August 30, 2009

Kampung halamanku rawks!

Hello all I'm in Muar, Johor right now. Pulang ke kampung dengan misi mencari kuih raya dan menziarah nenek serta pusara atok for the last time of this year. Oh ye..kampung saya ada wireless! Cool takkk?

Left home at 8.30am and I slept allllllllllll the way. Woke up when we finally arrived at Tok Haron's kubur. It's my first time being in the tanah perkuburan in my kampung. The place is nicely arranged. The kuburs are numbered. Very the proper one not like Tanah perkuburan Ampang (maybe because the place is overcrowded sudeyh)

After kubur we went to meet my grandma who was as always happy to see her anak cucu at home. Then off we went to the great Lapis Laman - heaven of all kuih raya! The price of the kuihs there are almost half from the ones being sold in KL & Shah Alam.

Cik Pi arrived later (didn't realise coz I was sleeping) and Mak Pah just arrived like a few hours ago. Uncle Limi and Kak Jaja left for home after terawih.

I can't deny the feeling is totally different without the presence of Tok Haron. Memanglah he was not the type yang duduk bercerita dengan cucu sangat tapi usually he's there. Baca paper. Duduk tengok berita. Buat kerja at his working area. Baru balik kedai beli barang dapur untuk anak cucu. It kills me man to avoid me from getting sad due to his absence. And like I said before, he was one of the sources of my strength everytime I go for exam . Usually I would call him to pray for my success and each time it never failed to ease my nervousness and calm me a bit. Aihh..sedih =(

Anyhoo we'll be going back tomorrow. Mak Pah asked us to go back after berbuka. I seriously wanted to stay but I still got a few things to be done back home. Tsk. Terkilan gila tak dapat merasa air tangan Mak Pah before I left :(

August 28, 2009

Corrupted tastebuds

I have a problem.

This few days I'm down with mild flu. Eversince keluar malam menggila with my girls. Cam biasa zaman sekarang haruslah paranoid H1N1 dulu but my respiratory system is doing okay. Except kalau banyak makan tu mestilah sesak nafas kan. Teehee!

So what's the problem?

My tastebud isn't working properly! Dah nak hujung-hujung cuti ni mustilah mahu melantak makanan yang cuma 11 bulan yang akan datang baru dapat makan kan. Tappiiiiii...the only taste that I can appreciate now is SWEET. Dahlah gula banyak kena sorok skarang kan (apa kaitan?)

Seriously. I had NASI KERABU WITH AYAM PERCIK MERAH yesterday. But didn't really get to taste the kerabuness properly. The same goes to AYAM PERCIK PUTIH, IKAN KELI SAMBAL, KARI AYAM PEKAT WITH ROTI JALA, PUCUK UBI MASAK LEMAK that I had today ---> saje je nak wat Adilah dan pembaca belog di Cork jealous. Hwahwahwa!

Eh nak aa ada gambar sket aa baru kasi bakar panasss sket...hahaha

picture courtesy of here

picture courtesy of here

Jadi sekarang saya adalah memakan makanan seperti kuih pelita dan minum sirap bandung (susu cair F&N tak sedap! susu Ideal jugak terbaik) sahaja kerana itu je rasa yang dapat dirasai sekarang. *sigh

On another note, I am getting bored with the blog template. Am switching for a new one soon! Sekarang tengah nak survey-survey lagi mana yang menarik. huhu...

August 27, 2009

Menghirup udara (tercemar) KL buat kali yang terakhirnya tahun ini

One of the reason why I insisted on going back home, for the second time. Each year so far I've never failed to visit him during Ramadhan..

Alfatihah to Mohammed Suffian bin Mohamad Yusoff.

After visited Tanah Per*kuburan Am*pang, I went to Ka*mal Medi*cal Bookstore..and finally the last stop - the great Jalan TAR!

In front of Maju Junction

Hot selling moist choc cake at the bazaar

Cutting q kenari. Benci!

Bought a baju kurung pahang and a few selendangs there. Seriously, silalah melawat bazaar dahulu sebelum ke kedai-kedai di Jalan Tar ittew. Price diff is very the high okayh!

Later today I went to Bazaar Ramadhan (HATE to call it Param. macam nama the late Indian actor tu. Not that I hate him...tapi just..tak selesa..huhu) Taman Alam Megah. Meredah hutan semata-mata demi Nasik Kerabu! Huhuhu...dapat jugak Nasi Kerabu warna biru tu with Ayam Percik, Telur masin segala...tapi can't really taste it..Either the food is tasteless, atau memang tastebud saya yg ala-ala dilanda demam ni failed to carry its function..

