November 28, 2010

To investigate the relationship between cold weather and rojak

The weather is freeeezing cold. So this is gonna be a rojak pictorial entry. I dunno what's the relationship between cold weather and rojak entry. But I missed eating cendol salim and the rojak. Awww mannnnn....Rindunyeeeee!

1 degree y'all! Oh..can u see that, another 18 days to go home! Yeayyyyy

Due to the freezing weather, I had to resort to wearing sweatshirt and socks in my room. Oh dalam bilik sendiri ni. The problem is, my hands are still exposed to the crazy temperature and it is sooo annoying. Takkan kena pakai glove pula ini?


Yesterday I cooked sardin, my mom's style and telur dadar. Because I am so worried with my skyrocketting body weight, I replaced normal rice with brown rice instead. Lol takde maknenye kalau dah makan banyak tu white ke brown ke entah2 sama je.

Oh my..tengok gambar dah terliur balik :(

I am kinda disappointed there's no The Big Bang Theory show this week. I have this kind of like a schedule of shows that I would watch during my dinner time (around 6-7) or during my study breaks for the weekend. Sort of a reward myself after a tiring day at school la camtu. Kononnye la kan. I am yet to find a good, short comedies to fill in the Monday and Sunday slots but other than that my schedule would be :

Tuesday - How I Met Your Mother. My top favourite. Never failed to make me laugh. The scriptwriters are sure genius. They are now in the 6th season. I hope they won't stop anytime soon :( Not until I am done studying here, please :(

Wednesday - Glee. The only 1 hour (40 mins actually) that I can tolerate these days. I used to watch Gossip Girl, House and Grey's Anatomy but I kinda slowed down and eventually stopped since last year. They are just too long and too heavy to keep up with. Glee is a very light show with a WTH-like plotlines and a lot of good songs. likey. Tak payah fikir, otak pun girang. I stopped watching Gossip Girl during last season at Episode 16 or something. Grey's at the finale of Season 5 and House...I've lost count already. Maybe at Season 4 or so. One fine day I might be rekindling with those series. I mean...I used to go gugu gaga over those series. Sanggup tu dulu time KMB download cite tu 2 hari tak tutup laptop over the weekend kat rumah semata2 nak tgk time kat KMB. Tunggula nanti bila dah tak busy or dah takde keje nak buat..

Thursday - Cougar Town. Don't get me wrong. I am not intending to be a Cougar or something. It's just that the show is damn funny!!

Friday - usually a free day. I would only be watching Youtube videos - the Shaytards, RWJ, Annoying Orange etc. That...I will share in other post.

Saturday - The Big Bang Theory. *Nerds alert* Hahaha...still fun to watch tho!

Ok sekian. Begitulah entry rojak saya ini hari. Saya Param Ping Palia melaporkan utk

Conclusion (refer to title of this entry) : There is no solid evidence that cold weather is related to rojak. Further longitudinal and cross sectional studies should be conducted to prove the relationship between cold weather and rojak.

November 24, 2010


Today in the clinic I did history taking and examination for a patient that I met for the first time. Since it was so early in the morning my brain couldn't gather proper and better sentence to explain what I am gonna do with him and ended up saying "Okay Mr G, today I'm gonna take your history and do some examination of your mouth"

He might be just friendly or he might have taken it wrongly coz boy, he really unveiled his-story, non stop. What he did in past. How he started to smoke pipe. How many countries he's been. Which country is the best. Which country is the worst. Which country has a lot of nasty people. Why he thinks some war are unnecessary. How many daughters he has. Where do they live. What's his wife doing now. He went on and on and on but I couldn't really understand it because well, he somehow had this weird French-ish accent and he teeth. lol.

I didn't know how to respond exactly coz I couldn't really catch what he was saying, nor could I stop him. A lot of time I was nodding, shaking, giving oohss, aaahsss, laughed when he did so, *gave an awkward pause*, and continued taking the history before he started with another story of his life.

Story of my life. Bile tah telinga ni nak hebat tangkap orang cakap English lelaju and speak a very good and comprehensible English. *sighhhhh

On another note, I really hope I could rediscover my so-called "talent with kids". I used to be so good with kids, kan Cik Kam kan??? But now that I started paeds, I slowly begin to develop uncomfortable feelings toward them. Sebabnya they are very hard to treat, and the fact that my supervisor, Dr C is one hell of a hmmmm "student-unfriendly-guy". Giving out to us is his special talent.

