June 29, 2011

Duhai hati

is freaking confused.

Breathe in and out. Rationalize and let's move one!

June 27, 2011

Meet Nayli, cutest baby in the world because I'm biased like that!

Nayli trying to figure out what is this orange thing. even nenek confused and call Tigger a Garfield :P

Nayli got distracted with fans and lights

Nayli was awed to see herself in the webcam

Nayli tried to bite off Tigger's nose
I'm home with the family yawwwwww

June 25, 2011

Final year, here I come!

Salam everyone, I just wanna share a good news. I just passed my fourth year and am officially a FINAL year dental student. Alhamdulillah sangat2 this is really a BIG relieve knowing how bad my history with exams.

I'm not bragging but I'm just sharing the news, because only God knows how painful 4th year has been. There were a lot of rocky roads. It was a big transition from 3rd year to 4th year and I really had problem adapting initially. I almost gave up at every possible point but with Allah's will and prayers from, especially, my beloved Mak  and my friends, I made it.

Today I finished my last clinics for the fourth year, delivered 2 dentures to my patients. The atmosphere of the clinic was so bright eventhough the weather outside was hella gloomy. As soon as I got my charts signed off, I went around and bid goodbye to my classmates. I went in to the office to settle stuff with patients and met with Dr B, my tutor. He had this really one big smile on his face, which is realllllly rare. He congratulated me, saying a job well done and gave me a very firm yet warm handshake. Bumped into him again on the way out of the hospital and he gave a piece of advice :

Just forget everything, and enjoy your holidays fully. 
So yeah, i think Imma take his advice seriously :D

I'm just making this post to motivate my (future) final year self that I survived the turbulence from 4th year and I gotta pushhhhhhhhh through final year no matter how hard it gets. Ingat ni N woi kena bertabah bertabah bertabah!!!!!

Finally, I'm heading tomorrow and insyaAllah for the first time in the past 5 years, I'm celebrating Eid at home this year =D

June 23, 2011

Sikit lagi, sikit lagi, sikit lagi

I'm having my 3rd mornings off for this week because my patient canceled on my, at 9pm yesterday. mad yet I couldn't do anything. Too late to ring in a new patient. That's the 2nd patient to cancel on me in this week. First one was last Tuesday, sekarang pakcik ni pulak...Aaaa amarah tau saya innieyy...

So..yesterday I had my very first ever consultant clinics. It's like normal seeing patient, do history and examination thingy but this is more like preparing ourselves for the final year exam. We have this one part where they call "unseen case", where I have to meet a patient that I've never met before, do history and examination, come up with the diagnosis and the treatment plan within the time limit.

I think it went well yesterday except I have to do TWO full pocket chartings. Full pocket charting is measuring the depth of the pockets of the gum that surrounds your teeth. In healthy gum, there shouldn't be any pocket but the patient yesterday had a few spots of pocket depth going over 3mm so I had to do a full mouth pocket charting. It's tiring sebab bayangkan gigi, in normal person ada around 32 batang. Lepastu kena buat surface yang menghadap pipi, satu lagi surface menghadap lidah/lelangit (one buccal one lingual/palatal) Lepastu utk setiap gigi kena buat 6 permukaan, tepi kiri, tengah, tepi kanan apsal beria nak terangkan ni but you geddit it's really tiring lah..

My favourite girls :)

Lepastu after consultant clinic I bid goodbye to my adik2 who are going home. They are one of the reasons why leaving alone is bearable. I go to their house a lot. Sampai Nadia rasa I'm one of their housemates already. So it was actually pretty sad to say goodbye to them...

But luckily I had two Xmen came to save me. Kamil's patient was really nice to give him a 50eu coupon to dine in a restaurant so we had dinner in a restaurant cum bar nearby my old house in Model Farm Road. First time ni masuk bar ni takde pape pun. It's all very chillax and dapatla tengok bola/rugby sambil makan..After the dinner we went to town. Initial planning was to watch Green Lantern. Lepastu adala rezeki tetiba ada satu tiket free tengok Xmen :P I've watched XMen 2 weeks ago, but I had no problem watching it again because I like it. So, cut the story short, we went to see XMen.

Jadi begitulah so far how I survived. Malam ni harap2 dapat bertahan lagi. 1.5 days to go baby chyeahhhhh

June 21, 2011

Detik demi detik..

