March 30, 2007


Waiting is :

  • painful
  • tiring
  • exhausting
  • nerve-wracking
  • mentensenkan
  • mendebarkan
Exams are :
  • tiring
  • exhausting
  • mentensenkan
  • penuh emosi
I am :
  • all the above

March 26, 2007

My Lollipop-Coloured Room

Scaling is procedure that meticulously removes contamination toxins, micro-organisms, plaque, tartar, cementum, dentin that is rough and/or permeated by calculus from around, below and under the gum line down to the bottom of the pocket. This is done to remove biofilm, calculus, and toxin down to the bottom of each periodontal pocket in order to obtain a healing response.

This seems to be a procedure that causes so much confusion for patients in trying to understand the difference between "just a cleaning" and Scaling and Root Planing and the need and reason for this procedure.

Scaling and Root Planing is done to remove tartar and hard crusty calculus, that is loaded with bacteria, around and BELOW the gum line. A professional polishing or prophy removes only the soft sticky plaque that is above the gum line. It is a method of treating gum disease when pockets are formed around the teeth have a measurement of greater than 3mm.
******************** much la for a future dentist. Didnt even know that u need THAT STRONG reason before undergoing scaling treatment. I went to dentist for scaling treatment last Saturday. The nex day I freaked out went my gum went bloody. Siott..Luckily my bro kept me calm by saying "laaa...biaselah tuuu....memang dier berdarah"

I managed to overcome my greatest fear, that is to step again into my previous workplace. Heck it took a lot of thinkings, doa2 selawat and all before I finally dine in there. HOhohohoho...I even had to call wani and ida to make things the more, the merrier. Gaaaaa. Mind you, my working experience can be marked as my very own Dark Ages. Sorry but I could not elaborate more but that is the fact. My Dark Ages. My worse nitemare. Argghhh...ape2la. Anyway luckily he's no longer there. Alhamdulillahhhhhh...The only person I knew was Nash, my supervisor. I hardly recognized her though because she was wearing tudung (with skirts? LOL) and I think she gained weight too. huhu

I finally made decision to accept whatever Fuzah chose in her life. I'll be supporting her, no matter what she does.

This weekend was the most filled and beneficial weekend I ever had. Went scaling, fixed few thing, and the most important thing--> I cooked for my classmates. Hahaha...I cooked them spaghetti. Thank God they said it was okay. Puji sedap lagi ader. Wahahahaha...malu lah sayee~~ Actually this is my treat, my nazar for my IELTS. So that explains the usaha gigih to wake up early (takla early sangat) and prepare things.

I've finally realized. After watching Hana Dori Yango, I realized something. Haha..I'll be waiting for someone. Someone who never hurt me. Someone's cold, yet loving. I hope he's worth the penantian. Amiin...

Maaf saye rambled a lot. So much things to say, yet so little time left.

March 20, 2007

I Love Them

Picture up first. Detailed story later, okay?

Anyway I passed my IELTS!!! Wooohhhooo....Alhamdulillahhhh......Didn't do TOO well but I guess I am satisfied (sangat2) with my result. I got band 7, and to my amazement, my listening got the highest band as compared to other components. I got 7.5 for listening....other components I got 7. My lucky number 7. huhuhuhuhu...Me, makwan, kamil and jolin all 4 dentistry-ireland-bound got 7 so all of us stands equal chance I guess. Gaya was wayyyyy up there with 8.5 pts and Yasmin managed to meet the minimum requirement. Hopefully all 6 of us will get to do dentistry with IUMC. Amiinn...

Sent pekah and ema at KLIA last Monday..Surprisingly many of them were there. Me and yasmin got there first. Then there were lovebirds Fuzah and Lan. Pekah came later. Then the rest of them joined in. Aisar, amir, bon + cute girlfwen, yatie, mimi, ulya, shera + hazmi, empa, wawa, wani,ayu, ikhwan and ida and dear MISS AFIQAH AISYAH SURIYADI (sorry I left u out of the list before!!!!! Gomen-ne!!!) Err..I hope I listed down everybody.

