October 31, 2006

once upon a time

Today, Tomorrow & Hereafter
vocal : Nirina Zubir, OST Heart
hari ini dadaku bergetar
terguncang memilu dan mengerang
ku yakin ku tak salah
karna hatiku tak pernah dan takkan berdusta

cinta cinta cinta
aku jatuh cinta

esoknya ku pikir rasa itu
akan menghilang dengan seiring waktu
namun ternyata tak berubah
aku makin tergiur pada dirimu

cinta cinta cinta
aku jatuh cinta

dan seterusnya rasa ini selalu terjadi
dan tak pernah berkurang
hatiku hanya untuk dirimu
aku bahagia hanya bila kamu bahagia

esoknya ku pikir rasa itu
akan menghilang dengan seiring waktu
namun ternyata tak berubah
aku makin tergiur pada dirimu

cinta cinta cinta
aku jatuh cinta

dan seterusnya rasa ini selalu terjadi
dan tak pernah berkurang
hatiku hanya untuk dirimu
aku bahagia hanya bila kamu bahagia

dan seterusnya rasa ini selalu terjadi
dan tak pernah berkurang
hatiku hanya untuk dirimu
aku bahagia hanya bila kamu bahagia

October 30, 2006

raye @ muar

lalala..comeylnye muke terpenyetttt

cik din & cik lin

cik cho & family

mak semah & family

mak tip & family & the gangsters

uncle halimi & family

my family

I love my family. I love beraye with them. I love every single thing with them


October 28, 2006

open house. citer raye kat johor coming soon

Oh uh..I'm back at home! (=

Since there're too much to be typed out, i'd choose to explain things from the most recent, to the least one

My Open House

So it was totally unplanned so-called open house. At first I have this intention to gather all my friends (bak kate afan reunion) and hence I tried to find a suitable date. Since most of them are going to be stucked in the exam hall by next week, I think this is the best day so I quickly told my mom and she agreed to me. Alhamdulillah..

I texted all my friends but most of them couldn't make it. I took the trouble to send msgs to ALL friends, and I really mean ALL. Friends, enemies. U named it. Not to forget, the numbers that I've been deleted and am trying to delete from my life. And almost ALL of them couldnt make it. What I got was the same "sorila. ade hal itu la ini la..apela.." So I was a bit demotivated. However since I know that my girls are coming so I tried to cheer up and prepare for the makan2..

That morning I woke up and helped mom with the preparation. I rushed to sate samuri awan besar to buy, of course, satay. I kept on trying to tell myself that they will be arriving very very late so I dont have to prepare earlier but I failed to keep to my promise. By 1 pm I am ready with my baju-tak-kurung and also my tudung. Thanks to someone, his messages accompanied we through the 'hard moment'

As expected, the girls came so late. My bro has been teasing me, since the house is still empty eventhough the clock has strucked 2 pm. But I know, they will come eventually. I waited, patient and impatienly and I am really close to breaking down when my bro kept on asking where are my friends..

The 1st car to arrive was daud, afan and shera. I was quite happy to see them. Especially afan. was so nice being around him. Then they finally arrived. Azahari came with Zahirah and the other 2 friends (ezarif and zubai if i'm not mistaken). And the last one to arrive was kacip, radin and toye. So they have another plan that evening but wani at first told me maybe they are not going to pa's house. I was quite happy since I think if they stayed at my house longer, I'd have time to chitchat with them.

Radin and toye wanted to go to pa's house and they asked the girls to follow. Actually I really wanted them to stay longer but I know it's not fair. I kept on telling them to wait but I can see that radin and toye didnt really look comfortable and hence I finally say bye2 to them. I dont know why but I broke down and even cried to myself when they left. I really wanted to spend time with them but I know who am I to hold them back. Luckily nabila and her girls + syed , and aizat and hakim came. I held my tears and layan them as tuan rumah should treat their guesses.

Oh nabila sweet giler ko dengan syed aku nak termuntah kejap sebnanye tadi. Sorry terejek.

