December 25, 2011

Hello from London!

Greetings, everyone, haro from London!

This trip has been planned since 3rd year.."Nnt final year kita kena gi London, proper2 macam pegi melancong tempat betul2. Selama ni datang makan malaysian hall and shop Oxford st je!" Soooo..the dream has been materialized.

Money is kinda tight but everything has been planned since months ago sooo nak taknak datang je lah..but I've been having good fooood non stop yaw!

I love London! Takde ke sugar daddy nak perempuan simpanan dekat London kahkahjustjokingkthxbai

Hello from London :)

Greetings everyone, haro from London! This trip has been
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December 21, 2011

Deserted desserts

Semalam masuk dapur tengok pisang hampir busuk..nak buang sayang so tetibe *plink* datang idea nak buat pengat pisang. Bukak fridge ada santan tinggal suku tin, ada jagung skett wahh memang cun ler...

Tetengah masak silap bajet gula melaka termanis pulak. Santan dah abis, susu nak jimat buat breakfast sampai jumaat terpaksa la tambah air..jadi dah kurang pekat la pengat gua. Pastu *plink* datang idea lagi kukus pulut makan dengan pengat yang dah berkuah tu since pisang ada sebijik je. Lepastu ada inti cucurbadak 3 hari lepas elok lagi makan dgn pulut bleh la feeling2 pulut panggang..

Idea sangat genius..memang sedap kedua2 makanan itu (puji diri sendiri)

Harini wa kemas2 dapur sekali jumpa 2 bijik pisang hampir busuk blakang langsir and satu tin susu sejat baru bukak belakang tingkap. Rumah ni memang sesuai buat main treasure hunt cari barang tersembunyi. Ah sudahhh..takkan nak kena buat pengat lagi nak suruh wa kena diabetes ke.

Tengah tunggu idea *plink* lagi nak buat apa. Kalau tak ke tongsampah leww..

Wa dah feeling cam mak-mak dah ni masak spontan2 cemni

December 20, 2011


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Waking up knowing you have free day all along is such a bliss. I think I am much more calmer and happier now despite having the exam around the corner and being left alone in the house. I guess stresses from clinic really defeats exam stress.

I spent my morning doing light and easy things. I was up early but refused to go back to sleep so I browsed the net, played with my camera, tidied up the kitchen a bit and cooked for my lunch. I had sardin and telur goreng for lunch which reminds me of home. Yup, it sucks being alone because I'm paranoid like heck that ghost/robber and whatnot might pop in anytime but the peaceful atmosphere really gave me time to recuperate from all the stresses that accumulated since September.
Recharging my mind, body and soul for the second part of final year : Bismillahirrahmaanirrahim, may everything goes smoothly :)

December 17, 2011

Winter break!!!!

Winter break : commence!


December 14, 2011

Of Radiology And Of Slowly Becoming A Psychotic

Twice in 10 weeks, I'll be doing a rotation in the radiology department. What we did was mainly learning how to take a radiograph/xray (how to position it etc) and how to interpret the radiograph.

Since 3rd year, I've been witnessing seniors being what I used to think as a 'torture' whenever they are interpreting the radiograph..coz we have this one doctor who will be questioning us all sorts of stuff from A-Z..what crossed my mind at that time was I'll be definitely dead when I'm in the dept. The doctor is very well-known and is one of the best in oral radiology I must say.

Come 4th year..I only got like 3/4 chances to be in the dept. And I really didn't quite grasp the 'subject' yet. To master radiology I think you must first master your anatomy. One thing you should know nadzirah and anatomy doesn't really blend well.. But I got away in 4th year because most of the time there are 3 of us doing the rotation so I can always dodge the question and pass it to my partners..

Now that I'm a fifth year I realized that I need to stop running away from my disguise towards anatomy and start to face it. I tried to spend the night before the rotation trying to revise so I will look more of like a fifth year in front of him (the doctor).

Today I was alone in the dept. My partner was sick. I thought to myself that this is it. This is the time to face my 'fear'.