My pre-IRP exams? Ermm..with the effort I put in, I guess I deserve it. I did badly in Business, and though I think I deserve it, i'm still disappointed since it's my favourtite subject )= I've SERIOUS problem with accounts and finance. Seriously I should get over my fear and hatred over this topic. I avoided finance question in paper 2, didn't even dare to look at it, and ended up answering a tough question. Ngok gler kan?? The finance question turned out to be quite easy actually. Adoiihhhhh......Anyway I think this exam has really enlightened me. I just hope that I did well in Bio paper and my maths portfolio marks are not really disappointing so I'd be able to get at least 35 pts. *cey ade hati nak naik pentas*

Anyway, my latest addiction - Hana Yori Dango. I deprived my sleep for 2 nights (yesterday and last thursday) watching this Japanese Drama. Domyouji is seriously a heartthrob. Cold-hearted yet sangat loving. Gagagagga....Nabila, Ila, Aimi,Sima I put the blame to ALL 4 of you for influencing me and made me stayed up for 2 nights to watch all 19 episodes!!!!

March 18, 2007


I'll be leaving home shweet home in one hour time. Yet I'm still lazying on my heavenly bed without packing my things yet. Gaaaa...sayunya nak balik...

Yesterday I helped my confused bro again. Thanks to Mr. Epul (mak sayang u nyah! *lariiiiikk*) and Mr Danial for the help. I even 'consulted' mr muhammad nadhir mohamed hashim aka toye since bdak itu was very confused last night. It was a very brave attempt considering the fact that I haven't talked to him DIRECTLY for about 2 years kot. Anyway thank God he replied! He gave his 2 cents so I guess ok lah tu. Thanx bro! Good luck in ur studies too (He was STUDYING when I msged him last nite). This lil bro over here was mixed up. He was quite clueless and very indecisive. Main focus -> mahu kaye! Adoi...rompak bank lah sonang! Gaaa...I hope he made a wise choice! Slumber! Otai! I wish u the best of luck!!

Today my bro's fiancee's family (gaa..jauh tul connection) came here for lunch. Mind u my bro is now oficially a panchingkaholic (blame the job demand-slalu gi offshore gi mancing lah jadiknyer!) so he asked my mom to cook the fish he caught yesterday. It was just a simple treat for all of us yet it was so nice. I didn't help mak. Gaa..Sori mak. But I helped to set the table, made the sirap and all. Ade effort nak tolong la gak kan. Hehe...Mak steamed a fish and fried another fish. There's another one in the freezer. Gile byk bleh bkak kedai jual ikan! She made the suun kicap too. Huhuhu...nice!

Some of my collegemates are back in McB i guess. Ila has arrived since this morning. Chenad is on her way. Aimi should be back by now. Hohoho..Nab? Biasalah kul 6 baru sampai kot. Malin texted me she baked a cake last nite! Haha..cant wait to taste it! I'm glad me and someone managed to get back on the right track. Earlier this week we were not so good. was stormy, indeed. But everything should be okay kot by now. Hoho..we finally got to 'talk' nicely and peacefully, praise be to Allah...

This is it. I'd better get prepared now. Hope everything would go smoothly after this. Pray for me ppl! Pretty pretty pls?? I need luck! I need a miracle! Let's hope the next blog entry, I would be updating happily about my university placement! Tsk. Scarry merry go round!

To epul -> thanks for everything. U stay normal2 okayh. Jgn terpengaruh! Larrriiiiikkkkk
To FADZRUL (if u read this) -> haih..bile la we'll get to go out together kan.
To Ida -> I'm patiently waiting for the one sweet day~
To nadiah -> insyaAllah, takde aral melintang ku sampai lah utp nanti
To syahir -> steady med student steady....
To zack -> i think u need to master the sleeping driver skill lah! go figure

March 17, 2007

Days passed by

Holiday is creeping to the end. Gaaa...guess I didn't do anything beneficial this hols.

There are just too many things to be worried after this. University placement, final exams, and studies...They are just too.....arghhh nerve-wrecking. I think I won't be going back home too frequent after this. I haven't started my revision yet, ppl!! Plus, my brain would go totally zero after holidays since I didn't do my revision at home. I really need to recharge my memory. Haihh...

I can't believe it I'm going to wrap up my IB (I busy) moment in +/- 2 months time. I made it, i survived (not just yet)! I could still remember how hard it was during my first few months in McB. I got sick everytime I need to go back to McB. I used to hate McB. The presence of someone made it worst but I finally went through it, and eventually I could sense the happiness of living in McB. Credits to all my friends who helped me through the rain (heavystorm, actually)

What's left now, is my final lap in IB. Like my maths teacher, Pn Bad said, this is like the final sprinting in a 4X100 relay. If we failed to go all out, the rest of the effort we put in during the race is useless. I guess, by hook or by crook, I need to sprint my lungs out! Biar tergolek2 kepenatan di akhir race for I know it is all worth the pain, worth the effort!

