April 29, 2010

Boring updates

OTL updates - I am done with root canal treatment for incisor and premolar. What is root canal treatment? Basically it's a procedure done for infected canal when the tooth is non vital (due to the infection) We clean up the canals, fill it with gutta percha and seal it to prevent reinfection. I could have started doing molar today but because of some silly mistake, I did not proceed.

This endodontic procedure is honestly very very tiring. Like you need to focus on tiny tiny details and being the one who doesn't really pay attention to little things like me, it's gonna be quite hard. The procedures require precision and detailed attention. For a single tooth we had to take 4 radiographs to make sure the canal is successfully sealed and treated without compromising the patient's oral condition.

Anyway Alhamdulillah despite everything, the progress is quite good. I thank my supervisors Prof MC and Dr OR a lot for being patient and so supportive. They are simply the best :)

Exams updates - exams starting next week. Since our Pharmacology exam is going to be at 2pm on the Wednesday, Dr OR said we could have the OTL session shortened that morning and we could leave by 10.30am. But I don't think I'll be able to concentrate well and as of now, my decision is still against going to the OTL that morning. We'll see how thing goes next week, shall we?

Facebook updates - Dah activate balik dah since Fuzah dah give up. Tapi bosan je facebook cam takdepape menarik pun?

April 28, 2010

Berikan saya 5 minit!

Now let's see if I can come out with and entry for just 5 minutes.

Ok tadi pergi tutorial pharm. I'm glad they did it. Tapi time pergi tadi sumpah rasa cam pelajar Tadika Sayangku ok. Hareeemmm tak ingat apape. Tapi at least still got time kan nak fix things? Still got time kau kata? Balik2 tu ngantuk ya hamats pastu tido. Bangun solat. Kemas2 meja sekali gi turun makan plak. Melepak di alam maya lepas tu skang update blog plak. Tak start2 study lagi. Wargh kenapa la perangai camni. Ada orang santau ke suruh saya malas study (wah tetibe2 nak salahkan orang lain)

Oh ye duit scholar dah masuk harini. Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah. Tapi tengok2 MAS dah charge credit card. Pitam kejap tengok the amount. Menggeletar2 clearkan credit card. I'm debt free now =D lega2. Terus berkira2 patut ke pergi shop2 kat UK before balik ni. Haishhhkkk... Sewa rumah tak bawayar lagi. Bils2 and all lagi. Haishkkkk...Paling lama bleh feeling berduit pun sminggu je lah. Hwaaaa....sedihnyeeee....

Alamak ada seminit lagi tinggal nak tulis. Hwaaa...semuorang yang terbaca entry ni tolong la doakan keberjayaan saya dalam exam. Ida, terima kasih byk2 pen dah sampai! I love you so strong lah.

Lepas tu deacivate FB second time lawan Fuzah. aaaaa dah 5 minit takleh sambung dah k txbai!

April 26, 2010


I''m in mild dilemma. You know how am I supposed to attend labs and clinics amidst the examinosis ni kan? Right now I think I seriously need to skip one or two of them sebab memang tak cukup masa dah (eceyh update blog 20 menet ade masa plak kan?)

Clinics on the Fridays memang takleh ponteng sebab this week is my turn for treating patient, and next week we have tutorial for facebow.

Pros lab memang akan ponteng on Monday the 10th before Patho exam. Macam nak ponteng jugak next week punye Pros but we are preparing for our last exam so cam susah jugak nak ponteng. Haishkkk. Exam will be somewhere around June..should be okay tapi haishkk...susah lah nak cakap.

OTL I'll surely skip the one on Wednesday the 5th because I have Pharm exam that afternoon. OTL is the most important one takleh nak skip banyak2 or i'll have problem to catch up tapi macam serious nak ponteng OTL on the 6th tu. Ponteng OTL for the whole week? Tskkk...not quite a good idea. Haishkkkk...

Honestly kalau boleh start minggu ni nak ponteng je semua labs and clinics.