So there I was spending my 3 hours taking tonnes of radiographs and interpreting them one by one with him. I must say that was one of the best moments ever because it was kinda like a one to one tutorial and I learned a lot of stuff. The best thing was I managed to answer most of his braincracking questions although of course..there were few silly mistakes here and there (like what comes after 1? I answered 10. Lol it's 2 you bimbo!)

The tiredness of going to and fro taking r/g for 9-10 patients and going 3 hours without sitting paid off when he finally gave me an 'Excellent' remark. Other people might think it isn't a big deal but to me it is because I never got one from him. It was such a good feeling because I finally managed to impress him..although I think I should work on my confidence more because I kept on doubting myself eventho my answers are correct.

So that's how my Tuesday went by. 3 more days to go and I think I've started to losing my sanity. I became tired really easily, I became mad really reaaaaaaally easy. It's SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and pre exam stress disorder combined and I tell you it's a really really ugly condition..
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December 13, 2011


"I've seen you did a work, a lot better than this. I know you all are exhausted. Get your christmas break, come back and refocus"

My supervisor, quoted. I was doing a filling today. I can't deny it, honestly I'm really really tired. 3 months has passed since we started clinics and we've been working our arses off day in day out.
We dealt with a lot of disappointments and we had to come and pretend we are strong the next day. Penat okay nak motivate diri sendiri untuk bertahan. Lagi penat bila kawan sekeliling kehidupan bahagia je..rasa macam nakkk je join berhoohaa sini sana tapi kau tau kau tak sama macam mereka.. Jadi kau pujuk hati kata takpe..bertabah..this is for the better.

Winter break in 4 days. I know I have to spend most of them studying for the finals. Tapi it's a big relief waking up knowing you don't have to see or treat a patient. Bukan tak suka, cuma penatlah sikit. I soooo need a break :)
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December 12, 2011


Wasted my weekend being unwell. Was down with diarrhoea since yesterday. At first I thought it was just a normal physiological process when I eat a little more than usual that Friday nite. It turned out, I was passing out everything that I ate yesterday. The climax point was when I woke up at 5 this morning with severe stomach cramp that felt even worse than a menstrual pain.

After 2 cups of sugarless tea and 2 capsules of Arret, I managed to get fully get out of bed, shower, and cooked something to eat. Fried the kuetiow but my appetite suddenly just disappeared even though I have been craving for kuetiow for a while.

So I turned to my fav dish when I'm unwell - chicken porridge.

There goes my weekend :(

December 11, 2011

Bad habit

I have a very bad habit whereby when I'm mad at somebody I can't see their faces until my heart cools down. I can't talk can't reply to them until I think I'm okay.

December 08, 2011

Jumps up and down, and move it all around

Dah siap dah logbooooooooook. Oh weeee!

Now let's concentrate on the exam. Hwarghhhhhhhhhh

December 06, 2011

Tak senang

Tak senang bila hidup sorang
Tak senang bila semua riang kau sorang yang kelam
Tak senang bila hidup sorang
Tak senang bila keperitan itu kau sorang yang faham

May what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger

December 05, 2011

My kind of Sunday :)

Scrubs - ironed

Room - slightly tidied :P
Laundry done

Watching my favourite show - Running Man

Stayed in my own world. It's quiet and lonely, but it definitely suits my current mood.
I love my Sunday :D

December 04, 2011

Tak stabil

Study malas
Jumpe org malas
Buat keje malas
Makan banyak
Dengar berita ni emo
Tahu pasal tu emo

Hoih hormone cecepat lew stabil
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December 03, 2011

Cameraku sayang

I lost my precious camera in the dental hospital a week ago. My friend borrowed it from me and I thought it was still somewhere around the hospital, but it doesn't seem like it is anymore.

That precious has been with me since 2009. We've traveled to Amsterdam, Austria, Czech Rep, Spore, Indonesia and Germany together.
I need a new camera for school (patient's picture) etc and to capture my memory of what hopefully to be one of my last moments here but I'm just too deadbroke right now. Can't afford to buy a new one..looked up in the internet a decent one would cost me around 180eu. If only I had money..

