January 31, 2007

Of Misty Genting and the Euphonius voices of Boyz II Men and Its RAINing~~

It was on Friday that I finally decided to go to Genting, after much hesitance. Mom told me she has confirmed the hotel booking and she has even paid for the room so I had no choice but started thinking what to be brought and what time should I got up. I texted Fuzah to be ready by 8 am but I myself got up at 7.55am.A True melayu, I must say *sigh*

We kamikaze-ly headed to KL Sentral that morning. Anxious and stressed out, we ran (IMAGINE : AMAZING RACE or EXPLORACE) to the Genting ticket booth but to our dismay, the earliest bus to Genting from KL Sentral was at 2pm and it was still 10am. The ticketing staff suggested (or announced?) those who wanted to take earlier bus may go to Gombak. Fuzah and me agreed to try our luck in Gombak so we ran whole-heartedly (TOLD YOU TO IMAGINE AMAZING RACE/EXPLORACE) and tried to ditch as many as possible competitors as we could. We managed to overtake the curly-girlies and the two ladies in LRT and secured two tix to Genting, with departing time at 11.30am. I tell u that were the last tickets because our seats were all the wayyyyyyyy back (yg atas tyre tuhh..)

We arrived at Genting skyway approx at 12pm (gler lah pakcik bas tu bawak hebat gils laju cilok ciloks kat selekoh. I'm impressed!) Took the skyway and headed up up and away to Gentinggggg...uuuu...I was so excited since that was my 1st trip since 2003 (last trip to Genting-KOLOKIUM WANITA PEMADAM. Remember aptment Ria, zack, ida??? haha) As soon as we arrived Genting, checked-in at First World. We thought the RM186 Deluxe room should be at least bigger than my cubicle in McB. Yes, it was, but bigger by...10%??? Ceh.. No fridge. No cabinet. No bathtub. No nothing..

After we ate the bekal-ed kuetiow (NOTE : AFTER AMAZING RACE SURE LA PENAT GILS AND THE WEATHER WAS FREEZING COLD-the muscles were contracting rapidly thus utilising more ATP beb. We need source of energy!!!), we started our 1st mission - redeem the concert's tix. Changed the one day outdoor voucher, got our wristband but unfortunately the namelist of winners were not there. The lady told us to come back at 5pm/6pm so it's time for the rides babeh!!!!! First ride- a spinning-pening ride. More like a gigantic buaian, I was clinging on the tali and the chewed-kuetiow was blended well in my stomach. Since Fuzah and me are not adventurous persons, we decided not to ride on the life-threatening,jantung-tercabuting ride such as the solero shot. But after riding the go-kart, choo choo train, ferris wheel there was suddenly the urge to ride on the jantung-tercabuting rides. Alas, the bad weather deterred us from doing so. Aiseyh..baru nak bajet2 berani..

Since it was close to 5 pm, we decided to window-shopping in the First World Plaza. Watched a cultural performance- amazed for 5 seconds, then moved on. Went to BumCity. Felt like buying all those bling2 accesories---uwaaaa...but the $$ restricted me from 'investing' in those bling2-ies. T_T Fuzah bought a pair of necklaces- which I believe the "boy" necklace would be handed to that makhluk. That ungrateful makhluk. Break my friend's heart some more and I'll break ur ribs to pieces. Or in the future if u come to my clinic, I'll make all ur teeth dissapear in one zap! I'm serious dude!!!! (NOTE : THOSE WHO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE WITH MY STATEMENT/OPINION,U MAY CLICK ON THE RED BOX ON THE VERY RIGHT, TOP OF MY PAGE. FEEL FREE TO DO SO. THIS IS MOI BLOG,SO I GUESS I HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS MY ANNOYANCE KE DISGUISE TOWARDS ANYBODY. OKAY??)
Ok back to the topic.We went to redeem the tix, bought dinner and went straight away to our room.

