November 30, 2006


My malay oral is like....soooo.......damn!

November 26, 2006

a detailed one

Ah yeah, so as promised before, a detailed post..

Major event(s) last week :

+ IUMC (Ireland University Medical School COnsortium) Briefing. It was on Tuesday when almost 180 of us had to cramp in the so-called Lecture Theater (camni ke spell dier ah?). We had to wait for about one hour because Miss Leslie were stucked in the busy traffic. Yada yada bla bla and bang boom bang. At first we were presented with the brief explanation about Ireland and the universities (Trinity Col. Dublin,Univ Col Dublin, Galway, Univ Col Cork). So there were ooohsss and aaaahhsss and we were so excited. But then reality strucked in and we were like...
"MasyaAllah susah giler weyh!"

So here goes the requirement to, at least, be shortlisted for interview :
+ Application form (LOL,obviously lah)
+ An 800-1000 words essay : "There is no cure for birth and death. Save is in the middle"

But Alhamdulillah, a little lucky me I might not have to worry about being shortlisted to the interview coz there are only 6 of us doing dentistry in Ireland so Miss Leslie said all of us will be called for interview. HOWEVER we have to take IELTS(International English Language Testing System) and score at least 6.5! I was so.....shocked and felt like comitting suicide. D'uh. Interview is in the middle of January. Say...we have to sit for IELTS at around February, which is also my English oral. Intec Student had about 1 yr to prepare for IELTS but hecckkk we have to take the IELTS before the IB exam!And the postponed Sem 3 exam shud be also around that time. And my Major IB Exam is on May. Ahhhhhh..rase cam nak giler!!!!!!

People, pray for me, please? I'd really wanna go to Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, specifically. THough there are only 6 of us, the number of university is also limited. Only Trinity Col Dublin and Univ Col Cork offer Dentistry programme so I really need some luck there...pls pls pls....

Next 2 weeks I'll be put under extreme pressure. I have Malay oral (IOC) and lots and lots of tests. I have to complete the application essay and yada yada so many lah! Tension gwe! Cepatlah cutiiiiiiiiiiii...I need a rest!

On a happier note, yesterday I went to Mid Valley. My murni mission of bringing my McB friends to mid had finally accomplished! I went to McB at 8++ am. Arrived at Mid at 10.15am. Went to watch DEATH NOTE. Had our lunch at Kenny Rogers. The best part was, meeting my ex-schoolmates!! Hoho...At first I met Daud and Timah (rattatttatt). Then Wakleng said he's in mid with afan n the others. I was so excited to meet wakleng,afan and the rest. We talked a lil bit and I had to make a move coz I need to go to my othe McB friend, Nabila's house.

Sape2 who made a promise, u'd better make that real. Or else i'll claim it at ur funeral. Hoho kejam gilerss..


Let's go back to the Movie Review!

Death Note by Shusuke Kaneko
Casts : Tatsumi Yajiwara (Light Yagami @ Yagami Raito) Keninchi Matsuyama (the creepy L) Erika Toda (MisaMisa mari-menggemukkan-rakan-anda-sbyk-5kg)

This is an adaptation story from a comic. Light Yagami finds a book called the Death Note which has the power to kill, decide the death of anyone whose name written on the book, or pieces of the book. At first he uses it to punish the criminals but slowly,he's turning into a devil (better looking devil, compared to the cartoon-looked Shinigami-the death god). The police and FBI started to hunt down the so-called KIRA, the name popped out (i dunt have any idea how they got that name)after a series of unknown murder occurred. Then,this one creepy kiddo who might be suffering for diabetes melitus because of the excessive sugar he takes daily comes into the play as the so-called World's Best Detective. Together with the police, they tried to find who is KIRA. On the other hand, Light@Kira has started to kill anybody who go against them. An all out battle between the greatest minds on earth begins, the winner controlling the world.

+ New input : Do u know L, Shinigami(the creepy so-called god of death love apples?. Ceit tipu btul
+ Ok I was so tired after I watch this movie because my mind worked so hard to solve the unconnected dots in this movie

- Can u pls, make the Shinigami looks a lil bit real?
- Entahlah

In a nutshell, citer ni cam pelik.But I'm looking forward for the sequel of this movie!

