January 31, 2008

Fundamental Practice : Ethics & Law *gulp*

Okay this is a record. 29 posts in a month????

This is 2 conditions which trigger me to blog =>
  • stressful condition. exams. internal & external problems.
  • when meds studs are having their exam. so I can't disturb them much and I have to dissocialize myself with real ppl and socialize with cyber ppl.
When this 2 conditions occur in the same month, wallaaa...I blog non-stop.

But I have to blog this out. I feel soOooOooo...insecured.

About this one new subject I have to take this semester. Ethics & Law in Fundamental Practice. I have totally NO IDEA what am I learning eventhough we are done with several lectures..

Behavioral Science is a new subject to me. Agreed. But at least I have some basics on a few areas like motivation..Plus, it's a subject which deal with Psychological issues, and yeah I can still connect the dots.

BUT this Ethics & Law subject is totally different. Hearing the words ETHIC & LAW itself has sent me down to a sombre gloomy world. (No offense those who are offended T_T) The bad news is..we are gonna be tested in this subject.And the marks would affect the percentage of my final DS1002 marks, of course!!

Just now, during class my lecturer Mr KD came out with few case studies related to negligence in practice, and as usual he asked our response on respective issues. The girl sitting on the 2nd row answered his question, and KD replied "goood". Then onto next questions, the girl behind me replied confidently and she got a wonderful appraisal too. And so did that and this people...but not me. Definitely not me. I was dumbfounded. I found myself very dumbO.

Today's tragic tragedy in the lecture has really sent shivers down my spine. I've got to find a starting point and start taking this subject seriously. Like, seriously seriously! Now go Nadz go! Go rangers gigi berusaha :D

January 30, 2008

Tomyammmm..I want

Hai Saya sedih Smalam saya masak tomyam banyak utk makan utk 2 malam Saya x pnah masak tomyam kat sini sbb saye takde daun limau purut Tp haritu saya curik sehelai daun limau purut wany (MINTAK HALAL~) pastu saye beli serai mahal gile kat English Market €1.59 dapat 2 batang je Saya letak kat fridge bahagian saye atas skali Pastu tomyam tu jatuh berderai Ayam dier je sempat terselamat pastu saye basuh pastu saye simpan balik.
Saya nak makan tomyam malam ni :((

Pastu harini saye patut jadi patient Kak Iza (senior dentistry sini) tapi...heee...adelah...rahsiaaa~
Saya ingat nak gi gym tp tetibe kaki saye sakit pastu tak jadi
Saye ingat nak gi Lidl tapi cam dah lambat sebab petang ni saye ade klas kul 2


*The Requirements*

1. Put your music player on shuffle mode..

2. Press forward for each question..

3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.. (u can add comments + lyrics if ya want..)


[1] How am I feeling today?
Miss u like crazy - The Moffats. (a'a saye windu org2 Melesia)

[2] Where will I get married?
Suga Suga - Baby Bash ft Akon (tipu ah mane ade tmpat kawen camni)

[3] What is my best friends' theme song?
Rindu - Raihan (yeayy..rindu jugak!)

[4] What was high school like?
Sephia - Sheila on 7 ( betul je)

[5] What is the best thing about me?
Tanpamu - Tangga (yeah, I can still live on my own TANPAMU)

[6] How is today going to be?
Till the dawn - Drew SIdora (party~~~ )

[7] What is in store for this weekend?
Pergilah Sayang - Korie & Ella (dang. sape yg kena pegi ni??)

[8] What song describes my parents?
Satu - Dewa (yeahh...aku ini adalah dirimu~)

[9] How is my life going?
Hebat - Tangga (waaa..yeke?)

[10] What song will they play at my funeral?
House Lights - Steven Strait (ape ni?? sedekah la AlFatihah ke ape..)

[11] How does the world see me?
Tearin up my heart - 'N Sync (*gulp* I tore sape nye heart wehhhh???)

[12] What do my friends really think of me?
Tulus - Radja (awwh...thanks!)

[13] Do people secretly lust after me?
Will u Still Love Me - Chicago (err.....)