After maghrib prayer, siap2, put our make-ups (ceyyyyy...make-up konon) and went tergopoh-gapahly to Arena of Stars. Oi it was freezing cold and we were slightly lost summore. We were gasping for air, sweating (lepas masuk arena la..kat luar mane ade sweat)abis makeup! Got our seat..Waited...Then...
It's time to shake ur booty (eh ni bkan konsert dangdut) Their voices were amazing. Tarik tinggi tak pecah punye. They were very energetic. Dance here and there(NOTE- CUME SHAWN JE YG SLIM TAU.LAIN SMUA YG CHUBBY2) We screamed hysterically when they sang on bended knee and a song for mama. The second last song (End of The Road) were sang by ALL of us. Smua dah bajet2 boyz II men nye backup gils...It was really the time of my life.They were effin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was one song that Shawn requested all of us to dance to the groove and make Arena of Stars as the biggest nite club ever. No need Zouk, takyah gi Orange Club, I've stepped into the biggest nite club ever babe!!!! Hahaha...At 1st I was quite reluctant to move since I was wearing hijab, so it was not proper la kan..But at last..I was drowned in the flow and hahaha..the rest was history la kan...

The concert ended at approx 10.45pm. It was too short la I guess.Hwahwahwaha.. During the Mama Song one of the maniac managed to pass the handphone to Shawn so he sang to her mama. Yes..Mamaaaaaaaa....mama i know i love uuuuuuuuu....mamaaaaaaaa....ur the queen of my heartttttttttt...those who paid more managed to lompat2 hysterically in front of the boyz and got roses! Hwaa..that's not fair.They went out from the hall proudly and I felt like grabbing the roses and run as fast as I could but that was merely my imagination lah kan. Malas nak create scene plak..Went out from the hall with blinking eyes and puas-hati face.Saw Nabil and his group (forgot the name). I realised that they were the boys who stood up during one song (again-I forgot the name of the song) and sang along semangat-ly. Bajet nak capub lah tu.....Sorry la..If u dont pay RM300 and capub-ed from the back, projecting harmonious voices instead of loud, fierce voices, no chance ler to get feedback from The Boyz~

January 28, 2007

Maxillofacial / Orthodontics / Ophtalmology??

Ok this is a serious quick one. I know it's quite early to say about this...but I seriously need to burst this out..

I really hope after I'm finish with my DDS, I could do my master. At first, when I think about $$ as my motivation, I guess I should just end up with Orthodontics (doing braces and stuff like that). But suddenly I have this interest towards maxillofacial nye specialization. Pastu I'd like to take up ophtalmology gak..weird eh? But still eyes, mouth, teeth are all of similar region, so taklah lari jauh sangat kan?

haih...berangan jer..

Overview-Of Misty Genting and the Euphonius voices of Boyz II Men and Its RAINing~~

I would like to update on my trip to genting and my new obsession. However, I am damn super tired and I really need to get a good rest since I had not been sleeping well for almost 5 days. Before my eyebag worsen and my mind shuts down, I'd better not update now. You loyal readers know how good I am in rambling when I'm not in my stable state kan? I dont want u to waste your afternoon on the bed *hint* reading shits..


Anyway just to scratch on the surface,
  • My new obsession - OMG it's RAINing....- i am lovestruck by a korean series -FULL HOUSE~~
  • My trip to Genting after past 4 years -'s freezing beb
  • *screammmmmmmmssssS***** make some noise, Malaysia!! coz Boyz II Men is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

January 21, 2007

The Moment of Truth

I've been saving the draft for this post since Friday but thanks to the stupid,malicious virus and spyware, I had to spend my time reading on how to get rid of them..Apparently my dear laptop has been attacked by a few viruses, to name a few- BDS/Lovematch (whattheheck?), BackdoorRJump (since forever), kernel88, the confusing cvchost or dll32 and whatsnot, adding to the long list of preexistence-i'm-not-sure-whether-they've-been-deleted-or-not Brontok and RavmonE. I think my laptop is seriously like a rotten, decaying tooth who keeps on receiving supplies of sweets and sugar, making it vulnerable to more and more bacterial infections. *sigh, now do I sound like a real dentist?

