April 30, 2012


Yesterday I was feeling rather nostalgic so spent my night reading back my posts back in 1st and 2nd year. Ok tipu sebenarnya otak jam dah malas nak study so I procrastinate. Petang tu dah jam gi masak la apa la..

Dang I was much happier back then. Tone blog pun best je takde depressing ala ala diary org psycho cam skereng. And I noticed..I exercised a lot back then! Gigih naik beskal malam2 gi Mardyke. Sigh..nowadays the only "exercise" I get is from going to and from hospital to my home. Terukkkkkk gila!!!!!!!!

I was also very clueless back then. Kawan 5 orang nak datang masak nasik 5 periuk!! Hahahaha amendeeee tah. Lepastu makan pun jaga mesti kena ada sayur sume tp sekarang? Sighhh..tak terjaga..can't quite remember when I eat a proper sayur. Maybe dlm nasik kerabu mania stream..gagaga..

25 days to go. Harap2 my happiness will slowly come back nnt. Right now I can't lie..the only happy time I get is from watching youtube/tv series. Itu pun temporary je. Lain suma..aiyoh..susah betul nak rasa happy sekarang.

I promise if I get through this safe and sound I'll pay more attention and start living healthily. And promise I will be happier :)

Tp smalam mimpi yg buat saya happy. I don't know who you are...but I do hope you exist and we do meet ;)
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April 27, 2012

Chronic Indecisivitis

One thing about me is - I'm a freakin indecisive person ever. Like. Ever ever. I hate making decisions. I wish we can make decisions in our life just by rolling the dice and just effin deal with the consequences of the choice later.

So today we had to like..send 5 patients of which 1 will be presented in our oral exams. We also have to rank the patient, which one we are confident to present the best. So basically choice no 3,4,5 are just random pt we throw in just know..fill the gap. I was having hard time which one is patient 1 which is patient 2. One of them is kinda play safe, nothing too biggie, just normal range of treatment. The other is a more extensive treatment and I would love to present what I did because I think I have done kind of a major change to him. But the problem is his case is quite unfinished and I'm not sure what the finish product will look like. I still have time before exam to finish up stuff with him tp..tulah..haishk..

Went to Dr B this morning to send in the patients' charts. Still undecided. He told me to just rank them, and continue studying and stop thinking about them. "It will hurt your brain if you don't stop thinking", he said.

Now I'm sitting down, ranting about this and feel like changing the rank again. Oh no.

I'm sure he won't let me touch the charts ever again.
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April 25, 2012

Ngomelan hari ini

Sebenarnya..exam banyak gap ni susah jugak. There's a limit to how far and how long you can push yourself towards the end. Jadinye kalau dah exam lama sangat ni motivasi mula pudar. Semangat kian hilang. Gittew. Nowadays I find it kind of hard to focus on the revision. Mcm cepat penat. Especially kalau jumpe patient, balik tu mcm penaaat sangat susah nak concentrate.

Tp kena bersabar and kena bersyukur ada gap mcm ni at least byk peluang nak study. Walaupun penat sikit tp kenaaa jugak bertahan.

Sebulan dari tarikh ni result keluar. Tak sabar nak habis zaman exam ni so boleh melalui kehidupan dgn tenang. Bleh bangun lambat. Bleh rehat2.

Ya Allah permudahkanlah semuanya..
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April 23, 2012

Log-o book-o

Another submission done :)

Felt a bit relieved and in the same time slightly nostalgic looking at it. I mean, it's a report, a journal of those that I've been treating this whole 2 years.

Step by step, the end is getting nearer day by day..

April 21, 2012

Post exam rant

Take a minute to have my post exam rants.


So they were hearsays on spot questions - pt on warfarin and bisphosponate related osteoradionecrosis. I thought to myself, oh well, at least I've 2 questions that I prepared. Yes, they both came one same question! 1st question was 76y/o pt on warfarin for prosthetic valve, taking oral medication for osteoporosis and needs extraction - management! Pitams uolsss macam2 risk nenek ni ade.

Qestion 2 was ddx and investigations for localised and generalised gingival swellings. I can list alright, but to come out with the details?? @_____@

Question 3 was ddx and mngmt of mouth ulcer. Question 4 short notes on vertical parallax, radiological assessment of fractured mandible and dry socket.

Question 5 pharmacological intervention for trigeminal neuralgia, oral dysguesia and atypical facial pain. Pitamsss uolsss nak kena cite pasal pharmacological ni lemah sketttt.