Hwaaaaaa....bila nak exam semua benda pun dah jadi dilemma...

April 25, 2010


The weather is so nice today

..yet I'm stuck in the room with the books

Eczema attack resurfacing - stress induced perhaps?

Plain water to keep me up

Oranges for my source of vitamin C


but I'm glad I still have my best companion with me ^__^

Exam oh exam. haishkkkkkkkkk

April 24, 2010


Roll back the clouds.
Let the sun shine through.

To all the people out there going through some tough times, this one’s for you.

Yo, there’s light at the end of the tunnel I haven’t seen it
Not all of us become rockstars and ballerinas
Even in California, the sun ain’t always beaming
Can’t predict the forecast for all four seasons
We have dark days, can’t make your card payments
Working a whack-ass job, living in Mom’s basement
Some lands never get rain, so there’s starvation
Some only see snow through neighborhood's scarred faces
Not everything is set in stone, the weather changes
It’s like God, that the devil's trying to entertain us
Walked through the treacherous storm and overcame it
It’s never been an easy path on the road to greatness
So don’t you give me that boo hoo hoo shit
We movin on to that new new new shit
Look up into the clouds and watch them blow away
Until my problems just go away

When the clouds are in the sky
Know that they’re just passing by,
There'll be sun shine
If your days are stormy nights,
Dry the raindrops from your eyes,
There’ll be sun shine

[Jay] Yo, everybody works hard for their goals to achieve
But like the ocean is sea,
Man, the motion is free
So nothing ever adds up the way we want it to
I guess my math teacher was just a substitute
Everybody hits some rough patch, turbulences in the sky
Life’s a cow, I made a burger, and I’m serving it with some fries
Gotta make do with the cards we’re dealt
And though it’s hard as hell,
I know that God will help
Cos although I live in Seattle,
It’s not always gonna rain
There’ll be some sunny days
Coming up this way
Everybody wanted to see me struggling,
Running away from pain
But I know that wondrous things are coming to visit again some day
So no worries, I just stand with the smirk on my face
Although I know some people out there throwing dirt on my name
But it’s all good, (it’s all good) I still show them some love
Cos unlike that girl in the movie, I ain’t holding no grudge

I’ve been a little lost,
But I’m not color blind
I’ll follow that yellow brick road & put my fears behind

I, I, I, I
I, I, I, I

And on that yellow road
I'll find a wishing well
Cast a line, and in time I'll know prevail.

April 23, 2010

Mencoba untuk bertahan

Perasan tak, kalau satu hari tu diri dah start bengang dengan satu benda, the resentment snowballs make you one angry person at the end of the day.

And sunggoh, saya risau sunggoh ni Pharm and Patho I can't seem to get the feel lagi. Bukan tak dapat feel nak exam. Feel nak exam memang dah dapat sangat-sangat. I don't know how to explain it....but I just can't seem to get myself into this subjects lagi. I kinda need to force myself to hold onto the notes. Kalau RD before ni I quite enjoyed jugakla studying the notes and all tapi kali ni taaakkkkkk...wuwuwuwu...Ya Allah bantulah hambamu innnniii..

Eh whatever seriously baby baby baby baby baby baby uuuuuu......

The song below goes to the man who has came into my dream TWICE as my fiance. I don't know who the hell are you but I know you in the dream before were the same you in last night's dream.

I might have to wait.
I'll never give up.
I guess it's half timing,
And the other half's luck.
Wherever you are.
Whenever it's right.
You'll come out of nowhere and into my life

Life is nothing but a lulzzzzz..

April 21, 2010


Today during my clinical session we had this tutorial session on breaking bad news. So basically we have to learn how to break the bad news to the patient. There are few steps need to be followed. Things that we have to be concerned about etc etc.

What sort of bad news do we have in dentistry, you might be thinking? Banyak, really. Like you've been going to 4-5 treatments of root canal but in the end complication happens and you have to extract the tooth? You come for one routine dental checkup but you ended up being diagnosed to some sort of cancer ke? You encountered some physical trauma ke infection ke periodontal disease and you have to take out your front tooth? Yeah, all sort of things that would affect your life. That will involve a lot of money. That will affect your appearance. You geddit?