On an another angrier note, harini saya nak bengang pasal ASAP. Yes, As Soon As Possible. Honestly I HATE it when ppl try to ASAP me. Especially for something given on short notice and came unwarned. Lepas tu nak ASAP plak kan. The only person that I can tolerate to accept her ASAP is Nabila (where are you la dude..lama tak contact aku :( ) Itupun for an unknown reason. haha..Okay dah bye tanak elaborate lebih2 dah. Byeeeeeeeeeeeee

p/s : cant wait for November. oh time, can u go slower within this 4 days, then after 1st of September go as faster as you can until November? huhuhu..

August 25, 2009

Enjoying the fun while it lasts

I'll be back when I'm done having fun.

Take care, and have a nice day everyone!

p/s : thank you for the wakeup call. walaupun saya tiada berjaya tidur dgn nyenyak pun smalam dan sudah sampai Pelita pun bile wakeup call sampai :P

August 23, 2009

Mimpi bukan-bukan

Saya tak tahulah zon masa mana saya tidur ini.

Mimpi saya :

Kekasih saya seorang penjenayah. Siapa yang bawakan watak ni dalam mimpi biarlah rahsia :P

Lepastuuuu dia sekarang tengah di bail out or something sementara menunggu perbicaraan. Tapi cam kena kuarantin la. And ada 3 orang jaga dia. And all 3 of them are WOMEN! maybe I felt uneasy ke apa so I was with him too. Ala ala jaga dia la.

So we were all okay. Yada yada yada bla bla :P
Until the judgement day came. He was sentenced to 3 years jail. I was okay with it. But he wanna let me go. So I was so disappointed that I ranaway. Hahahaha..apakah..orang tu dah nak pegi penjara bukan boleh kejar. Tapi he did. He chased for me. He said sorry. And the rest pun biarlah rahsia jugak :P

Apakah innieeyy..tamau lah kekasih saya criminal...gagaga...

Okay nak sambung masak. Bai!

August 21, 2009

Another 13 hours journey. *sigh~

Do u know what's the feeling after having constipation for a few weeks and you finally got to release the..urm load? Yes that's exactly how I feel now! I don't know..I think I tried. though not the best but I've tried. Nuff said. Let's keep the fingers crossed and hopefully everything runs smoothly after this Amin ya rabbal alamin.

I won't judge my decision as logical or even reasonable but I guess this is necessary to prevent me from going crazy throughout the year. Miahaahaha! Some people may not understand but I know myself better and I know what I am capable of doing should I not take this decision :P

Salam Ramadhan to everyone. Cork is starting fasting today. When I'm back in Cork later i'll be fasting for about 19 hours or so! memang menguji ketahanan betul lah kan! Takpe-takpe, let's take this opportunity to start to go on diet again. if..

Marhaban ya Ramadhan. Semoga dengan kehadiran Ramadhan ini jalan saya dipermudahkan. Bantulah aku Ya Allah. Dann....Semoga amalan kita diterima olehNya. Selamat berpuasa :)

August 19, 2009

Rindu-serindu rindunya

Tatau nak update apa

Tapi nak update jugak


Di kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih buat semua orang yang pernah berjasa dalam hidup saya. Tidak kira bila masa dan dimana. 2 tahun lepas ke setahun lalu ke sebelum saya lahir ke, terima kasih tak terhingga. Especially buat bantuan yang tak pernah saya pinta.

Saya juga ingin memohon maaf andai saya telah mengguris hati sesiapa. Andai saya terlupa ucapkan terima kasih, andai saya terlalu suka mengarah, andai saya mengganggu hidup siapa-siapa, maaf seaadanya.

Semoga kehadiran Ramadhan kali ini memberi sinar baru buat kita semua. Semoga saya dan anda semua dapat memanfaatkan bulan ini sebaik-baiknya.

August 17, 2009

Soalan menghantui gadis-gadis pingitan

The scary thing that came upon bro's wedding was....

haa..lepas ni adik dia lah pulak ye? *giggles giggles*

Okay THAT. There are actually several ways on looking at it

1) That is a wish. Like a du'a. If that's the case, Amiin ya rabbal alamin.

2) A question. A discreet way of asking "nokss..ade orang nak tak kau ni?" "haaa laku ke nih..kahwin ke kau nantii"

Excuse me of being like this. I know I just turned 22 and I still have long way in my life. But I can't help but to feel stressed out when people started to bug me with that kind of question. Wah selama ni aku baca blog orang je kena tanya gitu now I got it straight on my face..banyak kali plak tu. That's why I'd rather do a lot of work rather than mingling with random people during the wedding. Kahkahkah.

On the other hand...I feel I am seriously lacking of motivation. Which is very the scary because I really need them now. Oh God hopefully everything will go A okay x___x

I loike lah this picture. Despite the fact that my face look like a bun and the tudung is so messy, Hahahhaa..nak letak jadi profile picture tapi maluuuuuu...