Nabila and her friends left since they have another house(s?) to go. So it was all me and aizat and hakim. And we talked about many things. Friends, studies and all. Every year, hakim would praise me for every single change in myself. *blushing* Hahaha..he used to be my crush back when I was in primary 3 (and 4 and 5?) haha..We were in same class for 4 years can u imagine?? From 2 Elok to 3 Elok to 4 Budi to 5 Cekap to 6 Cekap. Oh..was that 5?? So he could see my progression ever since I was little sloppy nad to a better nad. *haha* Every year he would tell something and I really appreciate it. Baju cantik ka, muka ok ka, badan kurus skit ka..huhuhu..thanks pal.

By 12pm I've settled things down but I still couldnt feel better after they left me. Erm...hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up with a better mood.

My umbrella, i really need u

John Tucker Must Die

While waiting for the guesses to arrive I hide in the room so I wouldnt hear my bro kept on teasing the empty house. SInce the internet has been quite sucky today, I finally decided to watch John Tucker Must Die. I was so dying to watch this movie and hence I care less about the poor quality of this pirated-bazar-parit-sulong-nyer-cd. JT really reminds me of someone in SMSS who's qualities really similar. Sweet-talker, hot body and all the other aspects that normal girl couldnt really resist. The story was quite OK and I really enjoyed it. Brittany Show was so not Izzie Stephens and I really couldnt imagine they she is really, Izzie Stephens.

P/S: kenape minggu ni takde grey's anatomy?????????????????????????????????????


October 22, 2006

off to muar

slamat ari raye. maaf zahir batin

October 21, 2006

ombak jahat

One of the most touching raya ads. *cries*

Blabber #1
Ever felt like losing hope when something didnt work out? Well I guess one would rather exchange his/her life just to avoid such things happen. Anyway things don't really go like what we wished. U can make an advanced, well-prepared plans but u can never change His plans. He knows what's the best for us and he won't grant us with challenges if we are not able to make it through.

"Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya. " -Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286

Blabber #2
The most crucial time in our one-day life is the moment when we open up our eyes. It determines our destiny and it fixes our mood for the upcoming 23hours and 59 mins. Well, if u woke up on the wrong side, wrong time, or probably wrong ppl, the whole day will be affected. The same goes if ur supposedly-sweet-dream is shuttered by nitemare.
And this brought us to the main topic today, which is about my disturbed-sleep. My dream was intruded by a very unwanted person. I was there. In my class. Sitting besides someone. Nature's call. I went to toilet. And then, out of nowhere SHE (a long,big-nosed skinny chick) came in. And took my place. What scares me most is the significance of the dream. She had once took away my "happinesss" and I cant afford to lose someone to her, again.
I guess it's time for me to come back to the lonely valley and meet my loyal ally, the misery. Life is just unfair, eh? Cmon, I'm just about to climb up the 8th cloud. I havent really been to the cloud nine, yet.

October 20, 2006

in the kingdom of boredom

Your Birthdate: July 30

You have the type of personality that people either love or hate.

You're opinionated, dramatic, intense, and very outspoken.

And some people can't get enough of you - they're totally addicted.

Others, well, they wish you were a little more reserved.

Your strength: Your flair

Your weakness: If you think it, you say it

Your power color: Scarlet red

Your power symbol: Inverted triangle

Your power month: March

Lalala : I've got ur cards. It's really "special"
Me : Heuheu.Told u. U've got to keep that card forever
Lalala : No problem. When I'm rich i'll build a museum to put ur card in
Me : (Ciss..)
Lalala : Woops, forgot to say. Thanx
Me : U're welcome

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is traditional. Without saying anything, both of you communicate with your hearts.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something that will confine you. You are afraid of marriage.

In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Zahidahtul Kamaliah and Mahfuzah for taking the trouble to accompany me yesterday. *heuheuheu*

Went to, again, SOGO and MidVal yesterday. (I just cant get enough of those) This time around, it was Fuzah's and Ida's day. I didnt buy anything at SOGO. I am craving for the diesel's blouse!!! *sob sob* Anyway I bought a pair of jeans and an "isteri-lanun" blouse (says who? says fuzah) I am so happy tho. COz I am finally satisfied with my newly-bought clothes and jeans. *WeEee..*

Mom asked me to join her break-fast at PJ Hilton. She's spending her staff and nearly-resigned boss. I would like to go..but I dont really like to mingle with "older" people. What am I going to do with them?? But since I havent been to buffet for ages, I wudnt want to miss this chance...Haih..