This holiday didn't give me chance to catch up with my old friends that much. I guess this is what we call obstacles in developing and maintaining a strong friendship! But rest assured I will try my best to keep up with them. Even if time doesn't really allow me to frequently do so. Gaaa...jiwang2 pula..

Went out with mak today. DIdn't go anywhere far. Summit ajerr...Takde mood nak jalan jauh2..I bought :
Pink Slippers! Haha (ke flip flops?haha)

new optical mouse, toner & moisturiser! haha...been scarred by the so-called skin specialist if i don't use 'em. pfftt..

My latest favourite -> frapuccino caramel! sugar high!!! hik~

Anyway I went back to my desa tercinta last week. Snapped few pics for kenang2an. My grandpa's house is divided into 2 main sections. The master building and the extended rooms. Huhuhu..the extended rooms were built last yr to occupy his 13 children + families. Gaaa...we are such a HUGE family kan? But pity my atoks, normally there are only 3 of them to manage such a big compound. The children are all spread in KL, Selangor and JB )=

Master building. Front view. huhu

The extended biliks. 6 altogether. huhuhu..

The best tmpat lepak ever. Depan tv. Oh, my atok bought a new 29 inch plasma tv last month. Huuu...mmg strategi yg bagus!

Ruang terpelihara. Of all the messy area, this would be the last one to be infected!

Tmpat masak ketupat, dodol, ayam percik dsbg nya.Huhuhuhu

Huhuhuhu...till next time

March 16, 2007

Bosan lah tu~

10 years ago I:
1. Was 10, in SK Hicom and SRA Seksyen 3 (always skipped class!)
2. have blemish facial (gaa..acne, pimples, all those pra-remaja stuff)
3. had a huge crush on Aiman and cried when he was transferred to Alam Megah. pfffttt..malulah

5 years ago I:
1. Was 15, in SMSS (SMS Selangor tegak berdiri banggaan putra putri~)
2. 2nd big exam after UPSR-PMR (freaked out!)
3. tried to enjoy my life

2 years ago I:
1. Was 18.
2. worked in a restaurant and drove my own car to work
3. got involve with unhealthy life, played around with several ppl but then dah menyesal glerrrr...

1 year ago I:
1. was 19, in Mara College Banting
2. was very upset with my hectic IB life
3. had this suppressed feelings toward someone

Yesterday I:
1. lazied around home
2. cooked myself a delicious fried mee
3. ate excessively and felt guilty

Today I:
1. lazied around at home
2. watched Grey's Anatomy S03E16 and E17 (still waiting for E18) and cried hysterically
3. fell in love with Denni Duquette again (Jeffrey Morgan Dean)

Tomorrow I will:
1. go out from my cave
2. buy myself a sandal, and some important things
3. keep on hunting for a nice and good cropped jacket!

Three snacks I enjoy:
1. Kinder Bueno
2. Mars
3. Eskrem Maksu (Milo flava pls!)

Three things I can’t live without: (I’m assuming material wise)
1. nokia 3230, 012381****
2. laptop + internet access (optional)

Three things I wanna buy with RM 1K:
1. latest hi tech gadgets
2. new clothes + bags + shoes
3. a set of platinum jewelleries. gaaa..

Three shows i like:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. House MD
3. Pimp My Ride

Three places I’ve lived:
1. Shah Alam(since forever)
2. Tmn Bkt Keramat
3. Girls' Hostel of SMSS, KMJ and McB (blahh...saye mmg dak asrama sejati)

March 15, 2007

I should be seeping by now..

..but I chose to ramble in my blog. Heh.