So we had this role play with our supervisors. My case was, a lady came for extraction of her molar tooth, had complication, the root fractured, on the way to "dig out" the root, it somehow ended up in the maxillary sinus. So she'll need some minor surgical procedure, might need a general anaes jugak bla bla bla...

My supervisor was such a good actress. She went on from a happy patient. To an angry one. And suddenly she cried. The big problem was firstly, despite spending three years in this Irishland, I am nothing close to be a good English speaker. I know I should be ashamed of this and okay, I'll try to improve allrite?

Secondly, I am kinda suck in my anatomy and I had to sketch in aiding her to understand the complication but my sketch was kinda....eeehhhh? Yelah as a patient of course we have to come out with a simpler terms and all. She asked what is maxillary sinus and how come tooth can go into the sinus and all but I don't know how to answerrrrrrr...Dah lah I know it was acting so I didn't take it seriously. I even giggled a bit when she started "crying" FAIL WEHHH. Dahlah this is gonna be a component of my OSCE. Die la die...need to start working on my communication skill now. tsk..

ehhhh ni pelajar dentistry ke pelajar Tadika Sayangku seksyen 19, Shah Alam?
siot ah malu gile bile teringat sketch sendiri...

However, little that I know that I myself is gonna be having the bad news plak tonight. I know I haven't got the email yet. Cuma rakan-rakan UK je dapat but I assume what affects them, affects us as well, no? Tatau lah kan..because biasa duit kitorang masuk dari Citibank, diorang dari CIMB ehhhh tak sama ke?

Eh tatau lah. What's important is, if this little piece of bad news is gonna affect me as oh my....memang gua nak gantung diri

ze bad news. credit to ze owner of the fb.

sebab tgh mood nak sketch so here you go, carta kemiskinan gua. beli tiket balik to sepatutnya mark the greatest decrement of my $$ gile kau it costed more than a month of my scholarship eh tapi bleh plak jalan sana-sini. Let just say, saya salah bajet. Boleh? Malas nak terangkan lelebih but simply said I miscalculated. Can?

ok dahlah. nak teruskan menyanyi kuat-kuat mengenang nasib diri :-(

This is NOT okay at all.

My revision is not showing a good progress. My concentration is deteriorating. Even single distraction annoys me. This one whole day, I've only done one single note. Not good, so not good. Come on girl, this is your freaking summer exam. Basically your life depends on this exams. So you don't wanna screw up don't you?

Other than that I've no updates at all. Emo lampau ni sebab takboleh nak study sepanjang harini.

Ya Allah , kembalikan lah semangat saya. Kembalikan lah determination saya. Semoga saya dapat kembali belajar dengan tekun dan berjaya dalam peperiksaan ini, berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat. Amiin...

April 20, 2010

Wuwuwuwww...tangan saya lenguh malas nak pikir tajuk apa (sejak bile berfikir guna tangan?)

Halllowwww all! I'm back from exam! down, lots more to go. So how did the day went today?

I was up quite early today. Bangun, dapat text good luck from mak. Study. Breakfast. By 8 or so dah start nervous lampau. Left home at 8.30.

Sampai dental school, lepak2 jap luar. Checked RPD result. Nasib pass. hohoh..Check my clinical requirements. Suprisingly they put down I've done 3 restorations already. But my perio requirement is still incorrect. I've treated 4 gingivitis cases with 1 returning patient for maintenance kot! Eh eh eh..bebebelathaah kang! Dia letak 1 je. Sssokay I'll get those sorted out later. Tapi wooohooo kalau dah 3 restorations means I'm done with the requirements dah lah. HEH.

Exam started at 9. I took the first half an hour to draft all the answers. Freaking 30 minutes weh. Supposedly I'll have like 30 minutes lah to answer each question after spending first 30 mins for drafting my answer. But oh my I was wrong. It took me 45 minutes to write down the law answers alone. Gila time tu jari nak terpatah dah.