I watched my all time favourite movie, A CINDERELLA STORY last nite. So much for the fairy tale lah kan but I digged that movie from the 1st time I saw it, until the 8th time (plus 1 last nite). Siotlah. Ye ye, I know the story is totally auta and crap but hey, give me some space and let me fly in my own fantasy land, okeyh? The story was so..sweet. The songs are wonderful, plus, mr hottie chad michael is playing football *drools* Anyway I am still waiting PATIENTLY with my 4th-time-downloaded JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE. I hope this time around, it will work.

October 19, 2006

just to keep me preoccupied

Just like the title tells, this post is just to keep myself preoccupied. (Ohoh..the NST ads is very effective, i tell u. I feel like using the word all the time) Well I managed to ask my 2 loyal companions out for shopping. So I'd better not re-sleep or else I wont be having enough time to scan through all the clothes and shoes and pants and jeans *sigh*

Oh well yesterday was my bad break-fast day. I was home alone. Mom and bro got some function in their offices so I am all by myself. Decided to fry the kuetiow and Ohh, I got a brilliant idea!! U know, back at McB, I had MURTABAK MEGI almost 75% of my puasa-days. I kinda addicted to the MURTABAK MEGI (a.k.a pizza megi) and so I just cudnt help myself from buying it, whenever I see it.So *lalala* I cooked those two things as planned and the murtabak megi looked good. But....the kuetiow...didnt turn out to be quite good.

As clock struck 7.01pm I oficially broke my fast, alone for the 2nd time, and OMG!!! The kuetiow was very..squidish? I remembered how I innocently poured air-sotong to the kuetiow and it ended up to be very...squiddish *sedih*. Lucky me I had my side-dish cum main-dish murtabak megi. *sigh*

And I put the blame, mainly on someotherone who disturbed me just before I cook. And he kinda made a statement that I'm not a good cook and of course, my fried kuetiow will turn out to be crappy. Blame on u, mister! He said I wud ended up eating McD and hey, he was quite right. I just felt like calling McD to get some porridge or whatevetheheck is for my late-break-fast. But hey, I've promised myself. No extra fast food pls.

To whoeveryouare, pls dont disturb me just before I do my cooking eh. Coz u cursed me! And I broke fast with megi while u were heavenly eating all ur delicious mom's cookings. It's not fair okay?

He hasnt received my card yet. Erms..I think I got his add right. Who to be blamed? Postman?Hey, I took all the trouble to find a suitable card for him tau. Please make sure he is able to read it!

See,people. I am, playing with the flame. I know I'll fall from the highest place ever and no one would ever catch me or at least prepare a mattress for me. But, as far as I'm concerned, he shud I say? Very close to me. To my surprise, he wrote about the same things as mine on the card. *terkujat* He came to me, INSTINCTIVELY when I really in need of sumone. He knew how to cheer me up. So I guess all I need to do now is constantly remind myself to prepare for the greatest fall, ever. *cries*

Ohoh. I dont know until when, am I able to enjoy this kind of feeling. I need sumone who can treat me more like a girl, rather than a geng. (I guess that's how HIM got into my life and stucked there for quite a sometime kot. But I know he is totally different from HIM, although they have the same structure of reproductive system. *nasty naughty me*

Oklah. I guess I have to stop blabber. Or else I'll go deeper, as deep as deep things. Before I rest my case, I would like to urge all bunch of holy crap out there, to repent and turn a new leaf. Because u are totally useless people, harmful, dangerous, hold the highest degree of stupidity, physically ugly and bunch of libidoss. Mengabehkan boreh orang je!

