February 29, 2008


I'm done with the hotel bookings, (finally! yeay!) It was so hard to find a good and at the same time reasonably price hotel. It's even harder when u read the customers' reviews. One of them can give 100% and totally root for the hotel while on the other hand one person is giving the hotel 46% and lousy comments.

After taking some matters into considerations, I've finally booked the hotels in Geneva, Zurich and Paris. Total of the cost, plus the air ticket from Bruxelles and Geneva and train tickets in Swiss and Paris nearly the same as my 2 months living expenses! Phew~

But come to think of it again, not that my mom is going to visit me every year. And I'm pretty sure mom wouldn't let me pay all the expenses myself. Haha..

I'm off to Dublin tomorrow (erks today actually). Kerja melambak tak siap and Exams coming up in 2 weeks still nak berjoli?

Alaaaaa...sekali niiii je..saye janji saye bawak bukuuuuuu...heee...

oh mata ku hampir tertutup rapat. ta~

February 28, 2008


I am not a _______ (put any lifeless thing u want to here)
U can use when u want. u throw it away when u don't want
I am human. I have feelings too y'know? (ayat cliche org emo)
That's it.

kau dan aku,
tak berbeda
engkau manusia, aku manusia
semua punya hati
punya perasaan
bisa terluka

mungkin saja
aku mendendam biar pun ku manis
tapi aku benci
dulu kita baik
tapi kini lain
tiada maafku

jalan kita memang harus begini
tak usah menyesal
kau kan yang mahu
kau yang membuat
tiada maaf bagimu

Wonder what's this all about? Keep on wondering. Coz I won't tell.
Coz there's nothing left to tell about pun.

layan Shin Chan lg bagus (idea dari bro Mad Redo1)
nih old skool nye Shin Chan. Shinchan less than siri ke 5 je camneh. Maybe time ni diernye cartoonist baru-baru lagi nak aadapt..

February 27, 2008

Attracting Positive Aura

A part of my job scope involves wishing people on behalf of the organization. It may look simple and people couldn't be bother with this one lil text they received but to me, a good luck wish really meant a lot to me (=
Today I found myself in some difficulties when I was structuring words to make up a simple good luck text.

Warga PPMC mengucapkan SELAMAT MAJU JAYA dalam peperiksaan pada hari esok. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.

It took me a lil while to convince myself that the above sentences are okay. They are correct, aren't they?
Ceh, where goes the perfect A I got from the Malay Extended Essay I did back in McB?

I'm glad I managed to flush away those negative thoughts out of my mind today. The epinephrine produced when I was working out in Mardyke was really doing me a favour. Should have hit the gym more often I guess. Right now I just don't want to be bothered. Yeah I messed up. But I've apologized. And the rest was up to those who are concerned. I am not interested in holding grudges upon anyone. The whole of my life has been wasted too much on keeping grudges on someone, and I am just too tired right now. So let's keep the environment clean and clear.

It's approx 96 days before I'm hitting Malaysia. Really can't wait!!!!!!!

February 25, 2008

Viva la Varicella

I struggled about one hour on the bed before I finally woke up today. Little that I know, the struggle was a sign that you are gonna be facing a big, long, emotionally heavy day today. And i'm just half day through it, damnit.

First off I saw this one person I fancy today. And the only thing X gave me was a cold brush look that totally breaks my heart to pieces.

And then I had VARICELLA VACCINATION. It's for chicken pox and it's a live vaccine. Meaning, I may get the chicken pox itself had my immune system failed to produce enough antibody against the live vaccine they injected me.

This is seriously frightening. I can't afford to lose a few days and down with the fever. Let alone be CHICKENPOX fever. I don't have my mommy to take care of me. I am surrounded by busy medic students who hardly have time for themselves. I have exams in the coming few weeks. I have deadlines to catch up =(

I think I'm overreacting. Here's what I Wikipedia-ed :

Vaccination reactions

Common and mild reactions following vaccination may include:

  • Fever of 101.9 (38.9 C) up to 42 days after injection
  • Soreness, itching at the site of injection within 2 days
  • Rash occurring at site of injection anywhere from 8 to 19 days after injection. If this happens you are considered contagious.
  • Rash on other parts of body anywhere from 5 to 26 days after injection. If this happens you are considered contagious.

Fever and discomfort may be lessened by taking medication containing paracetamol (aka acetaminophen, such as Panadol, Tempra, Tylenol) or ibuprofen.