I used totally all full 3 hours to produce my answers. After 2 hours my fingers started to scream in pain already. Siap kena urut-urut As always tiap kali exam mesti akan ada 1 question that will kill me. Last time pasal Facebow. This time around pasal scientific evidence for the role of sugar in dental caries plak. Die lah die I didn't pay attention to that topic at all okay. My answers were written purely from what I remembered from the lectures memang sah-sahlah macam harrreeeemmmmm kan. Haishk..

I don't know what to expect from this exam. I think it went so-so. The last time I thought it was okay. But I sucked big time. This time I can only hope for the best :-S But I'm glad I emailed my Ethics and Law lecturer beforehand on how to answer the question. I also clarified one of the question with my lecturer during the exam today and that was like the wisest move I've ever made because apparently what I thought and what the question required was totally different! Ya Allah, terima kasih sebab bukakan hati saya nak bertanya kat Prof MC tadi..

Anyhooo am done with one major exam. Ada a few more to go. I don't feel relieved at all knowing that I've still got lots to be done. Moreover I've started my classes already. So basically my Monday evening, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and the whole day Friday has been occupied already. Pulak tu this Wednesday we had a replacement class so I'm gonna be at school for one whole day. Bila dah lama cuti kena pegi kelas mesti badan jadi manja. Balik-balik kelas nak berehat-rehat lagi. Haishkkk...Mampukah inniii...Mampukah saya study inni...

Mr JH. I hope ye'll get back to ye old self soon..

Oh anyway my pros's lab instructor, Mr JH has just lost his son 2 weeks ago. I think today was his first day of working kot looking at the amount of people came to see him just now. I was so sad to look at him. He was quite a chatterbox before. Ada je benda nak di joke around everytime he makes a demo ke apa. But today before class he spoke to us that he's having kinda hard time now. He apologized in advance if he doesn't show much affection ke apa and I nearly teared up ok tadi. Sekarang dah lah memang tengah fragile asyik nak nangisss je kerja. Plus he was totally different today. Selama ni dia relax2 kerja minum kopi gi borak2 but today he kept himself busy. Coffee break pun dia stay kat lab buat kerja sana sini ok. Tskk...sedihlah saya macam ni :'(

Baiklah. Imma need to shower and sort out things now. Tataulah larat ke tak nak start study malam ni because honestly I am out of energy already. Gile tangan lenguh gile neh tahuu??? Wuwuwuw kenapalah Isya' lambat sangat neh...wuwuwuwuww...nak tido and bangun before subuh mmg tak la kan sebab subuh skarang pun dah kul 4 lebih...wuwuwuwww...


April 18, 2010

Antara lawak yang tak kelakar buat masa ni

So...everybody knows what's going around the world today? Hmmm, I have one that is particularly becoming a growing concern for me...that is....Mr Eyjafjallajökull. Ok before that, sapa dapat sebut Eyjafjallajökull laju-laju, 8 times without getting tongue-tied claim a big present for me. Tapi kena buat without rehearsing lah. Once je!

Ok ok ok back to our main story here. Kan sekarang tengah ada series of volcanic eruption kat Iceland. Selama ni the volcanoes memang active pun but just recently there were major eruption that of course, has given bad effects to areas within.

My main concern here is the disruption of the flights. Sekarang ni memang most of the air travel in Europe has been canceled. Our friends ada yang stranded here and there. Ada yang stranded tak dapat balik Malaysia. Ada yang stranded baru balik cuti Easter. Ada yang terpaksa took all different modes of transportation, trains, ferry segala just to get back to Ireland. I was lucky by only a week..Kalau tak I might have stranded in Amsterdam as well. Dah lah ada exam pula..wuwuwu..ngeri ngeri..

