December 31, 2009

2009 Recap

Here we go..the famous year end recap :)


Started my new year with very limited amount of money because of the holiday trip and shopping spree I had last winter. I predict this trend will go on until my final year. The thing is our allowance is banked in once in 3 months..and the next allowance is due only at the end of January. So usually starting the new year, the balance in the account almost always very limited.
MacBabe died one me after 1.5 years of service due to my own clumsiness.
Had my first visit to Galway for the basketball tourney.
Had my crazy-over-Twilight wave and managed to finish all 4 books by that month of January.


No pain can ever be greater that the pain I had in February. The day I lost another father in my life. And it still hasn't subsided til now. Especially during bro's wedding because usually he'll always be there. Either reading paper on the swing outside my house or sleeping inside Cik Pi's room. I don't talk to him much but the thought having him in the background is really comforting.
Cork snowed for the first time since I came here.


The disastrous overflowing exams month. Really pushed me to the edge. I started drinking Red Bull and taking all necessary things just to keep me up for revisions. I closed my blog for public view temporarily to give away for very depressed entries and selected only a few people to read it. I broke down like almost after every paper I had. Sumpah stress gile time tu.


Had my 3rd visit to Bruxelles right after I'm done with the exams. Lost my purse there. Went to Notts to visit Fiqah, Birmingham for Jason Mraz's concert and stopped by at Cardiff and met Kak Ra. She even brought us to Swansea.
Another preparation for summer exams is started.


Bought my second MacBabe. Once you 'convert' from Windows to Mac, you can never turn back. It's hard (and no, I'm not boasting)
Summer exams started..and gotten my March exam results. Another bad news that send me to the darkest place in the world as I had to resit the paper in Autumn exam.
Started our house hunt and succeeded. Moved to a new house in Wilton Court, a place that we promised to ourselves during first year not to be but finally ended up in. Muahaha...But it's a nice place, really especially when you have everything around you (Tesco, Kedai ayam halal, hospital etc)


Started live in new house. Started my clinical attachment and had to go back about 3 weeks late than most of my friends here. Luckily Wany's parents came over. I don't know how am I gonna survive this year's though. One full month being alone (and no chance to go back earlier at all)
Went to Stockholm with Nabila and the rest.
Passed all my papers except that damn March paper.
Went back to the place where I belong on 21st June.


Summer fun in Malaysia, catching up with friends. Went to a sudden holiday trip to Langkawi with my beloved besties.
Preparation for bro's wedding done extensively and I even dragged my friends with me. Thank you girls :D
Turned 22.


Bro's wedding and I'm so glad everything went well.
Went back to Cork for my resit paper and then flew back home again after that for 10 days because I'm just plain crazy like that. Went for another crazy trips with my bestfriends.
Ramadhan started.
2PM :)


Went back to Cork in business class sebab flight penuh so I was upgraded FOC
Started first week of school with a very insecured feelings because the resit result is not out yet. But thanks God after a week, I am oficially a clinical year student. Received my toolkits and started doing more practical work and really really am enjoying them :D
My 3rd Eid away from home and my last Eid as the working force.


Had a big misunderstanding with my bestfriend. Like a really big one.
Went to London.
Went to Dublin for my 3rd Dublin Games and only managed to secure 2nd place.


Played football with my classmates for the first time and managed to outdone all our opponents :D
Letting go something..
Cork flooded and classes cancelled for one week.


Went for my winter trip to Austria, Czech and Belfast.
New year in Cork, (and almost possibly on the bed like I always do)

Sayonara 2009

Annyeong 2010. Bring good things for me okay?