Sedihnye :(
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December 01, 2011


Forgive me if these days my posts seemed so whiny. Mcm tak bersyukur pulak but trust me I do. Dari saat dapat tawaran JPA sampai la ke sekarang saya bersyukur sangat2 dengan apa yg saya ada. Cuma tu lah cuma nak mengadu nasib kat belog (walaupun ntah ada tah tal yg baca)

So this morning was my last visit to paeds clinic in Dillons Cross. It was one heck of a tough morning to get up and get done. I was sleepy, I was tired and I really felt like just escaping but I managed to get out from the house at 8. Lo and behold, halfway thru the journey the bus driver told us there was an accident at the clinic area and they had to divert to another road?

So what does that means? That means we have to walk up the hill, the kinda steep hill to get to the clinic. It was the longest 15 mins I ever had, berpeluh-peluh gua dikala pagi yg sejuk menggigit tulang!

Jadi..begitulah sedikit sbyk hari saya. Esok pagi takde patient tp kena datang jugak hosp pagi tu ada kerja nak siapkan.

Akhir-akhir ni dgn gabungan kerja bersama patient makin menimbun, exam makin dekat dan cuaca makin buruk perlahan-lahan membunuh saya dari dalam. Ya Allah, pls give me strength..

November 30, 2011

Lalala hari-hari kerja!

Today I had a day off except a 30 mins tutorial in the morning. However, there is no real day off in the dictionary of a clinical dental student. There are always things to be done either labwork, sorting out patients stuff etc.

After the tutorial I booked appointments for my patients. Went down to the lab and managed to do special trays and wax-ups for two different patients. Hopefully this 2 cases go smoothly. Amiinn..

Left the hospital at 1245 to view a house for a postgrad coming this Dec. 1315 I was already on the bus on my way to the city to watch Breaking Dawn part 1 :P

So yeah. Today I managed to sort out patient's stuff, found a house for the postgrad and managed to steal some time to watch a movie. That's quite an achievement innit?

Tp sekarang sudah mengantuk kronik but I still have some stuff lining up to be done. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

November 28, 2011


If any of you have been reading my blog for a while you might notice that I has just started to write/post frequently, again. I think the depression/anxiety/worriness is starting to kick in and I just need to channel my feeling somewhere, so I turn to my loyal friend, my blog.

Another weekend has passed. Another one wasted, like terribly wasted. Time like this, I should be doing intensive revision for the upcoming exam but I spent it on something rather un-beneficial. Bila dah hujung-hujung tu baru macam rasa tamparan kesedaran when I see my to-do list was unticked. Astaghfirullahalazim, what have I done to myself? I spent last 2 hours doing the tutorial for this week with hope I can move on with other stuff on the list starting tomorrow. Bila berjaya buat tu baru rasa macam sedar, if only I settled this earlier. Scrub for this week pun belum iron lagi, what have I done..

The final year pressure has finally kick in because winter break is just around the corner. Bila tengok tarikh, masa dah makin dekat otak dan perasaan mula berkecamuk. Bila hati tak tenang, mulalah mengadu pada Tuhan pohon diberikan kelapangan dan diperlancarkan kehidupan segala..Bila nak memohon sesuatu dariNya, tiba-tiba rasa macam malu sebab apa yang disuruh taknak ikut, tapi nak mintak pulak macam-macam.

Atas kesedaran tu tibe-tibe rasa nak tanam azam nak slowly buang sikit demi sikit perangai buruk..Ni bukan la sebab serabut nak exam je tapi macam jadikan ni my stepping stones to be a better person. It's gonna be one hell of a tough journey sebab nya perangai buruk ni humangaih banyaknya terhingga. So let's not be ambitious and start small shall we? 

November 27, 2011

Dental Ball

Second dental ball that I attended. This year around it was held in Cork International Aiport Hotel. It's a bit compact and I think there are more of us this year.
My dates, that night :D

Jo Lin, my classmates of 5 years

With other Malaysian students, most of them are dental students

With Frank and Kabe

Mich, Wani, Nadia and I
Dr Burke, my tutor

Class picture

What I love about the ball is...they provide halal food for the Muslim students. The day before the ball, one of the student who organized this came to me and asked besides the meat that needs to be halal, what are other things that they have to take into account? So considerate, right?

