February 28, 2010

I'm still here

It's just too many things are going around in my mind. Couldn't bring myself to come out with a decent post. Rest assured I'm doing alright. Hurmm..Pharmacology exam is up on the 8th. I've amalgam exam this Wednesday and I'm still trying to adjust things around me.

I'll be back when I've cleared my minds off,k?

February 24, 2010

Of London London London

Baby I'm back, yeah! I'm back from London. I'm still tired as hell but I really had great time there. Getting out from Cork. Meeting Fiqah. Watching Phantom of the Opera theatre.

I don't think I'll be coming out with proper post for London trip so here goes the pictures to sum up my story. This time around I went out a bit la from my usual London routine. Normally I would only do Oxford Street-Bayswater-Oxford Street-Bayswater je kan..but this time around I went off tangent a bit too Chinatown, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, watched theatre at Piccadilly. Another new thing is I discovered White*chapel, a place where "you don't feel London at all" I won't elaborate much, come and see for yourself :P

A lot of the photos are self taken (hence the angle) since there were only two of us and we just don't trust anyone else to take the picture for us..hehe..

while waiting before the show, we had hot choc at Pret a Manger because we are simply too tired to walk anymore TT__TT

bought the cheapest ticket, hence we had the most furthest seats. But still can see and comprehend the show la.

The stage - taken before the show started. No photos allowed once the show starts

In front of Her Majesty Theatre

At Fiqah's sister's place

The buildings by Piccadilly Circus station. Wonderful sights at night :)

Ikan keli at Malaysian Hall, finally :)

Watching this one man show at the street.

Lion dance at Chinatown. huhu..

Now that I'm back to this empty house, it really makes me miss my friends even more, especially my high school friend. They are one of the best thing ever happened in my life. So this song goes to all the people I love out there ;)

February 20, 2010

Of targets, shoes and London baby XD

Yesterday I made a target of a few things I have to achieve by midnight. Since I'm going off to London tomorrow untuk berenjoy jola joli so I have to discipline myself coz I have exams in a few weeks time. I have to do this so I can feel less guilty :P Anyway...I managed to achieve the target *pats my own back. Walaupun lepas tu adalah sangat penat that I slept and woke up too late to go for the Malaysian Day. *sighh

Today I'm planning to finish with packing, start doing serious pharm notes and tidy up my room. Semoga berjaya diri sendiriiii...

On a different note, today Nabila dengan keji nya telah berjaya menghasut saya membeli kasut secara online. Okaylah actually initially she was just asking for opinions. But then I can't never resist good shoes bargain. Coz back in Malaysia, it's quite hard to find a shoe that fit my feet well. Adalah, cuma susah. So kalau kat sini ni memang gila kasut sedikit lah. Anddd in my defense the prices are damn cheap weh. Siap ada up to 60%-70% discount! So I chose this...

hahaha sebenarnya tatau cantik ke tak. tapi saya rasa ia comel di mata saya TT__TT

Price 14.50eu sahaja. Was - 40eu! If I want a free delivery, it need to be more than 25eu. If not, 5eu will be charged. BUT there's another option for free delivery - delivery to Schuh store at your place. Luckily kat Cork ada Schuh store so yeah, of course I would choose that option. Plus dia jugak ada hassle free return policy. Tak muat ke apa boleh pulang je terus. Kalau amik from the store itself boleh la try terus segala ye dok? Hehehe...

Anyhoo thanks Nabila for this website and thank you for lending your ears as well. It's good to let it off actually and I've felt a lot better now. Takpelah saya pasrah sahaja with whatever that I'm going through now. Ohh harap-harap plan ke Amsterdam menjadi nanti.

Okay back to work babyy. Besok mahu ke London sudah 7.30am flight to Heathrow. I'm going to watch Phantom of the Opera theater this Monday - our English literature topic back in hurmm form 2? I've never been to theater in my life so for a start I need to watch something that I'm familiar with. Nanti tak faham pulak kan. ANDDD I'm hoping to get to eat sambal paru or ikan keli at Malaysian Hall as well.hehe.....pray for my safe journey will ya?

February 19, 2010

Of amalgam fillings

Saya sangat kurang gemar menggunakan amalgam sebagai filling! Noktah!

