August 31, 2008

Ahlan ya Ramadhan

Me wishes all of you All the best in this Ramadhan. May we succeed in scoring 'big points' this time around. This is the month where we sharpen our saw. This is a month to pioneer us to be a better Muslim. Let's grab the chance and hit the perfect score (:

Thousand apologizes to everyone out there whom I ever hurt before.

Salam kemerdekaan to all Malaysian!

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I am a proud Malaysian blogger
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August 29, 2008

Mencari semangat yang hilang

I seriously need to motivate myself. I don't want to jeopardize my future.

a lot!


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What were you doing 5 years ago?

21-5 =16. Oh form 4. Most prolly tengah belajar Kimia kat lab Cikgu Irene sambil menyalin jawapan. Learn from the answers ok..learn from the answers...

what were the 5 things on your list today?
  1. go pickup Chemi at KTM Shah Alam
  2. go pickup Fuzah at Bukit Jalil
  3. go to Redbox Pavilion
  4. go to .......
  5. :P

what are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
  1. kerepek pedas
  2. kerepek bawang (melayu sangattt....snacks snacks pon nak kerepekkkk jugak)
  3. cheezels
  4. rota perisa udang
  5. keropok

what are 5 jobs you've had?
  1. tuition teacher after spm. which lasted only for few sessions. biaselah. darah muda. hahahaha.
  2. waitress at chi dim sum cafe. 2 months++ after I got my driving license
  3. secretary for company RMC 77 lasted 3 days. And I didnt even do any job pun. Hahahaha..
  4. customer service assistant at MPH SACC for 2 months++ gak
  5. aaa..keje ngan PPMC pun kire keje gak la kan :P

5 people you want to tag
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August 28, 2008


I've been considering on the option of skipping class for 2 weeks to celebrate this year's eid. But I still have doubts and planning to get timetable from my class rep.

Until I receive this email from dental school

Baca punya baca...


ada this red warning..

Cis... 3 weeks intensive katanya. Cam tau tau je gua nak skip class kan..

Anyway here goes my timetable for 2nd year for the first period. Nampak cam kosong senang lenang je kan. Tp for the first 3 weeks yang intensive class tu my classes are full. Monday, Tuesday, Friday sampai kul 4. Wednesday 4.30. Thursday 5pm. Aaaaaa....dahlah tengah2 puasa tuuuuu...flat la gua karang~Nnt 2nd period after winter camna la plak time table.. Nanti mula la meroyan nak buat kelas bukan-bukan kang...

Welcome 2nd year. I hope u won't disappoint me.

August 27, 2008

Undi undi!

I religiously read the mother's blog - Sis Viruspadu. Don't you see that the lil girl named Nisa is just oh-so-cute.

So...anyone who are accidentally/purposedly my blog, do vote for Annisa Abriza at here :

the page changes most of the time. Sekejap2 kat page 2 sekejap2 kat page 6 sat gi kat page 5 Jadi, berusaha gigihlah untuk undi for this cute lil girl, okay!

-back to my 'work'-

I can be

Mean and harsh at times.

August 26, 2008

Memecah kesunyian

Hello uols.

It's been a total silence for me this few days. Woke up to see the same four walls I've been seeing the last 48 hours. I'm doomed with boredom but fret not it is still NOT to the extend that I wish I'm back in Cork. I still feel I need more time in here. I still feel that the place is not interesting enough to make me WANT to go back there ASAP.

Nonetheless I still need to motivate myself that for this 5 years, my life kinda belongs to that place. I will still need to go back and spend the rest of 10 months there. Cry if I want. Complaint if I have to. But that's the path I chose and I can never look back now. Come 20th of September I still need to leave this heavenly place.

Tuuu...dia emo di pukul empat petang.

Let's put this emo-is feeling inside as I have something to look forward this Friday the 29th. It's gonna be one of the highlights of my summer holiday I must say. Plans have been made. Hopefully everythings goes well.

And I just found out AirAsia is opening free seats (but with lots of taxes jugak lah kan) until July 31st next year. Interesting isn't it? Rasa cam gatal2 je nak book. I have only like 20 days to travel on the given period since I'll be only in Malaysia on July the 10th. (T_T)'' Ermm too many places in my mind. On top of the list is of course Bandung. Rasa nak pegi Gold Coast lagi pun ade. Thailand pun is getting more popular these days. But I guess (and hope hope hope!) next year I'm gonna be busy with bro's wedding preparation, insyaAllah.