Back to the topic which makes my title relevant, we (me + McB friends) are now in the Moment of Truth.What have been told by our previous seniors, the nightmares, the incubi of IB are becoming real day by day. The days coming by are nerve-wracking (it's a correct spelling-go check the dictionary) and stream of tears keeps on lining the powdered/makeup-ed (or madeup? ergh whatever) faces thus decolouring the eyeliners. No, I'm not talking about getting a water-resistance makeups nor boxes of Premier tissue. I'm telling u the consequences of not putting your best in your efforts and the role of luck and taqdir, and keeping strong faith with Allah sw.t.

Rejection, dejection, difficulties are all tests and challenges to turn us into better person. Once we survived from the rainy days, we are naturally selected for living our life and keep on chasing our dreams. However, being the natural-sensitive me, I cant help from feeling sympathy when I see those who used to be so tough broke down easily during the hardships. It is even sadder when the condition of one's life (ie ; money, health) restrict 'em from getting what they want. Having said/saw all this, I am grateful that the journey of my life can still be considered as fortunate altho at times, difficulties and the loved ones do come in and out..

However, I am relieved now that I am 'washing my hands' from the burden of the essays -EE, TOK and few other requirements. All I have to do now is giving my best in the coming IELTS and IB Exam and the rest, TAWAKALTUALALLAH..

Hightlights of past few weeks/days/hours/seconds
  • My lovely air-con'd class was robbed by the engineering students and we were sent to the deserted 3-floor-smaller-non air con'd-class. Cobaan...Lucky me, managed to get a 'windy' place. Now let's forget the fuss and loss some weight by climbing the stairs! *sigh
  • I won a ticket to Boyz II Men concert this coming Saturday (Jan 27) from NST. Still thinking on whether I'm going or not. If I dont go, there goes my struggle kuar klas kul11-just to call-the NST reporter-answered 3 questions-and sang 3 lines from B2M's End Of The Road whole-heartedly effort..huu..
  • Progress in my swimming class- I am still struggling to lift my head up in the breathing technique but I wont give up until I've nailed em down. Didnt attend the class last week as I was preparing for the interview
  • Went out with Fuzah yesterday. Went to SOGO, accidentally bought 2 nice shirts *ouch
  • Still in the battle of losing more kilos. Haha..the hope is still there, as long as I keep my stress level low, berusaha gigih to jog more kilometres and avoid going back home selalu, which is not possible. I think I need Shell..lebih kilometer! 3 weeks in McB, managed to loss * kg, but I think I gained double when I go back home (tido+tgk tv+internet+eat more than what I took in McB)..but I went swimming yesterday. 2 hours tau! hopefully some of the stubborn fats are burnt down
That's all for the time being. I need to change-going back to McB in few minutes from now and I havent taken my shower yet!!!!!! Tata~~~

January 19, 2007

The Interviewers..

Michael Murphy is Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health and Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, at University College, Cork. Since assuming leadership in 2000 he has overseen a programme of expansion and diversification, increasing the number of professional degree programmes from two (Medicine and Dentistry) to six (Nursing, Pharmacy, Speech Therapy and Occupational therapy), which will provide education, training and research opportunities for almost 3,000 students at steady state. The associated capital investment programme, the largest since the foundation of the faculty in 1845, exceeds Euros 100 million.

A 1976 graduate of the Medical School at UCC, Prof. Murphy undertook specialist training in Internal Medicine at University College, Dublin, and in Clinical Pharmacology at The Royal Postgraduate Medical School (now within Imperial College) and Hammersmith Hospital, London. During eight years at The University of Chicago he held faculty appointments in the Depts. of Medicine, Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences. He was chairman of Clinical Pharmacology from 1989-92.

Prof. Murphy has authored over 100 publications on therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular risk factors and disease, and has led several large international clinical trials. He has held office in many international and domestic professional organizations, government and industrial advisory panels. A past chairman of the Health Research Board of Ireland, he has recently been appointed to the Board of the Irish Health Service Executive.

  • Prof Murphy was "the S" (refer to my previous post) who did all the talkings and questioning during my interview. He was so friendly and he made me feel comfortable throughout the interview.