Sekarang ni words are going around that it'll take longer before the sky starts to become clear again. From what I know, the last time major eruption happened which was yeaaaarrrrrrrrrsssss ago, it took a year to get things back within safe condition. But that was yearrssss ago. Technology hasn't been developed yet back then. Now that we live in this so-called modern life I'm sure they can figure out something to clear up things. Err.....kan?

Whatever it is, I hope things are gonna be better soon. Kesian pula tengok orang stranded sini sana. Summer exam is coming soon. Lepastu orang nak balik rumah for summer holiday. Takkan nak kena naik kapal dari sini balik rumah kot? FFFuuuuu~~~ Cuti saya dahlah tak banyak :-( kalau kena naik tongkang, by the time sampai rumah dah kena prepare nak balik sini balik dah. Tsk...tamauuu..

With that people, just to ensure my title makes sense, joking around on how people might possibly lose the chance to go back home because of this volcano eruption thing.....isn't funny at all. Because that could happen kot eh?

I'll be home in approx 68 days. Wuwuwu...still long time to go. In the mean time I have some damage control to be done. Tsk..Wish me luck people :-S

Nak tido lagi


nak tido lagi.
tapi dah kena bangun
esok exam


April 16, 2010

Menguji kebolehan mengarut dalam satu blog post

Hari ini, izinkan saya berbicara tentang hati dan perasaan.

Eceyh pergi mampus kau. Hati dan perasaan konon. Hati dan perasaan ni macam takde makne pun bile bertahun-tahun kau setia pada orang yang sama-sama tiba-tiba ada satu turning point penantian tu jadi worthless. Like *wafaaaaak ape guna selama ni kau spacekan hati untuk si polan si polan sebab harapan demi harapan sentiasa ditaburkan.

Jadi dalam hati saya ini ada satu space to rent. Tataulah rasa macam nak cari tenant baru. If we are compatible enough I can let you buy this space also (sambil angkat-angkat kening) *Wafudge ayat promote diri apekah iniew? Tak berniat pun nak carutkan soal hati macam ni yang sebnanye.

Yang sebenar-benar nak cerita ini. Sekarang ni dalam otak dalam hati macam-macam perasaan berebut mintak perhatian. Perasaan rindu. Perasaan homesick. Perasaan nak lempang orang. Perasaan nak nangis. Perasaan nak makan satay. Satu-satu okay sang perasaans sekarang ni nak exam. Jadi perasaan exam saya belai dulu. Perasaan-perasaan lain...tolonglah, saya pinta, suppress yourself first. Saya ni hanya satu. Tapi kamu tu semua beribu. Mana bisa saya layani perangai kamu yang berbagai-bagai tu...Serius tak mampu!

Minggu depan satu peperiksaan bakal berlangsung. Kertas rojak saya rasa nak panggil. Dia sumbat segala-mala benda tu dalam satu kertas berlangsung tiga jam. Kenapa rojak? Begini...dalam kertas nan satu ni terselit pelbagai topik yang dibicarakan. Kau mula berbicara tentang penyakit gigi, tiba-tiba dialihkan pula bicara tentang sains bahan-bahan. Belum puas kau berhujah tentang bahan-bahan, soalan Law dan Ethics pula mengambil tumpuan. Jadi dalam otak kau yang tak berapa nak hebat tu, kau kena sumbat-sumbatkan segala info itu jangan kasi cicir di tengah jalan. Dan malangnya, habis peperiksaan ini, kau dikecam lagi dengan peperiksaan musim panas dalam masa kurang lebih 2 minggu. Kesannya? Bit by bit, hari demi hari kau ansur-ansur jadi separuh gila. Harapannya, sebelum jadi sepenuh gila, kau dah pulang ke tanah hujan batu yang dirindui sangat-sangat tu.

Oklah. Dah. Sekian. Kawan-kawan, jangan lari dari saya bila saya tengah gila ni ok? Stay with me ok?

*wafaak and wafudge are eufemisme untuk carutan

April 15, 2010

Coz I'm a GLEEk

Just watched Glee episode 14. Oklah if the story were to rely on the story line I won't stay this long. But the oh my...they are pure love okay.