[14] How can I make myself happy?
The Longest Yard - Nelly (I took my longest yard. ohh sinar kebahagiaan menanti disanaa)

[15] What should I do with my life?
Ada Apa Denganmu - Peter Pan (heh..apekah apekah??)

[16] Will I ever have children?
Menunggumu - Peter Pan ft Chrisye (erkss..yeap babies, aku menunggumu ...haha bungeks)

[17] What is some good advice?
I can't Live Without You - Mariah Carey (ermm..without WHO?)

[18] What do I think my current theme song is?
Get Busy - Sean Paul (hahahahaha.......kena perli ngan playlist sendiri. ok ok jap gi saya study)

[19] What does everyone think of my current life?
I say a little prayer for u - OST My Best Friend's Wedding (aaa....bagus2..doakan saya dpt 1st class sentiasa ok. timekasih!)

[20] What type of men do I like?
Every Other Time - LFO (aaaa...maksudnye? maksudnye??)

[21] Will you get married?
Bougenvilla - Spring (ops kantoi ade lagu rock kapak dlm playlist. heeee...)

[22] What should I do with my love life?
Merindumu - Delon (sket sket rindu...)

[23] Where will you live?
The Haka - New Zealand Rugby (aaa...saye duk NZ ke nnt??? Aaaaa...excitednye...saye mmg dr dulu bercita2 nak duk NZ!!)

[24] What will your dying words be?
Selamat Hari Raya - Fazidah Joned (apekah menyanyi lagu ini ketika mati?!?! Mengucap laaa..)

[25] When I’m having sex, I say…
Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta - Nidji (dare not to comment. Next!)

[26] When I meet a guy/ girl for the first time, I say…
Californication - Red Hot Chilli Pepper (erm?)

[27] When my parents are angry, I say…
Addicted - Simple Plan (heh..bleh lepas ke nyanyi lagu ni?)

January 29, 2008

Physiology test saye dapat A


snyum sampai ke superior orbital fissure =D

Demotivating motivation

My NOTES during Behavioral Science class. She was talking yada yada about motivation but see how her students translated the motivation into pictures. Thank God I took business (and heart it so much) back in McB. This would ease the process of understanding this demotivating+sleepy subject.

By the way I am such a great artist, am I? Maybe I should give up Dentistry and join Leornado, Raphael, Michealangelo instead (no, Not the turtles, the artists!)

I have my Fundamental of Dental Practice final exams on March 31st. Yeap, I repeat on freakin' March 31st. In the middle of my Easter break. Thank God I haven't booked my ticket to Brussels yet (my auntie lives in Brussels. consider this budget holiday laa...) Oh that was only the written part. Another 50% of marks also much depending on Oral Test which will be held on April 22nd. Ahh...bijak

January 27, 2008

Sakit telinga

I, SERIOUSLY don't have any idea how come I used to love this song. The voice is ear-torturing. Arghhh...Pekakkah saya dahulu?

If only I could rewind the time..

Moral of the story : Jangan browse album lama kalau anda tahu anda masih ada kesan2 homesick. Sekian TQ.

5 things found in my wallet

AIB Debit/ATM card, AIB Credit Card, Student card, Garda card (immigration. yeap. rase pendatang sgt T_T), some euros and few cents

5 favorite things in my room
MacBabe, my super cun duvet, jack+jane+MonMon+bebek (soft toys collection), my wall of fame, and the bulletin board.

5 things I always wanted to do
Swimming like a professional, shed some weight, snow skiing, bungee jumping, score each and every one of my exam (okay sound lame pula)

List out the top 4 presents you wish for

an unlimited go-wherever-u-wanna-go flight ticket, slimming/gym/spa package, gift card from all boutiques (Neulook pun ok jua!), an a perfect Imam to lead me in my life would be the best gift kot?

The person who tagged you is

Zackiah karambunai

Your 5 impressions of him

innocent, big spender jua, funny, sweet, easy-going

Most memorable thing he has done to you

rosakkan plan euro trip. heh tak laaa...

erm..byk je. that includes accompanying me jalan2 smua..

If he becomes your lover, you will
Buy her high heals, MAC/ Bobby Brown/ Stila/ Dior make-up set, handbags, do her free facial treatment (x perlu tukar jugak.hehe..)

