May 26, 2008


I'm off to Brussels for a quick Europe tour before going back.
Yeap, Brussels, AGAIN. But this time around we are gonna explore Brux properly and I'm not staying with my aunty either. Don't ask why

And I leave this blog to my beloved blog guard, Encik Fahrin Ahmad. LOL...

Fahrin Ahmad @ Vice Versa, TV3

See u later! Daaa~~~

May 24, 2008


Today we moved our things to our new house...

Boxes boxes boxes
Placed into one of the room since 2 of the 6 rooms are still occupied
The stairs. Turn left to my room, turn right to Nida & Mihah's room, Turn a bit to left n go straight to Wany's room and go further straight up to Adilah + Kak D & Aliyah's room
Sneak peak of the front door

We drew lots to see who gets which room and by luck, I got room #1. Slightly creepy and busuk coz the future tenant is still renting and the room look oh so messy. Busuk gileerrr!!!! But luckily he didn't lock up the room so I sneaked into the room. Just wanted to get an idea on how my room look like so I can think of my room's interior design.

My room's design was the weirdest I must say. Masuk2 ade seketul jamban menanti dibelakang pintu (I swear I won't be using that bowl for any big business. Sure nanti bau melarat ke bilik). My room is ensuite, yes but the shower was literally in my room, and it's not really separated with my bedroom. Err..paham ke..senang cite blakang katil ada dinding sket...pastu ehhhhhh tetibe ade shower. And it's slightly dark coz the curtain is dark green. But anyhoo I love my room. The space is, enough I must say. Tak kisah lah camne rupe pon as long as I own that room and no one can ever trespass my room suka-suki (kerana dikhuari pemilik sedang mandi dan opppss...bilik itu showernya tiada pemisah dari alam luar)

p/s : kakiku kaku kok kaku kaku kekkkkk...angkat kotak..sakittttt...

May 23, 2008

Post Exam BBQ

Eh buat pe tu?
Waa...banyaknye food...

Ehhh....ade BBQ lahhh....nampak cam mahal je BBQ set euro apee?? dah hilang???

Woww....the girls are so spring-(ish?)

As we planned, our post exam BBQ was held yesterday, right after the Meds students are done with their final finals. But lady luck wasn't by our side yesterday coz the pouring didn't even showed a sign of stopping that we had to do our BBQ under a small tunnel in between the apartments. Since our Ketua Batch Mr Usop & Bazli are off to France early in Thursday, we had to carry on with the plan despite the rain...

The menu was : Barbecued chicken (which was supposed to come with 2 different flavours but ended up being the same after they were BBQed), BBQed sausages, Chinese Fried Rice, Mashed Potato with Black Pepper Gravy, Dadih (the pink colour jelly topped with the strawberry in the picture below), Fruit Cocktails with Custard and Salads.
Patut la dadih tu nampak comel...tengok la sape yang hias~~

The theme was "spring party" and all girls must wear something which is colourful, preferably flowerish. As for the boys we asked them to wear bright colour shirts, either red, orange or yellow. But there are still few peeps who went against the theme set and confidently claimed their shirts are spring enough. Cehh...memang degil!
The party was held in Shidot's apartment due to the unwelcoming weather. But it was still as good as having it outside. With a good food and crazy people like us, campak mane pun sure havoc pnyelah..hwahwahwa..Plus, we get to watch final match between Manchester and Chelsea and even came out with a new way of watching football the Islamic way..muahahahahhaha...

Us, after several plates of fried rice and several pieces of chicken..
Jo Lin & Alia..

Looking all happy after finals

This one looks like masyarakat majmuk..opssss..

Onto photography session..

Caption #1 : Okay semua tunjukkan tangan cool...COOL okay not RETARD
Caption #2 Formal pose everyone..
Caption #3 : Re-taking the pic with Bazli & Faimee (sebab diorang lari turun bawah in the middle of the party)

Caption #4 : All of us.. =)

This is gonna be our last get-together in Castlewhite. Our first year is approaching the end and I must admit that time flies pretty fast. Baru rasa macam baru pijak Cork. Baru je rasa perasaan sampai overseas. Kenangan waktu mula sampai. Hampir seminggu makan makanan yang senior bekalkan. First time masak sendiri...Habis ayam, makan nasi goreng dengan telur. First time buat buka puasa ramai2. Masak nasi ayam...Jualan bazar Ramadhan..Roti Castlewhite.First time keluar makan Indian Moon bukak puasa ramai2..Masak ayam masak merah sambil nangis2 malam raya..Raya dalam dewan..Buat open house raya.Kenangan ICW....and macam-macam lagilah!