Shaun McCann graduated in Medicine from University College Dublin in 1970. Following postgraduate training in Dublin and The University of Minnesota, USA, he was appointed as a Lecturer in Haematology at The University of Dublin, Trinity College in 1978. In 1983 he was appointed as Consultant Haematologist in St James’s Hospital, Dublin and in 1995 was appointed as George Gabriel Stokes Professor of Haematology in The University of Dublin, Trinity College. He was appointed as National Medical Director of The Blood Transfusion Service Board by invitation of The Minister for Health and Children for 18 months in 1995 and subsequently became a Board Member.

He carried out the first successful stem cell transplant for leukaemia in Ireland in 1984 and has since been Director of the National Unit which has performed over 800 stem cell transplants. He was the first president of The Haematology Association of Ireland and is a member of a number of Working Parties of The European Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Group. He has been an active researcher into the diagnosis and treatment of haematological malignancies, aplastic anaemia and all aspects of stem cell transplantation. He is the author of over 130 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and numerous book chapters. He has a longstanding interest in undergraduate teaching and is the author of a text book in Haematology, Case-Based Haematology in 2005.

  • Frankly, i'm hoping I would be selected to go to Trinity Coll. Dublin. Perhaps because more Malaysians are in Dublin. Prof McCann didnt talk much during the interview as he was busy jotting down points and notes while I was answering the Qs. Of course I made more eye contacts with Mr Murphy instead of him because I was answering to Prof Murphy's questions..Had I know Prof McCann is from TCD, I would talk to him more and ask questions about TCD to ensure my chance to enter TCD is higher..

Dublin- wayyy up there..and Cork- wayyyy down there..
Anywayyyyyss, whether it's Dublin or Cork, I just hope I could fly 7000 miles awayyy from Malaysia and complete my DDS with flying colours..

My IELTS is postponed to 23rd of February because the teacher forgot to register us for the test. LOL..Since IUMC will be considering the IELTS result before they would come up with the list of successful applicants, I really need to work hard to nail it! ONE down TWO more to go baby...ahak ahaks...

January 16, 2007


walking to and fro. risau risau. look into the mirror. walk again. risau risau

S :Who is Nadzirah?
M :Yes, me. *screamsssssssss....*

S :Oh please come in.Morning.Anyway, I'm Dr Michael Murphy and he is (pointing to a bald guy in the room) is Dr Shaun Mc Cann
S2 :(bald guy)Hi,pls have a sit.

S :So did u get enough sleep last nite..
M :Err..actually I didnt sleep quite well last nite.
S :Have u had any interview experience before this?
M :Actually,no. This is my first time one-on-one interview...
But u had practices before this?
Yes, I had..
So it should be okay..

S :In your family, do u have anyone taking dentistry?
M :No. My father had passed away 13 yrs ago and he was a contractor. My mother is in national car business (why did i rephrase my mom's job?? haha cacat hell)while my brother is an engineer.

S :Engineer? Where?
M :In petronas KLCC.

S :Where did he do his practical?
M :In Ford.

S :Did he study in overseas?
M :No, he didnt. He studied in Petronas University at Perak.
S :How did ur family reacted when u chose dentistry?
M :Since none of my family are in dentistry so my decision is solely made by myself and thru my research. My mother had been very supportive. My brother....yada yada

S :Why do u choose dentistry?
M :Actually I want to be able to help ppl to build their confidence. This is because speaking thru experience, when I was 4 yrs old I loss half of my upper right incisor during yada yada bla bla..
I also love to work with other ppl because I always feel lonely at home. My mother had been working very hard yada yada.. and my brother went to residential school so I always ..yada yada

S :Where do you want to work?
M :Err..I think I might be working with the government. This is because actually Malaysian are still lacking of knowledge about dental health care....yada yada yadahwahwa...really?? maybe..during my 10 yrs bond ler..obviously!
S :So u'll be working as public health dentist?
M :Yes, I guess so

