May 31, 2006

my 7th day holiday..

First of all I would like to say...

to my dearest fwen, Zahidahtul Kamaliah Saharun~~

Me n Ida @ PantaiHapetah,Melaka

I made her sumthing, been working on it the whole day,yesterday but the stupid bloody movie maker is just making my blood pressure rises until I wanted to throw away my laptop..uhuhuhuh..planned to send it to her to her house but cudnt make it because I cudnt transfer it into the suitable form..shttuuuppiiiddddd...there goes my plan.Tsk tsk..but found out at her blog she wasnt at home is still OK.. =)

Yesterday I managed to follow my plan.Nyehehe..Took out my money, went to library, went to Summit.So the mission was 70% accomplished la.But,sadly the library didnt help me that much.Haih..All the books related to my research were not there.Shtuupid library!But the condition was suitable to concentrate on my works but I didnt take the chance my mind, there were too many things to be settled so I got my ass out from that library.Went to summit.Searched n found.Satisfied n went back home =)

Today I went to Pyramid with Z.Today's target was something n sandal.Uwaaa...I'm craving for the sandal I found in Studio R..Nice.Smart.Uwaaa..I want it!!!!!!!But unfortunately my size for the design I wanted sold out.Uwaaaa..I'm certainly going to hunt other Studio R outlet, just for that beautifool sandal..Nyehehe..Then went to pick up Shera n boyfie at Unisel.Just wanted to survey the futsal place..

Studio R..Granda sandal..for u I shall be..MidVal..wait for us >.

So futsal?? Ehehehe.yeap!This sunday we are really going for a healthy girls day out..yeah it's 100% girls.Gonna celebrate the birthday of our fwens, Ida,Nadiah n Nadia.So this is gonna be a "huge" n fully-scheduled party! Early in the morning there will be a mini party by the lake.Then at around 11 we are going to chill at wetworld n at 2 we are going to play futsal!
Haha..for the first time ever (2nd time in my case) the girls are gonna rock the sports planet! Hehe..thanx to ME, I got to reserve a this was the booking call

Guy : Sports planet shah alam, hello?
Me : Erm..hello..erm..just asking if are we able to book a place in Sunday.Is it possible
* tried to sound like not a first-timer but I definitely failed la haha..
Guy : Ouh ok.At wut time?
Me : Around 2 maybe?
Guy : (checking) which turf are u choosing? the big one or the small one
Me : (Oh crap..I didnt know which one) Erm..which one erk..I think I'll go for the big one la..
Guy : (giggled.he knew it i'm a first timer) ouh,ok so do u have a membership card?
Me : Alamak..membership..alamak...camner erk...erm..(tried to sound as gedik as I can)
Guy : (giggled again n again) erm..wut bout ur fren ke..
Me :
Guy :'s ok..this sunday u can just come n bla bla yada yada fon number ladies day..bla bla..

Haha..mission accomplished!

sports planet..wait for us..!!

*went to check out the place.Erm..the "big" turf wasnt that big actually but the small turf is quite isolated so there will be more privacy n it is less likely for any guys to tease us or witness the ugly-ness of first-timer-ladies kicking balls..

Just pray hard that everything wud go just as we planned..insyaAllah..nyehehe

May 29, 2006

my 5th day of holiday

Let's have a moment of silence and recite Al-Fatihah for those who has been called by Allah in Indonesian quake last few days..Al-Fatihah..May with this test, we'll be more alert with any possible things that awaits us.I was so touched when I read bout it in the paper.Loss,suffercations,grieving are everywhere.There are also Malaysian students who are currently doing Medic in Indon had to fly back to Malaysia.

Practically doing nothing at home.Woke up at 10am (slept late last nite..3am..played wordracer with faeez..ngehehe) then worked out.Hehe..progressing.2km constantly jogged n as always 10mins with the dumbell n 10mins fastwalking.But the rest of the day I ate a lot!! Haih..seems like my effort is useless but I'm neva gonna give up!! Kehkehkeh..