Cepat la baby keluar! Aunty can't wait to meet yaaaa!

November 23, 2010

The continuation of....My first time..

The story continues...I left home at 7pm with Michele and Keefe. Took a cab to the Roche*stown Park Hotel somewhere in Carrigaline, about 10 mins or so from my house. There was a reception at the hotel while waiting for the class photo. Had to pay freakin 15eu for the pictures cisss kalau tau suruh orang tangkapkan je! But anyway for the sake of memories kan, so I just paid..

Michele, yours truly and Jo Lin. We used to sit together in lectures....until Mich decided to leave us two. Hmpphh!

Kamil, K'sa and I. K'sa is *i think* Malaysian (cause the dad is Malaysian) tapi she's mixed blood la. The mom is Irish if I'm not mistaken. She speaks English mainly tapi she can speak Ganu quite good coz she used to live there (see that dress is made of batik?)

We all then went in to the ballroom at around 8 or so. Took our seats. There were slideshows. Some short speeches from Jill our class reps cum UCC Dental Society auditor and Dr KD. They were nice and short. Tak lengthy like we always had in our dinner. Then came the fooooood. Yes, they serve halal food on request, although not really up to my liking, but it's still okay though. We had chicken with gravy with vege and mash potatoes. I missed the desserts coz I was in the toilet T___T

Dr KD goofing around with the fake 'tache.

me and Aoife with our masks. The theme was supposed to be masquerade or sthg like that.

Jill and Sheila (but her real name is Julia. confusing, I know!)

Mich, Jane, Alma, me and Hayley

My table mates..Leah, Eileen, me, Annie and Sally. Eileen repped our class for the presentation and she had few good drinks to calm her down..and she ended up getting drunk on the stage. lol. but the presentation was real good tho

After we were done with dinner, there were presentations by each batch to choose who gets to win a prize gitu. That...were kinda long. I think the After party only started at 11 or so.

The lights off, means the party is about to kick off. There was a bar at the back and quite a lot of people hang out there instead of hitting the dance floor.

The dance floor. There was a live band as well. I enjoyed watching them dancing. First time tengok they got all crazy. Saja tengok ragam. No harm pun I still know my limits.

I went back before the party ended. I was quite sleepy and decided to call it a day. Heheh..

Last picture before I keep the dress in my closet (or probably returning it to the and return to my normal bareface, selekeh attires. *sighhh

November 21, 2010

My first time...

Just got back from DentBall. Wanted to upload pictures on facebook...but macam jakun sangat here goes some photos..

the shoes..

the dress..

the eye makeup

the (almost) end product..

More pictures and stories coming later aite! Mahu tidur sekarang. Nite!

November 20, 2010

The day I decided to kacau my housemate in her guitar cover, nasib baik dia tak cakap F YOU!

Yours truly and Dayah, in my room.

My oh my makin dekat exam makin malas. Help me!!!!!!!!

November 19, 2010

Raya terAWESOME di Cork.evaaarrr!

This is officially the best celebration I've ever been sepanjang 3 tahun lebih di Cork. Suasana very homely. Ada kanak2 main2. Ada family macam2. Meriah tak terkata. Tak formal tak skema, rasa gembira saje yang ade :) How come I did not brag about this in blog yet! This is not right! This is a crime! This should not happen! Hahaha, ok, saja nak kasi orang2 diluar Malaysia dan Cork irihati. Here goes, the bragging post of how awesome our Eidul Adha Open House was. Fiiiinee orang Malaysia tak perlu irihati saya tahu...tsk.

Soooo the celebration was held on Tuesday. Tuesday, as y'all know is a weekday. But thank God that afternoon I have paeds session. In paeds, there are no requirement. So I'm not really worried about having to miss any session or anything. I called my patient the day before and told her I had to cancel the appointment. On the day itself, I braved up to my lecturer telling her I want to go for Eid celebration....and luckily she understood. Dia gelak je pastu cakap "haaaa pergilah kauuu labuuuu"

Eh tetibe sedar tak study apa malam ni. So I let the pictures do the bragging lah can or not?

Nasi minyak bersama nasi campur daging

Nasi impit bersama rendang daging

Satay terbaik!

Antara tukang2 makan

Laksa. OMG awesome. Siap seludup bawak balik sanggup bukak kot untuk tutup laksa dari hujan lebat dan biarkan diri basah kuyup.

