September 30, 2015

September 28, 2015

Overly excited fangirl

The haze is pretty bad these past few days. Classes have been cancelled so more patients for us I supposed. I slept pretty late last night stayed up watching Ireland played Romania. I knew Ireland would take the win but I miss seeing Tommy Bowe stay up it is. 

Bowe and Zebo both my favourite. Zebo is a Munstermen so I being a Cork alumni I am rooting for him. Lol. They both messed up pretty bad during the last test against England that made them lose the place for the World Cup.

I think Joe Schmidt lined up his second best players against Romanian because well, Irish player are apparently very famously known for injuries. We have another 2 bigger games ahead against France and Italy so we cannot afford to lose the star players I supposed. Can see the differences between the players coz the games were a bit sloppy yesterday. Reddan was a bit confused whereas Conor Murray would have played his role as playmaker more neatly I must say.

But this is..coming from a girl who doesn't really know the game rules and everything la. I enjoyed watching, know a bit here and there about the rules but I also watched for the eye candies la.

See here the ever good looking macho Mr Bowe. 2 tries not bad huh? Almost made it to 3!

Overall I think Irish team has the best looking player because I am super biased like that. To name a few HeartRob Kearney, Zebo, Bowe of course, Jared Payne...even Healy,  Heaslip and the ever fierce Mr O Connell looks good because they are the Irish lads. Aku rasa kalau Castrogiovanni play for Ireland pun I might say him a good looking too LOL. The Americans and Scottish aren't too bad themselves. Can't really say the same about the Uruguayans tho. HAHA. Kbai.

Last night after the game I was a bit pumped up because the adrenaline from Ireland winning kept me  wide awake. I had a good chat from someone from the past. It's been 15 years and we managed to find each other again. The wonders of social media huh? I was quite surprised he still recognized me even after all this while. We both had a good laugh on the random encounter but we both agreed, it's a wrong timing to see each other again. He's not settled down yet but a lil bit complicated la. Plus I don't think he fits me just like how it didn't work out years years ago. Not my cup of tea I'd rather drink ayaq kosong ja. Kah.

But gotta be extra careful dengan dia ni he's witty and funny and sometimes he pulls off a few ayat manis that could sweep you off your feet. When he first re-introduced himself pun I can hear Taytay singing I knew you were trouble when you walked innnnn~~~ Whatevs la lagipun I can't trust men with words anymore.

Pretty excited for the coming weeks may the odds be ever in the Irish team favour. 

September 25, 2015

Facebook Memories

Facebook has this thing where it shows you throwback of what went on in your page on that date, years years back. This thing has someway hurt me looking at how has things changed.

How friendship has become so distant.

I used to be thousands miles apart, hundress miles apart, but nothing feel so far to certain people who used to be so close to me like how I feel right now.

I so want to bring myself to text "Have you been so busy? When are we finally going to meet up and" but I just can't. Hurts me to think the rejection or the plan cancellation that might come ahead. I'll just wait up for my invitation instead, if there will be any, that is.

We also haven't been in touch that frequently. Some texts might be exchanged once in a while, enough to know we are both alive, but not quite adequate to know what has been going on in our lives.

Well, at least they are happy now living their lives. That's good to know. Even I don't get to see them anymore, may Allah protect them, always.

Aidiladha di kota

I don't know why I decided not to take a leave today. Probably because we celebrated Aidiladha at Cik Wa's and since it's only like 15 mins away from home, I thought, oh well might as well work on Friday.

Ergh, now regretting my decision. I thought it would be free and easy. But not quite. Dalam kesenyapan PK ni I've seen 12 pts already. I thought it would be at most 5. Lol.

Since I broke my fast last Wednesday, I have been eating non-stop. NON STOP ok. This year we decided to do gathering at CikWa's. Lepastu bila Cik Cho hantar gambar Cik Aris tengah masak ungkep sorang-sorang terus sedih. Sorry Cik Aris!

That Wednesday night we had asam pedas, ayam semur with nasi beriyani and nasi impit for break-fast / dinner. After that we started prepping on things for tomorrow. I volunteered as Mak Tip's sous chef for daging beriyani and helped Cik Imah's rendang cili padi here and there. Started a bit late and only managed to get done with the daging beriyani at 1.45am. Because i didn't bring any clothes to change, I went back home that night.

The next morning we went to Cik Wa's again. Had daging beriyani, ayam rendang cilipadi with nasi beriyani and nasi impit for a start. Had talam cendol and kuih lompang as the sides. Petang sikit Cik Imah whipped up her mihun goreng tomyam which was bloody tasty. It was then continued with my lasagna which turned out pretty good considering my last one was quite sometime ago.

Around 6pm the BBQ started and we ate and ate non stop until the grand finale - ikan jenahak was served. Well it was worth the wait. Reached home around 11.30 that night and I had to work today.