Vege soup. Yummy. Tatau sebab lapar ke ape..

Roasted chicken with seasoned vege. I like!

Dessert - profiteroles

The dinner started quite late and the Platinum Probe award presentation from each year was quite lengthy, in my opinion. We immediately leave when the After party started and spent a while being silly in front of the camera at the hotel reception.

Yours truly, feeling-feeling vain gittew

November 25, 2011

Things that can't be tweeted but I wanna say it out so bad so I blog instead

Chihihihi :P


Sekian, budak excited benda bukan2
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November 24, 2011

Cerita Bergambar - my journey to paeds clinic

Sat on the 2nd floor of the bus (it was a double decker) to enjoy the view

What they call a "Grotto" - located in front of the dental clinic

The clinic

The hill around the clinic
Cork City, bus view :P

November 22, 2011


Had my surgery attachment in the theatre today. It's been a while since my last time here. Things have changed around a bit.

In surgery we normally do extractions for lil kids (for Tuesdays). They are kids who either have too many teeth to be extracted, too nervous or has other complicated medical history that doesn't permit them to have normal "conscious" extraction under local anaesthesia.

Almost half of the kids will normally cry pre or post operation. But today we had one of the most angelic girl who maintained her smile throughout the op, pre and post. Kinda make my heart squeezed due to her cuteness. Ahh budak...awak buat kite rindu Nayli je!

Tp we also had another girl, whom half consciously during the op kept on moving her hands around trying to "fight" us. She even had her fist on one of the surgeon's chest..she must hated extractions/going to dentist a lot that she did that even when she's sedated.

So that's how half of my Tuesdays went :)

November 21, 2011

Ayuh Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku!

Harimau Muda menentang Garuda - Final SEA Games 2011 @ 830pm.

Saya ada lecture dan patient time tu. Tak dapat nak tengok so sad :(

Apapepun semoga Harimau Malaya mampu tumpaskan Garuda. Show 'em what we got.

But of the utmost important, I hope they finish the game with pride and come back home in one piece, safe and sound. For all we know ANYTHING can happen in this intense game.

Otak Sembap

Haishk tibe2 otak sembap lepastu protes tak nak study. After 30 mins of hanging around doing nothing, I decided to prepare my meal for next week. Ye, saya masak sekali banyak untuk tahan 3-4 hari sbb biasa balik kelas penat malas masak lepastu rasa nak beli je lepastu duit habis. Haishk..

Jadi harini chef onetwothree nak tunjuk macammana nak masak "spagheti fusion when east meet west" (SFWEMW) pergh nama nak gempak je khennn.


Untuk kuah-
Onions (bawang besar)
Chilli powder (serbuk cili)
Spagheti sauce
Tuna (dalam tin)
Dried oregano
Olive oil
Salt and sugar

Sukatan takde ikut la sukahati perasaan apa nak letak banyak sikit. Blend bawang dgn serbuk cili, tumis. Dah masak letak tuna. Agak2 tuna dah ok, letak spagheti sauce, dried oregano, season to your taste.

Spaghetti - sphagetti rebus cam biasa je la

Walla dah siap untuk hidang. Bleh makan dgn telur rebus kalau nak feeling laksa. Bleh makan dgn cheese parmesan/mozarella/any grated cheese kalau nak feeling western.

Gittew. Slamat mencoba!

November 19, 2011

Dengarlah matahariku..

Cork has been raining since last Thursday. The rain came with heavy wind too. It is really really depressing to wake up to the gloomy weather and it'll be really hard to drag the feet to the hospital. It will also affect your mood for the day. Macam silap sikit je jadik besar.

Today I woke up and found the sun has finally showed up. I miss you dear sun! Saya belajar menghargai awak bila datang sini sebab kat Malaysia awak selalu ada..dekat sini awak jarang2 ada..