X Mat Rempits who attacked police stations go into hiding
X Students exposed as Mat Rempits
X Amaran keras redakan kegiatan rempit

and etc etc. banyaklah. Busuk giler ok? Now u have all spotlights on u. Arent u satisfied !? Pleaselah...bile nak ade rempiticide ni....I dont want them to end up listed as new terms in kamus dewan bahasa...........

October 18, 2006

the essence of greeting cards

The one that I've been waiting for is here. So I guess no point of waiting mr postman anymore aite? *sigh*
**Thanx.U made my bored-day =)(=**

Yesterday I went for raye shopping with miss ida. To be frank, I like to go shopping with her because she was such a wonderful shopping assistant and consultant. She'll give good comments and I guess most of the time, I listen to her advices (except for the jeans lusuh la kan..hoho) We were quite late yesterday. I picked Ida at about 11 ++ and we arrived mid at almost 12pm. Decided to go to SOGO and we took commuter to Bank Negara.

SOGO is the heaven for baju-bajus! I loike! I felt like taking all those clothes into the troley and go back home with a big fat smile! But sadly, financially, I am not allowed to do so. I bought 3 t-shirts and 1 jeans. And I am still craving for :
+ Diesel Blouse
+ One more jeans
+ .... (havent decided yet)

Due to the time constraint, we have to leave sogo and rush back to Mid. Bought a pair of PINK sandals at Mid. At first, we planned to have iftar with fuzah and fadzrul. Then, cancelled it due to the heavy rain and busy traffic. Suddenly, last minute, ida told that she didnt really like the mid's prayers' room so we decided to just go against the heavy traffic and dropby at intec. We ran ran ran (note : this is our second marathon after the first one where we had to distance ourselves from a bunch of rempits junior at ktm bank negara.eEeee..busuk giler!!) like crazy people to buy titbits since we were very sure we'll have to breakfast in the car! We went to and fro and eventually decided to buy TAKO and ice lemon tea. Hoho..

Luckily the traffic werent that bad. We departed from mid at 6.40pm and arrived at intec at about 7.15pm. We broke-fast as soon as we arrived Shah Alam roundabout..UuuUu...Alhamdulillah...

I wanna go again!!! Still not satisfied!!!!!!!!!!! Uwaaa....anyone care to be my company?

Tak fit.duk jap

jom tangkap gmbr ngan rel ketapi

ida tak nampak.cubelagi!



October 16, 2006

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan!

Hello all. Welcome to the special edition with the ayu-est gadis melayu alive. This aint beauty makeover show, nor its a singing competition, but this is a reality, a dream come true, all the way from this girl's heart.

Once upon a time, in far-far away land, there was a girl,living in her room. Sadly, her room was more like the singapura dilanggar todak tragedy..

She promised to herself, that wont last long. The girl is very determined to clean up the mess made by the todakss..

She started the mission..

Cleaned up the mess..

And tara...

It's a dream came true

-Commercial break-

Hai semua.Kita bertemu dalam rancangan memasak. Harini kita nak masak sayur goreng suun kicap. Bahan2nye ialah..

3 biji bawang kecil dimayang
9 lada hijau (mak semah kata kena nombor ganjil supaya tak pedas)
4 bawang putih
secubit ikan bilis
kubis (camne eja kobis ke kubis)
ayam potong dadu

mula2 kite tumbuk bawang putih, lada n ikan bilis.letak sdikit garam
pastu tumiskan benda yg ditumbuk ngan bawang kecil yg dimayang
pastu masukkan ayam
dah ok skit, masuk la sayur
pastu goreng2
ops lupe nak cakap.sotong tu rebus.sbab kalo masak nnt jd keras.
ok masuk suun sume kicap sume2 lah


slamat mencuba!


Enjoy the new background song -> My Heart guitar version

I'm tired la dey..Cant really tolerate any heartache. My just too fragile.

Mood Swings Status
+ Will u come home and stop this pain tonite?
+ He heard me. U heard me. I know u know.
+ Reality hits, *bang*
+ I'm hurt. All over again

Sekian drama swasta dari saye. This aint Yusof Haslam's Sembilu nor a part of Alaf 21 novel. This is plainly,genuinely mine!