Wasssupppp yaaaallllllll.

I'm 5 days from home yaww...FIVE days. Tapi bila takde exam ni it feels like forever. Last weekend I spent a day doing a bit of shopping and a bit of packing. and the other day was spent sticking my butt on the bed as long as possible. Adalah sekejap I went to my junior's house to help them for their oral exams.

As for today, clinics resume. We had seminar on Implant this morning. More like a promotion rather than a seminar to me. But it's all good, we get to do a bit of hands-on thing on the second half of the morning and we got a 2GB USB stick as a freebie. But I have to say the first half was a bit boring, I yawned more than hundred times kot..

Petang plak I was in MOS (minor oral surgery) for my Oral Surgery rotation. It's gonna be my last rotation for fourth year (insyaAllah). Get to assist removal of horizontal impacted of lower left 8, which was a bit scary. The tooth was quite big and the surgeon had to keep on digging the bone to disimpact and take out the bits of roots left. The guy was only given local anaesthesia so he started to feel pain as she dug out the bone.

At around 5++pm I got a text message from my patient canceling her appointment tomorrow coz she had mid ear infection. It's too late to ring another patient so I might not come to clinic tomorrow. Cisss makcik bazir session gua je..Tapi tu lah, what to do. Since I've no clinics tomorrow morning I decided to start cleaning the house again. Cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom. All left to be done is the floors and my very own room. And then I'm good to go :D

I'm praying the remaining 5 days pass by as quickly as smooth as possible..

June 19, 2011

Ucapan yang tak terucap

Every year when June comes, I've always felt left behind. When the day comes nearer, everybody would be putting up statuses on how they are planning to celebrate the day and how awesome their dad is..How envious..

Al-Fatihah, daddy. Adek will always love and miss you.

Langkawi, more than 20 years ago..

June 15, 2011

Our weekend getaway - Part Four

Inchydoney Beach, about 1 hour ++ from Skibbereen...and around 45 minutes away from our home in Cork. The road was better there probably because it's not that faraway from city...

Initial plan was to swim...but when we got there it was too cold and very windy. Reached there around 6  plus...Air laut pun tengah surut. So we just dipped our feets, just playing, enjoying the soothing sound of beach. I love beach and its sound so so much. I could spend the whole day just chillaxing given the chance to do so!
Sampai-sampai makan dulu. Finish the leftovers. Semua-semua kelaparan juga ya...

The water was cold, but I think once you get in it should be ok kot kan?

Loved this jumpshot. 

Just fooling around the beach


The water..nice and slow. Hwarghhhhhh I want them!!

We left for home around 7ish-8ish and reached Cork safe and sound as hoped. Total journey was 12 hours and total hours driven was 4 hours 59 minutes, as quoted by Google Map. And the best part was, the total of petrol usage, 5 hours journey on Saturday + some short journey around Cork city, Lidl, CX market,  semua costed only 26.17eu! Totalllllly worth it. So altogether plus food, entrance to Mizen Head semua we spent about 40eu la per pax, maximum. Sangat-sangat berbaloi ok!

Thank you to all my adik2 in 3rd years who went with me. I was in so much stress for the last few weeks/months  but I'm all feeling better and positive now.

and...of course a lil video at the beach and to sum up our journey :)

June 14, 2011

Our weekend getaway - Part Three

Lough Hyne, Skibbereen

It took about 1 hours ++ from Mizen Head. Tapi sebenarnya takdepape sangat pun Lough Hyne ni. Was just another lake, tapi cantek la...

I think it's more suitable for ka...kayaking ka..can go swimming also..

The lake

Duduk sesado sambil makan roti

Saw two swans getting close to us. I think they were expecting for food from us..

Some people were kayaking. But I think that's their own sebab takde pun orang bukak business ke apa area tu...Toilet pun tak nampak mana..

So yeah, we just chilled a bit and moved onto our next destination. Lagipun dah tak sabar nak pergi pantai :D

Our weekend getaway - Part Two

Mizen Head, the most Southwest point in Ireland.

It was about 2+++ hours from Gougane Barra. The most challenging road I must say. Dah lah naik bukit, lepastu very the sempit one. And it's a loooooonggg journey especially when you just got back from hiking. Kaki pun dah lenguh2 my knee started to misbehave again. So I was getting cranky by the time we reach there. All hungry and getting angry..