I've been helping lil bro making choice for scholarship application. nowadays are very lucky. They can just find info on scholarships by a single click. Back at my time, I simply put JPA because they sounded cooler than MARA (no offence MARA-ers) as they are The Msia Govt. Plus, I wanted to take up Dentistry to avoid competition (silly me, I am jeopardizing my future by doing so) Thank God somebody recommended Recom.Org to me a few days before my interview and I had the big picture on how the interview is going to be conducted. *pheewhhh...* Honestly, Recom.Org saved my life. Zillion thanks to all Recom-ers.
For the sake of helping my confused lil bro, I went through 300 pages (exaggerated skit) threads in Recom forum to find suitable scholarship for him. At first he was determined to take Engineering. I told him the pros and cons of MARA and JPA, he got a lil bit mix up. At one point, he settled down with MARA Engine. The next day he opted for Japan Engine (JPA) and today his anxiety on his future job landed him on choosing Medic, instead of Engine. I was quite worried with his indecisiveness (just like me.hohoh.tapi dier lagi teruk) But then he did a self-reflection and decided he is not meant for Medic since he dislike reading and he got A2 in Biology (haha.same with me again) So again and again, he settled down with JPA, Engineering Japan.
Later Fuzah texted me on UPU and pilot school thingy on behalf of Kepek. See, we love our adopted bros so much y'know? I helped her since she's at home and doesn't have internet connection and all but got fed up when I had to type in too much words. Wahaha..tak aci kan mementang bukan adik gue. So I told Fuzah to tell Kepek to search in the net by himself. Sorry, Kepek, Fuzah.
Moving on, yesterday I accepted a friend request in Friendster from a stranger. Yes, a stranger who locked his profile but I still accept his friend request. Anyway I had this 'resolutions' regarding my Friendster network :
  1. never accept a request from stranger
  2. make sure my friends in friendster are my real friends
  3. limit my friends' list up until 345 ppl only (cool number eh, 345!
So I just broke my self-made-regulation. Just because that person resembles somebody that meant something to me. Sheeeesssh...obviously that stranger is not him! He would never join Friendster but I'm still keeping hopes that one day he would finally join Friendster, and that we could re-united. Anyway Friendster network is getting larger nowadays. Even Zaimah has friendster! So I guess, with the expanding network, 345 is insufficient to cope with the emergence of Friendster users. So I guess, my new friends' limit is 377! Don't ask me why.I just simply love the combination of the numbers. So yeah, 27 more vacancies to be filled up! Hurry, friends! (bajet hot jer)

Ya Allah, pls make things clearer for my bro and pls, ease his path towards a bright future, Amiin....

March 14, 2007

Jaw drops!

  1. Went out with Nadiah to MidVal today. Forgot to bring my ATM card, hence the lust to shop and shop and shop faded away. Ended up buying a mask and a scrub (I got nail grooming set from Neutrogena!!). Oh I went for a skin check too. Shaite I really need to go for a facial treatment this week.
  2. I watched Diari AF5 just now. There's one girl (insignificant=name failed to be remembered) who cried incessantly like there'll be no tomorrow because of a CAT. She misses her Bubu. Alolololo...siannye. D'uh tension gler.
  3. The doctor assigned by ASTRO to conduct the medical check-ups is from a clinic somewhere near my house. Blahh...the AF cribs - factory cum luxurious bungalow should be somewhere near here. Had I been one of the die-hard-fans, I must have checked all the abandoned factories and hunt 'em down. Gagaga..
  4. Someone still wants to go against me in anything-under-the-sun that I find quite or very interesting. He dislikes everything that I like. Be it, movies, music, tv shows, food (at times), hobbies, he just don't like everything that I do. This is why I think it's a wise move to step back, slow down and reduce our intimacy. You go, Nad!! You just saved yourself from drowning in the toilet bowl. Felicitation!
  5. Sheena lives in Shah Alam. Whodaheck is Sheena? No..u dont need to know. Only those who know should know this unknown Sheena. Nab, Sheena lives in Shah Alam! What a coincidence!
  6. Hugh Laurie aka Dr House acted as the daddy in Stuart Little! I just realised it last Sunday. Wahahaha..takleh blah.
  7. I want to watch Mukhsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (again) Simple plot yet so meaningful. Anybody wants to join me???
  8. I'm in love with a British man, specifically Matthew Goode! Tall, dark, handsome guy. Guys with British accent are just too sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fell in love with him after I saw Chasing Liberty...aih..I'm going nuts-er!

March 13, 2007

I want to look good )=

I spent most of my 24-hours today "skimming" through ppl's fotopages. They are non-ordinary ppl who captures personal pixies and load it on the web, but they are professional photographers, paid to capture memorable events of someone's life, especially on their wedding day. I was speechless, amazed by their skills, and I was hypnotized to keep on clicking next and next button to enjoy the pixies.