So I may need until 5-8 days before I could see any signs. Ohhhhhh my immune system, toughen up and please please please fight this antigen. I know u are strronggg..

And, crap. I did something bad onto my roomie and now she's pissed off. T_T


and...being a transitional adult is tiring. There's an inner rebellion in yourself that is waiting to explode, yet you have to stay professional and calm through it. U cannot act childish and u cannot be the innocent one.

11 hours to go before tomorrow becomes today. aih..

p/s : i'm such a crap. hari mengdownkan diri bermula. tenkiu!

February 24, 2008

I think I'm better off myself

At my house. Apparently that is the expression I shown at most of my pics. And those two tanduks is from my bro. Heh.

Credit to Kak Murni for the pixies. Thanks!

Ceramah Palestin - Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta , done.
Make a satay goreng , done.

Swiss & France hotel reservation , undone.
Principles of Human Structure lab, undone.
Biochem lab, undone.
Post my customer's eBay book (yeap apparently I am being an eBay seller and my 1st book sold to an Italian girl at €7 when the actual cost of the book is €2. heh ), undone.
Housekeeping, undone.
Sorting out my notes, undone.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa.....mode bengong kembali..

February 23, 2008

Ireland 20 - Scotland 15

my dad mid line, most right

It has been soOoOo long since the last rugby match I've watched. I happened to watch AIB's International Cup league on tv when I was having my dinner just now. It was Eire playing against the Scotts and after long 82 mins, Eire won by 20-15. The last 10 minutes was such a nervewracking moment for Eire tho...the Scotts nearly got a try during the last few minutes..

And was it the hugging tee that the Scotts wore has given me some kind of perception that the Irish player are Moks moks (if u know what I mean..) or actually the Scotts are really tougher? I don't know...Maybe I should consider Scotland in my 5TahunMengexploreEurope Mission to answer my doubts =P

Yeah I just made that up 2 seconds ago.5TahunMengexploreEurope. Hopefully, within my 5 years (Amin. 5 years saje ok kite study. 5 years. Amin....5 more or less..5 years....studies...practicing here or Malaysia belakang kira. janji 5 years sajork studying here) studies in here I could explore at least 10 European countries. Doesn't really matter if its only a day trip or what. Up until now I've been to Spain, UK and Eire. Come Easter I'll be going to Amsterdam and Brussels for sure. And mom wanted to go to Swiss and France so that'll make 7 countries in total. Hopefully I'll be visiting Wawa in Germany and Ila & CheNad in Czech by the end of this year. One more country to go and my 5TahunMengexploreEurope mission is done already.
Haha..apekah sangat? Gelojoh serta haloba sungguh!

So much for the travelling thoughts. Tak sedar diri sungguh there are so many things that are demanding my attention! Lab reports! Orals! Bla bla bla...

By the way my legs ache so badly today. Our tutorial ended earlier so Mich,Jo Lin and I decided to go to town. Went to like, almost all sides of the town coz apparently Mich hasn't really explored the town to the most. By 1.50pm our legs are aching so badly and we still have to go to Cork Dental Hospital for our practical. We walked back to Castlewhite. Put our things and decided to take bus to hospital. We were too tired for another 3.5km walk. Mich approximated that we walk almost 50 km already that if she were to walk from Singapore, she might be reachin Malaysia already. LOL. We were late for the practical and had to do the practical at another lab but we have to walk to and fro to shine the composites with UV light. Another 10km. The balance of our energy were used optimally to walk back to Castlewhite. Jo Lin and I took our own-sweet-turtle-pace to Castlewhite. At that time I seriously felt like crying coz I was too tired!!

p/s : Ida, I bought Remember Me already. Jangan jelessssss :P As always, my post exam reward to myself.(even if I did badly. I deserve some reward for surviving the lonely days) I bought two books (Lesson in Heartbreak by Cathy Kelly and Remember Me by Sophie Kinesella) for €22. A very good deal indeed!! (Don't convert!!)
Up next after Anatomy continuous assessment in 20th March is Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. yeay!!

February 22, 2008

Writer's block (la sangat...)

Well, I guess this time around, my post exam syndrome is kinda passive, but I can assure u the ASSessment went excruciatingly painful. I don't expect those tiny weeny little bits super detailed and specific things would come out, like those N-acetylmuramic acid, weird alpha and beta glucose linkage yada yada bla bla bla...It was like the, most painful 60 minutes (48 minutes actually. I had to give them up earlier before my brain explodes) brain torturing session I ever had. U were forced to squeeze out your brain juice or any cerebrospinal fluid u have there.