Pagi tadi pun akak-akak ni bawak lauk for those who had to work today. Mati la nak tak berhenti-henti ni makan. Tak muat nanti baju nak pakai next week >.<

September 20, 2015

Awaaaaa saia taaa kuaaad

Ran my 5th run this year. Last year I ran 6. This year target 7. Hopefully dapat la cecah target. Also I haven't ran any under 10km run yet to test my speed. Need to find one before the year ends I supposed.

Semalam I worked almost the whole day. 10am-9.30pm and in between ada break I went to settle some stuff. Pagi tu tak henti from 10-12, senyap sekejap 1220 sampai la pukul 3 tak henti-henti.
Pinggang dah nak patah tp Alhamdulillah. Rejeki disaat ku memerlukan. #sisbersyukur

Balik malam baru sedar I didn't prepare for the run at all. Protein nak abis. Susu tinggal sikit. Tido pun lambat sebab tengok rugby. I almost didn't run but because I walloped a whole set of burger special with onion ring and fries segala, I had to run kalau tak berdosa besar oi.

Woke up this morning, so groggy lepas subuh doa lebih I could finish the run because I am deadly tired. Singgah 7e beli neskepe, telan fat burner bawak toujours segala I need all the help I can to complete the run.

Alhamdulillah walaupun menangis di km ke 9 I managed to finish the run in less than 1.5 hours. Interestingly during the run 3x the same guy ran and stopped beside me while I was walking and made small chit chat. Tapi sayangnya kekakak time lari takleh cakap sangat sebab simpan energy so I ended up only nodding and smiling while he talks. If I met him again after the finishing line I will definitely talk to him bole tahan jugak abang tu tapi sebab abis lari memang tak larat sangat I went straight away to my car.


The Rugby World Cup has started. My favourite, favourite game. At some point in my life my ideal man is one who plays rugby/ used to play rugby. Tapi sebab umur 28 pun tak kahwin-kahwin lagi kekakak pasrah and can't be choosy can't I? Lol. Of course I'll be rooting for Ireland. Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang, apatah lagi tempatku menimba ilmu. Acewwah. My 2nd favourite will be Japan, 3rd only All Blacks. Dulu iols pakai pencilbox All Blacks tau pergi sekolah. #coolsangat

Why rugby tho? Well, all sports excite me but this one got me the most because I think it's a game played by gentlemen. They play rough, they bleed here and there but they still get the game going. Bola sepak tersadung kaki pun nak nangis guling-guling. And they are played by well-built player. I loike.

Well it's gonna be interesting 6 weeks to see who reign as the champion. Almost all Ireland's game will be on Sunday at 11.45pm mati la nak lambat la nak tidur esok pergi kerja. Oh well, few days only can't really hurt you right?

September 18, 2015

Making some changes

After around 2 weeks of not having any breakfast but yoghurt drink, I finally broke the so-called rules eating scrambled eggs and a slice of bread. I get hungry more if I take my breakfast so I am just doing some experiment to see how my body reacts.

Was quite worried after the badminton session yesterday I started to ache here and there and I have a run this Sunday. Not a good timing for injury so I made sure I consume a lot of protein for muscle repair and whatnot. Let's hope everything goes okay dah lah it's been 2 months since my last run. Mau kang menangis seret kaki ke garisan penamat ni..

Today I tried to make some changes with the way I treat my patients. Sebab depa ni comes from different set of people with patients I used to treat for the first 2 years of my working life, I have to grab this chance to educate too. Back then I work like a robot, emotionless and repetitious. Patient comes in, patients request, I do. Ulang banyak kali, ulang hari-hari. Now that the patient load has slightly decreased, I should try to educate them more. Get them understand what am I doing.

However, patients' load is a bit heavy this morning, compared to other days. By 12pm I have seen 34 patients, and that's quite tiring. Selalu sehari pun tak sampai 34 orang. Tried to educate as much as I could but at one point I am just too tired already. Nak cakap pun dah tak larat. Takpelah, next time I'll do better.

Nad no sleep is no good

You know what's one of my pet peeves during texting?

No closure. Like tetiba tergantung. I understand when it comes to sleeping time people might fell asleep. But sometimes in the middle of the day texts went unreplied with no closure really drives me mad. Aku try nak balas buat balik dekat orang but I just can't. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

Oh well, that is just my problem I guess.

Having trouble sleeping actually. Took nescafe pre badminton session for some energy and now kinda regretting it. Nad no sleep is nad overthinking things. Lepastu bengang sendiri. Lol.

I had a dilemma as to what should I do post night workout session. Need to consume something to replenish my energy tapi it's already too late. Tapi post workout is the best time to eat something because that's when your metabolism is at top. I endedup taking half a spoon of protein with skim milk. Sedihnya disaat kegawatan ekonomi ni protein nak abis dah. Need to spare some for this Sunday that's why I took only half a spoon.

Thirty four days to get over this crunch time. Pray hard things go well.