This leaves me to keep holding onto my everlasting resolution I WANNA PUT OFF LOTS AND LOTS OF KILOS. Seriously, big ppl doesnt look good in those glamorous glitter2 wedding clothes. I want to look good on my wedding day, hence I need to work my ass off towards that curvaceous dream, so I could slip into the wedding outfit nicely. In contrast, I had McD for brunch and spaghetti bolognaise for my dipper (dinner+supper) Ah....nak kurus la sgt tu~

Speaking about weddings, last Sunday I watched the season finale for Dalam Hati Ada Cinta, an endless drama of romance between Ako Mustapha and Umie Aida. If i'm not mistaken this series was aired since I was in Sains Selangor, and the story kept on going around a typical plot - Umie and Ako in love - obstacles - separated - moved on with their own lives (separately) - met again - fell in love again - obstacles went in again - separated again - moved on again ...on and on and on. Yet, complaining doesnt mean I'm not one of the fans of this romantic drama, in fact I used to follow one of the i-dunno-how-many seasons in this story.

Anyway I'm not focusing on the repeating plot, but I'm talking about the ending of the story. Ako was knocked down by a car who ranaway (langgar lari) and left him lying on the road, few minutes before Umi came for , not rescueing, but screaming and shouting, and kept on shaking Ako's nyawa2-ikan body. Tragic? Not really. They went through too many obstacles and pain and heartache just to end their love on a road??

Again, this is not what I'm going to focus here. My main concern is, after Ako's death, Umi moved on with her life, of course, grieving and feeling guilty. Eventually, she got married with my man, MR FAHRIN AHMAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhh........I can't go..can't go (literally translated from takbleh blah.hee..) I mean, that's not fair, Umi never had a "shortage" of men in her life (in this story la). Before this she moved on with Aqasha, and now she got FAHRIN!?!?!?!? The season finale made me go gugugaga especially when Fahrin was comforting Umi, and confessed his love. Arghhh!!!! Paleotak he was so...arghh....drop dead gorgeous!!!

His sparkling eyes, deep smile, beefy body, telinga capang, just nice, so perfect! Am I imagining someone else?! If my description matched somebody else, it's just a coincidence and believe me, he wouldn't match my imagination, not at all!!

Haha. I'm going nuts.

March 12, 2007

Adik saye hebat! Batch saye pun hebat!

The SPM Result is out today. I don't know how many of them got straight A's and straight A1's coz Cikgu Su gave the overall pointer for each subject only. Overall, our records were left unbroken (by this batch la, previous batch i've no idea) So here goes, comparison of their results, and ours (in bracket)

Malay - 1.32 (1.23) We won!
English 1119 - 1.54 (1.86) We lost )=
Islamic Education - 1.38 (1.50) We lost )=
History - 1.71 (1.32) We won!
Modern Mathematics 1.00 (1.04) We lost )= gmpak gler dorg smua A1!!
LK - 2.09 (1.35) We won!
TK - 3.04 (3.31) We lost )=
Physics - 3.47 (2.60) We won!
Chemistry - 3.47 (2.27) We won!
Biology - 2.50 (2.77) We lost )=
EST - 2.41 (3.24) We lost )=
Averaged overall - 2.22 (1.89)

Yeay!!! Although they did better in 6 subjects, and us only 5, but we managed to get lower CGPA than them! Hooray!!!!