Inilah manusia..nikmat didepan mata tak pernah nak disyukuri, bila dah ditarik baru tergagau mencari..


Rambut saya mengalami keguguran kronik semenjak datang belajar disini. Mungkin faktor cuaca, mandi air panas, stress dan pemakanan kurang sihat yang menyebabkan terjadinya perkara ini.

Gambar merupakan bukti bagaimana rambut boleh randomly terkumpul atas laptop sewaktu saya menghadap laptopm.

Oh sungguh stress. Cik siantan apa saya boleh buat untuk mengelakkan kebotakan?

Gadis Runsing

November 17, 2011

Extra mural

The fifth year student are required to go for extra mural paeds clinic once a week for 4 weeks. I'm on my 2nd week now and I have to say I can't wait to be back in the dental hospital.

Why so?

1. I have to take bus at 8 in order to avoid the heavy traffic. That means laeving home around 7.50am which in turn means I have to wake up at least at 645am. In winter..that's like one of the hardest thing to do!

2. We have 3 patients. It's really tiring.

3. We finish at 1230. Need to catch bus back home for my next clinical session in CUH at 2. Yesterday, I took bus at 1pm. I was in the same bus with my patient! Managed to be back in CUH before 2. Luckily I was fasting yesterday so I don't have to take lunch.

4. The environment is different there. Felt like an alien, even on my 2nd week.

2 more weeks to go! Can't wait to finish this. Prontooo!

November 15, 2011


Now that we are approaching the winter, the sun (if any) disappears really really fast in a day. This picture was taken at 5.10pm today after a long day in the hospital.
Despite the weather and the forever long night time (which brings along sleepiness with 'em. Hmpfff!), there's still a good thing about this. It's time to ganti puasa :P Subuh starts around 550ish and maghrib at 447pm.

Monday, a new week has begun. Another week closer to the exam. Another week done for my final year.

Bismillah, may everything goes smoothly this week.

November 13, 2011

Cork City

Today I went out to town..for a mission. My initial plan was to wake up early and then walk to town. Wake up early - success. Walk to town - failed!

So I took the bus at half ten and started to search around. Luckily the mission was accomplished! Lepak minum hot choc, beli ayam and I took another bus home. The journey felt shorter with this new friend accompanying me :D

P.s. : yup, expect a lot of short picture-story posts like this in the future :P

November 12, 2011

I decided to be loyal

And I hope my decision is right...

Thank you

Goodbye to you my trusted friend.

You will be dearly missed...

November 11, 2011

Daily Routine

Trying to procrastinate, maka marilah kita berbelogzzzz

This is for me, say, if this blog still exists in 2020, Nadzirah, this is what you used to do 9 years ago in your final year of dental school..

I usually wake up around 6.40-7. Depends on the time, I might perform my Subuh first or take a shower. After I'm done with both I will go down to prepare the breakfast and have breakfast in front of my laptop while watching Youtube videos, browsing 9gag, blogs yeah all those craps. Around 8-8.15 I will start to put on my proper clothes and get ready for the day..

8.20-8.30 I will depart for school. Took me 10 minutes on average walking journey to the hospital. Sampai hospital I will change into my scrub and go to wherever I need to go depending on the day. Normally for the morning sessions I have Oral Surgery on Tuesday, Paeds on Wednesday, Restorative clinic on Thursday and tutorial on Friday. Sometimes we have lecture on Friday morning so I have to be in school by 8.30.

Clinical sessions could last until 12-12.30. Sometimes if I'm doing Oral med/theatre it could go up to 1.30. We have break until 2. In between that time I will have my lunch and perform the prayer.

Next session starts at 2. Again, I have treatment sessions with patient on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A session could last until 5-5.30. Sometimes I might have to stay back to do some labwork. And then I'll go back home. On the way back I might also make a detour to Tesco (mostly) or Neulook/Awear (occasionally)

Sampai rumah I will dig the fridge trying to get something to eat coz I'll be very hungry by then. Sometimes I prepare my dinner straightaway sometimes I will take a break first, depending on the level of energy.

