke tanah tumpahnya darahku.

June 05, 2010


Heyyyyy, heyyyy...hey apple!

Malas nak cakap banyak. Let's go straighttttt to the point :-

17 stations, 2 rests, 5 minute each

1. Cross infection control section - 10 minutes station, setting up chair, which waste goes to which bin, how to clean down the unit, hand washing technique

2. Types of ICP impression? Silicon mousse, beauty wax, modelling wax? Impression plaster - why do we use the Snow White plaster when we mount the cast.

3. L/A - Types of syringe used for anaesthesia of upper incisor. Types of L/A (choose either Lignocaine or Scandonest) for people with alcohol liver cirrhosis, pregnant woman, people with heart disease (I couldn't remember what exactly was the disease) and people with emphysema.

4. Breaking bad news - extraction of upper left lateral incisor after root canal treatment

5. Rapid relaxation - topical anaesthesia and local anaesthesia administration

6. Types of denture cleanser for denture made out of PMMA, PMMA with soft acrylic liner and something2 with alloy. To choose from brush and soap, toothpaste, sodium perborate, hydrochloric acid and something something

7. Identify tooth,one molar one premolar. comment on adequacy of caries removal. To comment on the use of amalgam or resin composite based on the cavity preparation. To comment on how to retain the resin composite for the tooth.

8. Material used for restoration (amalgam and resin composite) Composition, advantages and disadvantages, health issue.

9. Identify the problem with denture - polished away buccal surfaces, sharpness, etc

10. Identify the problem with the full denture on the articulator - unbalanced articulation, alignment not centred etc

11. Behavioural Sc (2 stations) - features of Down Syndrome, symptoms of depression, number of units of alcohol for men, light, moderate, heavy, Anorexia Nervosa - definition, causes, health inequalities, personality disorder bla bla bla banyak lagi tak ingat.

12. Picture of ANUG - to give oral hygiene instruction. The instructor was a bit mean! Mouthwash, brush teeth, at least twice a day, proper technique, toothpaste, interdental toothbrush

13. Gracey curette - name the instrument, design features and the working angle

14. Charting - A LOT OF charting to be done. Amalgam restoration at almost 70% of the tooth with recurrent caries, missing teeth. SUMPAH TAKDE MASA.

OSCE Trivia -

  • times flies really fast. 17 stations felt like 2 seconds oni!
  • behavioural science stations are a bit cruel. she threw in 5-6 questions in a station to be answered in 5 minutes. gile ke apeeee
  • master your cross infection. lol. the basic is always the killer


  • 1 down another 1 to go baby!!

June 03, 2010


Takde mood la noks nak hapdet. Nanti lepas OSCE hari Jumaat ni mak hapdet okies?