But I'm glad I had those mnemonic and the amino acid interactive game Dr.KD put up was so helpful. Hadn't been them I would lose the lovely +1 marks and it'll cost me another -0.5 marks. The thing is...we just had Biochem this semester. The lecturer was in rush is one thing. And the syllabus being complicated is another. We had the nucleic acid lecture in the last 10 minutes of our lecture!!

And with the International Cultural Week went on the very same day I had the test, it just made it even more painful. It's a legacy for our batch. Even if we did, delegated some tasks to the 2nd years, we are still the main player. And to not being able to stay with them thru the hard times, I felt so bad. That's the gist of working in team. U see some ppl's reaching their boiling temperature. U see some faces turning green. U see ppl's sacrificing their sleeping time or even starved throughout the day. That's why I still showed up my face even the centre of my mind has been focusing on the Biochem test. HOWEVER with the few minutes appearance I made on the two days event, I still could feel the tension though =P
But my presence wasn't worth it pun. I know they would nail the event even without my presence. It was proven pun. And to see their pictures together, it just made me a bit sad...I feel so left out.
It's better for me not to see the pictures or I might go sorrowing again =)

And heyyyy Exam's timetable is out! Here goes :
  • 6 May => Physiology (wtf?!?!!?)
  • 8 May => Fundamental of Dental Practice
  • 12 May => Anatomical Basis of Dentistry
  • 13 May => Fundamental of Dental Practice (oral)
  • 16 May => Biochemistry
  • 19 May => Principles of Human Structure
o.O it ends at 19 May!!!!!!! I have 14 days before I go back...and I am seriously thinking of changing the flight tickets earlier....

February 20, 2008

Kepada Teman Sebilikku


February 19, 2008

Debaran menjadi-jadi

Four Jobs I’ve Had
  • Waitress (after SPM@Chi DimSum)
  • Private tuition teacher (after SPM.which lasted.erm....2-3 weeks?)
  • Customer Service Assistant (after IB@ MPH SACC)
  • Student student student (since 16 years ago, n still going strong. Gile! 16 tahun?!?!)

Four Places I’ve Lived

  • Taman Bukit Keramat
  • Taman Bukit Saga
  • Asrama kpd SM Sains Slangor, Kolej Matrikulasi Johor (sbulan kurang sehari), Kolej Mara Banting
  • Ireland. (I SERIOUSLY hope we could get a nice, reasonably priced home. in me, and the rest of Castlewhiteans girls. I don't mind being the bullied chef as long as all 6 of us could nail a place called home TOGETHER and if any perpisahan/memisahkan/terpisah happens, I may opt for alternatives. T_T)

Four Movies I’ve Watched Over& Over

  • A Cinderella Story
  • The Replacements (note the S. This is the one played by Keanu Reaves ok)
  • no idea
  • no idea

Four Shows I Watch

  • Greys Anatomy
  • CSI (all 3)
  • Gossip Girls (XOXO)
  • Dunia Baru. (hehahehahehahehaheha)

Four Places I’ve Been

  • Makkah & Madinah
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Ireland, obviously~

Four People who Email Me Regularly

  • Encik Friendster
  • heh.
  • laa...PEOPLE ke. In case of that, none, I guess :P

Four Favorite Things to Eat

  • Satay (mengidam)
  • Seafood (nasi + steamed fish + tomyam + omelette + sotong goreng tepung. OMG saya rindu gler mahu makan mereka!!!)
  • Waffle. haha
  • Masak lemak pucuk paku (mengidam lagi dan lagi)

Four Places I’d Rather Be

  • Home
  • Taman Bukit Saga
  • Shah Alam
  • Malaysia

Four Things I Look Forward to this New Year

  • Summer holiday in Malaysia. woohoooo!!
  • Meeting up mom during Easter holiday
  • A nice, flying colors result
  • A purified mind and a happy,accompanied soul (=
Four Things in My Mind
  • Biochem Exam
  • International Cultural Week which I've been left out coz of the exam. So sad liao =(
  • Hotels booking in Switzerland and Paris. Asal Zarf x reply ni =(
  • Oh my god, why did I answer this stupid thing when I still haven't quite yet finish with the reading!!!!!!

Four People I Want To Tag

  • Ida
  • IdaZ
  • Zahidahtul Kamaliah Saharun
  • Dekdah

haa...buat 4 kali okeh!! heee..