Here's my latest obsession from their latest episode. Melted okay dengar lagu innniiiii...

I've been alone with you
Inside my mind
And in my dreams I've kissed your lips
A thousand times
I sometimes see you
Pass outside my door
Is it me you're looking for?
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You're all I've ever wanted
And my arms are open wide
'cause you know just what to say
And you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much
I love you

I long to see the sunlight in your hair
And tell you time and time again
How much I care
Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow
I've just got to let you know
'cause I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
Or is someone loving you?
Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven't got a clue
But let me start by saying I love you


April 14, 2010

Day 3 @ Amsterdam -the finale :')

Here's the last bit of my Amsterdam trip :)

So the 3rd day we started the day as usual with breakfast. Lupa plak nak cakap that breakfast is included in the accomodation price. Tapi breakfast biasa-biasa je lah. Not buffet pun. Just ada juice, tea or coffee, bun with cheese, banana and macam apple cake ke ape tah gitu je lah.

Before canal cruise, we went to NewMarket, a place where one of the big I.AMSTERDAM sign was. The first day we bumped into this sign, there were too many people on it. Pergi pagi tu tenang je takde orang pun so we get to camwhore around. Ngehngehngeh..

Give me an R- ARRRRR!

I Am....Who?

Lepastu we took Metro to Central Station and went for the one hour canal cruise which costed 7eu. Kan Amsterdam ni memang surrounded by canals kan so macam dia bawak pusing-pusing to see significant places around the city lah. It was relaxing and very laid back lah. Duduk dalam tu, and just dengar the explanations.

Boathouses along the canals. Memang ada orang yang duduk dekat the boat houses okay. Maybe not as their primary house la tapi memang ada je nampak orang tengah main laptop la apa la atas boat tu. Ada jugak they make it as museum. Tapi tak plak ktorang masuk

kredit to tripod

boat dia lebih kurang cam cruise kat Putrajaya tu la..

After the cruise ended, we then moved on to our next agenda - Museums visit. Oh no let me rephrase, more like touch base at the famous museums only. We went to the area where Rijskmuseum and Van Gogh museum are. Since both of us memang bukan jenis orang yg appreciate arts and not a fan of museums so we decided not to go in..But the area was so nice. And that's where we realized the second big I.Amsterdam sign is. I think the second one ni more like the main one la sebab the location is more....hmmm..appropriate, I guess? Lepastu kitorang lepak-lepak at the area near both museums. The weather was again, very...very nice! We stayed around camwhored again and again. Tangkap gambar lompat baring segala.

amik gambar buat cukup syarat je. masuknye tak pun. hihi

at Vondelpark. Ni pun tak masuk. Tangkap depan entrance je..

weeeee veli nice weatherrrr



I amsterdam full with people.

We decided to go back to the hostel that afternoon sebab 3rd day memang dah tak fit dah. Stopped by at Flower Market again to look for souvenirs for the last time. Had lunch with our favourite fries with oorlog sauce.Headed to the hostel, checked in buat kesekalian kalinya (sebab kitorang buat private-dorm-private so tiap-tiap hari kena check in/out. hahaha sanggup tu demi privacy). Had a nap barang sejam lebih, prayed and went out again. Petang tu dah macam sangap-sangap tatau nak buat apa. The initial plan was to take a stroll down the shopping streets. Tapi macam tengah takde mood nak shopping sangat (more like takde duit nak shop sebnanye! haha...) so we ended up walking aimlessly dekat Kalverstraat.

oh we had pancake at this Pancake House dekat-dekat dengan the museum and HRC area. OMG DON'T GO HERE! THE WAITER WAS VERY RUDE! DAH LAH TAK SEDAP PUN!