If he becomes your enemy, the reason will be

she brings me nothing from US *hint*hint*

Pass the quiz to 5 people

January 26, 2008

They are here~

Kek batik Besday for Kak D. Gomenneh...kek batik je yg dan buat. I did this after my physiology class yesterday. Campaks campaks siap. But the writing was done by Coffee Italian Mascorpone Cheese okay. Jgn maen2!

Hehe..I've been haunting the Receptionist since 2 days ago..

This one I got today. All the way from Greece tau.

This one I got 2 days ago. From New Zealand.

Taraaa......Volleyball from Greece (it looked terpenyek on the 1st picture coz it was. I went to Mardyke Sports Arena to pump it) and Netter's Flash Cards from NZ.

Things from Melesia je tak sampai lagi. Haih.....

Today, to my surpriseeeeee the balance in my account was back to 4 digits again. Aaaaaahhh....lega skit. First I planned to go to Lidl, a supermarket which kind of far from my place but the price are reasonably low (aceh...camne tu dah reasonable low pula). But come to think of it again, aaa....duet dah masuk...ape salahnye ke town. Since my biochem tutorial is cancelled today, I had to drag my lazy ass to town. Blame the 5.51am false alarm for disturbing my last sleeping phase. I had to start all over again and ended up waking up late!

Went to Eason and wallaaaaa....THE SECRET is mine now! They are currently having sale in Eason so I got the book for €11.49 only! A good bargain, I must say. This book was about RM60++ when I was in MPH. Saw 7 Habit of Highly Effective Ppl but the price was €20.30 so naa...I'll look them up in eBay later.

January 23, 2008

Ulat Bookoo

You Should Date An Italian!

You love for old fashioned romance, with an old fashioned guy
An Italian guy is the perfect candidate to be your prince charming
If your head doesn't spin enough, just down another espresso with him
Invest in a motorcycle helmet - and some carb blocker for all that pasta!

Waaaa...this one got me thinking on going to Italy this Easter. But my financial state doesn't permit me to do so. I am partially broke. =((

I'm done with this..because I just love the series, so no matter how bimbo it gets, it's still one of the best!

On the way with this. I was up on bed at 1oish but ended up setting up my alarm clock @ 1am. BUKU INI SANGAT BEST DAN MENYAYAT HATI. Saya tergenang beberapa kali okay semalam. Nuff said. I'll elaborate more when I'm done with this book.

This is one of the book I brought with me from Msia (alongwith Sin Chan. teehehe..) I need to take this book slowly. Kenot go on speed reading with this book. Would be a big lost so this one I've been reading since months ago, slowly.
Up next is this. I love the optimism idea he brought about in Tuesdays with Morrie.

This one my bro suggested. One of the best sellers at MPH (besides the world is flat, blue ocean strategy..etc..etc..) Still searching for the best price in eBay. Else I'll just buy them from Eason. €14.99 only.

Am currently watching this one in eBay. Rose up to £1.54 already. Shoooottt...hope it won't go higher than £5! hehehehe..Tapi saya rase saya pernah nampak buku ni kat umah haritu. Erm...menyesal tak amik! hehe..

Wa wa wa....banyak masa nak baca2 smua nihhh???
Hehe...reading is one of my favourite escapism. Besides, blogging of course. When u read, u sort of drowned into the story and left the world u live in aside. Acehh..poyo sketttt...When do I curik masa to read?
  • after-exam aftermath. ngehngeh. the best time
  • before I sleep (which then will ended up for 2-3 hours)
  • **toot** this one ppl who know me tahulah bile saya bace. heee..

Happy Birthday, BLOG

Yeap. It's been 2 years since my first post with this blog.

It has changed skin several times. From the emo to stylish one, and settled down with the minimal one.

It has changed mood from time to time. I'm angry, I blog. I'm happy, I blog.

It has invited several new friends and also several enemies. People got angry with my words. People declared war with me. I created resentment. It sparked hatred.

But, I regret not.
And I lie not.

For what I wrote, was happening on the spot. And it may represent my thoughts on the dot. The emotion rises as the words being typed out.