August 16, 2009

Penat, tapi takleh tidur.

Sometimes I just hope they still remember that I'm a girl. A female. With XX DNA.

And I,too have an extra sensitive heart.

I iz not happy. Where have all the bootgirls gone?

August 15, 2009

this loneliness is killing me

Where are (all of) you :(


August 14, 2009

The proper speech

That day, I was supposed to represent my mom to give a short speech. However I was too overwhelmed and couldn't give a proper speech and sorta copied what my brother said instead =_=!

But here's what actually on my mind but I could not speak it out especially when Mak Pah and Mak Limah started to cry. I was dumbfounded for a while. hohohoh..speak about being too emotional. Sampai abang saya cakap "eh apsal nangis plak, kan patutnye kena happy" -____-


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Pertama sekali saya ingin memanjatkan kesyukuran kepada Yang Maha Esa kerana memberikan kita ruang dan peluang untuk meraikan hari ini.

Seterusnya saya ingin memberikan sekalung penghargaan buat mereka yang telah bekerja keras keras kearah persiapan majlis ini; buat adik beradik ibu saya, saudara mara sebelah bapa saya yang banyak menyumbang idea, tenaga dan masa bagi memastikan kelancaran majlis ini. Tak juga dilupakan buat jiran-jiran dari Taman Bukit Saga, rakan-rakan saya serta mereka yang terlibat secara langsung atau tidak langsung yang turut menghulurkan bantuan tenaga kerja, apresiasi tanpa noktah buat kalian semua.

Seterusnya ucapan terima kasih buat semua tetamu yang hadir untuk memeriahkan majlis ini. Marilah kita sama-sama berdoa agar perkahwinan ini diberkati Allah serta berkekalan sehingga akhir hayat.

Buat kakak ipar saya Welcome to the family.

Akhir kata, saya ingin meminta maaf kepada anda semua atas segala kekurangan sepanjang majlis ini dijalankan. Wassalam.

p/s : Buat rakan-rakan yang saya terlupa jemput dan remindkan tarikh, ampun dan maaf dipinta. Minggu terakhir tu dah terlalu busy tak sempat nak buat pape. --> Cey macam diri sendiri kawen plak :P

Eh dalam ucapan ada p/s ke?

August 11, 2009

Round 4 (last round, ting ting ting) - Reception

August 9th, 2009
Taman Seni Islam, Shah Alam

The theme was light purple, or what mom wanted to call it lilac. Mom's sisters got sorta standardized baju kurung. In the picture : Mak Limah and Mak Tip with the baju kurung.

Mak Pah - F&B Manager. Mak Limah - Flower Girls and Pelamin Manager. Cik Din, Cik Wa, Cik Pi - kumpulan marhaban Muorrrr..gagaga

Me with the flower girls. All of them are my lil cousins - Ika and Aida of Mak Limah's and Amalia and Sarah of Cikwa's

Them flower girls and bunga manggar boys (Syukri and Ayin) were to escort the couple from the moment they step out from the car to the dais

There were live kompang band escorting them from the car to dais. They also played a few songs just to ensure the payment we made are worth it. Gagaga..

There was also recitation of Selawat by my very own uncles and aunties. Hihihi saya rasa macam sangat comel :')

I have no idea when do the people came to set up the dais because as far as I'm concerned, up until 12am the night before, they weren't there yet. We were quite worried but anyhoo, when we reached Taman Seni Islam the next morning (approx at 9) it was there already.

The caterer of Taman Seni Islam gave a 2 tier cakes for the bride and groom. So the couples had double cutting session (lol ayat amende tah ni) - one for pulut kuning and one for cake. The pulut kuning was decorated at the very last minute by my friends. They are my saviour - thank you very much girls :)

Some of the frontliners who waited until the very end of the day.

Mommy with bro and sis.

My SMSS friends who came (and helped!)

All in all the reception went well. The food was nice. The plan ran quite okay. The weather was nice. And of the utmost important, we were (and still are) happy everything went okay.

August 10, 2009

Round 3 - Bride's side, SUK

August 8th, 2009
Dewan SUK, Shah Alam

The arrival

Berdiri tegak menyanyikan lagu negaraku. (jk)

Our 'little' family

Them. While waiting for the pengantins to take pictures

Cutting cake ceremony

Mak giving her blessing

Half of us

Cik Cho had to struggle in between of the photographers hence the unbalanced picture.

My messy room (after the event)

Bersama budak vain pandai tangkap gambar sendiri nih!

Sorry I just let the pictures do the talking. Too tired to come out with witty words :)

p/s : more pictures at my facebook plis :)

Monday blues

Ada banyak sangat perkara dalam fikiran saya.