December 30, 2009

BoxXxing day at Belfast

The fourth stop of our winter holiday is Belfast. Actually Belfast ni pergi sebab Boxing Day je. Apa itu Boxing Day? Basically Boxing Day ni is a day after Christmas, and the main event yang kitorang look forward is the sales offered by the shops. Biasanya diorang nak habiskan the stock for that year hence the price reduction la. If last year saya dah experience kegilaan shoppergilers di London, tahun ni saya tone down sikit la kat Belfast.

suasana Belfast pagi tu, tak sesibuk London

Belfast is situated at Northern Ireland, about 2++ hours bus ride from Dublin. Tapi Belfast is not a part of Republic of Ireland..they are a part of the United Kingdom. So diorang guna Pounds instead of Euro. Return bus ticket from Dublin costed at 20.50eu! Agak mahal la considering the fact that the journey only takes about 2.5 hours. Kalau 4.5 jam gi Cork pun cuma 15.50eu je!

teman-teman : Yah, Mun and Wany

Selca di top floor Victoria Square

bersama hasil tangkapan :P

Sampai-sampai di Belfast the feel...hurmm..tak la rasa macam UK sangat. Lain ok feel kat Ireland ngan UK. Tatau cane nak describe tapi memang lain la..Belfast ni..UK tak rase sangat..Ireland pun tak rase sangat. haha..macam2 la kau labu. So bermulalah our hunt. Disebabkan saya adalah sedikit kemiskinan dan fortunately takde aim sangat nak beli apape, tak banyaklah "hasil tangkapan" haritu. Sales dia pun tak menarik sangat so syukurrrrr Alhamdulillah..

Merry Christmas Belfast

Petang tu, selesai segala urusan mengshopping, kami pun pulang menaiki bas jam 7 ke Dublin. Winter Holiday kami kini sampai ke penghujungnya..akhirnya! Suprisingly, haritu, buses to Cork dibatalkan sebab jalan sangat licin. Yup, winter kalini sememangnya sedikit berbeza dari tahun-tahun berikutnya dengan cuaca yang lebih sejuk. Syukur kami membuat keputusan untuk menaiki keretapi that Sunday.

Belfast City Hall

gambar terakhir dengan muka tak cukup tidur dan beg yang berat..

Tiba di Cork, nothing feels better than being at your own home. Walaupun pakcik taxy bawak ikut jalan tah mana dan bergerak 40km/h membuatkan tambang teksi jadi 2 kali ganda dari biasa, tapi saya bersyukur sebab akhirnya saya dapat berada di dalam bilik sendiri dan diatas katil sendiri. I'm back to my comfort zone ;)

Mesmerizing Prague City

Moving on to the 3rd stop of our holiday...Prague. We took bus because that's the cheapest option. But suprisingly the bus ride was good. For only 14.50eu, dalam bas tu layan macam naik flight. Ada movie (tak boleh pilih la..tapi siap dapat headfon) and we get to order drinks for free. Ada sorang "stewardess" ni tabah melayan kitorang sana sini. It took about 5 hrs from Vienna to reach Prague station bus, Florence.

imitating the statue behind us

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and the currency used is Krona (Kc). 1eu = ~25Kc = ~RM5. Kat Prague we are lucky to have our fellow KMB friends, and more conveniently their house is located in the middle of the city. Thanks to the hosts, Syamira, Sofia and Nabihah. A 24hours pass (for trams, metro, buses) costed 100Kc per pax.

yeayyy ade HRC!

Antara tourist attraction yang sempat kitorang pergi is the National Museum (walaupun tak masuk tapi dapat la tangkap gambar sikit jadilah :P), Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and pusing-pusing around the Old City Square. Prague ni jugak selalu orang pergi kalau nak skiing at a very reasonable price but unfortunately we were not in the mood for skiing. Kate pun nak laid back kan so we didn't do any skiing. Dia jugak terkenal for its crystal..tapi kitorang tak pergi la kat tempat where you can buy crystal at cheaper price sebab dia jauh sikit from the city. Preciosa is the crystal "brand" from Prague (macam Swarovski tu, Bohemian crystal) Beli from the souvenir shops at the Old City square tu je..

National Museum

paintings sold at the market. cantik tapi mahal sikit!

at Prague Castle

overlooking Charles Bridge and Prague Castle from afar

The highlights of Prague trip is the Christmas Market. Superbbbbb that we decided that we could return to Prague only to visit the them again. Unlike Vienna's, the Christmas Market is livelier here and there are a lot of interesting food sold. Makannn je kerje eh :P We get to taste their traditional food at the market..

in front of the Christmas Market. Behind us is famous church at Old City square.kat area situ gak ada Astronomical Clock. Macam setiap jam bila dia bunyi orang semua akan berkumpul tengok dia goes ding dong and akan ade orang main trumpet. Boleh jugak naik atas the clock's tower to view Prague city from the top. Tapi kena bayar la..

my personal favourite! Roti gulung. Roti tu dia cicah gula (macam donat) and makan panas-panas sangat sedap!

bakar roti gulung

yang ni pulak macam Pizza..cuma dough dia berbeza

pressed Potato..makan dengan macam jeruk ke apetah tu..macam makan murtabak ngan bawang tu la kire2nye..