Finished the Americas Next Top Model Marathon today.Danielle won. And I'm glad Jade was not the finalist.Thank God that arrogant bitch cudnt make it.I'm proud of Joanie tho she didnt make it to the highest but she's still on the top.I've learned a lot in this ANTM series.The biggest lesson is on how to deal with bitch(es).Yeah bitch(es) do distract my life especially in McB.Some of them cause too many pains in my ass and I totally cant stand it.But I'm adapting to the situation and one day I'll be fully-immuned with those bitches. Hehe..actually their presence induced this one kind of defensive system of mine to ensure that I'll keep on smiling when they keep on bugging

Retro Joanie

Finally came out from my shell and breathe the polluted air today.Went out to buy groceries.Then went to ABC mapley nearby my house n guess wut,I met my primary skool-crush-->Anwar~

Anwar : Nad!
Me : (Searched for that voice.Saw him,n pretended I didnt hear it..nyehehe.At that time I was like totally fool because I was so nervous.Pretended to read the menu, to concentrate on the tv..bla bla bla)
Anwar :(He got up from his table, n sat in front of me)
Ey, ni Anwar la..Tak kenal ke
Me : (Lup dup lup dup.Pretended like I didnt realise) perasan la
Anwar : panggil buat2 tak knal plak..
(And we continued talking on n on until he had to make a move) embarassed.Sorry Anwar.I was kinda nervous.Anyway he's not that hot like he used to be.But he's tall.And that's an extra points u know..

There're too many things to be done.Currently working on "that" project. Tomorrow I have sooOoooOooo many plans :
1. Go to ASN n exchange the sijil simpanan premium.Oh I'm so in desperate for money..guess I need a sugar daddy~~
2. Library maybe? Gonna do my research..But note that MAYBE.I might change my mind.I'm a totally lazybump bump bump
3. Go to Summit n buy "that" thing for "that" project
4. Meet up Z n Shera maybe?

Ahahaha..if u fail to plan,then u r planning to fail..yeke??

May 27, 2006

my 2nd n 3rd day holiday~

Pweetty Naima~~'s raining cats n dogs rite now so I guess I might save the usage of eletric by turning off the air-cond.Hey, eletric's tariff is increasing. The price of every bloody things are increasing...Are we in the middle of critical inflation right now??

Spent my day with zack on friday n saturday. At first we went to skool to pick up our cert. Picked up Min at Bdr Tasik Selatan..she was a bit late so Z n me had a ridiculous talk as always..talking bout these..n that..n she is determined to make the reuni real. Go go my sista u can do it~~Then we went to pick up wawa at GMI coz she's doing practicals there n unfortunately we cudnt make it. The office has closed n it will only re-open after 2.45pm n we didnt want to take the hell trouble of going thru the traffic congestion, again.

At skool the teachers just had their teachers' day celebration. I'm glad most of teachers who taught me can still remember me. Tho they didnt teach me until f5! Pn Zaleha, Cikgu Aliza, Madam Tan can still remember my name..wehehehehe...Then we went to Jusco Maluri, reminiscing the days where this place is our main spot.Those were the days~~ Then went to Mid Val n hey guess wut, we got lost! Not once, but twice! Yeap, believe me!! It was my first time going to Mid Val from the opposite direction (which is from KL) n I was kinda lost.N my muchos confident Z led us to the Kerinchi Link! We've almost gave up n just go to OU but one U-turn had saved the day.It was a nice experience despite the RM4 wasted on the tolls fare~

Watched MI3 with zack.Nice movie.Hot mr cruise.My heartbeat is rhyming with the movie. Then went to eat Shokudo wutever.Just wanted to try new things. I had err..sumthing sumthing noodle n that was not bad.Then headed back to Zack's home. I slept at Zack's house n had to buy my ******* coz it was a sudden decision n I didnt make any preparation

The next day, Zack wanted so much to go out with fwens. After made several callings n gathered several peeps, again n again we shot off to Mid Val.Went to pick Pekah at UM n this time around we perfectly used the right path.Zack's realised that the road that we supposed to take was today's road n i cudnt help myself from keep on teasing her.Nyehehehe..sorry Z~

To make the day worst, Ai was there with Uzir.I pulled the most annoying face n didnt make the effort to look at his face.I dunno.I was just terribly dissapointed with the way he treated me at the nite where that cilake made me mad.It was like everything went wrong n I am really frustated with all of my so-called bestfwens.Apologized to Uzir coz I dint talk to him n he said he understood.I'm not sure whether wut he said really agreed with wut he's doing behind me.

Why must everything takes place in Mid.I made two childish moves at Mid.One with cilake one with Ai.Went out with $%^&* at mid. Went out with cilake with mid. Mid Val had witnessed many ups n downs in my life, i guess..

Got more n more info on cilake thruout these 2-day-out.Found out that V is now single n available.Found out that cilake's girl feels insecure with me.Oh Lord is that true?? tell me that is one hell of joke cuz who on earth would feel insecure about me???I am totally not beautiful n I dun think that none of my xskoolmates especially wud expect to be with me.Coz they only look for beautiful girls with nice figure n that wudnt be me, I guess.I admit I used to lost my focus in our fwenship but I can totally accept it if we r fated to be bestfwens forever.I was kinda shocked when he can get along with her girls classmates well.That is totally frustating. I wish I dun know who the hell is he.I wish I didnt befriend with him that close.I wish I can totally get his ass out of my life.I wish I'm strong enuff to forget all those things n I wish Allah grant all my wishes..Plsssssssssssssssss...