I wish I could tell someone what's in my mind.

Instead I go crying by myself.

Favourite pic of the year

August 08, 2009

Round 2 - Nikah : Abangku udah officially kahwin

Hello all ^___^

Harini rehat-rehat banyak je..Relax je..hihihi..

Bila petang-petang, makcik-makcik mula datang. Mak saya dah bising-bising~

Ah inilah hantaran-hantaran dia. Gold karer. Handmade especially by mokcik kawe

Di kiri sekali ibu Kak Diah, di tengah-tengah ibu saya, ditepi sekali Mak Teh saya

Inilah dia, Super Mak Tip - si pembuat hantaran yang hebat dan kreaTIP!

Itu Kak Diah sebak diatas pelamin. Separuh Pak Teh dan sepenuh Paklong disitu. Dan oh disitu abang saye sedang mendengar ceramah tok kadi

Ah finally gambar kami. Abaikan almari hitam dihujung sekali itu. Ibu, Menantu Ibu, Anak Ibu, serta almari hitam. Besar sungguh almari itu. gagaga..

To Bro and Kak Diah - congrats :)

Welcome to the family Kak Diah :D

August 07, 2009

Round 1 - Kenduri Doa Selamat plus Kenduri Tahlil

So the real big day has finally started eh?

Yesterday at the very last minute I had to draft the agenda for the Sunday event. Just imagine at 2ish am you need to work on the action plan, the timeline etc. Dahlah memang start cranky kan a few hours before I had sorta impromptu meeting for PPMC stuff. Dah hujung-hujung masa kritikal baru nak meeting segala kan memang rasa nak makan orang je lah sepanjang-panjang tu.

So I slept at 5.30am. Mak woke me up at 8.30am. We went to Bibah's place and later PKNS for some emergency stuff :P I planned to go to Jalan Tar today. Wanted to buy tudung. And I don't even have shoes to wear yet. Tapi things really didn't go as planned today. And that was then I realized Ida's missed calls and texts. Ida I'm sorrrryyyyy...

Reached home at 1sh pm. Ironed my attires for all 3 days (nikah, bride's and my side) because Mom said everyone's gonna stay at my house for tomorrow night and Saturday jadi musti nanti semua mahu berebut streka (?) Prepared the house for kenduri tonight.

Finally, the highlight of the day -> Kenduri Doa Selamat for bro's wedding plus tahlil for my daddy and grandpa and grandparents (mendelah ayat kau ni..) Makan dengan banyaknya sekali tanpa memikirkan kebarangkalian baju koyak and whatnots kerana kepenatan yang amat sangat.

Despite the hassle, tiring day and all, I still enjoy every single bit of my involvement in this wedding.

Tomorrow - Round 2 - Bro's big day. Goodluck to Abang and Kak Diah.

p/s : maaflah ayat macam apeeee je.

August 04, 2009

Tracing back the ancestors

This few days I've been reading through stories of my father's family. You see, I spent very limited time with him. He passed away when I was 5. Hence the ignorance of the family's inside stories. And now I know why I got so confused with the title..what should I call them and whatnots.

My father has only one big bro and one lil sis. But his mother (my grandma) has 10 siblings and apparently all of them were quite bonded together so in most of the family gatherings, the bigger families are there. I was so confused on who's who and literally transformed into a clueless monkey everytime I'm with them. In most of the conversations (if any) I was hoping they would somehow insert what should I call them..

Apparently my ancestors were quite "somebody". But I'm pretty sure most of ours were, don't they? Biasalah orang dulu-dulu mesti ada gelaran sana-sini.

And here's the "closer" family of mine. My grandpa and grandma are numbered 1 and 2. I didn't get to meet grandpa cause he passed away before I was born. And grandma...I know dad was quite close to her.

I remembered back then when we used to go to Jalan Gurney almost every week to visit her. Grandma passed away about 5 years ago. After years of bedridden due to stroke. When I am big enough to get to know her, she barely could talk anymore. But I know she recognized me because of I resemble my father a lot.

My dad is the guy in the middle. Smiling to the camera :)

Eventhough I'm quite annoyed with a number of facebook messages came flooding in (READ : THIS IS JUST ME. I DON'T LIKE MY MAILBOX, FACEBOOK INBOX BE FLOODED WITH UNREAD MESSAGES. AND YES I'M PARTICULARLY SENSITIVE WITH FACEBOOK'S) but I'm still thankful there are finally some way to get to know dad's family better :)

August 02, 2009

The atmosphere too saddening man..too saddening.

Gotta keep my head up high and put on the big smile.

If only someone could have a special scanner to scan through what's on my head and what's inside my heart.

and if I could use the scanner on people around me

life would be easier...a lot easier!