Sebab dah boring sangat tatau nak buat apa, we decided to go to Nemo, the Science and technology centre. Takdelah nak masuk pun I just wanted to take pictures because dia macam ada area where u can climb up, nampak macam cantik for pictures. Unfortunately lepas dah jalan beribu steps, the place was closed already because it was pass 5pm. Took bus back to the Central Station, and started our journey to find the Red Light District!
muka dah penat at Nemo

On our way to find the RLD, we bumped into our favourite Wok to Walk restaurant and decided to have dinner first memandangkan dah menapak jauh gi Nemo tadi kan memasing dah lapar. We had difficulties to find the area, mula-mula macam dah pasrah je nak balik je sebab dah penat sangat but in the end we managed to find the street we accidentally went on the first day. Tapi takde ramai "displayed entities" at that time. Maybe it was still early ke ape tatau lah. Tapi adalah a few yang owhhhh....sedikit jijik disitu. Tergetik-getik didalam tingkap mengorat sekumpulan lelaki yang ada jalan close to us. Owhhh buta mata...tak nampak jalan diduniaaaa...

abang-abang penggoreng

teriyaki sauce ftw!!

Since no photography allowed at RLD, I have to settle with googled images je lah. This is how RLD looks like...

the displayed entities

the district

That night we went back to packing and do stuffs. The next morning disiplin habis ok memang on time as planned. Woke up at 6, check out at 6.50, took tram at 7.08 and took train to Airport at 7.25. Dekat airport we parted and went our own ways. I reached Cork at about 10.15am.

I'm glad everything went smooth with no delays or unwanted drama. A big thanks goes to my travelling partner, my beloved friend, Nabila for the company. This is certainly the best Euro trip I experienced so far...ngehngehngeh

April 13, 2010

A short trip to Kinsale

I put Amsterdam update on hold kejap. Nak update pasal Amsterdam kena banyak perahi otak and taip. Ni upload gambar and taip skit2 je.

The photos were taken from our short trip with the Galway friends to Kinsale. About 40 mins drive from Cork. Mesmerizing view. Nice weather. I simply love it :D

the other car

our car

at the marina

while waiting for the 2nd car to park

because he insisted a jumping picture
me and Jimmy. Shiny day but still not warm enough to take off our coats

conquer this area lama2. we sat facing the sea. lepastu meroyan2 menyanyi lagu Backstreet Boys la ape la..heheh

the sun and the ocean

by the Kinsale Fort I wept :P

Lepastu the next day we had BBQ. Yeayyyyy this is like a dream come true. Tapi.....tapi gua rasa lepas ni kena prektis lagi lah weh memasak. I kept on failing in the kitchen department again and again. Sumpah gua tanak memasak untuk tetamu tetami lagi dah!

the BBQ boys

some of the partayy people. ngeh..

OK dah. Sebnanye sangap tatau nak buat apa sebab dah deactivate facebook. Update lah blog pula. Expect a lot more crappy updates from me after this. Hwahwahwahwa....



April 12, 2010

Going hiatus @ facebook

Too many things are going around in Facebook makes me stuck in that haunted web. Lepastu I get bitter a bit here and there bila tengok facebook certain people for certain reasons. The solution? I deactivated my account. This is the best, I think for the time being.

Rest assured I won't make this blog private sebab this is the only place I can go meroyan other than twitter.

Amsterdam update will be continued later-later. Right now I seriously need to discipline myself sebab dah degil sangat dah ni. Biaseeee die tuuu!

Wish me luck!!

April 11, 2010

Day 2 @ Amsterdam

The second day is quite a loooooooooong day. That morning we started of with a trip to Keukenhof. Oh before we departed from the city, we met a Malaysian family. Sempat lah borak-borak kejap diorang siap ajak kitorang makan dengan diorang lagi since they are staying in apartment and they cook their own food. Lured us with sambal sotong siapp...tau je kelemahan student Malaysia kan? :P

We left the city at 9.40. Took us about 45 minutes to reach Keukenhof which is situated in Lisse. The tourist guide kept us company with his interesting stories of Amsterdam. Thank God he's not boring unlike our second tourist guide. In Keukenhof, we were given until 1.10pm to tour around. So we have approx 3hrs gitu lah. Cukup ke? Hmmm...since we came early April and the tulip's field aren't that fully-bloomed yet I guess cukup kot.