P/S :
1. the cards have been posted! Yippie! I did it..!!
2. Currently have some conflicts with the handphone and the ppl in it. Cant be reached kat my hp la seketika waktu.huhu
3. Next plan : ops kemas bilik!

October 15, 2006

my celebrity look-alike?

hahaha..time to go nuts!!

p/s : i miss u

I'm wanna write a novel entitled p/s: I miss u lah.bleh tak?

about a hope, a desire

I hope. I dream. I have desire. I wish.

And I hope all those will come true.
Pls, friend, whoever. Who came to this blog and is reading this post, pray for me, pray for my success. I want to be there. I want to make my dream come true. I want my wish to be granted. And seriously, I dont want my efforts and suffercations in IB, and in fact, my efforts since I learned A,B,C wasted, just like that. Just like that. Pls. Pretty pretty pls...

Huhuhu..would it be my last ramadhan and syawal in malaysia? I dont know. But, hey, let's just treasure every moment and celebration we had in our life, kan?

Went shopping with mommy today. UuUuuu...I told mom "nak baju pelik, yg bukan baju kurung", and here u go ; my first baju pelik-pelik bukan baju kurung..

We went to jusco, but I didnt buy any clothes or jeans or whatever that I always buy. I was seriously not in mood. But I finally bought the vitamin C (z, if u are reading this,aku terpengaruh dah dgn vitamin C ZA ko tuh) for my dearly kering-sana-kering-sini face and my finishing powder. Aiceyh. And, I bought cards too!! I am very determined to send cards to my friends tau this year!

erm...? lalala~

Anyway I'm just trying to keep myself occupied. So I wont be thinking of how dull and how sad, this aidilfitri gonna be. CikPi is going to be at Tganu. Baby Fariq is at Pahang. And I dont think my mom would do "open house" this year since she believes no one is going to help her out. She's kinda discourage when CikPi is not with us. He's my mom's right hand...

Haih..raye terakhir la sangat...


Many nights we prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hope for a song
We barely understood
Now we are not afraid
Although we know theres much to fear
We were moving mountains
Long before we knew we could

There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayer so often proves in vain
Hope seems like the summer bird
Too swiftly flown away
Yet now Im standing here
My hearts so full, I cant explain
Seeking faith and speakin words
I never thought Id say

There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
Its hard to kill
Who knows what miracles
You can achieve (you can achieve)
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe

They dont always happen when you ask
And its easy to give in to your fears
But when youre blinded by your pain
Cant see the way, get through the rain
A small but still, resilient voice
Says hope is very near

October 13, 2006


At last, the much awaited,much needed holiday is here. Yeap, for real, i'm on my oh-1st-time-bdak-kmb-cuti-lame-skit-3-week-holiday.

So a brief storymory about my last survival week in McB. Nothing major happened. Days passed by as smooth as flowing water (eh..water flow smooth ke eh?) The umbrella has also did his job perfectly and I dont know what's the best way to express my gratitude towards him. Tq lah sangat for being there,keeps me going despite the hazy and extreme thunderstorm.

My mentor left McB for good, today. Sob sob..After this we are going to be motherless children. Altho she didnt teach me, but I really like her. Her words, her calmness..I still remember how she calmed me down when I was extremely sad because of my result.

us >.<

That (one fine) day I layan-ed "Heart". Oklah, the story managed to make my tear gland secreted it fluid. The story made me think, do I have to wait until my death to eventually know I am loved, or I never was? It's a bit tragic to discover the truth after the body is separated from the soul. And it's double triple tetra penta hexa tragic to swallow this insecure feelings..

Haih...kan dah terjiwang

THis year, I am so gonna try my best to send out the raya cards to, at least my classmates (yg kasi alamat je la) Go go go go Nad I know I can do it...


p/s: i miss my monthly shinchan me help me help me help me help me

October 08, 2006

6 days...just 6 days

So people let's start our countdown. Approx about 6 more days to survive..

Click clock..tiki tiki tok..

Sniff sniff, i smell the sense of untenangness

6 days nad...just 6 freakin days..