One more interesting thing about Prague is....kasut jenama Bata originated from Czech Bata kat sini adalah one of the branded shoes. Hwaaa...a bit shocking eh? (at least for me la)

Bata shop. Tengok la betapa besarnye..

Kesimpulannye Prague is a nice place....and could attract lazy tourists like us :P Tapi the flight ticket to Prague is kinda expensive..that's the only thing that could restrict us from coming back. Sebab tu kitorang pergi from Dublin to Salzburg (+/- 45eu) and balik from Prague (+/- 75eu). If we were to buy a return ticket to Prague, it would cost least kalau pergi from Salzburg-Vienna-Austria, although costed higher tapi dapat cover a few places...tak gitu?

December 29, 2009

Vienna - a charming city

Destinasi kedua trip kami is Vienna, ibu negara kepada Austria. Berbeza dari Salzburg, Vienna ni lebih city-ish lah..dah kata pun the capital kan. Ala ala Key Ell versus Melaka la. From Salzburg to Vienna, we took train which costed around 47.50eu. Fixed price takde online promotion ke ape so we decided to buy the ticket on the spot je. It took about 3 hours train ride and kitorang sampai Vienna dalam pukul 4 petang gitu.

dah penat tido, time to fool around!

We stayed in Hostel Ruthensteiner, tak jauh dari the West Train Station. Quite convenient la dalam 5-8 minit je jalan dari situ. For 14.50eu per pax per nite, ktorang dapat bilik for 3 tapi honestly bilik dia adelah sungguh kecil. Saye cerita dekat emak bilik dia lagi kecik dari bilik saya dulu2 before rumah renovate, dan kami dapat bilik yg ada 1 bunkbed and satu katil single. However we kinda like the hostel. Dia punya common room sangat2 selesa and ada WiFi..and diorg tak kisah kitorang nak lepak berapa lama pun kat situ. That's a 10+ point for the hostel.

terlupa nak amik gambar penuh the room, tapi basically dari kanan pintu tu ada satu meja kecik. kecik je bilik ni ruang antara dua katil memang muat-muattttt untuk sorang semayang.

To travel around Vienna, we bought a 24 hours all pass ticket yg berharga 5.70eu. Since kitorang duduk situ pun sehari cukup2 so memang sangat cun lah kan. Being the typical Europe attraction...Vienna ada banyakkkk bangunan yang cantik-cantik. Sangat bagus utk orang yang appreciate keindahan architecture bangunan-bangunan nih (but not us :P) Daripada area stop Underground Stephansplatz, dekat situ memang ade banyak la tempat tourist spot macam Stephansdom, Hofburg palace and a few museums.

Antara tempat yang kitorang pergi the day we arrived. Sebab kul 4 pun dah malam kan...nasib kamera kesayangan saya punya night picture boleh diharap :P

museum. ampunnn saya lupa nama dia

From WikiTravel : To the traveler, the city has a very convenient layout: The 'old town', or city center, is the first district, with the Stephansdom and Stephansplatz at the centre of a bullseye. It is encircled by the Ringstra├če (Ring Road), a grand boulevard constructed along the old city walls, which were torn down at the end of the 19th century. Along the Ringstra├če are many famous and grand buildings, including the Rathaus [City Hall], the Austrian Parliament, the Hofburg Palace, the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Art History (Kunsthistorisches Museum), and the State Opera House.