map of Keukenhof

The theme of Keukenhof this year was From Russia With Love. Adalah patung-patung Matryoshka kat situ. The weather was sooooooooo nice. Warm. Bright and shiny. When you are surrounded with pretty flowers, nothing else matters. Tenanggggg je. Sumpah sangat best! I think 3 hrs tu just nice la nak cover almost all of the area. Dia ada jugak a few part for exhibition but we only went to the green house sebab that's where many species of flowers are. Cantik ohhh...cantik sangat-sangat!

first time pakai baju hijau, perasaan dia macam jadik kura-kura -___-"

tulips field. ini je yang baru tumbuh sikit-sikit

many species in the green house
red raaaawwrr flowers

tengoklah awan tuuu..tenang jeee...pasangan suami isteri yang suka bergaduh boleh datang sini, mesti lepastu tak jadi bergaduh dah

Quarter past one we left Keukenhof, and reached the city at about 2 gitu. Nabila pergi change for the boarding pass and I went to buy lunch. Pembahagian tugas disitu :P At half 2, we went for the second excursion which consist of trip to Cheese factory, Clog factory and the windmills, Volendaam and Maarken - fishermen villages. Our second tourist guide oh my...cakap mendatar macam buat nak tertido...tapi the info was very interesting so I was fighting jugaklah not to fell asleep :P

Our first stop was at clog factory and the windmills area. Tengoklah how the clogs were made. Sekejap je 5 minit dah dapat satu. Clogs ni they claim kept them warm, tak basah etc. Boleh jugak nak beli the clogs the price starts from around 20eu kot gitu (tak ingat sangat) At the same place jugak, they were traditional windmills which are no longer serving their purpose. Kirenye they kept it as a replica je la tapi once in a while kenalah bergerak tak nak kasi rosak. Area situ pun cantekkkkk sangat.

kredit to a lady for the picture, background is the windmills, the traditional ones that is.

clog making demo

ze clogss

The next stop was cheese factory. I'm not a big fan of cheese but Nabila is. Sikit-sikit boleh tolerate lah tapi banyak-banyak memang tak la. Dia tunjuk lah how the process of making cheese segala. Lepastu ada kedai jual cheese and we get to taste the different types of cheese. Nabila borong cheese for herself, the family and keluarga mentua while I just bought one smoked cheese for my housemates.

say cheeeeeeeeese

After stuffing ourselves with different kind of cheeses the next stop was Volendaam, a used-to-be fisherman's village. Mula-mula the surrounding water was from the sea, kira air laut la kan tapi lepastu adalah they modify something the sistem pengairan tu and now dia dah jadi fresh water, kira macam jadi lake lah. So sebab tu diorang dah tak jadi fisherman dah sebab dah bukan laut.It's a small nice town and the souvenirs there are cheaper too. From Volendaam, we took a 20 mins "cruise" to another fisherman's village, Maarken. Rumah situ kocik-kocik ajo, memang kalau orang Malaysia anak 13 macam atok ngan nenet saya tak dapek lah nak duduk situ.

ini air tasik tau, bukan laut!

atas cruise. ceria-ceria je tapi lepastu sebab angin kuat tudung jadi cam hape je. nasib ada hood
the houses

Balik-balik we reached Amsterdam at about 7. We decided to check in first sebab the second day we moved from the private room to a dorm. Punyalah risau-risau duduk ngan orang putih mabuk-mabuk tapi Alhamdulillah, dorm tu okayyy jer. After Maghrib we went out for dinner and lepas tu pergi Hard Rock Cafe. HRC is situated at quite a havoc place. Macam famous for party peopleee gitu. Ada sedikit takut pun ada sebab kami kan cuma dua gadis suci...awhh..

Malam tu dah start nak cranky light-light dah sebnanye time tu sebab dah penat :P About 10.30 or so we went back to rest.