We came to Cork without knowing each other well enough, but we managed to build up a strong bond between all of us. May this friendship lasts forever and may all of us achieve success. I sayang them as my brothers and sisters for without them life in here would be very hard and dull. May Allah bless our friendship.

Come next year, will we be able to have a good makan-makan like this?
2,3,4 years from now, will we be able to sit together and have fun like this?


May 21, 2008

Rain rain..go away, come again another day~

Yes rain, pleash...pleash go away. I spent the whole preparing things for our BBQ today tawwww...

It was so long since I last masak meriah2. Yesterday I put aside the pain of my knee and spent the day cooking chicken rice and marinating the chickens for our batch's BBQ. Perangai cam kaki dah okay but at the end of the day...ouh...sakit dia kembali that I had to take the leftover painkiller I kept. I think the pain was also contributed by the fact that I terpeleot while I was busy packing up my things and tried to lift up the heavy boxes.

But today I am okay I guess. I am posting this while duduk bersila. Now how cool is that! I can bersila okay?? hahahhaa...gile!

Now let's hope the rain goes away by this evening. Kalau tak cacat lah our planning :(

May 20, 2008

Ciss...berani kau Zahidahtul Kamaliah @ DekDah @ "BB"

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan:
  • A set of nintendo Wii with Wii Fit (any would do me good, share2 ok, sape nak belikan ape. hahahahha perasan)
  • A slimming set. Xkisah la, gym membership ke HL items ke...
  • Nintendo Dance Mat. Ok fine, I can settle with anything yang bleh main dance2 ikut step tu. Kalau yg ade kat game arcade tu for sale pun ok jugak ;)
  • Guitar
  • (put any high prices things here)
p/s : confirm smua tak dapat! hahahahha..

Senaraikan alasan atas pilihan anda itu:
  • Because it's cool and cooler (eventho it gave wrong BMI calculation)
  • For the obvious reason lah kan. Kalau saya plus size dan voluptuous cam Whitney takpe. Tapi plus plus plus size and not voluptuous at all. Curves pon tarak.
  • Because I love to dance
  • Because I seriously seriously wanna learn how to play one!
  • Because my Zodiac says, Leo peeps are materialistic! Hahaha

5 impresi terhadap orang yang diminati:
  • calm
  • pleasant
  • sent shivers down my spine :)
  • cool
  • wise

Perkara yang paling hebat pernah dilakukannya untuk anda:
  • Let it be my greatest secret, can we?

5 ciptaan yang paling disukai(tdk semestinya melibatkan teknologi yang maju)
  • tweezer!
  • internet
  • lamps
  • music
  • phones
Apakah perkara yang paling dibenci?
  • being forced to do sth I dun like
  • being around ppl I dun like
  • a guy wHo tYpEs LiKe ThIs. hahaha..tatau kenapa terganggu if it's a guy
  • hypocrites/two-faced
  • unfaithful peeps -> ala ala pantang jugak ah
5 Orang yang yang mahu anda tag:
  • Wany
  • Mihah
  • Adilah
  • Nida
  • Jo Lin (tetibe)
eh..laaaa...semuorang takde blog ke...hahahhahahahhaha...

It's O.V.E.R, over!

Warning : Orang tak habis exam lagi tak digalakkan membaca, takut-takut ada perasaan jeles tertimbul. Wahahaha~

Anyway, I'M DONE WITH THE SUMMER EXAMS. Alhamdulillah....... =) =) =)

Berakhir sudah hari-hari tidak tenang. Hari bangun pagi teringat Anatomy, bila lunch teringat Biochemistry, balik petang terbayang Physiology, nak tidur teringat Fundamental of Dental Practice. Yeap, the pressure is THAT much. And I'm so glad it's all over now. Plus, the chapter was closed with a quite light subject - Principles of Human Structure which I answered in about 1 hour & 10 minutes before I happily handed over the paper to the invigilators. Not to say I am confident with that paper though. And to describe my feeling when I was walking back from Neptune Stadium to town - aaahhhh...perasaan seperti orang yg mulanya mendaki gunung Everest sambil membawa periuk nasi, sedang turun berlari-lari dengan gembiranya tanpa sebarang beban. Did u get the picture? No? Heh..try harder!