Underground station

Stephansdom - dia nye theme dia cam gothic2 gitu..tapi dia tengah renovate time kami pergi

one of the many beautiful buildings we passed by

and this is just a supermarket..macam Giant, macam Tesco tu :p

Hofburg palace

Antara highlight kitorang nye trip kat Vienna was to play with snow in front of the city hall (sebab kat situ tak ramai sangat orang so tak la nampak jakun sangat :P ) and nasi beriyani super murah! halal! highly recommended! cuma 4.50eu sepinggan! cukup pedas! pemurah ayam! Miahaha tak bergune kan :P I know I know. Lupa nak stresskan yg kitorang nye tema percutian is rest and relax!

weeee.....lihatlah dunia budak jakun niii

the bad thing about snow. jijik sedikit bila nak jalan. kotorrrr and licinnnn

melawat Christmas market yg tak berapa menarik. Jual barang-barang perhiasan Christmas and byk jual wine panas je..

Vienna ni dihiasi dengan banyak bangunan cantik-cantik. Satu yang saya kagumi pasal capital negara Europe ni despite being a big city tapi diorang masih mengekalkan architecture bangunan yang lama-lama. Tak banyak sangat skycrapper buildings yang block the view unlike our beloved Key Ell (correct me if I'm wrong. saya ni memang suke je blog buat gaya confident :P) Tapi Europe adalah Europe. Bile dah banyak negara kita pergi kite akan mula bosan sebab attraction dia adalah sama. By far saya rasa Spain adalah negara kegemaran saya mungkin sebab tarikan sejarah kegemilangan Islam yang pernah bertapak disitu and variety of places of attractions in Spain. I don't mind coming back to Spain in future sebab memang sangat best! :D

December 27, 2009

Salzburg - The hills are alive!

Alright we go..Round 1 of my winter trip!

We departed from Dublin to Salzburg airport on Saturday the 20th. The flight was delayed for about an hour for an unknown reason. That's Ryanair. They alwaysssssss do this. Kitorang dah keluar rumah dari pukul 5 melepak-lepak lah kami dekat ruang menunggu tu...sampai akhirnya kami boarded at about 11.50am!

usha bapa mengendong anak comel. hahaha..jangan rasa takut dgn saya, this is done only out of boredom.

Usai 2 jam lebih penerbangan kami tiba di Lapangan Terbang Salzburg, Austria. Bile keluar je dari kapal terbang tu macam nervous jugak lah sebab tak pernah lagi merasa duduk negara yang bersnow dengan frequentnye kan. It was okay initially. Rasa macam dekat tempat ski when I was in Aussie. Sebab malas nak berjalan-jalan, we took a cab from airport to the hostel.

one of the first view upon arriving. time tu excited la lagi.

Kami memilih YOHO International (Youth Hostel) sebagai tempat penginapan. 20eu per pax per nite for a room with 2 bunkbeds (muat 4 orang) Saya, Wany and Jims plus seorang lagi orang luar yang kami tak sempat nak borak-borak sebab dia datang lewat, and kami menjadi Melayu typical yang kera sumbang..kekeke...mintak maaf Vivekananda *nama rekaan sebab tak dengar sangat receptionist tu sebut nama dia.

Room 310 at YOHO!

the streets we passed by on the way to Old City

Ini pertama kali saya menjejakkan kaki ke negara bersalji begini. And it was kinda a shock to all of us. Flight dah lah delay..sampai dah petang.. so nothing really can be done in that cold chilly night. So we just took a stroll at the shopping streets and the river. Kesejukan yang menggigit tulang memaksa kami untuk pulang awal ke bilik selepas menjamah dinner di kedai kebab (makanan kebangsaan sewaktu travel. huhu) Dan percaya atau tidak, by 8 o clock that nite kitorang dah sedia terbaring atas katil keletihan dan kesejukan..memang tak gune...kekeke~
Betul sejuk tak tipu! And if you can see at the back the hills are covered with the white snow!

Getreidegasse - the shopping streets

typical Europe magnificent building

Salzburg ni ialah bandar keempat terbesar di negara Austria. AUSTRIA bukan AUSTRALIA tau :P Kalau anda pernah menonton The Sound of Music, you may think you know all there is to see in Salzburg. Salzburg ni terletak antara dua tebing Salzach River, at the point where it is pinched between two mountains, the Kapuzinerberg on one side, the Monchsberg on the other. In broader view are many beautiful Alpine peaks. Dia jugak merupakan tempat kelahiran the famous composer Mozart.