Oh yeah to my friends in Cork, welcome back to school. Ngeaha..heard that it's freezing cold now? Nasib la gwe bawak balik coat ke Malaysia last time. Bleh gune balik nnt..

p/s : mengidam buttered prawn. mane buleh dapatttttttttttttttt....

p/p/s : on a totally contradict note of the above p/s, I am VERY worried of my current condition. I am not exercising. And I felt that every clothes are shrinking. Lagi nak craving on food food food. Oh bummer! I shud've killed myself with a rusty blade! Die la you fat ass. >.<

August 25, 2008

Samsung NV4

I've just got myself a new toy. Hehehe...but sadly it's not an SLR. Not just yet I guess :P

Yesterday we rushed back to Kampung coz my Atok Haron was admitted to hospital due to high blood pressure. 11 out of 13 of his children went back to kampung when Cik Acor- my uncle texted them upon Atok's condition. Huuu..

Anyway cut the long story short, I went back earlier with Uncle Halimi coz I wass supposed to attend the event in PWTC. But it was raining cats n dogs today so I had to stay at home.

Later in the evening I was hungry and bored so I texted Fuzah coz suddenly I craved for Buttered Prawn. Went to Bukit Jalil. Went around KL to find a seafood restaurant but failed. By 9pm we were so hungry that we decided to stopby at any random seafood restaurant we found along the way.

I wanted to play with my new toy so we toured around KL City. So here goes some pixies from my new toy :-)

Erm...what is this??


Mode gambar : Sandarkan pada kenangan

Mode gambar : the time of my life by david cook (nak jugak tu letak david cook!)

Mode gambar : Menanti sebuah jawaban

Mode gambar : Sepi seorang perindu. muahahaha

masjid klcc + klcc

11.40 pun tak balik2 lagi..

bukit hampa di bukit jalil

Wanted to find any hilly areas so I could get a good city shot. Tapi tak kejumpaan. Bukit kat bukit jalil pun tanampak apape. LOL. Anyone knows any hilly place where I can get a good view of the city????

August 21, 2008

Gold Coast - postponed update

Here we go, Gold Coast pictures finally arrived!

Upon reaching Coolangatta Airport of Gold Coast, Australia. Yeah, we flew with AirAsia. The journey was okay. The plane was not bad. It was an 8 hours journey and we reached GC at about 8am.

Muke masih excited

I was quite surprised we went through the custom and immigration check quite smoothly. Australia has been well known of its strict check ups. Do declare everything that is inside your bag. Our Brahims rendang daging, maggi and tuna passed through the checkup tho. Oh and yes, please make sure you have the address of where you are staying in Aussie cause they'll need you to write that down on the yellow (yellow kah? lupe la sbnanye) card. Don't forget to get your online visa too! It's called ETA and it'll cost you 20Aud, but u'll get it free of charge if u fly with MAS.

After all hassle in the airport, we went to the information counter to get some info. Checked for prices and all. And we went to our apartment by the shuttle bus. It costed us 33AUD for a return ticket using that shuttle. Checked in to our apartment at Paradise Towers. The room is quite spacey and it's completed with cooking utensils, iron, ironing board, tv and even a mat (mahu duduk2 ditepi pantai kah). The location is perfectly strategic in the middle of Surfers Paradise. Few blocks away from Hard Rock Cafe and shopping places and the beach.

After shower and a bowl of maggi, we went out around the place and finally decided to go to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Just like the keychain. Cume the botton part je kotor sket. ngehngeh

Feeding the kangaroo. Half excited half nervous!

Feeding the birds. I don't get many birds since they are full by the time we fed them

Pictures with koala (that's real!!)

Went to HRC that nite.

The next day we went to DreamWorld. Since the time is quite limited, we only get to go to one theme park only. Sad sad. I think there will be a next time to Aussie, but only to Gold Coast la I guess.

The wipers. Zack had bad time there. hehehe

Our first ride. Ala yg boat ride cam kat SunwayLagoon tu.

Giant Drop. Zack said it was nothing, but for me who is unadventurous at all, it is something!!!

The Claw yg memeningkan

Tata Dreamworld!

That nite we went to the beach for the nite market.

Dragon Sand. *hnsst hnssstt*

In front of our aprtment

My favourite store. Hehehe..just below our apartment. We bought our mineral water, juices and fruits here!