S :How to educate people?
M:Thru campaign...yada yada yada..collaboration with Ministry of Health...yada yada
School syllabus on dental healthcare..yada yada

S :You said, u've lost ur tooth. When the dentist came to ur school for checkups, didnt they fix ur tooth?
M :No, they just did the basic procedures and never asked me to yada yada yada

S :What is the biggest challenge when u are 7000 miles away from ur home?
M :Firstly, I might have to adapt to the new environment, the climate and the ppl. But I heard Irish are very friendly so I shud not be worried about it. And I've read the weather is not as extreme as other European countries so I think it shud be okay..yada yada
2ndly, is being away from my mom because she'll be staying alone at home since my brother is getting married. But he is staying near to my house so I guess it wud be ok..yada yada bla bla

S :When is ur bro getting married?
M :1st september
S shud be okay because it's before ur registration...*what?? registration?? happy #1*

S :Do u cook?
M :Yes I do. Curry is my expertise. tipu gler..actually i was thinking of spaghetti or masak kicap but the words got stuck sumwhere in my thalamus. Since I saw currypuff on the table before I went into the room, i just said CURRY..hwahwa..cacat..

S :Do u think u will be having problem in finding food?
M :No, i dont think so. I've been asking my seniors and they said I should have no problem in getting food because there are many Moslem restaurant..yada yada
Yes u r right, yada yada...

S :(taking the mineral water) Do u think the water is fluoridated?
M :Yes, because in 1998, Malaysia govt had implemented the fluoridation..yada yada proven by the reducing no. of children getting dental cavity...yada yada

S :Is there any debate about the implementation?
M :I guess no because i think the govt understand the importance of fluoridation in dental health...yada yada.kantoi...mane gwe tau...i was 11 yrs old enjoying my playing time so wtf with the debate or the fluoridation??

S :Besides learning, what do u do? What are ur hobbies ?
M :I love writing. Writing as a medium to express my feelings and share my ideas. I have blog. I feel writing as a medium to reduce my stress because when I'm feeling tensed I wud write...yada yada..bla bla
I also love sports. Once in a while, I'll play futsal with my friends. I was also the member of my school's handball, hockey and athletics. In athletics, I represented my school in javelin n shot put and yada yada
S :Wow..yada yada.
W:No worry, sir. I wont throw anything to u

S :So, u love writing, do u love reading?
M :Yes

S :Your favourite writer?
M :Cecilia Aehern

S AND S2:(bursting laugh)

S :Do u know who she is?
M :Yes, she is the daughter of Ireland Pm


S :Before this I always heard from KMB student about Sidney Sheldon,dont u love her book?
M :Not really...yada yada..

S :Do u have any Q to ask?
M :I heard that ...yada yada yada
S :Oh, it is very occasional..yada yada...
I dont think JPA would allow u to...yada yada

S :So I guess u will be taking ur exam and IELTS..yada yada..Good luck in ur exams and I hope to see u in Ireland..

M :*screamssssss...i was about to say that...mestilah ku mahu jumpa kamu di Ireland oh sir yg sgt comel!!*Yes, sir. I really hope to meet u in Ireland...
Enjoy ur stay in Malaysia..

**re-typed and re-phrased based on my memory. mestilah ku tak ingatt sebijik sebijan..uhuhuhuhu...**

i'll be back. ta~

January 12, 2007

It's Confirmed!!!


DATE : 15 JANUARY 2007
TIME : 10.00AM

January 07, 2007


N a.k.a. nZra

is away for :

  • January 15/16 (date x confirmed) - IUMC interview
  • January 20 (again, x confirmed) - IELTS
at Mara College Banting, Selangor (visit la saye!!)

much love,

muhasabah cuti

Selama cuti sebulan, saya telah melakukan :