Salzach River

Sebaiknya kalau nak lagi berpuas hati untuk tour di Salzburg ni joining one of the tours is the best option. Transportation settled, explanations semua lengkap. Tour packages start as low as 18eu until 80-90eu. Of course the bigger the price, the more places you can cover la kan. Tapi sebab kami kesuntukan masa disebabkan nak kejar train untuk ke Vienna, we just did our own tour...which ended up with nothing much sebab terlampau sejuk. Jalan dua tiga langkah dah masuk cafe minum hot choc..Kekeke~Jadi kami sempat la jalan-jalan sikit di the Old City.

we *think* this is the Mirabell...but it doesn't seem like it :p

All in all Salzburg is one nice place to go if you are a nature and music lover. The view memang sangat cantik..and I bet if you go there over the summer it would be more spectacular.

More pictures can be viewed from my facebook album =)

p/s : ayat skemaaaaa tatahannnn...

December 26, 2009

The zombie dance

Never did I know 2PM and I connected so much...until I realized this pic..

Our pic was taken during our trip to Blarney last September, and Heartbeat started its promotion last October. What a coincidence eh?

Anyway..I'm back in Dublin. The weather is still cold and my only wish now is to be at my own home at my own bed. Unfortunately there's no train service to Cork tomorrow and I had to wait til the day after tomorrow to go back to Cork. There's another option....which is the bus but I don't want to rush things because the last bus to Cork is at 6pm...and I'll be in Belfast for Boxing Day tomorrow.

Next winter, as for now I'm 90% sure I'm gonna go back. No matter how expensive the tickets get..Imma save up starting from the next allowance. I've experienced Meditteranean winter, not so cold winter and untolerable snowy winter so next year, I wanna have a summer winter. LOL. Gile one year punya planning neh!

When I'm back in Cork, I'll try to update stories and pictures from my trip before 2009 ends.

Ta ;)

December 22, 2009

Surviving the cold

Hello hello hello everyone.. I'm finally at my last stop, Prague. This is gonna be a quick update as i'm typing this from my iPod the feel isnt reqlly there..

We survived Austria and yet to start our journey in Prague! This is my first time experiencing life in snowy places and I must say snow suckkkkssssss. Seriously! I think i'm not meant to be in places like this. Thank God i'm studying in Ireland!!

I guess that's all for now. I miss my comfy bed and the heater....i miss Cork. At this point, I seriously dont feel like going to continue my holiday in Dublin and Belfast. I just wanna get over and done with this ASAP....

December 19, 2009

Ultimate WTF dream

HELLO kawan-kawan. It's freaking 4.31am in the morning. I've to actually wake up at 5 coz we are supposed to leave for airport at 7 to catch our flight is at 9. (berapa banyak masa daa...) But I had really disturbing mimpi just now..

Saya mimpi saya bertunang! Gagagaa..It all seemed sooo real. Siap ada hantaran kek tu nenek saya bake kan. Sungguh WTF okay.

I don't know how to explain..but it is so disturbing that it woke me up...and get me to blog eventhough my eyes couldn't really open. Hahaha..

Anyway saya kat Dublin ni. Yesterday we had dinner at Korean Restaurant- Bonga. The food was quite nice..Kinda worth it, I guess.

Oklah nak mandi bersiap segala. Wish me a safe journey. Take care everyone :)

December 18, 2009

All my bags are packed, but am I ready to go?

Winter break is finally here! This means, 3 months have passed since I left home and I've another 7 months to endure before I return to the beloved country.

After much hassle and a few rounds of going back and forth, I've finally packed my essentials into the bags. I was torn between using a troley bag or a rucksack.....So I'm bringing both to Dublin and let's see which bag am I gonna end up with later. LOL. The advantage of troley bag is the things that I stuffed into are easily accessibble unlike rucksack that needed me to throw the arm into bag to dig out my stuff. Tapi rucksack is very convenient takpayah nak seret bag kesana kesini..

I'm gonna leave Cork for Dublin tomorrow morning by bus (sengkek alarm alert. tet tet tetttt) and will be staying there for a night. Balik dari Prague, again I'll be staying in Dublin because we are heading up north to Belfast for Boxing Day this year. Wahhh...ada duit ke kau??? Takpe, disebabkan duit takde bolehlah guna credit card terpaksalah berjimat cermat. Huhu...we'll see how am I gonna survive this poverty. lulz.