Normally when I have a full day in the hospital (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) I will be too tired to study. Sometimes I managed to do something sometimes I just can't. Might need to work on something with my energy level and motivation to start studying on those days coz exam is just like few weeks away!

Tapi tu lah, cakap je lebih. Sekarang kau tengah buat apa? Bazir masa tulis blog! Cit podaaah

November 05, 2011

Setting up priorities

Luahan perasaan sekejap sementara tunggu nak Zohor. hewhewhew kena taip laju-laju sebab dah berjanji kat diri nak Zohor lepastu start prepare untuk tutorial.

So...sekarang nak final year, kan? Jadi workload adalah menimbun. Stress pun adalah banyaaaaaaaaak sangat. Masa tu kadang-kadang macam rasa tak cukup. Kalau hari ada klinik penuh, malam kadang-kadang dah terlalu penat untuk buat apa-apa. Malam pun saya dah kena start tidur awal nak dapatkan tenaga maksimum for the day. Itu pun kadang-kadang tak maksimum mana tengahari mengantuk mata berair-air. Kenapalah tenaga kurang sangat these days?

6 January ni ada first written final exam, RD. Banyaaaaaaak sangat benda nak cover takuuuuuut sangat sebenarnya. Exam tu of course la portion dia besar jugak besides clinical semua so I must pass it well no matter what. Sebulan lagi pulak nak kena hantar logbook. Patient-patient kat klinik pun agak tak teratur and requirement adalah agak tunggang-langgang sekarang, banyak faktor buat saya resah sekarang. Plus saya ini otaknya adalah pelan-pelan bertukar menjadi kurang pandai semenjak masuk yunibersiti ni jadi kena kerja lebih :(

Masa nak bergumbira sekarang pun patut dilimitkan. Ada, bukan tak ada. Tiap-tiap minggu pun adeeee je masa diperuntukkan. Kadang-kadang rasa bersalah kat diri sendiri tapi kadang-kadang rasa I needed that break. Tapi kadang-kadang I had to isolate myself kadang-kadang buat saya rasa ketinggalan kadang-kadang buat rasa sedih but I had to do this.. :(

Priorities, priorities. It is gonna be soooooo hard to put them on their right places, it takes a lot of sacrifices but hopefully it's gonna be worth it. Hopefully. Ya Allah, berikan aku kekuatan. Awak-awak yang terbaca ni doakan saya juga yeh?

November 02, 2011

Of creating a should-not-be-a-problem problem

Hi all. First of all, I hope none of you will judge me after reading this phone. Eceyh risau plak apa orang kata. Eceyh ade ke orang baca blog ni lagi. Eceyh banyak plak eceyh.

I have this weird problem with phones. Almost every year, I must change to a new phone. No matter how attached I am to that phone, when the time comes, I started to get itchy and will search around for new phone.

I've been a loyal Nokia user ever since my first ever 3210 phone back in 2002. Last year, I kind of accidentally bought a 2nd hand BB from eBay and has been loving the phone since I started using it. I developed my loyalty towards BB....until the recent outage with the blackberry network around Europe/Mid East/US which got me thinking, a BB without it's BIS is just, a dumbphone (quoting Atiqah Mahmood's tweet)

Now...the time has come for another phone and I'm having this major (?) dilemma of what should be my next phone. Before the BB outage I was all geared up for the new Bold 9900. Post-BB-problem, I'm left with thousand of uncertainties..confusion..

First of all, I love BB. The keyboard is a major factor here. I loathe touch screen phones. It's either my fingers are too fat for it or I simply love the idea of pressing the keypads you type words. I used to have Nokia 5600 which is a combination of touchscreen and keypad phone and I kinda stopped texting with people for about a year....unless it's really important. Yup, it's THAT bad. Plus I get to reply text messages while I'm driving with those magnificent keypads.