Dan kepada Encik Ini (bukan name sebenar. Oppss..abes nnt GF dier marah I letak gambar ni). Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know u can really nail a place in UNSW. Be safe. Sampai Aussie nnt jgn lupe contact aku..Waaaa...balek Melesia nnt x pat jumpe ko..

Zack (dan Zairin, sekiranya berminat), marilah kita meneruskan misi Australia kita. At least we have another place to crash. Heee...

February 17, 2008


Nonpolar, Aliphatic
Geli Aku Punye Ventricle Limah Intai Mamat
Glycine Alanine Proline Valine Leucine Isoleucine Methionine

Nonpolar, Aromatic
Phat Tyre Trip
Phenylalanine Tyrosine Tryptrophan

Polar, Uncharged
Suka Tau Cakap Aku Gile
Serine Thereonine Cystein Asparagine Glutamine

Polar, Positive charge
Layan Heater Argos
Lysine Histidine Arginine

Polar, Negative charge
Aspar Gemok
Aspartate Glutamate

Haaa....makan tu..makan...sumbattt...jgn tak sumbatttt...

Tag lagi.

What do you miss the most?

What do you do if you meet the person you hate?
I'll try my best not to look at him/her

One item you really want?

A boyfren. bleh? hahaha. Chemi la ni pengaruh.

What do you do if you’re talking to a stupid person?
Depends on degree of stupidity. .If it's acceptable, I'll go with the flow. If not, I'll excuse myself..

Last book you read?
Last book - The Kite Runner. In progress - The Secret

The person you’re thinking of?

Last gossip you heard?
Che Mi. heehehe..

Last testimonial from?
Nadia Naz. 10 hari lagi nak 100 hari saya pulang ke Msia la..hee..

Last person to call u?
Michelle. Asking me whether I'm going to the gym or not. Huu...dah 2 hari tak gi gym :(

Last person u talked to, about what?
Chemi. About sooOOooOOOooo many things

Last 5 places you’ve visited today.
My room, toilet, Wany's room, Wany's kitchen, my kitchen.

Pathetic. I sticked at home all day long.

Last text message you received from..
Chemi. My Voip trial call ran out of time so I had to call it off.

Last cousins you’ve met?
Erm. Ain,Mira,Syuk,Aki,Ayin,Qila. Which is months months ago? Damn I miss them like crazzyyy

What did you do this weekend?
Read biochem. Read biochem. Called my mom. Cooked bubur, ayam kicap kari, stir fried vege. Called CheMi. Read biochem. Read biochem.

Last person who kissed you?

Last person who hugged you?
Last skali. My hsemate, Sarah.

Last person who pinched you?
Saya rasa Kak Nang. But that was months ago when we were in Spain. hee....

Last item you bought?
Behavioral Science book from

What is the reason you last cried?
Lampu tandas saya rosak. *hwaaa...* This is a sad weekend. I'm all alone. I'm afraid to go to toilet coz it's dark. I ran out of chicken in my stock and Usop didn't reply my text so I was left with no ayam to cook. I'm homesick.

What is your mood now?
Unstable. But more to a negative one.

Who did you meet 3 days ago?
3 days ago..was Wednesday? I met my classmates, lecturers, housemates, roomates..etc etc

3 items that are near you?
Principle of Biochemistry by Lehninger, Lippincott's Biochemistry Illustrated Review, telekung, prayer mat, pens, pencils, highlighter

Who is your hero?

What are your plans for next weekend?
I'm thinking of going somewhere out of Cork next weekend.Or maybe I'll be out doing some more fun stuff rather than sitting alone at home

Why are you filling this survey?
Ida. It's all about her and her friends. haha..

5 persons you are tagging?
They. Them. Their. Those. That.

February 15, 2008

Situasi situation

Situasi 1heyyyy rindulah!

Situasi 2

Lihatlah. Mereka. Menyelit! Makanan ulangtahun kelahiran - kek butter, gegulung bawang (onion ring), kentang (wedges) serta jejari ikan (fish finger) serta pizza

Semalam mencatatkan kadar memakan tertinggi dalam tempoh 2 jam. Bermula dgn jamuan harijadi Kamelo serta Adilo, rakan sebatch kami.

Serta disambung pula dengan majlis semua-perempuan dirumah Wany Mihah. Kadar kegemukan mencatatkan kenaikan 300% okay! Kami makan ayam panggang, nasi goreng, sup sayur, serta pelbagai kek2 (serius, PELBAGAI!)