I hated myself for not being able to remember how my life used to be when I was smaller, when Dad was still with me. And because of that, I blog. Just to ensure my memories are well preserved. Even when ppl that I love/used to love me leaves/left, the memories will remain in my blog.

p/s : Physio test? I think I crapped a lot. But I'm relieved. Seriously...
pp/s : I'm currently anticipating for 3 parcels. One from Mom, one from (my Netter flashcard) and one from eBay (volleyball). Ngehngehngeh...cpatla sampai..lalala~

January 21, 2008

Saya berusaha untuk tidak bengang

At first I wanted to hold myself from blogging until tomorrow. But since tomorrow should be a happy day for me hence a happy post it is.
But this is not a happy post. NOT AT ALL

I woke up at 3.38am to the voice of my EXTERNAL and internal housemates and some lads. They were SHOUTING, BANGING and SLAMMING DOORS. If it's 3.38PM I can still tolerate but it's 3.38AM u freakin ^&*(^%
So I comforted myself and continued my sleep

I woke up again at 4.23am feeling like somebody is shouting to my ears. (haih patut terus gi tahajud je kan dari marah2 camni T_T). And when I'm trying to sleep again I HEARD SOMEONE OPENED MY DOOR. And yes there was A GUY just a few steps from me. Well, i'm lucky his not mabuk enough to do something bad to us.

At 5.55pm Si Putih woke me up for sahur. I went out. The kitchen+living room a.k.a. lorong haji taib was DARK but the speaker was turned on (lagu disco disco gittew) so I guess there are still living things in that room. I saw some movements. Girls and guys, in dark, what else they could do?

Maen guli kot. (gile bersangke baek)

So I went back to my room with resentment. Tried to calm down.
Texted Mihah...Alhamdulillah she's about to sahur too. So I went upstairs to sahur at her place. Thanks Mihah!!!! Nanti aku masak nasik goreng untuk ko eh!!

I dunno is this just me, or their act mmg intolerable.

P/S : saya beli VOLLEYBALL di eBay. Yeahhhoooooo...volleyball-ing again. Let's revive that era!!!!

p/p/s : thanx EPUL. hohohohohohoho..

January 19, 2008

8 years together?

~Joyeux Anniversaire SMSS TRIPLEZEROFOUR~

Kuselusuri jalan ke 8 tahun terdahulu,
tika pakaiku masih diatur ibu
tika taman itu masih lagi tempat mainanku
lantas terdampar aku ke sebuah dunia baru
aku terkelu lidahku membisu
didalam beratus kekeluan dan kebisuan
wujudlah ikatan atas nama persahabatan
saling menguatkan dlm menempuh sebuah perjalanan

maka perjalanan itu dimulakan
bagaikan kapal yg baru memulakan pelayaran

berlabuhlah kapal menempuh onak dan cabaran
dan pahit dan manis itu jadi asam garam kehidupan

terima kasih 0004

kerana mempertemukan aku dengan mereka

terima kasih 0004

kerana tanpamu hidupku entah dimana

buat mereka yg amat bermakna dlm hidupku
tetaplah kamu disitu, kerana kamulah kekuatanku

buat aku yg tak bermakna dlm hidup mereka
terima kasih atas segala-galanya

buat guru-guru yang tak lekang dari ingatanku
apresiasi tanpa noktah atas segala keringatmu

buat sebuah tempat yg pernah menjadi kenangan terindah
biar hatiku masih luka berdarah
biar langit yg terang kini tak lagi cerah
biar dendam dan benci masih bersemarak
biar yang teguh kini telah retak

tapi percayalah, ruang kasihmu masih tetap bersemadi disitu
dan tetaplah ia akan menjadi penunggu
sehingga akhir hayatku


Carik bantal
tekup muka

Saye suke Fahrin Ahmad, sekian harap maklum.

p/s : if anyone think this blog is such a crap, PLEASE, leave. Sila jgn jadikan ia sebagai bahan untuk membuat teguran @ whatsoever.