Acar, ayam masak merah, daging kurma. OMG terlalu awesome ok

siap ada ukiran buah2han.

the food spread

All in all, thanks Warga Malaysia Cork Ireland! And congrats for your official launch (on Tuesday) Terdiri daripada warga bukan pelajar Cork, lined up by awesome chefs/doctors/dll. Lepas ni nak takeover semua celebration pun bagus jugak! haha :P


November 16, 2010

Krak! and Eid Mubarak! (wooo it rhymes!)

Today in the oral surgery, I extracted a tooth when I'm not at my very best state. I was less energized as I was fasting (lol badan besar camni puasa sikit pun lemah) so when Dr McK selected me to do the extraction I was quite worry.

So this lady came in for extraction. Since there aren't many extraction cases this afternoon he told 5 of us to see this lady. This is the thing when you come to a teaching hospital. A lot of the time you'll be surrounded by students and around this time of the year, we are just starting with extraction courses and are not quite familiar with that.

All five of us in our navy blue scrubs were busy attending to this lady, either pura-pura doing something or betul-betul doing something. lol. 1 took history, 1 did clinical examination, 1 prepared the consent form, 1 set up the L/A, 1 went to get the forceps and locksetter.

Local anaesthesia was administered and when the patient has gone numb, the best part is about to start. Usually Dr McK would start and show us what to do. Then he will let us in the middle to finish it. He started by loosening the periodontal ligament around the tooth with the locksetter. Ala-ala nak cabut ubi kentang, kita clear2 kan dlu akar/tanah tepi tu. When it's loose, we use the forceps to take out the tooth. You must be strong, and confident. Don't hesitate and know what you are doing!

In the middle of pulling the tooth out of the socket the scary KRAK sound was heard and the other 4 of the girls who were looking at me doing the extraction was hissing in unison. Lol, way to go guys. Gua tengah cuak lu buat bunyi gua bertambah cuak. That's a sign something is cracking, either the root or the tooth itself. I stopped for a while as the tooth was not moving and corrected my grip and position (with the help of Dr McK) so 1 pull, 2 pull, 3 pull and PUP! out the tooth go. Luckily none of the tooth pieces were missing so we are all good.

Inilah dia everyday life in my student life. I know people hates going to dentist because..well, our 'work' gives this unpleasant feeling, the instruments are very ((FUDGE I'M TRYING TO GET THIS ONE WORD OUT OF MY BRAIN I CAN'T)) "disturbing" and the positions when we work are somewhat awkward. I know, I know. Tapi apa mahu buatt. That's life~ haha tetibe..

I asked permission from Dr McK to go back earlier today since I wanted to prepare for break fast...

Me : Dr McK, can I go back earlier today coz I'm fasting today so I want to prepare for break fast
Dr McK : Why are you fasting today, are u having another big celebration or something?
Me : Yup, there's another one tomorrow (malas nak terangkan
Dr McK : Oh yea yea so you wanna go back and cook those delicious food yea you can go back now if you want
Me : *surprised* NOW? you meant NOW (it's only 3 at that time. I thought of going back at 4 camtu)
Dr McK : Yup, if you want. We won't be doing anything much today anyway..
Me : *happy* thank youuuuu

He's now officially my 2nd favourite doctor after Prof McC! lol


Salam Aidiladha everyoneee..Eid Mubarak! kali ni kitorang ikut Saudi punya raya haji plak raya esok..I canceled my afternoon patient so I could go to the open house tomorrow. Teeheee..

November 12, 2010

Money is not everything...

But everything needs money, yes?

I hope everything gets settled soon. More than 2 people is suffering now. It's like a chain effect and this things start to get annoying now.

November 11, 2010

Bogoshipda.I miss you.ich vermisse dich.te echo de menos.Tu me manques.

Lately I've been quite busy and couldn't make time to call home. I miss my mom so much. Last weekend dah pergi Notts tak sempat nak call rumah. During weekdays there's no way I could catch suitable Malaysian time to call home. I am at hospital 8.30-5.30 mostly by the time I'm back home, orang Malaysia dah lena dibuai mimpi dah.Oh mak, I miss you so much. Ya Allah kau peliharalah kesihatan dan keselamatan ibuku. I can't wait for the weekend. Wanna call homeeeeee.

