February 26, 2013

In love..

So in love with the nature...

Jungle trekked to Sg Chiling last saturday. My knee was badly hurt and I had hard times getting over my fear of heights..but it was all worth it..


February 21, 2013


"Harini ade kan.."

"Kata hari khamis...."

"Yela..ok..hari khamis"

*datang muka comel, naik sebelah, intai*

"Haa..bagus....*bebel bebel bebel bebel*"


Demikian drama sebabak kita hari ini. Lelaki yg suka bebel ni mcm comel jugak kan?


February 17, 2013

Weekend di JB

Tak balik this week so I had to find something to cheer me up.
This morning I woke up and cleaned up my room.

Headed to the gym to workout. Was happy to be greeted by my trainer. Did I told ye i had little crush on him? Lol. But just a harmless crush tho. Hanya memuji~ Had a good 4.48km run 40mins on the treadmill and burned 332kcal. Did a bit weights and had to rush out...

Went to Spa Manja for aromatherapy massage. So rejuvenating. Had lunch at subway and decided to stopby the sea to enjoy some scenery.

Back home and tried to cook something healthy for dinner. Ended up whipping a vegetable soup and had it with oats and sambal ikan bilis.

Counting down to next friday. I miss my room :(

February 16, 2013

Tarik tali

Macam main tarik tali sekejap kau datang sekejap kau hilang

Bila kau datang kau bagi rasa bagai nak terbang

Tp bila kau hilang, dapat tak kau bayang rasa bila orang disana lepaskan tali yang dipegang. Sakit. Jatuh. Tergolek.

Tp bodoh dan aku tak dapat dipisahkan. Bila kau datang lagi pantas laju tali itu aku pegang. Dan kita main lagi tarik tali.

Main lagi selagi ada hati. And when the phase is over, it's gonna be history, baby ;)

February 12, 2013


Makin hari ingatkan makin biasa..

Tapi sebenarnya makin sugul kerja JB ni.

I am willing to do anything as long as I get to transfer back to Klang Valley including marrying any random guy from here. Now anyone would like to step up? Gagaga kthxbai.

February 07, 2013

Random thought

Been reviewing and rewinding things lately. 

 I wish I could dissect your brain and read what's on your mind. Are you just plain nice.  

 But if knowing things deeper might jeopardize things and end whateverthings that's going on right now, I'd rather not know and just enjoy the flow. Coz honestly I am really really comfortable with you around :-)

February 06, 2013


Pre and post gym faces :)

When you need to feel better but you got no source of happiness....get some dose of endorphine. Work out. Sweat it out.

Mood sugul berleluasa at the time of the month. Sigh.

February 04, 2013

How I spent my weekend

Left JB at about 5pm and reached TBS around 9.40pm. I love Konsortium! They are punctual and they are quite fast. LOL. The only problem is I can only get off at TBS. Arrived TBS, had coffee to warm up my body. Washed up and prayed and I was picked up at around 10++. Went to Taman Dagang for late late dinner with my friends and their partners (saya solo rider. sobs. :P)

The next morning I took cab to my dentist. Tighten my braces. I'm on pink-coloured elastic now. Something new to me.

At around 11am went to Nadia and Empa's reception. Met up with my dear friends. Too bad only me and Wani of our little clan could make it. Mingled around and stayed back until around 4++pm to help out Wani. And there's something quite interesting happened towards the end I can only LOL. Rare phenomenon I must say..

Us at Nadiapa's reception. 

Later that nite I relaxed at home to watch Ireland beat Wales on their first 6nations game. Mr Zebo is so effing impressive. Later later went to Bukit Ampang just to unwind my tangled up mind. Such a refreshing session :)

Bukit Ampang, and kanak-kanak zaman sekarang bersosial dengan hp je..

 The next day I had lunch at Alicafe 3 rasa just because I was trapped by Hanis Zalikha's promotion at her blog. To be honest I should have expected this. The food are so-so.

Arrived TBS at 3.30pm and took bus back to JB at 5.

Siakap set meal. Quite a large portion for 2 people. But we managed to finish most of it. Buruk lantak!

End of another awesome weekend. Thank you, especially to you you you you. Wouldn't be that awesome without all of you :)