May 25, 2006

my first-half-day-holiday

Hey.It's only a half day of my holiday and I've started to feel....very nothing.

Woke up and worked out.Did it for 42 mins with 15 minutes of jogging.Erm..have to do better.I need stamina!And also,of course, I need to lose tonness n tonness..ah..konon~

I'm on the run of americas next top model season 6 marathon. Owh how I hate Jade so much.Snobbish n she brags a lot.I wonder how the girls cant stand her without the urge of shooting her or chopping her. Well currently I have no favourites for this season. But out of those 12 girls, I like Joanie best. But still, she cant beat Naiima. Naima's down-to-earth n pleasant character is very...pleasing? Nevertheless, according to my fren, Jade is still on the run of the competition..Euwwnesss.That makes me really cant wait for the next n next episodes n hoping to see Jade's elimination.Hurmph..episode 5 is 59% done..cant wait *_*

I've just realised there are lots n lots of singing-n-reality competition recently in Malaysia.This scene is kinda worrying.Watching lots n lots of Malaysian rather choosing to go for audition without realising they are talentless than going to seek for job,education,money..etc etc.Yeah I agree those competitions offers luxuriousness n glamorous world but how much can those secure your future n the whole of your life? The life span of a singer or artist who is "detected" from a fans-voting-competition is not long,seriously.

Here u got mentor, akademi fantasia, sumthing-sumthing millionaire, malaysian idol,this n that. What's the point? To increase ur program ratings? To invite more Malaysian to waste their money n put their future on risk? It is even saddening when the products that they tried to create didnt really shine when they are no longer in the competition.Their presence in the music scene or art scene generally in Malaysia didnt really make any change.The industry is still unable to make a significant success.

The thing is, we've got abundance in terms of numbers of artists.Yeah, most of them are not-so-useful n their presence are only as sexy cover girls, scandalous source of gossips n sumtimes, as the ppl who fooled themselves in their dramas,album etc etc.
And when u see the Malaysian who think they can sing go for auditions, oh Lord, they totally sucks.Yucky, I can say.How can they wasted lots of money, time, queing up in long lines,waiting patiently, to abuse a song in 30 seconds time?They can do that anywhere.In the bathroom,at the place where the not-so-useful rempit n kutu berahak usually sits n do nothing.

Huhu..nonetheless..I cant deny that I am one of the fans of Akademi Fantasia n I did follow some of the shows.Doesnt mean that I'm whining bout the worrying scene, I'm totally against the flow, turning off my radio or restricting myself from watching the show. It just sumthing came out from my thoughts n I need to spiil it out since I've too many accumulated things in my mind..Nyehehehhe..

Oh 37.3% more to go...Really cant wait.I think I want to have my nice afternoon nap before I started to go out from my house n do something beneficial or useless..nyehehehe..contradict gler..

May 12, 2006

I'm at concourse aite now..Alone..yeah alone..

What's the issues this week?? Nothing much lorr. one thing..Ppl calling me unfavourable name..tho it is not on regular is still no favourable.AND I HATE IT. I've told some of them but they still call me with this name..haih..benci benci benci

Well..4 days before exam...wa manyakkk takut..

Eh..ok la..seriously got nothing to say..Better berambus now before the jumaat prayers is done and I'll get to see a b*st*rd wondering around me..


May 10, 2006

ah...1st time i got to experience the early-end class...before this I was bonded with taska sayangku..nyehehehehehe

Silly willy shitty things happened to me yesterday.I was so hi-spirited to go for jogging and there I go..Jog..jog...jog....managed to jog constantly until the guard house..Then stopped..Walk..walk until behind the DS,crossed to the jogging track and continued jogging until I reached my block..Suddenly I feel itchy.Scratch scratch..Then I was like wutttaaaaheeecccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?? my hand was like ade bintat bintat merah n i was like so panic..Went back to my room, stripped and scratch scratch scratch the whole body is affected!!!!!!!!The most super extreme is my thighs..Then my fwens came to rescue..I felt dizzy n cudnt even sit down properly.Half-blackout n cudnt speak properly coz my face is also affected..siut gilakkk...Thanx to aimi who took the trouble to put the garam+powder on my body n ila who made the effort to ask for the salt n stuff..N thanks to madihah for borrowing the calamine lotion from Izzah..Many thanx also for Nora,Ustazah Johaina n Sima for concerning..