After that 6 freakin days, I'm gonna rock shah alam..Ahah..yeye jer

Gi bazar..Owh, i miss Jasli. Where the heck is he now eh?
Still remember the moment when they used to tease me with the "Jasli,Jasli" (sila nyanyi dgn nada lagu Chelsea, Chelsea) thingy.
And remember the hardship of talking with him on the public phone (zaman kecik2 tarak enpon lagi)
And the day when I was dumbfounded when I accidentally met him at pkns


I think my baby is in serious need of reformat. But I cant afford to live my life a day without him. *drools*

Ok sumpah tak tenang. Gonna stop this blabber

Wait for me guys. Just 6 days...6 freaking days..

And I'll be back

Peace.One love.

October 07, 2006

time to change

It's the time for a new look
This is just a trial
I'll change it to the old one if I think I dont like it
So anyone who came across my blog, which one is better?
I need your opinion!!

Reason to change:
I think I had enough, living in a gloomy, dark alley
It's time to go out and play under the sunshine
Get tanned, live life to the fullest
Time to come clean
Out out bad memories
And welcome to glorious and bright future

October 06, 2006

lucky number 9

I would like to declare this week as the lucky number 9 week.

Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Happy #1
I managed to redeem myself in my English Oral. I've been haunted by the *^&%$# feeling after my 1st oral english. Down, feeling depressed, I promised not to let myself down again. NEVER. I woke up that morning, took my sahur, prayed, bathed and went on with my strategies. Strategy 1 : listen to so I could familiarise myself with English words. Strategy 2 : Read CLEO. Strategy 3: Pray a lot!! The whole body is shivering that day. My muscle werent contracting properly, my heart palpitated and I was so tak tenang! We went in, put on our ears to the radio. Allah knows how happy I was when they decided to discuss on internet.Money investment summore. Nyehehehe...And the score was a nice 9/10 / 9/10 / 9/10. Alhamdulillahhh.....

Happy #2
My TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Group Presentation. This was another worst fear. I need to work hard since my presence in Mr Siraj (my tok teacher) class has never been significant. He talks to Subha, Madihah, Syifa' he remembers Azfar Nabila Iqbal but not me. Never. So I needed his attention and tried to give my best. Since I have a serious anxiety disorder, I depended much on my text so I would not blabber. Again, I had a muscular problem that day. Went in and out toilet twice. I woke up late. Managed to swallow 2 bijik dates and drink a gulp of water. Everything seemed not okay that morning but things started to go back to places after that. And, the score was...19/20!! Yes, 19!!

And that was the the story behind the lucky number 9

Sometimes, umbrella itself couldnt really protect me from the harsh rain. I might need a raincoat.

Had I given a choice, I would choose to stay low. Keep out of problems, all the time.

Hazey Dazey Shah Alam. As hazy as my heart. Haha yeye jer

Will be back.Later

October 01, 2006

self discovery

sleeping : main hobby during ramadhan.aih..makruh pose

Life is a journey of self-discovery. U may choose the long,boring highway or u may opt for a nearer,adventurous shortcuts. It depends on how would u like your timeline of life is spent and other factors do contribute in choosing your path.

In life, no one could ever run from getting older. No matter how many pills u consumed, how many bottles of anti-ageing u put on you wrinkle-face, u can never change the fact that your age is increasing.However what scare me most is when maturity (read: maturity, not puberty!) comes in. Argh..I think my increasing age is doubled when maturity comes in.I've started to think about future which I believe is quite terrifying especially when I dont usually imagine of a happier life.

Nevertheless, getting older and matured contribute to a happier life, I guess. Because u will start to reason out everything positively (yeke?) and eventually u will find some sort of relieveness when u know there's something good awaits u at the end of the day (the art of sedapkan hati sendiri). The biggest reason why I like to imagine of bad ending instead of happier plot is I dont want to get hurt when the result comes out. I dont want to moan and groan when life didnt turn out to be what I've expected. I've enough of that,I guess?