BUT BUT BUT I am so freaking nervous with my Anatomy results. I really really really really really really really hope I'll pass that subject. Getting a pass is all that I can hope for the time being. My first year in UCC has been a year of helter-skelter with my self-confidence was drowning down the drain helplessly. Hopefully come next year I have found my pace and I will march back on the right track ASAP..I would like to thank my classmates - especially Michele and to name a few Kamil, Jo Lin, my 2 Botswana bf (haha!) Frank and Kabe, the Kuwaitians and some of the Irish for making my 1st year a memorable one. Not to forget my lecturers, EG, KD, AT (yg tadi datang exam dengan gaya pakaian spring yg sangat cool dan comel), DYH (eventho...), EF, NR, KD, SC and those dentists cum lecturers in CUH.

Soon after the exam ended I went to town. Rewarded myself for being quite hardworking (note the word quite there) and went back home. And I did not wait any longer to have my things packed up as I really can't wait to move out from this place. All my books are now safely in the box. My coats and jackets followed in another box. Some of my clothes are to be sent for laundry and some of them I've put in my luggage. I am still left to decide what to bring back what to be stayed though..

However, eventho I'm done with this brain cracking exams, I've still got lots of things to do. Meeting up SB for new student Welcome Program thingy and lots more prepairing things for the program, preparing things for our batch BBQ on Wednesday, catching up with Gossip Girl, ANTM (which I've done when I was packing up my things just now. Whitney rocks! And to have won that in the name of plus-size model, that's really something! But I'm still sad coz my favourite, Lauren the freak girl went home earlier. Yes yes, she's a freak, but I just love to see her pictures!!), Greys Anatomy, Private Practice..and the list goes on and on..Plus I still have two books to be read (Lessons in Heartbreak by Cathy Kelly and Thanks for The Memories by Cecilia Ahern)

Ahh..for the time being, I just wanna relax. Lie on the bed. Embed myself with my books and my MacBabe. Such a wonderful feeling :)

me and Michele

am gonna miss moment nerding in Brookfield with my jenglots. hehe..

May 19, 2008


Previous post gwe remove sebab ade minah bising2 suruh remove gambar.

I'm thinking of going private with this blog....ergh...tatau kenapa

toldcha i'm pms likethat.

p.s. : Who would want to get access to my blog do mail me at Manelah tau memang jadi gile betul ke nak privatekan blog. (eventho probability dia kurang daripada 0.01% and kalau ikut law doc takkan disclose side effect ni kat pesakit)

One more freakin day to go bebeh!

Takkan lagi aku menunggu
kau hadir di dalam mimpi-mimpiku
puasku mengharapkan dirimu
seperti mereka yang punya cinta

Diriku tanpa dirimu
kau tempuhi penuh bahagia
diriku mahu kau tahu
pedih ini kau tak terasa

Warkahku mengharapkan dirimu
seperti yang aku kenali dulu
setiaku menantikan dirimu
seperti setianya terhadap diriku

Tapiku melepaskan mu
melangkah namun tak berdaya
terusku terus menunggu
cinta yang takkan pernah ada

OST Sindarela, Warkah by Bau :)

May 17, 2008

Oh sekolah ku begitu ku rindu..

Epul has spoken to me on the day the drama was aired. Then Ida told me about the same thing too. So I cant resist any more temptation from seeing this drama called DEMI MASA by TV3.

And yes, the scene was taken at, none other than my beloved one and only SMS Selangor Maju~~

1. Tangga port bertenggek time main petang. Sambil tu main baling-baling bola kat tengah-tengah jalan tu
2. Tepi tu should be a meja bulat port makan nasik goreng letak telur petang-petang. haha