On the last day we went to the Harbour town - the shopping heaven for errr..almost everyone. They claim to cater a few factory outlets yg meletop2 disitu. But I didn't find the place interesting pun. Biasa-biasa aja.

We spent our last moment at the beach. Tenang. Indah. Cantek. Sangat!!!

Berangan surfing. Next time I go there rasa cam nak blajar surf je!!

Bye bye Gold Coast

I must say Gold Coast is a nice play for holiday for all stages of age. Don't worry on getting halal food coz u see, along the Surfers Paradise itself MALAYSIAN restaurant are almost everywhere. BUT, do check their prices tho coz a single mistake will cost u a lot! Muahahaha..

Mahuu..mahu pergi lagi..tak puas!

Bye Zack!

August 19, 2008


Dang's 2.45am and I am still wide awake. Was about to sleep and when suddenly my mind flew to the future, thinking what and who am I gonna be the next few years, Terus terbangun tak leh tdo.

So yeah lemme ramble and reminisce about things of the past. Some people may not want to live with the past anymore. But I chose not to let go the history. So what if it's not there anymore? Hahaha mari emo di pukul 2.50pagi.

Do u know what mIRC is? It's Microsoft Internet Relay Chat, founded by Khaled Mardam Bey. For those of u who have just joined the cyber world in the past 2-3 years, mIRC may not be something familiar to u. But for me, who has been joining this addictive world of cyber since primary 5, mIRC is deffo something that grew in me. >.< Modus operandi
mIRC works simply like this. You choose your nickname, log in to the web server, join a channel, click on others' nickname, and la!

It depends on you whether u want to keep using the same nickname or not. You may register your nickname with nickserv if u don't want other people to use your name. As for me, my nickname changed quite a few times before I finally settled for sAd_aNgeL for a few years. Ngahaha...cheesssy...I know I know (=_=)"

There are thousands of channels available in mIRC. All you need to do is figure out what kind of group are you in. General Malaysian chatters usually go for channel #kampung. Aaa...sounds familiar isn't it? You can also join the channel for people of your age. #12thn, #13thn, #17thn. But I'm not quite sure whether there is channel for #51thn tho :P I used to be a loyal chatters of #sbp, #sainskl, and occasionally, #0004, #mrsm, #mp3zs and few other downloading channels. YES. You can download things through mIRC using the function DCC ke ape tah tu..

Each channels are also being "taken care of" certain operators. Operators are sometimes chatters among us, but may also be a 'bot', errmm..a shortform of robot, i guess? Those VICs (very important chatters) may be the founder, SOP, AOP, VOP and UOP. My highest achievement was to be one of the AOPs of #sbp. Time tu kire tengah top of the [cyber] world lah kire-kirenye and [quite] famous among other chatters.

Reality vs Virtual
Sometimes you may know the person you are chatting with. For instance, schoolmates. mIRC may also be the place where you started to be friend with your schoolmates. Sounds weird, eh? But, that is the wonders of mIRC. When I was in lower secondary years, I used to know quite a number of seniors. And became known among some of them. I am quite a low profile girl lah back then, but thanks to mIRC, I became someone in front of my seniors. There's one time also I was saved - from being selected masuk perbarisan by my seniors who happened to be the commando. Ngahaha..Nama busuk pun ada gak when I accidentally labeled a group of senior (girls) geng pendek. Muahaha..habis kena target T_T

You may also know people from other schools, from channels like #sbp. Some of you may decide to take the bond one step further, either deeper or out from the cyber world. I used to exchange numbers with some of them. But I was being very careful in giving out details. Not until I have become comfortable with them! But sadly I don't really keep in touch with them until know. Yang tinggal cuma Raje si sang_kuriang yg dah agak2 sombong skarang neh, Afiq ben (who became my classmate in Matrix, and became KMB-mate), Kak Leen! (hehehe..still remember?), 'zarf and few others. Mungkin ade je dulu we came across but tak perasan kan?

My story
As stated above, I started when I was 11 years old. Slowed down during my PMR years. Made a comeback during Form 4. Slowed down during SPM and stopped completely after I started to work after SPM. mIRC has been a bittersweet memory for me. I made quite a number of friends but didn't managed to extend most of the friendship til now. During Ramadhan, I will stay up the whole nite until sahur. Slept after Subuh and dozed off the whole day..bangun2 dah pukul 4! Oh oh..puasa jenis apakah itu T_T

I looked forward to every school holiday (who doesn't?) so I could chat and chat and chat the whole nite. Being known among my schoolmates because of it too. Lepas tu kena bahan jadi founder la ape la by some of them.