Selalunya kalau saya rindu rumah I will start to cook things that my mom always feed me. But I'm so busy with things that I cook once on Monday and ate the same thing for 3 days. My oh my. Once I get to loosen up a bit saya mahu masak kicap kari asam pedas suun goreng aumm oh makk i so miss you T___T

Whenever I start to miss mom, the feeling starts to spread and after my mom and family, my ex schoolmate would be the next in line for the list of people I will miss the most. Yes, I'm kinda obsessed with my friends from SMSS.

People might wonder apehal dia ni semangat sekolah lebih macam la orang lain tak duduk asrama. Oh well, simply said, you and I are different, boleh? These people, are the people that I grew up with. Cacat comot saya kat sekolah mereka saksi2nya. Time sekolah biasa la ada konflik sikit sana sini tapi as we grew up we start to accept each other better. Bila saya emo, saya marah, saya happy, saya sedih they stay by me. They might sit back quietly, but they never turn their backs from me.

10 years have passed since I knew them and I thank Allah for this friendship. I have to admit time and distance have set us apart slightly but I hope we could get back together like before one fine day.

34 days to go home. Saya mahu jumpa ibu saya mahu makan masakan ibu saya. Saya mahu jumpa itu gelfwen2 and bofwen2 saya. Saya mahu jumpa itu satu gelfwen saya dah setahun setengah tak jumpa.

Typed this post with this song in background. Baru feeling lebih ;

November 10, 2010

The most chaotic 10 minutes

Last Monday I had my oral surgery session. This is the session where I see patient who comes to dentist because they are in pain. Currently we are undergoing extraction training so they are trying to expose us to as many extraction as they could. Extracting tooth is HARD. Like you really need to be strong and confident with whatever you are dealing with. Tapi menarik owh tengok muka orang terseksa kena cabut gigi. Kalau lelaki gagah pun bleh nak tarik2 muka senget2 because extraction is a very very very unpleasant treatment, trust me.

My friend and I were attending to this Spanish lady. She had pericoronitis (infection on the crown of tooth. Cam infection dekat gigi la. Normally kalau dapat lebih 2 kali kita cabut that tooth, especially if it is your third molar/gigi geraham yg paling lambat tumbuh tu) twice on that tooth. So we injected local anaesthesia and was ready to extract the tooth. That day there was a 4th year high school boy who came to oral surgery for attachment just to gain experience. Both of the parents are dentist so they kinda want to introduce him to the life of dental student with hope that he would follow their footsteps la kot kan.

the red patient on the dental chair, tengah cuak-cuak. me and my friend in orange. and the cuak kid in blue

So...we started extracting the tooth. They were soft tissue covering like half of the tooth so we had to incise it with scalpel to expose the tooth. Jadinya membuak-buak la darah keluar. I was too focused on the patient cause I never had this kinda case before. It was quite a hard extraction and Dr McK took over from us and finished the extraction by himself. It was quite a struggle. Gigi tu nak korek keluar, mata orang tu dah terpejam-pejam and she finally broke down and cried. By the time the tooth is loose, she was crying already and dia macam nak telan air liur pastu she fudging swallowed her tooth. Adoihhh lapar ke kak sampai nak makan gigi sendiriiiiii.

When we were in the middle of that chaos suddenly the 4th year kid jatuh melentang kedepan pengsan. Free fall gitu and he slammed the floor really hard ok. oh.em.gee..dahlah dia terjatuh righttt in front of me and the left side of his face hit the floor sangat kuat ok. We didn't even realized he was all pale cause we were too engaged with the patient. Lagiii la minah yg tengah nangis2 trauma baru cabut gigi tu terkojuit. Luckily he fell down after we were done with the extraction. Cuba bayangkan kalau dia jatuh pastu terkena forceps yg kite tengah pegang dalam mulut orang tu. Fuuu~~~ I don't even want to imagine!
the kid fell right in front of me. my partner was standing beside him. the patient has already cried.

Luckily everything was grand. We took a chest xray and the tooth didn't go down the respiratory tract. She practically ate her own tooth and gonna be shitting tooth in a few days. LOL.

p.s : I'm back from Nottingham, safe and sound. The trip was good. I really had goooooodddd fooooood! But the tiredness is gonna lasts throughout the week. I haven't really had a chance to rest fully. Last Monday ingat nak skip class to take a break but I forced myself to go. Nasib la pergi kalau tak, tak dapat tengok budak pengsan. hihihi..