Selamat ulangtahun kelahiran Adilo dan Kamelo! Allah selamatkan kamu~~

Situasi 3

Sarah : Your smile smells minty!
Me : Yeah..I just brushed my teeth. Now smileeeee
P/S : Muke busuk. Saya tak mandi lagi. Tapi dah gosok gigi. Baru balek gym. Hahah. sape suruh peluk!

Situasi 4

Location : Poundsworth Store, Cork City

Irish Lady : Assalamualaikum
Me : (terkujat kejap. replied without knowing who was her) Waalaikumsalam
Irish Lady : *smiles* I have a lot of Muslim friends.
Me : Ohh.. (masih terkejut)
Irish Lady : *yada yada* (forgot the details....)
Irish Lady : U know, in our family, we hold onto a belief.
Me : What is it?
Irish Lady : HUMANITY. That we are all the same. And we are all relatives. *yada yada* Good luck, cousin! Be strong, and cheer up!
Me : (sedikit terharu) Thanks! Nice to meet you!

I can finally, be able to utter this words...that Irish, are indeed FRIENDLY
( takes only one lady to change my perception)

Situasi 5

Tidur pun bersama buku Biochemistry.

February 14, 2008

Blog mak Ida buat saya nangis :'(

Alangkah indahnya kalau saat ini langkahku masih kecil dan perlukan bantuan ibu
Alangkah indahnya kalau saat ini tubuhku masih kerdil dan masih dalam dukunganmu ibu

Tapi apakan daya, masa berlalu meninggalkan kita
Langkahku makin jauh, terpaksa kutinggalkan bonda
Tubuhku besar (ops..terperli diri sendiri) tanggungjawab berat didada

Tapi percayalah ibu, jauh disudut hati, kami amat merinduimu
Dan jika diri ini dapat dibelah seribu, 999 akan kuhantar menemani ibu.

Buat ibu saya, serta ibu2 yg ditinggalkan dirumah oleh puteri dan puteranya, bertabahlah dan percayalah, perjuangan kami, InsyaAllah turut menyelit misi mengiringi bonda ke syurga.


Ah...lame tak ngeblog...disini

So the parliament has dissolved today? Interesting. So much for Pak Lah's favour for number 13, so he chose to make it on the 13th of January. But heyyss..I am only 20 years and 6 months (denial mode) so I guess I can't register as a voter yet.

By the way I've made a new student card. Yeap, it costed me €15,'s just a €15..bkan bley miskin pun kalau buat baru..(cey baru dapat duet bleh ah brag...) This lovely, rectangular thing has costed me one day of worrying and a few days of distraction. Now I can study without kept on figuring out how to detach my attached bed from the wall (coz I think the card went into the celah2..)
Now I can go to Mardyke without *pretending* I-just-realized-my-card-went-missing-oh! -can-you-plz-find-them-for-me-oh! it's-not-there-can-I-get-a-free-access?

I don't feel good with my Biochem revision progress. But I'm gonna make it better. If I don't feel good, it will be..not good. So let's think positively (that's what I learned from The Secret la kan..) I'm gonna be just fine with the Biochem exam.
Let's repeat this..

I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam
I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam

I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam
I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam

I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam
I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam
I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam
I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam

I'm gonna be just fine with the biochem exam

haha gile tak tenang minda..

Anyhow anyhoos I'm gonna be alone this weekend. This is what u get if u do a last minute revision. Huu...I've even have to withdraw myself partially from the International Cultural Week event going on next week. I am supposed to be handling Performance along with Usop. sad..Hopefully Usop will be doing fine with the storyboard I outlined.

February 10, 2008

O my student card, where art thou???

I remembered the last time using it last Friday to access Mardyke.
Got back home at approx 8.30am. Had my breakfast. Showered. Rushed to O Connoly.

Then today, when I was preparing to go to Mardyke, I realised that MY STUDENT CARD IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I searched around. Removed my mattress. Went through my serabut study table. Tidied up my sofa. Digged up my coats' pocket.
Trying to stay calm, I went on to Mardyke with the hope that somebody found my student card and passed it to the counter.
Hopeless. Frustrated. Disappointed. But I was lucky enough when the girl has given me access to Mardyke despite my unfound student card. Too tired for a threadmill, I went to the bicycle instead.
Since my mind was focusing on where the heck did I put my student card, I went back home after 30 mins of cycling.