4. Wakaf tok raja ke diraja. It was built during our 5th years kot?
5. Jalan kenangan. Kenangan ape? whatever saje..

5. Tangga Bradley (ke?) Dan cantekkk!!!! Tak aciii!!!
6. Bilik Muzik/Gamelan. Dulu blaja muzik kat sini jugak kadang2 rasenye?
7. Meja balut ngan plastik. Pastu dulu bawah dia letak gambar2 artis pojaan seperti Zahid ahcunnnyaa..haha..kenangan2..
8. Locker. Huerm..takde kenangan
9. Kenangan berebut dgn kakak2 (?) kantin yg hanya suka melayan pelajar lelaki walau setakhensem mane pon mereka. haha..mungkin hormon kakak2 tu je..
10. Kantin kenangan membeli nasi goreng ayam merah dua ringgit. ohh...heavenn...
12. Bilik komputer kat bilik guru. Nak cari warden dulu kat sini la senang
13. Ni tempat sape cikgu mane eh dlu...lupe.
14. Dewan SMSS
15. Tempat perhimpunan.
16. Wisma Zelan! hahahahaha
17. Meja bulat, rujuk #2
18. Lab biologi tempat kami belajar bersama guru Alice terchenta..haha
19. Oh nak tunjuk contoh pakaian Librarian. Dlu saya librarian kejap..hahah
20. Tempat makan cikgu-cikgi. Dah ade aircond skarang!
21. Kolam kura-kura kegemaran NELAYAN-NELAYAN SMSS.
22. Pondok ni..huerm...before nak masuk lab Chemistry cikgu Irene lepak situ jap..
23. Asrama Putera blok A kot tuh..tak hengats. Tu blok surau
24. Blok budak2 F1. Juga merupakah rumah Cikgu Raja tempat kami menonton AF. hehe..
25. Tangga Bradley dah tak cerun. wowowowo...ilang umph
26. Tak silap tu cam dorm dak2 Deka. Pastu selalu gantung2...benda. hahaha

Any SMSSian care to add up your kenangans? Oh cmon.....anonymous ke unanonymous u are most welcomed to comment. Takkan takde kenangan langsung in one of the places kot?!?!?!

Anyway the story was not bad. Typical cliche cliche cite sedih Melayu la. I was expecting for something different. Towards the end la ade a bit sedih. Tu pun sebab hero dier iqram dinzly so rase simpati itu lebih sikit..hahahahah...

p/s : cam dah abes exam je kan buat prangai camni? haha

May 16, 2008

Selamat Hari Guru

Nak tiru Ida buat entry pasal cikgu jugak!!!

Saya sayang banyak cikgu-cikgu saya.Terutamanya cikgu-cikgu SMSS sebab 5 tahun saya membesar (serius besar) dan mengalami perubahan dinamik kat situlah. So the list goes :

  1. Cikgu Irene Lim. Topping the list must be her. My great teacher Irene. Sebab dia saya cintakan Kimia. Sebab bangga dia pada saya waktu form 4 saya menang kuiz persamaan kimia dapat 38/40 (woot woot) pastu dia bangga akan saya. Saya sayang dia banyak2. That's why no matter how hard chemistry goes, I still LOVE CHEMISTRY :)
  2. Cikgu Suraya Basar. Cikgu BM.Saya kagum sama dia tabah jadi warden yang garang tapi cool. One of the few yang saya keep in touch sampai skarang.
  3. Cikgu Roslina Ahmad. Cikgu Add Maths saya yang garang tapi senyum comel gila. Waktu f4 ingat lagi kena marah sebab dia ingat saya tiru latihan add maths padahal saya tersilap satu step tak tunjukkan. Tapi Cikgu Roslina beransur2 jadi seorang cikgu yang cool gile!
  4. Cikgu Alice Tan. Coz I sucked in Biology sesangat. Belaja ngan dia betol2 bleh grad jadi doctor terus kot? haha...And I still remember she helped me to get a place in some sort of intensive camp for top achievers which I didnt get through coz I failed my Biology test. Saya terharu sampai skarang. And that was my turning point by the way :)
  5. Ustazah Mazinaton. Dia mentor saya yang cool time f5. Macam2 perkara dia ajar termasuk suatu senaman yang menarik. hehe..
  6. Cikgu Zaleha. Dia mentor saya F1 yang suka tersasul cakap German. hehe..
  7. Cikgu Cecelia. Dia cikgu English saya, dari F1 saaaaaaammmpppaaai F5. Cool giler kan? I know..
  8. Madam Tan Toh Tha. Cikgu paling aneh yet sorang lagi cikgu yang beransur2 berubah selepas Toye dan rakan2 buat hal takmau amik French sebab tak suka kat Madam. Hahahah...madam ni gile particular pasal tulisan. Kalau boleh nota dia tu...tulisan kena perfect, a bulat2. huruf Y kena bawah garis. Buku nota kitorang dia check satu2 n betulkan tulisan je tau.
  9. Cikgu Jasmi, Sejarah. Oh saya memang suka Sejarah, seriously. Buku teks Sejarah adalah antara buku yang paling saya sayang. Dia suke buat kuiz sejarah kat kelas, kena berdiri atas kusi, kena berdiri atas meja, berdiri separuh pun ade! Die juga cikgu Kelab Sejarah yg elect saya pegi Pulau Pangkor utk kursus kepimpinan tapi time f5 saya lari gi Kelab Kimia plak. hehe..sori cikgu...
  10. Ustaz Z. Dia ajar saye ke aa? Rase cam ade kejap. Tapi die ustaz selalu bagi kuliah subuh dimana saya selalu tido! hahaha...atau lebih menarik, tak pegi lgsg!
  11. Ustaz Dolah. Ini memang legend. Selalu cerita pasal rumah sewa dia dan isteri dia yang kedua2nye berjumlah 3orang/buah. Hahahaha..
  12. Cikgu Halim. Cikgu yang jaga batch kitorang time f3. Ktorang sayang dia banyak2 dan isteri dia..hwaa..
  13. Cikgu Shahri Mispan cikgu sejarah saya f1 sampai f3. One of my habit during exam is I teng to humming songs, especially bila soalan MCQ. Ade one time I was humming songs sepanjang exam sampai kena tegur ngan dia. Lepastu hantar kertas, dapat results, bleh tahan gempak la (relatively compared to other ppl la kot) pastu dia cam tak percaya. Cissss berani dia. Told u I love history ok!
  14. Cikgu Halil Ngah Karim. Sebut nama dia je dah rasa nak gelak. Sila berbahasa skema bila berbicara dengan dia ok.