Being known in people of other school pun ade gak. Ada this one time, I was kinda erm...known by people of this one school. It started with this one particular guy. Then continued by encik sang_kuriang kite, and later on the chain spread. But I must say I owed SK a lot. He used to be my penasihat, and one of the best friend I ever had. But notice the past tense, yes, it was in the past already.

p/s : mind my language. it's 3.44am now. Ngantuk. But kenot sleep. I'm going out today. Nanti overslept T_T

August 17, 2008

Cerbar (cerita bergambar)

9.00 am

Dik!!! Bangun dik!!! Kemas bilik!!!! Eeeee...nanti diorang nak datangggggg...Makpah dah nak sampai dah!!!!!

*rubbed my eyes*
Cursing silently in my heart (NOT to my mom). Woke up. Cleaned up my room a little bit.

11.00 am

Went down to the kitchen. Had my breakfast. Decided to cook ayam masak kicap. When finally Mak Pah arrived.
Did my limau assam boi for Mak Pah. She loved it so much. Ngehngehngeh.
Went upstairs to accompany this lil kiddo. Kasihan melihatnya keseorangan keboringan.
We talked a bit. Fooled around a bit. And then she decided to play with MacBabe. I introduced her to Mac's Photobooth. Played around with the effects and she was disturbed to have seen her face transformed into pencil-lookalike just like my bolster.
Maaakkk..muke malia jadi macam pensellllll...


Went to the shop nearby to take the kuihs mak ordered before with Malia. Ohhh before that she was surprised to know I can drive.

Sape bawak kete? Kak Jiah tau bawak kete keeeee.....

Haha..ciss disitu!


Tok arrived from Johor with Cik Aco and Cik Syikin. Then came Maktip,Maklimah and the rest of the crew. Came in bising-bising a bit. Kecoh-kecoh here and there and started their work again.

Mak Tip, Mak Limah and Cik Syikin preparing the hantarans. While MakPah busy commenting. Ngehehe..

Time is running out. It's close to 6pm already..

While the adults are busy preparing things, the kids are upstairs in my room doing their thang. Oh the one with serkop is my tok pisah actually!

Kite pun boleh buat kucinggggg. uttered Qilah
Alaaaa kite pun boleh buat jugakkkkk Kak Ngah replied
Aida pun buat kucinggggg spoke Aida a bit pelatly.


Everybody has started to shower and change clothes. Come Maghrib they prayed berjemaah downstairs while the others are running here and there trying to fit in any vacant bathroom.

Hoii buat ape tu apasal tak mandi lagiiii.
Heyy cepat-cepat dah pukul 8
Cepattt..dah pukul 8.30


6 cars departed from my home to PJ. Met up with another 2 cars along the way.


The event started. Simple. Straight to the point.

saya ni abg kepada arwah ayah Redha
saya ni abg kepada ayahnya..
kalau boleh...

Eh. Dah setel?

Panggil keluar..panggil keluar..

Click click click
Snap snap snap
Kak Jiaaahhhhhh, Sarah nak kamera....Sarah tak tangkap gambarrr lagi

..sudah. Start dah.
Aida nak jugak..Aida nak tangkap gambarr...
Alaaaaa......kasi la dierrr....dier tak tangkap gambar lagiiiiiiii...

Ah...potong. Hilang dah mood nak tangkap gambar. The camera has been surrendered to the little rascals.

close to 10pm

Makan-makan session started. Cik Kam, in case you are reading and wondering, no worries, your 2 daughters are being well taken care of by Kak Jiah! ehehehhehehehe..
I had meehoon with ayam goreng and the scrumptious daging goreng and sambal udang which I shared with my 2 little sisters.

Little rascals pencopet kamera. *sigh*

ahh tatau sape tangkap gambar ni..nasib ade!


Bapaknye ni nak balik Johor malam ni jugak. Esok ade banyak undangan majlis kahwin. Balik dulu ye!
Ahhh yee...oklah..

*salam salam..salam salam*
This is my sister in law sister...blablabla...
oh...this iss...
...this and that...