EEEEEEEEEEEe......tension betullll...

It was one hell of terrible experience! =(

Today is the sports' team meeting..cant wait la *_* gatal gler..agagagagagaga

Nothing much to say..Ok...Lunch time..I'm starving T_T

May 08, 2006 last got to blog on my precious bed..

mak came in n gave the stuff she bought for me in Bali..a hard rock cafe tshirt, a necklace, a bracelet,n a handbag..uhuhuhu..thanx mommy~ last i'm free from the maths portfolio burden..gler la wei..spent the whole day just for the math portfolio.My room was like a hell of messy wessy papers here n there n printer was like running out of ink.tonnes of paper being wasted just because of stupid mistakes, sanity fades away..number of insane ppl increases, pressure increases rapidly bla bla yada yada bla bla..all those symptoms being spotted around McB last weekend.
Well at least right now we are free =)

terrible nitemare..

Erms..exams is one week away.Havent studied much ler..adoh..damn freaking takut gler khinzir nye..Hopefully evvything will be fine.But i'm seriously a lazybump this sem.Last week had a placement briefing by our placement officer, pn sharifah.The places are so limited...Have to score high marks to be safe..arghh siottt..There are going to be shortage of 60-70 places if i'm not mistaken..that's a lot u know!..The probability is one fifth of the students n owwwhhhhhhhh siot gler takuttt...The places for dentistry is quite limited.For UK there 9places only n there are 19 of us..I'm not sure bout Ireland coz she didnt mention anything..n if i'm not mistaken she said ALL dentistry students will be sent to Ireland...haiyooohhh...JPA please solve the confusion pls..Ireland ka UK ka??

Last thursday was the revealation day.After 6 weeks of the anonymous programme thingy, we finally revealed ourselves..Alaa..i've found out who my anonymous was since the 2nd week la..Not much fun...My anonymous pal is E.D, engine student, live in subang n bla bla bla..dint say much with him during the revealation day.Just exhanged gift.N spoke 2-3 sentences n that's all..uhuhuhu..I gave him a handphone holder-football shaped which he mistakenly interpret it as ashtray..ahh..wuteverrr. He gave me this gelas-bentuk-balang-dalam-tu-ade-pasir-wangi- pastu-ade-rumah-kecik-pastu-ade-ranting- letak -daun-lekat-origami-baju thingy.I dunno where he got that thing.But it was nice though.N the perfume is nice! It looks like he made it himself so..thanx pal..At least better than my other friends who got only chocos n whatever the things are..ahahaha..neway i dun like chocos that slamaattt tak dapat chocs!


Still with the malaysian artists' dressing issue.I saw some of them in the newspaper. The AIM disgusting..i wonder where are the malaysian-ity.What will happen to the next generation,having those artists as their idol? Another hancur so-called-modern-near-to-western country? Oh puhleaseee...sumbody gotta save us!

An interesting issue, where a 30s man who is married to a 103yr-old grandma..oh for God sake is it really because of the pit-yness or wut???Wallawei if u r really pity of her, u r seriously an angel from above ..I give u my fullest respect!..But if u r trying to take her wealth away, u r so damn totally rubbish ler..

Wehehehe..have to take part in the real world.For the sake of my interview n my own benefits la..Have to stop being an ignorance..


I'm recovering..tho it's very hard n i've came across many obstacles n shits, but i'm still struggling to smile n live my life.They are just unimportant b*sta*ds whose presence is much annoying n disgusting.

See the bruise on my hand? Uhuhuhuhu..that's a result of playing volleyball n writing too much surds n polygons n circles n these n that..ohohoh.I think right now i'm in the same level as Archimedes who made our lives terrible by estimating Pi thru this n that...ohohohohoh...

Karnival sukan McB is on the 3rd sem.I'm in red team n guess wut..comel is in my team too.. =) =) so go go red team...nyehehehehe

waiting is painful.forgetting is painful.but not knowing is the worst kind of suffering.
true? so true!

May 04, 2006


Ermz..just a quick hit before my TOK teacher comes in..

Wehehe.Sounds like a blog-addict ler plak

Neway nothing much happened this week. Hectic week as always. Math portfolio is burdening me. Feels like a huge rock on me is waiting to crash boom bang tebabooommmmm

Exam is 1++ week away. Well I havent studied much.Sheesshhh...takut gler ok?? Hopefully I got enough time to cover all the subjects =( =(

Got nothing to say nemore. Lacking ideas lar..Hit u back later