On the other hand, my lil bro, Perez got straight As!!! Tho he was expelled from SMSS in 2002 (thanks to Mr Ardani, BELOVED Mr Ardani and his lust to expel all those kiddos in the school), he managed to get 8As in PMR (he sat this exam in SMSS-calon tumpang.tsk sedih) and 10As in SPM. I'm very proud of u, my bro!!Hahaha, the so-called first & last person I ever dared to *angkat jadi adik* .
How did I managed to tie this angkat-mengangkat bond? Reminisce kembali, i think it was such a big embarrassment how he was declared as my adik. It was not so official with yes-I-do kind of thing but being me and my principle to angkat only ONE lil bro and be his guardian angel forever (skali lagi, self-proclaimed GA), I sticked to him and only him and finally the bond became, "firmer". I first realized him in 2001, when I was assigned to be the Pengarah Operasi Minggu Kemerdekaan. He was selected to be the tukang karut in his dikir class and I was really amused by his jokes. I continued to usha2 him and all (takdelah yg perasaan mahsyuk gler lovey dovey tu..usha just for fun) and until 2002, I just had the courage to angkat him as my adik. I told Peja and when Ai and me be-close-friended again, they paired up to complete the so-called murni task to help me to tell Perez.In that particular case, I owe u Peja! Ai made up stories I had catfights with Adibah, perez's secret admirer (in his batch la). Kepala ho!! I just wanted to angkat him as my adik, not to be my lover ke ape. Bengong tul..Then a few weeks before he was expelled, during the ala2 perbicaraan mahkamah thingy,he told Hafizah, his classmate, he was embarassed because he was such a bad kid, caught and being classified as the bully-gang somemore, and that he thought he was not 'compatible' to be my bro. I took that as a hint for rejection lah kan. He was expelled at July 30, 2004, and he did, kirim salam to me. Wahaha..Syahdu tak? On my bday u know?!?!? I burst out that day. 1stly-rahsia. I wont tell. 2ndly-of course la, Perez was kicked out of SMSS.Tapi I'm still relieved coz he kirim salam to me.(tahpapapetah kan?) However, I couldnt remember how we got better after that. We were reunited,during the pmr result day I called him and asked his result. At times, we chatted in ym and once in a blue moon, he texted me. During his spm week, he texted me, sort of mengadu susah and all. I tried my best to calm him down. All this while, I tried to provide him with moral supports sume tau. I'm such a good sister =) (self-proclaimed lg, tak maluuuu) Today, he told me his result 1st, without me asking him. That's why I'm so excited~ Wahaha..tak pasal2. Oh yes, last yr, when I became the facilitator of SPM's motivational camp, I heard somebody (not very sure.Bella's lil bro-wan kot) talked to his friend - hah ni la kakak perez kan? I just smiled to myself =) skalilagi, tak pasal2~

Aih, kisah lame mencuit hati pula. Maaf saye rambled again. Yes, truly i'm very proud of u, and I did, and still have the intention to treat u something, bro! To my bro, and other studs of SMSS, welcome to the real world, where u have to fight for ur own life, securing scholarships, make a wise choice and be firm with what u want and what u are going to do.A cert of many As doesnt promise a shining career, but it helps to be ur stepping stone in achieving success~ ALL THE BEST!

By the way I just got back from futsal. INTEC vs McB, and of course, INTEC won because they played regularly! Some of us McBian were first-timer (Nab and Mun - Nab, gua respect kecekalan lu sebagai keeper heroku!wahaha) We made a "comeback" at the last 10 mins and managed to score few goals. Biaselah hindustan pun hero kalah dulu. Huhu...Unfortunately,my allergic response buat hal lagi. After the game,my skins were itching, became reddish and ade bintat2. The same like what I had last yr, after I jogged around the college. They called it sopak garam in Malay but I'm not sure the real reason behind this extremely-gatal allergies. I had to go to clinics for triton shots. Luckily it hasn't spread to my face until I blacked-out like before. Kalo tak sapo nak drive keto den yg sempit coz there are 5 of them, cramped (macam sardine) in the passenger seats (tak termasuk pilot and co-pilot tau!)

Ok, saye udah lemah bangat ini.Rase cam nak pengsan. There's lot more to tell u but at this moment, these are my priorities. Till next time~

March 09, 2007

Growing up is painful

How could I ever forget? Last week, I had two of my favourite girlfrens turning into old granny ladies! Yup, they are none other than Miss Zack Yusoff and Miss Mahfu-Ruse who turned 20 on March 3rd and 9th respectively. Geee...20 is really old, dont u think. I mean, where's that -teen or -belas we used to be proud of because that would make us think, and at least be confident that we are TEENagers.

Anyhoo, for my favourite lady, Miss Zacky who's presence brighten up the days with her shining teeth (ape ni?), glowing yet tersenget pose smile, and natural innocent cum lawak spontan, a BELATED happy happy happy extremely uber happy birthday to u, babe. I know you are having the time of ur life, right now, hence ur decision of not coming back this year is acceptable n forgiven. Seeing ur wishlist (not sure whether I could afford to buy even 1/2 the price of them, though->statement org tgh sengkek), I was surprised to see an external harddisk to be one of those. Arent 2 GB enough to store all Grey's and Heroes and apetahlagi soap opera under the sun?? Don't tell me u have started to watch cerita Fara ke apetah itu????? Tidak, Zack...tidakkkkk....Keep our promise!! Jgn biarkan semua cerita poser Malaysia sperti Kawan (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) and Cinta Medik (Grey's Anatomy??? f*ck!! tipu gler) menginfluence us!! Apapepun, I miss u damn much, muchos!