Okay here we go endless ramblings about my OTL sessions. So sekarang kitorang still doing restoration work, doing fillings, specifically amalgam. Seriously, amalgam ni mak oihhhhh sakitnya hati nak buat because :

#1 It doesn't bond to your tooth. So the cavities are prepared in a way it can hold the amalgam from falling. Contohnye la kan (tatau contoh betul ke tak) macam kerja-kerja kayu, pakai tanggam, tapi tak guna paku. So the design is made in which the amalgam and tooth are placed with very minimum possibilities of falling apart.

#2 Amalgam, before it sets is powder. So kena pack the amalgam to the cavities kuat-kuat. My Prof said, "you must feel the pain on your hand" baru betul amalgam tu mampat. And of course, selalu je ah dia terjatuh-jatuh when we are filling it.

#3 Once the amalgam is set, you can no longer do any amendments on your fillings. So within the setting time, which is approx la roughly 10 mins, you have to get it all done. The height of the fillings in compared to adjacent tooth kena betul, the curvatures kena betul. If not, kena dig it out again and do it all over again.

The second tooth I did my amalgam filling, I had to redo it about 3 times. The first tooth was okay because the cavity is simple. Tapi the second one....I nearly gave up and macam nak lari-lari anak menangis kerana kecewa tak bleh buat. hahaha over. Nasib ah I gathered up myself and kept holding on til I finished it. Siap baca selawat segala in my last attempt sebab memang serius dah tak tahan dah nak menghadap the tooth anymore.

Today I did the third tooth, which is more challenging because it's an upper tooth, so lagi senang lah amalgam tu nak jatuh-jatuh selalu kan and nak kena tengok plak the work through mirror instead of direct vision. Amazingly, I managed to do it in the first attempt! I wasn't so sure with my work so as usual lah I had Prof to check it out and surprisingly he said

"hurrmmm, the marginal ridge is good...the carvings are fairly good. So...okay, yeah"

I was dumbfounded that my eyes nearly teared. HAHAHHAHA over nak mampus. Then I asked again to clarify and he said "yeah, it's okay" and he asked me how many time did I do the filling and I happily said "ONCE!" Prof gave me a thumb up eventhough my work is not the best but at least I managed to do it in one go! Rasa loser sangat benda-benda kecik camni pun nak hemohemo tapi serioussss terganggu emosi kalau tak dapat buat benda ni.

Weh risaunye saya requirement for clinics tak jumpa suitable patient lagi. Ya Allah, please ease my way to fulfill the requirement. Temukanlah saya with someone who has simple carious lesion or someone who needs a not so complex fillings. Amiin.

February 17, 2010

Of frustration and not being able to express it well :S

Now that I've been living on my own, I understand why mom always go furious everytime she goes back from work to a very untidy house. The tiredness from your work just doubles when things are out of places at your very own home.

I don't know since when did I develop OCD towards the toilet, kitchen and the living area. But I just do. LOL. Takdelah sepah dahsyat pun but it still need some cleaning to be done lah. Semalam dah kemas the plates and tupperware and whatnots. Today I settled the table, the stove and the cabinets annnnnd am going to settle the toilet later. Tomorrow I guess I'll finish off with cleaning the floor. This time around I have to do it stage by stage because I'm kinda occupied with school stuff jugak. Risau gila dengan pharmaco exam this March tadi tutorial agak terkebil-kebil la dengan few of the questions asked =S

Tapi bilik sendiri still takla sekemas mana. People who are close with me knows how messy my room would be, suprisingly I don't have OCD towards my own room. Boleh plak selectively caneh sukatilah . Sebab tu lah stress camni sana sini nak kena kemas kalau dari kecik dah perangai pengemas caneh takdelah make it a big deal cam skarang :P

P/S : I miss home :( Tadi saya masak ayam kicap kari because that is mom's specialties (beside asam pedas and kueytiow goreng. ohhh terliurrrrr)

February 16, 2010

Standing on the brighter side

Pandang belakang, tunduk bawah
Berselubung dalam selimut
Bangun tidur, tidur bangun

Dunia nampak gelap
Masa depan nampak kelam

Pandang depan, dongak ke atas
Bangkit menjalani kehidupan
Tidur sekali untuk bangun sekali

Dunia nampak cerah
Masa depan ada harapan =)

Let's get the party started babyyy :)

February 15, 2010


You put on quite a show, really had me going. But now it's time to go, curtain's finally closing. That was quite a show, VERY ENTERTAINING.