And whoever reads, just read. I am usually not quite comfortable to talk on what I blog or else I'll just talk and I won't have to blog

*pre exam emo syndrome*

January 18, 2008

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

5.55 am : Si Putih woke me up. Opened my eyes....*5 meneeettt lagi*

6.02 am : Toughen up myself to wake up

6.05 am : *ketang ketung* purposedly in the kitchen to annoy my EXTERNAL hsemate. Haha..nasib tak goreng belacan ke ape. Fried an egg for sahur.*ketang ketung* basuh pinggan hempas pintu

6.37 am : Subuh prayer & ma'thurat

6.58 am : Couldn't even open my eyes. *5 menet 5 menet. 5 menetttttt jeeee...*

7.48 am : *5 menet* continued 50 minutes (oopss..) Went to shower.

7.58 am : Put on contact lens & those necessary facial product. heheh tu pun nak cite.

8.08 am : glanced thru my watch. laaaaa baru kul 8.08!! Switched on my laptop

8.15 am : switch off laptop. departed from my apartment.

8.28 am : reached Brookfield

8.33 am : Principles of Human Structure lecture started. KADAR MENGUAP - once in 10 seconds (seriously!!)

9.25 am : 1st lecture ended. Moved on to Windle Building for dissecting session. Pouring heavily and I was soakin wet!..but still failed to rejuvenate me

10.00 am : DR session started.

11.00 am : switch from prosection to dissection. Dissected neck. Yes!! Berjaya menjumpai ansa cervicalis yg tidak dijumpai oleh group lain. I am legend. heheh. Contact lens dried in the middle of the session. (tanda2 awal saya penat)

12.00 pm : Head started to feel heavy. Marched back to Castlewhite.

12.08 pm : Switch on laptop. Fuzah online! (she RARELY online)

12.18 pm : Head got heavier. Went to sleep.

2.00 pm : Woke up. OMG I have lectures at 2. Head still heavy. Asked Fuzah's opinion whether is it okay for me to skip lecture. I can't even open my eyes properly. Toughen up for Zohor prayer.

2.08 pm : I went to sleep AGAIN. Yes. I did it. T_T

3.48 pm : *Bangun terkejut* Asar prayer. Shoottt...I SERIOUSLY skipped my Biochem & Physio lecture. Texted Jo Lin (she's been calling and texting me but I don't know when did I switch si putih off)

4.18 pm : Checked up my lecture notes *rasa bersalah* & chatted with Fuzah & Zack. OMG the seller of the iPod video I bid in eBay emailed me. He's gonna sell it to me for USD110 (free shipping?!? should I..or should I not?!?!?!)

4.42 pm : Went to kitchen. Yes! Nobody's there. No mood for heavy food. Made a vegetable soup with garlic bread for my buka puasa.

5.18 pm : Went to Wany's room. Skype with Fuzah.

and the rest was history.....
skipping lectures is the last thing I wanna do but today my body got very mad and refused to stay awake.

aihh...super duper aihh...

serious rase badan cam org tak muda. bdak2 Castlewhite...Adilah, Alya, Wany, Mihah, Nida jom gi gym! Keje makaaannn je...hehehehhe

PHYSIOLOGY exam in 4 days I am seriously dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 17, 2008

The last meal

Yesterday in the middle of *bajet* my revision, I took a 30mins break, browsing thru the pictures taken at the day I went away..(rase cam lagu kejap..)

Yes! I managed to outdo mom's height thanks to my 2 inches boot

And that brought me down the memory lane to the last meal I had before I left Malaysia. Mom cooked me my all-time favourite kicap kari for our break fast..

Muke lapar. ngehngeh. The black thing on my plate is kicap kari. And ohhh..there's sirap bandung (home-made sirap ok) too!!

And because angin bayu membawa diriku, sepintas lalu ku terkenangkan mu, ibu~
So I decided to cook what my mom used to cook for me..Kicap Kari & Mi Goreng Bandung (because I'm putting myself on a no-rice-on-weekdays-campaign)

Since cooking a piece of chicken is not worth it, and since I'm going to be fasting for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow (insyaAllah), so yeah, I'm going to cook them for my 3 days meal. Aih..inilah dier kesedihan duduk keseorangan..