But after the scrumptious lunch, I was back in happy mode. Hahaha nampak sangat budak gemok ni senang kena sogok dgn food. Changed to a proper clothes coz I was wearing black shirt and the sun was shining sooooo bright so I began to feel the heat already. Lunch was prepared by the girls, and it was delicious. Yup, kami bawak bekal and ate there :D

The entrance fee for Mizen Head was 4.50eu per person for students. There were a few viewing points where we can enjoy the sceneries and I tell ya, it was breathtaking!
The cliff and the sea. We were not allowed to go near there unfortunately..

The water was sooooooooo inviting. Patutla dia letak pagar kalau tak semua rasa nak terjun

The pathway to the viewing points..

We crossed the Mizen Bridge. Tak mencabar pun very stable tak goyang2. Tapi the wind was quite heavy..

The caves and the lake

Viewing point that faces the sea. So beautiful..

Air celah2. We saw a boat and some people swimming in the sea. So jealous!! 
and....a little video from Mizen Head

Next stop? Skibbereen!

Our weekend getaway - Part One

Alright, let's start with the stories shall we? Sooo...last Saturday me and my 4 others adik2 went for our weekend getaway..ya know to shake a bit the stress out of our mind. I was done with my this is a much needed break!

We rented a car, a manual car to be exact. The last time I drove a manual car like really drive it for long journey more than 10-20minutes-try2-tengok-boleh-tak-bawak-lagi was 5 years ago, maybe? I used to drive abang's satria for first 2-3 years after I got license but once mom let me drove automatic, I've never looked back So yeah, I was pretty nervous..but turned out, it was okay! Still had it in me.

The greens that accompanied us...
The roads were very narrow and totally not as smooth as malaysian highway. At times we passed a road very narrow that we had to let the car from the opposite pass us first. But Alhamdulillah we managed to pass all the obstacles so sekarang I'm totally confident with my manual driving skill. Cuma of course, the legs were soooo tired la by the end of the journey.

We went out from home at 8ish am. Reached out first destination- Gougane Barra around 940am at there were only us and the other 2 person I think from another car. So we kinda had the whole place/jungle to ourselves...

Greeted by this lake of Gougane Barra - the source of River Lee. Was mesmerized by the beauty

We had to climb the hill to get to the waterfall area and chose the most strenuous trail..

The journey starts...

Took a lot of stops to take pictures...and also catch a breath..

View from the top. The picture doesnt do justice to the place. You have to actually be there to enjoy it. Totally worth the journey!

Relaxing by the waterfall. The water was sooooo cold. 

The trees around Gougane Barra were all very straight. Very the discipline one. And it was also one chilly morning because the sun wasn't quite out yet..

The lake, again..
A little video I made about our journey in Gougane Barra :)

Next stop? Mizen Head!

June 12, 2011

June 11, 2011

Life, exam-free..

....wasn't quite like what I imagined. Ya know, I expected to be jolly free, can sleep more, watch movies more relax more but nada...Nope, that's just not how it is..

Now that we are at the end of fourth year, we are expected to do advanced stuffs, on our own. Which is very scary. Coz the patient will be our total responsible. Kinda like being a qualified dentist already, except this wannabe dentist is a clueless one!

For the past few days, I haven't been able to cook myself a decent food to eat. It's either the one that I just shove into the oven, or the ones that arrives after a call away. That's a major thing because being me, I always make sure I cook something to eat. Busy macammana pun malam2 mesti I cook something to eat..

My daily routine now is pretty much like this -In the morning I will take bread and milo for my breakfast.8.20am I leave home for school. during lunchtime I'll make sure I'm busy enough that I won't have time to be hungry. 5.45pm I'm home from hospital and I'll be as hungry as a bear so I would gobbled down a tuna sandwich. Malam sikit I would take a heavier meal, depends on what's available. Patut la working mothers either need maids or dine out. It's just too tiring to cook after a long day at work!Continue this trend I can shed some weight hopefully tapi of course la balik Malaysia sekilo dua yang hilang tu ditopup sepuluh kilo tanpa menunggu lama T__T

Anyywaaaaaaaaaaay I'm 15 days away from that is always a good motivation. Hopefully I could adjust and adapt to this lifestyle soon :)

June 09, 2011

Apa dalam hati?