February 14, 2010



Saya dah beli =) =)

February 13, 2010

February 11, 2010


Today is another day where OTL session has gone wrong. In OTL, there must be a session where I'll end up questioning myself whether I'm fit for this job. Betul-betul mematahkan semangat jitu dalam diri :(

I missed the lab last week and so I was kinda left out a bit. In OTL, missing a session cost a quarter of your life. Oklah not that much but you got the idea la how important it is. So I went on doing the preparation for amalgam filling on upper left jaw which requires indirect vision (ie : using the mirror) but boy oh boyyyy susahhnyeeeeeeeeee.

#1 use your instrument wrongly and kantoi bodoh depan supervisor. wakaka

Lepas tu lepas tu lepas tu kantoi bodoh with my supervisor coz I used a wrong instrument!!! Dia punya lah kata guna chisel chisel pastu gua yakin je guna excavator. OMG bunuh diri sekaranggggg. Dahlah memula dia tegur the way I use the handpiece. Today is the day that I looked stupid twice in front of my supervisor. *bunuh diri dua kali* Lepas dah yakin salah guna instrument to my supervisor tried to remain calm sebab gua macam dah nak nangis je sebab buat kerja harini serba tak kena.HHAHAHAHA LOSER.

ingat sampai mati ini chisel. KH dulu pernah guna kaaaan. tapi dental instrument takde ah camni. working end tu je ah serupa.

Anyway things go pretty much okay towards the end. Takpe, at least kantoi bodoh sekarang dari kantoi bodoh dikemudian hari. just pains me a lot when I remembered that moment. Sure classmate2 saya gelakkan si bengong seorang ini. Lepastu terus takde mood nak lunch beli pisang makan dalam bilik komputer je.

Arggggghhhhhhhhhhh..jangan lah terkenang-kenang dah. Syuh syuh

February 10, 2010

Winter, winter go away, come again in another 9 months?

I don't know what to blog about these days. There are many things going around but once I've talked it off with the bestfriends, I just don't feel like talking in the blog anymore. Banyak sangat benda-benda bukan-bukan and I just don't want certain peoples to know about this :P

One tips that I learned through my observation is...whenever you don't have something to talk about, always talk about the weather. That's like the easiest way to connect you with the other person. Oh nervousnya saya when I'm starting to be getting patient from the appointment list instead of bringing my own patient later. Can I converse well? Can they understand what am I talking and vice versa? TT___TT Let's just hope for the best.

current temperature, as this post is written

The weather these days have started to become colder again. Aiyohhhh I thought when the cold winter starts earlier it'll end earlier as well. Boyyy I was wrong. There's like a second wave of ultimate cold winter starting. I hope this doesn't last long. I was surprised to see the weather forecast saying it might be snowing this Saturday! I hope the prediction is wrong. I've been enduring the cold weather without the help of my fan heater since the uber-high electricity bill came. Kecut-kecut jugakla jari duduk dalam bilik sebab sejuk sangat.

forecast on Saturday. oh no! dahlah Saturday macam ada macam2 activity

should I consider dressing like this in Cork. Aish...malasnya nak balut-balut

Oh just now we had our last 8.30am pharmacology lecture. Since the course coordinator kinda threatened us because of the low number of attendance, the class was full today! All this while the max number of people turning up for the lecture is like 18-19. And that is actually half the number of the class. I myself pun skipped that lecture quite a few times :P Today ALL of us came since the attendance is taken..maka datanglah mereka with a few of them came with quite a strong alcohol smell. I know the smell, since I lived with the Irish during first year, remember?

I hope I can start studying Pharm today. Gile pemalas tahap dewata raya dah neh TT__TT

February 07, 2010

Of first experience bringing guests around

I think this week just passed like in a blink of eyes. Tiba-tiba dah hari Ahad. In a way it's good because the boring weekdays went quickly since there are only the 2 of us. So kalau weekend cepat sampai meriah la balik rumah ni. Huuu...serius boring bila Kak Iera and Wany takde. I hope this month of February will go as soon as possible so there'll be 4 of us back in this house again XD

Anyway, rewind back to 2-3 days ago, on Wednesday. I had to ask for the wondercar's help to fetch Wawa and Aaina at town since I was too tired to take bus to the town. I had the longest day ever that Wednesday, and no Nadia sayang, it's not your fault at all! fact I learned a lot having to treat you, so thank you so much!