  • Watched 5 movies (Cinta, Haunted Apartment, Cicakman, Dejavu, Night at The Museum)
  • Went to Mid (4x), OU (1x), TheCurve&rakan-rakan (3x), Sunway Pyramid(2x), Summit (1x), JJ Bukit Raja (1x), Lowyat Plaza(1x), Pertama Complex(1x), SOGO(1x), UIA????????? (4x)
  • Swimming class (tapi harini ponteng sbb sakit tangan.haha)
  • Spent govt money almost RM700?? Astaga..insaflah insan...
  • Bought bags,clothes,shoes,external hdd
Hwaaa..Bile review baru sedar.
Ape nak buat...dah terlambat..
Saye cuak + sedih + takut = tanak balik

I'm not going back next week..and maybe the next next week too..Next week mom is away to Phuket. Next 2 weeks I MIGHT be taking my IELTS.
Plus..internet connection @ McB is totally unreliable. Seperti seringkali dilanggar todak dan garuda..ergh...

IB=25% to go??

tapi 25% = 12325984657634690820412938138126754812189725 things to be worried


January 06, 2007

Do u know that....

Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam

adalah Akon???

I mean..the one yg nyanyi lagu Looonneeelyyyyyyy...


Why dun we call him Lu Lu Lu instead..

He's coming down to Msia next Monday (January 15th)

SO mari sambutnya di KLIA smbil membawa papan tanda LuLuLuLuLuLu~~~~

p/s : both of my arms are aching. over-stretched during swimming. erggh..cudnt type much

be right back~~

January 05, 2007

laugh your teeth out

I just can help it

rase mahu gelak sehingga terabur segala gigi

Just now (approx 2 mins ago) my uncle called me

I was quite surprised coz we werent so close tho he used to live in my house (NOTE: my uncles and aunties used to stay in my house when they are studying in uitm)

He asked me "dik, kalau sakit gigi ni nak kasi ubat ape? tak smpat nak jumpe dentist la tadi"

I was dumbfounded for 1 sec, and could not help from laughing the next seconds............

Oh I wish I could answer the Q

tapi sayang, saya masih di IB.saya masih blajar extended plajaran SPM, melakukan aktiviti kanak2 sekolah rendah (seperti choir,choral speaking,sajak) dan tidak tahu lagi jenis ubat yg sesuai utk sakit gigi ituuuuuu....

hwahwahwahwahwa....adoi sumpah lawak gler...

in a nutshell, pakcik makcik,bapak2 ibu2 (style inul) doa nad berjaya dalam interview dan ib dan university agar mampu berkhidmat kepada kamu smua...

kisah seorang couch potato

One month holiday at home + a true lazy bum bum bum = COUCH POTATO

I'd like to list down some tv shows that I've watched during this holiday NOTE: THey are ranked randomly.

1. Pimp My Ride (PMR),Ch 71,hosted by Exzibit (PMR) and seorang mamat yg berusaha utk rap yg saya terlupa namanya(PMR UK)
The show is super damn cool!!! They turn your kete zaman tok kadok into a back-to-the-future car. I prefer the original PMR show rather that PMR UK coz I find their accent very...errr...nearly incomprehensible. Sgt pelik. Seperti menonton kumpulan raihan rapping instead of Too Phat. Heuheu..sorry for the analogy. No offence, though. Anyway I hope one day they'd pimp my waja into super-cool-damn-car+wireless connection+cool seat+shining sports rim+computerised dashboard+(on and on and on...)

2. Dunia Baru (whattheheck??????),TV3,mon 9pm, ade elyana,q,pierre
Campus life story of teenagers,love,money,problems,cliche cliche itu lah..Go on and laugh ur heart out. I know the show is very unreal but I accidentally watched this series and found myself hooked-up with the show. I want to know what wud happen next and next next..Needless to say more, saya memang Malaysian (teenagers), truly Asian. Hwahwahwahwa

3. Amazing Race Asia,Ch 17,hosted by Allan Wu, Thurs 10pm
Watching 7-6-5 teams running here and there (READ:run across countries and region. it's not larian jalan raya nor merentas desa), searching clues, begging for money, dengki-ing each other, helping each other and racing to the pit stop is so much fun. I'm rooting for Andrew-Syeon and Zab-Joe Jer simply because they are Malaysian. Sekali lagi gwe menjadi bias.....Anyway I'd love to see the M&M bros in the final 3 coz they are so cute and funny...ngeee..