Oh by the way, this Friday is 10 Muharram (applies for Republic of Eire. tmpat laen saya tatau), Hari Asyura. That explains the puasa-puasa days I'm gonna have tomorrow and the day after. Mari-mari merebut peluang keemasan ini~

Daripada Abu Hurairah R.a katanya: Bersabda Rasulullah s.a.w: "Seafdhal-afdhal puasa selepas Ramadhan adlh bulan Muharram dan seafdhal solat selepas solat fardhu adalah qiamullail."

ripada Abi Qatadah:"Dan puasa pada hari Asyura akan dihisab oleh Allah, puasa itu akan mengkafarahkan satu tahun puasa setahun sebelumnya."


And I shall be enjoying u, for the next 2 days~

That's going to ease my job for the next 2 days. Tak perlu lah saya mencekalkan hati masuk dapur yg telah menjadi 2nd bedroom for my EXTERNAL housemates tu..Bukan setakat bedroom, tu nak jadi dance floor pun bleh, nak jadi wardrobe room bleh. Kadang2 tgk cam lorong haji taib jugak pun ade.

Shoootttt I seriously want to get the hell out of this place. SAYA MAHU BILIK SENDIRI TANPA BERKONGSI dgn org yg suka menghentam barang.

Ok enough with bitchin'. Sabarlah Nadz..sabaaaaarrrr..

Gambar sayu with 2 of my best girlfwen. Si voluptuous Wani dan Fuzah.

January 15, 2008

Toothy smile for his mother. ngeh..comel jek..

Source :

PEKAN: Johann Abraham Mohd Mustafa seems determined to make an impact with his birth.

First, his mother, Khairani Mat Sood, 38, was airlifted from a flood relief centre here to the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital in Kuantan when she went into labour on Dec 24.

And now, Khairani has discovered that her 3.5kg baby who was born after 20 hours of labour has a unique feature -- a natal tooth on his lower gum.

"Many old people I've consulted said that it was a sign of good luck. Some also said that it was an indication that a prominent leader would come from this area," she said at her home in Taman Pelangkah here yesterday.

Johann is Khairani's sixth child.
Natal teeth or teeth present at birth are said to be rare and are found in one out of 3,000 newborns.


Well much as the sign of good luck brought by the lil baby, the tiny winy teeth needed to be removed. They can be harmful to the infant as it may cause irritant and trauma to the tongue and may also be uncomfortable for nursing mother..huhu...

Anyway, if they are not removed, this may also cause problem to the other teeth punye eruption. Overcrowding probs smua...and they also needed to be taken with full care. Sebab baby tak pandai gosok gigi, so mommy la kena buat..haa kan dah tambah kerja~ No..u don't have to, literally BRUSH the teeth. Just some gentle wipes wud do good, I guess..

Tp takpe, kalau baby ni ade probs with their teeth, KAYELAH DENTIST! ahaha..joking k, JOKING..

P/S : In the mid of the struggle to keep awake during my anatomy lecture, one of my classmate's phone rang a POLYPHONIC TONE. Yeay! Ade geng!!
And, Praise be to Allah, with some McGyver tools plus Dexter's mind, si putih is able to send out text msgs again...


Vile women are for vile men, and vile men for vile women. Good women are for good men, and good men for good women; such are innocent of that which people say: For them is pardon and a bountiful provision.

(Lazimnya) perempuan-perempuan yang jahat adalah untuk lelaki-lelaki yang jahat, dan lelaki-lelaki yang jahat untuk perempuan-perempuan yang jahat dan (sebaliknya) perempuan-perempuan yang baik untuk lelaki-lelaki yang baik dan lelaki-lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan-perempuan yang baik. Mereka (yang baik) itu adalah bersih dari (tuduhan buruk) yang dikatakan oleh orang-orang (yang jahat); mereka (yang baik) itu akan beroleh pengampunan (dari Allah) dan pengurniaan yang mulia.

An-Nur : 26

Because my usrah presentation next week is on Pre-Marriage stage, hence explaining this post. Just wanna get the mood.

No other speculation, please.
(especially budak2 Castlewhite, jiran-jiran senegeriku, sila jaga hak saya sebagai seorang jiran dan seorang Islam okayh)
Your kind judgment dan jua sangkaan baek is very much appreciated.
Thanks :P