And up until now, I still couldn't find my student card. A denied access to Mardyke it's what bugging my mind most since I'm now on a full-geared mari-bersenam-di-Mardyke mode. Haih...why la they introduce this complicated student card and finger print system in Mardyke.

O Lord, please help me =(

Unexplained Satisfactions.

peraduan teka baju sape paling menyerlah =P *peace*

I woke up at 5, knowing that this day is gonna be a lonngggggg day. I decided to take a deeeep breath to face this long day before waking up, and when I re-opened my eyes it was 8.30am already. It was such a deep breath indeed =P. Showered. Texted Mihah. Had a speed breakfast (style makan tercekik). Went out from home. Took a bus and bought an all day trip that costed me €4. Walked up the hill for my very first time.

After few minutes of standing outside the leisureplex (kah? terlupa la..) we finally started the game. I was teamed up with Shazep, Kak Seha and Lutfi. My first game was a total disaster. To make it worst, the winning team (Fred, Nik, Izad, Shahid. sniff sniff I smelled an arranged conspiracy in this team =P) was just beside our lane. Their score was way above 300 when ours were not even 300. 2nd game was better, but not good enough to beat the guys, of course. I had one strike and 2 spares, so I guess it was kinda good enough for me..hehe..

Approx at 12.40 the game ended. I was kinda worried coz my 2nd commitment are waiting for me at Maxol. heee...At first me and the Castlewhite princes (princes kah? macam tak jee...) planned to dine in Maharaja/Indian Moon/Istanbul. But come to think of my awaiting commitments, I decided to go back home despite the keroncong empty stomach.

Me, nida and 23 paperbags consisted of Orange,bottled water & some snacks hopped on bus no.8 to Maxol. Praised be to Allah coz we didn't waited too long before the bus arrived, since we were already half an hour late. I didn't even had a proper lunch. Just egg sandwich to make sure I have energy for my marathon. Arrived Maxol. Helped with the envelopes and papers. Briefed by Mr.Pres. Approx at half 3, we departed from Maxol and had our first bus chasing = bus no 8 to our first Kampung Raudhah aka Halldene. Pity our neneks,as they were sleeping when we arrived. As always, me n Nida have issue with Mr Unattended Doggy. We played hide & seek in front of Kg Raudhah's doorstep before Nek Fatim opened the door =D

After a plateful of Keropok and several cups of Earl Grey tea , we left Kg Raudhah for Kampung Jannah aka Charnwood. Due to the not-so-far distance, me & Nida decided to walk after several minutes of bus-less waiting. Few mins later, we saw the head of the bus, and again, run n run n run for the bus. Hey, we bought an all day ticket so it wud be such a waste not to use them to the max! Our arrival to Kg Jannah were warmly welcome by our Neneks. Thanks Neneks2!

Our journey was kinda "blessed" when the luck was always by our side. Soon after we reached Texaco nearby Kg Jannah, we saw bus No.8, and again, lari lari lari to the bus. We had so much lari lari scene today. We stopped buy at Tesco to buy some things and walked to our 3rd pitstop, the much adored Carriglea. From Carriglea, we decided to walk back home to burn the calories gained from the Keropoks, cekodoks, biscuits & chocs we had.

Alhamdulillah, our Mission Gerakan Komiti was accomplished, successfully, I would say. When Mr Pres said Hari Gerakan Komiti, never would I imagined, it literally means, Hari Komiti bergerak-gerak (or berlari2). We went from house to house with the mission of collecting our member's information and in the same time, to share some infos on our activities, as well as raising fund for the Cork Mosque. We, as in the PPMC comittee members. It was tiring. Agreed. I didn't even touch my books today. Super Agreed. But I was happily satisfied with what I did today. Super duper agreed. From the bowling (eventho I scored an average of LONGKANGs) to lari-lari chasing the bus, it was worth the energy, I guess.

OK. Memperkenalkan, my current favourite - Spaghetti Kungfu. Neneks2 ku di Jannah atau Raudhah atau dimana saja anda berada silalah terliur dan cubalah masak di rumah ok. Hehehehehhe..

February 07, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Wani!!!

Had I been there, I would drive all the way to celebrate your day.
You're my tissue, my crying shoulder, my laughter shareholder, my gossip girl, my secret keeper, my kaunter aduan, my driver, my fashion advisor.
Life without your company is a total boredom. I miss the days we go out early in the morning to jog. I miss the days we go out late nite for cinema. I miss the megi goreng mamak n roti planta I shared with you. I miss your mi tomyam/nasi goreng CILI LEBIH/PEDAS SIKIT. I miss our crazy plans. I miss our rubbish talks.