Cikgu-cikgu lain, randomly..
  1. Cikgu Roslina KMB Mentor saya for 1.5 years. Banyak bagi semangat kat saye... thanks cikgu :)
  2. Puan Bad KMB Mentor saya for 0.5 year.Cikgu Maths paling cool..
  3. Sir Fadzlannor KMB Chemistry, because I love chemistry, so cikgu2 dia smua saya ok je. Ayat favourite dia => biar lebih jangan kurang sentiasa bersemadi dalam ingatan. haha..
  4. Cikgu Hasnah KMB Business. I love Business subject so I learn the teacher also la..ngaha..cikgu cooolll jer..

To all teachers of Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor 0004, Sekolah Kebangsaan Hicom '99, Kolej Mara Banting 0507, Sekolah Rendah Agama Seksyen 3 9498, Sekolah Rendah Agama Rakyat Taman Bukit Saga 9899,

thanks for making me what I am now for without u I may not be able to be where I am now :)

laen kali bgtahu awal2 bukan bagitahu pukul 9.25pm


Ma boys rock on da field (gaya nigga cool)

ngaha...I miss the song and I miss the intenseness while watching them boys playing.

May 15, 2008

that's how much i miss you

While I was struggling to wake up, and walla the text came in.
I woke up there and then, and my eyes are wide open till now.

Haih...why lah..I thought I've managed to get u out of my mind >.<


Liars are everywhere, so beware!

May 13, 2008

Mentari Kembali Menyinar

mentari kembali menyinar is simply because the sun is rising high on the sky and makin the temperature hawt hawt hawt...I walked back from CUH without any jacket/overcoat and I still sweat a lil bit. It's 18 degrees bebeh~ And all the irish pun dok berjemur tanning themselves under the sun..Me?? Tanning? More like turning into the wok's butt rather than tanning.

The oral went fine today. I was given 3 slides. One on Cyst, one on Dental Material - Alginate and the last one on Psychology. I think I did the best in cyst compared to the other 2. Coz I was crapping all along the way on the dimensional stability of the Alginate and the application of Psychology in HSE. But the examiners looked fine and said I was good and all so that made me felt better I guess.

Right after the oral I rushed to the Physiotherapy center. Luckily the distance between Cork Dental Hospital and the center was not that far. I accidentally booked the session at the same time of my oral. Luckily the flow of my group was faster and I think I finished earlier than 12 minutes. I was late by 15 minutes for the physiotherapy but luckily my physiotherapist was fine with it.