4. VH1 Why Cant I Get A Date (eh btulke tajuk dier camni cam pelik je...double check ppl, I might be demented seketika),info n/a (terlupa)
I realised MTV has an endless list of shows that help ppl to materialize their dream. THis is one of those yg turn a frog into a kissable prince.Ngeehehehehe..They select few weirdo, freaks who failed to attract the opposite gender, make them undergo sort of make-over,physically, mentally and walla, here u go...invite someone u like to ur bedroom.

5. Janji Kekasih (eeeuuwwwhhh...),TV2, everyday,11.30am,rita rudaini,aqasha dll
Cite pasal janji yg dibuat dolu2 dan org yg berjanji terpisah pastu cam nak jejak balik kekasih lama (kinda like Jejak Kasih kot)Entah mengapa saya terpaut untuk mengikuti cerita ini. Tetapi apakan daya, sesetengah benda adalah lebih baik ditinggalkan tanpa penerangan kerana mungkin sebab itu saya menjadi lebih agak boyan..That explains the weird dreams kot..huhuhu..

6. Gol & Gincu the series,(downloaded), sazzy,fazura,pierre,haikal(?),ashraf sinclair
Credits to Ida coz she gave me this series. Ngeee...I just love the story coz it's simple yet meaningful. Not too exaggerated though ade parts yg agak tak realistic. So thumbs up to the crew and casts.

7. CSI Miami,Ch17,Wed 10pm, the real name of the actors/actress gue lupe lah.sori
This series mmg favourite saye since ages. Tho the plot is quite stereotype, a crime, investigation, crime lab, chasing the culprits, soal siasat and case solved! I can live with that, I just love the series!

8. Salina,tv3,(dah abis dah), FAHRIN AHMAD, sabrina ali,aida rahim,j hassan
Needless to say more, I watch this simply because of Mr Drop Dead Hot Fahrin Ahmad. Watching him acting as a protective hubby, loving father, caring son....uuuu...sungguh mengasyikkan!

9. Cartoon shows (not specified), Ch 60,61
There's one point where I was sangaply bored and ended up watching cartoon shows. favs are totally spies, spongebob, and somtimes I just watch the cartoon tanpa berfikir apape. Huuu...

In a nutshell,

suke tgk tv= pemalas
nad=suke tgk tv

P/S: sori, no BAWANGs shows. Tgk 10 minit je I cudnt stop from cursing.

January 04, 2007


I had a weird dream last night. A very weird one,indeed.

I was in some i-dunno-where college with my McB friends, as if it is our college. I'm very sure it was not Sekolah Mara Banting coz the situation was totally different. We were on our way to class(?) and suddenly my FIANCE texted ME on NABILA's phone, since mine was left in the dorm. Suddenly I had this knowledge that we were engaged by our family like those in cerita dolu-dolu..We texted like we were so close,mushy mushy words and we called each other sayang!And to make it weird-er my beloved fiance is Faizal AF4?? Heeee...

The dream is weird enough to drag me into the reality (actually I was distracted by my very-annoying-msg-tone) Ohhhh....sangat pelik..considering the fact that I dont really fancy him in AF4. I'd rather choose Fahrin Ahmad and stay in my lalaland forever....

Saya masih berkeadaan pelik dan tidak tenang. Sorry for the ramblings tp i just need to spill this out......

January 03, 2007

so sick of love songs

I think my laptop is severely injured. Bleeding gums, bacterial infection, dental caries and any of related diseases have been attacking my baby (kate nak jadi dentist kan, biasalah name of diseases pun related to dental cases punyo). I cant afford to lose him now or anytime sooner (within this crucial 5 months) cause he's all I have to survive those lonely days in McB *sfx angin bayu yg sayu*

I know sumthing is not right with him. In fact, it had happened a few times before but I just took it for granted. Who knows deep down inside him he is crying of pains,begging me to seek for a saviour or at least someone who could ease the pain....What should I do, baby. Who should I turn to???? Somebody, anybody, could u please recommend a good,reasonable (and affordable) shop/people who could fix my baby within 1/2 days?????????????? Please3...I'm begging u..