*I've lost words*

Officially 21 years old babe. So where's next stop? Zouk? Orange? hehehehhee....
Wherever it is, pls hold until 3rd of June, okay?

Happy birthday. May Allah bless you.

To all my girlfriends, gw kangen banget sama loe smuaaaaa!!!

Stay there. Stay where? Stay under my umbrella ella eh eh...


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February 06, 2008

Benci la Ida ni!

The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8 random facts tentang saya:

1) Family & my closest friends adelah element penting dalam idup saya. Saya ni susah sket nak jumpe org yg saya rase bleh masuk. So those who stepped into my circle, they'll most likely to stay there forever

2) Seperti Cik Ida,saya juga tak makan Taugeh. Sewaktu menjadi rumet ketika F3, sewaktu hari Ahad turun prep sebelum tu gi makan kat kantin kuetiau atau mi goreng letak telur, kami akan bersama2 mengasingkan taugeh dgn gigih skali. Kalau mak saye goreng ketiau dlu pun dier samada tak letak togeh langsung atau dier asingkan yg tak letak taugeh utk saya.

3) Saya suke komik Shin Chan. Walau sudah berkali2 baca saya tetap suka. Saya hanya membawa 5 naskhah ShinChan ke Ireland bersama saya. Jadi ShinChan itu laaa yg saye ulang2 bace. Ada sape2 baek hati nak post dari Malaysia? Silakan, OK. Alamat saya : 29, Castlewhite Apt UCC, Western Road, Cork, Ireland. Maseh!

4) Saye nak balek Malaysia secepat mungkin. Heheh

5) Kalau saye pegang pen, saya mesti conteng2. Saya suke scribble kertas.

6) Kat umah dlu saye jarang tgk tv. Saye lg suke menghadap internet (takpon tgk drama series kat internet)

7) Ape lagiiii??? Oh saye tgh tunggu Wany kate nak masak utk saye.

8) Saya baru spent €120 utk tiket cuti Easter.

February 04, 2008

Pressure tetibe

I am a TERRIBLE juggler.

Rabbi Yassir Wala Tu'assir - O Lord, Make Easy and Do Not Make Difficult

February 03, 2008

From AM to PM

Thanks to the bustling sound of the storm today, I woke up earlier than expected (Read EXPECTED=Weekend's expectation. Who would wake up & stay awake at 6am during weekend?)

During breakfast I had second thoughts on my plan today. Taking several things into consideration, I decided to make it during lunch instead of dinner.
Make what?

Hahahaha...saya rasa sungguh kejayaan besar sekali. I started from a 20 y-old girl who hardly knew how to cook a curry and now...saya rasa sedikit hebat (eish...riak riak..)

It started with my craving for ayam percik. Either Cik Imah's or Auntie Wan's their ayam percik are both superb! So I browsed through my Magic website of MYRESIPI.COM, and found the recipes.

Yesterday I went to town for the ingredient hunt. Spent about 30mins in Jia Jia (Asian Market) and 15mins in ZamZam (another Asian Market) to look out for the things. Erm...the things are kinda costly so I had to ask for other girls for some ingredients too..

I took about 5 hours to settle everything (Minus the preparation time for marinade-ing the chicken and cutting the veges and onions and garlic I did the nite b4). It was a long, tiring stand but the products are kinda sweat! =)

Kerisik + ikan and the kuah percik

Smokin sambal tumis and kuah percik

The biru-less nasi kerabu

The percik chicks in oven

And walla...the end product. Nasi kerabu + ayam percik + sambal tumis + sambal ikan + sayur. Sorry it doesn't look promising coz I was too nervous waiting for the response that I forgot to take a better picture.

As always, the white rats are my Castlewhites girls plus a special appearance by Shidot & Fendi. They are my tukang rasa and Alhamdulillah, it turned out quite well =D

Tapi serius sumpah penat. Pinggang rasa cam terpatah 9!

February 02, 2008

A walk to remember

p/s this IS NOT Cork.

Cork snowed today. I was on the way to O Connoly Building for my Biochem tutorial when it happened. It didn't last long but it was snowy enough to amaze one so-not-little-girl like me who never witnessed a real snow fall. I stood for few minutes to enjoy the drizzle. Since I am cameraphone-less at the moment, nothing I could do to capture the jakun moment. But I quickly texted my mom & girlfriends to share the oh-so-jakun news =D The drizzle lasted for roughly 12 mins I guess..