My leg progression? Since the last 2 weeks I didnt show any much improvement, this week was by far my best. She added some intensive exercises for me so basically now I am start jumping and jogging with my legs. She even get me jumping on the trampoline since I said I wanna get better faster and get going in the gym sooner. She said I'm doing well so far so Alhamdulillah =)

My stress level has gone down a lil bit. Managed to do some damage control on our unexpected holiday plan. Well things move on. The world offers u many options and also challenges to be faced. Now it's time to show how well u handle the pressure. I admit I was being so weak yesterday since bad things came one after another. But today I felt I grew up a lil bit stronger than yesterday *sambil menyanyikan Britney's stronger*

Onto plan balik Malaysia. Since I am going to be mobile-less, guess I'll just have to stay in home lah. Yeah public transports in my house sucks big time. Now it's time for my girls to return the favor - cepat hamik aku kat rumah!!! Terosak la sikit plan nak kembali bersosial berfutsal bagai. Haihh =(

Whatever goes on...could u please hold on dear life?

jangan ditambah stress yang tersedia menghantui

Kids, here's some simple basics of life. DO learn this off, as it could be really really useful in future. But this only applies IF U ARE SHARING ROOM WITH SOMEONE ELSE

Lesson #1
During exam week, DO NOT do things that they dislike (eg; bring guy into the room)

Lesson #2
During exam week, watching movies at 3am with the lights on is not encouraged

Lesson #3
During exam week, watching movies ACCOMPANIED BY INCESSANT GIGGLES is strictly prohibited

Lesson #4
During exam week, if u are awake at 3am (eg to watch movie) giggling giggling and ur roomate suddenly opens her eyes (ie wakes up from her sleep), and make annoying sounds, DO TAKE NOTE and stop from doing anything that u are doing

Lesson #5
During exam week, if u are chatting with your boyfie (whom u are actually being unfaithful to him) over the internet, do it some other time but not at night when other ppl in the room is trying to be panic and reading the notes. Especially if during the daytime, the other ppl will not be in the room AT ALL.

It's as simple as ABC provided ur Emotional Intelligence is developed well along with ur brain and mind. Selamat mencuba!

May 12, 2008

The Exam...

S to the U to the C to the K to the S

SUCKS big time.

Maybe I should consider working back in MPH. *sigh*

++ stress sebab stress++
+++stress sebab holiday yg patutnye jadi penghilang stress jadi pembuat stress+++
++++ stress sebab kat msia nanti takde kete. ohh patah kaki ++++


May 11, 2008






belajar pasal badan sendiri pun stress.pastu nak jadi dentist. woi blah lah woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Happy Motha's Day

You taught me everything
And everything you’ve given me
I always keep it inside
You’re the driving force in my life
There isn’t anything
Or anyone I can be
And it just wouldn’t feel right
If I didn’t have you by my side
You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me
And no one else can be what you have been to me
You’ll always be you always will be the girl
In my life for all times

Mama, mama you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Mama, mama you’re the queen of my heart
Your love is like
Tears from the stars
Mama, I just want you to know
Lovin’ you is like food to my soul
You’re always down for me
Have always been around for me even when I was bad
You showed me right from my wrong
Yes you did
And you took up for me
When everyone was downin’ me
You always did understand
You gave me strength to go on
There was so many times
Looking back when I was so afraid
And then you come to me
And say to me I can face anything
And no one else can do
What you have done for me
You’ll always be
You will always be the girl in my life

To MAK....

Thank you for everything. Words can't describe. So I dare not to utter any words anymore..

p/s : ohTAKUTgileEXAManatomyESOKraseCAMnakMATIbunuhDIRIbenciBENCIbenciAAAApastuTAKLEHstudySUDAHotakTEPUkonon!!!!!!

Misteeq this time I should be studying actually. But because I am so dissapointed with the tasteless kicap kari I just cooked, I decided to blog (ok ke alasan camni? hee..)

Then I go bloghopping, until I reached Nadiah's blog. She's Zack's friend by the way. And her bf Zubair pernah datang my open hse along with Zahirah (another Zahirah besides Zack) and Syafiq years ago.

Back to the story. Nad found this blog about weird items with harga mahar (that's what he called) yg sungguh lah amat tinggi. Seperti membeli mani gajah asli for RM500. Who would be buying elephant's sperm by the way.

Ok I dare not comment anymore....kalau sakit gigi pun boleh buat rawatan jarak jauh..apetah lagi...tsk..

May 10, 2008


I am so the very excited to go for my primary school's reunion this coming August. I dunno why, I just do. Maybe because it has been soOooOooo long since we left SK HICOM. And the excitement cam...membuak-buak?

I left SK HICOM in '99 as a Head Prefect. Yes, THE head prefect. I have the certs in my room for a prove. Back then the school was helter skelter. Yelah kate pun sekolah rendah. Naughtism (wujud ke?) berleluasa. Prefect vs non prefect tu benda biasalah takyah citer. But I was not that good myself. Notty gak lite-lite..