Just now I was merrily having conversation with someone. Things between me and that person have started to get better when suddenly *pooff* the screen was all green(?) I was quite pissed-off and felt like crashing my baby with a big,fat hammer. I tried to comfort myself,patted my own shoulder, took a deep breath and calmed down.When I got myself back, I realised that things are worsening and someday I would never be able to be with him, anymore. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....please please please..mano den nak caghik oghang yg bule h membantu dgn ikhlas niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

Ohhhhhh i'm so tensed up. The list of 'things to be worried' is lengthening but my 'to do list' is still left untouched,unticked, uncrossed.

January 02, 2007

i hate new resolutions

When you decided to make new resolutions, you are OBLIGED to materialize it, or at least, start to work your ass off to go for it. But when you dont have any of those, you might be accused for not taking a serious care of your very own life and live your life without a target, moving around aimlessly. Now, when you settled down with few new resolutions, but you are still wandering, which group do you belong to?????????????

Who to be blamed?


Who'll be facing the consequences?


My mood is seriously torn today. I don't know and I don't have any idea what went or goes wrong but I feel like cursing every people around me,including my mom. Heck uncertainties are very annoying, duncha think? I need a shoulder to cry on, but after "reviewing" the resolutions I made, I think I should think of another options. Lifeless options like tissue or hanky could be an appropriate replacement,I guess.

Smangat membuat kerjaaaa....ku seruuu.....kau datanglah semulaaaaaaaa padakuuuuu...bangkitkan dirikuu...Tempurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

sekian, harap maklum

January 01, 2007

welcome 2007

Welcome 2007

The new year has come, so time for a fresh,new change. It's not an another new year, but it's THE YEAR of nerve-wracking and effin mendebarkan . If I do well, I might end up somewhere farther the next new year and this is one thing that I'm dying for, and also the reason why I kept holding onto myself without fatal breakdown. However if I screwed-up, I might spend the rest of my life in dark alley, wandering around, smoking marijuana or taking ecstasy.

I've been reviewing what I've done in 2006. Mostly the acts that reflected mere stupidity rather than intelligence. I tried to search for the answer of my action and the problem roots in my own attitude. Yes, my ATTITTTTOOOOODDDD...Hence, I came up with this few resolutions that might fix the problem. I hope things will work well and my life would be better,day by day next year.

Should I reveal my new resolutions? Naa...I dun think I should reveal ALL of them. Because it is just too private and some might not understand why I decided to settle down with certain decisions. Nonetheless there are few resolutions I need some of you to know in case you notice some changes in my behaviour..ekekeke..poyo nye

First of all I will try to slow down my having-fun-tak-ingat-dunia-activities. I know this might sound impossible and that explains the phrase I WILL TRY. I hope it would last for 5 months...Yup...5 effin months. Anyway I still need some timeouts for rejuvenation,kan kan kan????, so a few outings should be okay. Ngeee...Moving on, I will try to ditch a few people from my life.Those people are the closed ones, I should say. I want to take a short pause from their lives. Okay, this might be very cliche and u've heard it many times oledi but, seriously, I will try my best to make it real this time around...

Anyway good luck to me and you in this coming 2007.

i just want to post this lyric

Ku mengerti perpisahan ini
Bukan kerana kau membenci
Tapi kasih yang pernah ku beri
Tiada lagi bersama

Sering, kala aku terlihatkan mu
Impian nan indah bersulam bahagia

Ku harungi hari demi hari
Bersama wajah tak mungkin akan kembali
Tapi hati masih tak terima
Ditinggalkan sengsara

Keraguan ini bukanlah padamu
Perasaan hati masih rindu
Kekalutan ini hanyalah untukku
Tercari-cari bayanganmu
Tak sanggup aku kehilangan
Masih tercari-cari…

Keraguan ini bukanlah padamu
Masih tercari-cari bayanganmu
Tak sanggup aku kehilanganmu

highlights of 2006

Bye 2006.