September 17, 2015

Baby steps

September 14, 2015

Emo no mo

Shark week has started. So that explains the steady increase in anger and one heck of a turbulence in the emotional ride. The random outburst listening to songs, after some misunderstanding with the guard, and  after looking at random pictures. The very intense feeling of sakit hati to things that has somewhat normally occured. Tapi zeries bengang betul la dengan guard bergigi rompong tu beria-ia suruh beli sticker parking when I told him I don't need it I'm not gonna stay in the apartment. Mood ruined abis by guard gigi rompong that day cis bedebah.

Well, I should have expected it coming. But still can't control the mood swings. Ku hanya perempuan lemah. Lols.

Makanan sugul bulan ini ialah charkueyteow from this one restaurant in sek19. It was really, really good. Sugul punya pasal iols belasah udang galah/sotong/kerang sekali. Tapi kena assobru la waiting time close to 1 hour sebab they are very very understaffed. 1 cook. 1 buat air. 1 cashier cum tukang angkat pinggan. 1 multipurpose kakak who did every bit of this and that. But it was all worth it.


Anyway Sept/Oct is such a critical time. Crunch time. I'd like to just pass out temporarily and wake up in November but I know it won't happen. Atau mungkin by the time aku sedar mungkin dah tertimbus dalam tanah 6 kaki dalam. I hope I can manage everything well. Doa kuat may He eases my way.

September 13, 2015

It doesn't matter

I think it doesn't matter

Whether I reply or not. Whether I text or not. Whether I keep in touch or not.

Because I don't matter to 'em like how they matter to me. Hangpa won't feel sad when not hearing for me even for just few days. Hangpa doesn't really care what's going on even if we used to know about almost everything we do. Hangpa doesn't feel I am someone to share your concern or your worries.

In short, it doesn't matter. Because hangpa lived well, lives well and will live well without my presence. They are happy so I gotta deal with my own problems. I am sad? I am mad? Deal with it yourself.

September 09, 2015

Comforting With A Lie

Cermin gym yang buat saya perasan nampak kurus sikit.

Itulah manusia, they liked to be comforted with lies, only to be hurt by the truth later.

Hakikatnya masih gemok :(

September 07, 2015

Be happy -

Hello Monday, another day, another new week.

My mood has been awfully unstable these few days. Sejajar dengan ketidakstabilan mood ini, it also has been awfully quiet. Silence. And I began to think that things are really approaching the other end now. Maybe the wavelength has differed now, maybe there are no more things to be talked about, maybe the other side is in so much happiness that it need not to get to touch over this side anymore. Maybe just maybe.

Well, whatever it is, be happy now. Whatever you do, wherever you are, just - be happy.

Other than that there are still things that I wanna do but haven't managed to do so. I miss going to karaoke. I so badly wanted to go for massage. Massage I can go alone. Karaoke? Well, that would be too pathetic to go alone. Ada jugak la aku ajak tapi nampaknya nama aku masih belum naik dalam prioriti senarai untuk keluar hangout bersama lagi so I've just got to wait la I guess.

Kah. Bitter benar nampaknya. Well, be happy everyone. Be happy. You need not come over to this side anymore you just be happy with your lives.

On another note, I went to the house to try to clean it, again. The water supply is back so I thought I could do more. The day before I worked for the whole day so I was quite beaten up. I thought I could force myself for a second round cleaning but unfortunately I can't. Maybe sebab takde mood or tak makan nasi lemak royale kot. Lol. Only managed to clean the cockroach-infested refrigerator and that's quite it.

Lain-lain ada la mop the whole house but I don't think it's sufficient. The house needs some good sental-an. Mopping alone is not enough. I will save that after the termites problem is under control. Informed the securities the house is up for rent but I will put up an advertisement later when it's more ready.

Sebenarnya if I were more enthusiastic to clean the house boleh je fokus satu-satu ruang and get a thorough cleaning done tapi semalam serius takde mood. Balik, makan, too tired that I slept that evening. I rarely sleep especially after asar tapi semalam I just can't go on anymore.. Lepastu malam sambung kemas bilik sendiri pulak and again, tak larat nak abiskan.

Hoping this week goes well. Bahaya ni kalau layan mood cenggini berterusan :P

September 04, 2015


September 03, 2015


Recently my hands are quite fragile. It started with an episode of difficult extraction which kinda screwed up BOTH of my hands and it hasn't really heal ever since. As one whose works really rely on the hands, this got me really, really annoyed. 

I started to go easy on extraction. Eased up my appointments and made sure there are only 1-2 cases each day just to recuperate. It got better slightly but I made a big mistake carrying the rubbish up and down last Monday and it started to ache again. Apa bole buat takde orang tolong haritu kah. Til now, even doing other things tire my hands easily..

However I can't be choosy with whom or what kind of treatment I would like to do. It's not nice to let patients wait for long just because you simply don't wanna do it. I tried just now because I just extracted one before so I wanted to rest a bit but the patient ended up waiting for so long I just don't have the heart to make him wait any longer.  Bunyi macam I run the clinic alone but no, and I just don't know why...........

I really need my massage fix. My knees are starting to acting up again because I overdid in my RnB class last Tuesday. Tapi few days ni macam-macam betul cabaran mendatang semoga ade la benda yang baik datang menjelma later..