Kenangan darjah 6 was the strongest one I had. And sports was so not my thing back then. Not to say I am good at sports now but I totally sucked big time dulu time sukan. I can't even win a medal in shot put. Kat SMSS better la sikit I broke the school record tau dulu time F5 +)~

*iklan menyibuk*
Shazwany terbuka kepada mana-mana budak SK HICOM yg nak berkenalan.

OK back to my story. Sibuk jelah minah hot neh. There was one time during perbarisan for the Sports event. They have this rehearsal and back then I was busy conducting my PBSM team. And the teacher who was handling the mic pon buat-buat la announce olahragawan olahragawati sekolah.....and to my amazement she announced my name and Ikhwan (my vice of head prefect yang badan pun chubby2 jugak). Sah-sah la orang gelak gile2 kan knowing that was a BIG JOKE.

Since then, I promised myself I would involve more in sports and win myself a medal in sports arena so the teacher could eat up her words back. Ciss...berani dia memperkotak-katikkan gwe...I know I can't shine in the tracks event so I scored in my own arena. I know the darah kesukanan runs in my veins and arteries. My father was good in sports. My mom pon active gak. My brother followed my father's I can't be THAT loser kan?

Eh citer cam dah tersasar je.

Anyway my main point today is :

1. I can't wait to get reunited with my primary school friends
2. I want to get better faster so I can play sports again. ngehe~

Reunion SMSS?? tuh tunggu lah lagi 20 tahun. buat skang2 ni financial smuorang pon tak stabil. fikiran pon belum tentu dah matang. nanti terlalu banyak bunyi-bunyian. bosan. buat dalam masa kejap2 terpisah ni dah ilang spark. so for the time being jumpe je lah dengan kawan-kawan yg ade. bukan tak penah jumpe pon.............

May 09, 2008


Today's exam was a BLAST. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

The paper was tough, really really really really tough that I was very close to hypoxia just now. It was divided into 4 sections :

  • Section 1 was on General Dentistry. I never thought that the question on THE SIX STEP HAND WASHING TECHNIQUE would ever come out. Didn't even give a damn about that topic anyway. And questions on smoking cessation. I thought the lecture was more like a general knowledge lecture, not an exam killer question one!!!!!!!!!!! And how could I remember the ingredients of toothpaste..Arghhhhhh~~~ Luckily other questions were answerable though. But still....arghh!!! Tension gler okay
  • Section 2 was on Material Science. This one I felt like pinching my lecturer sampai lebam (hahaha..sukatiiiii jerr) Tak ku sangka siap kena sketch here and there some more! And those questions on Per-Ingvar Branemark, cold working etc etc...arghhhh saye tidak memberikan perhatian langggssunnngggg~~~~~~
  • Section 3 was os Behavioural Science. I answered question on Psychology. Dunno what was I crapping all along.
  • Section 4 was on Ethics and Law. It should be easy and pretty straight forward provided I eat and digest and do not defecate the notes Mr KD given but sadly I did. So the rest was history...
Remember I was down with the Biochem exam? Yeah, the nitemare materialized. I passed cukup2 makan jaa...Kalau kurang sesuap nasik mampus dah jatuh fail. Surprisingly I felt relieved rather than frustrated. But that was not a good sign though. Since when do I satisfied with the least one (hamboi statement bongkak giler)!! Gonna strive harder for the finals. Luckily it was only 15% of my overall results (15% from 1st assessment, 10% from lab reports). So gonna strive for the best during finals. Aihh..cuak2...

Atau mungkin memang saya dah menjadi semakin kurang bijak akhir-akhir neh? Atau adakah saya memang tak bijak langsung? Hehehehe...mula lah tu nak paranoid..

May 06, 2008

One down bebeh~

Physiology is ovvvvvverrrrr.. all went okay. But I was kinda having distraction working on the essays and MCQs. 3 essays to be attempted and 100 MCQs was so tiring. Rase nak termuntah pon ade..

The essays that I answered was on Reflex, alveolar ventilation, vital capacity & carotid chemoreceptors and Cardiac output. The other two left out was on regulation of blood glucose and swallowing. I was kinda berbelah bahagi upon making the choice. Regulation of blood glucose is not bad and I have tried answering the swallowing question but they are just too little things to be written as an essay (simply rephrase as haha...tak bace banyak la tuuuu). So I settled for Cardiac Output, eventhough I am not really confident with the topic, but at least there are many to be talked about. And I don't know actually how long the essays should be...Haihh....tu lah tak tanye EG tadi..