Step Up by Anne Fletcher
Casts: Drop dead hot Channing Tantum (Tyler Gage), Jenna Dewan (Nora Clark), Mario (Miles Darby)

Every second chance begins with a first step. Tyler, a gifted street dancer had to accomplish his 200 hours communityservice (ala-ala CAS lah.haha) at Maryland School of Art after going against the law. His dancing talent draws Nora attention and she asked him to replace his dancing partner since her previous partner is injured. Sparks fly between them and romance and dance progressed at the same time. One turning point, the death of Tyler bestfriend's brother, Skinny hits Tyler and Mac with the reality and Tyler realizes he need to do just one performance to make a big step up in his life.

+ The dance lah obviously. Sgt hot sgt best. Nuff said

- Plot expectable. Xde twisted plot ke ape pon

In a nutshell, this movie made me go gugu gaga and bought two dance vcd.

wah pjgnye post saye..

November 25, 2006


Ok penat
Tomorroe I'm gonna return with proper update.
This week sgt tensen.

Went to Mid today.
Brought my McB friends.
Met my SMSS friend.
I'm tired

Let's move to the groove.
Anybody wud like to step up?

November 19, 2006

the miserable weekend

Hey, I can finally walk and talk as if I'm a normal person again.

Yesterday was a disaster. I didnt know what I ate but I do know that my stomache is suffering for whatever I've eaten. I cudnt walk properly. I barely left my bed. I slept a lot. I've to cancel my plan to go out yesterday. I didnt have the guts to drive to run errand. So there goes my plan. I have certs and one 600pages book to be phostostated, a broken camera to be repaired, a list of things to be bought and all of them were left unattended.

Tension tahu!?

And dear syahir (if only u read this BEFORE u leave Australia),

Hwaaa..!! My mind is not really stable. I cudnt think of any thing when actually I should prepare a long list for u.

Tension lagi!!!

Anyway, next week, I've 1 movie and 2 dramas (soap opera to be exact) to be watched
Step Up, Grey's Anatomy epi 7 and Grey's Anatomy epi 8.
Hopefully there will be nothing big next week. (except for the university application briefing)


November 18, 2006

so sick

I'm so sick today
Couldnt even hold my head up
My tummy is killing me
Am supposed to hang out today
Chilling around, watch some movies
But I ended up being alone at home
Ergh...this is sickening

Am really hoping I am strong enough to drive

November 15, 2006

at last....

It has been one of the most painful weekend in my life but yet, I can mark this as one of the wisest move I've ever made in McB..

We got one off day on Monday and I DIDNT GO BACK. Yup, call that a sacrifice, greatest sacrifice. Starting from Sunday, I've been giving my all towards the workloads. I've been working on IA, EE, and TOK since the moment I open my eyes, early (i mean very EARLY) until I re-closed my eyes....

I'm proudly announcing..............

Business Internal Assessment - final draft submitted
Malay Extended Essay -2nd draft submitted
TOK Essay - 1st draft submitted
World Lit - completed.

Alhamdulillah.....I would like to express my gratitude towards those who've contributed directly or indirectly towards this achievement..

Monday-November 13, 2006
It's a day to remember =)

COunting days for the next Fridayy...nak balikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


November 13, 2006


Surrounded by the academic buildings, burdened by the haunted TOK essay, loaded with piling stacks of ununderstood stastistics questions...

Have you seen this worst scene senario? Worry no more coz I'm bringing u, exclusively from an oil-palm-surrounded area, the moment of a student is on the verge of breaking down..

Brief historical events past 7 days?

Monday - Wednesday :TOK ESSAY-Gathering infos
Thursday : TOK ESSAY-Extracting ideas
Friday : Lepakness day
Saturday : Exploring Alamanda day. TOK Essay-Organising ideas
Sunday : The Jogathon escapism. Mission accomplished.
TOK Essay-Attempt to write. Failed.Changing topicS?!?!?????????????????????????
Monday : A bangun terkejut day. Laundry struggle day.
TOK Essay-testing patience while surfing the net.