Honestly I seriously don't feel like going. All I want is to pamper myself at home at my own bed and doing useless things like that. The thought of travelling to a place that is snowing (COLD/WET) is really demotivating. Nak kena redah sejuk. Nak duduk hostel yang tatau lagi selesa ke tak. Nak kena naik bas tram metro yang sangat tak familiar lagi...Aishh...Ssssokay..this is normal. Once the travelling momentum is gained, everything is gonna fall into place.

I hope this time I won't be involving with any drama. Tak mau tertinggal barang sana sini tertinggal pengangkutan sana sini. I wanna travelling with peace. Wish me luck people, and pray that I'll return safe and sound. In case I don't update this blog anymore....I'd like to apologize to everyone that I've done wrong. >.<

So here's the itinerary :

18/12 : Cork - Dublin
19/12 : Dublin - Salzburg
20/12 : Salzburg - Vienna
21/12 : Vienna - Prague
24/12 : Prague - Dublin
26/12 : Dublin - Belfast - Dublin
2?/12 : Dublin Cork

pergi tinggalkan my MacBabe. bawak ke Dublin, tapi tinggalkan kat situ

pengganti MacBabe sementara waktu

pergi tinggalkan tempat paling selesa dalam dunia

Annyeong Higyeseyo!

December 17, 2009

My addiction?

WARNING : This story is solely written for the sake of keeping the memories. Just so when I grew up I could look back what used to be my addiction back then. Takde bahan berfaedah langsung so you can stop now if you don't wanna read a story of a fangirl who went gugu gaga over her favourite artists. Thanks!

Family Outing casts

Recently I'm kinda hooked to yet another Korean variety show called Family Outing. I found out it one of the episode, the famous sexy Rain is one of the guest in that show. And this brings me down the memory lane, back when I was kinda obsessed with this man.

Rain / Bo / Ji Eun

The Korean addiction actually has been residing inside me quite long. So that's just prove i'm typically girl didn't I? :P But I've to say not many dramas could really catch my attention...and the few exceptions are the famous Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart and FULL HOUSE (spazzzzzzzzz)

the famous bicycle / romantic scene

Back then I was so into Rain. Before he went into Hollywood (Rain = Ninja Assassin = Raizo!) he did came to Malaysia. Maxis was promoting his concert but hofkos la tak pergi kan but I just went gugu gaga over the promotional goodies they gave out in conjunction with Rain's concert. Adelah poster ngan kalendar yang sanggup dibeli (with top up) semata-mata nak gambar Rain :P

The K-Addiction went silence for a few years when suddenly, the second Korean wave attacked me. Mula-mula tak layan sangat but I started when I saw one of my senior (whom I've had crush since secondary school.LOL) posted Gee's MV in facebook. And then came Wonder Girls' famous Nobody. Initially I was only attached to SNSD...and I did what fans always do...digged out almost all their MVs and subbed variety shows.

Gee MV - very addictive!

The time when second K-Addiction wave coincided with the time when I was kinda down and didn't really have nobody around me - when I went back earlier to take the Autumn Exam. Eventhough it was only for 1 week but the pressure and the depression was so great that I had to find something to comfort me. I watched any variety shows with SNSD because seriously, Korean variety shows are one good source to get you laugh your heart out. There's this one episode of SGB where my lovely 2PM was there and I fell for them instantly after watching that.

that moment, that time. SGB August 15, 2008 :)

So the rest was history. I became a crazy fan since that. Like I watched ALLLL their variety shows and they never failed to make me laugh. Even after watching them several times. The fact that I was in sorrow and watching them always brighten me up is one major reason why I go crazy over them, if you are wondering.

I'm going away for a few days...but that doesn't mean I don't get to see my boys cause I've went all the trouble to bring them with me.I have to download the split files first. Then I have to re-join them. Then I have to convert them into mp4 files. Finally I had to convert them, again to mp4 files that is compatible for my iPod touch. Gotta say, iPod Touch is by far the most beneficial investment I've ever made :P