The MCQs was so-so. I put 12 Don't Knows now how bad is that!??! Erghh..but better to put dunno rather than jeopardizing my other precious marks.

Doing exam in the Mini Restaurant is so distracting ok. By 11pm your stomach is getting empty and the smell of food from Main Restaurant below just made it go berkeroncong. Up next is Fundamental of Dental Practice - ohhhhhhh sungguh menggetar jiwa.

May 05, 2008

The day I felt good again

Can't believe it I am less than 24 hours from my first final paper. Physiology, by far is my favourite subject and I really really (really really really) hope I won't screw up my very first favourite subject.

Today I felt so relieved. Called Wani. Called somebody else. Called Mak. Chatted with Ida. All those things that really made my day. With Wani I made an appointment on June 5th, 9.30pm, at my house. Pick me up and we want to go to a good makan-makan place (William, perhaps?). An plan a PD outing too. With somebody else, nak gi karok la ape la ini la itu la ape-ape jela whatever gile malas nak layan. =P With Mak I told her about my leg is getting better. And felt so good when Mak wished me luck =D With Ida we talked about the PD thing and some other things too ;)

We have more or less about 10 days to be wasted after exam. The initial plan was to go to Belfast. Then suddenly we checked the flights to Dublin and it costed us only freking 2 cents for return ticket Cork-Dublin. Gile ape weh....convert duit Msia pon, 10 sen je naik flight gi Penang? we all went crazy and searched for places to go from Dublin. Milan by far is the cheapest option. But then the accomodation cost would be heavy. If we go Rome, accomodation cost can be zapped off but the air tix is a bit pricey. Ticket to London also only 10eu but since most of us went to London several times already..huerm...I really wanna go London actually. Still weighing on the pros & cons. But with exams starting tomorrow I bet none of us would even have time to think. End up last2 mesti jadi loser duduk Cork atau gi Dublin je..hehe..

And what am I doing at 2.35am yapping yapping on my blog? Nothing much, really. Not that I am forcing myself to go all out pecah otak smua before exam. Just wanted to stay a wee late and wait for Subuh prayer whilst preparing things for my exam. I'll make sure I sleep at least 5 hours after this I promise :)

Wish me luck, will ya?

May 02, 2008


Tahukah anda bahawa...

Sebulan dari tarikh hari ini, saya mungkin sedang bersiap-siap di rumah baru
saya mengemas barang dan kurang lebih 2 jam dari sekarang (2pm) saya akan
bergerak ke Airport untuk menaiki kapal terbang Aer Lingus untuk ke London
Heathrow. Pada hari yang sama, jam 10pm, saya akan menaiki penerbangan Malaysia
dan 13 jam kemudian hari esoknya (5.25pm) saya dijadualkan tiba di KLIA.

Tahukah anda bahawa...

Kurang lebih 4 hari lagi saya bakal menduduki peperiksaan akhir saya
matapelajaran pertama - Physiology.

Tahukah anda bahawa...

Kurang lebih 17 hari lagi saya akan menghabiskan peperiksaan akhir

Tahukah anda bahawa...

Kurang lebih 24 hari lagi saya akan berambus keluar dari Castlewhite Apt ke
rumah baru saya.


p/S : Song changed accordingly to the exam mode. Thanks to Lily's blog, I got really addicted to this song

May 01, 2008

He's coming back

After he went out from the glass door, turning to somewhere or nowhere....then found in JCo in Pavilion queing up to buy doughnuts (which I myself haven't even tasted before!!!!), I think, he's slowly coming back to me..

Yes...creeping slowly onto my arm and lifts up my energy. Hoo yeahhh..

tapi apsal lambat sangat aa..naik tongkang kot datang dari melesia??

Anatomy result was out. Alhamdulillah, I passed but not a good one though. But it's better than before I guess. Now all I need to do is strive hard for the finals. BUT I havent even started anatomy yet!!!!!!!! Gonna get physiology done by today and start it tomorrow, insyaAllah...yo yo je neh...

Once I got my pace back, I'm gonna race with all my heart til the end!!! ni apahal poyo sangat neh..

p/s : a big thanks to kak saadah for listening. At this moment, I admint I am being selfish. I need someone who really listens to me...but sadly no one really does :(