Oh...I am in serious need to settle the TOK Essay so I could breath as usual again. Ya Allah, pls ease my burden and lead me to the correct path.

P/S: Nak balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nak tgk Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 05, 2006

i dun wanna go backkkkkkkkkkk

Dear Unlucky Nadzirah-oh-mampuslah-kau,

Your 3 weeks cruise has ended. Please pack up your things now and get lost from your paradise. Your hellkeeper is waiting and dont try to make them angry.

You are reminded to complete all the tasks given. Alas, we've decided to replace the taken semester exam with tests of the same level. In fact, there's no difference. Just the name.

Send in your glorious TOK essay, magnificent Business IA, wonderful Extended Essay to your guardian angels by this week. Or else u'll be sentenced to death. Yes, an immediate execution. We will never entertain any implores.

With love,
McB u have to lovin' it parapapapa


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the end of the world. I can feel the oxygen is lacking. I'm suffocating. Each and every second I can hear the death is creeping slowly, and the pace is getting faster. I live each and every tick of clock with fear and tears.

So a bit wrap up of my 3 weeks holiday..

1st week - Went shopping with Fuzah n Ida. Sent out the raya cards to my friends. Waiting for the postman. Tidied up my room. Cooked (hahaha)

2nd week - Raya!!! Went to visit my papa's kubur. Went back to Muar, Johor from Sunday to Friday.Had a wonderful raya.Babysit affrina maryam (bila bunyi bersatu kau milikku!!) Went to Fuzah's Afan's and Wawa's (that is all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) houses.Beraya to PakLong's house

3rd week - Practically nothing. Been a couch potato. Lazied around my house. Went to watch THe Covenant. Cik Man's wedding. Went to Tok Busu's house.GRIEVING!

I suppose this is my last post during this precious holiday. I dont think I will be able to return next week since that s****d place is forcing the kids to run for the sake of collecting the money. So guys, I am going to suffer next 2 weeks. Hopefully I wont die.

Thanks a bunch to :

+ Ida. For the loyal company
+ Fuzah. For the motivation to come back
+ Afan.Daud.Shera.Azahari (and friends).Zahirah.Wani.Wawa.Dalila.Aizat.Hakim.Kacip.Toye.Radin. for going through the troubles to be able to attend my mini open house
+ THe family for making the raya wonderful
+ U know who u are - for being there.

eh speaking about radin, yesterday we sent CIk Man to her wife's house at Seri Petaling (markas tabligh wey). U know the name of ALL of the roads have the name RADIN.HOhoh. Jalan Radin 1, Jalan Radin 2 and Jalan Radin Yada Yada Bla Bla..hohh..

November 04, 2006

still got the blues

School's opening.

I just can't take this anymore.

Maybe I should just stay away from anyone.

Maybe I should just sit in the lonely valley.

I need something. I need SOMEONE.

November 03, 2006

a picture worth thousand words

My father's cribs

ngantuk.tido jap

kami keluarga Haron would like to wish asmah, amalin and adeeb the best of luck in german. God bless

The saddest moment,I swear!

November 02, 2006

the covenant. omg caleb is damn hot

So much for the review. It's kinda addictive, u know?

The Covenant by Renny Harlin
Casts : My damn hot Steven Strait (Caleb Danvers), Taylor Kitsch (Pogue Parry) Chace Crawford, Tobby Hermingway

It's about 4 young men who belong to a supernatural legacy (inherited from the Ipswisch family) are charged with stopping the evil force they released into the world years earlier. Another great force they must contend with is the jealousy and suspicion that threatens to tear them apart. Caleb Danver, Pogue Parry, Tyler Simms, Reid Garwin are the 4 young and HOT men with way to cool supernatural power, inherited from their ancestors. They have extraordinary power and it gets more powerful as they are getting older.Caleb, the olders among them would be the 1st one to receive the ultimate power and he has been threatened by Chase, who claimed that he's the fifth member of the covenant.

+ Kepala ho! Caleb Danvers is damn hot man! What is more, he swims. He made me go gugu gaga..~
+ Actually all 4 of them are cute too.
+ It's a less-thriller movie. Lite-lite only. I love it!
+ Tho the fighting scene is kinda ridiculous, but i can live with it. takla katun sgt~
+ First time I saw their boarding school.Tho it's kinda creepy, but the facilities are marvellous!