The next day I brought them around Cork as planned. However, the weather was a total bullshit that day. It was raining cats and dogs PLUS terrible wind nearly literally blew us off (my umbrella was blown away!!!) I felt so guilty for bringing them to the Cobh instead of Blarney because seriously with that kind of weather, going for sightseeing by the sea is totally a bad move! We ended up dragging our feets aimlessly because we couldn't really enjoy the sea view and the town is so small that it doesn't even have decent restaurants or shops to stop by!
Sayang sungguh since I'm a big fan of sea. Rasenye next time kalau depress2 mungkin boleh ke situ lagi tenangkan diri. LOL

Lepastu hari Jumaat Wawa dah pergi Dublin pulak. I sent her to bus stop for bus no 5 and went back home to sleep again, and woke up to this feeling of loneliness. Had quite a terrible headache, and the right leg buat hal balik so I texted my groupmate and said I couldn't make it to the class that afternoon. Bila Wawa and Aina dah balik tiba-tiba rasa sedih sebab sekejap sangat diorg datang. huuu...nasibla Kak Iera and Wany balik petang tu.

@ UCC Quadrangle

@UCC Main Gate

I kid you not, the wind is no joke!

Tired after fighting against the wind and the rain. Aaina dah pening-pening dah.

February 03, 2010

Tomorrow... gonna be a loooooonnnngggg day.

I have OTL lab in the morning from 9 til 12. Break for an hour. Continued with lecture at 1 until 2. Right after the lecture I'm gonna have my clinical session until 5. Since my supervisor is away this Friday, she's bringing forward our clinics to tomorrow afternoon. The partner couldn't find any patient for tomorrow so it's gonna be my turn to treat the patient again this week . Gaaaaahh. Nervous kali lima juta seperti biasa. After that I need to run back home and cook the dinner since Wawa is coming. Around 8++ like that I'm going out to the station bus to fetch Wawa and Aina. Wawa is cominggg. My first ever guest in Cork :D

By the way clinics esok akan buat in conjunction with Behavioural Sc's topic - Rapid Relaxation. Nadiaaaaa esok kalau SC tanya feedback akak camne awak jawab ok taaaaauuuuu. Hahaha..Awak cakap la awak tenang je sepanjang akak treat awak...wakaka..

Bismillah. I hope I survived tomorrow.


February 02, 2010

RRRRaaaaaaajinnyee dia tu~

Saya tarik balik kesedihan ditinggalkan keseorangan dalam rumah :) It's pretty okay actually.

Harini datang semangat saya mahu mengemas rumah yang...aish...kalau bakal ibu mertua singgah, mahu saja dia menasihati anak lelakinya atau tanya berkali-kali betulkah ini pilihan hati, si gadis yang menginap di rumah ini. Hehehe..

Rumah yang kami dapat ni rumah lama. Kabinet di dapur agak terhad dan tiada pula stor untuk menyimpan timbunan barang-barang kami. Jadi sangat lah tak convenient especially sewaktu musim-musim kesibukan mulalah wajah dapur bertukar jadi medan peperangan when things started to fall out of places.

Jadi hari ini, berbekalkan semangat yang ada saya mula mengemas sedikit demi sedikit apa yang terdaya. Dinding percikan minyak di kawasan memasak dibersihkan. Pinggan-pinggan dimasukkan ke dalam kabinet. Tangga dan ruang untuk berjalan di-vacuum. Bilik mandi dicuci dan disental. Tinggal esok lebihan semangat semoga cukup untuk saya kerjakan lantai di dapur dan ruang tamu utama. Cuma ruang tamu kedua merangkap stor kecil-kecilan kami sahaja yang saya rasa belum ada idea macammana mahu dimolekkan.

Mungkin inilah hikmah disebalik tinggal berseorangan. At least rumah pun jadi sedap mata memandang. Semoga keadaan ini dapat berkekalan and semoga diserang lagi saya semangat-semangat rajin begini dimasa hadapan :P

February 01, 2010

Home Alone

Oh hai kawan-kawan. Saya duduk sorang ini malam. Home alone. tsk. tsk. tsk. Wany pergi Clon*mel. Kak Iera pergi Ke*rry. Dayah pergi berjoli ke Glas*gow. I'm so sad....Peneman (or mungkin peneman-peneman? :P ) setia busy pula these days bersukan lah ape lah itu lah ini lah benci lah. Nak nangis sekarang plis?

Dah pergi survey tiket balik. Ahhhh benci lah semua nak mahal-mahal. Sakit jiwa menengok harga-harga tiket. Lepastu dilemma nak pergi Jepun ke tak nak ke tak nak ke tak? Nak pergi Jepun teringin nak pergi Korea sekali tapi takde kawan plak nak pergi Korea nanti. Hwaaaaa..benci lah benci lah.

Tido malam ni mesti bukak lampu. tsk