November 05, 2010

The (not so) amazing race : Nad's edition

Greetings all. I'm now safely in Dublin Airport :)

But the day (Thursday, that is) didn't go as smooth as I wish.

1. The filling I did on my patient previously in the morning was kinda unsuccessful due and the replacement supervisor decided to mark me down.

That....totally robbed off my mood and I nearly gave up going to Notts because of that.

2. The clinic ended at 12.30 (when I'm supposed to get everything done by 12)

3. The dental lab needed some other record of my patient and I had to send my patient's cast. That costed me another 15 mins from my already shortened lunch break.

Luckily my perio session went okay. My patient had to go for a hurling match at 5 so I had to finish treatment by then. But boy, he got a hella filthy breath (excuse me I know i'm not suppose to badtalk my patient T___T)


Obsesi dan kecintaan kamu semua pada asap, nikotin, tar serta segala bahan kimia dalam sepuntung rokok tu bukan sahaja mampu membunuh kamu dan membunuh orang sekitar kamu. Malahan bau nafas kamu boleh menjadi busuk dan mampu membunuh orang yang berurusan dengan kamu. Lepastu dah sakit gusi sakit gigi kamu datang ke doktor gigi dgn nafas berbau itu! Eh eh eh...

Your obsession and addiction to nicotine and smokes could kill you and the people around you. Plus, your breath stinks! BIG TIME!

So please, please please, kamu jangan nakal. Dan please, please please, do consider giving up smoking or tone down with your smoking addiction to the level that your breath won't stink and your life span and the people around you is not shorten by half or so.

Ok sambung cerita.

I finished clinic at reached home at about quarter past 5. Showered, prayed and packed up my things. Took a bus to the city at quarter past 6. At quarter past 7 the bus left Cork for Dublin and at about half past 11, here I am, in Dublin airport already. But the bus ride kinda sucky as well. There were this Spanish couple ke friends ke, tapi a boy and a girl lah...talking talking talking all the way. Loudly. Ok saya tak taulah dia Spanish ke tak but I assume they are. Macam nak cerita dekat semua orang dalam bas.

Oklah I better stop yapping yapping and try to get sleeping now before got really cranky tomorrow. Hopefully takda sapa nak curik mi goreng bekal ni time saya tido T__T

My sleeping partner(s) tonight

lol nampak kaki-kaki dan badan flat-flat saja.

my working station (attempted to write my lit review but naahhh...the bus ride gave me quite a headache that I can only blog now. lol

tuan empunya badan will only be seeing this post by Sunday. hehehehehehehehe...

November 04, 2010

A not so ideal (time-wise) breakaway


Just stopping by here to tell ye I'm still alive and kicking. I've been busy with the literature review...trying my best to complete each and every words as much as I could. I'm pretty much at a third of the whole review now. Life in clinics and labs are pretty much the same. Still as busy as bee. And I've an exam this coming December!

In between all these clinics, lectures, labs, literature review and studying for the upcoming exam, I.... going to Nottingham this Friday.

Matilah kau banyak bunyi bising sekali tiba-tiba pergi UK pulak kan? This ticket has been bought a month ago. When I haven't got the lit review assignment and I haven't even realized exam is THATclose. I considered of not going....but hmmm I don't knowwwww? I thought I deserve a break. Eventhough memang lah not a good time to have a break and whatnots. I actually am losing my precious weekend this week. Lagi tambah penat adalah.

Esok pagi I have a patient that needs a filling. Petang I'm having patient with ANUG (acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis. a very NASTY gingivitis) Scaling patient is fudging tiring. Seriously like. Try kau duduk atas kerusi, letak perca kain atas meja, lepastu jahit kain2 tu. Apa motif taktahu la I'm trying to make an analogy here. Selama 3 jam. Mata kena fokus. Tangan kena buat keja. Walaupun duduk je sakit badan tahu tak? After clinic tomorrow I have to rush home, mandi, solat and pack up to go to town to take a 5 hr bus to Dublin Airport. Lepastu kena tido airport pulak to catch the flight at 8am the next morning. Oh myyy...God help me!

Ssokay though. Sakit ni saya cari pasal sendiri. I have to deal with it la. I hope things go smoothly tomorrow and throughout the weekend :) Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, permudahkanlah ya Allah.

Teeheee.. kan dah terbebel-bebel. Malu I.