Exam's over yaawww! How was it? I think ortho was slightly hard. But paeds was grand. I was lucky this time around both of my examiners are the helpful ones. Ya know the one that would lead you into giving the answers not the one that would just stare at you waiting for answers. Tapi with ortho I still couldn't be helped lah. They asked me like what are the forces to produce tipping and bodily movements too detailed, sorry lah Dr McD I just don't know..

As for the Medicine oral....I dunno. I'm kind of confused. It's an invited oral, so Alhamdulillah that's a good sign. That means I'm passed already but at the end she was saying something about competitive apakah I'm not quite sure. But hey, I don't care, really. Pass ka honours ka, as long as I don't fail, it's all good :)

Now that all the exams are over, it feels slightly better. My head are still messed up and I'm not totally relieved yet, but I hope it'll be over soon. I'm planning a getaway this weekend and really hope it'll take away the stress. It's been a loooooongggggggg 6 months since I started 2nd semester I've never really had an exam free moment so times like this are really precious.

Tapi dalam hati saya ada satu unexplainable sorrow feeling yang sukar diexpress. Apa itu? Apa itu yang membelenggu?
Tak tahulah. Or mungkin saya tahu sebenarnya?


June 08, 2011

4th year last summer exam, insyaAllah


June 8th, 2011

10.30am - Orthodontics and Paediatrics viva

11.50am - Human Disease Relevance to Dentistry (Medicine and Surgery) oral examination

My fight doesn't stop tomorrow. Still got loads of patients to attend to. But at least I can get a good sleep at nights, knowing I don't need to wake up and shove myself with books and notes anymore (hopefully) for the next 2 weeks :)

June 07, 2011

Aku ada disini

Kehadapan saudari N,

Aku ada disini. Masih disini. Setia menanti dikau yang tak tiba-tiba lagi. Kau pergi berjimba tak ingat dunia lepastu kau kata aku hilang. Hamboihamboihamboi. Lempang kang nak?

Peperiksaan tinggal dua lagi. Habis peperiksaan logbook jangan dilupakan. Ada lagi 13 patients nak dihabiskan. Lepastu jangan lupa urusan bersama patient2 tu. Call mana2 yang patut. Habiskan semua minggu ini dan hidupmu akan tenang bermula minggu hadapan. Ada faham?

Yang tersisih,

June 06, 2011

Kemana hilangmu momentumku?

Kehadapan diri sendiri,

Apa khabar saudari disana? Semoga saudari sihat hendaknya.

Tujuan saya menulis post ini adalah ingin mengingatkan saudari bahawa exam belum habis lagi. In fact, penting juga exam rabu ini memandangkan ujian pertama saudari tiadalah keputusannya boleh dibanggakan. Exam bertulis itu juga saudari tiada membuat dengan bagusnya bukan? Jadi sedarlah diri wahai saudari, bangun dan bangkitlah untuk study.

Apa tunggu lagi?

Yang risau tapi tak study,
Diri sendiri

June 04, 2011


Ahoy lovely people all over the world...I could be chasing but my time would be wasted..they got nothing on youuuuuu babyyy..

I've been very very whiny in my posts these days innit? I hope nobody gets fed up because of it because well, this blog is where I throw in my crap. Things that I can't really say to real people directly because nobody cares about our crap anyway..well maybe a few exceptions kot..

So what's up? I'm left with one viva (Oral Health and Development) and one oral (Medicine and Surgery) examination this Wednesday. Suddenly there is an addition of another oral exam but hey, Alhamdulillah, I'm not complaining much. Cuma kena study la sikit kot I don't want to appear very stupid in front of the examiners.

oh, I was having this severe back pain starting last Monday. Went to a GP, which is also my beloved landlord and he gave me a diclofenac shot (anti-inflammatory), difene and diazepam to ease the pain. Was supposed to get another shot because I was still in pain tapi last Friday I had to stay back at school until late and missed it. Takpelah hopefully it'll be gone soon. I was out from 830am in the morning sampaiiii 6.15pm yaaaaawww! Alhamdulillah got a new case with this pt hopefully everything goes well :)

As of now I'm currently making amendments to patients case report that is due next next Monday. Thank God they extended the submission date. At least we've got another weekend to get it settled. I probably should be doing some studying for my viva exam because it's a part of my finals and I don't think I do good in my written but I just feel so sick of studying. No mood at all so I'm just chillaxing doing light works with hope that I'll get back my momentum soon. One last week of examination yawww lepas ni boleh concentrate on patients je!