So that was exam rant. Continued with treating patient after the exam. Encountered some difficulties, thought I could finish in an hour. Finished at 5.

Went back home to found out my laptop charger went kaput. Again. I have logbook that is due this monday. Panicked and thanks to Nadira's kind soul for lending me the charger tonite. Now I'm struggling to settle the logbook.

I've been up since 5.30 this morning. Mengantuk and penat tak ingat. Sigh.
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April 19, 2012

Pagi yg gelap, kini sudah terang

Had a very very very very hectic morning. It's only 11am now yet I'm exhausted like heck. Went to and fro to the clinic settling patients stuff. Wrong impression sent. Wrong dates put down. Itu salah ini salah. Telefon lab sana sini.

Tp towards the end, things start to fall back to places one by one. Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah. It slowed me down slightly but I'm still thankful I'll eventually finish off what I've started. Tak tau nak hantuk kepala sendiri ke sbb much of this mishaps are of my own foolness. Or probably I should be thankful there are spaces and chances to correct my mistake. And I have patients that are so patience with me.

Orang lain nak exam sibuk baca buku study gua kena setel problem patient. Takpe. That's life baby! Let's finish this off nicely ok?
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Goodluck gift

A goodluck and thank you gift from my patient.


April 17, 2012


3 hari lagi nak exam. Smalam tetibe tak sihat uols. Sekejap panas sekejap sejuk. Sejam sekali bangun tido cari posisi yg selesa.

Lepastu bangun pagi2 ni diarrhoea puleekk. Badan dah cam lelemah sikit. Nak pergi spital harini ada oral surgery tp tak larat. So sad. Manela tau ade hint2 ke tips2 nak exam ke.

Pastu harini pokcik buat rumah tu bising gileeeeeeee. Haishk

Byk btul cobaaaaaan. Jumaat nak exam dah :S
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April 14, 2012

The day when you have awesome friend to get Fahrin Ahmad to wish you good luck.

Thanks to my awesomest friend, Afiqah for the video.

Wa ada fahrin ahmad wish good luck, kau hado? 

Gagagagagaga seminggu lagi nak exam hoi

April 10, 2012

Serabut otak

Haaaaaaaaai saya tengah serabut gile.

1. Rumah tgh renovate. Rumah bising, fine saya keluar gi study kat spital. Pastu skang nak kena tutup2 katil segala sbb diorg nak tukar tingkap. Tak pepasal je tambah keje.

2. JPA stopkan elaun sara hidup bulan May. Ktorang abis exam hujunggg bulan May iaitu 23 May. Jun x dapat duit abistu sewa rumah nak bayar caaaneeee? Bil2 semua nak abis and stopkan sure kena bayar banyak. Aaaaaa serabut! Camni balik Malaysia kena terus keje la x de duit weh. Ingatkan nak relax jap barang sebulan dua.

3. Of course la cuak exam. Next week je weiii. Dah neglect habis paper satu lagi tu sbb nak concentrate paper minggu depan. Tatau btul ke tak strategi ni sebabnye nak prepare exam 4 may tu xde cuti cam skarang. Sekarang tgh cuti seminggu boleh la study full time pulun. Yg lagi satu tu kena selit2 in between clinics and whatnots. Haishhhhhh.

4. Bile stress makan makan makan. Makan makan makan badan gemok. Gemok nak mati. Harap2 x mati before exam.

Sekian dari saya yg serabut.
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April 08, 2012


I've been studying in the hospital reading room this past 3 days. I don't know how much longer I can do this but let's just keep going while I can. Can't seem to study at home..too many distractions and I can feel a slightly negative aura in my room. Plus, of course the noise from construction work is the main reason I got off my arse to leave home in the beginning.

Took these pictures along the way or whenever I'm out for my break or when I'm distracted..

Ya Allah, please ease my way to graduating dental school this summer...

April 07, 2012

The day Fahrin Ahmad replied to my twitter :P

Bangun pagi2..mata kebil2..

Unprivate my account for a moment because I have a feeling fahrin will be reading that particular tweet..

And Bammm there goes the reply.

Excited sorang2 atas katil, jerit2 sikit. Terus mandi and bersiap gi study kat hospital.


Now a dream would really come true kalau saya dpt tangkap gambar dgn dia plak.

Kthxbai kena sambung bace buku..