Ehhh..cokelettt...nak cokelettt...
Sedap oooo...cokelettt ni...
A'aaa...cokelet ni mahal oo...kat KLCC je dapat..
Din cube rase Din cokelet ni sedappp..
Burung dalam sangkar tu...jangan kasi terlepassss..
Ehhh laaaaa.....buah ni rupenye biskuttt...
Eh laaa...boleh makan kee.....
Ko nak ape? Manggis? Strawberi? Oren?
Tat la Pi...ko nak takkk...
Buat sendiri?? Wahhhhh...


The kids showed NO SIGN of sleeping at all. They were busy doing destructions to anything destructible. *sigh*

This is them busy writing down lyrics Aku Lebih Tahu by Mila. Who's the lyrics memorizer? Kak Ngah!

While the adults are busy discussing things downstairs.

Harbisah kot..
Naron pon ok...
Naron? Cam Laron je! *bursting laugh*

12.00ish pm

Salam salam atok...atok nak balik.
Time kasih ye pak, mak datang.



Tak boleh jadi ni dek..panas!!.ktorang tido bilik ko je lah
Nasibla mak besorkan bilik ko ni dek...
Hah bukak full blast dek..
Mak tip pun nak menyempit gak!
Heisshh...aku duduk hujung air-condnye tak dapat sangat lah!
Eyhh dah semayang Isya' blum
Kalau semayang pagi esok...sempat tak?

10 people. in MY room. Hahaha..meriah-meriah!

3.00 am

Mak Pah woke up
Dekkkk aircondnye ni knapa tertutup. Panas laaaa..

(I set up my aircond only up to 3am only. just to aid me sleeping)

Qilah was awake due to MakPah's noise
Aaaa...MakPah ni bising aaa (dalam keadaan separa nanges)

7.00 am

Dek dek..
*pats my back*
Dek dek...
*increases volume*
Subuh! Subuh! Bangunn!


Things became silent again. This IS silence NOT peace. I miss them already~

August 15, 2008

Menjaga Hati

August 13, 2008


credit to

Life has been pretty dull today. Acehh..baru sehari boring dah nak complaint.

I tried hard not to think that I've more or less one month to enjoy this heavenly place. Then I'm back to the land of sheeps, greenies and beers again. *sigh* Then I have another 11 freaking months to be taken down. Many things might happen along the way but one thing for sure it's gonna be rough. I really hope I won't be receiving any kind of pressure from certain people. Am praying hard that come next year my life would be filled with more excitement rather than tears.

Malaysian performance in Olympics is kinda disappointing. Wong Mew Choo and [Chong Wei --> bukan weyh..sukesuki aku je kate chongwei dah out T_T ] is out of the league. Tadi tengok sekejap archery the guy name Khalzam lost by only 1 mark. Adoiyaiiii sedih. Swimmers pun memang out of reach la kot kan. Athletics is starting this Friday if I'm not mistaken.

Today I went to MidVal and was back at home by 12. Amazing bukan? Was there to take my jeans which I sent to be altered. Nak main bowling sangat tapi terasa loser pulak kalau gi sorang2. Planned to go to Sg Wang plaza straight away to take my contact lenses. Why Sg Wang? They are having promotion - RM100 per box of contact lens! That's the cheapest option I ever heard and didn't think long before I grabbed it. Inilah dia masalah si rabun yang berastigmatism. Normal rabun peeps can get coloured contact lenses with price less than RM100 but si rabun berastigmatism ini perlu mendapatkan kanta sentuh khas untuknya. And bad news my power increased lagi. I'll be reaching 1000 in no time lah. Kalau dpt duit manyak nak buat laser lah. Nak buat laser lah. Braces lah. Banyak betul defects T_T But I didn't go to Sg Wang anyway. Kemalasan.
Since 12 is kinda early to me I went to PKNS Kompleks mengusha baju raye. Errrmmm..nothing interesting. Today's swimming session is 12-2. If it's an afternoon session bet I won't be this bored. Went back home. Lepak2 jap and went out lagi to USJ Summit to grab Subway. Tetibe craving for it pula..

What's up for tomorrow?

Tiada guna cipta sebuah cerita Kalau kisah kita sementara Rasa hati dan langkahmu Membuat aku keliru Tiada guna kita menderita Sungguh semua tidur pun tak lena Rasa hati dan katamu Tak lagi seperti dulu

but hey...anyway..thanks for the past few years. I am officially resigning from being the dull lover