And to my bestest friend, whom I am trying my very best to make her happy, even if to put up fake smiles and shining happy eyes for a 3-4 hours outing, I am wishing all the happiness in the world, despite the grudge i held upon u and ur decision. Yes, I am undeniably dissapointed with your our-love-was-strong-yet-twisted-plot-would-make-it-stronger love stories, but as I always said to myself, sampai mane je aku mampu bengang dgn ko. Fate has brought us together and I will always try my best to give my support to u. U have me when u need to cry, please remember that even you dont need me when u want to laugh. Thanks for the supports u gave me, though. At times, it helped a lot.

I guess growing up requires a lot of hardwork too. Ability to cope with unexpected situations, ability to rebounce when u fall into the deepest hole and many other un-list-able skills need to be developed and that demands 3/4 of your life span. I am learning to compromise, to accept things when it happened THAT way, to let go things that could block my pathway (seperti inhibitors, yaaa...mari mengintegrate pelajaran biologi ya anak2) and to prioritize (did I get the spelling right??, ku rase aneh skali)

To all my friends, especially those who are constantly remembered and remembering, appreciated and appreciating, thanks for being there as I grow up. Friends made up a large part of my life u know. Even my mom agreed that I grew up mostly with my friends. I realised that some of my friends have been showing tendencies to be certain kind of people, be it, pejuang negara or pejuang agama, penegak bangsa or just regular city-dwellers who love to enjoy life, going out to clubs and go huhuhaha. Kudos to all of u who have found your way of life. We might differ in ideology and way of seeking fun but I hope we'll never forget that we used to be in the same boats, sailing through the hardship and happiness together2.
To the ones who used to be on the top list of my friends, all of u have already left gaps in my heart as your presence are irreplaceable. We might physically and emotionally disconnected but spiritually, I've always prayed for your success and happiness. I am, and still always be your guardian angels (aih self-proclaimed tak malu gler!), even if my presence is just to curse u or go sulking and buat buat emo kerana anda tlah menjadi sombong dgn saye. Heh.
Rakan-rakan McB, u are not left out. Ade entry khas untuk the verdict of McB. Heuheuheu. Tunggu~

Specially dedicated to ALL my friends, and THE friends.

i still remember those glory days
where no one dared to get in our ways
it only seems like yesterday
seeing boots and braces all the way

we used to live out on the streets
we used to drink and used to steal to eat
we shared the joy and we shared the pain
i've never thought you'd call it a day

we were so proud
we were so strong
but now where have all the bootboys gone?
the joy we had
the pain we shared
are always on my mind.

Me, after a few weeks.

Hello guyssssssssssss and girlssssssssssssssssssss....

I am back...yes, i'm finally back at home

after 3 freakin weeksss at my beloved McB (and I really mean it)

well, where to start?

right...the 1st week i didnt go back I had my IELTS. The result should be out by today, I have been shivering since this morning and am still shivering right now. In fact this shiver n shudders have lasted since last Monday. Penat tahu mitochondria saye nak generate ATP nak menggeletar jeeeee....I called the IDP ppl just now and they said I can check the result from Pn Sharifah by next week. Shitty, bureaucracy and policy!!! Why cant they just release the result today?!?!!?!?!??!!?!?!??!!?!?

on the other hand, the test was...i dont know. The most worrying test was listening. Coz I think I did badly. I misheard microchip and wrote down mitchet, instead. What the fish was mitchet??? I dont know. I dont know what is mitchet. Mungkin ia sejenis dugong. Dugong yg menari ditgh2 laut to the tune of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..Haiiihhh..

Now u have the picture how disturbed I am???? IELTS is like the 2nd crucial freakin important ticket before my IB exam. So I really really need to know my result, right now. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

Moving on..I just finished my pre-IRP exam today. IRP stands for..err..sori saye lupe tp dier sort of Study Group tu ah. Yg kite duk2 kat dewan sebulan pulun SPM tu. Ya, ppl for real, I am repeating the history. I dont know how to face it, but I hope things would go ok ok sajerks..The last 6 days i slept only for +/- 3.5 hours. This explains the ketidakstabilan I am having right now so I want to sleep nowl.

I'll be back, later. U know I'll do kan. Wehehehehehe...tatatititutu..~~~