Second of all, I'm gonna miss BBM - the ever great exclusive BB users only instant messaging system. I have few close friends in my BBM list that I can bug when I'm bored. I'm also in the BBM group consisting my ex schoolmates who sometimes went cuckoo and started talking rubbish but I still love them anyway. Sometimes I woke up in the morning to cute pics of my niece whom I'm missing badly from my sis-in-law in the BBM. Sometimes she changed her profile picture with my niece's pic, of which sometimes I stole and saved it in my phone. I know, we have Whatsapp but it's..just not the same.

The major drawback of having BB is it is pretty much a less fun-er phone as oppose to iphone and androids, application wise. That's why it became a dumb phone when the internet service is gone because no BBM, no twitter, no whatsapp. Plus it has No cool games (like angry bird :P), No rubbish farting apps etc. Sebagai orang berjiwa muda, this is quite a drawback lah :P

Another plus point of having a non-BB-smartphone is having Skype in the phone. Which made it easier if were to contact anyone from home when I'm away from the laptop. I must say, if the Bold 9900 has Skype and some fun photo editing app it would make my decision much easier.

I think if I were in Malaysia right now, I would definitely go for BB. Coz I drive a lot so I would prefer a keypad-phone. My families and close friends are around me so there is no necessity for Skype. I will be spending time in the mall, in the car, with the family with the friends so there is no need to dedicate my life to playing with phone apps. Plus I know my LFU (love friendship unite, SMSS 0004) bros would be nagging on staying with BB. Haha..

But now that I'm here, I would love to have Skype on my phone to communicate with those who are thousand miles away from me. I kind of does my stuff alone more (like going to class, shopping etc) so having a fun phone would be a major plus point here.

I give myself til the 8th of November to make decision oh em gee helppppppppppppp.

Oh yeah it's a BB vs iPhone coz the Droids came from all sorts of manufacturer which made it even more confusing. Plus, I don't like the design of most of the phones. Heheh..

October 30, 2011

I Miss You

Boyce Avenue - I Miss You (Blink 182)

My all-time favourite song. My favourite YouTube artist. Combine together - it will simply made my day.

Hello there the angel from my nightmare
The shadow in backround of the morgue
The unsespecting victim of darkness in the valley
We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
Where you can always find me
And we'll have Halloween on Christmas
And in the night we'll wish this never ends 
We'll wish this never end

Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting everytime
And as I stared I counted the webs from all the spiders
catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight
stop this pain tonight

Don't waste your time on me your already the voice inside my head

"Will you come home and stop this pain tonight? Stop this pain tonight"

October 27, 2011

Mari Coba Update - Dublin Games!

Sooooo, last weekend pergi Dublin for Dublin Games. Last year girls futsal tak dapat sambutan tinggal kitorang je yang semangat jadi tahun ni diorang buat netball. Sebenarnya takdela suka main netball and takdela power sangat main tapi pergi je lah buat kenangan..

Pergi kite drive, sewa kereta dari Cork. Bawak kereta manual ok! Not too bad la skill masih ada cuma penat nye lah hai main clutch semua. Cork - Dublin drive dalam around 3 hours. Malam highway gelap gulita kadang-kadang pakai je high light walaupun ada kereta dari sebelah sana sebab bukak-bukak lampu tinggi sekali dah nak selekoh tumpul (?) terkejutttttt oi. Tapi dalam gelap-gelap tu terbawak jugak la 160. Hehehe, Alhamdulillah pergi balik one piece.
Time main, lawan Dublin

Netball lawan 5 teams yang masuk. Main liga, lawan Manchester, Dublin and Galway. Lawan lawan lawan wah dapat la 2nd place. First place lawan Manchester diorang datang all the way dari UK, siap ada bip sendiri and jersey kalau tak menang memang saje la..

Habis lawan semua pergi tengok futsal wahhhh Cork FC (boys) menang juara keseluruhan. Wahh bangga-bangga. So proud of them.

Cork FC and Corkorocococrunch
Girls and medals :D

Malam tu, walaupun kepala sedikit pening and badan sedikit sakit redah jugak balik Cork sebab kalau boleh hari Ahad nak rehat-rehat. Alhamdulillah selamat sampai semua.

Begitulah, weekend Dublin Games haritu :)