It's freezing cold outside. Luckily the one who shared room with me isn't here at the moment. Else she could open up her window widely (which I kept on close when she's not here) and freeze out this room. I have to admit eventho I've been in this 4 season country for almost 4 months, I still couldn't tolerate the COLDness. Those layerssss (notice the S) of adipose tissue (a.k.a. Fat Fat Fat) isn't functioning well as heat insulator. Such a waste of talent. Why oh why are you creeping inside me (and made me look horrible) when you can't even do simple heat storage job? Haha..emo tak pasal-pasal.

Albeit the cold weather, I still went out today. I have sOooOooo many things to buy. CNY stuff. My kitchen stuff. And some makan2 stuff. It was such a hard decision whether to go out or to stay in my comfy duvet. I checked Yahoo! Weather forecast for tomorrow's weather. Tomorrow is expected to be less cold than today so I made a sudden decision to go to Wilton Tesco to buy some of the things first. It'll be less colder in the mall rather than shopping in town.

I hopped on bus No.8 right after Asar prayer. Went to Penneys, Neulook, Lifestyle (and fell in love with this €23 sport shoes. waaaa nak beli!!!!!) and finally Tesco. The weird thing was, I felt like walking back home. So I did. Put on my iPod, and enjoyed my lonely walk. Such a nice moment. Despite having 2L milk + vegetables on my back and a handful of fattening food, I still reached home with a relieved feeling. Indescribable. And to make it better, it snowed again (so the very light one) when I'm about to reach Castlewhite...

Mom's ticket is confirmed. She'll be in Amsterdam by 3rd of April but I guess I'll be only meeting her up in Brussels. She'll be here until 16th of April. The sad thing is, I'm having my Dental Practice finals on 22nd April. Hopefully I managed to push myself to prepare earlier. *sigh*

p/s : aahh...there goes the closed window. Damn It's widely open again. *freezing* Nasib baekkkk balek bawak scone!

February 01, 2008

Bawang Goreng & Ikan Bilis

I bet the receptionist must have recognized me. Coz everytime I went into the reception she must looked at the "parcel" area. Heeee....malu...

But today my box was put in the middle of the reception table. Sebatu bleh nampak my name kot? Heee...ExCiTeD okayhhhh?!?!?!?!

My mom posted things that I requested. Chicken & Anchovy Stock, Curry, Chilli and Tumeric powder, Brahims instant food (bekalan di hari exam T_T) etc etc..and of the utmost important, BAWANG GORENG & IKAN BILIS. Heeee.......

And also Neutrogena moisturizer & toner. I am so the very lazy one to buy them here. Besides I think the products here won't suit me. So better stick to the one. Hee...I think I am very loyal :P

To celebrate the arrival of my mom's parcel I cooked a Malaysian style dinner. Sambal tumis & ikan bilis goreng, telur dadar and also nasi putih with vegetable soup. Ahhh...sangat heaven. Plus my housemates are not in at the moment so I have all the kitchen to myself. Double heaven :D This brought me to the old memory when my mom was in UK back in erm...tak ingat.98? 99? 97? I was left under the care of my Pakciks, Cik Pi & Cik Wa (and I think Mak Limah too). U know, staying with the bachelors. Student pula...I remembered us eating telur + bawang + ikan bilis digoreng. Hehehehehe..what a memory..

There was some changes on our Exam schedule. Anatomy test is brought forward to March 20th (pheewww~) due to the clash of time with Physiology test. And the 31st March exam might be postpone to later dates too. Dilemma..dilemma. Should I or should I not enjoy the holiday? Should or should not mom come this year?

On the other note, International Cultural Week is coming up this February. Usop has assigned me to be the Performance Director and we've agreed to come up with the theme Malaysia Wedding. Been asked by Mr.Pres : batch korang ni....haritu time raya bawak nasyid Carilah Pasangan. Pastu ni Perkahwinan plak.. comment la Mr.Pres X_X. Tapi..malu gak dier kate gitu...So another burden task on the to-do-list. Huu...

p/s : Kak Aina kalau nak kawen free meh ah jd pasangan pengantin kitorang. Ade silat2 wooo....Satu UCC tgk..jimat kos :P

p/ps : Shazwany Md Noor (ok, skarang boleh Google nama anda! hehe... :D) cepatlah abes exam...saya sangat bosan tahu tak. walaupun saya juga perlu belajar, tapi saya rindukan aktiviti gemX kite.........