- Again, the throwing up scene. I thought it's only Mamat Khalid but international directors do have difficulties to make it look real eh?

Moral Value of The Covenant

1. If u know u are a good looking guy with hot bods, dont act in a swimming scene. It makes all girls go gugu gaga
2. If u have SEDUCTIVE power, CONTROL it! Go get a gorgeous girlfren or sumthing else.
3. If u have bad dreams, someone of ur covenant is creating trouble.
4. Dont misjudge ur bestfren. Sometimes they tell u the truth and u dont trust them, it hurts

mak semah's departure to Brussels, Germany

strange number : hey, what are u doing?
me : sending my aunty at klia. she's going to german. hey where hv u been?
strange number : how did u know it's me? i lost my sim card. this is my bro's number
me : i have psycic power. are u hungry? ouh, please dun eat ur simcard even if u're starving


We sent Mak Semah at KLIA just now. She's off to Brussels, German for 3 years. Her husband, Uncle Deeb is going to be Kastam Diraja Diplomat or sumthing else there.

Tata Mak Semah~ We'll be missing u

Mak Pah burst out. They've been bestfrens for life u know?

I'll upload the pixies later. The blogger's pic manager is going nuts currently


p/s : hopefully they can send me next year *fingercrossed*

November 01, 2006

rocking gubra-ly

I made a record this nite. I watched 2 movies in one night! *claps*

Now that's not the main story.

Ok fine I know I'm a bit late, but hey, better late than never kan!?

For the 1st time ever, let's have a movie review in moi blog!

Rock, by Mamat Khalid
Casts : Hasnul Rahmat, Q Haidar, and a few rockers who think they are macho enough to act in a film

+ the hero looks good
+ the storyline is stupid but i can still finish it (tho at times i did skip to other channels too)

hey, 2 is good enough

- the throwing up scene. tipu cam sial jer
- what's the real motive of this film actually?
- oh cmon, be realistic. 15 years do change people differently ok?
- it's too..stupid

Moral Value from this story
1. Girls can rock too
2. Working in post office is boring
3. But sometimes u'll be very excited when u found ur old letters. Love letters to be exact
4. Stamping letters is boring
5. An arbok can own a studio visited by rockers. Arbok and rockers can really mix together

Sepet by Mr Yasmin Ahmad
Cast : Saripah Amani, Adlin, Jason oh-so-comel

+ Amani's kebaye and hairstyle
+ Jason. *hot*
+ jgn ingat citer mlayu tak ade censored eh. Astro is very very particular now!
3 is good enough

- A girl picking up hair on a Chinese boy's nipple. wtf?
- U confessed with the wife of the man that u've been dirtying aroung that u had sex 8 times (u actually counted that???)
- Imam's family babysits prostitute's son
- A nearly repent prostitute learn how to read muqaddam without wearing tudung

Moral Value in Gubra
1. Before sending ur father in hospital, at least put a proper attire. Or else u'll end up in someone's father cloth
2. Take lots of pixies with ur current bf.Who knows when he's dead his looking-good brother might replace him
3. Choose a good and pious neigbour. They'll eventually lead u to the right path
4. Dont steal from an ustaz's neighbour
5. Love everyone. Just everyone


i miss u v w x y z

Where are you?
And I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep
I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
This sick, strange darkness
Comes creeping on so haunting every time
And as I stared I counted
The webs from all the spiders
Catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason
Will you come home
And stop this pain tonight?
Stop this pain tonight

Don't waste your time on me
You're already a voice inside my head
(I miss you, miss you)
Don't waste your time on me
You're already a voice inside my head


One day in moi life. Am supposed to be doing my assignments but hell didnt even touch it. Went to spend fuzah @ pizza hut SACC. Luckily dpt gak lunch hour nye offer. Best2. Sangat worthy. Sgt reasonable. Rakan2 saye promote la makan kat pizza, from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. Worthy and very fulfilling.

Ok I am not stable.
Simply because of u.