Anyway life in IB seems to get better (again YEKE???). Ok at least not as miserable as before.Maybe because the packed schedule and endless quizzes and workloads have put aside all the miseries. What makes thing better is I can now look and see(usha?) and meet all KMBian without the feeling of killing them.No more that frowning looks and I-want-to-shoot-you-till-ur-head-berkecai looks.

So who's behind this sudden change of point of view? No, there are no spesific person. It's just the matter of time.So I guess the time has come today (note:grey's anatomy, season 3, episode 1.hahah) Maybe the air-con'd classroom also helped.And friends? Ermm..better than before. Tp I still havent widen my social network yet. Paiseyh susah la. Saya ni kan pemalu orgnyer :> ekekeke..yeye jer. But seriously I do have problem to make new friends.

The presence of an umbrella to help me through the rain also helped. A lot,i guess. But, u know, how reliable an umbrella is?
Still, it's the matter of time.
I hope i'll be okay.
I hope..

An ex-bestfriend once told me : Jgn bermain dengan api.

But...selagi tak terbakar diri sendiri, bole tak saya main2 dengan kehangatan api?


self discovery

>Control Myself

[Jennifer Lopez:]
No me puedo controlar
Aqui con el SeƱor LL Cool J
Y aqui estoy... ya tu sabes
Uno, dos, tres, muevete!

[Jermaine Dupri:]
Ya'll know what this is...So...So...Def!

[Verse 1:]
[LL Cool J:]
The club was far from empty
It was crowded at the entry (Woo!)
I slide right through like how I do
This girl began to tempt me (Uh-huh!)
She said her name Shayeeda
I could tell her mama feed her (Yeah!)
When they tight and thick them jeans don't fit
I'm L, nice to meet ya (Uh-oh!)
I could feel my body yearning
The room just started turning
Didn't want to go out on the floor
but this girl was so determined
My brain began to sizzle
I'm sweatin' just a little
On the dance floor in the middle
She turned around and giggle
She said

[Jennifer Lopez:]
You got, you got, you got
what it takes to make me leave my man

[LL Cool J:]
It's hard to control myself (Aww!)
It's hard to control myself
You got, you got, you got
What it takes to make this boy be bad (Be bad)

It's hard to control myself
It's hard to control myself

[Jennifer Lopez:]
It's hard for me to control myself (Me too)
and to hold myself back from jumpin' on ya
like I wanna, like I wanna, wanna

[Verse 2:]
[LL Cool J:]
Temptation is a mother
How we lust for one another (Yeah)
We barely know each other
Yet we're waddling like we're lovers
The air is full of passion
The strobe lights are flashin'
The hustlers throw cashin'
The bartender keeps splashin'
Her moves were so erotic
Her gaze was so hypnotic
I begged this girl to stop it
But she continued to pop it

You know I know you like it
Let me hit you on your Sidekick
Because the afterparty is at my body
Meet me you're invited

[LL Cool J:]
She said

[Jennifer Lopez:]
You got, you got, you got
what it takes to make me leave my man

[LL Cool J:]
It's hard to control myself
It's hard to control myself
You got, you got, you got
What it takes to make this boy be bad (Be bad)

It's hard to control myself
It's hard to control myself

[Jennifer Lopez:]
It's hard for me to control myself (Say what)
and to hold myself back from jumpin' on ya
like I wanna, like I wanna, wanna

[Verse 3:]
[LL Cool J:]
She licked, off, her lip, gloss
Her hips, tossed, back, and forth
Side, to side, and up, and down
She touched, the ground, it turned, me out
I'm battling desire
Lord help me douse this fire
This internal inferno
Hotter than a shot of Cuervo
Her top was short and purple
Belly dancing in a circle
When I feel like this I can't resist
Stop it don't make me hurt you (make me hurt you)

[LL Cool J:]


[Jermaine Dupri:]
Uh, yeah, I need everybody to report to the dance floor!

[LL Cool J:]
Shake it, shake it, shake it

[Jermaine Dupri:]
Haha, you know what this is

P/S: The bold phrases are the main points. Others are just rubbish I guess

Will be updating with a proper post later. I'm just too tired after being a true anak dara just now.

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