Anyway I hope whoever came across this blog or is a reader of this blog (yes the 3 of you. LOL) excuse me for all my ramblings and stuff. I do this so that when I have passed all this hardship, onak ranjau berduri I can look back through what I've gone and smile through it. Don't take me as being a whiny non bersyukur bitch ok? I am more than thankful to Allah for giving me this kind of "opportunities" for I know He's preparing me to be a stronger person. So just bear with my bebelan ok darlings?

June 01, 2011

Medicine and Surgery for Dental Students - OSCE

5 stations (with real patient)

1. Squamous cell carcinoma
-skin lesion on forehead, give :
Differential diagnosis
Most likely diagnosis
Risk factor
I was asked to palpate the lymph nodes as well. Quite a heartbreak to see this old guy actually :( I think I gave the diagnosis OK but the examiner was quite ermm..strict? Didn't smile at all.

2. Jaundice
-yellow skin and sclera
-what is the cause?
-causes of liver disease
-possible problem with dental treatment

I finished this station quite early and had a chance to chat with the patient. He's very nice!

-describe the man (large hands, coarse facial features, separated teeth)
-cause of the condition, treatment of the condition (medically, surgically, radiotherapy)
-possible medical complications

The examiner was super nice. Had a chance to chit chat with her about why there are a lot of Malaysian students bla bla bla..Pokcik patient ni pun baikk sangat. Cumels je. I always imagine org yg acromegaly ni cam tinggi besar. Eh ke sebab dia duduk? huhu..

4.Facial palsy/stroke
-the examiner did the cranial examination for me. I was asked about the condition.
Basically I suck in this station so I won't elaborate more coz it will cause more heartache. HAHA

5.Parotid gl inflammation
-the patient went out to the loo so I was cut short of 2 mins. the examiner asked me about facial nerve examination sigh sigh sighhhh
-palpate lymph nodes, describe
-palpate parotid gland, describe the swelling
-cause of parotid gland inflammation
I messed up this station too. Hwahwahwa..

During the transition between my 1st and 2nd station, we had like 10 minutes break because the patients needed toilet break, nappy change and kena betulkan position because some of them are immobile. Duduklah melangut kat luar gagaga..

Data Interpretation

1. Picture of a guy with moonface, acne. Patient had ulcerative collitis and underwent a long term course of treatment bla bla bla.
a) Describe the appearance
b) Give 6 Adverse effects of chronic course of therapy (long term steroid I supposed?)
c) Supposed the guy needs to go for surgery, what should you recommend about his medication regime?

2.69 y o, Female,on warfarin mitral valve replacement after rheumatic heart failure. INR record is 3.3 2 days earlier. Went to dental surgery for extraction of 2 teeth.
a)What is inr, what does it indicates?
b)If warfarin was stopped acutely, what are the likely effects?
c)Patient returned because of post extraction infection.Metronidazole and amoxycillin was prescribed.2 days later she went to GP  because of nose bleeding, INR is 8. Why?

3. Picture of the Lesion at the side of tongue
a) Give Differential diagnosis
b) What should you check
c)Appropriate investigations
d)Oral complication of treatment (wasn't quite sure what they want with this question)

4.Pt with squamous cell carcinoma proven by 3x3 biopsy is going to surgery. SCC is at buccal mucosa of left cheek. Pt is 50 y o, smokes 20/day, drinks alcohol 40 unit/ week
a) Why kind of perioperative investigations would you undertake, give reasons
c) Possible post op complication, give reason
d)How nutrition should be managed post operatively

5. Pt is Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Molar is abscessed and doesn't resolve with antibiotics. She is scheduled for incision and drainage which to be done at local dental surgery with local anaesthesia.
a) Something like giving comment on : the Need of fasting. Pre op insulin regime. How to schedule treatment
b) The surgery was 90minutes late, pt appear sweaty, agitated and something2 tak ingat. What is the differential diagnosis, most likely diagnosis be given first?
c) Glucose capillary test done, result of the glucose is 2.0mmol/L. How to manage?

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